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Rotating black holes in a Randall-Sundrum brane with a cosmological constantNov 12 2012Jan 11 2013In this work we have constructed axially symmetric vacuum solutions of the gravitational field equations in a Randall-Sundrum brane. A non-null effective cosmological constant is considered, and asymptotically de Sitter and anti-de Sitter spacetimes are ... More
Can rigidly rotating polytropes be sources of the Kerr metric?Sep 07 2007We use a recent result by Cabezas et al. to build up an approximate solution to the gravitational field created by a rigidly rotating polytrope. We solve the linearized Einstein equations inside and outside the surface of zero pressure including second-order ... More
PyMieDAP: a Python--Fortran tool to compute fluxes and polarization signals of (exo)planetsApr 23 2018PyMieDAP (the Python Mie Doubling-Adding Programme) is a Python--based tool for computing the total, linearly, and circularly polarized fluxes of incident unpolarized sun- or starlight that is reflected by, respectively, Solar System planets or moons, ... More
Traces of exomoons in computed flux and polarization phase curves of starlight reflected by exoplanetsJul 26 2018Context: Detecting moons around exoplanets is a major goal of current and future observatories. Moons are suspected to influence rocky exoplanet habitability, and gaseous exoplanets in stellar habitable zones could harbour abundant and diverse moons to ... More
Comparing metrics at large: harmonic vs quo-harmonic coordinatesApr 05 2001To compare two space-times on large domains, and in particular the global structure of their manifolds, requires using identical frames of reference and associated coordinate conditions. In this paper we use and compare two classes of time-like congruences ... More
Uniformly convex and smooth Banach spaces and Lp-boundedness properties of Littlewood-Paley and area functions associated with semigroupsApr 11 2019In this paper we obtain new characterizations of the uniformly convex and smooth Banach spaces. These characterizations are established by using Lp-boundedness properties of Littlewood-Paley functions and area integrals associated with heat semigroups ... More
Co-Euler structures on bordismsMar 05 2014Co-Euler structures were studied by Burghelea and Haller on closed manifolds as dual objects to Euler structures. We extend the notion of co-Euler structures to the situation of compact manifolds with boundary. As an application, by studying their variation ... More
IGR J14488-4008: an X-ray peculiar giant radio galaxy discovered by INTEGRALMay 14 2015In this paper we report the discovery and detailed radio/X-ray analysis of a peculiar giant radio galaxy (GRG) detected by INTEGRAL, IGR J14488-4008. The source has been recently classified as a Seyfert 1.2 galaxy at redshift 0.123; the radio data denote ... More
Energy-Momentum Tensor and Particle Creation in the de Sitter UniverseOct 18 1997For a quantum field in a curved background the choice of the vacuum state is crucial. We exhibit a vacuum state in which the expectation values of the energy and pressure allow an intuitive interpretation. We apply this general result to the de Sitter ... More
Rigid covariance as a natural extension of Painlevé--Gullstrand space-times: gravitational wavesNov 24 2016The group of rigid motions is considered to guide the search for a natural system of space-time coordinates in General Relativity. This search leads us to a natural extension of the space-times that support Painlev\'{e}--Gullstrand synchronization. As ... More
Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry as a Tool for Understanding the Diversity of Exoplanetary AtmospheresMar 14 2019Mar 15 2019The polarization state of starlight reflected by a planetary atmosphere uniquely reveals coverage, particle size, and composition of aerosols as well as changing cloud patterns. It is not possible to obtain a comparable level of detailed from flux-only ... More
Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry as a Tool for Understanding the Diversity of Exoplanetary AtmospheresMar 14 2019The polarization state of starlight reflected by a planetary atmosphere uniquely reveals coverage, particle size, and composition of aerosols as well as changing cloud patterns. It is not possible to obtain a comparable level of detailed from flux-only ... More
