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Universal saturation of electron dephasing in three-dimensional disordered metalsJul 26 2000Jul 31 2000We have systematically investigated the low-temperature electron dephasing times $\tau_\phi$ in more than 40 three-dimensional polycrystalline impure metals with distinct material characteristics. In all cases, a saturation of the dephasing time is observed ... More
The ring grooming problemJan 10 2001Dec 29 2003The problem of minimizing the number of bidirectional SONET rings required to support a given traffic demand has been studied by several researchers. Here we study the related ``ring grooming problem'' of minimizing the number of add/drop locations instead ... More
Effect of microstructures on the electron-phonon interaction in the disordered metals Pd$_{60}$Ag$_{40}$Sep 11 2002Using the weak-localization method, we have measured the electron-phonon scattering times $\tau_{ep}$ in Pd$_{60}$Ag$_{40}$ thick films prepared by DC- and RF-sputtering deposition techniques. In both series of samples, we find an anomalous $1/\tau_{ep} ... More
Second-harmonic generation and linear electro-optical coefficients of BN nanotubesMay 06 2005Jul 01 2005A systematic {\it ab initio} study of the second-order nonlinear optical properties of BN nanotubes within density functional theory in the local density approximation has been performed. Highly accurate full-potential projector augmented-wave method ... More
MgCNi3: a conventional and yet puzzling superconductorAug 11 2003The newly discovered superconductivity in MgCNi3, though with Tc<8 K lower than that of the celebrated MgB2, is probably even more interesting in its many puzzling physical properties. MgCNi3 has been theoretically speculated to be unstable towards ferromagnetism. ... More
Effect of an InP/In$_{0.53}$Ga$_{0.47}$As Interface on Spin-orbit Interaction in In$_{0.52}$Al$_{0.48}$As/In$_{0.53}$Ga$_{0.47}$As HeterostructuresJul 01 2004Nov 20 2004We report the effect of the insertion of an InP/In$_{0.53}$Ga$_{47}$As Interface on Rashba spin-orbit interaction in In$_{0.52}$Al$_{0.48}$As/In$_{0.53}$Ga$_{0.47}$As quantum wells. A small spin split-off energy in InP produces a very intriguing band ... More
Continuous-wave, singly resonant OPO at 3 μmMar 14 2008We report a continuous-wave, singly resonant optical parametric oscillator (SRO) at 3.3 \mu m by using a MgO:PPLN crystal as the gain medium and a Yb-fiber laser at 1.064 \mu m as the pump source. At 25-W pump power, the SRO generated 7.4 and 0.2-W powers ... More
Using Agent to Coordinate Web ServicesJun 20 2009Traditionally, agent and web service are two separate research areas. We figure that, through agent communication, agent is suitable to coordinate web services. However, there exist agent communication problems due to the lack of uniform, cross-platform ... More
Electron dephasing near zero temperature: an experimental reviewSep 12 2002The behavior of the electron dephasing time near zero temperature, $\tau_\phi^0$, has recently attracted vigorous attention. This renewed interest is primarily concerned with whether $\tau_\phi^0$ should reach a finite or an infinite value as $T \to$ ... More
Effect of annealing on electron dephasing in three-dimensional polycrystalline metalsDec 21 2001We have studied the effect of thermal annealing on electron dephasing times $\tau_\phi$ in three-dimensional polycrystalline metals. Measurements are performed on as-sputtered and annealed AuPd and Sb thick films, using weak-localization method. In all ... More
Quantization Phenomena of critical Hamiltonians in 2D systemsJul 10 2016This review work addresses the recent advances in solving more comprehensive Hamiltonians. The generalized tight-binding model is developed to investigate the feature-rich quantization phenomena in emergent 2D materials. The mutli-orbital bondings, the ... More
Experimental observation of magnetoelectricity in spin ice Dy$_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$Nov 13 2015The intrinsic noncollinear spin patterns in rare-earth pyrochlore are physically interesting, hosting many emergent properties, e.g. spin ice and monopole-type excitation. Recently, the magnetic monopole excitation of spin ice systems was predicted to ... More
A spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensateMar 17 2011Spin-orbit (SO) coupling -- the interaction between a quantum particle's spin and its momentum -- is ubiquitous in nature, from atoms to solids. In condensed matter systems, SO coupling is crucial for the spin-Hall effect and topological insulators, which ... More
