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Minimizing Sum of Non-Convex but Piecewise log-Lipschitz Functions using CoresetsJul 23 2018Oct 16 2018We suggest a new optimization technique for minimizing the sum $\sum_{i=1}^n f_i(x)$ of $n$ non-convex real functions that satisfy a property that we call piecewise log-Lipschitz. This is by forging links between techniques in computational geometry, ... More
Coresets for Kinematic Data: From Theorems to Real-Time SystemsNov 30 2015Dec 18 2017A coreset (or core-set) of a dataset is its semantic compression with respect to a set of queries, such that querying the (small) coreset provably yields an approximate answer to querying the original (full) dataset. In the last decade, coresets provided ... More
Fast and Accurate Least-Mean-Squares SolversJun 11 2019Least-mean squares (LMS) solvers such as Linear / Ridge / Lasso-Regression, SVD and Elastic-Net not only solve fundamental machine learning problems, but are also the building blocks in a variety of other methods, such as decision trees and matrix factorizations. ... More
Low-cost and Faster Tracking Systems Using Core-sets for Pose-EstimationNov 30 2015Jul 22 2016In the pose-estimation problem we need to align a set of $n$ markers (points in 3D space) and choose one of their n! permutations, so that the sum of squared corresponding distances to another ordered set of $n$ markers is minimized. We prove that every ... More
Provable Approximations for Constrained $\ell_p$ RegressionFeb 27 2019The $\ell_p$ linear regression problem is to minimize $f(x)=||Ax-b||_p$ over $x\in\mathbb{R}^d$, where $A\in\mathbb{R}^{n\times d}$, $b\in \mathbb{R}^n$, and $p>0$. To avoid overfitting and bound $||x||_2$, the constrained $\ell_p$ regression minimizes ... More
Influence of Culture on e-Government Acceptance in Saudi ArabiaJul 26 2013May 23 2014The main purpose of this research is to determine the influence of culture on e-government (electronic government) acceptance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Citizens' transactional interactions (electronic transactions or e-transactions) with the ... More
A study of blow-ups in the Keller-Segel model of chemotaxisJun 25 2010Apr 20 2012We study the Keller-Segel model of chemotaxis and develop a composite particle-grid numerical method with adaptive time stepping which allows us to accurately resolve singular solutions. The numerical findings (in two dimensions) are then compared with ... More
All "static" spherically symmetric perfect fluid solutions of Einstein's equations with constant equation of state parameter and finite-polynomial "mass function"Oct 03 2008Feb 09 2011We look for "static" spherically symmetric solutions of Einstein's Equations for perfect fluid source with equation of state $p=w\rho$. In order to include the possibilities of recently popularized dark energy and phantom energy possibly pervading the ... More
The standard "static" spherically symmetric ansatz with perfect fluid source revisitedApr 16 2008Oct 03 2008Considering the standard "static" spherically symmetric ansatz ds2 = -B(r) dt2 + A(r) dr2 + r2 dOmega2 for Einstein's Equations with perfect fluid source, we ask how we can interpret solutions where A(r) and B(r) are not positive, as they must be for ... More
The ALTO project at IPN OrsayOct 04 2006In order to probe neutron rich radioactive noble gases produced by photo-fission, a PARRNe1 experiment (Production d'Atomes Radioactifs Riches en Neutrons) has been carried out at CERN. The incident electron beam of 50 MeV was delivered by the LIL machine: ... More
Dyonic Kerr-Newman black holes, complex scalar field and Cosmic CensorshipAug 02 2005Oct 15 2010We construct a gedanken experiment, in which a weak wave packet of the complex massive scalar field interacts with a four-parameter (mass, angular momentum, electric and magnetic charges) Kerr-Newman black hole. We show that this interaction cannot convert ... More
Modeling potent pathways for APC/C inhibition: pivotal roles for MCC and BubR1Nov 15 2016The highly conserved spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) ensures that the sister chromatids of the duplicated genome are not separated and distributed to the spindle poles before all chromosomes have been properly linked to the microtubules of the mitotic ... More
