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PIC simulations of the Thermal Anisotropy-Driven Weibel Instability: Field growth and phase space evolution upon saturationMay 14 2009The Weibel instability is investigated with PIC simulations of an initially unmagnetized and spatially uniform electron plasma. This instability, which is driven by the thermally anisotropic electron distribution, generates electromagnetic waves with ... More
Anomalous phonon lifetime shortening in paramagnetic CrN caused by magneto-lattice coupling: A combined spin and ab initio molecular dynamics studyFeb 08 2018We study the mutual coupling of spin fluctuations and lattice vibrations in paramagnetic CrN by combining atomistic spin dynamics and ab initio molecular dynamics. The two degrees of freedom are dynamically coupled leading to non-adiabatic effects. Those ... More
PIC Simulations of the Temperature Anisotropy-Driven Weibel Instability: Analyzing the perpendicular modeJun 15 2010An instability driven by the thermal anisotropy of a single electron species is investigated in a 2D particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation. This instability is the one considered by Weibel and it differs from the beam driven filamentation instability. A comparison ... More
Constraints for the aperiodic O-mode streaming instabilityNov 06 2014Dec 21 2014In plasmas where the thermal energy density exceeds the magnetic energy density ($\beta_\parallel > 1$), the aperiodic ordinary mode (O-mode) instability is driven by an excess of parallel temperature $A = T_\perp /T_\parallel < 1$ (where $\parallel$ ... More
Variable cosmological term - geometry and physicsOct 04 2000We describe the dynamics of a cosmological term in the spherically symmetric case by an r-dependent second rank symmetric tensor \Lambda_{\mu\nu} invariant under boosts in the radial direction. The cosmological tensor \Lambda_{\mu\nu} represents the extension ... More
Cosmological term as a source of massDec 20 2001In the spherically symmetric case the dominant energy condition together with the requirements of regularity at the center, asymptotic flatness and fineteness of the ADM mass, defines the family of asymptotically flat globally regular solutions to the ... More
Towards a heat kernel expansion for the electromagnetic field interacting with a dielectric body of arbitrary formDec 16 2003The results on the heat kernel expansion for the electromagnetic field in the background of dielectric media are briefly reviewed. The common approaches to the calculation of the heat kernel coefficients are discussed from the viewpoint of their applicability ... More
Elementary Superconductivity in Nonlinear Electrodynamics Coupled to GravityOct 05 2015Source-free equations of nonlinear electrodynamics minimally coupled to gravity admit regular axially symmetric asymptotically Kerr-Newman solutions which describe charged rotating black holes and electromagnetic spinning solitons (lumps). Asymptotic ... More
Electromagnetic source for the Kerr-Newman geometryOct 02 2015Source-free equations of nonlinear electrodynamics minimally coupled to gravity (NED-GR) admit regular axially symmetric asymptotically Kerr-Newman solutions, which describe electrically charged rotating black holes and spinning solitons. Asymptotic analysis ... More
Studies of charmless B decays including CP violation effectsAug 03 2013Aug 08 2013The latest experimental results in charmless B decays are presented with a focus on CP violation measurements. These include the first observation of CP violation in B_s decays, evidence for CP violation in charmless three-body B+ decays, branching fraction ... More
Prediction and estimation consistency of sparse multi-class penalized optimal scoringSep 12 2018Sparse linear discriminant analysis via penalized optimal scoring is a successful tool for classification in high-dimensional settings. While the variable selection consistency of sparse optimal scoring has been established, the corresponding prediction ... More
On the absolute constants in the Berry-Esseen type inequalities for identically distributed summandsNov 28 2011By a modification of the method that was applied in (Korolev and Shevtsova, 2010), here the inequalities $\Delta_n\leq0.3328(\beta_3+0.429)/\sqrt{n}$ and $\Delta_n\leq0.33554(\beta_3+0.415)/\sqrt{n}$ are proved for the uniform distance $\Delta_n$ between ... More
General Results on Conditional Symmetry for the Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Wave EquationOct 12 2009We present full classification of Q-conditional symmetries for the two-dimensional nonlinear wave equation.
