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Exact solution for growth-induced large bending deformation of a hyperelastic plateOct 09 2017In this paper, the growth-induced bending deformation of a thin hyperelastic plate is studied. For a plane-strain problem, the governing PDE system is formulated, which is composed of the mechanical equilibrium equations, the constraint equation and the ... More
Closed geodesics on positively curved spheres $S^n$ with Finsler metric induced by $(\mathbb{R}P^n,F)$Apr 17 2018It's well known that the n-sphere $S^n$ is the universal double covering of the $n$-dimensional real projective space $\mathbb{R}P^n$ and then any Finsler metric on $\mathbb{R}P^n$ induces a Finsler metric of $S^n$. In this paper, we prove that for every ... More
Properties of post-shock solar wind deduced from geomagnetic indices responses after sudden impulsesAug 16 2016Interplanetary (IP) shock plays a key role in causing the global dynamic changes of the geospace environment. For the perspective of Solar-Terrestrial relationship, it will be of great importance to estimate the properties of post-shock solar wind simply ... More
Dynamic importance sampling for uniformly recurrent markov chainsMar 22 2005Importance sampling is a variance reduction technique for efficient estimation of rare-event probabilities by Monte Carlo. In standard importance sampling schemes, the system is simulated using an a priori fixed change of measure suggested by a large ... More
A question of Norton-Sullivan in the analytic caseSep 19 2018In 1996, A. Norton and D. Sullivan asked the following question: If $f:\mathbb{T}^2\rightarrow\mathbb{T}^2$ is a diffeomorphism, $h:\mathbb{T}^2\rightarrow\mathbb{T}^2$ is a continuous map homotopic to the identity, and $h f=T_{\rho} h$ where $\rho\in\mathbb{R}^2$ ... More
Sparse Distance Weighted DiscriminationJan 24 2015Distance weighted discrimination (DWD) was originally proposed to handle the data piling issue in the support vector machine. In this paper, we consider the sparse penalized DWD for high-dimensional classification. The state-of-the-art algorithm for solving ... More
Machine Learning of Frustrated Classical Spin Models. II. Kernel Principal Component AnalysisMar 03 2018In this work we apply the principal component analysis (PCA) method with kernel trick to study classification of phases and phase transition in classical XY models in frustrated lattices. Comparing to our previous work with linear PCA method, the kernel ... More
On the convergence from discrete to continuous time in an optimal stopping problemMay 12 2005We consider the problem of optimal stopping for a one-dimensional diffusion process. Two classes of admissible stopping times are considered. The first class consists of all nonanticipating stopping times that take values in [0,\infty], while the second ... More
Some new gradient estimates for two nonlinear parabolic equations under Ricci flowJan 06 2017In this paper, by maximum principle and cutoff function, we investigate gradient estimates for positive solutions to two nonlinear parabolic equations under Ricci flow. The related Harnack inequalities are deduced. An result about positive solutions on ... More
Correspondances de Howe pour les groupes des similitudesJun 12 2012Jul 08 2012In this paper, we give a way to define the Howe correspondences for the similitudes groups over p-adic fields by following the work of Brooks Roberts on the groups (GSp, GO).
On a question of Drinfeld on the Weil representation I: the finite field caseMay 22 2012Dec 31 2013Let F be a finite field of odd cardinality, and let G= GL2(F). The group G \times G \times G acts on F^2 \otimes F^2 \otimes F^2 via symplectic similitudes, and has a natural Weil representation. Answering a question rasised by V. Drinfeld, we decompose ... More
Exploring Machine Reading Comprehension with Explicit KnowledgeSep 10 2018To apply general knowledge to machine reading comprehension (MRC), we propose an innovative MRC approach, which consists of a WordNet-based data enrichment method and an MRC model named as Knowledge Aided Reader (KAR). The data enrichment method uses ... More
Geometric Methods for Stochastic Dynamical SystemsNov 02 2018Noisy fluctuations are ubiquitous in complex systems. They play a crucial or delicate role in the dynamical evolution of gene regulation, signal transduction, biochemical reactions, among other systems. Therefore, it is essential to consider the effects ... More
A refinement of a theorem by FranksNov 21 2015Jan 18 2016In this paper, we give a refinement of a theorem by Franks, which answers two questions raised by Kang.