Approximations for the natural logarithm from solenoid-toroid correspondenceMar 12 2015It seems reasonable that a toroid can be thought of approximately as a solenoid bent into a circle. The correspondence of the inductances of these two objects gives an approximation for the natural logarithm in terms of the average of two numbers. Different ... More
Cluster Structure on Generalized Weyl AlgebrasAug 05 2011May 11 2016We introduce a class of non-commutative algebras that carry a non-commutative (geometric) cluster structure which are generated by identical copies of generalized Weyl algebras. Equivalent conditions for the finiteness of the set of the cluster variables ... More
Massive Higher Derivative Gravity TheoriesJan 31 2012In this thesis massive higher derivative gravity theories are analyzed in some detail. One-particle scattering amplitude between two covariantly conserved sources mediated by a graviton exchange is found at tree-level in $D$ dimensional (Anti)-de Sitter ... More
Uniform Generalization, Concentration, and Adaptive LearningAug 22 2016One of the fundamental goals in any learning algorithm is to minimize its risk for overfitting. Mathematically, this implies that the learning algorithm enjoys a small generalization risk, which is defined either in expectation or in probability. Both ... More
Analytical formula for the roots of the general complex cubic polynomialDec 21 2015We present a new method to calculate analytically the roots of the general complex polynomial of degree three. This method is based on the approach of clever change of variable involving an arbitrary parameters. The advantage of this method is that it ... More
Proposal: The Neural Network TelescopeNov 01 2006A neural network mechanism that can compensate for poor optical quality was recently discovered in a biological context. We propose that this mechanism can and should be adopted for astronomical purposes. This would shift emphasis away from the quality ... More
The Dirac Equation Is Separable On The Dyon Black Hole MetricJul 28 1992Using the tetrad formalism, we carry out the separation of variables for the massive complex Dirac equation in the gravitational and electromagnetic field of a four-parameter (mass, angular momentum, electric and magnetic charges) black hole.
Existence and uniqueness for a nonlinear parabolic/Hamilton-Jacobi coupled system describing the dynamics of dislocation densitiesMar 27 2007We study a mathematical model describing the dynamics of dislocation densities in crystals. This model is expressed as a one-dimensional system of a parabolic equation and a first order Hamilton-Jacobi equation that are coupled together. We show the existence ... More
A critical parabolic Sobolev embedding via Littlewood-Paley decompositionAug 13 2009In this paper, we show a parabolic version of the Ogawa type inequality in Sobolev spaces. Our inequality provides an estimate of the $L^{\infty}$ norm of a function in terms of its parabolic $BMO$ norm, with the aid of the square root of the logarithmic ... More
Building a Truly Distributed Constraint Solver with JADESep 03 2015Real life problems such as scheduling meeting between people at different locations can be modelled as distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs). Suitable and satisfactory solutions can then be found using constraint satisfaction algorithms ... More
Cylinders, multi-cylinders and the induced action of $Aut(F_n)$Nov 10 2012A cylinder $C^1_u$ is the set of infinite words with fixed prefix $u$. A double-cylinder $C^2_{[1,u]}$ is "the same" for bi-infinite words. We show that for every word $u$ and any automorphism $\varphi$ of the free group $F$ the image $\varphi(C^1_u)$ ... More
Effective Lagrangian for the $χ^{+}_j χ^{-}_kH^{0}_l$ interaction in the minimal supersymmetric standard model and neutral Higgs decaysApr 15 2007Oct 31 2007We extend previous analyses of the supersymmetric loop correction to the neutral Higgs couplings to include the coupling $\chi^{+}_j \chi^{-}_kH^{0}_l$. The analysis completes the previous analyses where similar corrections were computed for the $\bar{\tau} ... More
Mixing of the CP Even and the CP Odd Higgs Bosons and the EDM ConstraintsFeb 17 2001May 13 2001The mixing among the CP even and the CP odd neutral Higgs bosons of MSSM by one loop induced effects in the presence of CP phases is investigated using three different mechanisms to satisfy the EDM constraints, i.e., a fine tuning of phases, a heavy sparticle ... More