The subword complexity of a class of infinite binary wordsDec 13 2005Let $A_q$ be a $q$-letter alphabet and $w$ be a right infinite word on this alphabet. A subword of $w$ is a block of consecutive letters of $w$. The subword complexity function of $w$ assigns to each positive integer $n$ the number $f_w(n)$ of distinct ... More
Fredholm Solvability of Periodic Neumann Problem for a Linear Telegraph EquationJun 08 2011We investigate the linear telegraph equation $$ u_{tt}-u_{xx}+2\mu u_t=f(x,t) $$ with periodic Neumann boundary conditions. We prove that the operator of the problem is modeled as a Fredholm operator of index zero in the scale of Sobolev-type spaces of ... More
Delta Waves for a Strongly Singular Initial-Boundary Hyperbolic Problem with Integral Boundary ConditionJan 31 2004We investigate the existence and the singular structure of delta wave solutions to a semilinear strictly hyperbolic equation with strongly singular initial and boundary conditions. The boundary conditions are given in nonlocal form with a linear integral ... More
Initial-Boundary Problems for Semilinear Hyperbolic Systems with Singular CoefficientsSep 14 2004We use the framework of Colombeau algebras of generalized functions to study existence and uniqueness of global generalized solutions to mixed non-local problems for a semilinear hyperbolic system. Coefficients of the system as well as initial and boundary ... More
A Distributional Solution to a Hyperbolic Problem Arising in Population DynamicsJan 31 2004Feb 04 2007We consider a generalization of the Lotka-McKendrick problem describing the dynamics of an age-structured population with time-dependent vital rates. The generalization consists in allowing the initial and the boundary conditions to be derivatives of ... More
Differential Invariants and Construction of Conditionally Invariant EquationsApr 19 2003New concept of conditional differential invariant is discussed that would allow description of equations invariant with respect to an operator under a certain condition. Example of conditional invariants of the projective operator is presented.
Differential Invariants and Hidden SymmetryOct 26 2010Feb 28 2011We describe some classes of PDE that display hidden symmetry, with reduced equations having additional symmetry operators compared to the initial equations. Relations between the concepts of hidden and conditional symmetry, and between hidden symmetry ... More
$C^1$-smoothness of Nemytskii operators on Sobolev-type spaces of periodic functionsJul 22 2011Dec 02 2011We consider a class of Nemytskii superposition operators that covers the nonlinear part of traveling wave models from laser dynamics, population dynamics, and chemical kinetics. Our main result is the $C^1$-continuity property of these operators over ... More
Local Energy Statistics in Directed PolymersFeb 06 2007Recently, Bauke and Mertens conjectured that the local statistics of energies in random spin systems with discrete spin space should, in most circumstances, be the same as in the random energy model. We show that this conjecture holds true as well for ... More
Two-scale convergence in thin domains with locally periodic rapidly oscillating boundaryMar 27 2017The aim of this paper is to adapt the notion of two-scale convergence in $L^p$ to the case of a measure converging to a singular one. We present a specific case when a thin cylinder with locally periodic rapidly oscillating boundary shrinks to a segment, ... More
Finite basis problem for identities with involutionOct 08 2014Dec 06 2014We consider associative algebras with involution over a field of characteristic zero. We proved that any algebra with involution satisfies the same identities with involution as the Grassmann envelope of some finite dimensional $Z_4$-graded algebra with ... More
Support of Non-separable Multivariate Scaling FunctionDec 31 2007We make an estimation of the support of a multivariable scaling function for an arbitrary dilation matrix. We give a method of calculating the values of the scaling function on a tight set using the knowledge of the size of the support.
The five exceptional simple Lie superalgebras of vector fieldsFeb 16 1997The five simple exceptional complex Lie superalgbras of vector fields are described. One of them is new; the other four are explicitely described for the first time. All of the exceptional Lie superalgebras are obtained with the help of the Cartan prolongation ... More
From vacuum nonsingular black hole to variable cosmological constantJan 17 2002We outline the class of globally regular spherically symmetric solutions to the minimally coupled GR equations asymptotically de Sitter in the origin and asymptotically Schwarzschild at infinity. A source term connects smoothly de Sitter vacuum at the ... More
Energy Distribution of a Charged Regular Black HoleNov 20 2000We calculate the energy distribution of a charged regular black hole by using the energy-momentum complexes of Einstein and M{\o}ller.
