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Temperature dependence of ambipolar diffusion in silicon-on-insulatorJun 24 2008Spatiotemporal dynamics of electron-hole pairs locally excited in a silicon-on-insulator structure by indirect interband absorption are studied by measuring differential transmission caused by free-carrier absorption of a probe pulse tuned below the bandgap, ... More
Variational Bayes inference and Dirichlet process priorsSep 20 2013This paper shows how the variational Bayes method provides a computational efficient technique in the context of hierarchical modelling using Dirichlet process priors, in particular without requiring conjugate prior assumption. It shows, using the so ... More
Diagnostics for Variational Bayes approximationsSep 19 2013Variational Bayes (VB) has shown itself to be a powerful approximation method in many application areas. This paper describes some diagnostics methods which can assess how well the VB approximates the true posterior, particularly with regards to its covariance ... More
Strong decays of newly observed $D_{sJ}$ states in a constituent quark model with effective LagrangiansNov 10 2009Jan 15 2010The strong decay properties of the newly observed states $D_{sJ}(3040)$, $D_{sJ}(2860)$ and $D_{sJ}(2710)$ are studied in a constituent quark model with quark-meson effective Lagrangians. We find that the $D_{sJ}(3040)$ could be identified as the low ... More
Observation of second-harmonic generation induced by pure spin currentsFeb 09 2011Extensive efforts are currently being devoted to developing a new electronic technology, called spintronics, where the spin of electrons is explored to carry information. [1,2] Several techniques have been developed to generate pure spin currents in many ... More
Multipartite separability of density matrices of graphsAug 02 2017Jun 06 2018A new layers method is presented for multipartite separability of density matrices from simple graphs. Full separability of tripartite states is studied for graphs on degree symmetric premise. The models are generalized to multipartite systems by presenting ... More
Shot Noise for Entangled Electrons with Berry PhaseFeb 16 2005We study shot noise for entangled electrons in a 4-lead beam-splitter with one incoming lead driven by adiabatically rotating magnetic fields. We propose a setup of an adiabatically rotating magnetic field therefor, which is appropriate for an electron ... More
Low energy reactions $K^-p\rightarrowΣ^0π^0$, $Λπ^0$, $\bar{K}^0n$ and the strangeness $S=-1$ hyperonsJul 04 2013Sep 08 2013A combined study of the reactions $K^-p\rightarrow \Sigma^0\pi^0$, $\Lambda\pi^0$ and $\bar{K}^0n$ at low energies is carried out with a chiral quark-model approach. Good descriptions of the experimental observations are obtained. The roles of the low-lying ... More
The $K^-p\to Σ^0π^0$ reaction at low energies in a chiral quark modelNov 26 2008Apr 27 2009A chiral quark-model approach is extended to the study of the $\bar{K}N$ scattering at low energies. The process of $K^-p\to \Sigma^0\pi^0$ at $P_K\lesssim 800$ MeV/c (i.e. the center mass energy $W\lesssim 1.7$ GeV) is investigated. This approach is ... More
Charmed baryon strong decays in a chiral quark modelNov 29 2007Mar 07 2008Charmed baryon strong decays are studied in a chiral quark model. The data for the decays of $\Lambda^+_c(2593)$, $\Lambda^+_c(2625)$, $\Sigma^{++,+,0}_c$ and $\Sigma^{+,0}_c(2520)$, are accounted for successfully, which allows to fix the pseudoscalar-meson-quark ... More
$η$ photoproduction on the quasi-free nucleons in the chiral quark modelJun 15 2011Oct 17 2011A chiral quark-model approach is adopted to study the $\eta$ photoproduction off the quasi-free neutron and proton from a deuteron target. Good descriptions of the differential cross sections, total cross sections and beam asymmetries for these two processes ... More
Strong decays of heavy-light mesons in a chiral quark modelMar 14 2008Jun 28 2008We carry out a systematic study of the heavy-light meson strong decays in a chiral quark model. For the $S$-wave vectors ($D^*(2007)$, $D^{*\pm}(2010)$), $P$-wave scalars ($D^*_0(2400)$, $B^*_0(5730)$) and tensors ($D^*_2(2460)$, $D^*_{s2}(2573)$), we ... More