Neutralino decay of MSSM neutral Higgs bosonsMar 28 2008We compute the one loop corrected effective Lagrangian for the neutralino-neutralino-neutral Higgs interactions $\chi^{0}_{\ell} \chi^{0}_kH^{0}_m$. The analysis completes the previous analyses where similar corrections were computed for the $\bar{f} ... More
Separating Simultaneous Seismic Sources using Robust Inversion of Radon and Migration OperatorsNov 28 2017The advent of high density 3D wide azimuth survey configurations has greatly increased the cost of seismic acquisition. Simultaneous source acquisition presents an opportunity to decrease costs by reducing the survey time. Source time delays are typically ... More
Data-inspired advances in geometric measure theory: generalized surface and shape metricsAug 26 2014Modern geometric measure theory, developed largely to solve the Plateau problem, has generated a great deal of technical machinery which is unfortunately regarded as inaccessible by outsiders. Some of its tools (e.g., flat norm distance and decomposition ... More
Defensive alliance polynomialNov 25 2018We introduce a new bivariate polynomial which we call the defensive alliance polynomial and denote it by da(G; x, y). It is a generalization of the alliance polynomial [Carballosa et al., 2014] and the strong alliance polynomial [Carballosa et al., 2016]. ... More
Viscosity solutions of obstacle problems for Fully nonlinear path-dependent PDEsJun 16 2013Nov 09 2015In this article, we adapt the definition of viscosity solutions to the obstacle problem for fully nonlinear path-dependent PDEs with data uniformly continuous in $(t,\omega)$, and generator Lipschitz continuous in $(y,z,\gamma)$. We prove that our definition ... More
Partial sums of Hyper-Bessel function with applicationsJun 26 2018The main purpose of present paper is to determine some lower bounds for the quotient of the normalized hyper-Bessel function and its partial sum, as well as for the quotient of the derivative of normalized hyper-Bessel function and its partial sum. In ... More
Uniform Generalization, Concentration, and Adaptive LearningAug 22 2016Oct 03 2016One fundamental goal in any learning algorithm is to mitigate its risk for overfitting. Mathematically, this requires that the learning algorithm enjoys a small generalization risk, which is defined either in expectation or in probability. Both types ... More
From UML Specification into Implementation using Object MappingNov 01 2010In information systems, a system is analyzed using a modeling tool. Analysis is an important phase prior to implementation in order to obtain the correct requirements of the system. During the requirements phase, the software requirements specification ... More
Random-walk baryogenesis via primordial black holesApr 02 2016Gravitation violates baryon number $B$: A star has a huge amount of it, while a black hole forming from the star has none. Consider primordial black holes before the hadronic annihiliation in the early universe, encountering and absorbing baryons and ... More
An Overview of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)Mar 08 2013Wireless Communication is an application of science and technology that has come to be vital for modern existence. From the early radio and telephone to current devices such as mobile phones and laptops, accessing the global network has become the most ... More
Automatic Discrimination of Color Retinal Images using the Bag of Words ApproachMar 14 2016Diabetic retinopathy (DR) and age related macular degeneration (ARMD) are among the major causes of visual impairment worldwide. DR is mainly characterized by red spots, namely microaneurysms and bright lesions, specifically exudates whereas ARMD is mainly ... More
OV or TOV ?Oct 10 2016The well-known equation for hydrostatic equilibrium in a static spherically symmetric spacetime supported by an isotropic perfect fluid is referred to as the Oppenheimer-Volkoff (OV) equation or the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff (TOV) equation in various ... More
The Andreadakis conjecture for Subgroup of $PΣ_n$Feb 26 2019We are interested in the group partial inner automorphism group which is subgroup of $P{\Sigma}_n$ and we show that this subgroup satisfies the equality of Andreadakis.
