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Lower Bounds for the Fair Resource Allocation ProblemFeb 08 2018The $\alpha$-fair resource allocation problem has received remarkable attention and has been studied in numerous application fields. Several algorithms have been proposed in the context of $\alpha$-fair resource sharing to distributively compute its value. ... More
Online and Global Network Optimization: Towards the Next-Generation of Routing PlatformsFeb 04 2016The computation power of SDN controllers fosters the development of a new generation of control plane that uses compute-intensive operations to automate and optimize the network configuration across layers. From now on, cutting-edge optimization and machine ... More
DISCO: Distributed Multi-domain SDN ControllersAug 28 2013Aug 29 2013Modern multi-domain networks now span over datacenter networks, enterprise networks, customer sites and mobile entities. Such networks are critical and, thus, must be resilient, scalable and easily extensible. The emergence of Software-Defined Networking ... More
Adapting Caching to Audience Retention Rate: Which Video Chunk to Store?Dec 10 2015Rarely do users watch online contents entirely. We study how to take this into account to improve the performance of cache systems for video-on-demand and video-sharing platforms in terms of traffic reduction on the core network. We exploit the notion ... More
Relieving the Wireless Infrastructure: When Opportunistic Networks Meet Guaranteed DelaysJul 30 2010May 30 2011Major wireless operators are nowadays facing network capacity issues in striving to meet the growing demands of mobile users. At the same time, 3G-enabled devices increasingly benefit from ad hoc radio connectivity (e.g., Wi-Fi). In this context of hybrid ... More
Hilbert manifold structure for asymptotically hyperbolic relativistic initial dataJul 19 2016We provide a Hilbert manifold structure {\`a} la Bartnik for the space of asymptotically hyperbolic initial data for the vacuum constraint equations. The adaptation led us to prove new weighted Poincar{\'e} and Korn type inequalities for AH manifolds ... More
Behaviors of entropy on finitely generated groupsOct 23 2011Dec 16 2013A variety of behaviors of entropy functions of random walks on finitely generated groups is presented, showing that for any $\frac{1}{2}\leq \alpha\leq\beta\leq1$, there is a group $\Gamma$ with measure $\mu$ equidistributed on a finite generating set ... More
Hazard analysis of human--robot interactions with HAZOP--UMLFeb 09 2016New safety critical systems are about to appear in our everyday life: advanced robots able to interact with humans and perform tasks at home, in hospitals , or at work. A hazardous behavior of those systems, induced by failures or extreme environment ... More
Optimal Discrete Uniform Generation from Coin Flips, and ApplicationsApr 06 2013This article introduces an algorithm to draw random discrete uniform variables within a given range of size n from a source of random bits. The algorithm aims to be simple to implement and optimal both with regards to the amount of random bits consumed, ... More
Fréchet means of curves for signal averaging and application to ECG data analysisNov 08 2011Signal averaging is the process that consists in computing a mean shape from a set of noisy signals. In the presence of geometric variability in time in the data, the usual Euclidean mean of the raw data yields a mean pattern that does not reflect the ... More
Searching for New Physics in Scalar Top-Pair ResonanceDec 02 2016We consider the effects in the production via gluon fusion in LHC collisions of one or two spin-zero new resonant particles $\Phi$ that decay into a top quark pair. We revisit previous analyses of the interferences between the heavy-fermion loop-induced ... More
A bijection for nonorientable general mapsDec 07 2015Feb 17 2016We give a different presentation of a recent bijection due to Chapuy and Do{\l}\k{e}ga for nonorientable bipartite quadrangulations and we extend it to the case of nonorientable general maps. This can be seen as a Bouttier--Di Francesco--Guitter-like ... More
Integral Formula for the Characteristic Cauchy Problem on a curved BackgroundOct 24 2009We give a local integral formula, valid on general curved space-times, for the characteristic Cauchy problem for the Dirac equation with arbitrary spin using the method developed by Friedlander in his book "the wave equation on a curved spacetime" (1975). ... More
Moment estimates for solutions of linear stochastic differential equations driven by analytic fractional Brownian motionMay 06 2009As a general rule, differential equations driven by a multi-dimensional irregular path $\Gamma$ are solved by constructing a rough path over $\Gamma$. The domain of definition ? and also estimates ? of the solutions depend on upper bounds for the rough ... More
Growth behaviors in the range $e^{r^α}$Jul 08 2011Sep 06 2013For every $\alpha \leq \beta$ in a left neighborhood $[\alpha_0,1]$ of 1, a group $G(\alpha,\beta)$ is constructed, the growth function of which satisfies $\limsup \frac{\log \log b_{G(\alpha,\beta)}(r)}{\log r}=\alpha$ and $\liminf \frac{\log \log b_{G(\alpha,\beta)}(r)}{\log ... More
About the speed of random walks on solvable groupsMay 13 2015We show that for each $\lambda \in [\frac{1}{2}, 1]$, there exists a solvable group and a finitely supported measure such that the associated random walk has upper speed exponent $\lambda$.
