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Automatic Knee Osteoarthritis Diagnosis from Plain Radiographs: A Deep Learning-Based ApproachOct 29 2017Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common musculoskeletal disorder. OA diagnosis is currently conducted by assessing symptoms and evaluating plain radiographs, but this process suffers from subjectivity. In this study, we present a new transparent computer-aided ... More
Pauli Terms Must Be Absent In Dirac EquationMay 20 2000It should be of interest, whether Dirac's equation involves all 16 basis elements of his Clifford algebra $Cl_D.$ These include the 6 `tensorial' $\sigma^{\mu\nu}$ with which the `Pauli terms' are formed. We find that these violate a basic axiom of any ... More
Multimodal Machine Learning-based Knee Osteoarthritis Progression Prediction from Plain Radiographs and Clinical DataApr 12 2019Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common musculoskeletal disease without a cure, and current treatment options are limited to symptomatic relief. Prediction of OA progression is a very challenging and timely issue, and it could, if resolved, accelerate ... More
Bone Density and Texture from Minimally Post-Processed Knee Radiographs in Subjects with Knee OsteoarthritisFeb 06 2019Plain radiography is the most common modality to assess the stage of osteoarthritis. Our aims were to assess the relationship of radiography-based bone density and texture between radiographs with minimal and clinical post-processing, and to compare the ... More
A novel method for automatic localization of joint area on knee plain radiographsJan 31 2017Apr 05 2017Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common musculoskeletal condition typically diagnosed from radiographic assessment after clinical examination. However, a visual evaluation made by a practitioner suffers from subjectivity and is highly dependent on the experience. ... More
Roots, symmetries and conjugacy of pseudo-Anosov mapping classesOct 10 2007An algorithm is proposed that solves two decision problems for pseudo-Anosov elements in the mapping class group of a surface with at least one marked fixed point. The first problem is the root problem: decide if the element is a power and in this case ... More
Polcovar: Software for Computing the Mean and Variance of Subgraph Counts in Random GraphsFeb 24 2014May 04 2016The mean and variance of the number of appearances of a given subgraph $H$ in an Erd\H{o}s--R\'enyi random graph over $n$ nodes are rational polynomials in $n$. We present a piece of software named Polcovar (from "polynomial" and "covariance") that computes ... More
Taming the Penguin in the B0(t) -> Pi+Pi- CP-asymmetry: Observables and Minimal Theoretical InputJun 24 1998Oct 29 1998Penguin contributions, being not negligible in general, can hide the information on the CKM angle alpha coming from the measurement of the time-dependent B0(t) -> pi+pi- CP-asymmetry. Nevertheless, we show that this information can be summarized in a ... More
DESP-C++: A Discrete-Event Simulation Package for C++Nov 28 2016DESP-C++ is a C++ discrete-event random simulation engine that has been designed to be fast, very easy to use and expand, and valid. DESP-C++ is based on the resource view. Its complete architecture is presented in detail, as well as a short " user manual ... More
Non abelian Reidemeister torsion and volume form on the SU(2)-representation space of knot groupsMar 26 2004Apr 18 2005For a knot K in $S^3$ and a regular representation $\rho$ of its group $G_K$ into SU(2) we construct a non abelian Reidemeister torsion on the first twisted cohomology group of the knot exterior. This non abelian Reidemeister torsion provides a volume ... More
Proceedings Sixteenth Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and KnowledgeJul 25 2017This volume consists of papers presented at the Sixteenth Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK) held at the University of Liverpool, UK, from July 24 to 26, 2017. TARK conferences bring together researchers from a wide ... More
Prescription of Gauss curvature using optimal mass transportMay 18 2015In this paper we give a new proof of a theorem by Alexandrov on the Gauss curvature prescription of Euclidean convex sets. This proof is based on the duality theory of convex sets and on optimal mass transport. A noteworthy property of this proof is that ... More
Probabilistic cellular automata with general alphabets letting a Markov chain invariantOct 12 2014This paper is devoted to probabilistic cellular automata (PCA) on $\mathbb{N}$, $\mathbb{Z}$ or $\mathbb{Z}/n\mathbb{Z}$, depending of two neighbors, with a general alphabet $E$ (finite or infinite, discrete or not). We study the following question: under ... More
The value of Repeated Games with an informed controllerMar 23 2008Apr 20 2009We consider the general model of zero-sum repeated games (or stochastic games with signals), and assume that one of the players is fully informed and controls the transitions of the state variable. We prove the existence of the uniform value, generalizing ... More
