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Why Learning of Large-Scale Neural Networks Behaves Like Convex OptimizationMar 06 2019In this paper, we present some theoretical work to explain why simple gradient descent methods are so successful in solving non-convex optimization problems in learning large-scale neural networks (NN). After introducing a mathematical tool called canonical ... More
A New Perspective on Machine Learning: How to do Perfect Supervised LearningJan 07 2019Mar 19 2019In this work, we introduce the concept of bandlimiting into the theory of machine learning because all physical processes are bandlimited by nature, including real-world machine learning tasks. After the bandlimiting constraint is taken into account, ... More
Hybrid Orthogonal Projection and Estimation (HOPE): A New Framework to Probe and Learn Neural NetworksFeb 03 2015Jun 06 2015In this paper, we propose a novel model for high-dimensional data, called the Hybrid Orthogonal Projection and Estimation (HOPE) model, which combines a linear orthogonal projection and a finite mixture model under a unified generative modeling framework. ... More
Unit-free and robust detection of differential expression from RNA-Seq dataMay 18 2014Aug 26 2016Ultra high-throughput sequencing of transcriptomes (RNA-Seq) is a widely used method for quantifying gene expression levels due to its low cost, high accuracy and wide dynamic range for detection. However, the nature of RNA-Seq makes it nearly impossible ... More
Application Layer Definition and Analyses of Controller Area Network Bus for Wire Harness Assembly MachineAug 28 2006Aug 31 2006With the feature of multi-master bus access, nondestructive contention-based arbitration and flexible configuration, Controller Area Network (CAN) bus is applied into the control system of Wire Harness Assembly Machine (WHAM). To accomplish desired goal, ... More
Explicit Utilization of General Knowledge in Machine Reading ComprehensionSep 10 2018May 20 2019To bridge the gap between Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC) models and human beings, which is mainly reflected in the hunger for data and the robustness to noise, in this paper, we explore how to integrate the neural networks of MRC models with the ... More
Higher Order Recurrent Neural NetworksApr 30 2016In this paper, we study novel neural network structures to better model long term dependency in sequential data. We propose to use more memory units to keep track of more preceding states in recurrent neural networks (RNNs), which are all recurrently ... More
A description of transverse momentum distributions in p+p collisions at RHIC and LHC energiesNov 05 2018It has long been debated whether the hydrodynamics is suitable for the smaller colliding systems such as p+p collisions. In this paper, by assuming the existence of longitudinal collective motion and long-range interactions in the hot and dense matter ... More
Content based News Recommendation via Shortest Entity Distance over Knowledge GraphsMay 24 2019Content-based news recommendation systems need to recommend news articles based on the topics and content of articles without using user specific information. Many news articles describe the occurrence of specific events and named entities including people, ... More
Supervised Adversarial Networks for Image Saliency DetectionApr 24 2017Apr 26 2017In the past few years, Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) became a prevalent research topic. By defining two convolutional neural networks (G-Network and D-Network) and introducing an adversarial procedure between them during the training process, GAN ... More
A FOFE-based Local Detection Approach for Named Entity Recognition and Mention DetectionNov 02 2016In this paper, we study a novel approach for named entity recognition (NER) and mention detection in natural language processing. Instead of treating NER as a sequence labelling problem, we propose a new local detection approach, which rely on the recent ... More
A Deep Learning Based Fast Image Saliency Detection AlgorithmFeb 01 2016In this paper, we propose a fast deep learning method for object saliency detection using convolutional neural networks. In our approach, we use a gradient descent method to iteratively modify the input images based on the pixel-wise gradients to reduce ... More