First-principles investigation of the effect of substitution and surface adsorption on magnetostrictive properties of Fe-Ga alloysOct 10 2018Materials with large magnetostriction are widely used in sensors, actuators, micro electromechanical systems, and energy-harvesters. Binary Fe-Ga alloys (Galfenol) are the most promising rare-earth-free candidates combining numerous advantages such as ... More
The Quark Propagator in a Truncation Scheme beyond the Rainbow ApproximationNov 05 2015Nov 11 2015The quark propagator is studied under a truncation scheme beyond the rainbow approximation by dressing the quark-gluon vertex non-perturbatively. It is found that, in the chiral limit with dynamical symmetry breaking, the dynamical quark mass and the ... More
Effects of Parton Intrinsic Transverse Momentum on Photon Production in Hard-Scattering ProcessesFeb 20 1998May 01 1998We calculate the photon production cross section arising from the hard scattering of partons in nucleon-nucleon collisions by taking into account the intrinsic parton transverse momentum distribution and the next-to-leading-order contributions. As first ... More
Weil representations over finite fields and Shintani liftMar 21 2013Let Sp_V(F) be the group of isometries of a symplectic vector space V over a finite field F of odd cardinality. The group Sp_V(F) possesses distinguished representations--- the Weil representations. We know that they are compatible with base change in ... More
Neural Network Renormalization GroupFeb 08 2018Dec 19 2018We present a variational renormalization group (RG) approach using a deep generative model based on normalizing flows. The model performs hierarchical change-of-variables transformations from the physical space to a latent space with reduced mutual information. ... More
Quantum computational complexity, Einstein's equations and accelerated expansion of the UniverseAug 22 2017Aug 29 2017We study the relation between quantum computational complexity and general relativity. The quantum computational complexity is proposed to be quantified by the shortest length of geodesic quantum curves. We examine the complexity/volume duality in a geodesic ... More
Frequency-hiding Dependency-preserving Encryption for Outsourced DatabasesMar 02 2016Mar 08 2016The cloud paradigm enables users to outsource their data to computationally powerful third-party service providers for data management. Many data management tasks rely on the data dependencies in the outsourced data. This raises an important issue of ... More
Propagating Terrace and Asymptotic Profile to Time-Periodic Reaction-Diffusion EquationsJan 16 2019This paper is concerned with the asymptotic behavior of solutions of time periodic reaction-diffusion equation \begin{equation*}\label{aaa} \begin{cases} u_{t}(x,t)=u_{xx}(x,t)+f(t,u(x,t)),\quad \,\,\forall x\in\mathbb{R},\,t>0,\\ u(x,0)=u_{0}(x), \quad ... More
Transparency and amplification in a hybrid system of mechanical resonator and circuit QEDMay 23 2014We theoretically study the transparency and amplification of a weak probe field applied to the cavity in hy- brid systems formed by a driven superconducting circuit QED system and a mechanical resonator, or a driven optomechanical system and a superconducting ... More
Classification of the Super-conducting order parameters under the point group symmetry for a multi-band system: application to LaOFeAsMay 06 2008All the possible super-conducting order parameters for the LaOFeAs system are classified by their transformation under the complete crystal symmetry. The general forms of the super-conducting gap functions for each class are discussed. We find that the ... More
Approaches, Challenges and Future Direction of Image RetrievalJun 23 2010This paper attempts to discuss the evolution of the retrieval approaches focusing on development, challenges and future direction of the image retrieval. It highlights both the already addressed and outstanding issues. The explosive growth of image data ... More