Uniform value in Dynamic ProgrammingMar 19 2008Apr 20 2009We consider dynamic programming problems with a large time horizon, and give sufficient conditions for the existence of the uniform value. As a consequence, we obtain an existence result when the state space is precompact, payoffs are uniformly continuous ... More
Slope filtration on Banach-Colmez spacesOct 31 2016We give a new proof of the "weakly admissible implies admissible" theorem of Colmez and Fontaine describing the semi-stable p-adic representations. We study Banach-Colmez spaces, i.e. p-adic Banach spaces with the extra data of a C_p-algebra of analytic ... More
Construction and enumeration of circuits capable of guiding a miniature vehicleMar 29 2016In contrast to traditional toy tracks, a patented system allows the creation of a large number of tracks with a minimal number of pieces, and whose loops always close properly. These circuits strongly resemble traditional self-avoiding polygons (whose ... More
The illusion of neutron star magnetic field estimatesMar 04 2019Neutron stars radiate in a broad band spectrum from radio wavelengths up to very high energies. They have been sorted into several classes depending on their respective place in the $P-\dot{P}$ diagram and depending on spectral/temporal properties. Fundamental ... More
Variational Formulation of Time-Dependent Density Functional TheoryOct 25 2012We present a variational formulation of Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory similar to the constrained-search variational formulation of ground-state density-function theory. The formulation is applied to justify the time-dependent Kohn-Sham method. ... More
Parametrizing modified gravity for cosmological surveysMay 12 2017One of the challenges in testing gravity with cosmology is the vast freedom opened when extending General Relativity. For linear perturbations, one solution consists in using the Effective Field Theory of Dark Energy (EFT of DE). Even then, the theory ... More
Les espaces de Berkovich sont angéliquesMay 02 2011Dec 14 2012Although Berkovich spaces may fail to be metrizable when defined over too big a field, we prove that a large part of their topology can be recovered through sequences: for instance, limit points of subsets are actual limits of sequences and compact subsets ... More
Estimating copula measure using ranks and subsampling: a simulation studySep 25 2007We describe here a new method to estimate copula measure. From N observations of two variables X and Y, we draw a huge number m of subsamples (size n<N), and we compute the joint ranks in these subsamples. Then, for each bivariate rank (p,q) (0<p,q<n+1), ... More
La droite de Berkovich sur ZSep 17 2008We study here the Berkovich line over the ring of integers of a number field. It is a natural object which contains complex and non-Archimedean analytic spaces associated to each place. We prove that this line satisfies good topological and algebraic ... More
Edge correlation function of the 8-vertex model when $a+c = b+d$Jul 18 2016Feb 07 2017This paper is devoted to the 8-vertex model and its edge correlation function. In some particular (integrable) cases, we find a closed form of the edge correlation function and we deduce also its asymptotic. In addition, we quantify influence of boundary ... More
Infinite sequence of fixed point free pseudo-Anosov homeomorphismsJun 25 2008Aug 24 2009We construct infinite sequences of pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms without fixed points and leaving invariant a sequence of orientable measured foliations on the same topological surface and the same stratum of the space of abelian differentials. The existence ... More
Recurrence rates for observations of flowsJan 27 2011We study Poincar\'e recurrence for flows and observations of flows. For Anosov flow, we prove that the recurrence rates are linked to the local dimension of the invariant measure. More generally, we give for the recurrence rates for the observation an ... More
Almost sure convergence of randomly truncated stochastic algorithms under verifiable conditionsJun 06 2007We study the almost sure convergence of randomly truncated stochastic algorithms. We present a new convergence theorem which extends the already known results by making vanish the classical condition on the noise terms. The aim of this work is to prove ... More
General limit value in Dynamic ProgrammingJan 03 2013We consider a dynamic programming problem with arbitrary state space and bounded rewards. Is it possible to define in an unique way a limit value for the problem, where the "patience" of the decision-maker tends to infinity ? We consider, for each evaluation ... More
The IDSA and the homogeneous sphere: Issues and possible improvementsJun 13 2016In this paper, we are concerned with the study of the Isotropic Diffusion Source Approximation (IDSA) (Baxter et al., Phys. Rev. E 73, 046118, 2006) of radiative transfer. After having recalled well-known limits of the radiative transfer equation, we ... More
