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Measurements of strain and bandgap of coherently epitaxially grown wurtzite InAsP-InP core-shell nanowiresApr 12 2019We report on experimental determination of the strain and bandgap of InAsP in epitaxially grown InAsP-InP core-shell nanowires. The core-shell nanowires are grown via metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy. The as-grown nanowires are characterized by transmission ... More
A "Known" CP Asymmetry in $τ$ DecaysJun 04 2005Jul 27 2005We point out that dynamics known from the observed CP violation in $K_L\to \pi^{\mp}l^{\pm}\nu$ generate a CP asymmetry of $3.3\cdot 10^{-3}$ in $\tau^{\pm} \to \nu K_L\pi^{\pm}$. CPT invariance requires the same asymmetry in the more approachable transitions ... More
Comments on the Sign of CP AsymmetriesNov 27 1998Jan 18 1999Several experiments are about to measure the CP asymmetry for $B \to \psi K_S$ and other decays. The standard model together with the Kobayashi-Maskawa ansatz for CP violation predicts the sign as well as the magnitude for this asymmetry. In this note ... More
Non-equilibrium symmetry restoration beyond one loopApr 30 1996We calculate the strength of symmetry restoration effects in highly non-equilibrium states which can arise, for example, during preheating after inflation. We show that in certain parameter range the one-loop results are unstable, requiring summation ... More
Impurity scattering in highly anisotropic superconductors and interband sign reversal of the order parameterFeb 21 1996We discuss various mechanisms that can lead to interband sign reversal of the order parameter in a multiband superconductor. In particular, we generalize Abrikosov-Gor'kov solution of the problem of weakly coupled superconductor with magnetic and nonmagnetic ... More
Stress Energy Tensor in c=0 Logarithmic Conformal Field TheoryMar 21 2002We discuss the partners of the stress energy tensor and their structure in Logarithmic conformal field theories. In particular we draw attention to the fundamental differences between theories with zero and non-zero central charge. We analyze the OPE ... More
SU(2)_0 and OSp(2|2)_{-2} WZNW models : Two current algebras, one Logarithmic CFTJul 19 2001Oct 21 2001We show that the SU(2)_0 WZNW model has a hidden OSp(2|2)_{-2} symmetry. Both these theories are known to have logarithms in their correlation functions. We also show that, like OSp(2|2)_{-2}, the logarithmic structure present in the SU(2)_0 model is ... More
Designing phase-sensitive tests for Fe-based superconductorsSep 13 2012We suggest new experimental designs suitable to test pairing symmetry in multiband Fe-based superconductors. These designs are based on combinations of tunnel junctions and point contacts and should be accessible by existing sample fabrication techniques. ... More
Sign reversal of the order parameter in s-wave superconductorsJan 24 1995Jan 25 1995We show that in a superconductor where two or more bands cross the Fermi level it is possible, in the framework of the conventional (s-wave) BCS theory, that the sign of the superconducting gap is different on the different sheets of the Fermi surface. ... More
Supersymmetry theory of microphase separation in homopolymer--oligomer mixturesAug 04 2003Mesoscopic structure of the periodically alternating layers of stretched homopolymer chains surrounded by perpendicularly oriented oligomeric tails is studied for the systems with both strong (ionic) and weak (hydrogen) interactions. We focus on the consideration ... More
Is Super-$B$ Sufficiently Superb? -- On the Motivation for a Super-$B$ FactoryJan 01 2004Despite the great success of the $\Upsilon (4S)$ $B$ factories at KEK and SLAC and the guaranteed addition of high sensitivity measurements on beauty decays to be performed at the Tevatron and LHC, a strong case can be made for an $e^+e^-$ Super-$B$ factory ... More
Where are holes in Y_{1-x}Pr_xBa2Cu3O7 ?Jun 25 1997Recent experiments by Mertz et al (Phys. Rev. B55, 9160, 1997) demonstrated that the loss of superconductivity upon Pr doping is associated with the change of the character of the oxygen holes from $p_{\sigma}$ to $p_{\pi}.$ This experiment sheds new ... More
Attraction between pancakes vortices in the crossing lattices of layered superconductorsOct 17 2001Oct 23 2001The intervortex interaction is investigated in very anisotropic layered superconductors in tilted magnetic field. In such a case, the crossing lattice of Abrikosov vortices (AVs) and Josephson vortices (JVs) appears. The interaction between pancakes vortices ... More