Anomaly formulas for the complex-valued analytic torsion on compact bordismsJan 23 2012Jan 24 2013We extend the complex-valued analytic torsion, introduced by Burghelea and Haller on closed manifolds, to compact Riemannian bordisms. We do so by considering a flat complex vector bundle over a compact Riemannian manifold, endowed with a fiberwise nondegenerate ... More
Some constructions of cyclic and quasi-cyclic subspaces codesApr 16 2015Aug 02 2016In this paper we construct, using GAP System for Computational Discrete Algebra, some cyclic subspace codes, specially an optimal code over the finite field F_{2^{10}}. Further we present a definition and an example of the $q$-analogous of a $m$-quasi-cyclic ... More
Contribution of the buffer layer to the Raman spectrum of epitaxial graphene on SiC(0001)Dec 07 2012Dec 12 2012We report a Raman study of the so-called buffer layer with $(6\sqrt3\times6\sqrt3)R30^{\circ}$ periodicity which forms the intrinsic interface structure between epitaxial graphene and SiC(0001). We show that this interface structure leads to a nonvanishing ... More
Best prediction under a nested error model with log transformationApr 22 2014In regression models involving economic variables such as income, log transformation is typically taken to achieve approximate normality and stabilize the variance. However, often the interest is predicting individual values or means of the variable in ... More
An $xp$ model on $AdS_2$ spacetimeDec 11 2012Sep 04 2013In this paper we formulate the $xp$ model on the AdS$_2$ spacetime. We find that the spectrum of the Hamiltonian has positive and negative eigenvalues, whose absolute values are given by a harmonic oscillator spectrum, which in turn coincides with that ... More
Associative and Lie algebras of quotientsSep 22 2005In this paper we examine how the notion of algebra of quotients for Lie algebras ties up with the corresponding well-known concept in the associative case. Specifically, we completely characterize when a Lie algebra $Q$ is an algebra of quotients of a ... More
EEG-based Subjects Identification based on Biometrics of Imagined Speech using EMDSep 13 2018When brain activity is translated into commands for real applications, the potential for human capacities augmentation is promising. In this paper, EMD is used to decompose EEG signals during Imagined Speech in order to use it as a biometric marker for ... More
First Measurements of Electron Temperature Fluctuations by Correlation ECE on Tore SupraOct 21 2004Electron temperature fluctuation studies can help to understand the nature of the turbulent transport in to-kamak plasmas. At Tore Supra, a 32-channel heterodyne ECE radiometer has been upgraded with two chan-nels of 100 MHz bandwidth and tunable central ... More
The two INTEGRAL X-ray transients IGR J17091--3624 and IGR J17098--3628: a multi-wavelength long term campaignSep 12 2008IGR J17091-3624 and IGR J17098-3628 are two X-ray transients discovered by INTEGRAL and classified as possible black hole candidates (BHCs). We present here the results obtained from the analysis of multi-wavelength data sets collected by different instruments ... More
Scale-free unique continuation estimates and applications to random Schrödinger operatorsOct 20 2012We prove a unique continuation principle or uncertainty relation valid for Schr\"odinger operator eigenfunctions, or more generally solutions of a Schr\"odinger inequality, on cubes of side $L\in 2\NN+1$. It establishes an equi-distribution property of ... More
Maximum and minimum nullity of a tree degree sequenceJun 06 2018The nullity of a graph is the multiplicity of the eigenvalue zero in its adjacency spectrum. In this paper, we give a closed formula for the minimum and maximum nullity among trees with the same degree sequence, using the notion of matching number and ... More
An automorphic approach to Darmon pointsSep 20 2017We give archimedean and non-archimedean constructions of Darmon points on modular abelian varieties attached to automorphic forms over arbitrary number fields and possibly non-trivial central character. An effort is made to present a unifying point of ... More
Assessment and Propagation of Input Uncertainty in Tree-based Option Pricing ModelsApr 13 2007This paper aims to provide a practical example on the assessment and propagation of input uncertainty for option pricing when using tree-based methods. Input uncertainty is propagated into output uncertainty, reflecting that option prices are as unknown ... More