Depression of quasiparticle density of states at zero energy in La1.9Sr0.1Cu1-xZnxO4Mar 02 2000Apr 07 2000We have measured low-temperature specific heat C(T, H) of La1.9Sr0.1Cu1-xZnxO4 (x=0, 0.01, and 0.02) both in zero and applied magnetic fields. A pronounced dip of C/T below 2 K was first observed in Zn-doped samples, which is absent in the nominally clean ... More
Impurity scattering effects on the low-temperature specific heat of d-wave superconductorsApr 07 2000Very recently impurity scattering effects on quasiparticles in d-wave superconductors have attracted much attention. Especially, the thermodynamic properties in magnetic fields H are of interest. We have measured the low-temperature specific heat C(T,H) ... More
Prediction of superconductivity of $3d$ transition-metal based antiperovskites via magnetic phase diagramNov 18 2013Nov 22 2013We theoretically studied the electronic structure, magnetic properties, and lattice dynamics of a series of $3d$ transition-metal antiperovskite compounds AXM$_{3}$ by density function theory. Based on the Stoner criterion, we drew the magnetic phase ... More
Constraints on scattering amplitudes in multistate Landau-Zener theorySep 20 2016We derive a set of constraints, which we will call hierarchy constraints (HCs), on scattering amplitudes of an arbitrary multistate Landau-Zener model (MLZM). The presence of additional symmetries can transform such constraints into nontrivial relations ... More
Comments on long distance contribution to $K^+\toπ^+ν\barν$Jun 13 1995We study the long distance contribution to $K^+\to\pi^+\nu\bar{\nu$ by using chiral perturbation theory. We find that the tree level $O(P^2)$ contribution vanishes identically without assuming the large $N_c$ limit. The leading contribution arises from ... More
The Net Spin ModelSep 03 2001We study a set of exactly soluble spin models in one and two dimensions for any spin $S$. Its ground state, the excitation spectrum, quantum phase transition points, as well as dimensional crossover are determined.
Study of Long Distance Contributions to $K\to nπν\barν$Apr 03 1996We calculate long distance contributions to $K\to\pi\nu\bar{\nu}\,,\ \pi\pi\nu\bar{\nu}$, and $\pi\pi\pi\nu\bar{\nu}$ modes within the framework of chiral perturbation theory. We find that these contributions to decay rates of $K\to \pi\nu\bar{\nu}$ and ... More
Constraints on scattering amplitudes in multistate Landau-Zener theorySep 20 2016Jan 27 2017We derive a set of constraints, which we will call hierarchy constraints (HCs), on scattering amplitudes of an arbitrary multistate Landau-Zener model (MLZM). The presence of additional symmetries can transform such constraints into nontrivial relations ... More
Cross section for $ γγ\rightarrow π^+ π^- π^0 $ in chiral perturbation theoryJul 04 1994We give the amplitude for $\gamma\gamma \rightarrow \pi^+\pi^-\pi^0$ in leading order chiral perturbation theory. For the case of real photons we calculate the total and differential cross section. Furthermore, we give the dependence of the total cross ... More
CP Conserving and Violating Contributions to $K_L\toπ^+π^-ν\barν$Jun 15 1994We study both CP conserving and violating contributions to the decay $K_L\to\pi^+\pi^-\nu\bar{\nu}$. We find that the decay branching ratio is dominated by the CP conserving part. In the standard CKM model, we estimate that for $m_t\sim 174\ GeV$, the ... More
Fluctuation-Dissipation and Correlation-Propagation Relations from the Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Detector-Quantum Field SystemsMay 21 2019We consider $N$ uniformly-accelerating Unruh-DeWitt detectors whose internal degrees of freedom are coupled to a massless scalar field in $(1+1)$D Minkowski space. We use the influence functional formalism to derive the Langevin equations governing the ... More
Kinetic Theory of Drag on Objects in Nearly Free Molecular FlowApr 30 2014Jul 07 2014Using an analogy between the density expansion of the transport coefficients of moderately dense gases and the inverse-Knudsen-number expansion of the drag on objects in nearly free molecular flows, we formulate the collision integrals that determine ... More