Volume entropy for surface groups via Bowen-Series like mapsAug 25 2009We define a Bowen-Series like map for every geometric presentation of a co-compact surface group and we prove that the volume entropy of the presentation is the topological entropy of this particular (circle) map. Finally we find the minimal volume entropy ... More
Pricing American options using martingale basesApr 12 2016In this work, we propose an algorithm to price American options by directly solving the dual minimization problem introduced by Rogers. Our approach relies on approximating the set of uniformly square integrable martingales by a finite dimensional Wiener ... More
Pricing path-dependent Bermudan options using Wiener chaos expansion: an embarrassingly parallel approachJan 17 2019In this work, we propose a new policy iteration algorithm for pricing Bermudan options when the payoff process cannot be written as a function of a lifted Markov process. Our approach is based on a modification of the well-known Longstaff Schwartz algorithm, ... More
Non abelian twisted Reidemeister torsion for fibered knotsMar 18 2004Feb 11 2005In this article, we give an explicit formula to compute the non-abelian twisted sign-determined Reidemeister torsion of the exterior of a fibered knot in terms of its monodromy. As an application, we give explicit formulae for the non abelian Reidemeister ... More
A note on Liouville type results for a fractional obstacle problemFeb 28 2019This note is a synthesis of my reflexions on some questions that have emerged during the MATRIX event "Recent Trends on Nonlinear PDEs of Elliptic and Parabolic Type" concerning the qualitative properties of solutions to some non local reaction-diffusion ... More
Particle motion driven by non-uniform thermodynamic forcesFeb 13 2019Mar 06 2019We present a complete reciprocal description of particle motion inside multi-component fluids that extends the conventional Onsager formulation of non-equilibrium transport to systems where the thermodynamic forces are non-uniform on the colloidal scale. ... More
Particle motion driven by non-uniform thermodynamic forcesFeb 13 2019We present a complete reciprocal description of particle motion inside multi-component fluids that extends the conventional Onsager formulation of non-equilibrium transport to systems where the thermodynamic forces are locally non-uniform on the colloidal ... More
Espaces de Berkovich sur Z : étude localeFeb 03 2012Oct 15 2012We investigate the local properties of Berkovich spaces over Z. Using Weierstrass theorems, we prove that the local rings of those spaces are noetherian, regular in the case of affine spaces and excellent. We also show that the structure sheaf is coherent. ... More
Raccord sur les espaces de BerkovichSep 22 2008Oct 26 2009Let $X$ be a Berkovich space over a valued field. We prove that every finite group is a Galois group over $\Ms(B)(T)$, where $\Ms(B)$ is the field of meromorphic functions over a part $B$ of $X$ satisfying some conditions. This gives a new geometric proof ... More
Analytic p-adic Banach spaces and the fundamental lemma of Colmez and FontaineOct 31 2016This article gives a new proof of the fundamental lemma of the "weakly admissible implies admissible" theorem of Colmez-Fontaine that describes the semi-stable p-adic representations. To this end, we introduce the category of spectral Banach spaces, which ... More
Sendov conjecture for high degree polynomialsJun 21 2011Nov 15 2011Sendov conjecture tells that if $P$ denotes a complex polynomial having all his zeros in the closed unit disk and $a$ denote a zero of $P$, the closed disk of center $a$ and radius 1 contains a zero of the derivative $P'$. The main result of this paper ... More
Correlation function of the 8-vertex model with free boundary conditions using triangular probabilistic cellular automataJul 18 2016This paper is devoted to the 8-vertex model and its edge correlation function. In some particular (integrable) cases, we find a closed form of the edge correlation function and we deduce also its asymptotic. To do this, we introduce probabilistic cellular ... More
Sur les composantes connexes d'une famille d'espaces analytiques p-adiquesJan 10 2014Let $X=\mathcal{M}(A)$ be an affinoid space and let $f,g \in A$. We study the sets of connected components of the spaces defined by an inequality of the form $|f|\le r|g|$, with $r\ge 0$. We prove that there exists a finite partition of $\mathbb{R}_+$ ... More
Un résultat de connexité pour les variétés analytiques p-adiques. Privilège et noethérianitéNov 28 2006Sep 16 2008Let $k$ be a non-Archimedean field, $X$ a $k$-affinoid space and $f$ an analytic function over $X$. We precisely describe how the geometric connected components of the spaces $\{x \in X, |f(x)| \ge \varepsilon\}$ behave with regards to $\varepsilon$. ... More
