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New distributed offline processing scheme at BelleDec 01 2004The offline processing of the data collected by the Belle detector has been recently upgraded to cope with the excellent performance of the KEKB accelerator. The 127/fb of data (120 TB on tape) collected between autumn 2003 and summer 2004 has been processed ... More
Measurement of B -> D^(*) tau nu using full reconstruction tagsOct 22 2009We present measurements of B -> D^* tau nu and B -> D tau nu decays using 604.5 fb^-1 of data collected at the Upsilon(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e^+e^- collider. Events are tagged by fully reconstructing one of ... More
Photon-spin qubit-conversion based on Overhauser shift of Zeeman energies in quantum dotsDec 01 2004We propose a new method to realize a conversion of photon qubit and spin qubit using the effective magnetic field created by the nuclear polarization known as Overhauser field. We discuss its preliminary experiment on InAlAs/AlGaAs self-assembled quantum ... More
High-statistics study of neutral-pion pair production in two-photon collisionsOct 02 2008The differential cross section for the process $\gamma \gamma \to \pi^0 \pi^0$ has been measured in the kinematic range 0.6 GeV $< W < 4.1$ GeV, $|\cos \theta^*|<0.8$ in energy and pion scattering angle, respectively, in the $\gamma\gamma$ center-of-mass ... More
Observation of two charged bottomonium-like resonancesMay 23 2011Nov 24 2011We report the observation of two narrow structures at 10610MeV/c^2 and 10650MeV/c^2 in the pi^{\pm}Upsilon(nS) (n=1,2,3) and pi^{\pm}h_b(mP) (m=1,2) mass spectra that are produced in association with a single charged pion in Upsilon(5S) decays. The measured ... More
Similarity between Ni and Zn impurity effects on the superconductivity and Cu-spin correlation in La2-xSrxCu1-yNiyO4 high-Tc cuprates: A comparison based on the hole trapping by NiMar 07 2011Apr 23 2011Ni-substitution effects on the superconductivity and Cu-spin correlation have been investigated in La2-xSrxCu1-yNiyO4 from the electrical resistivity and muon spin relaxation measurements, taking into account the hole trapping by Ni recently suggested. ... More
Development of Cu-spin correlation in Bi_1.74_Pb_0.38_Sr_1.88_Cu_1-y_Zn_y_O_6+d_ high-temperature superconductors observed by muon spin relaxationNov 19 2010Jul 01 2011A systematic muon-spin-relaxation study in Bi-2201 high-Tc cuprates has revealed for the first time that the Cu-spin correlation (CSC) is developed at low temperatures below 2 K in a wide range of hole concentration where superconductivity appears. The ... More
Measurement of the form factors of the decay B^0 -> D^{*-} l^+ nu_l and determination of the CKM matrix element |V_{cb}|Oct 09 2008This paper describes a determination of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix element $|V_{cb}|$ using the decay $B^0\to D^{*-}\ell^+\nu_\ell$. We perform a combined measurement of this quantity and of the form factors $\rho^2$, $R_1(1)$, and $R_2(1)$ ... More
Measurement of the Differential Branching Fraction and Forward-Backward Asymmetry for B->K(*)l+l-Oct 02 2008We study B->K(*)l+l- decays based on a large data sample of 657 million BB pairs collected with the Belle detector at the KEKB e+e- collider. The differential branching fraction, the isospin asymmetry, the K* polarization, and the forward-backward asymmetry ... More
Measurement of B- -> tau- nu_tau-bar Decay With a Semileptonic Tagging MethodSep 23 2008We present a new measurement of the decay B- -> tau- nu_tau-bar with a semileptonic B tagging method, using a data sample containing 657*10^6 BB-bar pairs collected at the (4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric e+e- collider. A ... More
Measurement of exclusive B to Xu l nu decays using full-reconstruction tagging at BelleDec 08 2008We report on a study of the branching fractions for the exclusive charmless semileptonic B decay modes B to pi+ l nu, B to pi0 l nu, B to rho+ l nu, B to rho0 l nu and B to omega l nu, using events tagged by fully reconstructing one of the B mesons in ... More
Measurement of $y_{CP}$ in $D$ meson decays to CP eigenstatesAug 01 2008We present a measurement of the $D^0$-$\overline{D}^0$ mixing parameter $y_{CP}$ using a flavor-untagged sample of $D^0\to K_S^0K^+K^-$ decays. The measurement is based on a 673 fb$^{-1}$ data sample recorded by the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy ... More
Precise measurement of Br(tau^- -> K^*0(892) K^- nu_tau) and the mass and width of the K^*0(892) mesonAug 07 2008Using the high statistics tau data sample recorded in the Belle experiment at KEKB, we have greatly improved the precision of the branching fraction Br(tau^- -> K^*0(892) K^- nu_tau) = (1.56+-0.02+-0.09)x10^-3, while the mass and width of the K^*0(892) ... More