Energy of a Conformal Scalar Dyon Black HoleOct 25 2000We obtain the energy of a conformal scalar dyon black hole (CSD) by using the energy-momentum complexes of Tolman and M{\o}ller. The total gravitational energy is given by the CSD charge in the both prescriptions.
Automated Marble Plate Classification System Based On Different Neural Network Input Training Sets and PLC ImplementationAug 16 2012The process of sorting marble plates according to their surface texture is an important task in the automated marble plate production. Nowadays some inspection systems in marble industry that automate the classification tasks are too expensive and are ... More
Reduction of non-linear d'Alembert equations to two-dimensional equationsOct 14 2009We study conditions of reduction of the multidimensional wave equation - a system of the d'Alembert and Hamilton equations. We prove necessary conditions for compatibility of such system of the reduction conditions. Possible types of the reduced equations ... More
Differential Invariants of Infinite-Dimensional Algebras That Are Equivalence Algebras of Classes of PDEOct 12 2009We describe differential invariants of infinite-dimensional algebras being equivalence algebras of some classes of PDE and study structure of these algebras.
On properties of the coefficients of the complicated and exotic formal solutions of the sixth Painlevé equationDec 31 2016It is known, that among the formal solutions of the sixth Painlev\'e equation there met series with integer power exponents of the independent variable $x$ with coefficients in form of formal Laurent series (with finite main parts) in $\log^{-1} x$ (complicated ... More
One proof of the original Kemer's theorems (concerning the text of C. Procesi "What happened to PI-theory", 12 2015We consider associative algebras over a field of characteristic zero. We give a version of the proof of the Kemer's theorems concerning the Specht problem solution. It is proved that the ideal of graded identities of a finitely generated PI-superalgebra ... More
Ansatzes and exact solutions for nonlinear Schrodinger equationsDec 05 2014We consider construction of ansatzes for nonlinear Schrodinger equations in three space dimensions and arbitrary nonlinearity, and conditions of their reduction to ordinary differential equations. Complete description of ansatzes of certain types is presented. ... More
The Classical Inverse Problem for Multi-Particle Densities in the Canonical Ensemble FormulationJun 28 2014Jan 04 2015We provide sufficient conditions for the solution of the classical inverse problem in the canonical distribution for multi-particle densities. Specifically, we show that there exists a unique potential in the form of a sum of m-particle (m greater then ... More
Comment to "General Solution to Unidimensional Hamilton-Jacobi Equation" [arXiv:1302.0591v1]Apr 12 2013We present previous results on the general solution of the multidimensional Hamilton-Jacobi equation $\frac{\partial u}{\partial t} - \frac{\partial u}{\partial x_a} \frac{\partial u}{\partial x_a}= 0$ and methods that were used to find such general solution. ... More
On the critical line zeros of $L$ -- functions attached to automorphic cusp formsDec 12 2012We prove for L-function attached to an automorphic cusp form for the Hecke congruence group $\Gamma_0(D)$, which is also an eigenfunction of all the Hecke operators, that a positive proportion of its non-trivial zeros lie on the critical line. This result ... More
Invariants for sets of vectors and rank 2 tensors, and differential invariants for vector functionsDec 07 2018We outline an algorithm for construction of functional bases of absolute invariants under the rotation group for sets of rank 2 tensors and vectors in the Euclidean space of arbitrary dimension. We will use our earlier results for symmetric tensors and ... More
General Solution for a Coupled System of Eikonal Equations in Two Space VariablesDec 05 2017A general solution for a coupled system of eikonal equations u_\mu u_\mu = 0, v_\mu v_\mu = 0, u_\mu v_\mu = 1 is presented, where lower indices designate derivatives, \mu = 0, 1, 2 and summation is implied over the repeated indices. This solution is ... More
On the Fredholm Solvability for a Class of Multidimensional Hyperbolic ProblemsFeb 20 2008Jan 10 2011We prove the Fredholm alternative for a class of two-dimensional first-order hyperbolic systems with periodic-Dirichlet boundary conditions. Our approach is based on a regularization via a right parametrix.
