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Signal Shaping for Two-User Gaussian Multiple Access Channels with Computation: Beyond the Cut-Set BoundJan 25 2017In this paper, we investigate the signal shaping in a two-user discrete time memoryless Gaussian multiple-access channel (MAC) with computation. It is shown that by optimizing input probability distribution, the transmission rate per transmitter is beyond ... More
Scalable linear solvers for sparse linear systems from large-scale numerical simulationsJan 20 2017This paper presents our work on designing scalable linear solvers for large-scale reservoir simulations. The main objective is to support implementation of parallel reservoir simulators on distributed-memory parallel systems, where MPI (Message Passing ... More
Some results on almost L-weakly and almost M-weakly compact operatorsApr 17 2019Apr 23 2019In this paper, we present some necessary and sufficient conditions for semi-compact operators being almost L-weakly compact (resp. almost M-weakly compact) and the converse. Mainly, we prove that if $X$ is a nonzero Banach space, then every semi-compact ... More
The Green Ring of Drinfeld Double $D(H_4)$Sep 16 2012Jan 04 2014In this paper, we study the Green ring (or the representation ring) of Drinfeld quantum double $D(H_4)$ of Sweedler's 4-dimensional Hopf algebra $H_4$. We first give the decompositions of the tensor products of finite dimensional indecomposable modules ... More
Lower deviation and moderate deviation probabilities for maximum of a branching random walkJul 22 2018Given a super-critical branching random walk on $\mathbb R$ started from the origin, let $M_n$ be the maximal position of individuals at the $n$-th generation. Under some mild conditions, it is known from \cite{A13} that as $n\rightarrow\infty$, $M_n-x^*n+\frac{3}{2\theta^*}\log ... More
Some results on unbounded absolute weak Dunford-Pettis operatorsFeb 01 2019In this paper, we characterize Banach lattices on which each Dunford-Pettis operator (or weak Dunford-Pettis) is unbounded absolute weak Dunford-Pettis operator and the converse.
A Scalable Thermal Reservoir Simulator for Giant Models on Parallel ComputersDec 10 2018Mar 29 2019This paper introduces the model, numerical methods, algorithms and parallel implementation of a thermal reservoir simulator that designed for numerical simulations of thermal reservoir with multiple components in three dimensional domain using distributed-memory ... More
The Coalgebra Automorphism Group of Hopf Algebra $k_q[x, x^{-1}, y]$Jul 21 2012Let $k_q[x, x^{-1}, y]$ be the localization of the quantum plane $k_q[x, y]$ over a field $k$, where $0\neq q\in k$. Then $k_q[x, x^{-1}, y]$ is a graded Hopf algebra, which can be regarded as the non-negative part of the quantum enveloping algebra $U_q({\mathfrak ... More
An Uniqueness Result on Spherically Stratified Media with Interior Transmission EigenvaluesMar 07 2012Apr 25 2012Given a set of transmission eigenvalues, we describe the connection of such a set to the indicator functions in entire function theory. The indicator functions control the asymptotic growth rate of the solution of the Sturm-Liouville problem which has ... More
A Global Uniqueness on Spherically Stratified Dielectric Medium in Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equation with Interior Transmission EigenvaluesJul 10 2012Dec 06 2012A set of regularly distributed transmission eigenvalues generates a density function. We use such a density function inversely determines the form of the indicator function. Using the entire function theory, we reduce an uniqueness problem with interior ... More