Transits of Planets with Small Intervals in Circumbinary SystemsJul 03 2014Transit times around single stars can be described well by a linear ephemeris. However, transit times in circumbinary systems are influenced both by the gravitational perturbations and the orbital phase variations of the central binary star. Adopting ... More
Polarization of Quasars: Electron Scattering in the Broad Absorption Line RegionAug 02 2005It is widely accepted that the broad absorption line region (BALR) exists in most (if not all) quasars with a small covering factor. Recent works showed that the BALR is optically thick to soft and even medium energy X-rays, with a typical hydrogen column ... More
Polarization of Quasars: Resonant Line Scattering in the Broad Absorption Line RegionSep 17 2006Recent works showed that the absorbing material in broad absorption line (BAL) quasars is optically thick to major resonant absorption lines. This material may contribute significantly to the polarization in the absorption lines. In this paper, we present ... More
Polarization of Quasars: Rotated and Funnel-shaped OutflowDec 13 2006Polarization is a useful probe to investigate the geometries and dynamics of outflow in BAL QSOs. We perform a Monte-Carlo simulation to calculate the polarization produced by resonant and electron scattering in BALR. We find: 1)A rotated and funnel-shaped ... More
Doubly-charged scalar in rare decays of $B_c$ mesonFeb 09 2018In this paper, we study the lepton number violation processes of $B_c$ meson induced by possible doubly-charged scalars. Both the three-body decay channels and the four-body decay channels are considered. For the former, $Br\times\left(\frac{s_\Delta ... More
Concordance and the Smallest Covering Set of Preference OrderingsSep 15 2016Preference orderings are orderings of a set of items according to the preferences (of judges). Such orderings arise in a variety of domains, including group decision making, consumer marketing, voting and machine learning. Measuring the mutual information ... More
Efficient traveltime solution of the acoustic TI eikonal equationNov 17 2013Numerical solutions of the eikonal (Hamilton-Jacobi) equation for transversely isotropic (TI) media are essential for imaging and traveltime tomography applications. Such solutions, however, suffer from the inherent higher-order nonlinearity of the TI ... More
Integrity Authentication for SQL Query Evaluation on Outsourced Databases: A SurveyAug 24 2018Spurred by the development of cloud computing, there has been considerable recent interest in the Database-as-a-Service (DaaS) paradigm. Users lacking in expertise or computational resources can outsource their data and database management needs to a ... More
On Multi-Relational Link Prediction with Bilinear ModelsSep 14 2017We study bilinear embedding models for the task of multi-relational link prediction and knowledge graph completion. Bilinear models belong to the most basic models for this task, they are comparably efficient to train and use, and they can provide good ... More
RecSys-DAN: Discriminative Adversarial Networks for Cross-Domain Recommender SystemsMar 26 2019Data sparsity and data imbalance are practical and challenging issues in cross-domain recommender systems. This paper addresses those problems by leveraging the concepts which derive from representation learning, adversarial learning and transfer learning ... More
Bulk viscosity in nuclear and quark matter: A short reviewFeb 07 2007Mar 05 2007The history and recent progresses in the study of bulk viscosity in nuclear and quark matter are reviewed. The constraints from baryon number conservation and electric neutrality in quark matter on particle densities and fluid velocity divergences are ... More
Uncover the Black Box of Machine Learning Applied to Quantum Problem by an Introspective Learning ArchitectureJan 30 2019Feb 02 2019Recently there is an increasing interest in applying machine learning algorithm to physics problems. These applications provide new platforms to challenge the critical issue of how to uncover the black box of machine learning because there always exists ... More
