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Homogeneous nearly Kähler manifoldsJun 14 2010Nov 26 2010The structure of nearly K\"ahler manifolds was studied by Gray in several papers. More recently, a relevant progress on the subject has been done by Nagy. Among other results, he proved that a strict and complete nearly K\"ahler manifold is locally a ... More
Search for Super Earths by Timing of Transits with CoRoTOct 05 2012We explore the possibility of detecting Super Earths via transit timing variations with the satellite CoRoT.
Asymptotically hyperbolic extensions and an analogue of the Bartnik massFeb 09 2018Jun 22 2018The Bartnik mass is a quasi-local mass tailored to asymptotically flat Riemannian manifolds with non-negative scalar curvature. From the perspective of general relativity, these model time-symmetric domains obeying the dominant energy condition without ... More
A New Apparatus for Detecting Micron-Scale Deviations from Newtonian GravityJan 07 2008Feb 12 2008We describe the design and construction of a new apparatus for detecting or constraining deviations from Newtonian gravity at short length scales. The apparatus consists of a new type of probe with rotary mass actuation and cantilever-based force detection ... More
Stability of graphical tori with almost nonnegative scalar curvatureFeb 09 2019By works of Schoen--Yau and Gromov--Lawson any Riemannian manifold with nonnegative scalar curvature and diffeomorphic to a torus is isometric to a flat torus. Gromov conjectured subconvergence of tori with respect to a weak Sobolev type metric when the ... More
Can stellar wobble in triple systems mimic a planet?Sep 13 2005The first extrasolar planets have been detected by the measurement of the wobble of the parent star. This wobble leads to the periodic modulation of three observables: the radial velocity, the position on the sky and the time of arrival of periodic signals. ... More
Detecting companions to extrasolar planets using mutual eventsMar 23 2007We investigate a new approach to the detection of companions to extrasolar planets beyond the transit method. We discuss the possibility of the existence of binary planets. We develop a method based on the imaging of a planet-companion as an unresolved ... More
D-meson diffusion in hadronic matterDec 12 2013We present effective-field-theory results with unitarized interactions on the D-meson transport coefficients in a gas populated by light mesons and baryons at finite temperature and baryochemical potential. The Fokker-Planck equation is used to compute ... More
Heavy flavor relaxation in a hadronic mediumMar 06 2013Charm and bottom transport coefficients in a medium constituted of light mesons, such as is formed in the hadronic phase of Heavy Ion Collisions, are obtained within an effective field theory approach implementing heavy quark symmetry and chiral symmetry ... More
Tailoring THz radiation by controlling tunnel photoionization events in gasesJul 09 2011Applications ranging from nonlinear terahertz spectroscopy to remote sensing require broadband and intense THz radiation which can be generated by focusing two-color laser pulses into a gas. In this setup, THz radiation originates from the buildup of ... More
On the stability of the positive mass theorem for asymptotically hyperbolic graphsMar 05 2018The positive mass theorem states that the total mass of a complete asymptotically flat manifold with non-negative scalar curvature is non-negative; moreover, the total mass equals zero if and only if the manifold is isometric to the Euclidean space. Huang ... More
New Open-book Decompositions in Singularity TheoryJun 03 2010Aug 16 2010In this article, we study the topology of real analytic germs $F \colon (\C^3,0) \to (\C,0)$ given by $F(x,y,z)=\overline{xy}(x^p+y^q)+z^r$ with $p,q,r \in \N$, $p,q,r \geq 2$ and $(p,q)=1$. Such a germ gives rise to a Milnor fibration $\frac{F}{\mid ... More
Faddeev-Jackiw quantization of an Abelian and non-Abelian exotic action for gravity in three dimensionsApr 17 2015Jun 23 2015A detailed Faddeev-Jackiw quantization of an Abelian and non-Abelian exotic action for gravity in three dimensions is performed. We obtain for the theories under study the constraints, the gauge transformations, the generalized Faddeev-Jackiw brackets ... More
Exoplanet phase curves at large phase angles. Diagnostics for extended hazy atmospheresOct 14 2017At optical wavelengths, Titan's brightness for large Sun-Titan-observer phase angles significantly exceeds its dayside brightness. The brightening that occurs near back-illumination is due to moderately large haze particles in the moon's extended atmosphere ... More
On decomposable rational mapsJun 14 2011Jun 30 2011If $R$ is a rational map, the Main Result is a uniformization Theorem for the space of decompositions of the iterates of $R$. Secondly, we show that Fatou conjecture holds for decomposable rational maps.