Simplified description of the MSSM Higgs sectorMay 09 2014In the Minimal Supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model or MSSM, the lighter Higgs boson has a rather large mass, $M_h\approx 125$ GeV. Together with the non-observation of superpartners at the LHC, this suggests that the SUSY-breaking scale is ... More
The heterogeneity of inter-contact time distributions: its importance for routing in delay tolerant networksSep 12 2006Jan 05 2007Prior work on routing in delay tolerant networks (DTNs) has commonly made the assumption that each pair of nodes shares the same inter-contact time distribution as every other pair. The main argument in this paper is that researchers should also be looking ... More
Stochastic calculus for fractional Brownian motion with Hurst exponent $H>1/4$: A rough path method by analytic extensionMar 23 2007Jun 10 2009The $d$-dimensional fractional Brownian motion (FBM for short) $B_t=((B_t^{(1)},...,B_t^{(d)}),t\in\mathbb{R})$ with Hurst exponent $\alpha$, $\alpha\in(0,1)$, is a $d$-dimensional centered, self-similar Gaussian process with covariance ${\mathbb{E}}[B_s^{(i)}B ... More
A simple explicit bijection between (n,2) Gog and Magog trapezoidsDec 10 2015Apr 11 2016A sub-problem of the open problem of finding an explicit bijection between alternating sign matrices and totally symmetric self-complementary plane partitions consists in finding an explicit bijection between so-called $(n,k)$ Gog trapezoids and $(n,k)$ ... More
Geodesics in Brownian surfaces (Brownian maps)Jan 15 2014Apr 01 2016We define a class a metric spaces we call Brownian surfaces, arising as the scaling limits of random maps on general orientable surfaces with a boundary and we study the geodesics from a uniformly chosen random point. These metric spaces generalize the ... More
Constellations and multicontinued fractions: application to Eulerian triangulationsDec 29 2011We consider the problem of enumerating planar constellations with two points at a prescribed distance. Our approach relies on a combinatorial correspondence between this family of constellations and the simpler family of rooted constellations, which we ... More
Enumerations, Forbidden Subgraph Characterizations, and the Split-DecompositionAug 04 2016Forbidden characterizations may sometimes be the most natural way to describe families of graphs, and yet these characterizations are usually very hard to exploit for enumerative purposes. By building on the work of Gioan and Paul (2012) and Chauve et ... More
Nonparametric adaptive time-dependent multivariate function estimationOct 29 2012Oct 31 2012We consider the nonparametric estimation problem of time-dependent multivariate functions observed in a presence of additive cylindrical Gaussian white noise of a small intensity. We derive minimax lower bounds for the $L^2$-risk in the proposed spatio-temporal ... More
A One-Sample Test for Normality with Kernel MethodsJul 10 2015We propose a new one-sample test for normality in a Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space (RKHS). Namely, we test the null-hypothesis of belonging to a given family of Gaussian distributions. Hence our procedure may be applied either to test data for normality ... More
The rough path associated to the multidimensional analytic fbm with any Hurst parameterOct 08 2008In this paper, we consider a complex-valued d-dimensional fractional Brownian motion defined on the closure of the complex upper half-plane, called analytic fractional Brownian motion. This process has been introduced by the second author of the article, ... More
Asymptotic lowest two-sided cellMar 21 2011Apr 19 2011To a Coxeter system $(W,S)$ (with $S$ finite) and a weight function $L : W \to \NM$ is associated a partition of $W$ into Kazhdan-Lusztig (left, right or two-sided) $L$-cells. Let $S^\circ = \{s \in S | L(s)=0\}$, $S^+=\{s \in S | L(s) > 0\}$ and let ... More
Toll Based Measures for Dynamical GraphsFeb 28 2007Biological networks are one of the most studied object in computational biology. Several methods have been developed for studying qualitative properties of biological networks. Last decade had seen the improvement of molecular techniques that make quantitative ... More
Speed of random walks, isoperimetry and compression of finitely generated groupsOct 27 2015Jul 07 2016We give a solution to the inverse problem (given a function, find a corresponding group) for large classes of speed, entropy, isoperimetric profile, return probability and $L_p$-compression functions of finitely generated groups of exponential volume ... More
Distributed Stochastic Approximation for Constrained and Unconstrained OptimizationApr 14 2011Apr 19 2011In this paper, we analyze the convergence of a distributed Robbins-Monro algorithm for both constrained and unconstrained optimization in multi-agent systems. The algorithm searches for local minima of a (nonconvex) objective function which is supposed ... More