A square bias transformation: properties and applicationsDec 30 2012Dec 13 2013The properties of the square bias transformation are studied, in particular, the precise moment-type estimate for the $L_1$-metric between the transformed and the original distributions is proved, a relation between their characteristic functions is found. ... More
The co-rank of the fundamental group: the direct product, the first Betti number, and the topology of foliationsJun 20 2015We study $b'_1(M)$, the co-rank of the fundamental group of a smooth closed connected manifold $M$. We calculate this value for the direct product of manifolds. We characterize the set of all possible combinations of $b'_1(M)$ and the first Betti number ... More
On the accuracy of the approximation of the complex exponent by the first terms of its Taylor expansion with applicationsJan 13 2013Dec 13 2013A new bound for the remainder term in the Taylor expansion of the complex exponent $e^{ix}$, $x\in\R$, is proved yielding precise moment-type estimates of the accuracy of the approximation of the characteristic function (the Fourier--Stieltjes transform) ... More
Energy Distribution of a Schwarzschild Black Hole in a Magnetic UniverseOct 25 2000We obtain the energy distribution of a Schwarzschild black hole in a magnetic universe in the Tolman prescription.
Regular electrically charged structures in Nonlinear Electrodynamics coupled to General RelativityJul 19 2004Aug 19 2004We address the question of existence of regular spherically symmetric electrically charged solutions in Nonlinear Electrodynamics coupled to General Relativity. Stress-energy tensor of the electromagnetic field has the algebraic structure $T_0^0=T_1^1$. ... More
$Λ^{mu}_ν$ geometries from the point of view of different observersOct 06 2003$\Lambda^{\mu}_{\nu}$-geometry is a geometry with a variable cosmological term described by a second-rank symmetric tensor $\Lambda^{\mu}_{\nu}$ whose asymptotics are Einstein cosmological term $\Lambda \delta ^{\mu}_{\nu}$ at the origin and $\lambda ... More
Cosmological term, mass, and space-time symmetryOct 06 2003Dec 19 2003In the spherically symmetric case the requirements of regularity of density and pressures and finiteness of the ADM mass $m$, together with the weak energy condition, define the family of asymptotically flat globally regular solutions to the Einstein ... More
Maximal subalgebras of the classical linear Lie superalgebrasNov 17 2013Dynkin's classification of maximal subalgebras of simple finite dimensional complex Lie algebras is generalized to linear Lie superalgebras. Namely, the maximal non-simple irreducible subalgebras of $\mathfrak{gl}(p|q), \mathfrak{q}(n), \mathfrak{sl}(p|q), ... More
Triple-horizon spherically symmetric spacetime and holographic principleJun 11 2012We present a family of spherically symmetric spacetimes, specified by the density profile of a vacuum dark energy, which have the same global structure as the de Sitter spacetime but the reduced symmetry which leads to a time-evolving and spatially inhomogeneous ... More
How accurate is the local-duality model for the pion elastic form factor?Sep 21 2010We study the accuracy of the pion form factor, obtained with a local-duality version of dispersive sum rules. To probe this accuracy, we make use of a potential model, where the exact form factor may be calculated from the solution of the Schroedinger ... More
Spanier--Whitehead duality in K(2)-local category at p=2Sep 21 2018The fixed point spectra of Morava E-theory $E_n$ under the action of finite subgroups of the Morava Stabilizer group $\mathbb{G}_n$ and their K(n)-local Spanier--Whitehead duals can be used to approximate the K(n)-local sphere in certain cases. For any ... More
Compatible extensions and consistent closures: a fuzzy approachMay 22 2017In this paper $\ast$--compatible extensions of fuzzy relations are studied, generalizing some results obtained by Duggan in case of crisp relations. From this general result are obtained as particular cases fuzzy versions of some important extension theorems ... More
On evaluation of the topological degree of the Poincare map in some singular situationsNov 05 2010In the paper we develop a method to evaluate the topological degree of the Poincare map of the mathematical model of narrow lagoon subject to a T-periodic forcing. Using the method developved we arrive to the conditions for the parameteres that guarantee ... More
A note on circular trace formulaeJun 22 2006We find a finite CMV matrix whose eigenvalues coincide with the Dirichlet data of a circular periodic problem. As a consequence, we obtain circular analogues of the classical trace formulae for periodic Jacobi matrices.