Sound modes and stability of momentum dissipated black branes in holographyDec 13 2018Apr 03 2019We systematically investigate the sound modes of momentum dissipated holographic systems. In particular, we focus on the Einstein-linear axions and the Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton-Axion theories in four-dimensional bulk spacetime dimensions. The sound velocities ... More
Optimal Power Allocation for Artificial Noise under Imperfect CSI against Spatially Random EavesdroppersJan 06 2016In this correspondence, we study the secure multiantenna transmission with artificial noise (AN) under imperfect channel state information in the presence of spatially randomly distributed eavesdroppers. We derive the optimal solutions of the power allocation ... More
Assessing the Potential of Classical Q-learning in General Game PlayingOct 14 2018After the recent groundbreaking results of AlphaGo and AlphaZero, we have seen strong interests in deep reinforcement learning and artificial general intelligence (AGI) in game playing. However, deep learning is resource-intensive and the theory is not ... More
Local Aronson-Benolan type gradient estimates for the porous medium type equation under RicciJan 09 2017In this paper, we investigate some new local Aronson-B\'enilan type gradient estimates for positive solutions of the porous medium equation $$ u_{t}=\Delta u^{m}, $$ under Ricci flow. As application, the related Harnack inequalities are derived. Our results ... More
Shear Viscosity to Entropy Density Ratio in Higher Derivative Gravity with Momentum DissipationMay 24 2016Sep 15 2016We investigate $\eta/s$ in linear scalar fields modified Gauss-Bonnet theory that breaks translation invariance. We first calculate $\eta/s$ both analytically and numerically and show its relationship with temperature in log-log plot. Our results show ... More
Time-varying Bang-bang Property of Minimal Controls for Approximately Null-controllable Heat EquationsMar 02 2017In this paper, optimal time control problems and optimal target control problems are studied for the approximately null-controllable heat equations. Compared with the existed results on these problems, the boundary of control variables are not constants ... More
Fine-grained visual recognition with salient feature detectionAug 12 2018Aug 14 2018Computer vision based fine-grained recognition has received great attention in recent years. Existing works focus on discriminative part localization and feature learning. In this paper, to improve the performance of fine-grained recognition, we try to ... More
Dynamic importance sampling for queueing networksOct 24 2007Importance sampling is a technique that is commonly used to speed up Monte Carlo simulation of rare events. However, little is known regarding the design of efficient importance sampling algorithms in the context of queueing networks. The standard approach, ... More
Exploiting the Unexploited of Coded Caching for Wireless Content Distribution: Detailed Theoretical ProofsJul 05 2014Recent studies show that the coded caching technique can facilitate the wireless content distribution by mitigating the wireless traffic rate during the peak-traffic time, where the contents are partially prefetched to the local cache of mobile devices ... More
Ghost spins and novel quantum critical behavior in a spin chain with local bond-deformationAug 07 1998We study the boundary impurity-induced critical behavior in an integrable SU(2)-invariant model consisting of an open Heisenberg chain of arbitrary spin-$S$ (Takhatajian-Babujian model) interacting with an impurity of spin $\vec{S'}$ located at one of ... More
Isotopic ratio, isotonic ratio, isobaric ratio and Shannon information uncertaintySep 11 2014The isoscaling and the isobaric yield ratio difference (IBD) probes, which both are constructed by yield ratio of fragment, provide cancelation of parameters. The information entropy theory is introduced to explain the physical meaning of the isoscaling ... More
Compressed ghost edge imagingFeb 22 2019In this paper, we propose an advanced framework of ghost edge imaging, named compressed ghost edge imaging (CGEI). In the scheme, a set of structured speckle patterns with pixel shifting are illuminated on an unknown object, and the output is collected ... More
