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Aligning Points to Lines: Provable ApproximationsJul 23 2018Sep 09 2019We suggest a new optimization technique for minimizing the sum $\sum_{i=1}^n f_i(x)$ of $n$ non-convex real functions that satisfy a property that we call piecewise log-Lipschitz. This is by forging links between techniques in computational geometry, ... More
Minimizing Sum of Non-Convex but Piecewise log-Lipschitz Functions using CoresetsJul 23 2018Oct 16 2018We suggest a new optimization technique for minimizing the sum $\sum_{i=1}^n f_i(x)$ of $n$ non-convex real functions that satisfy a property that we call piecewise log-Lipschitz. This is by forging links between techniques in computational geometry, ... More
Coresets for Kinematic Data: From Theorems to Real-Time SystemsNov 30 2015Dec 18 2017A coreset (or core-set) of a dataset is its semantic compression with respect to a set of queries, such that querying the (small) coreset provably yields an approximate answer to querying the original (full) dataset. In the last decade, coresets provided ... More
Fast and Accurate Least-Mean-Squares SolversJun 11 2019Least-mean squares (LMS) solvers such as Linear / Ridge / Lasso-Regression, SVD and Elastic-Net not only solve fundamental machine learning problems, but are also the building blocks in a variety of other methods, such as decision trees and matrix factorizations. ... More
Low-cost and Faster Tracking Systems Using Core-sets for Pose-EstimationNov 30 2015Jul 22 2016In the pose-estimation problem we need to align a set of $n$ markers (points in 3D space) and choose one of their n! permutations, so that the sum of squared corresponding distances to another ordered set of $n$ markers is minimized. We prove that every ... More
Provable Approximations for Constrained $\ell_p$ RegressionFeb 27 2019The $\ell_p$ linear regression problem is to minimize $f(x)=||Ax-b||_p$ over $x\in\mathbb{R}^d$, where $A\in\mathbb{R}^{n\times d}$, $b\in \mathbb{R}^n$, and $p>0$. To avoid overfitting and bound $||x||_2$, the constrained $\ell_p$ regression minimizes ... More
Rate-Accuracy Trade-Off In Video Classification With Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksSep 27 2018Jan 02 2019Advanced video classification systems decode video frames to derive the necessary texture and motion representations for ingestion and analysis by spatio-temporal deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs). However, when considering visual Internet-of-Things ... More
Uniform Generalization, Concentration, and Adaptive LearningAug 22 2016One of the fundamental goals in any learning algorithm is to minimize its risk for overfitting. Mathematically, this implies that the learning algorithm enjoys a small generalization risk, which is defined either in expectation or in probability. Both ... More
Analytical formula for the roots of the general complex cubic polynomialDec 21 2015We present a new method to calculate analytically the roots of the general complex polynomial of degree three. This method is based on the approach of clever change of variable involving an arbitrary parameters. The advantage of this method is that it ... More
A critical parabolic Sobolev embedding via Littlewood-Paley decompositionAug 13 2009In this paper, we show a parabolic version of the Ogawa type inequality in Sobolev spaces. Our inequality provides an estimate of the $L^{\infty}$ norm of a function in terms of its parabolic $BMO$ norm, with the aid of the square root of the logarithmic ... More
Viscosity solutions of obstacle problems for Fully nonlinear path-dependent PDEsJun 16 2013Nov 09 2015In this article, we adapt the definition of viscosity solutions to the obstacle problem for fully nonlinear path-dependent PDEs with data uniformly continuous in $(t,\omega)$, and generator Lipschitz continuous in $(y,z,\gamma)$. We prove that our definition ... More
Partial sums of Hyper-Bessel function with applicationsJun 26 2018The main purpose of present paper is to determine some lower bounds for the quotient of the normalized hyper-Bessel function and its partial sum, as well as for the quotient of the derivative of normalized hyper-Bessel function and its partial sum. In ... More
The Andreadakis conjecture for Subgroup of $PΣ_n$Feb 26 2019We are interested in the group partial inner automorphism group which is subgroup of $P{\Sigma}_n$ and we show that this subgroup satisfies the equality of Andreadakis.