A universal adiabatic quantum query algorithmSep 11 2014Jun 29 2015Quantum query complexity is known to be characterized by the so-called quantum adversary bound. While this result has been proved in the standard discrete-time model of quantum computation, it also holds for continuous-time (or Hamiltonian-based) quantum ... More
Isomorphic induced modules and Dynkin diagram automorphisms of semisimple Lie algebrasDec 02 2013Consider a simple Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}$ and $\overline{\mathfrak{g}}% \subset \mathfrak{g}$ a Levi subalgebra. Two irreducible $\overline{% \mathfrak{g}}$-modules yield isomorphic inductions to $\mathfrak{g}$ when their highest weights coincide up ... More
A model for particle production in nuclear reactions at intermediate energies: application to C-C collisions at 95 MeV/nucleonFeb 04 2016A model describing nuclear collisions at intermediate energies is presented and the results are compared with recently measured double differential cross sections in C-C reactions at 95 MeV/nucleon. Results show the key role played by geometrical effects ... More
Additive noise quenches delay-induced oscillationsMar 14 2013Noise has significant impact on nonlinear phenomena. Here we demonstrate that, in opposition to previous assumptions, additive noise interfere with the linear stability of scalar nonlinear systems when these are subject to time delay. We show this by ... More
Nonlinear Nonoverlapping Schwarz Waveform Relaxation for Semilinear Wave PropagationJan 31 2007We introduce a non-overlapping variant of the Schwarz waveform relaxation algorithm for semilinear wave propagation in one dimension. Using the theory of absorbing boundary conditions, we derive a new nonlinear algorithm. We show that the algorithm is ... More
Consistent estimation of a mean planar curve modulo similaritiesOct 25 2011Oct 31 2012We consider the problem of estimating a mean planar curve from a set of $J$ random planar curves observed on a $k$-points deterministic design. We study the consistency of a smoothed Procrustean mean curve when the observations obey a deformable model ... More
From constructive field theory to fractional stochastic calculus. (II) Constructive proof of convergence for the Lévy area of fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index $α\in(1/8,1/4)$Mar 09 2011{Let $B=(B_1(t),...,B_d(t))$ be a $d$-dimensional fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index $\alpha<1/4$, or more generally a Gaussian process whose paths have the same local regularity. Defining properly iterated integrals of $B$ is a difficult task ... More
Quasi-geostrophic modes in the Earth's fluid core with an outer stably stratified layerJan 28 2015Jun 26 2015Seismic waves sensitive to the outermost part of the Earth's liquid core seem to be affected by a stably stratified layer at the core-mantle boundary. Such a layer could have an observable signature in both long-term and short-term variations of the magnetic ... More
A strong direct product theorem for quantum query complexityApr 22 2011Jul 08 2011We show that quantum query complexity satisfies a strong direct product theorem. This means that computing $k$ copies of a function with less than $k$ times the quantum queries needed to compute one copy of the function implies that the overall success ... More
Reducing statistical time-series problems to binary classificationOct 22 2012Jun 07 2013We show how binary classification methods developed to work on i.i.d. data can be used for solving statistical problems that are seemingly unrelated to classification and concern highly-dependent time series. Specifically, the problems of time-series ... More
On the consistency of Fréchet means in deformable models for curve and image analysisOct 03 2010Aug 22 2011A new class of statistical deformable models is introduced to study high-dimensional curves or images. In addition to the standard measurement error term, these deformable models include an extra error term modeling the individual variations in intensity ... More
Discrete random walks on the group SolJun 26 2013Dec 09 2015The harmonic measure $\nu$ on the boundary of the group $Sol$ associated to a discrete random walk of law $\mu$ was described by Kaimanovich. We investigate when it is absolutely continuous or singular with respect to Lebesgue measure. By ratio entropy ... More
A counterexample to Thiagarajan's conjecture on regular event structuresMay 26 2016Oct 27 2016We provide a counterexample to a conjecture by Thiagarajan (1996 and 2002) that regular prime event structures correspond exactly to finite 1-safe Petri nets. The same counterexample is used to disprove a closely related conjecture by Badouel, Darondeau, ... More