A Mathematical Framework for Kinetochore-Driven Activation Feedback in the Mitotic CheckpointJun 06 2017Proliferating cells properly divide into their daughter cells through a process that is mediated by kinetochores, protein-complexes that assemble at the centromere of each sister chromatid. Each kinetochore has to establish a tight bipolar attachment ... More
Generating Weather Forecast Texts with Case Based ReasoningSep 03 2015Several techniques have been used to generate weather forecast texts. In this paper, case based reasoning (CBR) is proposed for weather forecast text generation because similar weather conditions occur over time and should have similar forecast texts. ... More
An explicit iterative method to solve generalized mixed equilibrium problem, variational inequality problem and hierarchical fixed point problem for a nearly nonexpansive mappingSep 13 2014In this paper, we introduce a new iterative method to find a common solution of a generalized mixed equilibrium problem, a variational inequality problem and a hierarchical fixed point problem for a demicontinuous nearly nonexpansive mapping. We prove ... More
A Mathematical Theory of LearningMay 07 2014In this paper, a mathematical theory of learning is proposed that has many parallels with information theory. We consider Vapnik's General Setting of Learning in which the learning process is defined to be the act of selecting a hypothesis in response ... More
Induced Representations of Hopf AlgebrasApr 01 2014Hopf representation is a module and comodule with a consistency condition that is more general than the consistency condition of Hopf modules. For a Hopf algebra $H$, we construct an induced Hopf representation from a representation of a bialgebra $B$ ... More
Toward a systems-level view of mitotic checkpointsNov 15 2016Reproduction and natural selection are the key elements of life. In order to reproduce, the genetic material must be doubled, separated and placed into two new daughter cells, each containing a complete set of chromosomes and organelles. In mitosis, transition ... More
Weighting gates in circuit complexity and holographyMar 14 2019Motivated by recent studies of quantum computational complexity in quantum field theory and holography, we discuss how weighting certain classes of gates building up a quantum circuit more heavily than others does affect the complexity. Utilizing Nielsen's ... More
The Andreadakis conjecture for Subgroup of $PΣ_n$Feb 26 2019Mar 21 2019We study in the group partial inner automorphism group which is subgroup of the basis-conjugating automorphism group $P{\Sigma}_n$ and we show that this subgroup satisfies the equality of Andreadakis.
A remark on a generalization of a logarithmic Sobolev inequality to the Holder classAug 22 2009In a recent work of the author, a parabolic extension of the elliptic Ogawa type inequality has been established. This inequality is originated from the Brezis-Gallouet-Wainger logarithmic type inequalities revealing Sobolev embeddings in the critical ... More
Deep Learning Applied to Image and Text MatchingSep 14 2015The ability to describe images with natural language sentences is the hallmark for image and language understanding. Such a system has wide ranging applications such as annotating images and using natural sentences to search for images.In this project ... More
Dyson Spheres around White DwarfsMar 15 2015A Dyson Sphere is a hypothetical structure that an advanced civilization might build around a star to intercept all of the star's light for its energy needs. One usually thinks of it as a spherical shell about one astronomical unit (AU) in radius, and ... More
Ensemble Kalman filtering with a divided state-space strategy for coupled data assimilation problemsAug 19 2014This study considers the data assimilation problem in coupled systems, which consists of two components (sub-systems) interacting with each other through certain coupling terms. A straightforward way to tackle the assimilation problem in such systems ... More