On Limitations of T Invariance in K DecaysApr 29 1999Aug 17 1999Data from the CPLEAR collaboration coupled with the assumption that the Bell-Steinberger relation holds have provided {\em direct} evidence for \ot~violation. In this note we investigate what we can say about \ot~violation {\em without} such an assumption. ... More
On the Other Five KM TrianglesSep 22 1999Nov 07 1999A comprehensive program of \cp~studies in heavy flavour decays has to go beyond observing large \cp asymmetries in nonleptonic B decays and finding that the sum of the three angles of the KM triangle is consistent with 180$^{\circ}$. There are many more ... More
Quantum states of a generalized time-dependent inverted harmonic oscillatorJul 10 2003We discuss the extension of the Lewis and Riesenfeld method of solving the time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation to cases where the invariant has continuous eigenvalues and apply it to the case of a generalized time-dependent inverted harmonic oscillator. ... More
On the Sign of $ΔM_B$, $M_{12}$, sin$2φ_1$ and all thatNov 09 2004Dec 21 2004We are withdrawing our paper hep-ph/0411135 since its main conclusion is wrong as we have learnt with the assistance of Bob Cahn and Jerome Charles. The sign of $\Delta M_B$ does not matter in interpreting the CP asymmetry in $B_d \to \psi K_S$, as we ... More
Stress Energy tensor in LCFT and the Logarithmic Sugawara constructionDec 01 2001Jan 31 2002We discuss the partners of the stress energy tensor and their structure in Logarithmic conformal field theories. In particular we draw attention to the fundamental differences between theories with zero and non-zero central charge. However they are both ... More
The symmetry structure of the anti-self-dual Einstein hierarchyOct 07 1994An important example of a multi-dimensional integrable system is the anti-self-dual Einstein equations. By studying the symmetries of these equations, a recursion operator is found and the associated hierarchy constructed. Owing to the properties of the ... More
The spaces of non-contractible closed curves in compact space formsApr 18 2016Jul 20 2016We calculate the rational equivariant cohomology of the spaces of non-contractible loops in compact space forms and show how to apply these calculations for proving the existence of closed geodesics.
Singular spectral curves in finite gap integrationFeb 06 2011We expose some applications of the finite gap integration method which involve singular spectral curves. They include orthogonal curvilinear coordinate systems corresponding to spectral curves with geometrical genus zero, finite gap Frobenius manifolds, ... More
The type numbers of closed geodesicsDec 28 2009Mar 02 2010A short survey on the type numbers of closed geodesics, on applications of the Morse theory to proving the existence of closed geodesics and on the recent progress in applying variational methods to the periodic problem for Finsler and magnetic geodesics ... More
Surfaces in three-dimensional Lie groups in terms of spinorsDec 26 2007Jan 12 2009This is a survey of results on surfaces in noncommutative three-dimensional Lie groups obtained by using the Weierstrass (spinor) representation of surfaces. It is based on the talk given at the conference "Geometry related to the theory of integrable ... More
Finite-gap solutions of the modified Novikov-Veselov equations: their spectral properties and applicationsNov 19 2002We construct finite-gap solutions to the modified Novikov-Veselov equations, describe their spectral properties and the reduction to the modified Korteweg--de Vries equation and explain its relation to soliton deformations of tori and the Willmore conjecture. ... More
Exterior Algebras Related to the Quantum Group O_q(3)$Aug 19 1998For the 9-dimensional bicovariant differential calculi on the Hopf algebra $O(O_q(3))$ several kinds of exterior algebras are examined. The corresponding dimensions, bicovariant subbimodules and eigenvalues of the antisymmetrizer are given. Exactly one ... More
Quasiparticle thermal conductivity in the vortex state of high-T$_c$ cupratesApr 06 1999Dec 14 1999We present the results of a microscopic calculation of the longitudinal thermal conductivity, $\kappa$, of a d-wave superconductor in the mixed state. Our results show an increase in the thermal conductivity with the applied field at low temperatures, ... More
