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A New Class of Nonsymmetric Multivariate Dependence MeasuresNov 09 2015Dec 03 2015Following our previous work on copula-based nonsymmetric bivariate dependence measures, we propose a new set of conditions on nonsymmetric multivariate dependence measures which characterize both independence and complete dependence of one random variable ... More
Singular unitarity in "quantization commutes with reduction"Jun 11 2007Jan 09 2008Let $M$ be a connected compact quantizable K\"ahler manifold equipped with a Hamiltonian action of a connected compact Lie group $G$. Let $M//G=\phi^{-1}(0)/G=M_0$ be the symplectic quotient at value 0 of the moment map $\phi$. The space $M_0$ may in ... More
On the construction of certain 6-dimensional symplectic manifolds with Hamiltonian circle actionsDec 03 2003Let $(M, \omega)$ be a connected, compact 6-dimensional symplectic manifold equipped with a semi-free Hamiltonian $S^1$ action such that the fixed point set consists of isolated points or surfaces. Assume dim $H^2(M)<3$, in \cite{L}, we defined a certain ... More
The fundamental group of symplectic manifolds with Hamiltonian Lie group actionsMay 04 2006Jun 15 2007Let $(M, \omega)$ be a connected, compact symplectic manifold equipped with a Hamiltonian $G$ action, where $G$ is a connected compact Lie group. Let $\phi$ be the moment map. In \cite{L}, we proved the following result for $G=S^1$ action: as fundamental ... More
Nonsymmetric Dependence Measures: the Discrete CaseDec 25 2015Following our previous work on copula-based nonsymmetric dependence measures, we introduce similar measures for discrete random variables. The measures cover the range between two extremes: independence and complete dependence, which take minimum value ... More
Hamiltonian S^1-manifolds of dimension 2n with n+2 isolated fixed pointsFeb 15 2015Let $(M, \omega)$ be a compact $2n$-dimensional symplectic manifold equipped with a Hamiltonian $S^1$ action with $n+2$ isolated fixed points. We will see that $n$ must be even. Such an example is $\Gt_2(\R^{n+2})$, the Grassmanian of oriented $2$-planes ... More
Hamiltonian circle actions with isolated fixed pointsJul 08 2014Jan 26 2019Let the circle act in a Hamiltonian fashion on a compact symplectic manifold $(M, \omega)$ of dimension $2n$. Then the $S^1$-action has at least $n+1$ fixed points. We consider the cases when the fixed point set consists of precisely $n+1$ and $n+2$ isolated ... More
Twisted Topological Graph AlgebrasApr 30 2014We define the notion of a twisted topological graph algebra associated to a topological graph and a $1$-cocycle on its edge set. We prove a stronger version of a Vasselli's result. We expand Katsura's results to study twisted topological graph algebras. ... More
The fundamental group of symplectic manifolds with Hamiltonian SU(2) or SO(3) actionsNov 30 2004Jul 13 2005Let $(M, \omega)$ be a connected compact symplectic manifold equipped with a Hamiltonian SU(2) or SO(3) action. We prove that, as fundamental group of topological spaces, $\pi_1(M)=\pi_1(M_{red})$, where $M_{red}$ is the symplectic quotient at any value ... More
The fundamental group of $G$-manifoldsSep 17 2009Nov 04 2012Let $G$ be a connected compact Lie group, and let $M$ be a connected Hamiltonian $G$-manifold with equivariant moment map $\phi$. We prove that if there is a simply connected orbit $G\cdot x$, then $\pi_1(M)\cong\pi_1(M/G)$; if additionally $\phi$ is ... More
The fundamental groups of contact toric manifoldsMar 21 2017Jan 01 2019Let $M$ be a connected compact contact toric manifold. We first list those manifolds which are not of Reeb type and compute their fundamental groups; we see that, their fundamental groups are infinite abelian. If $M$ is of Reeb type, we show that $\pi_1(M)$ ... More
Certain circle actions on Kaehler manifoldsNov 05 2012May 30 2013Let the circle act holomorphically on a compact K\"ahler manifold $M$ of complex dimension $n$ with moment map $\phi\colon M\to\R$. Assume the critical set of $\phi$ consists of 3 connected components, the extrema being isolated points. We show that $M$ ... More
Purely Infinite Totally Disconnected Topological Graph AlgebrasOct 19 2015Mar 29 2017We give a sufficient condition on totally disconnected topological graphs such that their associated topological graph algebras are purely infinite.