Large deviations of the Threshold estimator of integrated (co-)volatility vector in the presence of jumpsApr 30 2015Recently a considerable interest has been paid on the estimation problem of the realized volatility and covolatility by using high-frequency data of financial price processes in financial econometrics. Threshold estimation is one of the useful techniques ... More
Robust estimation of isoform expression with RNA-Seq dataOct 24 2014Qualifying gene and isoform expression is one of the primary tasks for RNA-Seq experiments. Given a sequence of counts representing numbers of reads mapped to different positions (exons and junctions) of isoforms, methods based on Poisson generalized ... More
The Lower The Simpler: Simplifying Hierarchical Recurrent ModelsSep 08 2018May 20 2019To improve the training efficiency of hierarchical recurrent models without compromising their performance, we propose a strategy named as `the lower the simpler', which is to simplify the baseline models by making the lower layers simpler than the upper ... More
Leverage Financial News to Predict Stock Price Movements Using Word Embeddings and Deep Neural NetworksJun 24 2015Financial news contains useful information on public companies and the market. In this paper we apply the popular word embedding methods and deep neural networks to leverage financial news to predict stock price movements in the market. Experimental results ... More
Topological classification of non-Hermitian systems with reflection symmetryDec 12 2018Feb 21 2019We classify topological phases of non-Hermitian systems in the Altland-Zirnbauer classes with an additional reflection symmetry in all dimensions. By mapping the non-Hermitian system into an enlarged Hermitian Hamiltonian with an enforced chiral symmetry, ... More
General maximum likelihood empirical Bayes estimation of normal meansAug 12 2009We propose a general maximum likelihood empirical Bayes (GMLEB) method for the estimation of a mean vector based on observations with i.i.d. normal errors. We prove that under mild moment conditions on the unknown means, the average mean squared error ... More
Coupled-Channel-Induced $S-D$ mixing of Charmonia and Testing Possible Assignments for $Y(4260)$ and $Y(4360)$Dec 01 2018Jun 03 2019The mass spectrum and the two-body open-charm decays of the $J^{PC}=1^{--}$ charmonium states are studied with the coupled-channel effects taken into account. The coupled-channel-induced mixing effects among the excited vector charmonia are studied. Based ... More
Sharp Spectral Gaps on Metric Measure SpacesMar 01 2015In this paper, we extend the sharp lower bounds of spectal gap, due to Chen- Wang [10, 11], Bakry-Qian [6] and Andrews-Clutterbuck [5], from smooth Riemaniannian manifolds to general metric measure spaces with Riemannian curvature-dimension condition ... More
Adaptive Threshold Estimation by FDRDec 30 2013This paper addresses the following simple question about sparsity. For the estimation of an $n$-dimensional mean vector $\boldsymbol{\theta}$ in the Gaussian sequence model, is it possible to find an adaptive optimal threshold estimator in a full range ... More
Minimizing Sum of Truncated Convex Functions and its ApplicationsJul 31 2016We study a class of problems where the sum of truncated convex functions is minimized. In statistics it is often encountered when $L_0$-penalized models are fitted. While in general it leads to an NP-Hard non-convex optimization problem, we propose a ... More
Minimizing Sum of Truncated Convex Functions and Its ApplicationsJul 31 2016Jun 27 2017In this paper, we study a class of problems where the sum of truncated convex functions is minimized. In statistical applications, they are commonly encountered when $\ell_0$-penalized models are fitted and usually lead to NP-Hard non-convex optimization ... More
Global classical solutions to an evolutionary model for magnetoelasticityApr 21 2019In this paper, we first prove the local-in-time existence of the evolutionary model for magnetoelasticity with finite initial energy by employing the nonlinear iterative approach given in \cite{Jiang-Luo-2019-SIAM} to deal with the geometric constraint ... More
Fixed-Size Ordinally Forgetting Encoding Based Word Sense DisambiguationFeb 23 2019In this paper, we present our method of using fixed-size ordinally forgetting encoding (FOFE) to solve the word sense disambiguation (WSD) problem. FOFE enables us to encode variable-length sequence of words into a theoretically unique fixed-size representation ... More