A Sub-Density Theorem of Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problem with Finitely Many SingularitiesMar 02 2017We study the distribution of the Sturm-Liouville eigenvalues of a potential with finitely many singularities. There is an asymptotically periodical structure on this class of eigenvalues as described by the entire function theory. We describe the singularities ... More
On consecutive abundant numbersMar 20 2016A positive integer $n$ is called an abundant number if $\sigma (n)\ge 2n$, where $\sigma (n)$ is the sum of all positive divisors of $n$. Let $E(x)$ be the largest number of consecutive abundant numbers not exceeding $x$. In 1935, P. Erd\H os proved that ... More
Green ring of the category of weight modules over the Hopf-Ore extensions of group algebrasJun 03 2018In this paper, we continue our study of the tensor product structure of category $\mathcal W$ of weight modules over the Hopf-Ore extensions $kG(\chi^{-1}, a, 0)$ of group algebras $kG$, where $k$ is an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero. ... More
Tensor product decomposition rules for weight modules over the Hopf-Ore extensions of group algebrasJun 03 2018In this paper, we investigate the tensor structure of the category of finite dimensional weight modules over the Hopf-Ore extensions $kG(\chi^{-1}, a, 0)$ of group algebras $kG$. The tensor product decomposition rules for all indecomposable weight modules ... More
Transparency and amplification in a hybrid system of mechanical resonator and circuit QEDMay 23 2014We theoretically study the transparency and amplification of a weak probe field applied to the cavity in hy- brid systems formed by a driven superconducting circuit QED system and a mechanical resonator, or a driven optomechanical system and a superconducting ... More
Design and Optimization of VoD schemes with Client Caching in Wireless Multicast NetworksAug 10 2017Due to the explosive growth in multimedia traffic, the scalability of video-on-demand (VoD) services becomes increasingly important. By exploiting the potential cache ability at the client side, the performance of VoD multicast delivery can be improved ... More
Photon echo using imperfect X-ray pulse with phase fluctuationApr 11 2018Apr 19 2018We study the impact of inter-pulse phase fluctuation in free-electron X-ray laser on the signal in the photon echo spectroscopy, which is one of the simplest non-linear spectroscopic methods. A two-pulse echo model is considered with two-level atoms as ... More
Factor Models for High-Dimensional Tensor Time SeriesMay 18 2019Large tensor (multi-dimensional array) data are now routinely collected in a wide range of applications, due to modern data collection capabilities. Often such observations are taken over time, forming tensor time series. In this paper we present a factor ... More
Large-scale Reservoir Simulations on IBM Blue Gene/QJun 02 2016This paper presents our work on simulation of large-scale reservoir models on IBM Blue Gene/Q and studying the scalability of our parallel reservoir simulators. An in-house black oil simulator has been implemented. It uses MPI for communication and is ... More
Parallel Triangular Solvers on GPUJun 02 2016In this paper, we investigate GPU based parallel triangular solvers systematically. The parallel triangular solvers are fundamental to incomplete LU factorization family preconditioners and algebraic multigrid solvers. We develop a new matrix format suitable ... More
The structures of Hopf $\ast$-algebra on Radford algebrasMar 06 2019We investigate the structures of Hopf $\ast$-algebra on the Radford algebras over $\mathbb {C}$. All the $*$-structures on $H$ are explicitly given. Moreover, these Hopf $*$-algebra structures are classified up to equivalence.
