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Stationary two-black-hole configurations: A non-existence proofMay 29 2011Based on the solution of a boundary problem for disconnected (Killing) horizons and the resulting violation of characteristic black hole properties, we present a non-existence proof for equilibrium configurations consisting of two aligned rotating black ... More
Collisions of rigidly rotating disks of dust in General RelativityJun 07 2006Sep 25 2006We discuss inelastic collisions of two rotating disks by using the conservation laws for baryonic mass and angular momentum. In particular, we formulate conditions for the formation of a new disk after the collision and calculate the total energy loss ... More
Ab initio vibrational free energies including anharmonicity for multicomponent alloysFeb 28 2019A density-functional-theory based approach to efficiently compute numerically exact vibrational free energies - including anharmonicity - for chemically complex multicomponent alloys is developed. It is based on a combination of thermodynamic integration ... More
Non-existence of stationary two-black-hole configurations: The degenerate caseMar 27 2011In a preceding paper we examined the question whether the spin-spin repulsion and the gravitational attraction of two aligned sub-extremal black holes can balance each other. Based on the solution of a boundary value problem for two separate (Killing-) ... More
Non-existence of stationary two-black-hole configurationsFeb 09 2010Jun 07 2010We resume former discussions of the question, whether the spin-spin repulsion and the gravitational attraction of two aligned sub-extremal black holes can balance each other. To answer the question we formulate a boundary value problem for two separate ... More
Stationary black-hole binaries: A non-existence proofFeb 04 2013Jun 23 2014We resume former discussions of the question, whether the spin-spin repulsion and the gravitational attraction of two aligned black holes can balance each other. Based on the solution of a boundary problem for disconnected (Killing) horizons and the resulting ... More
Non-existence of stationary two-black-hole configurationsMay 26 2009Jun 25 2009We resume former discussions of the question, whether the spin-spin repulsion and the gravitational attraction of two aligned black holes can balance each other. To answer the question we formulate a boundary value problem for two separate (Killing-) ... More
Spin-Orbit Coupling and the Evolution of Transverse SpinMay 29 2019We investigate the evolution of transverse spin in tightly focused circularly polarized beams of light, where spin-orbit coupling causes a local rotation of the polarization ellipses upon propagation through the focal volume. The effect can be explained ... More
Thermodynamic Description of Inelastic Collisions in General RelativityJan 24 2007Apr 03 2007We discuss head-on collisions of neutron stars and disks of dust ("galaxies") following the ideas of equilibrium thermodynamics, which compares equilibrium states and avoids the description of the dynamical transition processes between them. As an always ... More
Ab initio study of pressure stabilised NiTi allotropes: pressure-induced transformations and hysteresis loopsOct 13 2011Dec 06 2011Changes in stoichiometric NiTi allotropes induced by hydrostatic pressure have been studied employing density functional theory. By modelling the pressure-induced transitions in a way that imitates quasi-static pressure changes, we show that the experimentally ... More
The magnetic and electric transverse spin density of spatially confined lightNov 28 2017When a beam of light is laterally confined, its field distribution can exhibit points where the local magnetic and electric field vectors spin in a plane containing the propagation direction of the electromagnetic wave. The phenomenon indicates the presence ... More
Imaging individual solute atoms at crystalline imperfections in metalsMar 08 2019Mar 31 2019Directly imaging all atoms constituting a material and, maybe more importantly, crystalline defects that dictate materials' properties, remains a formidable challenge. Here, we propose a new approach to chemistry-sensitive field-ion microscopy (FIM) combining ... More
Trends in the elastic response of binary early transition metal nitridesNov 11 2011Motivated by an increasing demand for coherent data that can be used for selecting materials with properties tailored for specific application requirements, we studied elastic response of nine binary early transition metal nitrides (ScN, TiN, VN, YN, ... More
Ab initio study of point defects in NiTi-based alloysOct 15 2013Mar 20 2014Changes in temperature or stress state may induce reversible B2$\leftrightarrow$(R)$\leftrightarrow$ B19' martensitic transformations and associated shape memory effects in close-to-stoichiometric nickel-titanium (NiTi) alloys. Recent experimental studies ... More
Impact of local lattice relaxations on phase stability and chemical ordering in bcc NbMoTaW high-entropy alloys explored by ab initio based machine-learning potentialsOct 25 2018Recently, high-entropy alloys (HEAs) attracted wide attention due to their extraordinary materials properties. A main challenge in identifying new HEAs is the lack of efficient approaches for exploring their huge compositional space. Ab initio calculations ... More
The precise range of indices for the RH_r- and A_p- weight classesSep 28 1998For w in A_p(RH_r), we determine the precise range of indices so that w in RH_r(A_p), the precise range of q smaller than p for which w in A_q, and the precise range of s bigger than 1 for which w^s in A_p.