Theory for quantum state of photon pairs generated from spontaneous parametric down conversion nonlinear processFeb 15 2006We present a theory for the quantum state of photon pairs generated from spontaneous parametric down conversion nonlinear process in which the influence of the final sizes of nonlinear optical crystals on eigen optical modes is explicitly taken into consideration. ... More
Lipschitz Equivalence of Self-Similar Sets: Algebraic and Geometric PropertiesMar 02 2013In this paper we provide an up-to-date survey on the study of Lipschitz equivalence of self-similar sets. Lipschitz equivalence is an important property in fractal geometry because it preserves many key properties of fractal sets. A fundamental result ... More
Derivation of the effective Chiral Lagrangian for pseudoscalar, scalar, vector and axial-vector mesons from QCDJan 26 2017A previous formal derivation of the effective chiral Lagrangian for low-lying pseudoscalar mesons from first-principles QCD without approximations [Wang et al., Phys. Rev. D61, (2000) 54011] is generalized to further include scalar, vector, and axial-vector ... More
Measuring robustness of community structure in complex networksMar 27 2015The theory of community structure is a powerful tool for real networks, which can simplify their topological and functional analysis considerably. However, since community detection methods have random factors and real social networks obtained from complex ... More
Radially Excited States of $η_c$Dec 22 2014In the framework of chiral quark model, the mass spectrum of $\eta_c(ns) (n=1,...,6)$ is studied with Gaussian expansion method. With the wave functions obtained in the study of mass spectrum, the open flavor two-body strong decay widths are calculated ... More
Self-similar subsets of the Cantor setJun 20 2014In this paper, we study the following question raised by Mattila in 1998: what are the self-similar subsets of the middle-third Cantor set $\C$? We give criteria for a complete classification of all such subsets. We show that for any self-similar subset ... More
OR-Benchmark: An Open and Reconfigurable Digital Watermarking Benchmarking FrameworkMay 31 2015Jun 05 2015Benchmarking digital watermarking algorithms is not an easy task because different applications of digital watermarking often have very different sets of requirements and trade-offs between conflicting requirements. While there have been some general-purpose ... More
What is the best planar cavity for maximizing coherent exciton-photon couplingAug 08 2017We compare alternative planar cavity structures for strong exciton$-$photon coupling, where the conventional distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) and three unconventional types of cavity mirrors$-$ air/GaAs DBR, Tamm $-$ plasmon mirror and sub$-$wavelength ... More
No-Go Theorems for Generalized Chameleon Field TheoriesAug 22 2012The chameleon, or generalizations thereof, is a light scalar that couple to matter with gravitational strength, but whose manifestation depends on the ambient matter density. A key feature is that the screening mechanism suppressing its effects in high-density ... More
Nodes in the Gap Function of LaFePO, the Gap Function of the Fe(Se,Te) Systems, and the STM Signature of the s$_{\pm}$ PairingFeb 17 2010May 07 2010We reiterate, in more details, our previous proposal of using quasi-particle interference to determine the pairing form factor in iron-based superconductors. We also present our functional renormalization group(FRG) results on LaFePO and Fe(Se,Te) superconductors. ... More
Antiferromagnetic Correlation and the Pairing Mechanism of the Cuprates and Iron Pnictides : a View From the Functional Renormalization Group StudiesOct 13 2008Nov 15 2008We compare the one-loop functional renormalization group results for the cuprates and the iron pnictides. Interestingly a coherent picture suggesting that antiferromagnetic correlation causes pairing for both materials emerges.