The Tracy-Widom distribution is not infinitely divisibleJan 12 2016The classical infinite divisibility of distributions related to eigenvalues of some random matrix ensembles is investigated. It is proved that the $\beta$-Tracy-Widom distribution, which is the limiting distribution of the largest eigenvalue of a $\beta$-Hermite ... More
Effective equation of state for a spherically expanding pion plasmaAug 17 1997Following a relativistic heavy ion collision, the quark-gluon plasma produced eventually undergoes a chiral phase transition. We assume that during this phase transition one can describe the dynamics of the system by the linear $\sigma$ model and that ... More
A Hamiltonian approach to ThermodynamicsApr 11 2016Jul 31 2016In the present work we develop a strictly Hamiltonian approach to Thermodynamics. A thermodynamic description based on symplectic geometry is introduced, where all thermodynamic processes can be described within the framework of Analytic Mechanics. Our ... More
Determination of the compositeness of resonances from decays: the case of the $B^0_s\to J/ψf_1(1285)$Apr 09 2016We develop a method to measure the amount of compositeness of a resonance, mostly made as a bound state of two hadrons, by simultaneously measuring the rate of production of the resonance and the mass distribution of the two hadrons close to threshold. ... More
Sub-semi-Riemannian geometry of general $H$-type groupsJul 24 2012We introduce a special class of nilpotent Lie groups of step 2, that generalizes the so called $H$(eisenberg)-type groups, defined by A. Kaplan in 1980. We change the presence of inner product to an arbitrary scalar product and relate the construction ... More
Cliques in projective space and construction of Cyclic Grassmannian CodesMar 22 2019The construction of Grassmannian codes in some projective space is of highly mathematical nature and requires strong computational power for the resulting searches. In this paper was constructed, using GAP System for Computational Discrete Algebra and ... More
Unbiased Cosmological Parameter Estimation from Emission Line Surveys with InterlopersNov 16 2018Mar 08 2019The galaxy catalogs generated from low-resolution emission line surveys often contain both foreground and background interlopers due to line misidentification, which can bias the cosmological parameter estimation. In this paper, we present a method for ... More
Highly responsive UV-photodetectors based on single electrospun TiO2 nanofibresNov 03 2016In this work we study the optoelectronic properties of individual TiO2 fibres produced through coupled sol-gel and electrospinning, by depositing them onto pre-patterned Ti/Au electrodes on SiO2/Si substrates. Transport measurements in the dark give a ... More
Deterministic Sub-wavelength Control of Light Confinement in NanostructuresOct 08 2010We propose a novel deterministic protocol, based on continuous light flows, that enables us to control the concentration of light in generic plasmonic nanostructures. Based on an exact inversion of the response tensor of the nanosystem, the so-called ... More
S-treesSep 12 2017In this paper two new graph operations are introduced, and with them the S-trees are studied in depth. This allows to find \(\{-1,0,1\}\)-basis for all the fundamental subspaces of the adjacency matrix of any tree, and to understand in detail the matching ... More
Surface states in topological semimetal slab geometriesOct 24 2018Weyl semimetals are topological materials with protected Weyl nodes in the band structure. In these materials the surface states form open curves at the Fermi surface, Fermi arcs in Weyl semimetals and drumhead states of nodal-line semimetals. In this ... More
Comprehensive and Reliable Crowd Assessment AlgorithmsNov 12 2014Evaluating workers is a critical aspect of any crowdsourcing system. In this paper, we devise techniques for evaluating workers by finding confidence intervals on their error rates. Unlike prior work, we focus on "conciseness"---that is, giving as tight ... More
Short note on Randić energyNov 21 2018In this paper, we consider the Randi\'{c} energy $RE$ of simple connected graphs. We provide upper bounds for $RE$ in terms of the number of vertices and the nullity of the graph. We present families of graphs that satisfy the Conjecture proposed by Gutman, ... More