Fully pseudospectral solution of the conformally invariant wave equation near the cylinder at spacelike infinity. II: Schwarzschild backgroundSep 22 2016It has recently been demonstrated (Class. Quantum Grav. 31, 085010, 2014) that the conformally invariant wave equation on a Minkowski background can be solved with a fully pseudospectral numerical method. In particular, it is possible to include spacelike ... More
Supercritical series expansion for the contact process in heterogeneous and disordered environmentsMay 14 2007The supercritical series expansion of the survival probability for the one-dimensional contact process in heterogeneous and disordered lattices is used for the evaluation of the loci of critical points and critical exponents $\beta$. The heterogeneity ... More
Temperature-dependent phonon spectra of magnetic random solid solutionsFeb 08 2017A first-principles-based method for computing phonons of magnetic random solid solutions including thermal magnetic fluctuations is developed. The method takes fluctuations of force constants (FCs) due to magnetic excitations as well as due to chemical ... More
A comparison of atomistic and continuum theoretical approaches to determine electronic properties of GaN/AlN quantum dotsNov 10 2008In this work we present a comparison of multiband k.p-models, the effective bond-orbital approach, and an empirical tight-binding model to calculate the electronic structure for the example of a truncated pyramidal GaN/AlN self-assembled quantum dot with ... More
Modeling of grain boundary dynamics using amplitude equationsJul 16 2014Aug 18 2014We discuss the modelling of grain boundary dynamics within an amplitude equations description, which is derived from classical density functional theory or the phase field crystal model. The relation between the conditions for periodicity of the system ... More
Anomalous phonon lifetime shortening in paramagnetic CrN caused by magneto-lattice coupling: A combined spin and ab initio molecular dynamics studyFeb 08 2018We study the mutual coupling of spin fluctuations and lattice vibrations in paramagnetic CrN by combining atomistic spin dynamics and ab initio molecular dynamics. The two degrees of freedom are dynamically coupled leading to non-adiabatic effects. Those ... More
Macroscopic Elastic Properties of Textured ZrN--AlN Polycrystalline Aggregates: From Ab initio Calculations to Grain-Scale InteractionsOct 16 2013Jul 09 2014Despite the fast development of computational materials modelling, theoretical description of macroscopic elastic properties of textured polycrystalline aggregates starting from basic principles remains a challenging task. In this communication we use ... More
Structural stability and thermodynamics of CrN magnetic phases from ab initio and experimentAug 14 2014The dynamical and thermodynamic phase stabilities of the stoichiometric compound CrN including different structural and magnetic configurations are comprehensively investigated using a first-principles density-functional-theory (DFT) plus U approach in ... More
Quantum-Confined Stark Effect in polar and nonpolar Wurtzite InN/GaN Heterostructures: Influence on Electronic Structure and Compensation by Coulomb AttractionJan 11 2013In this paper we systematically analyze the electronic structures of polar and nonpolar wurtzite-InN/GaN quantum dots and their modification due to the quantum-confined Stark effect caused by intrinsic fields. This is achieved by combining continuum elasticity ... More
Huygens' Dipole for Polarization-Controlled Nanoscale Light RoutingFeb 04 2019Structured illumination allows for satisfying the first Kerker condition of in-phase perpendicular electric and magnetic dipole moments in any isotropic scatterer that supports electric and magnetic dipolar resonances. The induced Huygens' dipole may ... More
On computing the generalized Lambert seriesFeb 29 2012Jun 24 2012We show how the generalized Lambert series sum(n>=1, x*q^n/(1-x*q^n)) can be computed with Theta convergence. This allows the computation of the sum of the inverse Fibonacci numbers without splitting the sum into even and odd part. The method is a special ... More
Calculating initial data for the conformal Einstein equations by pseudo-spectral methodsJun 26 1998We present a numerical scheme for determining hyperboloidal initial data sets for the conformal field equations by using pseudo-spectral methods. This problem is split into two parts. The first step is the determination of a suitable conformal factor ... More