Polynomial approximation of Berkovich spaces and definable typesApr 16 2012We investigate affine Berkovich spaces over maximally complete fields and prove that they may be approximated by simpler spaces when the only functions we need to evaluate are polynomials of bounded degree. We derive applications to semi-algebraic sets ... More
Estimate dependence in medium dimensions, using ranks and sub-samplingNov 07 2013It is well known that non-parametric methods suffer from the "curse of dimensionality". We propose here a new estimation method for a multivariate distribution, using sub-sampling and ranks, which seems not to suffer from this "curse". We prove that in ... More
Generalized rank weights : a duality statementJun 17 2013Oct 31 2013We consider linear codes over some fixed finite field extension over an arbitrary finite field. Gabidulin introduced rank metric codes, by endowing linear codes over the extension field with a rank weight over the base field and studied their basic properties ... More
Data Mining-based Fragmentation of XML Data WarehousesNov 05 2008With the multiplication of XML data sources, many XML data warehouse models have been proposed to handle data heterogeneity and complexity in a way relational data warehouses fail to achieve. However, XML-native database systems currently suffer from ... More
Data Mining-based Materialized View and Index Selection in Data WarehousesJul 11 2007Materialized views and indexes are physical structures for accelerating data access that are casually used in data warehouses. However, these data structures generate some maintenance overhead. They also share the same storage space. Most existing studies ... More
The almost Borel structure of surface diffeomorphisms, Markov shifts and their factorsSep 25 2014Jan 28 2015Extending work of Hochman, we study the almost-Borel structure, i.e., the nonatomic invariant probability measures, of symbolic systems and surface diffeomorphisms. We first classify Markov shifts and characterize them as strictly universal with respect ... More
A mixed finite volume scheme for anisotropic diffusion problems on any gridApr 03 2006We present a new finite volume scheme for anisotropic heterogeneous diffusion problems on unstructured irregular grids, which simultaneously gives an approximation of the solution and of its gradient. In the case of simplicial meshes, the approximate ... More
Sign-changing blow-up for scalar curvature type equationsOct 08 2012Given $(M,g)$ a compact Riemannian manifold of dimension $n\geq 3$, we are interested in the existence of blowing-up sign-changing families $(\ue)_{\eps>0}\in C^{2,\theta}(M)$, $\theta\in (0,1)$, of solutions to $$\Delta_g \ue+h\ue=|\ue|^{\frac{4}{n-2}-\eps}\ue\hbox{ ... More
On central tendency and dispersion measures for intervals and hypercubesApr 14 2008The uncertainty or the variability of the data may be treated by considering, rather than a single value for each data, the interval of values in which it may fall. This paper studies the derivation of basic description statistics for interval-valued ... More
Projection methods in conic optimizationMar 08 2011There exist efficient algorithms to project a point onto the intersection of a convex cone and an affine subspace. Those conic projections are in turn the work-horse of a range of algorithms in conic optimization, having a variety of applications in science, ... More
Rank weight hierarchy of some classes of cyclic codesJul 15 2014We study the rank weight hierarchy, thus in particular the rank metric, of cyclic codes over the finite field $\mathbb F_{q^m}$, $q$ a prime power, $m \geq 2$. We establish the rank weight hierarchy for $[n,n-1]$ cyclic codes and characterize $[n,k]$ ... More
Stabilisation of the chiral phase of the SU($N=6m$) Heisenberg model on the honeycomb lattice at filling $m\geq 2$Jul 18 2016We show that, when $N$ is a multiple of 6 ($N=6m$, $m$ integer), the \SU{N} Heisenberg model on the honeycomb lattice with $m$ particles per site has a clear tendency toward chiral order as soon as $m\geq 2$. This conclusion has been reached by a systematic ... More
Conical emission from laser filaments and higher-order Kerr effect in airJun 09 2011Dec 16 2011We numerically investigate the conical emission (CE) from ultrashort laser filaments, both considering and disregarding the higher-order Kerr effect (HOKE). While the consideration of HOKE has almost no influence on the predicted CE from collimated beams, ... More
$L^2$-Alexander invariant for knotsMar 26 2013This paper deals with the study of a new family of knot invariants: the $L^2$-Alexander invariant. A main result is to give a method of computation of the $L^2$-Alexander invariant of a knot complement using any presentation of default 1 of the knot group. ... More
Curriculum Learning for Handwritten Text Line RecognitionDec 05 2013Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) have recently achieved the best performance in off-line Handwriting Text Recognition. At the same time, learning RNN by gradient descent leads to slow convergence, and training times are particularly long when the training ... More