Open book decompositions of $\mathbb{S}^{5}$ and real singularitiesMay 14 2013In this article, we study the topology of the family of real analytic germs $F \colon (\mathbb{C}^3,0) \to (\mathbb{C},0)$ given by $F(x,y,z)=\bar{xy}(x^p+y^q)+z^r$ with $p,q,r \in \mathbb{N}$, $p,q,r \geq 2$ and $(p,q)=1$. Such a germ has isolated singularity ... More
Special almost Hermitian geometrySep 09 2004Jan 26 2005We study the classification of special almost hermitian manifolds in Gray and Hervella's type classes. We prove that the exterior derivatives of the symplectic form and the complex volume form contain all the information about the intrinsic torsion of ... More
Strange and charm mesons at FAIRNov 11 2009We study the properties of strange and charm mesons in hot and dense matter within a self-consistent coupled-channel approach for the experimental conditions of density and temperature expected for the CBM experiment at FAIR/GSI. The in-medium solution ... More
Can habitable planets form in clustered environments?Sep 10 2012Oct 14 2012We present observational evidence of environmental effects on the formation and evolution of planetary systems. We combine catalogues of resolved protoplanetary discs (PPDs) and young stellar objects in the solar neighbourhood to analyse the PPD size ... More
Nearly Kahler homogeneous manifolds with positive curvatureApr 03 2009We prove that a 2n-dimensional compact homogeneous nearly Kahler manifold with strictly positive sectional curvature is isometric to CP^{n}, equipped with the symmetric Fubini-Study metric or with the standard Sp(m)-homogeneous metric, n =2m-1, or to ... More
Understanding and improving the Effective Mass for LHC searchesJul 02 2012A handy and extensively used kinematic variable in LHC analyses, especially for golden SUSY signals of multijets plus missing energy, is the Effective Mass, M_eff = sum_j |p_T^j|+ |p_T^miss|. Empirically, the value of M_eff at which the histogram of events ... More
Unsupervised learning from videos using temporal coherency deep networksJan 24 2018Oct 11 2018In this work we address the challenging problem of unsupervised learning from videos. Existing methods utilize the spatio-temporal continuity in contiguous video frames as regularization for the learning process. Typically, this temporal coherence of ... More
Strange and heavy mesons in hadronic matterDec 16 2013We present selected results on the properties of strange and heavy-flavoured mesons in a hot and dense nuclear medium, with emphasis in selfconsistent coupled-channel approaches based on the chiral Lagrangian. In the strangeness sector, we discuss how ... More
Harmonic G-structuresJun 01 2007Sep 28 2007For closed and connected subgroups G of SO(n), we study the energy functional on the space of G-structures of a (compact) Riemannian manifold M, where G-structures are considered as sections of the quotient bundle O(M)/G. Then, we deduce the corresponding ... More
Kaon-antikaon nuclear optical potentials and the kappa meson in the nuclear mediumMar 03 2004Apr 26 2004We study the properties of the kappa meson in the nuclear medium, starting from a chiral unitary model of S-wave, I=1/2 K-pi scattering, which describes the elastic K-pi phase shifts and generates a pole in the amplitude. Medium effects are considered ... More
Phi meson mass and decay width in nuclear matterMay 29 2002Mar 12 2003The $\phi$ meson spectrum, which in vacuum is dominated by its coupling to the $\bar{K} K$ system, is modified in nuclear matter. Following a model based on chiral SU(3) dynamics we calculate the $\phi$ meson selfenergy in nuclear matter considering the ... More
Higher dimensional black hole initial data with prescribed boundary metricMay 07 2015Feb 24 2016We obtain higher dimensional analogues of the results of Mantoulidis and Schoen in [8]. More precisely, we show that (i) any metric $g$ with positive scalar curvature on the $3$-sphere $S^3$ can be realized as the induced metric on the outermost apparent ... More