Vanishing Viscosity Limit For the 3D Nonhomogeneous Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations With a Slip Boundary ConditionOct 02 2016Jan 06 2017In this paper, we investigate the vanishing viscosity limit for the 3D nonhomogeneous incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with a slip boundary condition. We establish the local well-posedness of the strong solutions for initial boundary value problems ... More
Decoupled, Energy Stable Scheme for Hydrodynamic Allen-Cahn Phase Field Moving Contact Line ModelMar 20 2017In this paper, we present an efficient energy stable scheme to solve a phase field model incorporating contact line condition. Instead of the usually used Cahn-Hilliard type phase equation, we adopt the Allen-Cahn type phase field model with the static ... More
Domain-invariant Face Recognition using Learned Low-rank TransformationAug 01 2013We present a low-rank transformation approach to compensate for face variations due to changes in visual domains, such as pose and illumination. The key idea is to learn discriminative linear transformations for face images using matrix rank as the optimization ... More
A Decision-Aided Parallel SC-List Decoder for Polar CodesJun 09 2015In this paper, we propose a decision-aided scheme for parallel SC-List decoding of polar codes. At the parallel SC-List decoder, each survival path is extended based on multiple information bits, therefore the number of split paths becomes very large ... More
Time-varying Bang-bang Property of Minimal Controls for Approximately Null-controllable Heat EquationsMar 02 2017In this paper, optimal time control problems and optimal target control problems are studied for the approximately null-controllable heat equations. Compared with the existed results on these problems, the boundary of control variables are not constants ... More
Topological invariants, zero mode edge states and finite size effect for a generalized non-reciprocal Su-Schrieffer-Heeger modelJun 11 2019Intriguing issues in one-dimensional non-reciprocal topological systems include the breakdown of usual bulk-edge correspondence and the occurrence of half-integer topological invariants. In order to understand these unusual topological properties, we ... More
Global axisymmetric solutions of 3D inhomogeneous incompressible Navier-Stokes Systems with nonzero swirlDec 03 2015In this paper, we investigate the global well-posedness for the 3-D inhomogeneous incompressible Navier-Stokes system with the axisymmetric initial data. We prove the global well-posedness provided that $$\|\frac{a_{0}}{r}\|_{\infty} \textrm{ and } \|u_{0}^{\theta}\|_{3} ... More
Erland Samuel Bring's "Transformation of Algebraic Equations"Nov 25 2017We translate Erland Samuel Bring's treatise Meletemata quaedam Mathematica circa Transformationem Aequationum Alebraicarum (Some selected mathematics on the Transformation of Algebraic Equations) written as his Promotionschrift at the University of Lund ... More
Distance-Guided GA-Based Approach to Distributed Data-Intensive Web Service CompositionJan 16 2019Distributed computing which uses Web services as fundamental elements, enables high-speed development of software applications through composing many interoperating, distributed, re-usable, and autonomous services. As a fundamental challenge for service ... More
Finite-size Effect for Dyonic Giant Magnons in $CP^3_β$Dec 14 2016Aug 20 2017We studied the finite-size giant magnons in $\text{AdS}_4\times\text{CP}^3_{\beta}$ background using the classical spectral curve constructed in this paper. We computed the finite-size corrections to the dispersion relations for the $RP^3$ giant magnons ... More
A Spiking Neural Dynamical Drift-Diffusion Model on Collective Decision Making with Self-Organized CriticalityMay 07 2018This article proposes a novel collective decision making scheme to solve the multi-agent drift-diffusion-model problem with the help of spiking neural networks. The exponential integrate-and-fire model is used here to capture the individual dynamics of ... More
Development of Krylov and AMG linear solvers for large-scale sparse matrices on GPUsJun 02 2016This research introduce our work on developing Krylov subspace and AMG solvers on NVIDIA GPUs. As SpMV is a crucial part for these iterative methods, SpMV algorithms for single GPU and multiple GPUs are implemented. A HEC matrix format and a communication ... More
Delay Analysis and Optimization in Cache-enabled Multi-Cell Cooperative NetworksMay 03 2016Caching at the base stations (BSs) has been widely adopted to reduce the delivery delay and alleviate the backhaul traffic between BSs and the core network. In this paper, we consider a collaborative content caching scheme among BSs in cache-enabled multi-cell ... More
The three primary colors of mobile systemsMar 11 2016In this paper, we present the notion of "mobile 3C systems in which the "Communications", "Computing", and "Caching" (i.e., 3C) make up the three primary resources/funcationalties, akin to the three primary colors, for a mobile system. We argue that in ... More