A Report on Shape Deformation with a Stretching and Bending EnergyMar 22 2016In this report we describe a mesh editing system that we implemented that uses a natural stretching and bending energy defined over smooth surfaces. As such, this energy behaves uniformly under various mesh resolutions. All of the elements of our approach ... More
The Structure and Variability of Sagittarius A*: Zooming in to the Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic CenterMar 04 2002The Galactic center provides a unique astrophysical laboratory for us to study various astrophysical processes. In this paper, we review and outline the latest results from observations of Sgr~A$^*$ in terms of source structure and variations in flux ... More
Power dependence of pure spin current injection by quantum interferenceMar 09 2010We investigate the power dependence of pure spin current injection in GaAs bulk and quantum-well samples by a quantum interference and control technique. Spin separation is measured as a function of the relative strength of the two transition pathways ... More
Spin Helix of Magnetic Impurities in Two-dimensional Helical MetalJan 31 2010We analyze the Ruderman-Kettel-Kasuya-Yosida(RKKY) interaction between magnetic impurities embedded in the helical metal on the surface of three-dimensional topological insulators. Apart from the conventional RKKY terms, the spin-momentum locking of conduction ... More
Ambipolar spin diffusion and D'yakonov-Perel' spin relaxation in GaAs quantum wellsMar 28 2009We report theoretical and experimental studies of ambipolar spin diffusion in a semiconductor. A circularly polarized laser pulse is used to excite spin-polarized carriers in a GaAs multiple quantum well sample at 80 K. Diffusion of electron and spin ... More
Different Power Adaption Methods on Fluctuating Two-Ray Fading ChannelsNov 12 2018In this letter, we consider a typical scenario where the transmitter employs different power adaption methods, including the optimal rate and power algorithm, optimal rate adaption, channel inversion and truncated channel inversion, to enhance the ergodic ... More
Energy relaxation during hot-exciton transport in quantum wells: Direct observation by spatially resolved phonon-sideband spectroscopyMay 03 2002Sep 16 2002We investigate the energy relaxation of excitons during the real-space transport in ZnSe quantum wells by using microphotoluminescence with spatial resolution enhanced by a solid immersion lens. The spatial evolution of the LO-phonon sideband, originating ... More
Effect of quantum confinement on exciton-phonon interactionsJul 04 2002Sep 16 2002We investigate the homogeneous linewidth of localized type-I excitons in type-II GaAs/AlAs superlattices. These localizing centers represent the intermediate case between quasi-two-dimensional (Q2D) and quasi-zero-dimensional localizations. The temperature ... More
Compressed ghost edge imagingFeb 22 2019In this paper, we propose an advanced framework of ghost edge imaging, named compressed ghost edge imaging (CGEI). In the scheme, a set of structured speckle patterns with pixel shifting are illuminated on an unknown object, and the output is collected ... More
Quantized space-time and its influences on some physical problemsMay 15 2013Based on the idea of quantized space-time of Snyder, we derive new generalized uncertainty principle and new modified density of states. Accordingly we discuss the influences of the modified density of states on some physical quantities and laws. In addition ... More
Bound entanglement and distillability of multipartite quantum systemsSep 24 2015We construct a class of entangled states in $\mathcal{H}=\mathcal{H}_{A}\otimes\mathcal{H}_{B}\otimes\mathcal{H}_{C}$ quantum systems with $dim\mathcal{H}_{A}=dim\mathcal{H}_{B}=dim\mathcal{H}_{C}=2$ and classify those states with respect to their distillability ... More
Symmetry energy at supra-saturation densities via the Gravitational Waves from GW170817Mar 14 2019Motivated by the historical detection of gravitational waves from GW170817, the neutron star and the neutron drop, i.e., a certain number of neutrons confined in an external field, are systematically investigated by ab initio calculations as well as the ... More