Harmonic almost contact structures via the intrinsic torsionOct 08 2008We go further on the study of harmonicity for almost contact metric structures already initiated by Vergara-Diaz and Wood. By using the intrinsic torsion, we characterise harmonic almost contact metric structures in several equivalent ways and show conditions ... More
Asteroids in the High cadence Transient SurveyJun 08 2018We report on the serendipitous observations of Solar System objects imaged during the High cadence Transient Survey (HiTS) 2014 observation campaign. Data from this high cadence, wide field survey was originally analyzed for finding variable static sources ... More
Lineability criteria, with applicationsSep 14 2013Lineability is a property enjoyed by some subsets within a vector space X. A subset A of X is called lineable whenever A contains, except for zero, an infinite dimensional vector subspace. If, additionally, X is endowed with richer structures, then the ... More
Orthogonality with respect to a Jacobi differential operator and applicationsMar 11 2013In this manuscript we study algebraic and analytic properties of the sequence of monic polynomials orthogonal with respect to a Jacobi differential operator. A fluid dynamics model for source points location of a flow of an incompressible fluid with preassigned ... More
On hyperbolic cobordisms and Hurwitz classes of holomorphic coveringsAug 31 2017In this article we show that for every even collection $\mathcal{C}$ of polynomials of the same degree $d>2$, in general position, there exist two finite volume hyperbolic $3$- orbifolds $M_1$ and $M_2$ and a M\"obius morphism $\alpha:M_1\rightarrow M_2$ ... More
A transiting super-Earth close to the inner edge of the habitable zone of an M0 dwarf starJan 15 2019We present a super-Earth orbiting close to the inner edge of the habitable zone of the cool dwarf star K2-286 (EPIC 249889081), detected with data from the K2 mission in its $15^{th}$ campaign. The planet has radius of $2.1\pm0.2$ R$_{\oplus}$, near the ... More
Conformal interfaces between free boson orbifold theoriesJun 12 2017Oct 05 2017We construct a large class of conformal interfaces between two-dimensional c=1 conformal field theories describing compact free bosons and their Z_2 orbifolds. The interfaces are obtained by constructing boundary states in the corresponding c=2 product ... More
On the dust environment of Main-Belt Comet 313P/GibbsMay 06 2015We present observations carried out using the 10.4 m Gran Telescopio Canarias and an interpretative model of the dust environment of activated asteroid 313P/Gibbs. We discuss three different models relating to different values of the dust parameters, ... More
OB Stars in the Solar Neighborhood I: Analysis of their Spatial DistributionFeb 22 2006We present a newly-developed, three-dimensional spatial classification method, designed to analyze the spatial distribution of early type stars within the 1 kpc sphere around the Sun. We propose a distribution model formed by two intersecting disks -the ... More
Control and Representation of n-qubit Quantum SystemsJun 01 2006Jul 06 2006Just as any state of a single qubit or 2-level system can be obtained from any other state by a rotation operator parametrized by three real Euler angles, we show how any state of an n-qubit or 2^n-level system can be obtained from any other by a compact ... More
Finite-temperature three-point function in 2D CFTJul 12 2014We calculate the finite temperature three-point correlation function for primary fields in a 2D conformal field theory in momentum space. This result has applications to any strongly coupled field theory with a 2D CFT dual, as well as to Kerr/CFT.