From UML Specification into Implementation using Object MappingNov 01 2010In information systems, a system is analyzed using a modeling tool. Analysis is an important phase prior to implementation in order to obtain the correct requirements of the system. During the requirements phase, the software requirements specification ... More
OV or TOV ?Oct 10 2016The well-known equation for hydrostatic equilibrium in a static spherically symmetric spacetime supported by an isotropic perfect fluid is referred to as the Oppenheimer-Volkoff (OV) equation or the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff (TOV) equation in various ... More
Random-walk baryogenesis via primordial black holesApr 02 2016Gravitation violates baryon number $B$: A star has a huge amount of it, while a black hole forming from the star has none. Consider primordial black holes before the hadronic annihiliation in the early universe, encountering and absorbing baryons and ... More
Automatic Discrimination of Color Retinal Images using the Bag of Words ApproachMar 14 2016Diabetic retinopathy (DR) and age related macular degeneration (ARMD) are among the major causes of visual impairment worldwide. DR is mainly characterized by red spots, namely microaneurysms and bright lesions, specifically exudates whereas ARMD is mainly ... More
An Overview of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)Mar 08 2013Wireless Communication is an application of science and technology that has come to be vital for modern existence. From the early radio and telephone to current devices such as mobile phones and laptops, accessing the global network has become the most ... More
Generalizations of Banach and Kannan Fixed point theorems in b_{v}(s) metric spacesJan 28 2018Generalizations of a metric space is one of the most important research areas in mathematics. In literature ,there are several generalized metric spaces. The latest generalized metric space is b_{v}(s) metric space which is introduced by Mitrovic and ... More
Reply to: "TOV or OV? The Whole Story"Feb 05 2017We argued previously that the well-known equation for hydrostatic equilibrium in a static spherically symmetric spacetime supported by an isotropic perfect fluid should be called the Oppenheimer-Volkoff (OV) equation, rather than the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff ... More
A Mathematical Framework for Kinetochore-Driven Activation Feedback in the Mitotic CheckpointJun 06 2017Proliferating cells properly divide into their daughter cells through a process that is mediated by kinetochores, protein-complexes that assemble at the centromere of each sister chromatid. Each kinetochore has to establish a tight bipolar attachment ... More
Cluster Structure on Generalized Weyl AlgebrasAug 05 2011May 11 2016We introduce a class of non-commutative algebras that carry a non-commutative (geometric) cluster structure which are generated by identical copies of generalized Weyl algebras. Equivalent conditions for the finiteness of the set of the cluster variables ... More
Weighting gates in circuit complexity and holographyMar 14 2019Motivated by recent studies of quantum computational complexity in quantum field theory and holography, we discuss how weighting certain classes of gates building up a quantum circuit more heavily than others does affect the complexity. Utilizing Nielsen's ... More
On some geometric properties and Hardy class of q-Bessel functionsAug 27 2019In this paper, we deal with some geometric properties including starlikeness and convexity of order $\alpha$ of Jackson's second and third $q$-Bessel functions which are natural extensions of classical Bessel function $J_{\nu}$. In additon, we determine ... More
A remark on a generalization of a logarithmic Sobolev inequality to the Holder classAug 22 2009In a recent work of the author, a parabolic extension of the elliptic Ogawa type inequality has been established. This inequality is originated from the Brezis-Gallouet-Wainger logarithmic type inequalities revealing Sobolev embeddings in the critical ... More
On some geometric properties and Hardy class of q-Bessel functionsAug 27 2019Sep 06 2019In this paper, we deal with some geometric properties including starlikeness and convexity of order $\alpha$ of Jackson's second and third $q$-Bessel functions which are natural extensions of classical Bessel function $J_{\nu}$. In additon, we determine ... More
The Hörmander condition for delayed stochastic differential equationsOct 17 2016Oct 26 2016In this paper, we are interested in path-dependent stochastic differential equations (SDEs) which are controlled by Brownian motion and its delays. Within this non-Markovian context, we prove a H\"ormander-type criterion for the regularity of solutions. ... More
Frobenius manifolds from regular classical $W$-algebrasJan 05 2010Dec 29 2010We obtain polynomial Frobenius manifolds from classical $W$-algebras associated to regular nilpotent elements in simple Lie algebras using the related opposite Cartan subalgebras.