Using Neural Network for Identifying Clickbaits in Online News MediaJun 20 2018Online news media sometimes use misleading headlines to lure users to open the news article. These catchy headlines that attract users but disappointed them at the end, are called Clickbaits. Because of the importance of automatic clickbait detection ... More
Asymptotic distributions related to mildly-explosive second order autoregressive modelsSep 30 2014In this paper, we consider the normalized least squares estimator of the parameter in a mildly-explosive first-order autoregressive model with dependent errors which are modeled as a mildly-explosive AR(1) process. We prove that the estimator has a Cauchy ... More
Derivation of the gap and Bethe-Salpeter equations at large $N_c$ limit and symmetry preserving truncationsJun 10 2017Oct 12 2017We develop a framework for deriving Dyson-Schwinger Equations (DSEs) and Bethe-Salpeter Equation (BSE) in QCD at large $N_c$ limit. The starting point is a modified form (with auxiliary fields) of QCD generating functional. This framework provides a natural ... More
Interest Point Detection based on Adaptive Ternary CodingDec 31 2018In this paper, an adaptive pixel ternary coding mechanism is proposed and a contrast invariant and noise resistant interest point detector is developed on the basis of this mechanism. Every pixel in a local region is adaptively encoded into one of the ... More
Deep Learning for Object Saliency Detection and Image SegmentationMay 05 2015In this paper, we propose several novel deep learning methods for object saliency detection based on the powerful convolutional neural networks. In our approach, we use a gradient descent method to iteratively modify an input image based on the pixel-wise ... More
Quadratic Convergence of Levenberg-Marquardt Method for Elliptic and Parabolic Inverse Robin ProblemsJul 07 2015Aug 02 2016We study the Levenberg-Marquardt (L-M) method for solving the highly nonlinear and ill-posed inverse problem of identifying the Robin coefficients in elliptic and parabolic systems. The L-M method transforms the Tikhonov regularized nonlinear non-convex ... More
More on total monochromatic connection of graphsApr 08 2016A graph is said to be {\it total-colored} if all the edges and the vertices of the graph are colored. A total-coloring of a graph is a {\it total monochromatically-connecting coloring} ({\it TMC-coloring}, for short) if any two vertices of the graph are ... More
Energy spread and current-current correlation in quantum systemsJul 27 2014We consider energy (heat) transport in quantum systems, and establish a relationship between energy spread and energy current-current correlation function. The energy current-current correlation is related to thermal conductivity by the Green-Kubo formula, ... More
The uniform local asymptotics of the total net loss process in a new time-dependent bidimensional renewal modelJun 15 2017In this paper, we consider a bidimensional renewal risk model with constant force of interest, in which the claim size vector with certain local subexponential marginal distribution and its inter-arrival time are subject to a new time-dependence structure. ... More
Superradiance-driven Phonon LaserFeb 16 2018We propose to enhance the generation of a phonon laser by exploiting optical superradiance. In our scheme, the optomechanical cavity contains a movable membrane, which supports a mechanical mode, and the superradiance cavity can generate the coherent ... More
Dual-FOFE-net Neural Models for Entity Linking with PageRankJul 30 2019This paper presents a simple and computationally efficient approach for entity linking (EL), compared with recurrent neural networks (RNNs) or convolutional neural networks (CNNs), by making use of feedforward neural networks (FFNNs) and the recent dual ... More
Effective Context and Fragment Feature Usage for Named Entity RecognitionApr 05 2019Apr 21 2019In this paper, we explore a new approach to named entity recognition (NER) with the goal of learning from context and fragment features more effectively, contributing to the improvement of overall recognition performance. We use the recent fixed-size ... More
Good upper bounds for the total rainbow connection of graphsJan 08 2015A total-colored graph is a graph $G$ such that both all edges and all vertices of $G$ are colored. A path in a total-colored graph $G$ is a total rainbow path if its edges and internal vertices have distinct colors. A total-colored graph $G$ is total-rainbow ... More