The Crossover-Distance for ISI-Correcting Decoding of Convolutional Codes in Diffusion-Based Molecular CommunicationsDec 29 2018In diffusion based molecular communication, the intersymbol interference (ISI) is an important reason for system performance degradation, which is caused by the random movement, out-of-order arrival and indistinguishability of the moleclues. In this paper, ... More
Robust estimation of isoform expression with RNA-Seq dataOct 24 2014Qualifying gene and isoform expression is one of the primary tasks for RNA-Seq experiments. Given a sequence of counts representing numbers of reads mapped to different positions (exons and junctions) of isoforms, methods based on Poisson generalized ... More
Relativistic-invariant quantum entanglement between the spins of moving bodiesNov 25 2002Mar 29 2003The entanglement between spins of a pair of particles may change because the spin and momentum become mixed when viewed by a moving observer [R.M. Gingrich and C. Adami, Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 270402 (2002)]. In this paper, it is shown that, if the momenta ... More
Properties of post-shock solar wind deduced from geomagnetic indices responses after sudden impulsesAug 16 2016Interplanetary (IP) shock plays a key role in causing the global dynamic changes of the geospace environment. For the perspective of Solar-Terrestrial relationship, it will be of great importance to estimate the properties of post-shock solar wind simply ... More
Boundary Quotient C*-algebras of Products of OdometersFeb 19 2017May 05 2017In this paper, we study the boundary quotient C*-algebras associated to products of odometers. One of our main results shows that the boundary quotient C*-algebra of the standard product of $k$ odometers over $n_i$-letter alphabets ($1\le i\le k$) is ... More
Firing rate and spatial correlation in a stochastic neural field modelMay 18 2018Jul 04 2018This paper studies a stochastic neural field model that is extended from our previous paper [14]. The neural field model consists of many heterogeneous local populations of neurons. Rigorous results on the stochastic stability are proved, which further ... More
Self-Similar $k$-Graph C*-AlgebrasDec 21 2017Jan 15 2018In this paper, we introduce a notion of a self-similar action of a group $G$ on a $k$-graph $\Lambda$, and associate it a universal C*-algebra $\O_{G,\Lambda}$. We prove that $\O_{G,\Lambda}$ can be realized as the Cuntz-Pimsner algebra of a product system. ... More
Some results on unbounded absolute weak Dunford-Pettis operatorsFeb 01 2019In this paper, we characterize Banach lattices on which each Dunford-Pettis operator (or weak Dunford-Pettis) is unbounded absolute weak Dunford-Pettis operator and the converse.