Dynamics of Charged Quantized VorticesSep 11 2009We study theoretically the dynamics of charged quantized vortices (CQVs). CQVs (ion-vortex complexes) have been used as an important probe in the field of quantum hydrodynamics. Recent experimental studies of quantum turbulence at very low temperatures ... More
Deviation of Yukawa Coupling in Gauge-Higgs UnificationJan 26 2015We study the deviation of yukawa coupling in the gauge-Higgs unification scenario from the Standard Model one. Taking into account the brane mass terms necessary for generating the flavor mixing and removing the exotic massless fermions, we derive an ... More
Observation of radiative B^0 -> φK^0 γdecaysNov 09 2009Oct 28 2011We report the first observation of radiative decay B^0 -> \phi K^0 \gamma using a data sample of 772x10^6 BBar pairs collected at the Y(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e+e- collider. We observe a signal of 35+/-8 events ... More
Cu-spin dynamics in the overdoped regime of La_2-x_Sr_x_Cu_1-y_Zn_y_O_4_ probed by muon spin relaxationJul 23 2007Muon-spin-relaxation measurements have been performed for the partially Zn-substituted La_2-x_Sr_x_Cu_1-y_Zn_y_O_4_ with y=0-0.10 in the overdoped regime up to x=0.30. In the 3 % Zn-substituted samples up to x=0.27, exponential-like depolarization of ... More
muSR study of the Cu-spin dynamics in the electron-doped high-Tc cuprate of Pr0.86LaCe0.14Cu1-y(Zn,Ni)yO4Oct 07 2005Effects of the Zn- and Ni-substitution on the Cu-spin dynamics in the electron-doped Pr0.86LaCe0.14Cu1-y(Zn,Ni)yO4+a-d with y = 0, 0.01, 0.02, 0.05 and different values of the reduced oxygen content d have been studied using zero-field muon-spin-relaxation ... More
Muon-spin-relaxation and magnetic-susceptibility studies of effects of the magnetic impurity Ni on the Cu-spin dynamics and superconductivity in La_2-x_Sr_x_Cu_1-y_Ni_y_O_4_ with x = 0.13Jan 28 2004Jun 17 2004Effects of the magnetic impurity Ni on the Cu-spin dynamics and superconductivity have been studied in La_2-x_Sr_x_Cu_1-y_Ni_y_O_4_ with x = 0.13 changing y finely up to 0.10. Compared with the case of the nonmagnetic impurity Zn, it has been found from ... More
A Comparison of Approaches for Solving Hard Graph-Theoretic ProblemsApr 29 2015Dec 17 2015In order to formulate mathematical conjectures likely to be true, a number of base cases must be determined. However, many combinatorial problems are NP-hard and the computational complexity makes this research approach difficult using a standard brute ... More
Absence of the impurity-induced magnetic order in the electron-doped high-T_c_ cuprates Pr_0.86_LaCe_0.14_Cu_1-y_(Zn, Ni)_y_O_4_Dec 15 2004Sep 02 2005Zero-field muon-spin-relaxation measurements have been carried out in order to investigate the Zn- and Ni-substitution effects on the Cu-spin dynamics in the electron-doped Pr_0.86_LaCe_0.14_Cu_1-y_(Zn, Ni)_y_O_4+\alpa-\delta_ with y = 0, 0.01, 0.02, ... More
First measurement of phi_3 with a binned model-independent Dalitz plot analysis of B->DK, D->Ks pi+pi- decayJun 20 2011We present the first measurement of the angle phi_3 of the unitarity triangle using a binned model-independent Dalitz plot analysis technique of B->DK, D->Ks pi+pi- decay chain. The method is based on the measurement of parameters related to the strong ... More
Steady State of Counterflow Quantum Turbulence: Vortex filament Simulation with the Full Biot-Savart LawDec 24 2009Apr 07 2010We perform a numerical simulation of quantum turbulence produced by thermal counterflow in superfluid $^4$He by using the vortex filament model with the full Biot--Savart law. The pioneering work of Schwarz has two shortcomings: it neglects the non-local ... More
Self-triggered Model Predictive Control for Continuous-Time Systems: A Multiple Discretizations ApproachSep 08 2016In this paper, we propose a new self-triggered formulation of Model Predictive Control for continuous-time linear networked control systems. Our control approach, which aims at reducing the number of transmitting control samples to the plant, is derived ... More
Self-triggered Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Input-Affine Dynamical Systems via Adaptive Control Samples SelectionMar 11 2016In this paper, we propose a self-triggered formulation of Model Predictive Control for continuous-time nonlinear input-affine networked control systems. Our control method specifies not only when to execute control tasks but also provides a way to discretize ... More