Integration of Rule Based Expert Systems and Case Based Reasoning in an Acute Bacterial Meningitis Clinical Decision Support SystemMar 07 2010This article presents the results of the research carried out on the development of a medical diagnostic system applied to the Acute Bacterial Meningitis, using the Case Based Reasoning methodology. The research was focused on the implementation of the ... More
On the Abel-Nörlund-Voronoi summability and instability of rational mapsFeb 13 2017We investigate the connection between the instability of rational maps and summability methods applied to the spectrum of a critical point on the Julia set of a given rational map.
Positivity and complete positivity of differentiable quantum processesFeb 18 2019We study quantum processes, as one parameter families of differentiable completely positive and trace preserving (CPTP) maps. Using different representations of the generator, and the Sylvester criterion for positive semi-definite matrices, we obtain ... More
Hierarchical Star Formation: Stars and Stellar Clusters in the Gould BeltMar 03 2009We perform a study of the spatial and kinematical distribution of young open clusters in the solar neighborhood, discerning between bound clusters and transient stellar condensations within our sample. Then, we discriminate between Gould Belt (GB) and ... More
Dust loss from activated asteroid P/2015 X6May 16 2016We present observations and dust tail models of activated asteroid P/2015 X6 from deep imaging data acquired at the 10.4m Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) from mid-December 2015 to late January 2016. The results of the modeling indicate that the asteroid ... More
OB Stars in the Solar Neighborhood II: KinematicsMay 17 2006Using the spatial classification method and the structural parameters estimated for the Gould Belt (GB) and the local Galactic disk (LGD) from a previous paper, we have evaluated spatial membership probabilities for a sample of O and B stars from the ... More
Discrete dynamics and differentiable stacksMar 31 2018In this paper we relate the study of actions of discrete groups over connected manifolds to that of their orbit spaces seen as differentiable stacks. We show that the orbit stack of a discrete dynamical system on a simply connected manifold encodes the ... More
Internal shocks in relativistic jets with time--dependent sourcesOct 20 2007Dec 17 2008We present a ballistic description of the formation and propagation of the working surface of a relativistic jet. Using simple laws of conservation of mass and linear momentum at the working surface, we obtain a full description of the working surface ... More
Evaluation of the $ππ$ scattering amplitude in the $σ$-channel at finite densityMar 04 2005The $\pi\pi$ scattering amplitude in the $\sigma$-channel is studied at finite baryonic density in the framework of a chiral unitary approach which successfully reproduces the meson meson phase shifts and generates the $f_0$ and $\sigma$ resonances in ... More
Chiral approach to the rho meson in nuclear matterNov 09 2000Jan 08 2002In this work, the properties of the $\rho$ meson at rest in cold symmetric nuclear matter are studied. We make use of a chiral unitary approach to pion-pion scattering in the vector-isovector channel, calculated from the lowest order Chiral Perturbation ... More
Upper bounds on SUSY masses from the LHCAug 18 2011Jan 07 2012The LHC is already putting bounds on the Higgs mass. In this paper we use those bounds to put constrains on the MSSM parameter space coming from the fact that, in supersymmetry, the Higgs mass is a function of the masses of sparticles, and therefore an ... More
Asymptotically flat extensions of CMC Bartnik dataDec 15 2016Apr 16 2017Let $g$ be a metric on the $2$-sphere $\mathbb{S}^2$ with positive Gaussian curvature and $H$ be a positive constant. Under suitable conditions on $(g, H)$, we construct smooth, asymptotically flat $3$-manifolds $M$ with non-negative scalar curvature, ... More
Scaling laws for the non-linear coupling constant of a Bose-Einstein condensate at the threshold of delocalizationFeb 22 2012We explore the localization of a quasi-one-, quasi-two-, and three-dimensional ultra-cold gas by a finite-range defect along the corresponding 'free'-direction/s. The time-independent non-linear Schroedinger equation that describes a Bose-Einstein condensate ... More