Imaging with SPADs and DMDs: Seeing through Diffraction-PhotonsMay 31 2018This paper addresses the problem of imaging in the presence of diffraction-photons. Diffraction-photons arise from the low contrast-ratio of DMDs ($\sim 1000: 1$), and very much degrade the quality of images captured by SPAD-based systems. Herein, a joint ... More
Tree shift topological entropyDec 06 2017May 27 2018We give a definition of topological entropy for tree shifts, prove that the limit in the definition exists, and show that it dominates the topological entropy of the associated one-dimensional shift of finite type when the labeling of the tree shares ... More
Reduced Gröbner Bases of Certain Toric Varieties; A New Short ProofSep 03 2010Let K be a field and let m_0,...,m_{n} be an almost arithmetic sequence of positive integers. Let C be a toric variety in the affine (n+1)-space, defined parametrically by x_0=t^{m_0},...,x_{n}=t^{m_{n}}. In this paper we produce a minimal Gr\"obner basis ... More
The Hörmander condition for delayed stochastic differential equationsOct 17 2016In this paper, we are interested in path-dependent stochastic differential equations (SDEs) which are controlled by Brownian motion and its delays. Within this non-Markovian context, we prove a H\"ormander-type criterion for the regularity of solutions. ... More
Normality of Monomial IdealsSep 03 2010Given the monomial ideal I=(x_1^{{\alpha}_1},...,x_{n}^{{\alpha}_{n}})\subset K[x_1,...,x_{n}] where {\alpha}_{i} are positive integers and K a field and let J be the integral closure of I . It is a challenging problem to translate the question of the ... More
Approximation properties for Baskakov-Kantorovich-Stancu type operators based on q- integersFeb 12 2011In this paper, we give an interesting generalization of the Stancu type Baskakov-Kantorovich operators based on the q-integers and investigate their approximation properties. Also, we obtain the estimates for the rate of convergence for a sequence of ... More
Modules over cluster-tilted algebras determined by their dimension vectorsFeb 25 2012We prove that indecomposable transjective modules over cluster-tilted algebras are uniquely determined by their dimension vectors. Similarly, we prove that for cluster-concealed algebras, rigid modules lifting to rigid objects in the corresponding cluster ... More
On a parabolic logarithmic Sobolev inequalityMar 08 2009In order to extend the blow-up criterion of solutions to the Euler equations, Kozono and Taniuchi have proved a logarithmic Sobolev inequality by means of isotropic (elliptic) $BMO$ norm. In this paper, we show a parabolic version of the Kozono-Taniuchi ... More
A new summability method for divergent seriesApr 20 2016The theory of summability of divergent series is a major branch of mathematical analysis that has found important applications in engineering and science. It addresses methods of assigning natural values to divergent sums, whose prototypical examples ... More
Pseudo Markovian Viscosity Solutions of Fully Nonlinear Degenerate PPDEsApr 08 2016In this paper we propose a new type of viscosity solutions for fully nonlinear path dependent PDEs. By restricting to certain pseudo Markovian structure, we remove the uniform non- degeneracy condition imposed in our earlier works [9, 10]. We establish ... More
Hawking radiation as the cosmic censorAug 26 2015Jun 23 2016Hawking radiation acts as a cosmic censor since it carries away the angular momentum of the black hole, proportionally more than its mass. In this work we first show that an extremal black hole cannot exist since it will be pushed away from extremality ... More
AltecOnDB: A Large-Vocabulary Arabic Online Handwriting Recognition DatabaseDec 24 2014Arabic is a semitic language characterized by a complex and rich morphology. The exceptional degree of ambiguity in the writing system, the rich morphology, and the highly complex word formation process of roots and patterns all contribute to making computational ... More
Ensemble Kalman filtering with residual nudging: an extension to state estimation problems with nonlinear observation operatorsJun 17 2014The ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) is an efficient algorithm for many data assimilation problems. In certain circumstances, however, divergence of the EnKF might be spotted. In previous studies, the authors proposed an observation-space-based strategy, ... More
$τ\to μγ$ Decay in Extensions with a Vector Like GenerationNov 03 2012An analysis is given of the decay $\tau \to \mu+ \gamma$ in MSSM extensions with a vector like generation. Here mixing with the mirrors allows the possibility of this decay. The analysis is done at one loop with the exchange of charginos and neutralinos ... More