Critical behaviour in gravitational collapse of radiation fluid --- A renormalization group (linear perturbation) analysis ---Mar 06 1995A scenario is presented, based on renormalization group (linear perturbation) ideas, which can explain the self-similarity and scaling observed in a numerical study of gravitational collapse of radiation fluid. In particular, it is shown that the critical ... More
Aperiodic Sampled-Data Control via Explicit Transmission Mapping: A Set Invariance ApproachJan 13 2018Jan 17 2018Event-triggered and self-triggered control have been proposed in recent years as promising control strategies to reduce communication resources in Networked Control Systems (NCSs). Based on the notion of set-invariance theory, this note presents new self-triggered ... More
sBelle Design Study ReportOct 22 2008In this note, we compile results of various simulation studies for the upgrade of the Belle detector. Based on these studies, we propose a set of optimum or appropriate parameters of the detector.
The classification of τ-tilting modules over Nakayama algebrasSep 09 2013Aug 10 2015In this paper, we study tau-tilting modules over Nakayama algebras. We establish bijections between tau-tilting modules, triangulations of a polygon with a puncture and certain integer sequences. Moreover, we give an algorithm to construct the Hasse quiver ... More
A local expression of the Diederich--Fornaess exponent and the exponent of conformal harmonic measuresMar 13 2014Mar 22 2015A local expression of the Diederich--Fornaess exponent of complements of Levi-flat real hypersurfaces is exhibited. This expression describes the correspondence between pseudoconvexity of their complements and positivity of their normal bundles, which ... More
Improved measurements of branching fractions and CP partial rate asymmetries for $B\toωK$ and $B\toωπ$Sep 12 2006Dec 22 2006We report improved measurements of $B$ to pseudoscalar-vector decays containing an $\omega$ meson in the final states. Our results are obtained from a data sample that contains $388\times 10^{6}$ $B\bar{B}$ pairs accumulated at the $\Upsilon(4S)$ resonance, ... More
Muon-spin-relaxation study of the Cu-spin dynamics in electron-doped high-T_c_ superconductor Pr_0.86_LaCe_0.14_Cu_1-y_Zn_y_O_4_Jul 09 2010Muon-spin-relaxation (muSR) measurements have been performed for the partially Zn-substituted electron-doped high-T_c_ superconductor Pr_0.86_LaCe_0.14_Cu_1-y_Zn_y_O_4+alpha-delta_ with y=0-0.05 and the reduced oxygen content delta=0-0.09, in order to ... More
Engel structures with trivial characteristic foliationsMay 09 2002Engel structures on M x S^1 and M x I are studied in this paper, where M is a 3-dimensional manifold. We suppose that these structures have characteristic line fields parallel to the fibres, S^1 or I. It is proved that they are characterized by contact ... More
Discrimination of domination mode and chaotic mode in speciesMar 03 2016Sep 30 2016The concepts of a population and a species play fundamental roles in biology. The existence and precise definition of higher-order hierarchies, such as division into species, is open to debate among biologists. Here we show a new metric, `small $s$', ... More
Adaptive MIMO Channel Estimation using Sparse Variable Step-Size NLMS AlgorithmsJul 23 2014To estimate multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channels, invariable step-size normalized least mean square (ISSNLMS) algorithm was applied to adaptive channel estimation (ACE). Since the MIMO channel is often described by sparse channel model due to ... More
Compressive sensing based Bayesian sparse channel estimation for OFDM communication systems: high performance and low complexityMar 02 2014Apr 21 2015In orthogonal frequency division modulation (OFDM) communication systems, channel state information (CSI) is required at receiver due to the fact that frequency-selective fading channel leads to disgusting inter-symbol interference (ISI) over data transmission. ... More
Effects of Zn and Ni substitution on the Cu-spin dynamics and superconductivity in La_2-x_Sr_x_Cu_1-y_(Zn,Ni)_y_O_4_ with x=0.15-0.20 studied by the muon spin relaxation and magnetic susceptibilityAug 28 2008Nov 03 2008We have investigated effects of Zn and Ni on the Cu-spin dynamics and superconductivity from the zero-field muon-spin-relaxation (ZF-muSR) and magnetic-susceptibility, chi, measurements for La_2-x_Sr_x_Cu_1-y_(Zn,Ni)_y_O_4_ with x=0.15-0.20, changing ... More
Plastikstufe with toric coreSep 03 2016Plastikstufes and overtwistedness for higher-dimensional contact manifolds are studied in this paper. It is proved that a contact structure is overtwisted if and only if there exists a small plastikstufe with toric core that has trivial rotation.