Natural domains for edge-degenerate differential operatorsJun 01 2010We study cone differential operators on the half-axis and edge-degenerate differential operators on a half-space. We construct subspaces of edge Sobolev spaces that can be considered as natural domains for edge-degenerate operators and indicate how they ... More
Gowdy-symmetric cosmological models with Cauchy horizons ruled by non-closed null generatorsApr 15 2014Aug 21 2016Smooth Gowdy-symmetric generalized Taub-NUT solutions are a class of inhomogeneous cosmological models with spatial three-sphere topology. They have a past Cauchy horizon with closed null-generators, and they are generally expected to develop a second ... More
Robust multigrid for high-order discontinuous Galerkin methods: A fast Poisson solver suitable for high-aspect ratio Cartesian gridsMar 08 2016We present a polynomial multigrid method for nodal interior penalty and local discontinuous Galerkin formulations of the Poisson equation on Cartesian grids. For smoothing we propose two classes of overlapping Schwarz methods. The first class comprises ... More
Strong martingale type and uniform smoothnessJul 28 2004We introduce stronger versions of the usual notions of martingale type p <= 2 and cotype q >= 2 of a Banach space X and show that these concepts are equivalent to uniform p-smoothness and q-convexity, respectively. All these are metric concepts, so they ... More
Pták's nondiscrete induction and its application to matrix iterationsMay 12 2014Vlastimil Pt\'ak's method of nondiscrete induction is based on the idea that in the analysis of iterative processes one should aim at rates of convergence as functions rather than just numbers, because functions may give convergence estimates that are ... More
A construction of singular overlapping asymmetric self-similar measuresOct 30 2018In [8] we found a class of overlapping asymmetric self-similar measures on the real line, which are generically absolutely continuous with respect to the Lebesgue measure. Here we construct exceptional measures in this class being singular.
Wandering subspace property for homogeneous invariant subspacesJul 02 2018Sep 21 2018For graded Hilbert spaces $H$ and shift-like commuting tuples $T \in B(H)^n$, we show that each homogeneous joint invariant subspace $M$ of $T$ has finite index and is generated by its wandering subspace. Under suitable conditions on the grading $(H_k)_{k\geq ... More
Dimension theory for linear solenoidsJul 12 2018We develop the dimension theory for a class of linear solenoids, which have a "fractal" attractor. We will find the dimension of the attractor, proof formulas for the dimension of ergodic measures on this attractor and discuss the question whether there ... More
Dimension theoretical properties of generalized Baker's transformationsJul 12 2018We show that for generalized Baker's transformations there is a parameter domain where we have an absolutely continuous ergodic measure and in direct neighborhood there is a parameter domain where not even the variational principle for Hausdorff dimension ... More
Optimal Control of the Two-Dimensional Vlasov-Maxwell SystemSep 26 2018The time evolution of a collisionless plasma is modeled by the Vlasov-Maxwell system which couples the Vlasov equation (the transport equation) with the Maxwell equations of electrodynamics. We only consider a 'two-dimensional' version of the problem ... More
Cooperative sequential adsorption with nearest-neighbor exclusion and next-nearest neighbor interactionJun 01 2008May 25 2009A model for cooperative sequential adsorption that incorporates nearest-neighbor exclusion and next-nearest neighbor interaction is presented. It is analyzed for the case of one-dimensional dimer and two-dimensional monomer adsorption. Analytic solutions ... More
Subset-lex: did we miss an order?May 26 2014Jan 09 2015We generalize a well-known algorithm for the generation of all subsets of a set in lexicographic order with respect to the sets as lists of elements (subset-lex order). We obtain algorithms for various combinatorial objects such as the subsets of a multiset, ... More
On the probability distribution function of the mass surface density of molecular clouds. IISep 19 2014The probability distribution function (PDF) of the mass surface density of molecular clouds provides essential information about the structure of molecular cloud gas and condensed structures out of which stars may form. In general, the PDF shows two basic ... More