The McDonald Modified Weibull Distribution: Properties and ApplicationsSep 11 2013A six parameter distribution so-called the McDonald modified Weibull distribution is defined and studied. The new distribution contains, as special submodels, several important distributions discussed in the literature, such as the beta modified Weibull, ... More
CellSense: An Accurate Energy-Efficient GSM Positioning SystemOct 15 2011Context-aware applications have been gaining huge interest in the last few years. With cell phones becoming ubiquitous computing devices, cell phone localization has become an important research problem. In this paper, we present CellSense, a prob- abilistic ... More
Advanced quasi-steady state approximation for chemical kineticsJul 08 2011Feb 16 2012Computational feasibility of turbulent reacting flows hinges on the reduction of large chemical kinetics systems to smaller more manageable reaction sets. Recently, several sophisticated reduction techniques have been developed but they continue to be ... More
A Hidden Markov Model for Localization Using Low-End GSM Cell PhonesOct 17 2010Research in location determination for GSM phones has gained interest recently as it enables a wide set of location based services. RSSI-based techniques have been the preferred method for GSM localization on the handset as RSSI information is available ... More
A Generalized Web Component for Domain-Independent Smart AssistantsSep 05 2019This article introduces an open-source web component, Instant Expert, which allows robust and efficient integration of a natural language question answering system to web-based platforms in any domain. Web Components are a set of web technologies to allow ... More
A convergent adaptive spline based finite element method for the biLaplace operator using Nitsches methodMar 26 2018We establish the convergence of an adaptive spline-based finite element method of a fourth order elliptic problem with weakly imposed Dirichlet boundary conditions using polynomial Bsplines.
Numerical computation for the non-cutoff radially symmetric homogeneous boltzmann equationJul 10 2017For the non cutoff radially symmetric homogeneous Boltzmann equation with Maxwellian molecules, we give the numerical solutions using symbolic manipulations and spectral decomposition of Hermit functions. The initial data can belong to some measure space. ... More
On partial sums of normalized q-Bessel functionsApr 06 2017In the present investigation our main aim is to give lower bounds for the ratio of some normalized $q$-Bessel functions and their sequences of partial sums. Especially, we consider Jackson's second and third $q$-Bessel functions and we apply one normalization ... More
The two faces of the coin of Special RelativityJul 02 2008It is rarely emphasized in modern physics textbooks that our definitions of space and time have to reflect their complete interdependence. Our intuitive methods of always picturing one-dimensional space as a sum of unit-length rods and of picturing one-dimensional ... More
Large deviations for directed percolation on a thin rectangleDec 20 2007Mar 26 2010Following the recent investigations of Baik and Suidan in \cite{baik2005gcl} and Bodineau and Martin in \cite{bodineau2005upl}, we prove large deviation properties for a last-passage percolation model in $\mathbb{Z}^{2}_{+}$ whose paths are close to the ... More
Large Tau and Tau Neutrino Electric Dipole Moments in Models with Vector Like MultipletsJan 01 2010It is shown that the electric dipole moment of the tau lepton several orders of magnitude larger than predicted by the standard model can be generated from mixings in models with vector like mutiplets. The EDM of the tau lepton arises from loops involving ... More
Corrections to b, t quark masses and $τ$ lepton mass in SUGRA including CP phasesAug 15 2003A brief review is given of recent analyses of the effects of CP phases on the supersymmetric QCD and supersymmetric electroweak contibutions to the $b$ and $t$ quark masses and to the $\tau$ lepton mass in SUGRA models. The effects of CP phases on the ... More
SUSY QCD and SUSY Electroweak Loop Corrections to $b, t$ and $τ$ Masses Including the Effects of CP PhasesJan 15 2003Apr 11 2003We compute supersymmetric QCD and supersymmetric electroweak corrections to the b and t quark masses and to the $\tau$ lepton mass in the presence of CP phases valid for all $\tan\beta$. The analysis includes one loop diagrams arising from the exchange ... More
Effects of Large CP violating phases on $g_{\m}-2$ in MSSMAug 23 1999Effects of CP violation on the supersymmetric electro-weak correction to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon are investigated with the most general allowed set of CP violating phases in MSSM. The analysis includes contributions from the chargino ... More