Coherence Length of Excitons in a Semiconductor Quantum WellJul 07 2002Aug 12 2002We report on the first experimental determination of the coherence length of excitons in semiconductors using the combination of spatially resolved photoluminescence with phonon sideband spectroscopy. The coherence length of excitons in ZnSe quantum wells ... More
Powerful numbers in $(1^{\ell}+q^{\ell})(2^{\ell}+q^{\ell})\cdots (n^{\ell}+q^{\ell})$Jun 11 2017Let $q$ be a positive integer. Recently, Niu and Liu proved that if $n\ge \max\{q,1198-q\}$, then the product $(1^3+q^3)(2^3+q^3)\cdots (n^3+q^3)$ is not a powerful number. In this note, we prove that (i) for any odd prime power $\ell$ and $n\ge \max\{q,11-q\}$, ... More
Two-phase equilibrium properties in charged topological dilaton AdS black holesNov 26 2014Dec 29 2015In this paper we discuss phase transition of the charged topological dilaton AdS black holes by Maxwell equal area law. The two phases involved in the phase transition could be coexist and we depict the coexistence region in $P-v$ diagrams. The two-phase ... More
Study of $s\to dν\barν$ rare hyperon decays within the standard model and new physicsNov 05 2018Nov 29 2018FCNC processes offer important tools to test the standard model, and to search for possible new physics. In this work, we investigate the $s\to d\nu\bar{\nu}$ rare hyperon decays within the standard model and beyond. The hadronic matrix elements, parametrized ... More
Revisiting the pseudoscalar meson and glueball mixing and key issues in the search for pseudscalar glueball stateDec 07 2017Apr 04 2018We revisit the mixing mechanism for pesudscalar mesons and glueball which is introduced by the axial vector anomaly. We demonstrate that the physical mass of the pseudoscalar glueball does not favor to be lower than 1.8 GeV if all the parameters are reasonably ... More
Local unitary equivalence of quantum states and simultaneous orthogonal equivalenceMay 01 2016The correspondence between local unitary equivalence of bipartite quantum states and simultaneous orthogonal equivalence is thoroughly investigated and strengthened. It is proved that local unitary equivalence can be studied through simultaneous similarity ... More
Energy spread and current-current correlation in quantum systemsJul 27 2014We consider energy (heat) transport in quantum systems, and establish a relationship between energy spread and energy current-current correlation function. The energy current-current correlation is related to thermal conductivity by the Green-Kubo formula, ... More
On the sumsets of exceptional units in $\mathbb{Z}_n$Sep 21 2015Let $R$ be a commutative ring with $1\in R$ and $R^{\ast}$ be the multiplicative group of its units. In 1969, Nagell introduced the exceptional unit $u$ if both $u$ and $1-u$ belong to $R^{\ast}$. Let $\mathbb{Z}_n$ be the ring of residue classes modulo ... More
Correlations of spin-polarized and entangled electrons with Berry phaseSep 06 2005The correlation and fluctuation of both entangled electrons and spin-polarized pairs affected by two rotating magnetic fields in a setup proposed by J. Carlos Egues etc. (Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 89}(2002) 176401) are studied theoretically by using scattering ... More
Thermodynamics and critical behaviors of topological dS black holes with nonlinear sourceApr 18 2017Aug 20 2017We discuss black hole solutions of Einstein gravity in presence of nonlinear electrodynamics in dS spacetime. Considering prescribed entropy, thermodynamic volume of dS spacetime, We investigate properties of the effective thermodynamic quantities under ... More
Method for removing interference in chaotic signals based on the Lyapunov exponentSep 26 2011A new method based on the phenomenon of synchronization and the properties of chaos is proposed to reduce interference in the transferred chaotic signals of synchronized systems. In this paper, the interference is considered as a series of small deviations ... More
On Benchmarking the Capability of Symbolic Execution Tools with Logic BombsDec 05 2017May 25 2018Symbolic execution now becomes an indispensable technique for software testing and program analysis. There are several symbolic execution tools available off-the-shelf, and we need a practical benchmark approach to learn their capabilities. Therefore, ... More