Cavity linewidth narrowing with dark-state polaritonsAug 14 2013Apr 09 2015We perform a quantum-theoretical treatment of cavity linewidth narrowing with intracavity electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT). By means of intracavity EIT, the photons in the cavity are in the form of cavity polaritons: bright-state polariton ... More
Partial spin freezing in the quasi-two-dimensional La2(Cu,Li)O4Mar 08 2005In conventional spin glasses, the magnetic interaction is not strongly anisotropic and the entire spin system freezes at low temperature. In La2(Cu,Li)O4, for which the in-plane exchange interaction dominates the interplane one, only a fraction of spins ... More
Parallel Computing on a PC ClusterSep 04 2001The tremendous advance in computer technology in the past decade has made it possible to achieve the performance of a supercomputer on a very small budget. We have built a multi-CPU cluster of Pentium PC capable of parallel computations using the Message ... More
The Solar Coronal Magnetic Field Measurements With SOLARCSep 04 2008Sep 05 2008Direct solar coronal magnetic field measurements have become possible since recent development of high-sensitivity infrared detection technology. The SOLARC instrument installed on Mt. Haleakala is such a polarimetric coronagraph that was designed for ... More
Slow spin-glass and fast spin-liquid components in quasi-two-dimensional La2(Cu,Li)O4Oct 22 2005In conventional spin glasses, magnetic interaction is not strongly anisotropic and the entire spin system is believed to be frozen below the spin-glass transition temperature. In La2Cu0.94Li0.06O4, for which the in-plane exchange interaction dominates ... More
High performance Beowulf computer for lattice QCDFeb 05 2002We describe the construction of a high performance parallel computer composed of PC components, as well as the performance test in lattice QCD.
Magnetoelectronic states of a monolayer graphiteJun 01 2007The Peierl's tight-binding model, with the band Hamiltonian matrix, is used to calculate the magnetoelectronic structure of a monolayergraphite. There are many flat Landau levels and some oscillatory Landau levels. The low Landau-level energies are characterized ... More
Momentum and Energy Dependent Resolution Function of the ARCS Neutron Chopper Spectrometer at High Momentum Transfer: Comparing Simulation and ExperimenJul 07 2016Inelastic neutron scattering at high momentum transfers (i.e. $Q\ge20$ {\AA}) or DINS provides direct observation of the momentum distribution of light atoms, making it a powerful probe for studying single-particle motions in liquids and solids. The quantitative ... More
Carbon-doped ZnO: A New Class of Room Temperature Dilute Magnetic SemiconductorOct 31 2006We report magnetism in carbon doped ZnO. Our first-principles calculations based on density functional theory predicted that carbon substitution for oxygen in ZnO results in a magnetic moment of 1.78 $\mu_B$ per carbon. The theoretical prediction was ... More
Parallel Computing for QCD on a Pentium ClusterNov 30 2000Motivated by the computational demands of our research and budgetary constraints which are common to many research institutions, we built a ``poor man's supercomputer'', a cluster of PC nodes which together can perform parallel calculations at a fraction ... More
Modulation effects on Landau levels in a monolayer grapheneAug 01 2007A monolayer graphene exists in an environment where a uniform magnetic field interacts a spatially modulated magnetic field. The spatially modulated magnetic field could affect Landau levels due to a uniform magnetic field. The modulation effects on Landau ... More
Discovering Classes of Strongly Equivalent Logic ProgramsOct 12 2011In this paper we apply computer-aided theorem discovery technique to discover theorems about strongly equivalent logic programs under the answer set semantics. Our discovered theorems capture new classes of strongly equivalent logic programs that can ... More
Analytical theory and possible detection of the $ac$ quantum spin Hall effectOct 13 2016We develop an analytical theory of the low-frequency $ac$ quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect based upon the scattering matrix formalism. It is shown that the $ac$ QSH effect can be interpreted as a bulk quantum pumping effect. When the electron spin is conserved, ... More
The Spectral Energy Distributions of Fermi BlazarsAug 13 2016(Abridged) In this paper, multi-wavelength data are compiled for a sample of 1425 Fermi blazars to calculate their spectral energy distributions (SEDs). A parabolic function, $\log(\nu F_{\nu}) = P_1(\log\nu - P_2)^2 + P_3,$ is used for SED fitting. Synchrotron ... More