Robust ensemble filtering and its relation to covariance inflation in the ensemble Kalman filterJul 31 2011We propose a robust ensemble filtering scheme based on the $H_{\infty}$ filtering theory. The optimal $H_{\infty}$ filter is derived by minimizing the supremum (or maximum) of a predefined cost function, a criterion different from the minimum variance ... More
Massive Higher Derivative Gravity in D-dimensional Anti-de Sitter SpacetimesMay 31 2009Sep 08 2009We find the propagator and calculate the tree level scattering amplitude between two covariantly conserved sources in an Anti-de Sitter background for the most general D-dimensional quadratic, four-derivative, gravity with a Pauli-Fierz mass. We also ... More
Exchange Maps of Cluster AlgebrasNov 03 2010Apr 01 2014Every two seeds in a field of fractions $\mathcal{F}$ together with a symmetric group element gives rise to an automorphism of $\mathcal{F}$ called an exchange automorphism. For positive cluster algebras, we provide equivalent conditions for exchange ... More
On the exactness of the Semi-Classical Approximation for Non-Relativistic One Dimensional PropagatorsAug 28 2006Nov 16 2006For one dimensional non-relativistic quantum mechanical problems, we investigate the conditions for all the position dependence of the propagator to be in its phase, that is, the semi-classical approximation to be exact. For velocity independent potentials ... More
On the Convex Hulls of Self-Affine FractalsApr 28 2015Apr 30 2015Suppose that the set ${\mathcal{T}}= \{T_1, T_2,...,T_q \} $ of real $n\times n$ matrices has joint spectral radius less than $1$. Then for any digit set $ D= \{d_1, \cdots, d_q\} \subset {\Bbb R}^n$, there exists a unique nonempty compact set $F=F({\mathcal{T}},D)$ ... More
A Decomposition-based Architecture for Distributed Virtual Network EmbeddingMar 14 2014Network protocols have historically been developed on an ad-hoc basis, and cloud computing is no exception. A fundamental management protocol, not yet standardized, that cloud providers need to run to support wide-area virtual network services is the ... More
Effective Lagrangian for Charged Higgs CouplingsOct 27 2004The effective Lagrangian including one loop corrections is deduced for the couplings of the charged Higgs with quarks and leptons, and with charginos and neutralinos. The effect of the one loop corrections is found to be quite significant in a number ... More
The Neutron and the Electron Electric Dipole Moment in N=1 Supergravity UnificationAug 25 1997Nov 21 1997An analysis of the neutron EDM and of the electron EDM in minimal N=1 supergravity unification with two CP violating phases is given. For the neutron the analysis includes the complete one loop gluino, chargino, and neutralino exchange diagrams for the ... More
An MSSM Extension with a Mirror Fourth Generation, Neutrino Magnetic Moments and LHC SignaturesJun 24 2008Sep 19 2008Recent analyses have shown that a sequential fourth generation can be consistent with precision electroweak data. We consider the possibility that the new generation could be a mirror generation with $V+A$ rather than $V-A$ interactions. Specifically ... More
Corrections to the Higgs Boson Masses and Mixings from Chargino, W and Charged Higgs Exchange Loops and Large CP PhasesAug 22 2000Nov 23 2000One loop contributions to the Higgs boson masses and mixings from the chargino sector consisting of the chargino, the W, and the charged Higgs boson ($\chi^+-W-H^+$) exchanges and including the effects of large CP violating phases are computed. It is ... More
The Chromoelectric and Purely Gluonic Operator Contributions to the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment in N=1 SupergravityJul 21 1997A complete one loop analysis of the chromoelectric dipole contribution to the electric dipole moment (edm) of the quarks and of the neutron in N=1 supergravity including the gluino, chargino and neutralino exchange contributions and exhibiting the dependence ... More
On Pre-γ-I-Open Sets In Ideal Topological SpacesJan 11 2015In this paper, the author introduce and study the notion of pre-{\gamma}-I-open sets in ideal topological space.