Compressive Channel Estimation for Two-way Relay Network in a Frequency-Selective Channel with Compressed SensingAug 17 2010Jun 23 2013Two-way relay network (TWRN) was introduced to realize high-data rate transmission over the wireless frequency-selective channel. However, TWRC requires the knowledge of channel state information (CSI) not only for coherent data detection but also for ... More
Two are Better Than One: Adaptive Sparse System Identification using Affine Combination of Two Sparse Adaptive FiltersNov 06 2013Sparse system identification problems often exist in many applications, such as echo interference cancellation, sparse channel estimation, and adaptive beamforming. One of popular adaptive sparse system identification (ASSI) methods is adopting only one ... More
Simple and efficient quantum key distribution with parametric down-conversionOct 15 2006Nov 06 2007We propose an efficient quantum key distribution protocol based on the photon-pair generation from parametric down-conversion (PDC). It uses the same experimental setup as the conventional protocol, but a refined data analysis enables detection of photon-number ... More
A Framework for Analyzing Stochastic Jumps in Finance based on Belief and KnowledgeDec 01 2015Feb 18 2016We introduce a formal language IE that is a variant of the language PAL developed in [van Benthem 2011] by adding a belief operator and a common belief operator,specializing to stochastic analysis. A constant symbol in the language denotes a stochastic ... More
A CR proof for a global estimate of the Diederich--Fornaess index of Levi-flat real hypersurfacesOct 10 2014Feb 08 2015Yet another proof is given for a global estimate of the Diederich--Fornaess index of relatively compact domains with Levi-flat boundary, namely, the index must be smaller than or equal to the reciprocal of the dimension of the ambient space. This proof ... More
On a global estimate of the Diederich--Fornaess index of Levi-flat real hypersurfacesOct 10 2014In this expository paper, we review a recent progress of the study of the Diederich--Fornaess index of complex domains with emphasis on the case of domains with Levi-flat boundary. It is exhibited that for any compact Levi-flat real hypersurface, the ... More
Computing System for the Belle ExperimentJun 14 2003We describe the offline computing system of the Belle experiment, consisting of a computing farm with one thousand IA-32 CPUs. Up to now, the Belle experiment has accumulated more than 120 fb$^{-1}$ of data, which is the world largest $B\bar{B}$ sample ... More
Single photon interference between two modes originated from a single quantum dotAug 13 2009Sep 03 2009Interference of a single photon generated from a single quantum dot is observed between two photon polarization modes. Each emitted single photon has two orthogonal polarization modes associated with the solid-state single photon source, in which two ... More
Muon-spin-relaxation and magnetic-susceptibility studies of the effects of nonmagnetic impurities on the Cu-spin dynamics and superconductivity in La_2-x_Sr_x_Cu_1-y_Zn_y_O_4_ around x = 0.115Jun 10 2003Jun 03 2004Zero-field muon-spin-relaxation (muSR) and magnetic-susceptibility measurements have been carried out in La_2-x_Sr_x_Cu_1-y_Zn_y_O_4_ with x = 0.10, 0.115 and 0.13 changing the Zn-concentration y finely up to 0.10, with the aim to clarify effects of the ... More
Hole-trapping by Ni, Kondo effect and electronic phase diagram in non-superconducting Ni-substituted La2-xSrxCu1-yNiyO4Jul 27 2010In order to investigate the electronic state in the normal state of high-Tc cuprates in a wide range of temperature and hole-concentration, specific-heat, electrical-resistivity, magnetization and muon-spin-relaxation (muSR) measurements have been performed ... More
Prolog Visualization System Using Logichart DiagramsMar 12 2009We have developed a Prolog visualization system that is intended to support Prolog programming education. The system uses Logichart diagrams to visualize Prolog programs. The Logichart diagram is designed to visualize the Prolog execution flow intelligibly ... More
Generalizations of twists of contact structures to higher-dimensions via round surgeryOct 30 2016Twists of contact structures in dimension 3 and higher are studied in this paper from a viewpoint of contact round surgery. Three kinds of new modifications of contact structures which are higher-dimensional generalizations of the $3$-dimensional Lutz ... More
On the Jacobian conjectureJun 11 2009Apr 22 2010We show that the Jacobian conjecture of the two dimensional case is true.