A Suspension Lemma for Bounded PosetsMar 27 1997Let $P$ and $Q$ be bounded posets. In this note, a lemma is introduced that provides a set of sufficient conditions for the proper part of $P$ being homotopy equivalent to the suspension of the proper part of~$Q$. An application of this lemma is a unified ... More
Improved Method to extract Nucleon Helicity Distributions using Event WeightingOct 21 2016An improved analysis method to extract quark helicity distributions from semi-inclusive double spin asymmetries in deep inelastic scattering is presented. The method relies on the fact that fragmentation functions, describing the fragmentation of a quark ... More
New Gowdy-symmetric vacuum and electrovacuum solutionsJan 13 2016Jun 02 2016We construct a 4-parameter family of inhomogeneous cosmological models, which contains two recently derived 3-parameter families as special cases. The corresponding exact vacuum solution to Einstein's field equations is obtained with methods from soliton ... More
Gowdy-Symmetric Vacuum and Electrovacuum SolutionsOct 06 2015"Smooth Gowdy-symmetric generalized Taub-NUT solutions" are a class of inhomogeneous cosmological vacuum models with a past and a future Cauchy horizon. In this proceedings contribution, we present families of exact solutions within that class, which ... More
Geometric relations for rotating and charged AdS black holesFeb 21 2014Jun 16 2014We derive mass-independent equations and inequalities for Kerr-Newman-anti-de Sitter black holes. In particular, we obtain an equation that relates electric charge, angular momentum and the areas of the event and Cauchy horizons. An area-angular momentum-charge ... More
Matched $G^k$-constructions yield $C^k$-continuous iso-geometric elementsJun 17 2014Sep 10 2014The note shows how $G^k$ (geometrically continuous surface) constructions yield $C^k$ iso-geometric elements also at irregular quad mesh points where three or more than four elements come together.
Probing Color Response - Wakes in a Color PlasmaJun 30 2005The wake induced in a hot QCD medium by a high momentum parton (jet precursor) is calculated in the framework of linear response theory. Two different scenarios are discussed: a weakly coupled quark gluon plasma (pQGP) as described by hard-thermal loop ... More
Focus talk on interactions between jets and mediumSep 13 2005The energy and momentum lost by a hard parton propagating through hot and dense matter has to be redistributed during the nuclear medium evolution. Apart from heating the medium, there is the possibility that collective modes are excited leading to the ... More
Li-Yorke pairs of full Hausdorff dimension for some chaotic dynamical systemsJul 12 2018We show that for some simple classical chaotic dynamical systems the set of Li-Yorke pairs has full Hausdorff dimension on invariant sets.
Weak Solutions of the Relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell System with External CurrentsFeb 07 2019The time evolution of a collisionless plasma is modeled by the relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell system which couples the Vlasov equation (the transport equation) with the Maxwell equations of electrodynamics. We consider the case that the plasma consists of ... More
Intermediate extension of Chow motives of Abelian typeNov 22 2012Sep 23 2016In this article, we give an unconditional construction of a motivic analogue of the intermediate extension in the context of Chow motives of Abelian type. Our main application concerns intermediate extensions of Chow motives associated to Kuga families ... More
Spin ladders with nonmagnetic impuritiesAug 22 1996We investigate antiferromagnetic spin ladders with nonmagnetic impurities by variational and numerical (Lanczos and DMRG) methods. The interaction between the two unpaired spins opposite to the impurities is described by an effective exchange interaction ... More
Computing SIAC spline coefficientsOct 01 2014The Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method applied to hyperbolic differential equations outputs weakly-linked polynomial pieces. Post-processing these pieces by Smoothness-Increasing Accuracy-Conserving (SIAC) convolution with B-splines can improve the accuracy ... More
Tame Discrete Sets in Algebraic GroupsJan 25 2019Rosay and Rudin introduced the notion of Tame discrete subsets of the affine complex space and investigated their properties. We generalize this theory to the case of a complex linear algebraic group with trivial character group.