EGRET Spectral Index and the Low-Energy Peak Position in the Spectral Energy Distribution of EGRET-Detected BlazarsMay 12 1999In current theoretical models of the blazar subclass of active galaxies, the broadband emission consists of two components: a low-frequency synchrotron component with a peak in the IR to X-ray band, and a high-frequency inverse Compton component with ... More
Global Asymptotics of the Discrete Chebyshev PolynomialsJul 11 2012In this paper, we study the asymptotics of the discrete Chebyshev polynomials tn (z, N) as the degree grows to infinity. Global asymptotic formulas are obtained as n \rightarrow \infty, when the ratio of the parameters n/N = c is a constant in the interval ... More
Status Report of Project GRAND: An Extensive Air Shower Array of Proportional Wire ChambersApr 28 2000Project GRAND is an extensive air shower array utilizing position sensitive detectors of proportional wire chambers. The 64 detectors deployed in a field 100 m x 100 m are located at 86.2 deg W and 41.7 deg N, at 220 m above sea level. The project was ... More
Superconducting to spin glass state transformation in ß-pyrochlore KxOs2O6Jan 19 2011{\ss}-pyrochore KOs2O6, which shows superconductivity below ~ 9.7K, has been converted into KxOs2O6 (x < 2/3 - 1/2) electrochemically to show spin glass-like behavior below ~ 6.1K. Room temperature sample surface potential versus charge transfer scan ... More
Global Asymptotics of the Hahn PolynomialsOct 08 2012In this paper, we study the asymptotics of the Hahn polynomials Q_n(x; {\alpha}, {\beta}, N) as the degree n grows to infinity, when the parameters {\alpha} and {\beta} are fixed and the ratio of n/N = c is a constant in the interval (0, 1). Uniform asymptotic ... More
Possible evidence for the existence of the Fehrenbacher-Rice band: O K-edge XANES study on Pr1-xCaxBa2Cu3O7Aug 12 2001X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES), resistivity and thermoelectric power have been measured on Pr1-xCaxBa2Cu3O7. These data reveal an intriguing electronic structure in Pr-doped cuprates. The absorption peak in XANES associated with the Fehrenbacher-Rice ... More
Spatially-resolved relaxation dynamics of photoinduced quasiparticles in underdoped YBa$sub 2$Cu$sub 3$O$sub {7-delta}$Aug 20 2005The spatially-resolved relaxation characteristics of photoinduced quasiparticles (QPs) in CuO$sub 2$ planes of underdoped YBCO are disclosed by polarized fs time-resolved spectroscopy. The relaxation time (tau) along b axis diverges at Tc, and appears ... More
Coexistence of isotropic s-wave and extended s-wave order parameters in FeSe as revealed by the low-temperature specific heatSep 24 2011Dec 31 2011The comprehensive low-temperature specific heat C(T) data identify both an isotropic s-wave and an extended s-wave order parameters coexisting in a superconducting single crystal FeSe with Tc=8.11 K. The isotropic gap {\Delta}0=1.33 meV on the hole Fermi ... More
Spin bottleneck in resonant tunneling through double quantum dots with different Zeeman splittingsApr 07 2009Dec 21 2009We investigated the electron transport property of the InGaAs/GaAs double quantum dots, the electron g-factors of which are different from each other. We found that in a magnetic field, the resonant tunneling is suppressed even if one of the Zeeman sublevels ... More
A lattice study of a chirally invariant Higgs-Yukawa model including a higher dimensional $Φ^6$-termJan 22 2015We discuss the non-thermal phase structure of a chirally invariant Higgs-Yukawa model on the lattice in the presence of a higher dimensional $\Phi^6$-term. For the exploration of the phase diagram we use analytical, lattice perturbative calculations of ... More
Searching for Classical Be Stars from the LAMOST DR1May 27 2015We report on searching for Classical B-type emission-line (CBe) stars from the first data release (DR1) of the Large Sky Area Multi-Object fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST; also named the Guoshoujing Telescope). A total of 192 (12 known CBes) objects ... More
Spectra Analysis to Stretching of ADB Structure MetamaterialNov 20 2018Dec 03 2018Asymmetric-double-bars (ADB) structure is one of the most interesting plasmonic metamaterials that has been broadly investigated. Here we propose to manufacture ADB on top of elastic material, to get direct control to the dimension of ADB elements. To ... More