The rho meson in a nuclear mediumJun 16 2000In this work, propagation properties of the rho meson in symmetric nuclear matter are studied. We make use of a coupled channel unitary approach to meson-meson scattering, calculated from the lowest order Chiral Perturbation Theory lagrangian including ... More
Boltzmann entropy of a Newtonian UniverseMar 22 2017May 04 2017A dynamical estimate is given for the Boltzmann entropy of the Universe, under the simplifying assumptions provided by Newtonian cosmology. We first model the cosmological fluid as the probability fluid of a quantum-mechanical system. Next, following ... More
Learning to Exploit the Prior Network Knowledge for Weakly-Supervised Semantic SegmentationApr 13 2018Feb 22 2019Training a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for semantic segmentation typically requires to collect a large amount of accurate pixel-level annotations, a hard and expensive task. In contrast, simple image tags are easier to gather. With this paper we ... More
In pixels we trust: From Pixel Labeling to Object Localization and Scene CategorizationJul 19 2018While there has been significant progress in solving the problems of image pixel labeling, object detection and scene classification, existing approaches normally address them separately. In this paper, we propose to tackle these problems from a bottom-up ... More
Experimental studies of QCD using flavour tagged jets with DELPHISep 10 1996Identified $b\overline{b}g$ and $q\overline{q}\gamma$ events from DELPHI are used to measure the ratio of the mean charged particle multiplicity distribution between gluon and quark jets. The dependence of this ratio with the jet energy is established ... More
Quantum Polarization of D4-branesSep 02 2004Oct 20 2004The low energy effective field theory of type II D4-branes coupled to bulk supergravity fields is used to investigate {\it quantum} effects for D4-branes in the D0 supergravity background. Classically, the D4-branes are unaffected by this background. ... More
Bayesian approach and Naturalness in MSSM analyses for the LHCDec 02 2008The start of LHC has motivated an effort to determine the relative probability of the different regions of the MSSM parameter space, taking into account the present, theoretical and experimental, wisdom about the model. Since the present experimental ... More
In-medium properties of the phi meson with phi N resonant contributionsSep 29 2016Nuclear production experiments report missing absorption processes of the in-medium phi meson. Contributions arising from the K-bar K cloud have already been widely studied, and therefore we investigate the phi-meson properties in cold nuclear matter ... More
Labeling Bias in Galaxy MorphologiesNov 08 2018We present a metric to quantify systematic labeling bias in galaxy morphology data sets stemming from the quality of the labeled data. This labeling bias is independent from labeling errors and requires knowledge about the intrinsic properties of the ... More
Slowdown of nonequilibrium dynamics in gapped `qubit' chainsFeb 11 2004We solve the nonequilibrium dynamics of qubits or quantum spin chains (s=1/2) modeled by an anisotropic XY Hamiltonian, when the initial condition is prepared as a spatially inhomogeneous state of the magnetization. Infinite systems are studied analytically, ... More
$φ$ meson self-energy in nuclear matter from $φN$ resonant interactionsSep 13 2016The $\phi$-meson properties in cold nuclear matter are investigated by implementing resonant $\phi N$ interactions as described in effective approaches including the unitarization of scattering amplitudes. Several $N^*$-like states are dynamically generated ... More
Gamma-Ray Bursts, new cosmological beaconsFeb 19 2008Feb 22 2008Long Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) are the brightest electromagnetic explosions in the Universe, associated to the death of massive stars. As such, GRBs are potential tracers of the evolution of the cosmic massive star formation, metallicity, and Initial Mass ... More
New techniques for chargino-neutralino detection at LHCDec 20 2012Jun 24 2013The recent LHC discovery of a Higgs-like boson at 126 GeV has important consequences for SUSY, pushing the spectrum of strong-interacting supersymmetric particles to high energies, very difficult to probe at the LHC. This gives extra motivation to study ... More