Some loose ends on unbounded order convergenceSep 30 2016The notion of almost everywhere convergence has been generalized to vector lattices as unbounded order convergence, which proves a very useful tool in the theory of vector and Banach lattices. In this short note, we establish some new results on unbounded ... More
Gamma-rays from molecular clouds illuminated by accumulated diffusive protons. II: interacting supernova remnantsAug 23 2011Nov 28 2011Recent observations reveal that spectral breaks at ~GeV are commonly present in Galactic gamma-ray supernova remnants (SNRs) interacting with molecular clouds and that most of them have a spectral ($E^2dF/dE$) "platform" extended from the break to lower ... More
One-step sparse estimates in nonconcave penalized likelihood modelsAug 07 2008Fan and Li propose a family of variable selection methods via penalized likelihood using concave penalty functions. The nonconcave penalized likelihood estimators enjoy the oracle properties, but maximizing the penalized likelihood function is computationally ... More
Numerical simulation of polynomial-speed convergence phenomenonMar 11 2017Nov 04 2017We provide a hybrid method that captures the polynomial speed of convergence and polynomial speed of mixing for Markov processes. The hybrid method that we introduce is based on the coupling technique and renewal theory. We propose to replace some estimates ... More
Spatial Localization and Relativistic Transformation of Quantum SpinsSep 19 2003Jul 30 2004The purity of a reduced state for spins that is pure in the rest frame will most likely appear to degrade because spin and momentum become mixed when viewed by a moving observer. We show that such a boost-induced decrease in spin purity observed in a ... More
Convergence of Equilibria for Incompressible Elastic Plates in the von Kármán RegimeNov 16 2012We prove convergence of critical points $u^h$ of the nonlinear elastic energies $E^h$ of thin incompressible plates $\Omega^h=\Omega \times (-h/2, h/2)$, which satisfy the von K\'arm\'an scaling: $E^h(u^h)\leq Ch^4$, to critical points of the appropriate ... More
Twisted Topological Graph Algebras Are Twisted Groupoid C*-algebrasJul 16 2015Jan 23 2017The second author showed how Katsura's construction of the C*-algebra of a topological graph E may be twisted by a Hermitian line bundle L over the edge space E. The correspondence defining the algebra is obtained as the completion of the compactly supported ... More
KMS States of Self-Similar $k$-Graph C*-AlgebrasMay 22 2018Let $G$ be a countable discrete amenable group, and $\Lambda$ be a strongly connected finite $k$-graph. If $(G,\Lambda)$ is a pseudo free and locally faithful self-similar action which satisfies the finite-state condition, then the structure of the KMS ... More
Some results on almost L-weakly and almost M-weakly compact operatorsApr 17 2019Apr 23 2019In this paper, we present some necessary and sufficient conditions for semi-compact operators being almost L-weakly compact (resp. almost M-weakly compact) and the converse. Mainly, we prove that if $X$ is a nonzero Banach space, then every semi-compact ... More
SURE Information Criteria for Large Covariance Matrix Estimation and Their Asymptotic PropertiesJun 25 2014Mar 04 2016Consider $n$ independent and identically distributed $p$-dimensional Gaussian random vectors with covariance matrix $\Sigma.$ The problem of estimating $\Sigma$ when $p$ is much larger than $n$ has received a lot of attention in recent years. Yet little ... More
Hamiltonian circle actions with minimal fixed setsMay 25 2009Nov 04 2012Consider an effective Hamiltonian circle action on a compact symplectic $2n$-dimensional manifold $(M, \omega)$. Assume that the fixed set $M^{S^1}$ is {\em minimal}, in two senses: it has exactly two components, $X$ and $Y$, and $\dim(X) + \dim(Y) = ... More
Reading Car License Plates Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and LSTMsJan 21 2016In this work, we tackle the problem of car license plate detection and recognition in natural scene images. Inspired by the success of deep neural networks (DNNs) in various vision applications, here we leverage DNNs to learn high-level features in a ... More
Fully coupled mean-field FBSDEs with jumps and related optimal control problemsDec 26 2018This paper study a type of fully coupled mean-field forward-backward stochastic differential equations with jumps under the monotonicity condition, including the existence and the uniqueness of the solution of our equation as well as the continuity property ... More