Learning Critical Regions for Robot Planning using Convolutional Neural NetworksMar 08 2019Apr 15 2019In this paper, we present a new approach to learning for motion planning (MP) where critical regions of an environment with low probability measure are learned from a given set of motion plans and used to improve performance on new problem instances. ... More
Polar differentiation matrices for the Laplace equation in the disk subjected to nonhomogeneous Dirichlet, Neumann and Robin boundary conditions and the biharmonic equation subjected to nonhomogeneous Dirichlet conditionsApr 02 2019In this paper we present a pseudospectral method in the disk. Unlike the methods known until now, the disk is not duplicated. Moreover, we solve the Laplace equation subjected to nonhomogeneous Dirichlet, Neumann and Robin boundary conditions and the ... More
A population of eruptive variable protostars in VVVFeb 19 2016We present the results of a search for high amplitude infrared variable stars in 119 sq. deg of the Galactic midplane covered by the VVV survey. We find 816 variables with $\Delta K_{\rm s}>1$mag in the 2010-2012 data, almost all of which are new discoveries. ... More
Influence of the AlN interlayer thickness on the photovoltaic properties of In-rich AlInN on Si heterojunctions deposited by RF sputteringAug 03 2018We report the influence of the AlN interlayer thickness (0-15 nm) on the photovoltaic properties of Al0.37In0.63N on Si heterojunction solar cells deposited by radio frequency sputtering. The poor junction band alignment and the presence of a 2-3 nm thick ... More
Infrared spectroscopy of eruptive variable protostars from VVVFeb 19 2016In the first part of this study (Paper I) we detected a large population of highly variable Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) in the Vista Variables in the Via Lactea (VVV) survey, typically with Class I or flat spectrum SEDs and a variety of light curve types. ... More
A modified sequence domain impedance definition and its equivalence to the dq-domain impedance definition for the stability analysis of AC power electronic systemsApr 28 2016Representations of AC power systems by frequency dependent impedance equivalents is an emerging technique in the dynamic analysis of power systems including power electronic converters. The technique has been applied for decades in DC-power systems, and ... More
Invariants of hyperbolic 3-manifolds in relative group homologyMar 12 2013Nov 25 2018Let $M$ be a complete oriented hyperbolic $3$--manifold of finite volume. Using classifying spaces for families of subgroups we construct a class $\beta_P(M)$ in the Adamson relative homology group $H_3([PSL_2(\mathbb{C}):\bar{P}];\mathbb{Z})$, where ... More
Modeling the Mechanosensitivity of Fast-Crawling Cells on Cyclically Stretched SubstratesJul 06 2018Aug 28 2018The mechanosensitivity of cells, which determines how they are able to respond to mechanical signals received from their environment, is crucial for the functioning of all biological systems. In experiments, cells placed on cyclically stretched substrates ... More
Noise induced phase separation in active systems: Creating patterns with noiseFeb 08 2017We study the flocking and pattern formations of active particles with a Vicsek-like model that includes a configuration dependent noise term. In particular, we couple the strength of the noise with both the local density and orientation of neighboring ... More
Zeta functions, renormalization group equations, and the effective actionSep 30 1998We demonstrate how to extract all the one-loop renormalization group equations for arbitrary quantum field theories from knowledge of an appropriate Seeley--DeWitt coefficient. By formally solving the renormalization group equations to one loop, we renormalization ... More
Dynamically generated resonances from vector meson-vector meson interaction based on a hidden-gauge unitary approachMay 04 2009We present a recent study of vector meson-vector meson interaction using a unitary approach based on the hidden-gauge Lagrangians. We find that 11 states get dynamically generated, corresponding to poles of the scattering matrices on the second Riemann ... More