Ultrametric Root CountingJan 22 2009Sep 02 2010Let $K$ be a complete non-archimedean field with a discrete valuation, $f\in K[X]$ a polynomial with non-vanishing discriminant, $A$ the valuation ring of $K$, and $\M$ the maximal ideal of $A$. The first main result of this paper is a reformulation of ... More
Topological behaviour of logarithmic invariantsMay 06 2019Let $\ell$ be a rational prime number and $K$ a number field. We prove that the logarithmic module $X_{d}$ attached to a $\mathbb{Z}_{\ell}^{d}$-extension $K_{d}$ of $K$ is a noetherian $\Lambda_{d}$-module. Moreover, under the Gross-Kuz'min conjecture ... More
Decentralized Flood Forecasting Using Deep Neural NetworksFeb 06 2019Predicting flood for any location at times of extreme storms is a longstanding problem that has utmost importance in emergency management. Conventional methods that aim to predict water levels in streams use advanced hydrological models still lack of ... More
A New Iterative Projection Method for Approximating Fixed Point Problems and Variational Inequality ProblemsMar 13 2014May 21 2014In this paper, we introduce and study a new extragradient iterative process for finding a common element of the set of fixed points of an infinite family of nonexpansive mappings and the set of solutions of a variational inequality for an inverse strongly ... More
Multivariate ultrametric root countingJul 06 2011Let $K$ be a field, complete with respect to a discrete non-archimedian valuation and let $k$ be the residue field. Consider a system $F$ of $n$ polynomial equations in $K\vars$. Our first result is a reformulation of the classical Hensel's Lemma in the ... More
Algebraic Models: Coordinates, Scales, and Dynamical SymmetriesMay 15 2000We discuss the variety of coordinates often used to characterize the coherent state classical limit of an algebraic model. We show selection of appropriate coordinates naturally motivates a procedure to generate a single particle Schr\"odinger hamiltonian ... More
A Hybrid Algebraic/Schrödinger Approach to the 2D Franck-Condon ProblemMay 15 2000We use recent results regarding the geometry of the U(3) bosonic algebraic model to motivate a hybrid algebraic-Schr\"odinger approach to the 2D Franck-Condon problem analogous to 1D approaches. This approach allows one to analyze bent to linear Franck-Condon ... More
On the Convex Hulls of Self-Affine FractalsApr 28 2015Feb 09 2019Suppose that the set ${\mathcal{T}}= \{T_1, T_2,...,T_q \} $ of real $n\times n$ matrices has joint spectral radius less than $1$. Then for any digit set $ D= \{d_1, \cdots, d_q\} \subset {\Bbb R}^n$, there exists a unique nonempty compact set $F=F({\mathcal{T}},D)$ ... More
Bounds for radii of convexity of some $q$-Bessel functionsFeb 15 2017In the present investigation, by applying two different normalizations of the Jackson and Hahn-Exton $q$-Bessel functions tight lower and upper bounds for the radii of convexity of the same functions are obtained. In addition, it was shown that these ... More
On new approach Hadamard-type inequalities for s-geometrically convex functionsJan 28 2013In this paper we achieve some new Hadamard type inequalities using elementary well known inequalities for functions whose first derivatives absolute values are s-geometrically and geometrically convex. And also we get some applications for special means ... More
A Minimal Groebner Basis for the Defining Ideals of Certain Affine Monomial CurvesNov 17 2004Nov 20 2004In this article we produce Groebner bases for the defining ideal of a monomial curve that corresponds to an almost arithmetic sequence of positive integers, correcting previous work of Sengupta,(2003).
Quality of Open Source Systems from Product Metrics PerspectiveNov 10 2015Software engineering and information systems practices seek ultimately to create the flawless product. One of the tools used to improve the quality of software development is the use of metrics. In this paper, metrics retrieved from open source software ... More
1.5 billion words Arabic CorpusNov 12 2016This study is an attempt to build a contemporary linguistic corpus for Arabic language. The corpus produced, is a text corpus includes more than five million newspaper articles. It contains over a billion and a half words in total, out of which, there ... More
A generalization of Poletsky's classical theorem and a characterization of thinness of a subset in $\C^n$Dec 21 2014In this paper we generalize Poletsky's classical theorem to a situation where the kernel of Poisson functional is not upper semicontinuous. We give a characterization of thinness of a subset at a point in $\C^n$ in term of analytic discs.