Variational Monte Carlo method for fermionic models combined with tensor networks and applications to the hole-doped two-dimensional Hubbard modelMar 10 2017Aug 02 2017The conventional tensor-network states employ real-space product states as reference wave functions. Here, we propose a many-variable variational Monte Carlo (mVMC) method combined with tensor networks by taking advantages of both to study fermionic models. ... More
Construction of Bound Entangled States Based on Permutation OperatorsFeb 17 2016We present a construction of new bound entangled states from given bound entangled states for arbitrary dimensional bipartite systems. One way to construct bound entangled states is to show that these states are PPT (positive partial transpose) and violate ... More
Inequalities detecting entanglement for arbitrary bipartite systemsJun 13 2014Jun 16 2014Based on the generators of $SU(n)$ we present inequalities for detecting quantum entanglement for $2 \otimes d$ and $M \otimes N$ systems. These inequalities provide a sufficient condition of entanglement for bipartite mixed states and give rise to an ... More
Charge carrier dynamics in bulk MoS2 crystal studied by transient absorption microscopyMar 04 2013We report a transient absorption microscopy study of charge carrier dynamics in bulk MoS2 crystals at room temperature. Charge carriers are injected by interband absorption of a 555-nm pulse, and probed by measuring differential reflection of a time-delayed ... More
Tensor Renormalization Group with Randomized Singular Value DecompositionDec 05 2017Mar 22 2018An algorithm of the tensor renormalization group is proposed based on a randomized algorithm for singular value decomposition. Our algorithm is applicable to a broad range of two-dimensional classical models. In the case of a square lattice, its computational ... More
Strong and Anisotropic Third Harmonic Generation in Monolayer and Multilayer ReS$_2$Dec 10 2016We report observation of strong and anisotropic third harmonic generation (THG) in monolayer and multilayer ReS$_2$. The third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility of monolayer ReS$_2$, $\left| \chi^{(3)} \right|$ is on the order of $10^{-18} $ m$^2$/V$^2$, ... More
Toward Packet Routing with Fully-distributed Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement LearningMay 09 2019Packet routing is one of the fundamental problems in computer networks in which a router determines the next-hop of each packet in the queue to get it as quickly as possible to its destination. Reinforcement learning has been introduced to design the ... More
A Simple Evaluation for the Secrecy Outage Probability Over Generalized-K Fading ChannelsJul 03 2019A simple approximation for the secrecy outage probability (SOP) over generalized-K fading channels is developed. This approximation becomes tighter as the average signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the wiretap channel decreases. Based on this simple expression, ... More
Waiting times and stopping probabilities for patterns in Markov chainsFeb 21 2016Feb 20 2017Suppose that $\mathcal C$ is a finite collection of patterns. Observe a Markov chain until one of the patterns in $\mathcal C$ occurs as a run. This time is denoted by $\tau$. In this paper, we aim to give an easy way to calculate the mean waiting time ... More
Adaptive Full-Duplex Jamming Receiver for Secure D2D Links in Random NetworksNov 15 2018Device-to-device (D2D) communication raises new transmission secrecy protection challenges, since conventional physical layer security approaches, such as multiple antennas and cooperation techniques, are invalid due to its resource/size constraints. ... More
Asymptotic normality and optimalities in estimation of large Gaussian graphical modelsSep 24 2013Jun 03 2015The Gaussian graphical model, a popular paradigm for studying relationship among variables in a wide range of applications, has attracted great attention in recent years. This paper considers a fundamental question: When is it possible to estimate low-dimensional ... More
Novel Topological Invariant in the U(1) Gauge Field TheoryMar 19 2007Based on the decomposition of U(1) gauge potential theory and the $\phi$-mapping topological current theory, the three-dimensional knot invariant and a four-dimensional new topological invariant are discussed in the U(1) gauge field.