Anomalies in Bottom from new physics in TopMay 13 2018Aug 06 2018We analyze the possibility to accommodate current $b \to s \ell^+ \ell^-$ anomalies with TeV-scale mediators that couple to right-handed top quarks and muons, contributing to $b \to s \ell^+ \ell^-\,$ at the one-loop level. We use the Standard Model Effective ... More
A Bayesian Beta Markov Random Field Calibration of the Term Structure of Implied Risk Neutral DensitiesSep 05 2014We build on the work in Fackler and King 1990, and propose a more general calibration model for implied risk neutral densities. Our model allows for the joint calibration of a set of densities at different maturities and dates through a Bayesian dynamic ... More
Centimeter-scale synthesis of ultrathin layered MoO3 by van der Waals epitaxyDec 14 2015Jun 20 2016We report on the large-scale synthesis of highly oriented ultrathin MoO3 layers using a simple and low-cost atmospheric pressure by van der Waals epitaxy growth on muscovite mica substrates. By this method we are able to synthetize high quality centimeter-scale ... More
The Brazilian Tunable Filter Imager for the SOAR telescopeApr 11 2013This paper presents a new Tunable Filter Instrument for the SOAR telescope. The Brazilian Tunable Filter Imager (BTFI) is a versatile, new technology, tunable optical imager to be used in seeing-limited mode and at higher spatial fidelity using the SAM ... More
Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Boron-Carbon-Nitrogen layers from Methylamine Borane Thermolysis ProductsFeb 20 2019This work investigates the growth of B-C-N layers by chemical vapor deposition using methylamine borane (MeAB) as single-source precursor. MeAB has been synthesized and characterized, paying particular attention to the analysis of its thermolysis products, ... More
The curvature tensor of (\ka,μ,ν)-contact metric manifoldsSep 28 2011We study the Riemann curvature tensor of (\kappa,\mu,\nu)-contact metric manifolds, which we prove to be completely determined in dimension 3, and we observe how it is affected by D_a-homothetic deformations. This prompts the definition and study of generalized ... More
Perils of Zero-Interaction Security in the Internet of ThingsJan 22 2019Feb 22 2019The Internet of Things (IoT) demands authentication systems which can provide both security and usability. Recent research utilizes the rich sensing capabilities of smart devices to build security schemes operating without human interaction, such as zero-interaction ... More
Extended quasilocal Thermodynamics of Schwarzchild-anti de Sitter black holesJun 14 2018In this work we study a homogeneous and quasilocal Thermodynamics associated to the Schwarzschild-anti de Sitter black hole. The usual thermodynamic description is extended within a Hamiltonian approach with the introduction of the cosmological constant ... More
Evolution algebras of arbitrary dimension and their decompositionsJan 08 2016Feb 03 2016We study evolution algebras of arbitrary dimension. We analyze in deep the notions of evolution subalgebras, ideals and non-degeneracy and describe the ideals generated by one element and characterize the simple evolution algebras. We also prove the existence ... More
Stochastic Volatility Models Including Open, Close, High and Low PricesJan 09 2009Mounting empirical evidence suggests that the observed extreme prices within a trading period can provide valuable information about the volatility of the process within that period. In this paper we define a class of stochastic volatility models that ... More
On the motion of a classical charged particleNov 03 2004We show that the Lorentz-Dirac equation is not an unavoidable consequence of energy-momentum conservation for a point charge. What follows solely from conservation laws is a less restrictive equation already obtained by Honig and Szamosi. The latter is ... More
Diffusion in infinite and semi-infinite lattices with long-range couplingDec 30 2011We prove that for a one-dimensional infinite lattice, with long-range coupling among sites, the diffusion of an initial delta-like pulse in the bulk, is ballistic at all times. We obtain a closed-form expression for the mean square displacement (MSD) ... More
An approximate global stationary axisymmetric solution of the Einstein equationsJul 05 2004Aug 30 2004In this work we present an approximate solution of the Einstein equations describing a global model for the gravitational field generated by a bounded, self-gravitating stationary and axisymmetric body rotating rigidly with constant angular velocity.