Metal-adsorbed graphene nanoribbonsJun 13 2018The metal atoms, the alkali ones excepted, might provide the multiple outermost orbitals for the multi-orbital hybridizations with the out-of-plane $\pi$ bondings on the honeycomb lattice. This will dominate the fundamental properties of Al-, Ti- and ... More
Higgs-Yukawa model on the latticeOct 26 2017We present results from two projects on lattice calculations for the Higgs-Yukawa model. First we report progress on the search of first-order thermal phase transitions in the presence of a dimension-six operator, with the choices of bare couplings that ... More
Finite-size scaling for four-dimensional Higgs-Yukawa model near the Gaussian fixed pointNov 14 2018Jan 16 2019We analyse finite-size scaling behaviour of a four-dimensional Higgs-Yukawa model near the Gaussian infrared fixed point. Through improving the mean-field scaling laws by solving one-loop renormalisation group equations, the triviality property of this ... More
Observation of magnetic order in La_{1.9}Sr_{0.1}CuO_{4} from two-magnon Raman scatteringDec 02 1998We reported two-magnon Raman scattering from La_{1.9}Sr_{0.1}CuO_4, which has a suppressed Tc=12 K, as the temperature is lowered below 37 K and an ordered spin phase is formed. The two-magnon Raman intensity increases with decreasing temperature. The ... More
Rapid production of $^{87}$Rb BECs in a combined magnetic and optical potentialApr 21 2009We describe an apparatus for quickly and simply producing $\Rb87$ Bose-Einstein condensates. It is based on a magnetic quadrupole trap and a red detuned optical dipole trap. We collect atoms in a magneto-optical trap (MOT) and then capture the atom in ... More
Finite Size Scaling of the Higgs-Yukawa Model near the Gaussian Fixed PointNov 02 2016We study the scaling properties of Higgs-Yukawa models. Using the technique of Finite-Size Scaling, we are able to derive scaling functions that describe the observables of the model in the vicinity of a Gaussian fixed point. A feasibility study of our ... More
Semimetalic graphene in a modulated electric potentialSep 09 2008The $\pi$-electronic structure of graphene in the presence of a modulated electric potential is investigated by the tight-binding model. The low-energy electronic properties are strongly affected by the period and field strength. Such a field could modify ... More
Dynamically Slowed Collapse of a Bose-Einstein Condensate with Negative Scattering LengthJul 11 2012Dec 07 2012We rapidly change the scattering length a_s of a 87Rb Bose-Einstein condensate by means of a Feshbach resonance, simultaneously releasing the condensate from its harmonic trapping potential. When a_s is changed from positive to negative, the subsequent ... More
Cellulose-Bound Magnesium Diboride SuperconductivityJul 10 2009Two-phase superconductor tapes were produced by blending high purity magnesium diboride powder with a liquid ethylcellulose-based polymeric binder. This procedure produced a material which is easily formable with a high superconducting transition temperature ... More
Unusual ferromagnetic critical behavior owing to short-range antiferromagnetic correlations in antiperovskite Cu1-xNMn3+x(0.1<x<0.4)Mar 04 2015For ferromagnets, varying from simple metals to strongly correlated oxides,the critical behaviors near the Curie temperature (TC) can be grouped into several universal classes. In this paper, we report an unusual critical behavior in manganese nitrides ... More
Multi-Element Logic Gates for Trapped-Ion QubitsAug 14 2015Oct 07 2015Precision control over hybrid physical systems at the quantum level is important for the realization of many quantum-based technologies. In the field of quantum information processing (QIP) and quantum networking, various proposals discuss the possibility ... More
Verification of nonlinear particle simulation of radio frequency waves in tokamakSep 17 2017Nonlinear simulation model for radio frequency (RF) waves in fusion plasmas has been developed and verified using fully kinetic ion and drift kinetic electron. Ion cyclotron motion in the toroidal geometry is implemented using Boris push in the Boozer ... More
Electronic structure and transport properties of La_0.7Ce_0.3MnO_3Sep 14 2005X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), optical reflectance spectroscopy, and the Hall effect measurements were used to investigate the electronic structure in La_0.7Ce_0.3MnO_3 thin films (LCeMO). The XAS results are consistent with those obtained from ... More