Moderate deviations for the mildly stationary autoregressive models with dependent errorsOct 10 2015In this paper, we consider the normalized least squares estimator of the parameter in a mildly stationary first-order autoregressive model with dependent errors which are modeled as a mildly stationary AR(1) process. By martingale methods, we establish ... More
Total monochromatic connection of graphsJan 13 2016A graph is said to be {\it total-colored} if all the edges and the vertices of the graph are colored. A path in a total-colored graph is a {\it total monochromatic path} if all the edges and internal vertices on the path have the same color. A total-coloring ... More
Erdős-Gallai-type results for total monochromatic connection of graphsDec 16 2016A graph is said to be {\it total-colored} if all the edges and the vertices of the graph are colored. A total-coloring of a graph is a {\it total monochromatically-connecting coloring} ({\it TMC-coloring}, for short) if any two vertices of the graph are ... More
Topological invariants, zero mode edge states and finite size effect for a generalized non-reciprocal Su-Schrieffer-Heeger modelJun 11 2019Intriguing issues in one-dimensional non-reciprocal topological systems include the breakdown of usual bulk-edge correspondence and the occurrence of half-integer topological invariants. In order to understand these unusual topological properties, we ... More
Partial regularity of harmonic maps from Alexandrov spacesJul 23 2019In this paper, we prove the Lipschitz regularity of continuous harmonic maps from an finite dimensional Alexandrov space to a compact smooth Riemannian manifold. This solves a conjecture of F. H. Lin in \cite{lin97}. The proof extends the argument of ... More
Weak Decays of Doubly Heavy Baryons: ${\cal B}_{cc}\to {\cal B}_c V$Oct 01 2018Nov 23 2018The weak decays of a spin-$1/2$ doubly charm baryon (${\cal B}_{cc}$) to a spin-$1/2$ singly charm baryon (${\cal B}_c$) and a light vector meson ($V$) are studied under a phenomenological scheme. The contributions are classified into different topological ... More
DropFilter: A Novel Regularization Method for Learning Convolutional Neural NetworksNov 16 2018Nov 19 2018The past few years have witnessed the fast development of different regularization methods for deep learning models such as fully-connected deep neural networks (DNNs) and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). Most of previous methods mainly consider ... More
Fast Approximation of Small p-values in Permutation Tests by Partitioning the PermutationsMay 12 2016Mar 11 2017Researchers in genetics and other life sciences commonly use permutation tests to evaluate differences between groups. Permutation tests have desirable properties, including exactness if data are exchangeable, and are applicable even when the distribution ... More
A Unified Model for Differential Expression Analysis of RNA-seq Data via L1-Penalized Linear RegressionOct 11 2016The RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) is becoming increasingly popular for quantifying gene expression levels. Since the RNA-seq measurements are relative in nature, between-sample normalization of counts is an essential step in differential expression (DE) analysis. ... More
Generating images with recurrent adversarial networksFeb 16 2016Dec 13 2016Gatys et al. (2015) showed that optimizing pixels to match features in a convolutional network with respect reference image features is a way to render images of high visual quality. We show that unrolling this gradient-based optimization yields a recurrent ... More
Feedforward Sequential Memory Neural Networks without Recurrent FeedbackOct 09 2015We introduce a new structure for memory neural networks, called feedforward sequential memory networks (FSMN), which can learn long-term dependency without using recurrent feedback. The proposed FSMN is a standard feedforward neural networks equipped ... More
Bandlimiting Neural Networks Against Adversarial AttacksMay 30 2019In this paper, we study the adversarial attack and defence problem in deep learning from the perspective of Fourier analysis. We first explicitly compute the Fourier transform of deep ReLU neural networks and show that there exist decaying but non-zero ... More