Rejoinder: One-step sparse estimates in nonconcave penalized likelihood modelsAug 07 2008We would like to take this opportunity to thank the discussants for their thoughtful comments and encouragements on our work [arXiv:0808.1012]. The discussants raised a number of issues from theoretical as well as computational perspectives. Our rejoinder ... More
The First Planets: the Critical Metallicity for Planet FormationMar 21 2012A rapidly growing body of observational results suggests that planet formation takes place preferentially at high metallicity. In the core accretion model of planet formation this is expected because heavy elements are needed to form the dust grains which ... More
A logarithmically completely monotonic function involving the ratio of gamma functionsMar 08 2013Apr 25 2015In the paper, the authors concisely survey and review some functions involving the gamma function and its various ratios, simply state their logarithmically complete monotonicity and related results, and find necessary and sufficient conditions for a ... More
Liquid Crystalline Polymer Vesicles: Thermotropic Phases in Lyotropic StructuresMar 03 2015Mar 04 2015This paper reviews the research work on the liquid crystalline (LC) polymer vesicles (polymersomes), where the thermotropic nematic and smectic phases are displayed in the lyotropic bilayer polymer membrane. LC polymersomes possess the properties of both ... More
Infrared and visible image fusion using Latent Low-Rank RepresentationApr 24 2018Dec 18 2018Infrared and visible image fusion is an important problem in the field of image fusion which has been applied widely in many fields. To better preserve the useful information from source images, in this paper, we propose a novel image fusion method based ... More
Infrared and visible image fusion using a novel deep decomposition methodNov 06 2018Nov 19 2018Infrared and visible image fusion is an important problem in image fusion tasks which has been applied widely in many fields. To better preserve the useful information from source images, in this paper, we propose an effective image fusion framework using ... More
Multi-focus Noisy Image Fusion using Low-Rank RepresentationApr 25 2018Dec 18 2018In the process of image acquisition, the noise is inevitable for source image. The multi-focus noisy image fusion is a very challenging task. However, there is no truly adaptive noisy image fusion approaches at present. As we all know, Low-Rank representation(LRR) ... More
A unified proof of inequalities and some new inequalities involving Neuman-Sándor meanDec 12 2013In the paper, by finding linear relations of differences between some means, the authors supply a unified proof of some double inequalities for bounding Neuman-S\'andor means in terms of the arithmetic, harmonic, and contra-harmonic means and discover ... More
Resurrection of (3200) Phaethon in 2016Nov 21 2016We present a study of the active asteroid (3200) Phaethon in the 2016 apparition using the STEREO spacecraft and compare the results with data from the previous two perihelia in 2009 and 2012. Once again, Phaethon brightened by $\sim$2 mag soon after ... More
Integral representations and properties of some functions involving the logarithmic functionMay 17 2013Aug 11 2014By using Cauchy integral formula in the theory of complex functions, the authors establish some integral representations for the principal branches of several complex functions involving the logarithmic function, find some properties, such as being operator ... More
Neural Network Renormalization GroupFeb 08 2018Dec 19 2018We present a variational renormalization group (RG) approach using a deep generative model based on normalizing flows. The model performs hierarchical change-of-variables transformations from the physical space to a latent space with reduced mutual information. ... More
DenseFuse: A Fusion Approach to Infrared and Visible ImagesApr 23 2018Jan 20 2019In this paper, we present a novel deep learning architecture for infrared and visible images fusion problem. In contrast to conventional convolutional networks, our encoding network is combined by convolutional layers, fusion layer and dense block in ... More
Zeta functions of totally ramified p-covers of the projective lineDec 23 2003Jan 30 2005In this paper we prove that there exists a Zariski dense open subset U defined over the rationals Q in the space of all one-variable rational functions with arbitrary k poles of prescribed orders, such that for every geometric point f in U(Qbar)$, the ... More