Substrate-induced structures of bismuth adsorption on graphene: a first principle studyJul 28 2015Feb 23 2016The geometric and electronic properties of Bi-adsorbed monolayer graphene, enriched by the strong effect of substrate, are investigated by first-principles calculations. The six-layered substrate, corrugated buffer layer, and slightly deformed monolayer ... More
Development and Application of a Diaphragm Micro-Pump with Piezoelectric DeviceFeb 21 2008In this study, a new type of thin, compact, and light weighed diaphragm micro-pump has been successfully developed to actuate the liquid by the vibration of a diaphragm. The micro-diaphragm pump with two valves is fabricated in an aluminum case by using ... More
Atomic Scale Memory at a Silicon SurfaceApr 11 2002Jun 20 2002The limits of pushing storage density to the atomic scale are explored with a memory that stores a bit by the presence or absence of one silicon atom. These atoms are positioned at lattice sites along self-assembled tracks with a pitch of 5 atom rows. ... More
Intrinsic Correlations for Flaring Blazars Detected by FermiFeb 19 2017Blazars are an extreme subclass of active galactic nuclei. Their rapid variability, luminous brightness, superluminal motion, and high and variable polarization are probably due to a beaming effect. However, this beaming factor (or Doppler factor) is ... More
Coordinated Electric Vehicle Charging Control with Aggregator Power Trading and Indirect Load ControlAug 04 2015Due to the increasing concern on greenhouse gas emmissions and fossil fuel security, Electric Vehicles (EVs) have attracted much attention in recent years. However, the increasing popularity of EVs may cause stability issues to the power grid if their ... More
Pseudoparticle-operator description of an interacting Bose gasJun 08 1994We write the Hamiltonian of the Bose gas with two-body repulsive $\delta$-function potential in a pseudoparticle operator basis which diagonalizes the problem via the Bethe ansatz. In this operator basis the original bosonic interactions are represented ... More
Switching dynamics of the spin density wave in superconducting CeCoIn5May 12 2017The ordering wave vector $\mathbf{Q}$ of a spin density wave (SDW), stabilized within the superconducting state of $\mathrm{CeCoIn_5}$ in a high magnetic field, has been shown to be hypersensitive to the direction of the field. $\mathbf{Q}$ can be switched ... More
Large single crystal growth of BaFe1.87Co0.13As2 using a nucleation poleAug 11 2009Sep 23 2009Co-doped iron arsenic single crystal of BaFe1.87Co0.13As2 with dimension up to 20 x 10 x 2 mm3 were grown by a nucleation pole: an alumina stick served as nucleation center during growth. The high quality of crystalline was illustrated by the measurements ... More
Hyperon weak radiative decays in chiral perturbation theoryJan 19 1996We investigate the leading-order amplitudes for weak radiative decays of hyperons in chiral perturbation theory. We consistently include contributions from the next-to-leading order weak-interaction Lagrangian. It is shown that due to these terms Hara's ... More
Coordinated Electric Vehicle Charging Control with Aggregator Power Trading and Indirect Load ControlAug 04 2015Apr 25 2017Due to the increasing concern for greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel security, electric vehicles (EVs) have attracted much attention in recent years. EVs can aggregate together constituting the vehicle-to-grid system. Coordination of EVs is beneficial ... More
Storage-ring Electron Cooler for Relativistic Ion BeamsMay 09 2016Application of electron cooling at ion energies above a few GeV has been limited due to reduction of electron cooling efficiency with energy and difficulty in producing and accelerating a high-current high-quality electron beam. A high-current storage-ring ... More
Tunable narrow band source via the strong coupling between optical emitter and nanowire surface plasmonsDec 30 2014The spectrum width can be narrowed to a certain degree by decreasing the coupling strength for the two-level emitter coupled to the propagating surface plasmon. But the width can not be narrowed any further because of the loss of the photon out of system ... More