Backgrounds and pulse shape discrimination in the ArDM liquid argon TPCDec 02 2017The ArDM experiment completed a single-phase commissioning run in 2015 with an active liquid argon target of nearly one tonne in mass. The analysis of the data and comparison to simulations allowed for a test of the crucial detector properties and confirmed ... More
A relativistic generalisation of rigid motionsMar 23 2011Radar-holonomic congruences of wordlines are proposed as a weaker substitute for the too restrictive class of Born-rigid motions. The definition is expressed as a set of differential equations. Integrability conditions and Cauchy data are studied. We ... More
First results from the Very Small Array -- II. Observations of the CMBMay 22 2002Dec 20 2002We have observed the cosmic microwave background temperature fluctuations in eight fields covering three separated areas of sky with the Very Small Array at 34 GHz. A total area of 101 square degrees has been imaged, with sensitivity on angular scales ... More
The CONNIE experimentAug 04 2016Oct 10 2016The CONNIE experiment uses fully depleted, high resistivity CCDs as particle detectors in an attempt to measure for the first time the Coherent Neutrino-Nucleus Elastic Scattering of antineutrinos from a nuclear reactor with silicon nuclei.This talk, ... More
High sensitivity measurements of the CMB power spectrum with the extended Very Small ArrayFeb 20 2004Jul 10 2004We present deep Ka-band ($\nu \approx 33$ GHz) observations of the CMB made with the extended Very Small Array (VSA). This configuration produces a naturally weighted synthesized FWHM beamwidth of $\sim 11$ arcmin which covers an $\ell$-range of 300 to ... More
First results from the Very Small Array -- IV. Cosmological parameter estimationMay 22 2002May 09 2003We investigate the constraints on basic cosmological parameters set by the first compact-configuration observations of the Very Small Array (VSA), and other cosmological data sets, in the standard inflationary LambdaCDM model. Using a weak prior 40 < ... More
1/f noise in the Two-Body Random EnsembleMay 07 2004We show that the spectral fluctuations of the Two-Body Random Ensemble (TBRE) exhibit 1/f noise. This result supports a recent conjecture stating that chaotic quantum systems are characterized by 1/f noise in their energy level fluctuations. After suitable ... More
Surface solitons in quasiperiodic nonlinear photonic latticesNov 13 2011We study discrete surface solitons in semi-infinite, one-dimensional, nonlinear (Kerr), quasiperiodic waveguide arrays of the Fibonacci and Aubry-Andr\'e types, and explore different families of localized surface modes, as a function of optical power ... More
Black holes and wormholes in AdS branesMay 08 2010Oct 29 2011In this work we have derived a class of geometries which describe black holes and wormholes in Randall-Sundrum-type brane models, focusing mainly on asymptotically anti-de Sitter backgrounds. We show that by continuously deforming the usual four dimensional ... More
Decoherence induced by an interacting spin environment in the transition from integrability to chaosSep 10 2007We investigate the decoherence properties of a central system composed of two spins 1/2 in contact with a spin bath. The dynamical regime of the bath ranges from a fully integrable integrable limit to complete chaoticity. We show that the dynamical regime ... More
Perturbation theory and harmonic gauge propagation in general relativity, a particular exampleFeb 20 2015We study how the changes of coordinates between the class of harmonic coordinates affect the analitycal solutions of Einstein's equations and we apply it to an analytical approach for stationary and axisymmetric solutions of Einstein equation used by ... More
Hydrodynamic Interactions of Self-Propelled SwimmersDec 26 2012Jan 12 2013The hydrodynamic interactions of a suspension of self-propelled particles are studied using a direct numerical simulation method which simultaneously solves for the host fluid and the swimming particles. A modified version of the "Smoothed Profile" method ... More
Dimensional Crossover for the Bose -- Einstein Condensation of an Ideal Bose GasApr 10 1997We study an ideal Bose gas of N atoms contained in a box formed by two identical planar and parallel surfaces S, enclosed by a mantle of height a perpendicular to them. Calling r0 the mean atomic distance, we assume S >> r0^2 while a may be comparable ... More