Improve the Evaluation of Fluency Using Entropy for Machine Translation Evaluation MetricsAug 10 2015Nov 04 2016The widely-used automatic evaluation metrics cannot adequately reflect the fluency of the translations. The n-gram-based metrics, like BLEU, limit the maximum length of matched fragments to n and cannot catch the matched fragments longer than n, so they ... More
Non-Abelian vortices in the emergent U(2) gauge theory of the Hubbard modelFeb 21 2012Mar 05 2012By the spin-fermion formula, the Hubbard model on the honeycomb lattice is represented by a U(2) gauge theory in the mean field method, non-Abelian vortex solutions are constructed based on this theory. The quantization condition shows that the magnetic ... More
Enhancing and Combining Sequential and Tree LSTM for Natural Language InferenceSep 20 2016Reasoning and inference are central to human and artificial intelligence. Modeling inference in human language is notoriously challenging but is fundamental to natural language understanding and many applications. With the availability of large annotated ... More
Single gluino production in the R-parity lepton number violating MSSM at the LHCJul 02 2001We examine the $R_{p}$-violating signal of single gluino production associated with a charged lepton or neutrino at the large hadron collider (LHC), in the model of R-parity relaxed supersymmetric model. If the parameters in the ${\rlap/R}_p$ supersymmetric ... More
UAV-Involved Wireless Physical-Layer Secure Communications: Overview and Research DirectionsJun 24 2019Due to their flexible deployment and on-demand mobility, small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are anticipated to be involved in widespread communication applications in the forthcoming fifth-generation (5G) networks. However, the confidentiality ... More
Efficiently estimating small p-values in permutation tests using importance sampling and cross-entropy methodJul 30 2016Permutation tests are commonly used for estimating p-values from statistical hypothesis testing when the sampling distribution of the test statistic under the null hypothesis is not available or unreliable for finite sample sizes. One critical challenge ... More
Part-of-Speech Relevance Weights for Learning Word EmbeddingsMar 24 2016This paper proposes a model to learn word embeddings with weighted contexts based on part-of-speech (POS) relevance weights. POS is a fundamental element in natural language. However, state-of-the-art word embedding models fail to consider it. This paper ... More
On (strong) proper vertex-connection of graphsMay 19 2015A path in a vertex-colored graph is a {\it vertex-proper path} if any two internal adjacent vertices differ in color. A vertex-colored graph is {\it proper vertex $k$-connected} if any two vertices of the graph are connected by $k$ disjoint vertex-proper ... More
An Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation Metric Based on Dependency Parsing ModelAug 09 2015Nov 04 2016Most of the syntax-based metrics obtain the similarity by comparing the sub-structures extracted from the trees of hypothesis and reference. These sub-structures are defined by human and can't express all the information in the trees because of the limited ... More
Vortex Lattices in the Bose-Fermi Superfluid MixtureJun 28 2016In this letter we show that the vortex lattice structure in the Bose-Fermi superfluid mixture can undergo a sequence of structure transitions when the Fermi superfluid is tuned from the BCS regime to the BEC regime. This is due to different vortex core ... More
On the values of representation functions IIApr 23 2019For a set $A$ of nonnegative integers, let $R_2(A,n)$ and $R_3(A,n)$ denote the number of solutions to $n=a+a'$ with $a,a'\in A$, $a<a'$ and $a\leq a'$, respectively. In this paper, we prove that, if $A\subseteq \mathbb{N}$ and $N$ is a positive integer ... More
Characterization of Lifshitz transitions in topological nodal line semimetalsNov 14 2017We introduce a two-band model of three-dimensional nodal line semimetals, the Fermi surface of which at half-filling may form various one-dimensional configurations of different topology. We study the symmetries and "drumhead" surface states of the model, ... More
Distraction-Based Neural Networks for Document SummarizationOct 26 2016Distributed representation learned with neural networks has recently shown to be effective in modeling natural languages at fine granularities such as words, phrases, and even sentences. Whether and how such an approach can be extended to help model larger ... More