Bergman inner functions and $m$-hypercontractionsJun 15 2017Let $H_m(\mathbb B,\mathcal D)$ be the $\mathcal D$-valued functional Hilbert space with reproducing kernel $K_m(z,w) = (1-\langle z,w\rangle)^{-m}1_{\mathcal D}$. A $K_m$-inner function is by definition an operator-valued analytic function $W: \mathbb ... More
Some remarks on depth of dead ends in groupsMar 21 2007Mar 22 2007It is known, that the existence of dead ends (of arbitrary depth) in the Cayley graph of a group depends on the chosen set of generators. Nevertheless there exist many groups, which do not have dead ends of arbitrary depth with respect to any set of generators. ... More
Representations of real numbers induced by probability distributions on $\mathbb{N}$Mar 20 2019We observe that a probability distribution supported by $\mathbb{N}$, induces a representation of real numbers in [0, 1) with digits in $\mathbb{N}$. We first study the Hausdorff dimension of sets with prescribed digits with respect to these representations. ... More
On the balance problem for two rotating and charged black holesJun 11 2019It is an interesting open problem whether two non-extremal rotating and electrically charged black holes can be in physical equilibrium, which might be possible due to a balance between the gravitational attraction and the spin-spin and electrical repulsions. ... More
Weights and conservativitySep 11 2015Oct 18 2018The purpose of this article is to study conservativity in the context of triangulated categories equipped with a weight structure. As application, we establish (weight) conservativity for the restriction of the (generic) l-adic realization to the category ... More
Ellipticity in Pseudodifferential Algebras of Toeplitz TypeAug 19 2011Let L^\star be a filtered algebra of abstract pseudodifferential operators equipped with a notion of ellipticity, and T^\star be a subalgebra of operators of the form P_1AP_0, where P_0 and P_1 are two projections. The elements of L^\star act as linear ... More
On Rigidity and the Albanese Variety for Parallelizable ManifoldsMay 05 1997We study the rigidity questions and the Albanese Variety for Complex Parallelizable Manifolds. Both are related to the study of the cohomology group $H^1(X,\mathcal O)$. In particular we show that a compact complex parallelizable manifold is rigid iff ... More
Flat Vector Bundles over Parallelizable ManifoldsMay 05 1997We study flat vector bundles over complex parallelizable manifolds.
More cubic surfaces violating the Hasse principleJun 14 2010We generalize L.J. Mordell's construction of cubic surfaces for which the Hasse principle fails.
Motivic intersection complexApr 01 2011Apr 28 2011In this article, we give an unconditional definition of the motivic analogue of the intersection complex, establish its basic properties, and prove its existence in certain cases.
Number theoretical peculiarities in the dimension theory of dynamical systemsJul 12 2018We show that dimensional theoretical properties of dynamical systems can considerably change because of number theoretical peculiarities of some parameter values
On global regular solution branches and multiple solutions of the Boltzmann equationJan 06 2016Existence of global regular solution branches of the Boltzmann Cauchy problem with continuously differentiable data in phase space dimension $2d\geq 6$ with polynomial decay at infinity of order greater than $2d$ is proved. There are data in this class ... More
Point defects on III-V semiconductor surfacesOct 23 2000The basic properties of point defects (atomic geometry, the position of charge-transfer levels, and formation energies) on the (110) surface of GaAs, GaP, and InP have been calculated employing density-functional theory. Based on these results we discuss ... More
Measurement of Permanent Electric Dipole Moments of Charged Hadrons in Storage RingsJan 14 2013Jul 30 2013Permanent Electric Dipole Moments (EDMs) of elementary particles violate two fundamental symmetries: time reversal invariance (T) and parity (P). Assuming the CPT theorem this implies CP-violation. The CP-violation of the Standard Model is orders of magnitude ... More
Plane-filling curves on all uniform gridsJul 08 2016We describe a search for plane-filling curves traversing all edges of a grid once. The curves are given by Lindenmayer systems with only one non-constant letter. All such curves for small orders on three grids have been found. For all uniform grids we ... More
Truncated Variational Expectation MaximizationOct 10 2016We derive a novel variational expectation maximization approach based on truncated variational distributions. The truncated distributions are proportional to exact posteriors in a subset of a discrete state space and equal zero otherwise. In contrast ... More