Optimal Partial Tiling of Manhattan PolyominoesNov 14 2009Finding an efficient optimal partial tiling algorithm is still an open problem. We have worked on a special case, the tiling of Manhattan polyominoes with dominoes, for which we give an algorithm linear in the number of columns. Some techniques are borrowed ... More
TACTICS: TACTICal Service Oriented ArchitectureApr 28 2015Due to the increasing complexity and heterogeneity of contemporary Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence systems at all levels within military organizations, the adoption of the Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) principles and ... More
Problems with Time-Varying Extra Dimensions or "Cardassian Expansion" as Alternatives to Dark EnergyNov 18 2002May 29 2003It has recently been proposed that the Universe might be accelerating as a consequence of extra dimensions with time varying size. We show that although these scenarios can lead to acceleration, they run into serious difficulty when taking into account ... More
Order rho^2 Corrections to Randall-Sundrum I CosmologyJan 07 2002Jan 12 2007We derive the corrections to the Friedmann equation of order rho^2 in the Randall-Sundrum (RS) model, where two 3-branes bound a slice of five-dimensional Anti-deSitter space. The effects of radion stabilization by the Goldberger-Wise mechanism are taken ... More
Optimal finite measurements and Gauss quadraturesOct 28 2004Apr 08 2006We exhibit measurements for optimal state estimation which have a finite number of outcomes. This is achieved by a connection between finite optimal measurements and Gauss quadratures. The example we consider to illustrate this connection is that of state ... More
Convergence of a Multi-Agent Projected Stochastic Gradient Algorithm for Non-Convex OptimizationJul 13 2011Dec 02 2013We introduce a new framework for the convergence analysis of a class of distributed constrained non-convex optimization algorithms in multi-agent systems. The aim is to search for local minimizers of a non-convex objective function which is supposed to ... More
Characterization of barycenters in the Wasserstein space by averaging optimal transport mapsDec 11 2012Jul 17 2015This paper is concerned by the study of barycenters for random probability measures in the Wasserstein space. Using a duality argument, we give a precise characterization of the population barycenter for various parametric classes of random probability ... More
A deconvolution approach to estimation of a common shape in a shifted curves modelDec 18 2008Oct 20 2010This paper considers the problem of adaptive estimation of a mean pattern in a randomly shifted curve model. We show that this problem can be transformed into a linear inverse problem, where the density of the random shifts plays the role of a convolution ... More
Explicit relation between all lower bound techniques for quantum query complexitySep 12 2012Jun 03 2013The polynomial method and the adversary method are the two main techniques to prove lower bounds on quantum query complexity, and they have so far been considered as unrelated approaches. Here, we show an explicit reduction from the polynomial method ... More
New normality test in high dimension with kernel methodsApr 11 2014A new goodness-of-fit test for normality in high-dimension (and Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space) is proposed. It shares common ideas with the Maximum Mean Discrepancy (MMD) it outperforms both in terms of computation time and applicability to a wider ... More
Concentrations of inertial particles in the turbulent wake of an immobile sphereJan 27 2015Direct numerical simulations are used to study the interaction of a stream of small heavy inertial particles with the laminar and turbulent wakes of an immobile sphere facing an incompressible uniform inflow. Particles that do not collide with the obstacle ... More
From constructive field theory to fractional stochastic calculus. (I) An introduction: rough path theory and perturbative heuristicsDec 17 2010Let $B=(B_1(t),..,B_d(t))$ be a $d$-dimensional fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index $\alpha\le 1/4$, or more generally a Gaussian process whose paths have the same local regularity. Defining properly iterated integrals of $B$ is a difficult task ... More
Connectedness of spheres in Cayley graphsJun 08 2016We introduce the notion of connection thickness of spheres in a Cayley graph, related to dead-ends and their retreat depth. It was well-known that connection thickness is bounded for finitely presented one-ended groups. We compute that for natural generating ... More
Approximation by random complex polynomials and rational functionsSep 24 2017We seek random versions of some classical theorems on complex approximation by polynomials and rational functions, as well as investigate properties of random compact sets in connection to complex approximation.