Harmonicity of sections of sphere bundlesNov 23 2007We consider the energy functional on the space of sections of a sphere bundle over a Riemannian manifold (M, <,>) equipped with the Sasaki metric and we discuss the characterising condition for critical points. Likewise, we provide a useful method for ... More
Amplitude, phase, and complex analyticityFeb 21 2017Expressing the Schroedinger Lagrangian ${\cal L}$ in terms of the quantum wavefunction $\psi=\exp(S+{\rm i}I)$ yields the conserved Noether current ${\bf J}=\exp(2S)\nabla I$. When $\psi$ is a stationary state, the divergence of ${\bf J}$ vanishes. One ... More
Experimental determination of the b quark mass in DELPHIAug 20 1997The running mass of the b quark as defined in the MS-bar renormalization scheme, m_b, was measured at the M_Z scale using 2.8 million hadronic Z^0 decays collected by the DELPHI experiment at LEP. The result is m_b(M_Z) = 2.67 +- 0.25 (stat.) +- 0.34 ... More
A study of the performance of the transit detection tool DST in space-based surveys. Application of the CoRoT pipeline to Kepler dataNov 28 2012Dec 05 2012Context. Transit detection algorithms are mathematical tools used for detecting planets in the photometric data of transit surveys. In this work we study their application to space-based surveys. Aims: Space missions are exploring the parameter space ... More
The health of SUSY after the Higgs discovery and the XENON100 dataDec 19 2012Jul 30 2013We analyze the implications for the status and prospects of supersymmetry of the Higgs discovery and the last XENON data. We focus mainly, but not only, on the CMSSM and NUHM models. Using a Bayesian approach we determine the distribution of probability ... More
Early evolution of disrupted asteroid P/2016 G1 (PANSTARRS)Jul 12 2016We present deep imaging observations of activated asteroid P/2016 G1 (PANSTARRS) using the 10.4m Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) from late April to early June 2016. The images are best interpreted as the result of a relatively short-duration event with ... More
About simple variational splines from the Hamiltonian viewpointNov 07 2017In this paper, we study simple splines on a Riemannian manifold $Q$ from the point of view of the Pontryagin maximum principle (PMP) in optimal control theory. The control problem consists in finding smooth curves matching two given tangent vectors with ... More
Quasi-stellar objects in the ALHAMBRA survey. I. Photometric redshift accuracy based on a 23 optical-NIR filter photometryFeb 15 2012Mar 16 2012We characterize the ability of the ALHAMBRA survey to assign accurate photo-z's to BLAGN and QSOs based on their ALHAMBRA very-low-resolution optical-NIR spectroscopy. A sample of 170 spectroscopically identified BLAGN and QSOs have been used together ... More
Dust-correlated cm-wavelength continuum emission on translucent clouds ζ Oph and LDN 1780Feb 21 2011The diffuse cm-wave IR-correlated signal, the "anomalous" CMB foreground, is thought to arise in the dust in cirrus clouds. We present Cosmic Background Imager (CBI) cm-wave data of two translucent clouds, {\zeta} Oph and LDN 1780 with the aim of characterising ... More
Top quark production cross-section at the Tevatron Run 2May 22 2003The top quark pair production cross-section ${\sigma}_{t\bar{t}}$ has been measured in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at center of mass energies of 1.96 TeV using Tevatron Run 2 data. In the begining of Run 2 both CDF and D\O\ $\sigma_{t\bar{t}}$ measurements ... More
Evolution algebras of arbitrary dimension and their decompositionsJan 08 2016Feb 03 2016We study evolution algebras of arbitrary dimension. We analyze in deep the notions of evolution subalgebras, ideals and non-degeneracy and describe the ideals generated by one element and characterize the simple evolution algebras. We also prove the existence ... More
Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry as a Tool for Understanding the Diversity of Exoplanetary AtmospheresMar 14 2019The polarization state of starlight reflected by a planetary atmosphere uniquely reveals coverage, particle size, and composition of aerosols as well as changing cloud patterns. It is not possible to obtain a comparable level of detailed from flux-only ... More