Some Facets of Complexity Theory and Cryptography: A Five-Lectures TutorialNov 21 2001Dec 20 2002In this tutorial, selected topics of cryptology and of computational complexity theory are presented. We give a brief overview of the history and the foundations of classical cryptography, and then move on to modern public-key cryptography. Particular ... More
Exact Complexity of Exact-Four-ColorabilitySep 14 2001Let $M_k \seq \nats$ be a given set that consists of $k$ noncontiguous integers. Define $\exactcolor{M_k}$ to be the problem of determining whether $\chi(G)$, the chromatic number of a given graph $G$, equals one of the $k$ elements of the set $M_k$ exactly. ... More
The general classical solution of the superparticleJul 08 1994The theory of vectors and spinors in 9+1 dimensional spacetime is introduced in a completely octonionic formalism based on an octonionic representation of the Clifford algebra $\Cl(9,1)$. The general solution of the classical equations of motion of the ... More
Weights and conservativitySep 11 2015Sep 21 2016The purpose of this article is to study conservativity in the context of triangulated categories equipped with a weight structure. As application, we establish (weight) conservativity for the restriction of the (generic) l-adic realization to the category ... More
On $G^1$ stitched bi-cubic Bézier patches with arbitrary topologySep 09 2017Lower bounds on the generation of smooth bi-cubic surfaces imply that geometrically smooth ($G^1$) constructions need to satisfy conditions on the connectivity and layout. In particular, quadrilateral meshes of arbitrary topology can not in general be ... More
Smooth Gowdy-symmetric generalised Taub-NUT solutions in Einstein-Maxwell theoryNov 26 2018Mar 17 2019We introduce a new class of inhomogeneous cosmological models as solutions to the Einstein-Maxwell equations in electrovacuum. The new models can be considered to be nonlinear perturbations, through an electromagnetic field, of the previously studied ... More
The algebraic theory of Kreck surgeryApr 21 2004In the 1980s Matthias Kreck developed a modified surgery theory with obstructions in a hardly understood monoid $l_n(Z[\pi])$. This paper presents a couple of purely algebraic tools to find out whether an element in $l_{2q}(R)$ is "elementary" i.e. whether ... More
k-Disjunctive cuts and a finite cutting plane algorithm for general mixed integer linear programsJul 26 2007In this paper we give a generalization of the well known split cuts of Cook, Kannan and Schrijver to cuts which are based on multi-term disjunctions. They will be called k-disjunctive cuts. The starting point is the question what kind of cuts is needed ... More
Fractal attractors induced by β-shiftsJul 12 2018Oct 25 2018We describe a class of fractal attractors induced by \beta-shifts. We use a coding by these shifts to show that the systems are mixing with topological entropy log \beta and have an ergodic measure of full entropy. Moreover we determine the Hausdorff ... More
Revealed Stochastic Preference: A One-Paragraph Proof and GeneralizationOct 24 2018Feb 20 2019McFadden and Richter (1991) and later McFadden (2005) show that the Axiom of Revealed Stochastic Preference characterizes rationalizability of choice probabilities through random utility models on finite universal choice spaces. This note proves the result ... More
Grain boundary diffusion in severely deformed Al-based alloyJan 24 2017Grain boundary diffusion in severely deformed Al-based AA5024 alloy is investigated. Different states are prepared by combination of equal channel angular processing and heat treatments, with the radioisotope $^{57}$Co being employed as a sensitive probe ... More
{110} planar faults in strained bcc metals: Origins and implications of a commonly observed artifact of classical potentialsOct 03 2018Large-scale atomistic simulations with classical potentials can provide valuable insights into microscopic deformation mechanisms and defect-defect interactions in materials. Unfortunately, these assets often come with the uncertainty of whether the observed ... More
Ab-initio simulation and experimental validation of beta-titanium alloysNov 02 2008In this progress report we present a new approach to the ab-initio guided bottom up design of beta-Ti alloys for biomedical applications using a quantum mechanical simulation method in conjunction with experiments. Parameter-free density functional theory ... More
Exact Complexity of the Winner Problem for Young ElectionsDec 20 2001In 1977, Young proposed a voting scheme that extends the Condorcet Principle based on the fewest possible number of voters whose removal yields a Condorcet winner. We prove that both the winner and the ranking problem for Young elections is complete for ... More
Sample Size Planning for Classification ModelsNov 06 2012May 03 2015In biospectroscopy, suitably annotated and statistically independent samples (e. g. patients, batches, etc.) for classifier training and testing are scarce and costly. Learning curves show the model performance as function of the training sample size ... More