Doubly-charged scalar in rare decays of $B_c$ mesonFeb 09 2018In this paper, we study the lepton number violation processes of $B_c$ meson induced by possible doubly-charged scalars. Both the three-body decay channels and the four-body decay channels are considered. For the former, $Br\times\left(\frac{s_\Delta ... More
Degree distribution of the visibility graphs mapped from fractional Brownian motions and multifractal random walksDec 11 2008May 12 2009The dynamics of a complex system is usually recorded in the form of time series, which can be studied through its visibility graph from a complex network perspective. We investigate the visibility graphs extracted from fractional Brownian motions and ... More
A description of the transverse momentum distributions of charged particles produced in heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC energiesNov 07 2017By assuming the existing of memory effects and long-range interactions in the hot and dense matter produced in high energy heavy ion collisions, the nonextensive statistics together with the relativistic hydrodynamics including phase transition is used ... More
P-splines with an l1 penalty for repeated measuresJul 27 2017Jul 22 2018P-splines are penalized B-splines, in which finite order differences in coefficients are typically penalized with an $\ell_2$ norm. P-splines can be used for semiparametric regression and can include random effects to account for within-subject variability. ... More
Neural Networks Models for Entity Discovery and LinkingNov 11 2016This paper describes the USTC_NELSLIP systems submitted to the Trilingual Entity Detection and Linking (EDL) track in 2016 TAC Knowledge Base Population (KBP) contests. We have built two systems for entity discovery and mention detection (MD): one uses ... More
A General FOFE-net Framework for Simple and Effective Question Answering over Knowledge BasesMar 29 2019Question answering over knowledge base (KB-QA) has recently become a popular research topic in NLP. One popular way to solve the KB-QA problem is to make use of a pipeline of several NLP modules, including entity discovery and linking (EDL) and relation ... More
Geometrical meaning of winding number and its characterization of topological phases in one-dimensional chiral non-Hermitian systemsFeb 12 2018Apr 17 2018We unveil the geometrical meaning of winding number and utilize it to characterize the topological phases in one-dimensional chiral non-Hermitian systems. While chiral symmetry ensures the winding number of Hermitian systems being integers, it can take ... More
The stability and energy exchange mechanism of divergent states with real energyMar 10 2017Mar 15 2018The eigenvalue of the hermitic Hamiltonian is real undoubtedly. Actually, The reality can also be guaranteed by the $PT$-symmetry. The hermiticity and the $PT$-symmetric quantum theory both have requirements regarding the boundary condition. There exists ... More
Floquet-state Maser under Real-time Quantum Feedback ControlJan 04 2019We experimentally observe a multi-mode Floquet-state maser in a periodically driven two-level system of pumped $^{129}$Xe atoms with real-time feedback control. The demonstrated maser is based on the Floquet synthetic states and shows, in principle, unlimited ... More
A stabilized semi-implicit Fourier spectral method for nonlinear space-fractional reaction-diffusion equationsApr 16 2019The reaction-diffusion model can generate a wide variety of spatial patterns, which has been widely applied in chemistry, biology, and physics, even used to explain self-regulated pattern formation in the developing animal embryo. In this work, a second-order ... More
Freezing motion-induced dephasing in an atomic-ensemble quantum memoryApr 12 2016Motion-induced dephasing is a dominant decoherence mechanism for atom-gas quantum memories. In this paper, we develop a new coherent manipulation technique which enables arbitrary engineering of the spin-wave momentum with neglectable noise. By zeroing ... More
The Strong Decays of Orbitally Excited $B^{*}_{sJ}$ Mesons by Improved Bethe-Salpeter MethodFeb 06 2012We calculate the masses and the strong decays of orbitally excited states $B_{s0}$, $B'_{s1}$, $B_{s1}$ and $B_{s2}$ by the improved Bethe-Salpeter method. The predicted masses of $B_{s0}$ and $B'_{s1}$ are $M_{B_{s0}}=5.723\pm0.280 {\rm GeV}$, $M_{B'_{s1}}=5.774\pm0.330 ... More