Hall Effect in the mixed state of moderately clean superconductorsOct 15 1996Sep 25 1998The Hall conductivity in the mixed state of a clean ($l \gg \xi_0$) type-II s-wave superconductor is determined from a microscopic calculation within a quasiclassical approximation. We find that below the superconducting transition the contribution to ... More
Quasiclassical Approach to Transport in the Vortex State and the Hall EffectDec 23 1997We derive generalized quasiclassical transport equations which include the terms responsible for the Hall Effect in the vortex state of a clean type-II superconductor, and calculate the conductivity tensor for an s-wave superconductor in the high-field ... More
Absorption suppression in photonic crystalsNov 26 2007Feb 15 2008We study electromagnetic properties of periodic composite structures, such as photonic crystals, involving lossy components. We show that in many cases a properly designed periodic structure can dramatically suppress the losses associated with the absorptive ... More
On linear forms containing the Euler constantFeb 10 2009Feb 28 2009We present linear forms with integer coefficients containing the Euler-Mascheroni and Euler-Gompertz constants. The forms are defined by four-terms recurrence relations. Asymptotics of the forms and their coefficients are obtained.
Anisotropy of heat capacity in Pauli limited unconventional superconductorsJun 14 2006Diamagnetically coupled magnetic field can be used as a probe of nodal positions in unconventional superconductors. The heat capacity depends on the angle $\phi_0$ between the magnetic field and the nodal directions. We show that the anisotropy $C(\phi_0)$ ... More
Systematic analysis of transverse momentum distribution and non-extensive thermodynamics theoryAug 14 2012A systematic analysis of transverse momentum distribution of hadrons produced in ultra-relativistic $p+p$ and $A+A$ collisions is presented. We investigate the effective temperature and the entropic parameter from the non-extensive thermodynamic theory ... More
Repulsive Casimir forces and the role of surface modesAug 17 2009The Casimir repulsion between a metal and a dielectric suspended in a liquid has been thoroughly studied in recent experiments. In the present paper we consider surface modes in three layered systems modeled by dielectric functions guaranteeing repulsion. ... More
Pfaffian-type Sugawara operatorsJul 27 2011We show that the Pfaffian of a generator matrix for the affine Kac--Moody algebra hat o_{2n} is a Segal--Sugawara vector. Together with our earlier construction involving the symmetrizer in the Brauer algebra, this gives a complete set of Segal--Sugawara ... More
Feigin-Frenkel center in types B, C and DMay 12 2011Dec 03 2011For each simple Lie algebra g consider the corresponding affine vertex algebra V_{crit}(g) at the critical level. The center of this vertex algebra is a commutative associative algebra whose structure was described by a remarkable theorem of Feigin and ... More
Comultiplication rules for the double Schur functions and Cauchy identitiesJul 14 2008Oct 23 2010The double Schur functions form a distinguished basis of the ring \Lambda(x||a) which is a multiparameter generalization of the ring of symmetric functions \Lambda(x). The canonical comultiplication on \Lambda(x) is extended to \Lambda(x||a) in a natural ... More
Gelfand-Tsetlin bases for classical Lie algebrasNov 19 2002Dec 05 2002This is a review paper on the Gelfand-Tsetlin type bases for representations of the classical Lie algebras. Different approaches to construct the original Gelfand-Tsetlin bases for representations of the general linear Lie algebra are discussed. Weight ... More
First results from the ESO VLTI Calibrators ProgramJan 25 2005The ESO Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) is one of the leading interferometric facilities. It is equipped with several 8.2 and 1.8m telescopes, a large number of baselines up to 200m, and with several subsystems designed to enable high quality ... More
A theory of necking in semi-crystalline polymersMar 12 2002Necking or cold drawing is a smoothed jump in cross-sectional area of long and thin bars (filaments orfilms) propagating with a constant speed. The necks in polymers, first observed about seventy years ago, arenow commonly used in modern processing of ... More
a_1πContribution to e^+e^-\to 4πAnnihilation and τ\to 4πν_τ DecayJan 21 2000The results of the study of the process e^+e^- \to 4\pi by the CMD-2 collaboration at VEPP-2M are presented. Analysis of the differential distributions demonstrates the dominance of the a_1\pi and \omega\pi intermediate states. Simple model, based on ... More