Variable Earns Profit: Improved Adaptive Channel Estimation using Sparse VSS-NLMS AlgorithmsNov 06 2013Accurate channel estimation is essential for broadband wireless communications. As wireless channels often exhibit sparse structure, the adaptive sparse channel estimation algorithms based on normalized least mean square (NLMS) have been proposed, e.g., ... More
On the ampleness of positive CR line bundles over Levi-flat manifoldsJan 25 2013Oct 17 2013We give an example of a compact Levi-flat CR 3-manifold with a positive-along-leaves CR line bundle which is not ample with respect to transversely infinitely differentiable CR sections. This example shows that we cannot improve the regularity of Kodaira ... More
Characterizing τ-rigid-finite algebras with radical square zeroJan 07 2014Mar 01 2014In this paper, we give a characterization of tau-rigid-finite algebras with radical square zero in terms of the separated quivers, which is an analog of a famous characterization of representation-finite algebras with radical square zero.
Enhancement of electronic anomalies in iron-substituted La_2-x_Sr_x_Cu_1-y_Fe_y_O_4_ around x=0.22Feb 10 2009We have measured the temperature dependences of Rho and Chi for Fe-substituted La_2-x_Sr_x_Cu_1-y_Fe_y_O_4_ in the overdoped regime, in order to investigate Fe-substitution effects on electronic properties around x=0.22. From the Rho measurements, it ... More
$^1$H-NMR Study of the Random Bond Effect in the Quantum Spin System (CH$_3$)$_2$CHNH$_3$Cu(Cl$_x$Br$_{1-x}$)$_3$Jun 06 2007Jun 12 2007Spin-lattice relaxation rate $T_1^{-1}$ of $^1$H-NMR has been measured in (CH$_3$)$_2$CHNH$_3$Cu(Cl$_x$Br$_{1-x}$)$_3$ with $x=0.88$, which has been reported to be gapped system with singlet ground state from the previous macroscopic magnetization and ... More
Particle-in-cell simulations of high energy electron production by intense laser pulses in underdense plasmasOct 22 2004Oct 23 2004The propagation of intense laser pulses and the generation of high energy electrons from the underdense plasmas are investigated using two dimensional particle-in-cell simulations. When the ratio of the laser power and a critical power of relativistic ... More
Ni-substituted sites and the effect on Cu electron spin dynamics of YBa2Cu{3-x}NixO{7-δ}Jun 12 2002We report Cu nuclear quadrupole resonance experiment on magnetic impurity Ni-substituted YBa$_2$Cu$_{3-x}$Ni$_x$O$_{7-\delta}$. The distribution of Ni-substituted sites and its effect on the Cu electron spin dynamics are investigated. Two samples with ... More
Optical diffraction spectroscopy of excitons in uniaxially-strained GaN filmsDec 21 2004The degenerate four-wave mixing spectroscopy of uniaxially strained GaN layers is demonstrated using colinearly polarized laser pulses. The nonlinear response of FWM signal on exciton oscillator strength enhances the sensitivity for polarized exciton, ... More
Direct observation of correlation time of dynamic nuclear polarization in single quantum dotsAug 26 2011The spin interaction between an electron and nuclei was investigated optically in a single self-assembled InAlAs quantum dot (QD). In spin dynamics, the correlation time of the coupled electron-nuclear spin system and the electron spin relaxation time ... More
Flavor Mixing in Gauge-Higgs UnificationMay 14 2010Oct 14 2011We discuss flavor mixing and resultant flavor changing neutral current processes in the SU(3) \otimes SU(3)_\text{color} gauge-Higgs unification scenario. To achieve flavor violation is a challenging issue in the scenario, since the Yukawa couplings are ... More
1/8 anomaly in the excess-oxygen-doped La_1.8_Nd_0.2_Cu_1-y_Zn_y_O_4+δ_Jun 12 2003We have found the 1/8 anomaly, namely, the anomalous suppression of superconductivity at p (the hole concentration per Cu) = 1/8 in the excess-oxygen-doped La_1.8_Nd_0.2_Cu_1-y_Zn_y_O_4+\delta_, where the excess oxygen is doped by the electrochemical ... More
Enhanced Organic Solar Cells Efficiency through Additive Electronic and Electro-optic Effects Resulting from Doping a Polymer Hole Transport LayerDec 14 2015Feb 25 2016We demonstrate that blending fluorinated molecules in PEDOT:PSS hole transport layers (HTL) induces charge transfers which impact on both charge extraction and photogeneration within organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices. OPVs fabricated with modified HTL ... More