Benchmarking OODBs with a Generic ToolNov 28 2016We present in this paper a generic object-oriented benchmark (OCB: the Object Clustering Benchmark) that has been designed to evaluate the performances of Object-Oriented Data-bases (OODBs), and more specifically the performances of clustering policies ... More
Travail, force vive et fatigue dans l'oeuvre de Daniel Bernoulli: vers l'optimisation du fait biologique (1738-1753) / Work, vis viva and tiredness in Daniel Bernoulli's works: towards the optimization of the biological fact (1738-1753)Jan 30 2013The concept of mechanical work is inherited from the concepts of potentia absoluta and men's work, both implemented in the Section IX of Daniel Bernoulli's Hydrodynamica in 1738. Nonetheless, Bernoulli did not confuse those two entities: he defined a ... More
On the asymptotic expansion of the colored Jones polynomial for torus knotsOct 27 2005Feb 28 2007In the asymptotic expansion of the hyperbolic specification of the colored Jones polynomial of torus knots, we identify different geometric contributions, in particular Chern--Simons invaraint and Reidemeister torsion.
The convergence Newton polygon of a $p$-adic differential equation IV : local and global index theoremsSep 16 2013Sep 15 2014Let $X$ be a quasi-smooth Berkovich curve over a field of characteristic $0$ and let $\mathscr{F}$ be a locally free $\mathscr{O}_{X}$-module with connection. In this paper, we prove local and global criteria to ensure the finite-dimensionality of the ... More
Propagation phenomena in monostable integro-differential equations: acceleration or not?Oct 19 2016We consider the homogeneous integro-differential equation$\partial \_t u=J*u-u+f(u)$ with a monostable nonlinearity $f$. Our interest is twofold: we investigate the existence/non existence of travelling waves, and the propagation properties of the Cauchy ... More
Rapid travelling waves in the nonlocal Fisher equation connect two unstable statesMay 10 2012In this note, we give a positive answer to a question addressed in \cite{Nad-Per-Tan}. Precisely we prove that, for any kernel and any slope at the origin, there do exist travelling wave solutions (actually those which are "rapid") of the nonlocal Fisher ... More
Laser-induced fluorescence quenching of red fluorescent dyes with green excitation: avoiding artifacts in PIE-FRET and FCCS analysisJun 29 2018Multicolor excitation is at the core of many fluorescence spectroscopy techniques such as PIE-FRET, ALEX-FRET, or FCCS. However, the influence of the multiple laser excitations on the dye photophysics is often overlooked. Here, we show that green laser ... More
Improved angular momentum evolution model for solar-like stars II. Exploring the mass dependenceFeb 20 2015Mar 02 2015We developed angular momentum evolution models for 0.5 and 0.8 $M_{\odot}$ stars. The parametric models include a new wind braking law based on recent numerical simulations of magnetised stellar winds, specific dynamo and mass-loss rate prescriptions, ... More
Improved angular momentum evolution model for solar-like starsJun 10 2013Jun 20 2013We present new models for the rotational evolution of solar-like stars between 1 Myr and 10 Gyr with the aim to reproduce the distributions of rotational periods observed for star forming regions and young open clusters within this age range. The models ... More
Concentration inequalities for sequential dynamical systems of the unit intervalJun 12 2014Feb 08 2015We prove a concentration inequality for sequential dynamical systems of the unit interval enjoying an exponential loss of memory in the BV norm, and we investigate several of its consequences. In particular, this covers compositions of $\beta$-transformations, ... More
On the existence of a limit value in some non expansive optimal control problemsApr 23 2009Oct 21 2009We investigate a limit value of an optimal control problem when the horizon converges to infinity. For this aim, we suppose suitable nonexpansive-like assumptions which does not imply that the limit is independent of the initial state as it is usually ... More
Probabilistic cellular automata with memory two: invariant laws and multidirectional reversibilityOct 16 2017We focus on a family of one-dimensional probabilistic cellular automata with memory two: the dynamics is such that the value of a given cell at time $t+1$ is drawn according to a distribution which is a function of the states of its two nearest neighbours ... More
Reachability in Vector Addition Systems is Primitive-Recursive in Fixed DimensionMar 20 2019The reachability problem in vector addition systems is a central question, not only for the static verification of these systems, but also for many inter-reducible decision problems occurring in various fields. The currently best known upper bound on ... More