Ladder operators for the Ben Daniel-Duke Hamiltonians and their SUSY partnersFeb 25 2019Position dependent mass systems can be described by a class of operators which include the Ben Daniel-Duke Hamiltonians. The usual methods to solve this kind of problems are, in general, either numerical or those looking for a connection with constant ... More
Updating Probabilistic Knowledge on Condition/Event Nets using Bayesian NetworksJun 29 2018The paper extends Bayesian networks (BNs) by a mechanism for dynamic changes to the probability distributions represented by BNs. One application scenario is the process of knowledge acquisition of an observer interacting with a system. In particular, ... More
Probing the hot and dense nuclear matter with $K^*,\bar{K}^*$ vector mesonsJun 30 2017Feb 25 2019We investigate probing the hot and dense nuclear matter with strange vector mesons ($K^*, \bar{K}^*$). Our analysis is based on PHSD which incorporates partonic and hadronic dof and describes the full dynamics of HICs. This allows to study the $K^*$ and ... More
Topological defects in string theory orbifolds with target spaces $\mathbb{C}/\mathbb{Z}_N$ and $S^1/\mathbb{Z}_2$Jun 18 2017We study conformal defects in two important examples of string theory orbifolds. First, we show that topological defects in the language of Landau-Ginzburg models carry information about the RG flow between the non-compact orbifolds $\mathbb{C}/\mathbb{Z}_d$. ... More
A Generalized Montgomery Phase Formula for Rotating Self Deforming BodiesNov 20 2006We study the motion of self deforming bodies with non zero angular momentum when the changing shape is known as a function of time. The conserved angular momentum with respect to the center of mass, when seen from a rotating frame, describes a curve on ... More
On the classification of laminations associated to quadratic polynomialsMar 06 2007Given any rational map $f$, there is a lamination by Riemann surfaces associated to $f$. Such laminations were constructed in general by Lyubich and Minsky. In this paper, we classify laminations associated to quadratic polynomials with periodic critical ... More
Limits to the presence of transiting circumbinary planets in CoRoT dataOct 26 2016The CoRoT mission during its flight-phase 2007-2012 delivered the light-curves for over 2000 eclipsing binaries. Data from the Kepler mission have proven the existence of several transiting circumbinary planets. Albeit light-curves from CoRoT have typically ... More
Looking for signals of New Physics in the Top quark samples with the CDF detectorSep 14 2007Twelve years after the discovery of the Top quark, the CDF detector has collected large samples of tt-bar events with integrated luminosities up to 1-1.7 fb^-1, where we are able to probe our knowledge of the Standard Model Top quark. This article will ... More
The rho meson in nuclear matter - a chiral unitary approachJul 16 2001In this work, the properties of the $\rho$ meson at rest in cold symmetric nuclear matter are studied. We make use of a chiral unitary approach to pion-pion scattering in the vector-isovector channel, calculated from the lowest order Chiral Perturbation ... More
Tuning the electronic hybridization in the heavy fermion cage compound YbFe$_{2}$Zn$_{20}$ with Cd-dopingJun 21 2016Tuning of the electronic properties of heavy fermion compounds by chemical substitutions provides excellent opportunities to further understand the physics of hybridized ions in crystal lattices. Here we present an investigation on the effects of Cd doping ... More
Limits to the presence of transiting circumbinary planets in CoRoT dataOct 26 2016Nov 01 2016The CoRoT mission during its flight-phase 2007-2012 delivered the light-curves for over 2000 eclipsing binaries. Data from the Kepler mission have proven the existence of several transiting circumbinary planets. Albeit light-curves from CoRoT have typically ... More
Stellar populations of galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey up to $z \sim 1$. III. The stellar content of the quiescent galaxy population during the last $8$ GyrFeb 19 2018Feb 22 2018We aim at unveiling the stellar content properties of quiescent galaxies, as well as how these galaxies evolved and assembled their stellar populations since $z\sim1$ up to the present days. Using the multi-filter photometric data from ALHAMBRA and the ... More