Order rho^2 Corrections to Cosmology with Two BranesJul 19 2002We present the results of work in which we derived the order rho^2 corrections to the Friedmann equations in the Randall-Sundrum I model. The effects of Golberger-Wise stabilization are taken into account. We surprisingly find that in the cases of inflation ... More
Adiabatic quantum search algorithm for structured problemsApr 04 2003The study of quantum computation has been motivated by the hope of finding efficient quantum algorithms for solving classically hard problems. In this context, quantum algorithms by local adiabatic evolution have been shown to solve an unstructured search ... More
Inference with penalized likelihoodJan 30 2014This work studies the statistical properties of the maximum penalized likelihood approach in a semi-parametric framework. We recall the penalized likelihood approach for estimating a function and review some asymptotic results. We investigate the properties ... More
The scaling limit of uniform random plane maps, via the Ambjørn-Budd bijectionDec 20 2013We prove that a uniform rooted plane map with n edges converges in distribution after a suitable normalization to the Brownian map for the Gromov-Hausdorff topology. A recent bijection due to Ambj{\o}rn and Budd allows to derive this result by a direct ... More
Bandits Warm-up Cold Recommender SystemsJul 10 2014We address the cold start problem in recommendation systems assuming no contextual information is available neither about users, nor items. We consider the case in which we only have access to a set of ratings of items by users. Most of the existing works ... More
An analysis of block sampling strategies in compressed sensingMay 20 2013Jul 21 2014Compressed sensing is a theory which guarantees the exact recovery of sparse signals from a small number of linear projections. The sampling schemes suggested by current compressed sensing theories are often of little practical relevance since they cannot ... More
Timescales of Turbulent Relative DispersionJun 29 2012Tracers in a turbulent flow separate according to the celebrated $t^{3/2}$ Richardson--Obukhov law, which is usually explained by a scale-dependent effective diffusivity. Here, supported by state-of-the-art numerics, we revisit this argument. The Lagrangian ... More
Doubling Up on Supersymmetry in the Higgs SectorJul 19 2016We explore the possibility that physics at the TeV scale possesses approximate $N = 2$ supersymmetry, which is reduced to the $N=1$ minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (MSSM) at the electroweak scale. This doubling of supersymmetry ... More
Discretizing the fractional Levy areaFeb 03 2009In this article, we give sharp bounds for the Euler- and trapezoidal discretization of the Levy area associated to a d-dimensional fractional Brownian motion. We show that there are three different regimes for the exact root mean-square convergence rate ... More
Simulation of bipartite qudit correlationsAug 08 2006We present a protocol to simulate the quantum correlations of an arbitrary bipartite state, when the parties perform a measurement according to two traceless binary observables. We show that $\log(d)$ bits of classical communication is enough on average, ... More
Evaluation of a permeability-porosity relationship in a low permeability creeping material using a single transient testNov 04 2008Mar 16 2009A method is presented for the evaluation of the permeability-porosity relationship in a low-permeability porous material using the results of a single transient test. This method accounts for both elastic and non-elastic deformations of the sample during ... More
Counterions release from electrostatic complexes of polyelectrolytes and proteins of opposite charge : a direct measurementApr 06 2009Though often considered as one of the main driving process of the complexation of species of opposite charges, the release of counterions has never been experimentally directly measured on polyelectrolyte/proteins complexes. We present here the first ... More
Random action of compact Lie groups and minimax estimation of a mean patternOct 13 2011Oct 17 2011This paper considers the problem of estimating a mean pattern in the setting of Grenander's pattern theory. Shape variability in a data set of curves or images is modeled by the random action of elements in a compact Lie group on an infinite dimensional ... More
Optimized Schwarz waveform relaxation and discontinuous Galerkin time stepping for heterogeneous problemsJun 14 2010We design and analyze a Schwarz waveform relaxation algorithm for domain decomposition of advection-diffusion-reaction problems with strong heterogeneities. The interfaces are curved, and we use optimized Robin or Ventcell transmission conditions. We ... More