Finite automata for testing uniqueness of Eulerian trailsJul 20 2005We investigate the condition under which the Eulerian trail of a digraph is unique, and design a finite automaton to examine it. The algorithm is effective, for if the condition is violated, it will be noticed immediately without the need to trace through ... More
Modeling the Formation of Globular Cluster Systems in the Virgo ClusterMay 05 2014Nov 03 2014The mass distribution and chemical composition of globular cluster (GC) systems preserve fossil record of the early stages of galaxy formation. The observed distribution of GC colors within massive early-type galaxies in the ACS Virgo Cluster Survey (ACSVCS) ... More
Formation and Radiation Acceleration of Pair Plasmoids Near Galactic Black HolesSep 05 1995We study quantitatively the formation and radiation acceleration of electron-positron pair plasmoids produced by photon-photon collisions near Galactic black holes (GBHs). The terminal ejecta velocity is found to be completely determined by the total ... More
Multi-focus Image Fusion using dictionary learning and Low-Rank RepresentationApr 23 2018Dec 18 2018Among the representation learning, the low-rank representation (LRR) is one of the hot research topics in many fields, especially in image processing and pattern recognition. Although LRR can capture the global structure, the ability of local structure ... More
Relativistic MHD Simulations of Poynting Flux-Driven JetsDec 02 2013Relativistic, magnetized jets are observed to propagate to very large distances in many Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN). We use 3D relativistic MHD (RMHD) simulations to study the propagation of Poynting flux-driven jets in AGN. These jets are assumed already ... More
The conservative cascade of kinetic energy in compressible turbulenceJul 28 2011Aug 22 2011The physical nature of compressible turbulence is of fundamental importance in a variety of astrophysical settings. We present the first direct evidence that mean kinetic energy cascades conservatively beyond a transitional "conversion" scale-range despite ... More
Global patterns of sex-biased migrations in humansOct 29 2013A series of studies have revealed the among-population components of genetic variation are higher for the paternal Y chromosome than for the maternal mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which indicates sex-biased migrations in human populations. However, this ... More
Particle acceleration in kinetic simulations of non-relativistic magnetic reconnection with different ion-electron mass ratioMay 21 2019By means of fully kinetic particle-in-cell simulations, we study whether the proton-to-electron mass ratio $m_i/m_e$ influences the energy spectrum and underlying acceleration mechanism during magnetic reconnection. While kinetic simulations are essential ... More
CosmoMHD: A Cosmological Magnetohydrodynamics CodeNov 28 2006In this era of precision cosmology, a detailed physical understanding on the evolution of cosmic baryons is required. Cosmic magnetic fields, though still poorly understood, may represent an important component in the global cosmic energy flow that affects ... More
Electromagnetic fields with electric and chiral magnetic conductivities in heavy ion collisionsFeb 06 2016Mar 10 2016We derive analytic formula for electric and magnetic fields produced by a moving charged particle in a conducting medium with the electric conductivity $\sigma$ and the chiral magnetic conductivity $\sigma_{\chi}$. We use the Green function method and ... More
Trade-off Relations of Bell Violations among Pairwise Qubit SystemsDec 30 2015We investigate the nonlocality distributions among multiqubit systems based on the maximal violations of the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt (CHSH) inequality of reduced pairwise qubit systems. We present a trade-off relation satisfied by these maximal violations, ... More
Large-scale Compression Acceleration during Magnetic Reconnection in a Low-$β$ PlasmaJul 10 2018Oct 05 2018In solar flares and other astrophysical systems, a major challenge for solving particle acceleration problem associated with magnetic reconnection is the enormous scale separation between kinetic scales and observed reconnection scale. Because of this, ... More
Constraints on parameter space of BLMSSM from particle massAug 22 2017To explaine the matter-antimatter asymmetry, a supersymmetric extention of the standard model is proposed where baryon and lepton numbers are local gauged(BLMSSM), and exotic superfields are introduced when gauge group is enlarged to $SU(3)_C\otimes SU(2)_L\otimes ... More