Nitric Oxide in Climatological Global Energy Budget During 1982-2013Jul 06 2018Over the past decades, temperature and density of the upper atmosphere show negative trends and decrease of the upper atmospheric temperature is attributed to the declining neutral density. Specifically, nitric oxide (NO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) govern ... More
Field induced magnon excitation and in gap absorption of Kitaev candidate RuCl3Mar 22 2018We use time-domain terahertz spectroscopy to measure the low energy conductivity and magnons in RuCl$_3$ under external magnetic field. At zero field, an oscillation with a frequency of 0.62 THz is clearly observed in time-domain spectrum below T$_N$, ... More
Tunable negative thermal expansion related with the gradual evolution of antiferromagnetic ordering in antiperovskite manganese nitrides Ag1-xNMn3+x (0<x<0.6)Mar 04 2015The thermal expansion and magnetic properties of antiperovskite manganese nitrides Ag1-xNMn3+x were reported. The substitution of Mn for Ag effectively broadens the temperature range of negative thermal expansion and drives it to cryogenic temperatures. ... More
BCS-like Superconductivity in MgCNi3Feb 02 2002Dec 30 2002The low-temperature specific heat C(T,H) of a new superconductor MgCNi3 has been measured in detail. (C/gammasub_nTc=1.97 is estimated from the anomaly at Tc. At low temperatures, the electronic contribution in the superconducting state follows Ces/gammasub_nTc=7.96exp(-1.46Tc/T). ... More
Superconducting Gap, Pseudogap and Their Relationship Investigated by Break-junction Tunneling Spectroscopy on $Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_{8+δ}$ Single CrystalsJul 26 2001Temperature and doping dependent tunneling spectroscopy on $Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_{8+\delta}$ single crystals has been investigated by using break-junction technique. The results provide direct evidence that the pseudogap persists into heavily overdoped regime, ... More
Properties of Valence Nucleon Distributions for Halo NucleiJan 14 2002With the binding energies and configurations determined experimentally, the root-mean-square radii are calculated for a number of single-particle states by numerically solving the Sch{\"o}rdinger equations. By studying the relations between the radii ... More
Interplay of the spin density wave and a possible Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in $\mathrm{CeCoIn_5}$ in rotating magnetic fieldFeb 13 2019The $d$-wave superconductor $\mathrm{CeCoIn_5}$ has been proposed as a strong candidate for supporting the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov (FFLO) state near the low-temperature boundary of its upper critical field. Neutron diffraction, however, finds ... More
Evidence For Heavy Hole and Light Hole Current Separation in P-Type Resonant Tunneling Diodes With PrewellsMay 24 2000We investigate the transport of holes through $AlAs/In_{.10}Ga_{.90}As$ resonant tunneling diodes which utilize $In_xGa_{1-x}As$ prewells in the emitter with $x=0,.10,$ and $.20$. The data show an increase in peak current and bias at resonance and a concurrent ... More
SU(3) breaking and baryon magnetic momentsFeb 08 1996Jan 15 1997We show that the magnetic moments of the octet baryons can be fitted to an accuracy of 1.5 percent by a phenomenological Lagrangian in which SU(3) breaking corrections appear only linearly. This is in contrast to conventional chiral perturbation theory ... More
Observation of Fluorescence Emissions from Single-Bubble Sonoluminescence in Water doped with QuinineSep 05 2005Dec 07 2005Sonoluminescence is a phenomenon involving the transduction of sound into light. The detailed mechanism as well as the energy-focusing potentials are not yet fully explored and understood. So far only optical photons are observed, while emissions in the ... More
Stochastic Resonance and Nonequilibrium Dynamic Phase Transition of Ising Spin System Driven by a Joint External FieldSep 12 2004We studied the dynamic response and stochastic resonance of kinetic Ising spin system (ISS), subject to the joint external field of weak sinusoidal modulation and stochastic white-noise, through solving the mean-field equation of motion based on Glauber ... More
Single-Dirac-cone Z2 topological insulator phases in distorted Li2AgSb-class and related quantum critical Li-based spin-orbit compoundsApr 07 2010We have extended our new materials class search for the experimental realization of Z2 topological insulators from binary [Bi2Se3-class, Xia, Nature Phys. 5, 398 (2009)] and the ternary [Half-Heusler class, Lin, arXiv:1003.0155v1 (2010); ... More