Baryon number conservation and enforced electric charge neutrality for bulk viscosity in quark matterFeb 05 2007Apr 06 2007General constraints on fluid velocity divergences for particles in quark matter are derived from baryon number conservation and enforced electric charge neutrality. A new oscillation pattern in three-flavor normal quark matter satisfying these conditions ... More
Impedance spectroscopy and its applicationJun 21 2014Representation of dielectric properties by impedance spectroscopy (IS) is analyzed carefully in this paper. It is found that IS is not a good tool to describe a uniform system because a pseudo relaxation peaks exists at low frequency limit corresponding ... More
Bifurcation in mean phase portraits for stochastic dynamical systems with multiplicative Gaussian noiseNov 02 2018We investigate the bifurcation phenomena for stochastic systems with multiplicative Gaussian noise, by examining qualitative changes in mean phase portraits. Starting from the Fokker-Planck equation for the probability density function of solution processes, ... More
Secrecy Beamforming for SWIPT MISO Heterogeneous Cellular NetworksJun 28 2018In this paper, we consider the secure transmission design for a multiple-input single-output Femtocell overlaid with a Macrocell in co-channel deployment. The Femtocell base station sends confidential messages to information receiving Femtocell users ... More
Representations of Hopf Ore extensions of group algebras and pointed Hopf algebras of rank oneSep 28 2013Jan 14 2015In this paper, we study the representation theory of Hopf-Ore extensions of group algebras and pointed Hopf algebras of rank one over an arbitrary field $k$. Let $H=kG(\chi, a,\d)$ be a Hopf-Ore extension of $kG$ and $H'$ a rank one quotient Hopf algebra ... More
Quadruple-enhanced four-wave mixing in nanometer plasmonic hotspots: classical theory and experimentsApr 06 2017Efficiency is a critical factor limiting the applications of nonlinear plasmonic devices. We show by theory and experiments that high efficiency four-wave mixing (FWM) is achieved in nanometer size plasmonic hotspots, which open up opportunities for nanoscale ... More
Sound modes and stability of momentum dissipated black branes in holographyDec 13 2018May 19 2019We systematically investigate the sound modes of momentum dissipated holographic systems. In particular, we focus on the Einstein-linear axions and the Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton-axion theories in four-dimensional bulk spacetime dimensions. The sound velocities ... More
Lagrangian Bonnet pairs in complex space formsMar 30 2015In this paper we first give a Bonnet theorem for conformal Lagrangian surfaces in complex space forms, then we show that any compact Lagrangian surface in the complex space form admits at most one other global isometric Lagrangian surface with the same ... More
Resonance Identities for Closed Characteristics on Compact Star-shaped Hypersurfaces in ${\bf R}^{2n}$Aug 16 2013Mar 15 2014Resonance relations among periodic orbits on given energy hypersurfaces are very important for getting deeper understanding of the dynamics of the corresponding Hamiltonian systems. In this paper, we establish two new resonance identities for closed characteristics ... More
Derivation of the gap and Bethe-Salpeter equations at large $N_c$ limit and symmetry preserving truncationsJun 10 2017Oct 12 2017We develop a framework for deriving Dyson-Schwinger Equations (DSEs) and Bethe-Salpeter Equation (BSE) in QCD at large $N_c$ limit. The starting point is a modified form (with auxiliary fields) of QCD generating functional. This framework provides a natural ... More
Object Activity Scene Description, Construction and RecognitionMay 01 2018Action recognition is a critical task for social robots to meaningfully engage with their environment. 3D human skeleton-based action recognition is an attractive research area in recent years. Although, the existing approaches are good at action recognition, ... More
Analysis of the scalar, axialvector, vector, tensor doubly charmed tetraquark states with QCD sum rulesOct 08 2017May 07 2018In this article, we construct the axialvector-diquark-axialvector-antidiquark type currents to interpolate the scalar, axialvector, vector, tensor doubly charmed tetraquark states, and study them with QCD sum rules systematically by carrying out the operator ... More
Time-optimal rotation of a spin 1/2: application to the NV center spin in diamondFeb 01 2011We study the applicability of the time optimal bang-bang control designed for spin-1/2 [U. Boscain and P. Mason, J. Math. Phys. {\bf 47}, 062101 (2006)] to the rotation of the electron spin of a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond. The spin of the ... More