Martensitic relief observation by atomic force microscopy in yttria stabilized zirconiaOct 12 2017The tetragonal to monoclinic (t-m) phase transformation of zirconia has been the object of extensive investigations of the last twenty years, and is now recognised as being of martensitic nature. However, martensitic transformation has only been observed ... More
A double supermirror monochromator for neutron instrumentation at LLBOct 19 2007The design and characteristics of a double supermirror monochromator for neutron instrumentation at the Laboratoire Leon Brillouin is described. The aim of this monochromator is to reduce the intense gamma-radiation produced by conventional velocity selectors ... More
Ionic and electronic transport properties in dense plasmas by orbital-free density functional theoryOct 02 2015We validate the application of our recent orbital-free density functional theory (DFT) approach, [Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 155006 (2014)], for the calculation of ionic and electronic transport properties of dense plasmas. To this end, we calculate the self-diffusion ... More
Correlation Effects on the Temperature Relaxation Rates in Dense PlasmasFeb 11 2009Mar 18 2009We present a model for the rate of temperature relaxation between electrons and ions in plasmas. The model includes self-consistently the effects of particle screening, electron degeneracy and correlations between electrons and ions. We successfully validate ... More
Hitting times and periodicity in random dynamicsMar 23 2015Jul 09 2015We prove quenched laws of hitting time statistics for random subshifts of finite type. In particular we prove a dichotomy between the law for periodic and for non-periodic points. We show that this applies to random Gibbs measures.
Adjoint accuracy for the full-Stokes ice flow model: limits to the transmission of basal friction variability to the surfaceMar 10 2014This work focuses on the numerical assessment of the accuracy of an adjoint-based gradient in the perspective of variational data assimilation and parameter identification in glaciology. Using noisy synthetic data, we quantify the ability to identify ... More
Atomic clocks: new prospects in metrology and geodesyAug 29 2013We present the latest developments in the field of atomic clocks and their applications in metrology and fundamental physics. In the light of recent advents in the accuracy of optical clocks, we present an introduction to the relativistic modelization ... More
Vers l'auto-administration des entrepôts de donnéesApr 26 2007With the wide development of databases in general and data warehouses in particular, it is important to reduce the tasks that a database administrator must perform manually. The idea of using data mining techniques to extract useful knowledge for administration ... More
Enhancing XML Data Warehouse Query Performance by FragmentationAug 27 2009XML data warehouses form an interesting basis for decision-support applications that exploit heterogeneous data from multiple sources. However, XML-native database systems currently suffer from limited performances in terms of manageable data volume and ... More
Solid state plasmasOct 07 2014Magnetic fusion devices operate at regimes characterized by extremely high temperatures and low densities, for which the charged particles motion is well described by classical mechanics. This is not true, however, for solid-state metallic objects: their ... More
Implication of the striped pulsar wind model for gamma-ray binariesApr 21 2011Jun 23 2011(abridged) Gamma-ray binaries are massive stars with compact object companions that are observed to emit most of their energy in the gamma-ray range. One of these binaries is known to contain a radio pulsar, PSR B1259-63. Synchrotron and inverse Compton ... More
Using a Monte-Carlo-based approach to evaluate the uncertainty on fringe projection techniqueJul 18 2013A complete uncertainty analysis on a given fringe projection set-up has been performed using Monte-Carlo approach. In particular the calibration procedure is taken into account. Two applications are given: at a macroscopic scale, phase noise is predominant ... More
On skew polynomial codes and lattices from quotients of cyclic division algebrasJun 19 2015We propose a variation of Construction A of lattices from linear codes defined using the quotient $\Lambda/\mathfrak p\Lambda$ of some order $\Lambda$ inside a cyclic division $F$-algebra, for $\mathfrak p$ a prime ideal of a number field $F$. To obtain ... More
Coupling Importance Sampling and Multilevel Monte Carlo using Sample Average ApproximationOct 13 2015May 03 2016In this work, we propose a smart idea to couple importance sampling and Multilevel Monte Carlo. We advocate a per level approach with as many importance sampling parameters as the number of levels, which enables us to compute the different levels independently. ... More
Radial orbit instability: review and perspectivesOct 27 2009Nov 30 2010This paper presents elements about the radial orbit instability, which occurs in spherical self-gravitating systems with a strong anisotropy in the radial velocity direction. It contains an overview on the history of radial orbit instability. We also ... More