The contact process in heterogeneous and weakly-disordered systemsMay 29 2006The critical behavior of the contact process (CP) in heterogeneous periodic and weakly-disordered environments is investigated using the supercritical series expansion and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations. Phase-separation lines and critical exponents $\beta$ ... More
Transverse Kerker Scattering for Angstrom Localization of NanoparticlesApr 26 2018Nov 12 2018Angstrom precision localization of a single nanoantenna is a crucial step towards advanced nanometrology, medicine and biophysics. Here, we show that single nanoantenna displacements down to few Angstroms can be resolved with sub-Angstrom precision using ... More
Measuring the Transverse Spin Density of LightNov 17 2014We generate tightly focused optical vector beams whose electric fields spin around an axis transverse to the beams' propagation direction. We experimentally investigate these fields by exploiting the directional near-field interference of a dipole-like ... More
Studying null and time-like geodesics in the classroomApr 30 2011In a first course of general relativity it is usually quite difficult for students to grasp the concept of a geodesic. It is supposed to be straight (auto-parallel) and yet it 'looks' curved. In these situations it is very useful to have some explicit ... More
Top-heavy IMFs in ultra compact dwarf galaxies?Jan 18 2012Ultra compact dwarf galaxies (UCDs) are dense stellar systems at the border between massive star-clusters and small galaxies. Their on average high optical mass-to-light (M/L) ratio cannot be explained by stellar populations with the canonical stellar ... More
Current Redistribution in Resistor Networks: Fat-Tail Statistics in Regular and Small-World NetworksOct 21 2016The redistribution of electrical currents in resistor networks after single-bond failures is analyzed in terms of current-redistribution factors that are shown to depend only on the topology of the network and on the values of the bond resistances. We ... More
Time-resolved analysis of strong-field induced plasmon oscillations in metal clusters by spectral interferometry with few-cycle laser fieldsNov 04 2010Feb 10 2011We propose a scheme for ultrafast real-time imaging of laser-induced collective electron oscillations (Mie plasmons) in gas phase metal clusters by interferometrically stable scanning of two intense few-cycle optical laser pulses. The feasibility of our ... More
An exact smooth Gowdy-symmetric generalized Taub-NUT solutionJan 05 2014Apr 16 2014In a recent paper (Beyer and Hennig, 2012 [9]), we have introduced a class of inhomogeneous cosmological models: the smooth Gowdy-symmetric generalized Taub-NUT solutions. Here we derive a three-parametric family of exact solutions within this class, ... More
Number systems over ordersAug 16 2017Let $\mathbb{K}$ be a number field of degree $k$ and let $\mathcal{O}$ be an order in $\mathbb{K}$. A generalized number system over $\mathcal{O}$ (GNS for short) is a pair $(p,\mathcal{D})$ where $p \in \mathcal{O}[x]$ is monic and $\mathcal{D}\subset\mathcal{O}$ ... More
General Upper Bounds on the Running Time of Parallel Evolutionary AlgorithmsJun 15 2012We present a new method for analyzing the running time of parallel evolutionary algorithms with spatially structured populations. Based on the fitness-level method, it yields upper bounds on the expected parallel running time. This allows to rigorously ... More
Violating the no-signaling principle with classical inseparable beams in an optical parity-time symmetric systemSep 05 2016We show that the no-signaling principle can be violated with classical inseparable beams in the presence of a parity-time (PT) symmetric subsystem. Thus, the problems associated to PT-symmetric quantum theories recently discovered by Lee et al. [Phys. ... More
Non-linear absorption and density dependent dephasing in Rydberg EIT-mediaMay 07 2013Oct 15 2013Light propagation through an ensemble of ultra-cold Rydberg atoms in electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) configuration is studied. In strongly interacting Rydberg EIT media, non-linear optical effects lead to a non-trivial dependence of the ... More
Nonlinear Effects in Pulse Propagation through Doppler-Broadened Closed-Loop Atomic MediaNov 26 2007Nonlinear effects in pulse propagation through a medium consisting of four-level double-$\Lambda$-type systems are studied theoretically. We apply three continous-wave driving fields and a pulsed probe field such that they form a closed interaction loop. ... More
Rational points on the inner product cone via the hyperbola methodJan 25 2017A strong quantitative form of Manin's conjecture is established for a certain variety in biprojective space. The singular integral in an application of the circle method involves the third power of the integral sine function, and is evaluated in closed ... More