Large Phases and CP Violation in SUSYJul 31 2001Aug 02 2001A brief overview is given of recent developments in the analyses of large phases and CP violation in supersymmetric unified models. The problem of experimental electric dipole moment constraints and large phases is discussed. Implications of large phases ... More
Effects of Large CP Phases on the Proton Lifetime in Supersymmetric UnificationApr 10 2000Sep 02 2000The effects of large CP violating phases arising from the soft SUSY breaking parameters on the proton lifetime are investigated in supersymmetric grand unified models. It is found that the CP violating phases can reduce as well as enhance the proton lifetime ... More
Large CP Phases and the Cancellation Mechanism in EDMs in SUSY, String and Brane ModelsOct 30 1999Jan 23 2000We show that EDMs obey a simple approximate scaling under the transformation $m_0\to \lambda m_0,m_{{1/2}}\to \lambda m_{{1/2}}$ in the large $\mu$ region when $\mu$ itself obeys the same scaling, ie., $\mu \to \lambda \mu$. In the scaling region the ... More
Entropy on regular treesSep 11 2019We show that the limit in our definition of tree shift topological entropy is actually the infimum, as is the case for both the topological and measure-theoretic entropies in the classical situation when the time parameter is $\mathbb Z$. As a consequence, ... More
Strong convergence with a modified iterative projection method for hierarchical fixed point problems and variational inequalitiesMar 13 2014This paper deals with a modified iterative projection method for approximating a solution of the hierarchical fixed point problem for a sequene of nearly nonexpansive mappings with respect to a nonexpansive mapping. It is shown that under certain approximate ... More
Blind speech separation based on undecimated wavelet packet-perceptual filterbanks and independent component analysisOct 14 2012In this paper, we address the problem of blind separation of speech mixtures. We propose a new blind speech separation system, which integrates a perceptual filterbank and independent component analysis (ICA) and using kurtosis criterion. The perceptual ... More
Convergence Theorems for Hierarchical Fixed Point Problems and Variational InequalitiesMar 14 2014This paper deals with a modifed iterative projection method for approximating a solution of hierarchical fixed point problems for nearly nonexpansive mappings. Some strong convergence theorems for the proposed method are presented under certain approximate ... More
Local solvability and loss of smoothness of the Navier-Stokes-Maxwell equations with large initial dataSep 28 2011Existence of local-in-time unique solution and loss of smoothness of full Magnet-Hydro-Dynamics system (MHD) is considered for periodic initial data. The result is proven using Fujita-Kato's method in $\ell^1$ based (for the Fourier coefficients) functional ... More
On the Convex Hulls of Self-Affine FractalsApr 28 2015Apr 30 2015Suppose that the set ${\mathcal{T}}= \{T_1, T_2,...,T_q \} $ of real $n\times n$ matrices has joint spectral radius less than $1$. Then for any digit set $ D= \{d_1, \cdots, d_q\} \subset {\Bbb R}^n$, there exists a unique nonempty compact set $F=F({\mathcal{T}},D)$ ... More
Decentralized Flood Forecasting Using Deep Neural NetworksFeb 06 2019Predicting flood for any location at times of extreme storms is a longstanding problem that has utmost importance in emergency management. Conventional methods that aim to predict water levels in streams use advanced hydrological models still lack of ... More
Topological behaviour of logarithmic invariantsMay 06 2019Let $\ell$ be a rational prime number and $K$ a number field. We prove that the logarithmic module $X_{d}$ attached to a $\mathbb{Z}_{\ell}^{d}$-extension $K_{d}$ of $K$ is a noetherian $\Lambda_{d}$-module. Moreover, under the Gross-Kuz'min conjecture ... More
Multivariate ultrametric root countingJul 06 2011Let $K$ be a field, complete with respect to a discrete non-archimedian valuation and let $k$ be the residue field. Consider a system $F$ of $n$ polynomial equations in $K\vars$. Our first result is a reformulation of the classical Hensel's Lemma in the ... More
Bounds for radii of convexity of some $q$-Bessel functionsFeb 15 2017In the present investigation, by applying two different normalizations of the Jackson and Hahn-Exton $q$-Bessel functions tight lower and upper bounds for the radii of convexity of the same functions are obtained. In addition, it was shown that these ... More
A Minimal Groebner Basis for the Defining Ideals of Certain Affine Monomial CurvesNov 17 2004Nov 20 2004In this article we produce Groebner bases for the defining ideal of a monomial curve that corresponds to an almost arithmetic sequence of positive integers, correcting previous work of Sengupta,(2003).