Simple, compact and robust approximate string dictionaryDec 17 2013Aug 23 2014This paper is concerned with practical implementations of approximate string dictionaries that allow edit errors. In this problem, we have as input a dictionary $D$ of $d$ strings of total length $n$ over an alphabet of size $\sigma$. Given a bound $k$ ... More
Dual automorphisms of free groupsJun 24 2013For any choice of a basis $\cal A$ the free group $F_N$ of finite rank $N \geq 2$ can be canonically identified with the set $F(\cal A)$ of reduced words in $\cal A\cup \cal A^{-1}$. However, such a word $w \in F(\cal A)$ admits a second interpretation, ... More
Spin-Spin Interactions in Massive Gravity and Higher Derivative Gravity TheoriesMay 23 2013Dec 11 2013We show that, in the weak field limit, at large separations, in sharp contrast to General Relativity (GR), all massive gravity theories predict distance-dependent spin alignments for spinning objects. For all separations GR requires anti-parallel spin ... More
Diffusive transport in two-dimensional nematicsMar 02 2014We discuss a dynamical theory for nematic liquid crystals describing the stage of evolution in which the hydrodynamic fluid motion has already equilibrated and the subsequent evolution proceeds via diffusive motion of the orientational degrees of freedom. ... More
On a New Alternative Mathematical Model for Special RelativityMar 23 2008Sep 21 2012In this paper, it is shown why Lorentz Transformation implies the general case where observed events are not necessarily in the inertia frame of any observer but assumes a special scenario when determining the length contraction and time dilation factors. ... More
Sur la conjecture de CollatzJul 08 2016We give a generalization of Collatz conjecture or 3n+1 problem on 2-adic completion of Q. A isometric of $Q_2$ provides information on the average behavior of the firsts terms of the sequence according to the class of $u_0$ modulo $2^m$. A generalisation ... More
On the Possible Observation of Mirror MatterOct 07 2009The possibility that mirror matter with masses in the several hundred GeV- TeV range exists is explored. Mirror matter appears quite naturally in many unified models of particle interactions both in GUTs and in strings often in vector-like combinations. ... More
Effective Lagrangian for $\bar q\tilde q'_iχ^+_j$, $\bar q\tilde q'_iχ^0_j$ interactions and Fermionic Decays of the Squarks with CP PhasesNov 20 2004The one loop corrected effective Lagrangian for the quark-squark-chargino and quark-squark-neutralino interactions is computed. The effective Lagrangian takes into account the loop corrections arising from the exchange of the gluinos, charginos, neutralinos, ... More
The Hörmander condition for delayed stochastic differential equationsOct 17 2016Oct 26 2016In this paper, we are interested in path-dependent stochastic differential equations (SDEs) which are controlled by Brownian motion and its delays. Within this non-Markovian context, we prove a H\"ormander-type criterion for the regularity of solutions. ... More
Spot: An accurate and efficient multi-entity device-free WLAN localization systemJul 18 2012Device-free (DF) localization in WLANs has been introduced as a value-added service that allows tracking indoor entities that do not carry any devices. Previous work in DF WLAN localization focused on the tracking of a single entity due to the intractability ... More
MonoStream: A Minimal-Hardware High Accuracy Device-free WLAN Localization SystemAug 04 2013Device-free (DF) localization is an emerging technology that allows the detection and tracking of entities that do not carry any devices nor participate actively in the localization process. Typically, DF systems require a large number of transmitters ... More
The decoupling problem of the Proca equation; and treatment of Dirac, Maxwell and Proca fields on the resulting pp-wave spacetimesAug 11 2015Jun 23 2016In this work we take a formal approach to the problem of decoupling Proca equations in curved space-times. We use Newman-Penrose (NP) two-spinor formalism to represent the Proca vector by one complex and two real scalars. We show that a decoupled second ... More