Sound modes and stability of momentum dissipated black branes in holographyDec 13 2018We systematically investigate the sound modes of momentum dissipated holographic systems. In particular, we focus on the Einstein-linear axions and Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton-Axion theories in four-dimensional bulk spacetime dimensions. The sound velocities ... More
AuthPDB: Query Authentication for Outsourced Probabilistic DatabasesAug 24 2018Jan 07 2019Spurred by developments such as cloud computing, there are increasing efforts for outsourcing of data management. A company (data owner) who lacks expertise and comptational resources can outsource his data to a third-party service provider (server), ... More
Towards Explainable NLP: A Generative Explanation Framework for Text ClassificationNov 01 2018Building explainable systems is a critical problem in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), since most machine learning models provide no explanations for the predictions. Existing approaches for explainable machine learning systems tend to ... More
A new approach to bulk viscosity in strange quark matter at high densitiesDec 18 2008Mar 07 2009A new method is proposed to compute the bulk viscosity in strange quark matter at high densities. Using the method it is straightforward to prove that the bulk viscosity is positive definite, which is not so easy to accomplish in other approaches especially ... More
Antiferromagnetically Driven Electronic Correlation in Iron Pnictides and CupratesMay 11 2009May 20 2009The iron pnictides and the cuprates represent two families of materials, where strong antiferromagnetic correlation drives three other distinct ordering tendencies: (1) superconducting pairing, (2) Fermi surface distortion, and (3) orbital current order. ... More
Charge Pumping of Interacting Fermion Atoms in the Synthetic DimensionApr 09 2015Recently it has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated that a spin-orbit coupled multi-component gas in 1d lattice can be viewed as spinless gas in a synthetic 2d lattice with a magnetic flux. In this letter we consider interaction effect of such ... More
RecSys-DAN: Discriminative Adversarial Networks for Cross-Domain Recommender SystemsMar 26 2019Apr 10 2019Data sparsity and data imbalance are practical and challenging issues in cross-domain recommender systems. This paper addresses those problems by leveraging the concepts which derive from representation learning, adversarial learning and transfer learning ... More
LRMM: Learning to Recommend with Missing ModalitiesAug 21 2018Aug 30 2018Multimodal learning has shown promising performance in content-based recommendation due to the auxiliary user and item information of multiple modalities such as text and images. However, the problem of incomplete and missing modality is rarely explored ... More
Remote implementation of partially unknown operations and its entanglement costsJan 24 2013We present the generalized version of Wang's protocol[A.M.Wang, Phys.Rev.A 74,032317 (2006)] for the remote implementation(sometimes referred to as quantum remote control) of partially unknown quantum operations. The protocol only requires no more than ... More
A Stochastic Pitchfork Bifurcation in Most Probable Phase PortraitsJan 11 2018We study stochastic bifurcation for a system under multiplicative stable Levy noise (an important class of non-Gaussian noise), by examining the qualitative changes of equilibrium states in its most probable phase portraits. We have found some peculiar ... More
Dissociation of Liquid Water on Defective Rutile TiO2 (110) Surfaces Using Ab-Initio Molecular Dynamics SimulationsMar 28 2018In order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of both thermodynamics and kinetics of water dissociation on TiO2, the reactions between liquid water and perfect and defective rutile TiO2 (110) surfaces were investigated using ab initio molecular dynamics ... More
Electromagnetic fields with electric and chiral magnetic conductivities in heavy ion collisionsFeb 06 2016Mar 10 2016We derive analytic formula for electric and magnetic fields produced by a moving charged particle in a conducting medium with the electric conductivity $\sigma$ and the chiral magnetic conductivity $\sigma_{\chi}$. We use the Green function method and ... More
Some aspects of global Lambda polarization in heavy-ion collisionsDec 07 2017Large orbital angular momentum can be generated in non-central heavy-ion collisions, and part of it is expected to be converted into final particle's polarization due to the spin-orbit coupling. Within the framework of A Multi-Phase Transport (AMPT) model, ... More