A New Phase-Field Approach to Variational Implicit Solvation of Charged Molecules with the Coulomb-Field ApproximationDec 05 2017We construct a new phase-field model for the solvation of charged molecules with a variational implicit solvent. Our phase-field free-energy functional includes the surface energy, solute-solvent van der Waals dispersion energy, and electrostatic interaction ... More
A New Perspective of the Radio Bright Zone at The Galactic Center: Feedback from Nuclear ActivitiesDec 19 2015New observations of Sgr A have been carried out with the VLA using the broadband (2 GHz) continuum mode at 5.5 GHz, covering the central 30 pc region of the RBZ at the Galactic center. Using the MS-MFS algorithms in CASA, we have imaged Sgr A with a resolution ... More
Tensor network algorithm by coarse-graining tensor renormalization on finite periodic latticesOct 12 2015We develop coarse-graining tensor renormalization group algorithms to compute physical properties of two-dimensional lattice models on finite periodic lattices. Two different coarse-graining strategies, one based on the tensor renormalization group and ... More
Ergodic Capacity Under Power Adaption Over Fisher-Snedecor F Fading ChannelsFeb 07 2019In this letter, we consider a communication scenario, where the transmitter adopts different power adaption methods according to the instantaneous channel state to enhance the ergodic capacity (EC) over Fisher-Snedecor F fading channels. We derive closed-form ... More
Improved Face Detection and Alignment using Cascade Deep Convolutional NetworkJul 28 2017Real-world face detection and alignment demand an advanced discriminative model to address challenges by pose, lighting and expression. Illuminated by the deep learning algorithm, some convolutional neural networks based face detection and alignment methods ... More
Towards More Efficient Stochastic Decentralized Learning: Faster Convergence and Sparse CommunicationMay 25 2018Recently, the decentralized optimization problem is attracting growing attention. Most existing methods are deterministic with high per-iteration cost and have a convergence rate quadratically depending on the problem condition number. Besides, the dense ... More
Learning Structural Graph Layouts and 3D Shapes for Long Span Bridges 3D ReconstructionJul 08 2019A learning-based 3D reconstruction method for long-span bridges is proposed in this paper. 3D reconstruction generates a 3D computer model of a real object or scene from images, it involves many stages and open problems. Existing point-based methods focus ... More
Discriminative adversarial networks for positive-unlabeled learningJun 03 2019Jun 06 2019As an important semi-supervised learning task, positive-unlabeled (PU) learning aims to learn a binary classifier only from positive and unlabeled data. In this article, we develop a novel PU learning framework, called discriminative adversarial networks, ... More
Secrecy Outage Analysis Over Fluctuating Two-Ray Fading ChannelsMay 29 2019In this letter, we analyze the secrecy outage probability (SOP) over fluctuating two-ray fading channels but with a different definition from the one adopted in [5]. Following the new defined SOP, we derive an analytical closed-form expression for our ... More
Secure Analysis Over Generalized-K ChannelsMay 18 2019In this letter, we adopt the SOP definition in [4] and the simplified model of [8], and derive a closed-form expression for the proposed SOP over GK fading channels. To simplify this expression and obtain additional insights, we also perform an asymptotic ... More
Active User Detection of Uplink Grant-Free SCMA in Frequency Selective ChannelMay 10 2018Massive machine type communication (mMTC) is one of the three fifth generation mobile networking (5G) key usage scenarios, which is characterized by a very large number of connected devices typically transmitting a relatively low volume of non-delay sensitive ... More
Unextendible maximally entangled bases and mutually unbiased bases in multipartite systemsAug 14 2017We generalize the notion of unextendible maximally entangled basis from bipartite systems to multipartite quantum systems. It is proved that there do not exist unextendible maximally entangled bases in three-qubit systems. Moreover,two types of unextendible ... More
Fidelity approach to quantum phase transitions: finite size scaling for quantum Ising model in a transverse fieldApr 23 2007We analyze the scaling parameter, extracted from the fidelity for two different ground states, for the one-dimensional quantum Ising model in a transverse field near the critical point. It is found that, in the thermodynamic limit, the scaling parameter ... More