Multiresolution Analysis of Incomplete RankingsMar 08 2014Incomplete rankings on a set of items $\{1,\; \ldots,\; n\}$ are orderings of the form $a_{1}\prec\dots\prec a_{k}$, with $\{a_{1},\dots a_{k}\}\subset\{1,\dots,n\}$ and $k < n$. Though they arise in many modern applications, only a few methods have been ... More
Quantum algorithm for the Boolean hidden shift problemMar 15 2011The hidden shift problem is a natural place to look for new separations between classical and quantum models of computation. One advantage of this problem is its flexibility, since it can be defined for a whole range of functions and a whole range of ... More
On the adiabatic condition and the quantum hitting time of Markov chainsApr 15 2010We present an adiabatic quantum algorithm for the abstract problem of searching marked vertices in a graph, or spatial search. Given a random walk (or Markov chain) $P$ on a graph with a set of unknown marked vertices, one can define a related absorbing ... More
From Aztec diamonds to pyramids: steep tilingsJul 02 2014Jul 15 2014We introduce a family of domino tilings that includes tilings of the Aztec diamond and pyramid partitions as special cases. These tilings live in a strip of $\mathbb{Z}^2$ of the form $1 \leq x-y \leq 2\ell$ for some integer $\ell \geq 1$, and are parametrized ... More
Compressed sensing with structured sparsity and structured acquisitionMay 07 2015Jun 13 2016Compressed Sensing (CS) is an appealing framework for applications such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). However, up-to-date, the sensing schemes suggested by CS theories are made of random isolated measurements, which are usually incompatible with ... More
Analytic Samplers and the Combinatorial Rejection MethodApr 06 2013Nov 13 2014Boltzmann samplers, introduced by Duchon et al. in 2001, make it possible to uniformly draw approximate size objects from any class which can be specified through the symbolic method. This, through by evaluating the associated generating functions to ... More
Interference Effects in the Decays of Spin-Zero Resonances into $γ γ$ and $t\bar{t}$May 02 2016Jul 26 2016We consider interference effects in the production via gluon fusion in LHC collisions at 13 TeV and decays into $\gamma \gamma$ and $t {\bar t}$ final states of one or two putative new resonant states $\Phi$, assumed here to be scalar and/or pseudo scalar ... More
Estimation of linear operators from scattered impulse responsesOct 13 2016We provide a new estimator of integral operators with smooth kernels, obtained from a set of scattered and noisy impulse responses. The proposed approach relies on the formalism of smoothing in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and on the choice of an ... More
Nesting statistics in the $O(n)$ loop model on random planar mapsMay 07 2016In the $O(n)$ loop model on random planar maps, we study the depth -- in terms of the number of levels of nesting -- of the loop configuration, by means of analytic combinatorics. We focus on the refined generating series of pointed disks or cylinders, ... More
Simulating quantum correlations as a distributed sampling problemJul 13 2005It is known that quantum correlations exhibited by a maximally entangled qubit pair can be simulated with the help of shared randomness, supplemented with additional resources, such as communication, post-selection or non-local boxes. For instance, in ... More
Selective emitters design and optimization for thermophotovoltaic applicationsFeb 15 2012Among several solutions to exploit solar energy, thermophotovoltaics (TPV) have been popularized and have known great breakthroughs during the past two decades. Yet, existing systems still have low efficiencies since the wavelength range of optimal photovoltaic ... More
An Exact Enumeration of Distance-Hereditary GraphsAug 04 2016Distance-hereditary graphs form an important class of graphs, from the theoretical point of view, due to the fact that they are the totally decomposable graphs for the split-decomposition. The previous best enumerative result for these graphs is from ... More
A Multiresolution Analysis Framework for the Statistical Analysis of Incomplete RankingsJan 04 2016Though the statistical analysis of ranking data has been a subject of interest over the past centuries, especially in economics, psychology or social choice theory, it has been revitalized in the past 15 years by recent applications such as recommender ... More
Into the multi-TeV scale with a Higgs golden ratioSep 14 2015Oct 10 2015With the upgrade of the LHC, the couplings of the observed Higgs particle to fermions and gauge bosons will be measured with a much higher experimental accuracy than current measurements, but will still be limited by an order 10% theoretical uncertainty. ... More
Regularization of barycenters in the Wasserstein spaceJun 03 2016The concept of barycenter in the Wasserstein space allows to define a notion of Fr\'echet mean of a set of probability measures. However, depending on the data at hand, such barycenters may be irregular. In this paper, we thus introduce a convex regularization ... More