The ALHAMBRA survey: Discovery of a faint QSO at z = 5.41Jul 19 2013We aim to illustrate the potentiality of the Advanced Large, Homogeneous Area, Medium-Band Redshift Astronomical (ALHAMBRA) survey to investigate the high redshift universe through the detection of quasi stellar objects (QSOs) at redshifts larger than ... More
The Nature of the Gould Belt from a Fractal Analysis of its Stellar PopulationAug 27 2007The Gould Belt (GB) is a system of gas and young, bright stars distributed along a plane that is inclined with respect to the main plane of the Milky Way. Observational evidence suggests that the GB is our closest star formation complex, but its true ... More
The ALHAMBRA survey: evolution of galaxy clustering since $z \sim 1$Nov 13 2013May 02 2014We study the clustering of galaxies as function of luminosity and redshift in the range $0.35 < z < 1.25$ using data from the Advanced Large Homogeneous Area Medium Band Redshift Astronomical (ALHAMBRA) survey. The ALHAMBRA data used in this work cover ... More
The ALHAMBRA survey: reliable morphological catalogue of 22,051 early- and late-type galaxiesAug 14 2013ALHAMBRA is a photometric survey designed to trace the cosmic evolution and cosmic variance. It covers a large area of ~ 4 sq. deg in 8 fields, where 7 fields overlap with other surveys, allowing to have complementary data in other wavelengths. All observations ... More
Formation of $φ$ mesic nucleiJan 13 2010We study the structure and formation of the $\phi$ mesic nuclei to investigate the in-medium modification of the $\phi$-meson spectral function at finite density. We consider (${\bar p},\phi$), ($\gamma,p$) and ($\pi^-,n$) reactions to produce a $\phi$-meson ... More
Exploring the nature of new main-belt comets with the 10.4m GTC telescope: (300163) 2006 VW139Dec 05 2012We aim to study the dust ejected by main-belt comet (MBC) (300163) 2006 VW139 to obtain information on the ejection mechanism and the spectral properties of the object, to see if they are compatible with those of "normal" comets. Images in the g and r ... More
Talbot effect for dispersion in linear optical fibers and a wavelet approachOct 08 2005Dec 10 2005We shortly recall the mathematical and physical aspects of Talbot's self-imaging effect occurring in near-field diffraction. In the rational paraxial approximation, the Talbot images are formed at distances z=p/q, where p and q are coprimes, and are superpositions ... More
Entropy, topological theories and emergent quantum mechanicsNov 22 2016The classical thermostatics of equilibrium processes is shown to possess a quantum-mechanical dual theory with a finite-dimensional Hilbert space of quantum states. Specifically, the kernel of a certain Hamiltonian operator becomes the Hilbert space of ... More
Recent topics of mesic atoms and mesic nuclei -- $φ$ mesic nuclei exist ?--Dec 06 2008We study $\phi$-meson production in nuclei to investigate the in-medium modification of the $\phi$-meson spectral function at finite density. We consider (${\bar p},\phi$), ($\gamma,p$) and ($\pi^-,n$) reactions to produce a $\phi$-meson inside the nucleus ... More
Histogram comparison as a powerful tool for the search of new physics at LHC. Application to CMSSMSep 17 2011We propose a rigorous and effective way to compare experimental and theoretical histograms, incorporating the different sources of statistical and systematic uncertainties. This is a useful tool to extract as much information as possible from the comparison ... More
Temporal evolution of the Evershed flow in sunspots. II. Physical properties and nature of Evershed cloudsSep 11 2007Context: Evershed clouds (ECs) represent the most conspicuous variation of the Evershed flow in sunspot penumbrae. Aims: We determine the physical properties of ECs from high spatial and temporal resolution spectropolarimetric measurements. Methods: The ... More
Entropy, topological theories and emergent quantum mechanicsNov 22 2016Mar 06 2017The classical thermostatics of equilibrium processes is shown to possess a quantum-mechanical dual theory with a finite-dimensional Hilbert space of quantum states. Specifically, the kernel of a certain Hamiltonian operator becomes the Hilbert space of ... More