Measurements of Cherenkov Photons with Silicon PhotomultipliersDec 02 2008A novel photon detector, the Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM), has been tested in proximity focusing Ring Imaging Cherenkov (RICH) counters that were exposed to cosmic-ray particles in Ljubljana, and a 2 GeV electron beam at the KEK research facility. This ... More
Distinct Fe-induced magnetic states in the underdoped and overdoped regimes of La2-xSrxCu1-yFeyO4 revealed by muon spin relaxationJul 12 2012Zero-field and longitudinal-field muon-spin-relaxation measurements have been performed in partially Fe-substituted La2-xSrxCu1-yFeyO4 in a wide range of hole concentration, to investigate the magnetic state induced by the Fe substitution recently suggested ... More
Low-energy electric dipole response in 120SnFeb 15 2015Mar 04 2015The electric dipole strength in 120Sn has been extracted from proton inelastic scattering experiments at E_p = 295 MeV and at forward angles including 0 degree. Below neutron threshoild it differs from the results of a 120Sn(gamma,gamma') experiment and ... More
Pygmy dipole resonance in 208PbMar 09 2012Mar 29 2012Scattering of protons of several hundred MeV is a promising new spectroscopic tool for the study of electric dipole strength in nuclei. A case study of 208Pb shows that at very forward angles J^pi = 1- states are strongly populated via Coulomb excitation. ... More
Optical-phonon mediated exciton energy relaxation with highly preserved spin states Optical-phonon mediated exciton energy relaxation with highly preserved spin states in a single quantum dotMar 07 2008High degree of preservation of spin states during energy relaxation processes mediated by optical phonons is demonstrated in a single quantum dot. Optical-phonon resonance and relevant suppression of spin relaxation are clearly identified as dip structures ... More
Anomalous Thermal Conductivity of Semi-Metallic Superconductors with Electron-Hole CompensationOct 16 2007Mar 14 2008The effects of low carrier density and carrier compensation on mixed-state thermal transport are investigated beyond the quasiclassical approximation. It is shown that, contrary to the usual observations, the interplay of the two effects leads to an {\it ... More
Fluctuation Conductivity in Unconventional Superconductors near Critical DisorderSep 21 2001Sep 23 2001The fluctuation conductivity $\sigma_{\rm s}$ in bulk superconductors with non s-wave pairing and with nonmagnetic disorder of strength $D$ is studied at low $T$ and within the Gaussian approximation. It is shown by assuming a quasi two-dimensional (2D) ... More
Trilinear gauge boson couplings in the gauge-Higgs unificationApr 06 2016May 19 2016We examine trilinear gauge boson couplings (TGCs) in the context of the $SU(3)_W\otimes U(1)'$ gauge-Higgs unification scenario. The TGCs play important roles in the probes of the physics beyond the standard model, since they are highly restricted by ... More
Structured Matching Pursuit for Reconstruction of Dynamic Sparse ChannelsJul 20 2015In this paper, by exploiting the special features of temporal correlations of dynamic sparse channels that path delays change slowly over time but path gains evolve faster, we propose the structured matching pursuit (SMP) algorithm to realize the reconstruction ... More
Fluctuation Diamagnetism in Two-Band SuperconductorsApr 08 2016Anomalously large fluctuation diamagnetism around the superconducting critical temperature has been recently observed on iron selenide (FeSe) [S. Kasahara et al., unpublished]. This indicates that superconducting fluctuations (SCFs) play a more significant ... More
Josephson-Vortex-Glass Transition in Strong FieldsAug 28 2000A vortex-glass transition due to point disorder in layered superconductors is studied for the case with an applied field {\it parallel} to the layers. Our calculation of tilt responses indicates that, irrespective of the magnitude of the field, the resulting ... More
Numerical Studies of Counterflow Turbulence, Velocity Distribution of VorticesJun 17 2009We performed the numerical simulation of quantum turbulence produced by thermal counterflow in superfluid $^{4}${\rm He} by using the vortex filament model. The pioneering work was made by Schwarz, which has two defects. One is neglecting non-local terms ... More