Imaging with SPADs and DMDs: Seeing through Diffraction-PhotonsMay 31 2018This paper addresses the problem of imaging in the presence of diffraction-photons. Diffraction-photons arise from the low contrast-ratio of DMDs ($\sim 1000: 1$), and very much degrade the quality of images captured by SPAD-based systems. Herein, a joint ... More
On the mu and lambda invariants of the logarithmic class groupFeb 12 2018Dec 07 2018Let $\ell$ be a rational prime number. Assuming the Gross-Kuz'min conjecture along a $\Zl$-extension $K\_{\infty}$ of a number field $K$, we show that there exist integers $\mut$, $\lat$ and $\widetilde{\nu}$ such that the exponent $\tilde{e}\_{n}$ of ... More
A Novel Approach to Fully Private and Secure Auction: A Sealed Bid Knapsack AuctionNov 13 2012In an electronic auction protocol, the main participants are the seller, a set of trusted auctioneer(s) and the set of bidders. In this paper we consider the situation where there is a seller and a set of n bidders intending to come to an agreement on ... More
Weak Convergence Theorem by a New Extragradient Method for Fixed Point Problems and Variational Inequality ProblemsMar 13 2014We introduce a new extragradient iterative process, motivated and inspired by [S. H. Khan, A Picard-Mann Hybrid Iterative Process, Fixed Point Theory and Applications, doi:10.1186/1687-1812-2013-69], for finding a common element of the set of fixed points ... More
Frobenius manifolds from regular classical $W$-algebrasJan 05 2010Dec 29 2010We obtain polynomial Frobenius manifolds from classical $W$-algebras associated to regular nilpotent elements in simple Lie algebras using the related opposite Cartan subalgebras.
An Algorithm for Odd Graceful Labeling of the Union of Paths and CyclesMar 18 2010In 1991, Gnanajothi [4] proved that the path graph P_n with n vertex and n-1 edge is odd graceful, and the cycle graph C_m with m vertex and m edges is odd graceful if and only if m even, she proved the cycle graph is not graceful if m odd. In this paper, ... More
Tree shift topological entropyDec 06 2017May 27 2018We give a definition of topological entropy for tree shifts, prove that the limit in the definition exists, and show that it dominates the topological entropy of the associated one-dimensional shift of finite type when the labeling of the tree shares ... More
Reduced Gröbner Bases of Certain Toric Varieties; A New Short ProofSep 03 2010Let K be a field and let m_0,...,m_{n} be an almost arithmetic sequence of positive integers. Let C be a toric variety in the affine (n+1)-space, defined parametrically by x_0=t^{m_0},...,x_{n}=t^{m_{n}}. In this paper we produce a minimal Gr\"obner basis ... More
Applications of Dynamical Systems in EngineeringApr 18 2013This paper presents the current possible applications of Dynamical Systems in Engineering. The applications of chaos, fractals have proven to be an exciting and fruitful endeavor. These applications are highly diverse ranging over such fields as Electrical, ... More
Weak Cosmic Censorship, Superradiance and Quantum Particle CreationJul 14 2015Since 1970's, gedanken experiments have been devised to challenge the weak cosmic censorship conjecture (WCCC), which is the expectation that spacetime singularities will be hidden from faraway observers by event horizons so that classical predictability ... More
Non-linear filtering and optimal investment under partial information for stochastic volatility modelsJul 07 2014Jul 25 2015This paper studies the question of filtering and maximizing terminal wealth from expected utility in a partially information stochastic volatility models. The special features is that the only information available to the investor is the one generated ... More
Efficient particle filtering through residual nudgingMar 11 2013We introduce an auxiliary technique, called residual nudging, to the particle filter to enhance its performance in cases that it performs poorly. The main idea of residual nudging is to monitor, and if necessary, adjust the residual norm of a state estimate ... More