One metric result about analytic continuation of some Dirichlet seriesDec 10 2007In this paper we consider certain 1-parametric family of Dirichlet series. For a particular value of the parameter the series turns into the Dirichlet series for the Riemann zeta function. We prove that almost every series of the family has analytic continuation ... More
Reduction of Multidimensional Wave Equations to Two-Dimensional Equations: Investigation of Possible Reduced EquationsOct 24 2010Nov 16 2010We study possible Lie and non-classical reductions of multidimensional wave equations and the special classes of possible reduced equations - their symmetries and equivalence classes. Such investigation allows to find many new conditional and hidden symmetries ... More
Conditional Symmetry and Reductions for the Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Wave Equation. I. General CaseOct 23 2010Nov 01 2010We present classification of Q-conditional symmetries for the two-dimensional nonlinear wave equations and the reductions corresponding to these nonlinear symmetries. Classification of inequivalent reductions is discussed.
Generalized Solutions to Hyperbolic Systems with Nonlinear Conditions and Strongly Singular DataApr 05 2005Using the framework of Colombeau algebras of generalized functions, we prove the existence and uniqueness results for global generalized solvability of semilinear hyperbolic systems with nonlinear nonlocal boundary conditions. We admit strong singularities ... More
Smoothing effect and Fredholm property for first-order hyperbolic PDEsFeb 28 2012Jun 25 2012We give an exposition of recent results on regularity and Fredholm properties for first-order one-dimensional hyperbolic PDEs. We show that large classes of boundary operators cause an effect that smoothness increases with time. This property is the key ... More
Some measure-theoretic properties of U-statistics applied in statistical physicsJul 14 2015This paper investigates the relationship between various measure-theoretic properties of U-statistics with fixed sample size $N$ and the same properties of their kernels. Specifically, the random variables are replaced with elements in some measure space ... More
Approximation of Metric Spaces by Reeb Graphs: Cycle Rank of a Reeb Graph, the Co-rank of the Fundamental Group, and Large Components of Level Sets on Riemannian ManifoldsMar 02 2019For a connected locally path-connected topological space $X$ and a continuous function $f$ on it such that its Reeb graph $R_f$ is a finite topological graph, we show that the cycle rank of $R_f$, i.e., the first Betti number $b_1(R_f)$, in computational ... More
A note on Poisson brackets for orthogonal polynomials on the unit circleJan 02 2007Oct 24 2011The connection of orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle (OPUC) to the defocusing Ablowitz-Ladik integrable system involves the definition of a Poisson structure on the space of Verblunsky coefficients. In this paper, we compute the complete set of ... More
Uniform Asymptotic Solutions of a System of two Schrödinger Equations with Potential-Curve-Crossing PointApr 26 1994A formal uniform asymptotic solution of the system of differential equations $ h^{2}\frac{d^{2}U_{1}}{dz^{2}}+\Phi_{1} U_{1}=\alpha U_{2} $ , $ h^{2}\frac{d^{2}U_{2}}{dz^{2}}+\Phi_{2} U_{2}=\alpha U_{1}$ , for $ z\in D$ and for h real, large is obtained, ... More
The algebraic structure of a cosmological term in spherically symmetric solutionsDec 29 1999We propose to describe the dynamics of a cosmological term in the spherically symmetric case by an r-dependent second rank symmetric tensor invariant under boosts in the radial direction. This proposal is based on the Petrov classification scheme and ... More
First Digit Probability and Benford's LawFeb 01 2017Jul 19 2017The following work shows how the first digit probability of a group of numbers in certain situations that are close to real-life ones can be explained using basic continuous real-valued functions. For instance, the first digits probability of the numbers ... More
The effect of prudence on the optimal allocation in possibilistic and mixed modelsMay 15 2018In this paper two portfolio choice models are studied: a purely possibilistic model, in which the return of a risky asset is a fuzzy number, and a mixed model in which a probabilistic background risk is added. For the two models an approximate formula ... More
Using mathematical modeling to ask meaningful biological questions through combination of bifurcation analysis and population heterogeneityFeb 15 2018Classical approaches to analyzing dynamical systems, including bifurcation analysis, can provide invaluable insights into underlying structure of a mathematical model, and the spectrum of all possible dynamical behaviors. However, these models frequently ... More
Avoidable wordsJan 23 2018Jan 26 2018The set of all avoidable patterns in n or fewer letters can be avoided on an alphabet with 2(n+2) letters.