The uniform local asymptotics of the total net loss process in a new time-dependent bidimensional renewal modelJun 15 2017In this paper, we consider a bidimensional renewal risk model with constant force of interest, in which the claim size vector with certain local subexponential marginal distribution and its inter-arrival time are subject to a new time-dependence structure. ... More
k-DAG Based Lifetime Aware Data Collection in Wireless Sensor NetworksNov 13 2013Wireless Sensor Networks need to be organized for efficient data collection and lifetime maximization. In this paper, we propose a novel routing structure, namely k-DAG, to balance the load of the base station's neighbours while providing the worst-case ... More
Convolution and convolution-root properties of long-tailed distributionsJan 29 2015Sep 28 2015We obtain a number of new general properties, related to the closedness of the class of long-tailed distributions under convolutions, that are of interest themselves and may be applied in many models that deal with "plus" and/or "max" operations on heavy-tailed ... More
On circumcenters of finite sets in Hilbert spacesJul 05 2018A well-known object in classical Euclidean geometry is the circumcenter of a triangle, i.e., the point that is equidistant from all vertices. The purpose of this paper is to provide a systematic study of the circumcenter of sets containing finitely many ... More
Identifying the Fake Base Station: A Location Based ApproachJun 14 2018Fake base station (FBS) attack is a great security challenge to wireless user equipment (UE). During the cell selection stage, the UE receives multiple synchronization signals (SSs) from multiple nearby base stations (BSs), and then synchronizes itself ... More
A machine learning method for the large-scale evaluation of urban visual environmentAug 11 2016Given the size of modern cities in the urbanising age, it is beyond the perceptual capacity of most people to develop a good knowledge about the beauty and ugliness of the city at every street corner. Correspondingly, for planners, it is also difficult ... More
Concordance and the Smallest Covering Set of Preference OrderingsSep 15 2016Oct 14 2016Preference orderings are orderings of a set of items according to the preferences (of judges). Such orderings arise in a variety of domains, including group decision making, consumer marketing, voting and machine learning. Measuring the mutual information ... More
Global patterns of sex-biased migrations in humansOct 29 2013A series of studies have revealed the among-population components of genetic variation are higher for the paternal Y chromosome than for the maternal mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which indicates sex-biased migrations in human populations. However, this ... More
Magnetic dipole-dipole interaction induced by the electromagnetic fieldOct 23 2017Jan 18 2018We give a derivation for the indirect interaction between two magnetic dipoles induced by the quantized electromagnetic field. It turns out that the interaction between permanent dipoles directly returns to the classical form; the interaction between ... More
Two bounds for generalized $3$-connectivity of Cartesian product graphsMay 23 2017The generalized $k$-connectivity $\kappa_{k}(G)$ of a graph $G$, which was introduced by Chartrand et al.(1984) is a generalization of the concept of vertex connectivity. Let $G$ and $H$ be nontrivial connected graphs. Recently, Li et al. gave a lower ... More
Hopf-Ore Extensions and Hopf Algebras of Rank OneJun 18 2012Mar 17 2015In this paper, we study pointed rank one Hopf algebras and Hopf-Ore extensions of group algebras, over an arbitrary field $k$. It is proved that the rank of a Hopf-Ore extension of a group algebra is one or two or infinite. It is also shown that an arbitrary ... More
Emergence of cosmological Friedmann equations from quantum entanglementSep 11 2017Jul 11 2018We study the deep connections between the concepts of quantum information theory and cosmology. Employing Fermi normal coordinates and conformal Fermi coordinates, we construct a relation between Friedmann equations of Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker ... More
Large-scale Reservoir Simulations on IBM Blue Gene/QJun 02 2016This paper presents our work on simulation of large-scale reservoir models on IBM Blue Gene/Q and studying the scalability of our parallel reservoir simulators. An in-house black oil simulator has been implemented. It uses MPI for communication and is ... More
On circumcenter mappings induced by nonexpansive operatorsNov 28 2018We introduce the circumcenter mapping induced by a set of (usually nonexpansive) operators. One prominent example of a circumcenter mapping is the celebrated Douglas--Rachford splitting operator. Our study is motivated by the Circumcentered--Douglas--Rachford ... More