A family of functional inequalities: lojasiewicz inequalities and displacement convex functionsDec 08 2016For displacement convex functionals in the probability space equipped with the Monge-Kantorovich metric we prove the equivalence between the gradient and the functional type Lojasiewicz inequalities. Specialising these inequalities to the case of some ... More
Processing stationary noise: model and parameter selection in variational methodsJul 17 2013Additive or multiplicative stationary noise recently became an important issue in applied fields such as microscopy or satellite imaging. Relatively few works address the design of dedicated denoising methods compared to the usual white noise setting. ... More
Determining phoretic mobilities with Onsager's reciprocal relations: electro- and thermophoresis revisitedOct 05 2018We use a hydrodynamic reciprocal approach to phoretic motion to derive general expressions for the electrophoretic and thermophoretic mobility of weakly charged colloids in aqueous electrolyte solutions. Our approach shows that phoretic motion can be ... More
Pushforwards of $p$-adic differential equationsMar 12 2017Mar 06 2018Given a differential equation on a smooth $p$-adic analytic curve, one may construct a new one by pushing forward by an \'etale morphism. The main result of the paper provides an explicit formula that relates the radii of convergence of the solutions ... More
A geometric study of Wasserstein spaces: Hadamard spacesOct 04 2010Feb 06 2013Optimal transport enables one to construct a metric on the set of (sufficiently small at infinity) probability measures on any (not too wild) metric space X, called its Wasserstein space W(X). In this paper we investigate the geometry of W(X) when X is ... More
DOEF: A Dynamic Object Evaluation FrameworkMay 10 2007In object-oriented or object-relational databases such as multimedia databases or most XML databases, access patterns are not static, i.e., applications do not always access the same objects in the same order repeatedly. However, this has been the way ... More
The Mann-Whitney U-statistic for $α$-dependent sequencesNov 21 2016We give the asymptotic behavior of the Mann-Whitney U-statistic for two independent stationary sequences. The result applies to a large class of short-range dependent sequences, including many non-mixing processes in the sense of Rosenblatt. We also give ... More
McDiarmid's martingale for a class of iterated random functionsFeb 17 2014We consider a Markov chain X_1, X_2, ..., X_n belonging to a class of iterated random functions, which is "one-step contracting" with respect to some distance d. If f is any separately Lipschitz function with respect to d, we use a well known decomposition ... More
On mean central limit theorems for stationary sequencesAug 22 2008In this paper, we give estimates of the minimal ${\mathbb{L}}^1$ distance between the distribution of the normalized partial sum and the limiting Gaussian distribution for stationary sequences satisfying projective criteria in the style of Gordin or weak ... More
The value of Markov Chain Games with incomplete information on both sidesOct 26 2012Jan 22 2014We consider zero-sum repeated games with incomplete information on both sides, where the states privately observed by each player follow independent Markov chains. It generalizes the model, introduced by Aumann and Maschler in the sixties and solved by ... More
Examples of non-isolated blow-up for perturbations of the scalar curvature equation on non locally conformally flat manifoldsJan 14 2013Mar 08 2014Solutions to scalar curvature equations have the property that all possible blow-up points are isolated, at least in low dimensions. This property is commonly used as the first step in the proofs of compactness. We show that this result becomes false ... More
Moment bounds for dependent sequences in smooth Banach spacesApr 02 2014We prove a Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund type inequality for random variables taking values in a smooth Banach space. Next, we obtain some sharp concentration inequalities for the empirical measure of $\{T, T^2, \cdots, T^n\}$, on a class of smooth functions, ... More
Hidden Stochastic Games and Limit Equilibrium PayoffsJul 11 2014Dec 10 2014We consider 2-player stochastic games with perfectly observed actions, and study the limit, as the discount factor goes to one, of the equilibrium payoffs set. In the usual setup where current states are observed by the players, we show that the set of ... More
Pattern tree-based XOLAP rollup operator for XML complex hierarchiesFeb 04 2011With the rise of XML as a standard for representing business data, XML data warehousing appears as a suitable solution for decision-support applications. In this context, it is necessary to allow OLAP analyses on XML data cubes. Thus, XQuery extensions ... More