Computing on quantum shared secretsFeb 13 2017A (k,n)-threshold secret-sharing scheme allows for a string to be split into n shares in such a way that any subset of at least k shares suffices to recover the secret string, but such that any subset of at most k-1 shares contains no information about ... More
Entanglement evolution of a spin chain bath in driving the decoherence of a coupled quantum spinMar 05 2009For an electron spin in coupling with an interacting spin chain via hyperfine-type interaction, we investigate the dynamical evolutions of the pairwise entanglement of the spin chain and a correlation function joined the electron spin with a pair of chain ... More
Quantitative analysis of tensor effects in the relativistic Hartree-Fock theoryJun 29 2018Sep 20 2018Tensor force is identified in each meson-nucleon coupling in the relativistic Hartree-Fock theory. It is found that all the meson-nucleon couplings, except the $\sigma$-scalar one, give rise to the tensor force. The effects of tensor force on various ... More
Entanglement dynamics of a two-qubit system coupled individually to Ohmic bathsJun 07 2013Aug 08 2013Developed originally for the Holstein polaron, the Davydov D1 ansatz is an efficient, yet extremely accurate trial state for time-dependent variation of the spin-boson model [J. Chem. Phys. 138, 084111 (2013)]. In this work, the Dirac-Frenkel time-dependent ... More
Averaging principle for one dimensional stochastic Burgers equationJan 20 2017Jul 14 2018In this paper, we consider the averaging principle for one dimensional stochastic Burgers equation with slow and fast time-scales. Under some suitable conditions, we show that the slow component strongly converges to the solution of the corresponding ... More
Study of π^{-}p \to ηn at low energies in a chiral constituent quark modelJun 25 2007Nov 18 2007A chiral quark model approach is extended to the study of the $\pi N$ scattering at low energies. The process of $\pi^{-}p \to \eta n$ near threshold is investigated. The model is successful in describing the differential cross sections and total cross ... More
Research of migration behavior of space charge packet in polyethylene by electron beam irradiation method under the applied electric fieldMar 20 2018For accurately obtaining the relationship between the carrier mobility and the applied electric field, a new multi-layer sample has been designed. Polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) films were hot pressed on both sides of linear low density polyethylene( LLDPE) ... More
Negative electronic compressibility enables electrically-induced charge density waves in a two-dimensional electron liquidMay 17 2017Jul 30 2017We show that the negative electronic compressibility of two-dimensional electronic systems at sufficiently low density enables the generation of charge density waves through the application of a uniform force field, provided no current is allowed to flow. ... More
A Note on Entanglement of Formation and Generalized ConcurrenceAug 20 2004We discuss a kind of generalized concurrence for a class of high dimensional quantum pure states such that the entanglement of formation is a monotonically increasing convex function of the generalized concurrence. An analytical expression of the entanglement ... More
Super-Eddington Accretion in the Ultraluminous X-ray Source NGC1313 X-2: An Ephemeral FeastNov 20 2013Nov 24 2015We investigate the X-ray spectrum, variability and the surrounding ionized bubble of NGC1313 X-2 to explore the physics of super-Eddington accretion. Beyond the Eddington luminosity, the accretion disk of NGC1313 X-2 is truncated at a large radius ($\sim$ ... More
Controllable spin-current blockade in a Hubbard chainJun 27 2008We investigate the spin/charge transport in a one-dimensional strongly correlated system by using the adaptive time-dependent density-matrix renormalization group method. The model we consider is a non-half-filled Hubbard chain with a bond of controllable ... More
All-optical generation and detection of sub-picosecond ac spin current pulses in GaAsJun 24 2008Sub-picosecond ac spin current pulses are generated optically in GaAs bulk and quantum wells at room temperature and 90K through quantum interference between one-photon and two-photon absorptions driven by two phase-locked ultrafast laser pulses that ... More
Active Anomaly Detection with Switching CostOct 28 2018Oct 30 2018The problem of anomaly detection among multiple processes is considered within the framework of sequential design of experiments. The objective is an active inference strategy consisting of a selection rule governing which process to probe at each time, ... More