Ultrametric Root CountingJan 22 2009Sep 02 2010Let $K$ be a complete non-archimedean field with a discrete valuation, $f\in K[X]$ a polynomial with non-vanishing discriminant, $A$ the valuation ring of $K$, and $\M$ the maximal ideal of $A$. The first main result of this paper is a reformulation of ... More
Limit shapes for Gibbs ensembles of partitionsJan 02 2018Apr 17 2018We explicitly compute limit shapes for several grand canonical Gibbs ensembles of partitions of integers. These ensembles appear in models of aggregation and are also related to invariant measures of zero range and coagulation-fragmentation processes. ... More
Efficient Indicators to Evaluate the Status of Software Development Effort Estimation inside the OrganizationsSep 12 2012Development effort is an undeniable part of the project management which considerably influences the success of project. Inaccurate and unreliable estimation of effort can easily lead to the failure of project. Due to the special specifications, accurate ... More
Bounds for radii of starlikeness of some $q$-Bessel functionsJan 18 2017In this paper the radii of starlikeness of the Jackson and Hahn-Exton $q$-Bessel functions are considered and for each of them three different normalization are applied. By applying Euler-Rayleigh inequalities for the first positive zeros of these functions ... More
The Ratliff-Rush Closure of Initial Ideals of Certain Prime IdealsNov 19 2004Nov 20 2004We prove that the initial ideal of the defining ideal of a monomial curve that corresponds to an almost arithmetic sequence of positive integers is Ratliff-Rush closed.
Bypass Fraud Detection: Artificial Intelligence ApproachNov 04 2017Telecom companies are severely damaged by bypass fraud or SIM boxing. However, there is a shortage of published research to tackle this problem. The traditional method of Test Call Generating is easily overcome by fraudsters and the need for more sophisticated ... More
Results on the Ratliff-Rush Closure and the Integral Closedness of Powers of Certain Monomial CurvesSep 03 2010Starting from \cite{Ayy2} we compute the Groebner basis for the defining ideal, P, of the monomial curves that correspond to arithmetic sequences, and then give an elegant description of the generators of powers of the initial ideal of P, inP. The first ... More
An Algorithm for Computing the Ratliff-Rush ClosureSep 03 2010Let I\subset K[x,y] be a <x,y>-primary monomial ideal where K is a field. This paper produces an algorithm for computing the Ratliff-Rush closure I for the ideal I=<m_0,...,m_{n}> whenever m_{i} is contained in the integral closure of the ideal <x^{a_{n}},y^{b_0}>. ... More
Coalescing particle systems and applications to nonlinear Fokker-Planck equationsApr 17 2017Oct 03 2017We study a stochastic particle system with a logarithmically-singular inter-particle interaction potential which allows for inelastic particle collisions. We relate the squared Bessel process to the evolution of localized clusters of particles, and develop ... More
Inverse problem of the spectral analysis for the Sturm-Liouville operator with non-separated boundary conditions and spectral parameter in the boundary conditionMar 13 2019This work deals with an inverse problem for the Sturm-Liouville operator with non-separated boundary conditions, one of which linearly depends on a spectral parameter. Uniqueness theorem is proved, solution algorithm is constructed and sufficient conditions ... More
Input Constraints and Noise Density Functions: A Simple Relation for Bounded-Support and Discrete Capacity-Achieving InputsFeb 02 2016We study the classical problem of characterizing the channel capacity and its achieving distribution in a generic fashion. We derive a simple relation between three parameters: the input-output function, the input cost function and the noise probability ... More
Weak and strong convergence theorems for generalized nonexpansive mappingsMar 21 2014We consider a class of generalized nonexpansive mappings introduced by Karapinar [5] and seen as a generalization of Suzuki (C)-condition. We prove some weak and strong convergence theorems for approximating fixed points of such mappings under suitable ... More
On a question of Sadullaev concerning boundary relative extremal functionsNov 03 2016We give alternative definitions of the boundary relative extremal function and show that Edwards' theorem does not hold in open sets.
The optical potential of $^{6}$He in the eikonal approximationJun 24 2003The new data of the elastic scattering of $^{6}$He+$^{12}$C at about 40 MeV/nucleon are analyzed in the eikonal approximation. The $^{6}$He+$^{12}$C phase-shift function is evaluated completely without any {\it ad hoc} assumption by a Monte Carlo integration, ... More
Mochizuki-Trooshin type theorem for Sturm-Liouville problem on time scalesSep 14 2019In this paper, we consider an interior inverse Sturm-Liouville problem on time scale T and give a Mochizuki-Trooshin type theorem.