A Category of Probability SpacesNov 11 2016Nov 17 2016We introduce a category Prob of probability spaces whose objects are all probability spaces and arrows are corresponding to measurable functions satisfying an absolutely continuous requirement. We can consider a Prob-arrow as an evolving direction of ... More
Growth, Annealing Effects on Superconducting and Magnetic Properties and Anisotropy of FeSe_1-x_Te_x_ (0.5 =< x =< 1) Single CrystalsApr 07 2010Single crystals of FeSe_1-x_Te_x_ (0.5=<x=<1) have been grown by the Bridgman method. After annealing them at 400 deg for 100 h in vacuum, single crystals of x=0.5-0.9 have exhibited bulk superconductivity. Anisotropic properties of the electrical resistivity ... More
$H \to b \bar{b}, τ\barτ$ in Gauge-Higgs UnificationJan 26 2015We study the deviation of Higgs production through the gluon fusion process and the decay of Higgs boson to the bottom quark and the tau lepton in gauge-Higgs unification from the Standard Model prediction. We find that the signal strength of $gg \to ... More
Tests of a proximity focusing RICH with aerogel as radiatorMar 25 2003Using aerogel as radiator and multianode PMTs for photon detection, a proximity focusing Cherenkov ring imaging detector has been constructed and tested in the KEK $\pi$2 beam. The aim is to experimentally study the basic parameters such as resolution ... More
Effects of Pauli paramagnetism on superconducting vortex phase diagram in strong fieldsJun 03 2003Sep 10 2003The Ginzburg-Landau (GL) functional and the resultant phase diagram in strong fields where the Pauli paramagnetic depairing is not negligible are examined in details by assuming the weak coupling BCS model with a $d_{x^2-y^2}$-like pairing. In contrast ... More
Probing the d_{x2-y2}-wave Pomeranchuk instability by ultrasoundJul 13 2009Oct 23 2009Selection rules of ultrasound attenuation and sound velocity renormalization are analyzed in view of their potential application to identify Pomeranchuk instabilities (electronic nematic phase). It is shown that the transverse sound attenuation along ... More
An analytical approximation of the luminosity distance in flat cosmologies with dark energyDec 13 2010Nov 29 2011We present an analytical approximation formula for the luminosity distance in spatially flat cosmologies with dust and a cosmological constant. We also show the approximate formulae for the so-called Dyer-Roeder distance (empty beam case) and the generalised ... More
Deviation of yukawa coupling and Higgs decay in gauge-Higgs UnificationJul 28 2015We study the deviation of yukawa coupling in the gauge-Higgs unification scenario from the Standard Model one. Applying the obtained results to the tau and bottom yukawa couplings, we numerically calculate the signal strength of $gg \to H \to \bar b b, ... More
Sequential optimizing investing strategy with neural networksFeb 11 2010In this paper we propose an investing strategy based on neural network models combined with ideas from game-theoretic probability of Shafer and Vovk. Our proposed strategy uses parameter values of a neural network with the best performance until the previous ... More
Comment on "Fluctuation-Driven First-Order Transition in Pauli-Limited $d$-Wave Superconductors"Jan 07 2005Nov 16 2005This is a Comment on a recent Letter (Phys.Rev.Lett.93, 247002 (2004)) written by Dalidovich and Yang. It is pointed out that any Pauli-limited approach neglecting the vortices is inapplicable to describing the FFLO state in CeCoIn5.
Modulated Vortex Lattice in High Fields and Gap NodesJan 21 2004Apr 13 2004The mean field vortex phase diagram of a quasi two dimensional superconductor with a nodal d-wave pairing and with strong Pauli spin depairing is examined in the parallel field case in order to examine an effect of gap nodes (or minima) on the stability ... More
A global estimate for the Diederich--Fornaess index of weakly pseudoconvex domainsJan 10 2014Jun 24 2015A uniform upper bound for the Diederich--Fornaess index is given for weakly pseudoconvex domains whose Levi-form of the boundary vanishes in $\ell$-directions everywhere.