Wormholes in de Sitter branesApr 05 2012Aug 02 2012In this work we present a class of geometries which describes wormholes in a Randall-Sundrum brane model, focusing on de Sitter backgrounds. Maximal extensions of the solutions are constructed and their causal structures are discussed. A perturbative ... More
Random matrix models of stochastic integral type for free infinitely divisible distributionsMay 20 2010Jan 19 2012The Bercovici-Pata bijection maps the set of classical infinitely divisible distributions to the set of free infinitely divisible distributions. The purpose of this work is to study random matrix models for free infinitely divisible distributions under ... More
Spectral statistics of molecular resonances in erbium isotopes: How chaotic are they?Jun 26 2015Oct 06 2015We perform a comprehensive analysis of the spectral statistics of the molecular resonances in $^{166}$Er and $^{168}$Er observed in recent ultracold collision experiments [Frisch et al., Nature {\bf 507}, 475 (2014)] with the aim of determining the chaoticity ... More
Complexity Functionals and Complexity Growth Limits in Continuous MERA CircuitsMar 06 2018Jun 27 2018Using the path integral associated to a cMERA tensor network, we provide an operational definition for the complexity of a cMERA circuit/state which is relevant to investigate the complexity of states in quantum field theory. In this framework, it is ... More
An approximate global solution of Einstein's equations for a finite bodyNov 02 2006We obtain an approximate global stationary and axisymmetric solution of Einstein's equations which can be considered as a simple star model: a self-gravitating perfect fluid ball with constant mass density rotating in rigid motion. Using the post-Minkowskian ... More
3C 286: a bright, compact, stable, and highly polarized calibrator for millimeter-wavelength observationsJan 10 2012Feb 29 2012(Context.) A number of millimeter and submillimeter facilities with linear polarization observing capabilities have started operating during last years. These facilities, as well as other previous millimeter telescopes and interferometers, require bright ... More
Quantum optical rotatory dispersionJan 04 2017The phenomenon of molecular optical activity manifests itself as the rotation of the plane of linear polarization when light passes through chiral media. Measurements of optical activity and its wavelength dependence, optical rotatory dispersion, can ... More
On the Existence of Semi-Regular SequencesDec 25 2014Semi-regular sequences over $\mathbb{F}_2$ are sequences of homogeneous elements of the algebra $ B^{(n)}=\mathbb{F}_2[X_1,...,X_n]/(X_1^2,...,X_n^2) $, which have as few relations between them as possible. They were introduced in order to assess the ... More
Stochastic models of the binding kinetics of VEGF-A to VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 in endothelial cellsJun 23 2016Vascular endothelial growth factor receptors (VEGFRs) are receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) that regulate proliferation, migration, angiogenesis and vascular permeability of endothelial cells. VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 bind vascular endothelial growth factors ... More
Dynamics of coherence, localization and excitation transfer in disordered nanoringsJul 05 2017Self-assembled supramolecular aggregates are excellent candidates for the design of efficient excitation transport devices. Both artificially prepared and natural photosynthetic aggregates in plants and bacteria present an important degree of disorder ... More
Fractional kinetics emerging from ergodicity breaking in random mediaAug 06 2015Dec 13 2016We present a modelling approach for diffusion in a complex medium characterized by a random length scale. The resulting stochastic process shows subdiffusion with a behavior in qualitative agreement with single particle tracking experiments in living ... More
Self-similar resistive circuits as fractal-like structuresJul 06 2017In the present work we explore resistive circuits where the individual resistors are arranged in fractal-like patterns. These circuits have some of the characteristics typically found in geometric fractals, namely self-similarity and scale invariance. ... More