A New Perspective on Machine Learning: How to do Perfect Supervised LearningJan 07 2019Jan 19 2019In this work, we introduce the concept of bandlimiting into the theory of machine learning because all physical processes are bandlimited by nature, including real-world machine learning tasks. After the bandlimiting constraint is taken into account, ... More
Two-channel model description of confinement-induced Feshbach moleculesOct 08 2012Using a two-channel model, we investigate theoretically the binding energy of confinement-induced Feshbach molecules in two- and one-dimensional ultracold atomic systems, near a Feshbach resonance. We show that the two-channel prediction will evidently ... More
Chiral Symmetry of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes detected in First-principles Optical Absorption SpectraJul 16 2007Jul 17 2007The linear polarizability absorption spectra of the double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWNTs) have been calculated by using the tight-binding (TB) model and sum-over-state (SOS) method, supplemented by the first principles CASTEP calculations. It is found ... More
A Fixed-Size Encoding Method for Variable-Length Sequences with its Application to Neural Network Language ModelsMay 06 2015Jun 16 2015In this paper, we propose the new fixed-size ordinally-forgetting encoding (FOFE) method, which can almost uniquely encode any variable-length sequence of words into a fixed-size representation. FOFE can model the word order in a sequence using a simple ... More
Early monsoon drought and mid-summer vapor pressure deficit induce growth cessation of lower margin Picea crassifoliaJan 20 2017Nov 24 2017Extreme climatic events have been shown to be strong drivers of tree growth, forest dynamics, and range contraction. Here we study the climatic drivers of Picea crassifolia Kom., an endemic to northwest China where climate has significantly warmed. Picea ... More
Piecewise Robust Barrier Tubes for Nonlinear Hybrid Systems with UncertaintyJul 25 2019Piecewise Barrier Tubes (PBT) is a new technique for flowpipe overapproximation for nonlinear systems with polynomial dynamics, which leverages a combination of barrier certificates. PBT has advantages over traditional time-step based methods in dealing ... More
The Strong Decays of X(3940) and X(4160)Aug 18 2016Dec 06 2016The new mesons $X(3940)$ and $X(4160)$ have been found by Belle Collaboration in the processes $e^+e^-\to J/\psi D^{(*)}\bar D^{(*)}$. Considering $X(3940)$ and $X(4160)$ as $\eta_c(3S)$ and $\eta_c(4S)$ states, the two-body open charm OZI-allowed strong ... More
Strong decays of $D_{3}^{\ast}(2760)$, $D_{s3}^{\ast}(2860)$, $B_{3}^{\ast}$, and $B_{s3}^{\ast}$Oct 17 2016In this paper, we study the OZI-allowed two-body strong decays of $3^-$ heavy-light mesons. Experimentally the charmed $D_{3}^{\ast}(2760)$ and the charm-strange $D_{s3}^{\ast}(2860)$ states with these quantum numbers have been discovered. For the bottomed ... More
Highly birefringent polymer terahertz fiber with honeycomb claddingNov 05 2011Two highly birefringent polymer terahertz (THz) fibers were proposed in this paper, which were formed with honeycomb cladding and some elliptical air holes in the fiber core. The losses and mode birefringence for two different fibers are investigated ... More
Scale-invariance of human EEG signals in sleepMar 12 2007We investigate the dynamical properties of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals of human in sleep. By using a modified random walk method, We demonstrate that the scale-invariance is embedded in EEG signals after a detrending procedure. Further more, we ... More
Structural atomistic mechanism for the glass transition entropic scenarioJul 08 2019A popular Adam--Gibbs scenario has suggested that the excess entropy of glass and liquid over crystal dominates the dynamical arrest at the glass transition with exclusive contribution from configurational entropy over vibrational entropy. However, an ... More
Single chargino production via gluon-gluon fusion in a supersymmetric theory with an explicit R-parity violationDec 07 2000We studied the production of single chargino$\tilde{\chi}_1^{\pm}$ accompanied by $\mu^{\mp}$ lepton via gluon-gluon fusion at the LHC. The numerical analysis of their production rates is carried out in the mSUGRA scenario with some typical parameter ... More
Pair production of neutralinos via gluon-gluon collisionsMar 30 2000The production of a neutralino pair via gluon-gluon fusion is studied in the minimal supersymmetric model(MSSM) at proton-proton colliders. The numerical analysis of their production rates are carried out in the mSUGRA scenario. The results show that ... More