An analytical approximation of the luminosity distance in flat cosmologies with a cosmological constantNov 28 2011We present an analytical approximation formula for the luminosity distance in spatially flat cosmologies with dust and a cosmological constant. Apart from the overall factor, the effect of non-zero cosmological constant in our formula is written simply ... More
Numerical Study of Velocity Statistics in Steady Counterflow Quantum TurbulenceJan 05 2011We investigate the velocity statistics by calculating the Biot--Savart velocity induced by vortex filaments in steady counterflow turbulence investigated in a previous study [Phys. Rev. B {\bf 81}, 104511 (2010)]. The probability density function (PDF) ... More
Curvature restrictions for Levi-flat real hypersurfaces in complex projective planesOct 10 2014Feb 27 2015We study curvature restrictions of Levi-flat real hypersurfaces in complex projective planes, whose existence is in question. We focus on its totally real Ricci curvature, the Ricci curvature of the real hypersurface in the direction of the Reeb vector ... More
On the largest subsets avoiding the diameter of $(0,\pm 1)$-vectorsSep 04 2015Nov 15 2015Let $L_{mkl}\subset \mathbb{R}^{m+k+l}$ be the set of vectors which have $m$ of entries $-1$, $k$ of entries $0$, and $l$ of entries $1$. In this paper, we investigate the largest subset of $L_{mkl}$ whose diameter is smaller than that of $L_{mkl}$. The ... More
Weak coupling d-wave BCS superconductivity and unpaired electrons in overdoped La_{2-x}Sr_{x}CuO_{4} single crystalsMar 18 2007Jul 20 2007The low-temperature specific heat (SH) of overdoped La_{2-x}Sr_{x}CuO_{4} single crystals (0.178=<x=<0.290) has been measured. For the superconducting samples (0.178=<x=<0.238), the derived gap values (without any adjusting parameters) approach closely ... More
A Category of Probability SpacesNov 11 2016We introduce a category Prob of probability spaces whose objects are all probability spaces and arrows are corresponding to measurable functions satisfying an absolutely continuous requirement. We can consider a Prob-arrow as an evolving direction of ... More
Linear-response theory of the longitudinal spin Seebeck effectSep 03 2012Mar 15 2013We theoretically investigate the longitudinal spin Seebeck effect, in which the spin current is injected from a ferromagnet into an attached nonmagnetic metal in a direction parallel to the temperature gradient. Using the fact that the phonon heat current ... More
Possible Field-Temperature Phase Diagrams of Two-Band Superconductors with Paramagnetic Pair-BreakingApr 01 2015May 26 2015Possible field-temperature superconducting (SC) phase diagrams in two-band quasi-two-dimensional materials with a strong paramagnetic pair-breaking (PPB) are considered theoretically. Attention is paid to the case under a magnetic field $perpendicular$ ... More
Origin of spontaneous broken mirror symmetry of vortex lattices in NbAug 22 2011Combining the microscopic Eilenberger theory with the first principles band calculation, we investigate the stable flux line lattice (FLL) for a field applied to the four-fold axis; $H\parallel [001]$ in cubic Nb. The observed FLL transformation along ... More
NMR study on the local structure in La-based high-Tc cupratesFeb 22 2008To date, there has been no evidence for the macroscopic structural phase transition to the low temperature tetragonal structure (LTT) with a space group P42/ncm in high-TC cuprate of rare earth-free La2-xSrxCuO4 (LSCO). By investigating Cu-NMR on single ... More
Absence of residual quasiparticle conductivity in the underdoped cuprate YBa2Cu4O8Apr 06 2000Jun 20 2000We report here measurements of the in-plane thermal conductivity K(T) of the underdoped cuprate YBa2Cu4O8 (Y124) below 1K. K(T) is shown to follow a simple, phononic T^3 dependence at the lowest temperatures for both current directions, with a negligible ... More
Observation of the spin Seebeck effect in epitaxial Fe3O4 thin filmsDec 13 2012We report the first experimental observation of the spin Seebeck effect in magnetite thin films. The signal observed at temperatures above the Verwey transition is a contribution from both the anomalous Nernst (ANE) and spin Seebeck effects (SSE). The ... More
Strong electron correlation behind the superconductivity in Ce-free and Ce-underdoped high-Tc T'-cupratesDec 26 2015In order to investigate the electronic state of Ce-free and Ce-underdoped high-Tc cuprates with the so-called T' structure, we have performed muon-spin-relaxation (muSR) and specific-heat measurements of Ce-free T'-La_1.8_Eu_0.2_CuO_4+d_ (T'-LECO) polycrystals ... More