Status of Experiments and Recent Results from CMD-2 Detector at Vepp-2MJan 21 2000The Cryogenic Magnetic Detector (CMD-2) is shortly described. Preliminary results for the cross sections of $e^+$ $e^-$ annihilation into hadrons and leptons are presented in the c.m. energy range from 0.37 to 1.39 GeV. The total integrated luminosity ... More
Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory - or - How to Compute a Torus Amplitude on the SphereJul 01 2004We review some aspects of logarithmic conformal field theories which might shed some light on the geometrical meaning of logarithmic operators. We consider an approach, put forward by V. Knizhnik, where computation of correlation functions on higher genus ... More
Finitary Spacetime Sheaves of Quantum Causal Sets: Curving Quantum CausalityFeb 22 2001A locally finite, causal and quantal substitute for a locally Minkowskian principal fiber bundle $\cal{P}$ of modules of Cartan differential forms $\omg$ over a bounded region $X$ of a curved $C^{\infty}$-smooth differential manifold spacetime $M$ with ... More
Randall-Sundrum Model in the Presence of a Brane Bulk ViscosityAug 19 2003Oct 29 2003The presence of a bulk viscosity for the cosmic fluid on a single Randall-Sundrum brane is considered. The spatial curvature is assumed to be zero. The five-dimensional Friedmann equation is derived, together with the energy conservation equation for ... More
A Study of the Evolution of the Close Binaries Cyg X-3, IC 10 X-1, NGC 300 X-1, SS 433, and M33 X-7 Using the "Scenario Machine"Jul 12 2016Evolutionary tracks for the X-ray binaries Cyg X-3, IC 10 X-1, NGC 300 X-1, SS 433, and M33 X-7 are computed using the Scenario Machine code. The compact objects in IC 10 X-1, NGC 300 X-1, and M33 X-7 are the most massive stellar mass black hole candidates. ... More
Constraining Spiral Structure Parameters through Galactic Pencil-beam and Large-scale Radial Velocity SurveysOct 26 2007We investigate the effect of spiral structure on the Galactic disk as viewed by pencil beams centered on the Sun, relevant to upcoming surveys such as ARGOS, SEGUE, and GAIA. We create synthetic Galactic maps which we call Pencil Beam Maps (PBMs) of the ... More
Production and decay of eta-mesic nucleiSep 17 1998Using the Green function method, binding effects on produced eta-mesons in the two-stage reaction \gamma + A \to N + \eta + (A-1) \to N + (\pi N) + (A-2) are studied. The energy spectrum of the correlated pi-N pairs which arise from decays of etas inside ... More
Electric polarizability of nuclei and a longitudinal sum ruleApr 17 1998Jul 24 1998Recently, a longitudinal sum rule for the electric polarizability of nuclei was used to revise a relativistic correction in a dipole sum rule for the polarizability (nucl-th/9802011). This revision is shown to be wrong because of neglecting an asymptotic ... More
How much weigh a pound in gravitational fieldJan 22 2014The force in the equation of motion of a particle should be in accordance with energy conservation in a constant gravitational field. It turns out that this is possible only if the force is given by the change of momentum per unit of coordinate (not proper) ... More
Equivalent sets of solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation with a constant electric fieldFeb 04 2002In connection with the problem of choosing the in- and out-states among the solutions of a wave equation with one-dimensional potential we study nonstationary and "stationary" families of complete sets. A nonstationary set consists of the solutions with ... More
On the theory of scalar pair production by a potential barrierNov 15 2001Jan 07 2003The problem of the scalar pair production by a one-dimensional vector- potential $A_{\mu}(x_3)$ is reduced to the $S-$ matrix formalism of the theory with an unstable vacuum. Our choice of in- and out-states does not coincide with that of other authors ... More
Weinberg's energy-momentum pseudotensor for Schwarzschild fieldFeb 10 2000Weinberg's energy-momentum pseudotensor is obtained for Schwarzschild metric in harmonic coordinates. On the horizon it possesses unintegrable singularities. For this reason the total energy of a collapsar can't be obtained by integrating energy density ... More