Multi-Lingual Ontology Server (MOS) for discovering Web servicesJul 19 2015Searching for appropriate web services on the internet is becoming more and more laborious, because it depends on human processing and evaluating of the available web services in UDDI repositories. Furthermore, if the requester language is different form ... More
Farm land weed detection with region-based deep convolutional neural networksJun 05 2019Machine learning has become a major field of research in order to handle more and more complex image detection problems. Among the existing state-of-the-art CNN models, in this paper a region-based, fully convolutional network, for fast and accurate object ... More
Bayesian transformation hazard modelsNov 07 2006We propose a class of transformation hazard models for right-censored failure time data. It includes the proportional hazards model (Cox) and the additive hazards model (Lin and Ying) as special cases. Due to the requirement of a nonnegative hazard function, ... More
On a question of Sadullaev concerning boundary relative extremal functionsNov 03 2016Nov 07 2016We give alternative definitions of the boundary relative extremal function and show that Edwards' theorem does not hold in open sets.
On one-sample Bayesian tests for the meanMar 03 2019This paper deals with a new Bayesian approach to the standard one-sample $z$- and $t$- tests. More specifically, let $x_1,\ldots,x_n$ be an independent random sample from a normal distribution with mean $\mu$ and variance $\sigma^2$. The goal is to test ... More
Monte Carlo simulations of a disordered superconductor-metal quantum phase transitionJul 31 2018Dec 29 2018We investigate the quantum phase transitions of a disordered nanowire from superconducting to metallic behavior by employing extensive Monte Carlo simulations. To this end, we map the quantum action onto a (1+1)-dimensional classical XY model with long-range ... More
Distributed NLPFeb 10 2018In this paper we present the performance of parallel text processing with Map Reduce on a cloud platform. Scientific papers in Turkish language are processed using Zemberek NLP library. Experiments were run on a Hadoop cluster and compared with the single ... More
The first Hochschild cohomology group of a schurian cluster-tilted algebraDec 18 2007Given a cluster-tilted algebra B we study its first Hochschild cohomology group HH^1(B) with coefficients in the B-B-bimodule B. We find several consequences when B is representation-finite, and also in the case where B is cluster-tilted of type \tilde{\mathbb{A}}. ... More
Longitudinal b-operators, Blups and Index theoremsNov 30 2017Jul 23 2018Using recently introduced Debord-Skandalis Blup's groupoids we study index theory for a compact foliated manifold with boundary inducing a foliation in its boundary. For this we consider first a blup groupoid whose Lie algebroid has sections consisting ... More
Formalization of the data flow diagram rules for consistency checkNov 01 2010In system development life cycle (SDLC), a system model can be developed using Data Flow Diagram (DFD). DFD is graphical diagrams for specifying, constructing and visualizing the model of a system. DFD is used in defining the requirements in a graphical ... More
LP decoding excess over symmetric channelsJul 13 2015We consider the problem of Linear Programming (LP) decoding of binary linear codes. The LP excess lemma was introduced by the first author, B. Ghazi, and R. Urbanke (IEEE Trans. Inf. Th., 2014) as a technique to trade crossover probability for "LP excess" ... More
Conformal Gravity Redux: Ghost-turned-TachyonMar 19 2014We analyze conformal gravity in translationally invariant approximation, where the metric is taken to depend on time but not on spatial coordinates. We find that the field mode which in perturbation theory has a ghostlike kinetic term, turns into a tachyon ... More
The Curious Case of an Effective TheoryAug 18 2013We describe an effective theory of a scalar field, motivated by some features expected in the low energy theory of gluodynamics in 3+1 dimensions. The theory describes two propagating massless particles in a certain limit, which we identify with the Abelian ... More
Hybrid Optical and Electrical Network Flows Scheduling in Cloud Data CentresJun 02 2013Hybrid intra-data centre networks, with optical and electrical capabilities, are attracting research interest in recent years. This is attributed to the emergence of new bandwidth greedy applications and novel computing paradigms. A key decision to make ... More
Effective M-learning design Strategies for computer science and Engineering coursesMar 08 2012Mobile learning (M-learning) is receiving more attention as a method of delivering to learners study materials anytime and anywhere. It is a necessity for educators to come up with a layout for learning that can be accessed through mobile devices. These ... More