Phase Structure Study of SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory with 8 FlavorsOct 31 2014Dec 17 2014We present the investigation of the strong bare-coupling regime of SU(2) lattice gauge theory with 8 fermion flavors in the fundamental representation. The simulations are performed with unimproved staggered fermions and the plaquette gauge action. One ... More
Thermal bistability-based method for real-time optimization of ultralow-threshold whispering gallery mode microlasersSep 30 2015A method based on thermal bistability for ultralow-threshold microlaser optimization is demonstrated. When sweeping the pump laser frequency across a pump resonance, the dynamic thermal bistability slows down the power variation. The resulting line shape ... More
Analysis of Clumps in Molecular Cloud Models: Mass Spectrum, Shapes, Alignment and RotationJun 09 2003Observations reveal concentrations of molecular line emission on the sky, called ``clumps,'' in dense, star-forming molecular clouds. These clumps are believed to be the eventual sites of star formation. We study the three-dimensional analogs of clumps ... More
Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory up to Next-to-Leading OrderDec 22 1994We examine the general lagrangian for baryon chiral perturbation theory with SU(3) flavor symmetry, up to the next-to-leading order. We consider both the strong and the weak interaction. The inverse of the baryon mass is treated as an additional small ... More
The role of Cr substitution on the ferromagnetic properties of Ga1-xCrxNOct 26 2004Angular-dependent channeling Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy (c-RBS) has been used to quantify the fraction of Cr atoms on substitutional, interstitial, and random sites in epitaxial Ga1-xCrxN films grown by reactive molecular-beam epitaxy. The ... More
Discovery of an X-ray nebula in the field of millisecond pulsar PSR J1911-1114Nov 08 2018Nov 09 2018We have discovered an extended X-ray feature which is apparently associated with millisecond pulsar (MSP) PSR J1911-1114 from a XMM-Newton observation, which extends for ~1' and the radio timing position of PSR J1911-1114 is in the mid point of the feature. ... More
The giant arc statistics in the three year WMAP cosmological modelAug 09 2006We use high-resolution $N$-body simulations to investigate the optical depth of giant arcs with length-to-width ratio larger than 7.5 and 10 in the `standard' $\LCDM$ model with $\sigma_8=0.9$ and $\Omega_{\rm m,0}=0.3$ and a model based on three-year ... More
A model for upper kHz QPO coherence of accreting neutron starJan 04 2011Jan 29 2011{We investigate the coherence of the twin kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations (kHz QPOs) in the low-mass X-ray binary (LMXB) theoretically. The profile of upper kHz QPO, interpreted as Keplerian frequency, is ascribed to the radial extent of the kHz ... More
Heavy doped ABA stacked trilayer graphene: triple splitting of its Raman G peakJul 12 2012For the first time, we have observed the obvious triple G peak splitting of ABA stacked trilayer graphene. The G peak splitting can be quantatively understood through the different electron-phonon coupling strength of Ea', Eb' and Ea" modes. In addition, ... More
Correlation between the gamma-ray and the radio emissionsSep 02 1998In this paper, the correlation between the gamma-ray and the radio bands is investigated. The results show that there is a closer correlation between the gamma-ray emission and the high frequency (1.3mm, 230GHz) radio emission for maximum data than between ... More
Simulations of particle dynamics in a global toroidal geometryFeb 14 2017May 17 2018The gyrokinetic toroidal code (GTC) has been upgraded for global simulations by coupling the core and scrape-off layer (SOL) regions across the separatrix with field-aligned particle-grid interpolations. A fully kinetic particle pusher for high frequency ... More
Sliding of Electron Crystal of Finite Size on the Surface of Superfluid He-4 Confined in a MicrochannelMay 27 2018Nov 30 2018We present a new study of the nonlinear transport of a two-dimensional electron crystal on the surface of liquid helium confined in a 10 micrometer-wide channel in which the effective length of the crystal can be varied from 10 to 215 micrometers. At ... More