Anonymous Graph Exploration with BinocularsMay 04 2015We investigate the exploration of networks by a mobile agent. It is long known that, without global information about the graph, it is not possible to make the agent halts after the exploration except if the graph is a tree. We therefore endow the agent ... More
Maximal cliques structure for cocomparability graphs and applicationsNov 07 2016A cocomparability graph is a graph whose complement admits a transitive orientation. An interval graph is the intersection graph of a family of intervals on the real line. In this paper we investigate the relationships between interval and cocomparability ... More
An optimization approach for the localization of defects in an inhomogeneous medium from acoustic far-field measurements at a fixed frequencyMar 26 2013Mar 31 2013We are interested in the localization of defects in non-absorbing inhomogeneous media with far-field measurements generated by plane waves. In localization problems, most so-called sampling methods are based on a characterization involving point-sources ... More
Energy density above a resonant metamaterial in the GHz: an alternative to near-field thermal emission detectionJul 22 2015This paper proposes an experiment to easily detect radiative heat transfer in the microwave range. Following an idea given by Pendry more than a decade ago [1], we show that a 3D array of tungsten 2micron radius wires with a 1 cm period makes a low cost ... More
The effect of undrained heating on a fluid-saturated hardened cement pasteOct 10 2008Nov 05 2008The effect of undrained heating on volume change and induced pore pressure increase is an important point to properly understand the behaviour and evaluate the integrity of an oil well cement sheath submitted to rapid temperature changes. This thermal ... More
Robust Consensus in Distributed Networks using Total VariationSep 27 2013Consider a connected network of agents endowed with local cost functions representing private objectives. Agents seek to find an agreement on some minimizer of the aggregate cost, by means of repeated communications between neighbors. Consensus on the ... More
Generalized SURE for optimal shrinkage of singular values in low-rank matrix denoisingMay 24 2016We consider the problem of estimating a low-rank signal matrix from noisy measurements under the assumption that the distribution of the data matrix belongs to an exponential family. In this setting, we derive generalized Stein's unbiased risk estimation ... More
Spatial adiabatic passage via interaction-induced band separationMay 15 2015Feb 24 2016The development of advanced quantum technologies and the quest for a deeper understanding of many-particle quantum mechanics requires control over the quantum state of interacting particles to a high degree of fidelity. However, the quickly increasing ... More
Improving offline evaluation of contextual bandit algorithms via bootstrapping techniquesMay 14 2014In many recommendation applications such as news recommendation, the items that can be rec- ommended come and go at a very fast pace. This is a challenge for recommender systems (RS) to face this setting. Online learning algorithms seem to be the most ... More
Using Binoculars for Fast Exploration and Map Construction in Chordal Graphs and ExtensionsApr 20 2016We investigate the exploration and mapping of anonymous graphs by a mobile agent. It is long known that, without global information about the graph, it is not possible to make the agent halt after the exploration except if the graph is a tree. We therefore ... More
Prospects for Higgs physics at energies up to 100 TeVNov 24 2015Oct 10 2016We summarise the prospects for Higgs boson physics at future proton-proton colliders with centre of mass (c.m.) energies up to 100 TeV. We first provide the production cross sections for the Higgs boson of the Standard Model from 13 TeV to 100 TeV, in ... More
Hybrid Recommender System based on AutoencodersJun 24 2016Dec 29 2017A standard model for Recommender Systems is the Matrix Completion setting: given partially known matrix of ratings given by users (rows) to items (columns), infer the unknown ratings. In the last decades, few attempts where done to handle that objective ... More
On the two-point function of general planar maps and hypermapsDec 02 2013We consider the problem of computing the distance-dependent two-point function of general planar maps and hypermaps, i.e. the problem of counting such maps with two marked points at a prescribed distance. The maps considered here may have faces of arbitrarily ... More
The weighted words collectorFeb 04 2012Apr 17 2012Motivated by applications in bioinformatics, we consider the word collector problem, i.e. the expected number of calls to a random weighted generator of words of length $n$ before the full collection is obtained. The originality of this instance of the ... More