Using modular decomposition technique to solve the maximum clique problemOct 11 2017In this article we use the modular decomposition technique for exact solving the weighted maximum clique problem. Our algorithm takes the modular decomposition tree from the paper of Tedder et. al. and finds solution recursively. Also, we propose algorithms ... More
Smoothing Solutions to Initial-Boundary Problems for First-Order Hyperbolic SystemsAug 15 2009Jun 08 2011We consider initial-boundary problems for general linear first-order strictly hyperbolic systems with local or nonlocal nonlinear boundary conditions. While boundary data are supposed to be smooth, initial conditions can contain distributions of any order ... More
CMV matrices in random matrix theory and integrable systems: a surveyOct 12 2005We present a survey of recent results concerning a remarkable class of unitary matrices, the CMV matrices. We are particularly interested in the role they play in the theory of random matrices and integrable systems. Throughout the paper we also emphasize ... More
Lax pairs for the Ablowitz-Ladik system via orthogonal polynomials on the unit circleDec 14 2004Nenciu and Simon found that the analogue of the Toda system in the context of orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle is the defocusing Ablowitz-Ladik system. In this paper we use the CMV and extended CMV matrices, respectively, to construct Lax pair ... More
Classical solvability of nonlinear initial-boundary problems for first-order hyperbolic systemsJan 02 2008We prove the global classical solvability of initial-boundary problems for semilinear first-order hyperbolic systems subjected to local and nonlocal nonlinear boundary conditions. We also establish lower bounds for the order of nonlinearity demarkating ... More
The spectrum of the Laplace operator on connected compact simple rank four Lie groups. IJan 11 2016Feb 03 2016In this paper are given explicit calculations of Laplace operator spectrum for smooth real/complex-valued functions on all connected compact simple rank four Lie groups with biinvariant Riemannian metric, corresponding to root systems $B_4$, $C_4$, $D_4$ ... More
Competition driven cancer immunoeditingJul 29 2014It is a well-established fact that tumors up-regulate glucose consumption to meet increasing demands for rapidly available energy by switching to purely glycolytic mode of glucose metabolism. What is often neglected is that cytotoxic cells of the immune ... More
A characterization of the inclusions between mixed norm spacesOct 17 2014Jun 24 2015We consider the mixed norm spaces of Hardy type studied by Flett and others. We study some properties of these spaces related to mean and pointwise growth and complement some partial results by various authors by giving a complete characterization of ... More
An Inversion Formula for the Gaussian Radon Transform for Banach SpacesAug 06 2013We provide a disintegration theorem for the Gaussian Radon transform Gf on Banach spaces and use the Segal-Bargmann transform on abstract Wiener spaces to find a procedure to obtain f from its Gaussian Radon transform Gf.
Immune Evasion through Competitive Inhibition: the Shielding Effect of non-Stem Cancer CellsAug 04 2014It has been recently proposed that the two "emerging" hallmarks of cancer, namely altered glucose metabolism and immune evasion, may in fact be fundamentally linked (Kareva and Hahnfeldt, 2013). This connection comes from up-regulation of glycolysis by ... More
Reduction of multidimensional non-linear d'Alembert equations to two-dimensional equations: ansatzes, compatibility of reduction conditionsNov 01 2006We study conditions of reduction of multidimensional wave equations - a system of d'Alembert and Hamilton equations. Necessary conditions for compatibility of such reduction conditions are proved. Possible types of the reduced equations and ansatzes are ... More
Isotropy index for the connected sum and the direct product of manifoldsAug 24 2016A subspace or subgroup is isotropic under a bilinear map if the restriction of the map on it is trivial. We study maximal isotropic subspaces or subgroups under skew-symmetric maps, and in particular the isotropy index---the maximum dimension of an isotropic ... More
Identities of finitely generated graded algebras with involutionOct 08 2014Dec 06 2014We consider associative algebras with involution graded by a finite abelian group G over a field of characteristic zero. Suppose that the involution is compatible with the grading. We represent conditions permitting PI-representability of such algebras. ... More
Spherically symmetric space-time with the regular de Sitter centerApr 30 2003The requirements are formulated which lead to the existence of the class of globally regular solutions to the minimally coupled GR equations which are asymptotically de Sitter at the center. The brief review of the resulting geometry is presented. The ... More
Maximal subalgebras of matrix Lie superalgebrasFeb 16 1997Dynkin's classification of maximal subalgebras of simple finite dimensional complex Lie algebras is generalized to Lie subsuperalgebras of the general linear Lie superalgebras.