Nonthermally Dominated Electron Acceleration during Magnetic Reconnection in a Low-beta PlasmaMay 08 2015Sep 25 2015By means of fully kinetic simulations, we investigate electron acceleration during magnetic reconnection in a nonrelativistic proton--electron plasma with conditions similar to solar corona and flares. We demonstrate that reconnection leads to a nonthermally ... More
On Multi-Relational Link Prediction with Bilinear ModelsSep 14 2017We study bilinear embedding models for the task of multi-relational link prediction and knowledge graph completion. Bilinear models belong to the most basic models for this task, they are comparably efficient to train and use, and they can provide good ... More
RecSys-DAN: Discriminative Adversarial Networks for Cross-Domain Recommender SystemsMar 26 2019Data sparsity and data imbalance are practical and challenging issues in cross-domain recommender systems. This paper addresses those problems by leveraging the concepts which derive from representation learning, adversarial learning and transfer learning ... More
Making the guided wave propagate unidirectional in periodic dielectric waveguideFeb 21 2019Unidirectional waves are the waves propagating only in one direction and prohibited in opposite direction. This kind of waves can be surface waves realized by topological edge state or bulk waves in the media with time reversal and space inversion symmetry ... More
Oscillatory behavior of the in-medium interparticle potential in hot gauge system with scalar bound statesMar 29 2007We investigate the in-medium interparticle potential of hot gauge system with bound states by employing the QED and scalar QED coupling. At finite temperature an oscillatory behavior of the potential has been found as well as its variation in terms of ... More
A possible interpretation of the newly observed $Ω(2012)$ stateMay 29 2018Inspired by the newly observed $\Omega(2012)$ state at Belle II, we investigate the two-body strong decays of $\Omega$ baryons up to $N=2$ shell within the chiral quark model. Our results indicate that: (i) the newly observed $\Omega(2012)$ state could ... More
Bayesian System Identification based on Hierarchical Sparse Bayesian Learning and Gibbs Sampling with Application to Structural Damage AssessmentJan 13 2017The focus in this paper is Bayesian system identification based on noisy incomplete modal data where we can impose spatially-sparse stiffness changes when updating a structural model. To this end, based on a similar hierarchical sparse Bayesian learning ... More
An Adaptive Successive Cancellation List Decoder for Polar Codes with Cyclic Redundancy CheckAug 15 2012In this letter, we propose an adaptive SC (Successive Cancellation)-List decoder for polar codes with CRC. This adaptive SC-List decoder iteratively increases the list size until the decoder outputs contain at least one survival path which can pass CRC. ... More
Extra-galactic high-energy transients: event rate densities and luminosity functionsSep 04 2015Several types of extra-galactic high-energy transients have been discovered, which include high-luminosity and low-luminosity long-duration gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), short-duration GRBs, supernova shock breakouts (SBOs), and tidal disruption events (TDEs) ... More
Branching Systems for Higher-Rank Graph C*-algebrasMar 16 2017We define branching systems for finitely aligned higher-rank graphs. From these we construct concrete representations of higher-rank graph C*-algebras on Hilbert spaces. We prove a generalized Cuntz-Krieger uniqueness theorem for periodic single-vertex ... More
Detecting Blackholes and Volcanoes in Directed NetworksMay 12 2010In this paper, we formulate a novel problem for finding blackhole and volcano patterns in a large directed graph. Specifically, a blackhole pattern is a group which is made of a set of nodes in a way such that there are only inlinks to this group from ... More
Shear Viscosity to Entropy Density Ratio in Higher Derivative Gravity with Momentum DissipationMay 24 2016Sep 15 2016We investigate $\eta/s$ in linear scalar fields modified Gauss-Bonnet theory that breaks translation invariance. We first calculate $\eta/s$ both analytically and numerically and show its relationship with temperature in log-log plot. Our results show ... More
One-connectivity and finiteness of Hamiltonian $S^1$-manifolds with minimal fixed setsOct 12 2010Jun 14 2015Let the circle act effectively in a Hamiltonian fashion on a compact symplectic manifold $(M, \omega)$. Assume that the fixed point set $M^{S^1}$ has exactly two components, $X$ and $Y$, and that $\dim(X) + \dim(Y) +2 = \dim(M)$. We first show that $X$, ... More