On an Alternative Approach to GravitationMar 03 1999Several energy-momentum "tensors" of gravitational field are considered and compared in the lowest approximation. Each of them together with energy-momentum tensor of point-like particles satisfies the conservation laws when equation of motion of particles ... More
Classical and quantum scattering by a gravitational centerJul 24 2008The small angle scattering (by a gravitational field) of classical and quantum particles is considered and compared. It is suggested that the differences in small angle scattering of particles with spin 0, 1, 2 are due to the nonzero probability of forward ... More
On two pictures in the heuristic approach to gravityOct 24 2007We examine the heuristic approach to constant gravitational field by Dehnen, H\"onl and Westpfahl, extending it everywhere beyond linear approximation. Then it becomes flexible to accommodate possible modifications of General Relativity. We have found ... More
Pricing Illiquid Options with $N+1$ Liquid Proxies Using Mixed Dynamic-Static HedgingSep 16 2012We study the problem of optimal pricing and hedging of a European option written on an illiquid asset $Z$ using a set of proxies: a liquid asset $S$, and $N$ liquid European options $P_i$, each written on a liquid asset $Y_i, i=1,N$. We assume that the ... More
Quantum theory of the plasmonic nanolaserMar 29 2013In this work, we present a fully quantum theory of the plasmonic nanolaser, based on the maser model. Theory can be applied both to the microlasers with high Q-factor cavities and plasmonic nanolasers. We show that the latter is essentially a thresholdless ... More
Lineshapes in Nuclear Forward Scattering Frequency SpectraApr 22 2010A new method for investigating the particle size distribution (PSD) is suggested using the nuclear forward scattering (NFS) of synchrotron radiation. The distribution of Weibull-Gnedenko is used to illustrate the relationship between the NFS lineshape ... More
Spiral order induced by distortion in frustrated square-lattice antiferromagnetJun 13 2003Sep 01 2003In a strongly frustrated square-lattice antiferromagnet with diagonal coupling J', for J/(2J') < 1, an incommensurate spiral state with propagation vector Q = (\pi +/- \delta, \pi +/- \delta) near (\pi,\pi) competes closely with the Neel collinear antiferromagnetic ... More
Continuum spin excitations in S=1 one-dimensional antiferromagnetSep 04 2001We present detailed measurement of the non-hydrodynamic part of the spin excitation spectrum in the model quasi-1D S=1 antiferromagnet CsNiCl3 by inelastic magnetic neutron scattering. In the better part of the Brillouin zone the effect of the inter-chain ... More
Interaction entre mathématique et informatique Libre/Open Source par le logiciel mathématiqueJan 04 2014This article focuses on the application of model development and opening the source code available and implemented by the Free Software and Open Source FLOSS to the instructional and teaching has both mathematics and computer by the read-write(R/W) of ... More
Length Scales and Power Laws in the Two-Dimensional Forest-Fire ModelSep 12 1996Oct 24 1996We re-examine a two-dimensional forest-fire model via Monte-Carlo simulations and show the existence of two length scales with different critical exponents associated with clusters and with the usual two-point correlation function of trees. We check resp. ... More
Mass scales, supersymmetry breaking and open stringsNov 25 1999Dec 01 1999We review physical motivations and possible realizations of string vacua with large internal volume and/or low string scale and discuss the issue of supersymmetry breaking. In particular, we describe the key features of Scherk-Schwarz deformations in ... More
Axiomatic theory of nonequilibrium systemJun 14 2001Mutually conjugated synergetic schemes are assumed to address evolution of nonequilibrium self-organizing system. Within framework of the former, the system is parameterized by a conserving order parameter being a density, a conjugate field reducing to ... More
Nonlinear Theory of Stochastic ResonanceMay 27 2001Theory of nonlinear resonance, including stochastic one, is developed on the basis of the statistical field theory and using variables action-angle. Explicit expressions of action, proper frequency and nonlinearity parameter as functions of the system ... More
Gluon TMD in particle production from low to moderate xMar 21 2016We study the rapidity evolution of gluon transverse momentum dependent distributions appearing in processes of particle production and show how this evolution changes from small to moderate Bjorken x.
Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in the local density of statesAug 31 2009Oct 02 2009The scattering of electrons with inhomogeneities produces modulations in the local density of states of a metal. We show that electron interference contributions to these modulations are affected by the magnetic field via the Aharonov-Bohm effect. This ... More
A time dependent Markovian master equation for adiabatic systems and its application to the Cooper pair pumpingAug 16 2011Dec 06 2011For adiabatically and periodically manipulated dissipative quantum systems we derive, using Floquet theory, a simple Markovian master equation. Contrary to some previous works we explicitly take into account the time dependence of the Hamiltonian and, ... More
Nuclear disintegration induced by virtual photons at heavy-ion collidersDec 02 1999A model of electromagnetic interaction of relativistic heavy ions which makes it possible to calculate the inclusive and exclusive characteristics of such interactions is presented. The multistep model includes (1) the single and double virtual photon ... More
Photoinduced polarons in polymers. Time-resolved ESR analysis of polaron pairs in polymer:fullerene blendsNov 22 2016The work concerns the analysis of experimental time-resolved ESR spectra in photoexcited polymer:fullerene blend, consisting of poly(3-hexilthiophene) and fullerene [6,6]-phenyl C_{61} -butyric acid methyl ester (at low temperature T = 100 K). The spectra ... More
The Integral Field Unit for the Echellette Spectrograph and Imager at Keck IIJun 07 2006We report on the design, development and commissioning of an Integral Field Unit (IFU) that has been built for the Echellette Spectrograph and Imager (ESI) at the W.M. Keck Observatory. This image slicer--based IFU, which was commissioned in the spring ... More
Spectator isobar production in the $A\left( {γ,πNN} \right)B$ reactionOct 31 2017We present an analysis of the spectator mechanism of $\Delta $-isobar production in the pion photoproduction on nuclei with the emission of two nucleons. The reaction mechanism is studied within the framework of the $\Delta N$-correlation model, which ... More
Massless states and negative mass states of the coupled electron-positron system with completely symmetric representation of the particlesMay 31 2016Jun 20 2016We argue that the free electron and positron can be considered as different, independent particles, each of which is characterized by the complete set of the Dirac plane waves. This completely symmetric representation of the particles makes it necessary ... More
Phonon residual resistance of pure crystalsFeb 23 2015Mar 31 2015Using the Boltzmann transport equation, we study phonon residual resistance of perfect metallic crystals of a finite thickness $d$ along which a weak constant electric field $E$ is applied. This resistance which is $\propto d^{-5}E^{-3}$, is due to scattering ... More
Hydrogen energy-levels shifts induced by the atom motion. Crossover from the Lamb shifts to the motion-induced shiftsMar 25 2018When the hydrogen atom moves, the proton current generates a magnetic field which interacts with the hydrogen electron. A simple analyze shows that this interaction between the hydrogen momentum and the electron is of order of $\alpha^3\frac{v}{c}m$, ... More
Massless Wave States of Two-Fermion SystemsJun 28 2007Feb 04 2010It is known that in the ladder approximation the relativistic two-fermion bound-state equation of Bethe and Salpeter has solutions corresponding to the binding energy equal to the total mass of the particles. The study of these massless states has been ... More
Interaction between the Intergalactic Medium and Galactic Outflows from Dwarf GalaxiesJun 04 1999We have carried out 2D hydrodynamical simulations in order to study the interaction between supernova-powered gas outflows from low-mass galaxies and the local intergalactic medium (IGM). We are specifically interested in investigating whether a high ... More