Possibilistic investment models with background riskDec 08 2018In the study of investment problem, aside from the investment risk the background risk appears. Both the investment risk and the background risk are probabilistically described by random variables. This paper starts from the hypothesis that the two types ... More
Angiogenesis regulators as a possible key to accelerated growth of secondary tumors following primary tumor resectionMar 29 2017Resection of primary tumors is often followed by accelerated growth of metastases. Here we propose that this effect may be due to the fact that resection of primary tumor results in a decrease in the total systemic amount of angiogenesis stimulators, ... More
The physics of an optimal basketball free throwFeb 21 2017A physical model is developed, which suggests a pathway to determining the optimal release conditions for a basketball free throw. Theoretical framework is supported by Monte Carlo simulations and a series of free throws performed and analysed at Southbank ... More
Recent measurements of associated single top-quark production cross-section with the ATLAS detectorFeb 07 2017The measurement of the inclusive $Wt$ cross-section at 13 TeV is performed using 3.2$\,\text{fb}{^{-1}}$ of proton--proton collision data collected by the ATLAS detector at the LHC in 2015. Events are required to have at least one jet and two opposite ... More
Finitely generated algebras with involution and their identitiesJun 26 2012Feb 11 2013Associative algebras with involution over a field of zero characteristic are considered. It is proved that in this case for any finitely generated associative algebra with involution there exists a finite dimensional algebra with involution which satisfies ... More
Intelligent Technologies in Model Base Management System Design AutomationApr 24 2010The article describes the prospects of model base management system design automation for decision support systems and suggests the toolbox scheme for design automation based on intelligent technologies.
Spinning superconducting electrovacuum solitonJul 24 2006In nonlinear electrodynamics coupled to general relativity and satisfying the weak energy condition, a spherically symmetric electrically charged electrovacuum soliton has obligatory de Sitter center in which the electric field vanishes while the energy ... More
How to realize Lie algebras by vector fieldsSep 21 2005An algorithm for embedding finite dimensional Lie algebras into Lie algebras of vector fields (and Lie superalgebras into Lie superalgebras of vector fields) is offered in a way applicable over ground fields of any characteristic. The algorithm is illustrated ... More
Moduli Spaces of Planar Pentagonal Linkages: Combinatorial DescriptionMay 29 2013May 30 2013Moduli spaces of planar polygonal linkages admit a cell structure which can be realized as a surgery on the permutohedron. We present a 3D visualization of the result of the surgery for all types of non-degenerate pentagonal linkages.
Differential Invariants for Infinite-Dimensional AlgebrasJul 02 2006We present an approach for construction of functional bases of differential invariants for some infinite-dimensional algebras with coefficients of generating operators depending on arbitrary functions. An example for the infinite-dimensional Poincare-type ... More
One More Way to Encrypt a MessageDec 07 2017This work describes an example of an application of a novel method for symmetric cryptography. Its purpose is to show how a regular message can be encrypted and then decrypted in an easy, yet secure way. The encrypting method introduced in this work is ... More
On Regularity of the Product of DistributionsApr 02 2004Aug 03 2004This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a gap in the proof of the main result.
On the Structure of the Bochner-Martinelli Residue CurrentsMar 22 2016We study residue currents of the Bochner--Martinelli type using their relationship with Mellin transforms of residue integrals. We present the structure formula for residue currents associated with monomial mappings: they admit representations as sums ... More
Co-rank and Betti number of a groupFeb 08 2015We study the maximal ranks of a free and a free abelian quotients of a finitely generated group, called co-rank (inner rank, cut number) and the Betti number, respectively. We show that any combination of these values within obvious constraints is realized ... More
Exploring the nature of collisionless shocks under laboratory conditionsJan 13 2014Collisionless shocks are pervasive in astrophysics and they are critical to understand cosmic ray acceleration. Laboratory experiments with intense lasers are now opening the way to explore and characterise the underlying microphysics, which determine ... More
Direct-write of free-form 3D nanostructures with controlled magnetic frustrationSep 18 2017Building nanotechnological analogues of naturally occurring magnetic structures has proven to be a powerful approach to studying topics like geometry-induced magnetic frustration and to provide model systems for statistical physics. Moreover, it practically ... More