On (strong) proper vertex-connection of graphsMay 19 2015A path in a vertex-colored graph is a {\it vertex-proper path} if any two internal adjacent vertices differ in color. A vertex-colored graph is {\it proper vertex $k$-connected} if any two vertices of the graph are connected by $k$ disjoint vertex-proper ... More
Explaining the Power-law Distribution of Human Mobility Through Transportation Modality DecompositionAug 21 2014Feb 02 2015Human mobility has been empirically observed to exhibit Levy flight characteristics and behaviour with power-law distributed jump size. The fundamental mechanisms behind this behaviour has not yet been fully explained. In this paper, we analyze urban ... More
The X-ray Decay of the ultraluminous supernova SN 1978K in NGC 1313Dec 30 2016Apr 19 2017The Type IIn supernova (SN) 1978K in the nearby galaxy NGC 1313 has remained bright in multiwavelengths for more than $\sim 25$ yr. The archival data of SN 1978K collected with ROSAT, ASCA, XMM-Newton, and Chandra from 1990 to 2006 show no significant ... More
Convolutional-Recurrent Neural Networks for Speech EnhancementMay 02 2018We propose an end-to-end model based on convolutional and recurrent neural networks for speech enhancement. Our model is purely data-driven and does not make any assumptions about the type or the stationarity of the noise. In contrast to existing methods ... More
Recurrent outbursts revealed in 3XMM J031820.8-663034Apr 29 20183XMM J031820.8-663034, first detected by ROSAT in NGC 1313, is one of a few known transient ultraluminous X-ray sources (ULXs). In this paper, we present decades of X-ray data of this source from ROSAT, XMM-Newton, Chandra and the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory. ... More
Conformal Mesh Parameterization Using Discrete Calabi FlowJul 23 2018In this paper, we introduce discrete Calabi flow to the graphics research community and present a novel conformal mesh parameterization algorithm. Calabi energy has a succinct and explicit format. Its corresponding flow is conformal and convergent under ... More
Observation of intrinsic inverse spin Hall effectFeb 09 2011Mar 09 2011We report observation of intrinsic inverse spin Hall effect in un-doped GaAs multiple quantum wells with a sample temperature of 10 K. A transient ballistic pure spin current is injected by a pair of laser pulses through quantum interference. By time-resolving ... More
Ambipolar diffusion of photo-excited carriers in bulk GaAsFeb 07 2011The ambipolar carrier diffusion in bulk GaAs is studied by using an ultrafast pump-probe technique with a high spatial resolution. Carriers with a point-like spatial profile are excited by a tightly focused pump laser pulse. The spatiotemporal dynamics ... More
Hot exciton transport in ZnSe quantum wellsSep 16 2002The in-plane transport of excitons in ZnSe quantum wells is investigated directly by microphotoluminescence in combination with a solid immersion lens. Due to the strong Froehlich coupling, the initial kinetic energy of the excitons is well controlled ... More
Weakly nonlinear analysis for car-following model with consideration of cooperation and time delaysMar 27 2018In traffic systems, cooperative driving has attracted the researchers attentions. A lot of works attempt to understand the effects of cooperative driving behavior and/or time delays on traffic flow dynamics for specific traffic flow model. This paper ... More
Residual proton-neutron interactions and the $N_{\rm p} N_{\rm n}$ schemeJul 14 2010We investigate the correlation between integrated proton-neutron interactions obtained by using the up-to-date experimental data of binding energies and the $N_{\rm p} N_{\rm n}$, the product of valence proton number and valence neutron number with respect ... More
Nonreciprocal photon blockade via quadratic optomechanical couplingSep 20 2018We propose to manipulate the statistic properties of the photons transport nonreciprocally via quadratic optomechanical coupling. We present a scheme to generate quadratic optomechanical interactions in the normal optical modes of a whispering-gallery-mode ... More
Maxwell's equal area law for black holes in power Maxwell invariantOct 17 2016Mar 23 2018In this paper, we consider the phase transition of black hole in power Maxwell invariant by means of Maxwell's equal area law. First, we review and study the analogy of nonlinear charged black hole solutions with the Van der Waals gas-liquid system in ... More