Tunnel magnetoresistance of a supramolecular spin valveMar 18 2019We theoretically study the transport properties of a supramolecular spin valve, consisting of a carbon nanotube with two attached magnetic molecules, weakly coupled to metallic contacts. The emphasis is put on analyzing the change of the system's transport ... More
Effects of tangential velocity in the reactive relativistic Riemann problemJun 19 2018Type I X-ray bursts are thermonuclear burning events which occur on the surfaces of accreting neutron stars. Burning begins in a localised spot in the star's ocean layer before propagating across the entire surface as a deflagration. On the scale of the ... More
Critical phenomena in the dynamical visibility graphFeb 13 2013We have investigated the time series by the mapping them to the complex network. We have studied the behavior of the relative number of clusters in dynamic visibility graphs near the critical value of the angle of view. Time series of different nature ... More
Electronic states and persistent currents in nanowire quantum ringApr 18 2018The new model of a quantum ring (QR) defined inside a nanowire (NW) is proposed. The one-particle Hamiltonian for electron in [111]-oriented NW QR is constructed taking into account both Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling (SOC). The energy levels ... More
Deformation Quantization of the Isotropic RotatorDec 14 1993We perform a deformation quantization of the classical isotropic rigid rotator. The resulting quantum system is not invariant under the usual $SU(2)\times SU(2)$ chiral symmetry, but instead $SU_{q^{-1}}(2) \times SU_q(2)$.
Plateaux Transitions from S-matrices based on SL(2,Z) Invariant Field TheoriesJun 17 1999Aug 25 1999A scattering scattering description is proposed for a boundary perturbation of a c=1 SL(2,Z) invariant conformal field theory. The bulk massless S-matrices are of the form of Zamolodchikov's staircase model. Using the boundary version of the thermodynamic ... More
Black hole radiation of massive spin-2 particles in (3+1) dimensionsMay 09 2016May 21 2016This paper is devoted to the study of radiation of massive spin-2 boson (graviton with a nonzero mass) through the event horizon of a generic static and spherically symmetric black hole in (3+1) dimensions. To this end, we consider the problem in the ... More
On a Particular Thin-shell WormholeJul 14 2015May 19 2016In this paper, using a black hole with scalar hair, we construct a scalar thin-shell wormhole (TSW) in 2+1 dimensions by applying the Visser's famous cut and paste technique. The surface stress, which is concentrated at the wormhole throat is determined ... More
Uninformed Hawking RadiationSep 19 2014Apr 26 2015We show in detail that the Parikh-Wilczek tunneling method (PWTM), which was designed for resolving the information loss problem in Hawking radiation (HR)fails whenever the radiation occurs from an isothermal process. The PWTM aims to produce a non-thermal ... More
Quantum Tunneling of Massive Spin-1 Particles From Non-stationary MetricsJul 07 2015Nov 16 2015We focus on the HR of massive vector (spin-1) particles tunneling from Schwarzschild BH expressed in the Kruskal-Szekeres (KS) and dynamic Lemaitre (DL) coordinates. Using the Proca equation (PE) together with the Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) and the WKB methods, ... More
Hawking Radiation of Spin-1 Particles From Three Dimensional Rotating Hairy Black HoleMar 04 2015Nov 24 2015In the present article, we study the Hawking radiation (HR) of spin-1 particles -- so-called vector particles -- from a three dimensional (3D) rotating black hole with scalar hair (RBHWSH) using Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) ansatz. Putting the Proca equation ... More
Electromagnetic-field-induced decay of currents in thin-film superconducting rings with photons emissionJul 14 2011It is shown that currents in thin-film superconducting rings irradiated by coherent microwave fields, can discretely decay with photons emission. These quantized jumps of the supercurrent correspond to destruction one or several magnetic flux quanta trapped ... More