Hyper-Resistive Model of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Acceleration by Magnetically Collimated Jets Created by Active Galactic NucleiMar 15 2019This is the fourth in a series of companion papers showing that, when an efficient dynamo can be maintained by accretion disks around supermassive black holes in Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs), it will lead to the formation of a powerful, magnetically-collimated ... More
The rare semi-leptonic $B_c$ decays involving orbitally excited final mesonsJul 30 2014Jul 16 2015The rare processes $B_c\to D_{(s)J} ^{(*)}\mu\bar{\mu}$, where $D_{(s)J}^{(*)}$ stands for the final meson $D_{s0}^*(2317)$, $D_{s1}(2460,2536)$,~$D_{s2}^*(2573)$, $D_0^*(2400)$, $D_{1}(2420,2430)$ or~$D_{2}^*(2460)$, are studied within the Standard Model. ... More
Good upper bounds for the total rainbow connection of graphsJan 08 2015A total-colored graph is a graph $G$ such that both all edges and all vertices of $G$ are colored. A path in a total-colored graph $G$ is a total rainbow path if its edges and internal vertices have distinct colors. A total-colored graph $G$ is total-rainbow ... More
Uniqueness of closed self-similar solutions to $σ_k^α$-curvature flowJan 10 2017Jan 24 2017By adapting the test functions introduced by Choi-Daskaspoulos \cite{c-d} and Brendle-Choi-Daskaspoulos \cite{b-c-d} and exploring properties of the $k$-th elementary symmetric functions $\sigma_{k}$ intensively, we show that for any fixed $k$ with $1\leq ... More
Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Low Beta Compact Toroid Injection into a Hot Strongly Magnetized PlasmaFeb 14 2009Jun 25 2009We present results from three-dimensional ideal magnetohydrodynamic simulations of low $\beta$ compact toroid (CT) injection into a hot strongly magnetized plasma, with the aim of providing insight into CT fueling of a tokamak with parameters relevant ... More
An Accretion Disc-Irradiation Hybrid Model for The Optical/UV Variability in Radio-Quiet QuasarsJun 23 2016Jun 24 2016The optical/ultraviolet (UV) variability of quasars has been discovered to be correlated with other quasar properties, such as luminosity, black hole mass and rest-frame wavelength. However,the origin of variability has been a puzzle so far. In this work, ... More
Branching Particle Systems in Spectrally One-sided Levy ProcessesJan 04 2012We investigate the branching structure coded by the excursion above zero of a spectrally positive Levy process. The main idea is to identify the level of the Levy excursion as the time and count the number of jumps upcrossing the level. By regarding the ... More
Continuous-state branching processes in Levy random environmentsJan 19 2016A general continuous-state branching processes in random environment (CBRE-process) is defined as the strong solution of a stochastic integral equation. The environment is determined by a L\'evy process with no jump less than $-1$. We give characterizations ... More
Cartan Subalgebras of Topological Graph Algebras and k-Graph C*-algebrasOct 17 2016In this paper, two sufficient and necessary conditions are given. The first one characterizes when the boundary path groupoid of a topological graph without singular vertices has closed interior of its isotropy group bundle, and the second one characterizes ... More
Total monochromatic connection of graphsJan 13 2016A graph is said to be {\it total-colored} if all the edges and the vertices of the graph are colored. A path in a total-colored graph is a {\it total monochromatic path} if all the edges and internal vertices on the path have the same color. A total-coloring ... More
Measuring robustness of community structure in complex networksMar 27 2015The theory of community structure is a powerful tool for real networks, which can simplify their topological and functional analysis considerably. However, since community detection methods have random factors and real social networks obtained from complex ... More
Evaluating the electron density model by applying an imaginary modificationApr 10 2017Jun 02 2017A function has been proposed to evaluate the electron density model constructed by inverse Fourier transform using the observed structure amplitudes and trial phase set. The strategy of this function is applying an imaginary electron density modification ... More
Erdős-Gallai-type results for total monochromatic connection of graphsDec 16 2016A graph is said to be {\it total-colored} if all the edges and the vertices of the graph are colored. A total-coloring of a graph is a {\it total monochromatically-connecting coloring} ({\it TMC-coloring}, for short) if any two vertices of the graph are ... More