Inter- and intra-layer excitons in MoS$_2$/WS$_2$ and MoSe$_2$/WSe$_2$ heterobilayersMar 14 2018Accurately described excitonic properties of transition metal dichalcogenide heterobilayers (HBLs) are crucial to comprehend the optical response and the charge carrier dynamics of them. Excitons in multilayer systems posses inter or intralayer character ... More
Lie algebras attached to Clifford modules and simple graded Lie algebrasDec 24 2017We study possible cases of complex simple graded Lie algebras of depth 2, which are the Tanaka prolongations of pseudo $H$-type Lie algebras arising through representation of Clifford algebras. We show that the complex simple Lie algebras of type $B_n$ ... More
Remote Sensing Image Classification with Large Scale Gaussian ProcessesOct 02 2017Oct 03 2017Current remote sensing image classification problems have to deal with an unprecedented amount of heterogeneous and complex data sources. Upcoming missions will soon provide large data streams that will make land cover/use classification difficult. Machine ... More
Strategies for an accurate determination of the X(3872) energy from QCD lattice simulationsOct 03 2013We develop a method to determine accurately the binding energy of the X(3872) from lattice data for the $D \bar D^*$ interaction. We show that, because of the small difference between the neutral and charged components of the X(3872), it is necessary ... More
The innermost regions of the jet in NRAO 150. Wobbling or internal rotation?Oct 22 2013NRAO 150 is a very bright millimeter to radio quasar at redshift $z$=1.52 for which ultra-high-resolution VLBI monitoring has revealed a counter-clockwise jet-position-angle wobbling at an angular speed $\sim11^{\circ}$/yr in the innermost regions of ... More
Plasma effect in Silicon Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs)May 16 2011May 28 2011Plasma effect is observed in CCDs exposed to heavy ionizing alpha-particles with energies in the range 0.5 - 5.5 MeV. The results obtained for the size of the charge clusters reconstructed on the CCD pixels agrees with previous measurements in the high ... More
Scrambling the spectral form factor: unitarity constraints and exact resultsFeb 14 2017Jul 26 2017Quantum speed limits set an upper bound to the rate at which a quantum system can evolve and as such can be used to analyze the scrambling of information. To this end, we consider the survival probability of a thermofield double state under unitary time-evolution ... More
The holographic quantumMar 26 2015Dec 03 2015We present a map of standard quantum mechanics onto a dual theory, that of the classical thermodynamics of irreversible processes. While no gravity is present in our construction, our map exhibits features that are reminiscent of the holographic principle ... More
Controlled localization of interacting bosons in a disordered optical latticeJun 19 2009Nov 18 2009We show that tunneling and localization properties of interacting ultracold atoms in an optical lattice can be controlled by adiabatically turning on a fast oscillatory force even in the presence of disorder. Our calculations are based on the exact solution ... More
Strong asymmetry for surface modes in nonlinear lattices with long-range couplingJul 28 2010We analyze the formation of localized surface modes on a nonlinear cubic waveguide array in the presence of exponentially-decreasing long-range interactions. We find that the long-range coupling induces a strong asymmetry between the focusing and defocusing ... More
Theory of the phase transition from a disordered cubic crystal to a glassApr 20 2001We calculate thermodynamic properties of a disordered model insulator, starting from the ideal simple-cubic lattice ($g = 0$) and increasing the disorder parameter $g$ to $\gg 1/2$. As in the earlier Einstein- and Debye- approximations, the ground state ... More
The role of slip transfer at grain boundaries in the propagation of microstructurally short fatigue cracks in Ni-based superalloysNov 26 2018Crack initiation and propagation under high-cycle fatigue conditions have been investigated for a polycrystalline Ni-based superalloy by in-situ synchrotron assisted diffraction and phase contrast tomography. The cracks nucleated along the longest coherent ... More
Null paths on a toroidal topological black hole in conformalWeyl gravityAug 13 2018The motion of massless particles on the background of a toroidal topological black hole is analyzed in the context of conformal Weyl gravity. Null geodesics, in terms of the Jacobi elliptic functions, are found analytically. In addition, the Sagnac effect ... More