Anatomy of an online misinformation networkJan 18 2018Massive amounts of fake news and conspiratorial content have spread over social media before and after the 2016 US Presidential Elections despite intense fact-checking efforts. How do the spread of misinformation and fact-checking compete? What are the ... More
Deep Learning with Lung Segmentation and Bone Shadow Exclusion Techniques for Chest X-Ray Analysis of Lung CancerDec 20 2017The recent progress of computing, machine learning, and especially deep learning, for image recognition brings a meaningful effect for automatic detection of various diseases from chest X-ray images (CXRs). Here efficiency of lung segmentation and bone ... More
Investigation of Umbral Dots with the New Vacuum Solar TelescopeSep 01 2015Dec 22 2015Umbral dots (UDs) are small isolated brightenings observed in sunspot umbrae. They are convective phenomena existing inside umbrae. UDs are usually divided into central UDs (CUDs) and peripheral UDs (PUDs) according to their positions inside an umbra. ... More
Transport properties of photonic topological insulators based on microring resonator arraySep 12 2016Sep 19 2016An array of ring resonators specifically designed can perform as a topological insulator. We conduct simulations using both Tight-Binding Model (TBM) and Transfer Matrix Method (TMM) to analyze the transport properties of such optical structure, verifying ... More
The Nuclear Tensor Interaction in Covariant Energy Density FunctionalJul 23 2014Jan 19 2015The origin of the nuclear tensor interaction in the covariant energy density functional (EDF) is presented in this work, associated with the Fock diagrams of Lorentz scalar and vector couplings. With this newly obtained relativistic formalism of the nuclear ... More
Computational investigation of static multipole polarizabilities and sum rules for ground-state hydrogen-like ionsMay 31 2012High precision multipole polarizabilities, $\alpha_{\ell}$ for $\ell \le 4$ of the $1s$ ground state of the hydrogen isoelectronic series are obtained from the Dirac equation using the B-spline method with Notre Dame boundary conditions. Compact analytic ... More
Emergent $Z_2$ Topological Invariant and Robust Helical Edge States in Two-Dimensional Topological MetalsMay 02 2019In this work, we study the disorder effect on topological metals that support a pair of helical edge modes deeply embedded inside the gapless bulk states. Strikingly, we predict that a quantum spin Hall (QSH) phase can be obtained from such topological ... More
Interplay of non-Hermitian skin effects and Anderson localization in non-reciprocal quasiperiodic latticesJan 27 2019Non-Hermiticity from non-reciprocal hoppings has been shown recently to demonstrate the non-Hermitian skin effect (NHSE) under open boundary conditions (OBCs). Here we study the interplay of this effect and the Anderson localization in a \textit{non-reciprocal} ... More
Construnctions of LOCC indistinguishable set of generalized Bell statesMay 23 2018In this paper, we mainly consider the local indistinguishability of the set of mutually orthogonal bipartite generalized Bell states (GBSs). We construct small sets of GBSs with cardinality smaller than $d$ which are not distinguished by one-way local ... More
Effects of polynomial trends on detrending moving average analysisApr 28 2015The detrending moving average (DMA) algorithm is one of the best performing methods to quantify the long-term correlations in nonstationary time series. Many long-term correlated time series in real systems contain various trends. We investigate the effects ... More
Nonsymmorphic Topological Quadrupole Insulator in Sonic CrystalsMar 14 2019Mar 18 2019We present a theory for the quantized topological quadrupole moment in a class of 2D nonsymmorphic crystals with two glide symmetries, using sonic crystals as concrete examples. Intriguingly, the topological quadrupole moment arises from the difference ... More
JCMT Mapping of CO(3-2) in the Circumnuclear Region of M31Dec 28 2018We present a survey of CO(3-2) molecular line emission in the circumnuclear region of M31 with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT), aiming to explore the physical conditions of the molecular gas. Significant CO(3-2) lines are detected primarily along ... More