OR-Benchmark: An Open and Reconfigurable Digital Watermarking Benchmarking FrameworkMay 31 2015Jun 05 2015Benchmarking digital watermarking algorithms is not an easy task because different applications of digital watermarking often have very different sets of requirements and trade-offs between conflicting requirements. While there have been some general-purpose ... More
$δ$-function spin-1/2 fermions in a one-dimensional potential wellJun 27 1996The quantum-mechanical problem of $N$ fermions with $\delta$-function interaction in a one-dimensional potential well of finite depth is solved. It is shown that there exists exact wave function of Bethe-ansatz form in the case that a single particle ... More
Shear Viscosity of Hot QED at Finite Density from Kubo FormulaFeb 24 2006Within the framework of finite temperature field theory this paper discusses the shear viscosity of hot QED plasma through Kubo formula at one-loop skeleton diagram level with a finite chemical potential. The effective widths(damping rates) are introduced ... More
Kinetics calculation on the shear viscosity in hot QED at finite densityAug 31 2005The shear viscosity of QED plasma at finite temperature and density is calculated by solving Boltzmann equation with variational approach. The result shows the small chemical potential enhances the viscosity in leading-log order by adding a chemical potential ... More
On "Inconsistency in the Application of the Adiabatic Theorem"Nov 30 2004Mar 31 2005It is shown where the proof of "inconsistency in the application of the adiabatic theorem" goes wrong.
Rotation-induced Mode Coupling in Open Wavelength-scale MicrocavitiesMay 02 2014We study the interplay between rotation and openness for mode coupling in wavelength-scale microcavities. In cavities deformed from a circular disk, the decay rates of a quasi-degenerate pair of resonances may cross or anti-cross with increasing rotation ... More
Three-terminal triple-quantum-dot ring as a charge and spin current rectifierAug 14 2010Electronic transport through a triple-quantum-dot ring with three terminals is theoretically studied. By introducing local Rashba spin-orbit interaction on an individual quantum dot, we find that the spin bias in one terminal drives apparent charge currents ... More
Impedance spectroscopy and its applicationJun 21 2014Representation of dielectric properties by impedance spectroscopy (IS) is analyzed carefully in this paper. It is found that IS is not a good tool to describe a uniform system because a pseudo relaxation peaks exists at low frequency limit corresponding ... More
Continuous-Variable Quantum GamesDec 20 2002Jan 01 2003We investigate the quantization of games in which the players can access to a continuous set of classical strategies, making use of continuous-variable quantum systems. For the particular case of the Cournot's Duopoly, we find that, even though the two ... More
Secure Network Coding Against the Contamination and Eavesdropping AdversariesMay 15 2008In this paper, we propose an algorithm that targets contamination and eavesdropping adversaries. We consider the case when the number of independent packets available to the eavesdropper is less than the multicast capacity of the network. By means of ... More
An integral test on time dependent local extinction for super-coalescing Brownian motion with Lebesgue initial measureNov 04 2009Jan 04 2012This paper concerns the almost sure time dependent local extinction behavior for super-coalescing Brownian motion $X$ with $(1+\beta)$-stable branching and Lebesgue initial measure on $\bR$. We first give a representation of $X$ using excursions of a ... More
UAV Positioning and Power Control for Two-Way Wireless RelayingApr 17 2019This paper considers an unmanned-aerial-vehicle-enabled (UAV-enabled) wireless network where a relay UAV is used for two-way communications between a ground base station (BS) and a set of distant user equipment (UE). The UAV adopts the amplify-and-forward ... More
Structure of high-redshift galaxies in cosmological simulationsOct 15 2018We investigate the structure of galaxies formed in a suite of high-resolution cosmological simulations. Consistent with observations of high-redshift galaxies, our simulated galaxies show irregular, prolate shapes with thick stellar disks, which are dominated ... More
A RM-Polar CodesJul 21 2014In this letter we propose a new hybrid code called "RM-Polar" codes. This new codes are constructed by combining the construction of Reed-Muller (RM) code and Polar code. It has much larger minimum Hamming distance than Polar codes, therefore it has much ... More