On integration of some classes of $(n+1)$ dimensional nonlinear Partial Differential EquationsJan 16 2003Jan 17 2003The paper represents the method for construction of the families of particular solutions to some new classes of $(n+1)$ dimensional nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (PDE). Method is based on the specific link between algebraic matrix equations ... More
Remote creation of a one-qubit mixed state through a short homogeneous spin-1/2 chainJun 11 2014Dec 11 2014We consider a method of remote mixed state creation of a one-qubit subsystem (receiver) in a spin-1/2 chain governed by the nearest-neighbor $XY$-Hamiltonian. Owing to the evolution of the chain along with the variable local unitary transformation of ... More
Unitary invariant discord as a measure of bipartite quantum correlations in an $N$-qubit quantum systemJul 24 2011Oct 15 2011We introduce a measure of quantum correlations in the $N$-qubit quantum system which is invariant with respect to the $SU(2^N)$ group of transformations of this system. This measure is a modification of the quantum discord introduced earlier and is referred ... More
The minimal entanglement of bipartite decompositions as a witness of strong entanglement in a quantum systemMay 30 2010Jan 29 2011We {characterize the multipartite entanglement in a quantum system by the quantity} which vanishes if only the quantum system may be decomposed into two weakly entangled subsystems, unlike measures of multipartite entanglement introduced before. We refer ... More
Linear theory of random textures of 3He-A in aerogelMay 25 2016Aug 07 2016Spacial variation of the orbital part of the order parameter of $^3$He-A in aerogel is represented as a random walk of the unit vector $\mathbf{l}$ in a field of random anisotropy produced by the strands of aerogel. For a range of distances, where variation ... More
Long-range order in the A-like phase of superfluid 3He in aerogelJul 28 2007Sep 30 2007A mutual action of the random anisotropy brought in the superfluid 3He by aerogel and of the global anisotropy caused by its deformation is considered. Strong global anisotropy tends to suppress fluctuations of orientation of the order parameter and stabilizes ... More
Representations of the twisted quantized enveloping algebra of type C_nFeb 10 2006Jun 03 2006We prove a version of the Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt theorem for the twisted quantized enveloping algebra U'_q(sp_2n). This is a subalgebra of U_q(gl_2n) and a deformation of the universal enveloping algebra U(sp_2n) of the symplectic Lie algebra. We classify ... More
On the origin of the cusp in the transverse momentum distribution for the process of strong field ionizationNov 07 2015Nov 26 2015We study the origin of the cusp-structure in the transverse or lateral electron momentum distribution (TEMD) for the process of tunelling ionization driven by a linearly polarized laser pulse. We show that appearance of the cusp in the TEMD can be explained ... More
K-distance sets, Falconer conjecture, and discrete analogsMar 18 2003We prove a series of results on the size of distance sets corresponding to sets in the Euclidean space. These distances are generated by bounded convex sets and the results depend explicitly on the geometry of these sets. We also use a diophantine mechanism ... More
Lepton flavor violating baryon decays with a single generationJan 14 2015In this paper we study lepton flavor violating semileptonic decays of heavy baryons in a framework of a model with large extra dimensions and a single generation . Resulting branching ratios for these decays mediated by Kaluza-Klein modes of photon and ... More
Frobenius Manifolds: Natural submanifolds and induced bi-Hamiltonian structuresJan 07 2002Submanifolds of Frobenius manifolds are studied. In particular, so-called natural submanifolds are defined and, for semi-simple Frobenius manifolds, classified. These carry the structure of a Frobenius algebra on each tangent space, but will, in general, ... More