Muon conversion to electron in nuclei within the $μν$SSM with a 125 GeV HiggsMay 19 2013Jul 09 2013Within framework of the $\mu$ from $\nu$ Supersymmetric Standard Model ($\mu\nu$SSM), three exotic right-handed neutrino superfields induce new sources for lepton-flavor violation. In this work, we investigate muon conversion to electron in nuclei within ... More
Thermodynamics of phase transition in higher dimensional Reissner-Nordström-de Sitter black holeMar 10 2014Mar 11 2014It is well known that there are black hole and the cosmological horizons for the Reissner-Nordstr\"{o}m-de Sitter spacetime. Although the thermodynamic quantities on the horizons are not irrelevant, they satisfy the laws of black hole thermodynamics respectively. ... More
Tightly bound excitons in monolayer WSe2Jun 12 2014Exciton binding energy and excited states in monolayers of tungsten diselenide (WSe2) are investigated using the combined linear absorption and two-photon photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy. The exciton binding energy is determined to be 0.37eV, ... More
Existence condition and phase transition of Reissner-Nordström-de Sitter black holeDec 03 2013Dec 05 2013After introducing the connection between the black hole horizon and the cosmological horizon, we discuss the thermodynamic properties of Reissner-Nordstrom-de Sitter (RN-dS) spacetime. We present the condition under which RN-dS black hole can exist. Employing ... More
On the critical phenomena and thermodynamics of charged topological dilaton AdS black holesMay 16 2013May 20 2013In this paper, we study the phase structure and equilibrium state space geometry of charged topological dilaton black holes in $(n+1)$-dimensional anti-de Sitter spacetime. By considering the pairs of parameters $(P\sim V)$ and $(Q\sim U)$ as variables, ... More
Phase Transition and Clapeyon Equation of Black Hole in Higher Dimensional AdS SpacetimeNov 13 2014Jun 21 2016By Maxwell equal area law we study the phase transition in higher dimensional Anti-de Sitter (AdS) Reissner-Nordstr\"{o}m (RN) black hole and Kerr black hole in this paper. The coexisting region of the two phases involved in the phase transition is found ... More
Phase transition of the higher dimensional charged Gauss-Bonnet black hole in de Sitter spacetimeOct 22 2014We study the phase transition of charged Gauss-Bonnet-de Sitter (GB-dS) black hole. For black holes in de Sitter spacetime, there is not only black hole horizon, but also the cosmological horizon. The thermodynamic quantities on the both horizons satisfy ... More
Towards Safety-Aware Computing System Design in Autonomous VehiclesMay 21 2019May 22 2019Recently, autonomous driving development ignited competition among car makers and technical corporations. Low-level automation cars are already commercially available. But high automated vehicles where the vehicle drives by itself without human monitoring ... More
Clapeyron equation and phase equilibrium properties in higher dimensional charged topological dilaton AdS black holes with a nonlinear sourceSep 27 2016Mar 23 2018Using Maxwell's equal area law, we discuss the phase transition of higher dimensional charged topological dilaton AdS black holes with a nonlinear source. The coexisting region of the two phases is found and we depict the coexistence region in $P-v$ diagrams. ... More
Sub-arcsec Observations of NGC 7538 IRS 1: Continuum Distribution and Dynamics of Molecular GasSep 24 2013We report new results based on the analysis of the SMA and CARMA observations of NGC 7538\,IRS\,1 at 1.3 and 3.4 mm with sub-arcsec resolutions. With angular resolutions $\sim$ 0\farcs7, the SMA and CARMA observations show that the continuum emission ... More
Scale-invariance of human EEG signals in sleepMar 12 2007We investigate the dynamical properties of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals of human in sleep. By using a modified random walk method, We demonstrate that the scale-invariance is embedded in EEG signals after a detrending procedure. Further more, we ... More
Matching Quasi Generalized Parton Distributions in the RI/MOM schemeFeb 01 2019Within the framework of large momentum effective theory (LaMET), genenaralized parton distributions (GPDs) can be extracted from lattice calculations of quasi-GPDs through a perturbative matching relation, up to power corrections that are suppressed by ... More
Radio structure of the blazar 1156+295 with sub-pc resolutionFeb 15 2011Apr 04 20111156+295 is a flat-spectrum quasar which is loud at radio and gamma-ray. Previous observations of the source revealed a radio morphology on pc to kpc scales consistent with a helical jet model. In our present research, this source was observed with the ... More