Superradiant Phase Transition of Fermi Gases in a Cavity across a Feshbach ResonanceNov 03 2014In this letter we consider the superradiant phase transition of a two-component Fermi gas in a cavity across a Feshbach resonance. It is known that quantum statistics plays a crucial role for the superradiant phase transition in atomic gases; in contrast ... More
Automatic trajectory measurement of large numbers of crowded objectsFeb 03 2019Complex motion patterns of natural systems, such as fish schools, bird flocks, and cell groups, have attracted great attention from scientists for years. Trajectory measurement of individuals is vital for quantitative and high-throughput study of their ... More
Topological invariants and phase diagrams for one-dimensional two-band non-Hermitian systems without chiral symmetrySep 04 2018Nov 15 2018We study topological properties of one-dimensional non-Hermitian systems without chiral symmetry and give phase diagrams characterized by topological invariants $\nu_E$ and $\nu_{total}$, associated with complex energy vorticity and summation of Berry ... More
Floquet topological insulator phase in a Weyl semimetal thin film with disorderOct 31 2018Dec 28 2018We investigate the effects of periodic fields and disorder on topological properties of a Weyl-semimetal thin film. The two periodic fields, i.e., a periodic magnetic field and elliptically polarized light, are discussed respectively. By use of the Floquet ... More
Disorder-induced topological phase transitions on Lieb latticesAug 07 2017Nov 08 2017Motivated by the very recent experimental realization of electronic Lieb lattices and research interest on topological states of matter, we study the topological phase transitions driven by Anderson disorder on spin-orbit coupled Lieb lattices in the ... More
Superradiance of Degenerate Fermi Gases in a CavitySep 15 2013Sep 24 2013In this letter we consider spinless Fermi gases placed inside a cavity and study the critical strength of pumping field for driving a superradiance transition. We emphasize that Fermi surface nesting effect strongly enhances the superradiance tendency. ... More
Quantum Phase Transitions of the Bose-Hubbard Model inside a CavityFeb 08 2016The superfluid to Mott insulator transition and the superradiant transition are textbook examples for quantum phase transition and coherent quantum optics, respectively. Recent experiments in ETH and Hamburg succeeded in loading degenerate bosonic atomic ... More
Unified representation of formulas for single birth processesNov 22 2014Based on a new explicit representation of the solution to the Poisson equation with respect to single birth processes, the unified treatment for various criteria on classical problems (including uniqueness, recurrence, ergodicity, exponential ergodicity, ... More
Probing Spin Accumulation induced Magnetocapacitance in a Single Electron TransistorMar 28 2015Jul 07 2015The interplay between spin and charge in solids is currently among the most discussed topics in condensed matter physics. Such interplay gives rise to magneto-electric coupling, which in the case of solids was named magneto-electric effect, as predicted ... More
Second Order, linear and unconditionally energy stable schemes for a hydrodynamic model of Smectic-A Liquid CrystalsMar 04 2017Oct 03 2017In this paper, we consider the numerical approximations for a hydrodynamical model of smectic-A liquid crystals. The model, derived from the variational approach of the modified Oseen-Frank energy, is a highly nonlinear system that couples the incompressible ... More
A new approach to bulk viscosity in strange quark matter at high densitiesDec 18 2008Mar 07 2009A new method is proposed to compute the bulk viscosity in strange quark matter at high densities. Using the method it is straightforward to prove that the bulk viscosity is positive definite, which is not so easy to accomplish in other approaches especially ... More
Competition between Chaotic and Non-Chaotic Phases in a Quadratically Coupled Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev ModelMay 09 2017The Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model is a concrete solvable model to study non-Fermi liquid properties, holographic duality and maximally chaotic behavior. In this work, we consider a generalization of the SYK model that contains two SYK models with different ... More
Modeling and Trade-off for Mobile Communication, Computing and Caching NetworksJul 15 2018Computation task service delivery in a computing-enabled and caching-aided multi-user mobile edge computing (MEC) system is studied in this paper, where a MEC server can deliver the input or output datas of tasks to mobile devices over a wireless multicast ... More
Mixed Eigenvalues of Discrete {\LARGE $\pmb p$\,}-LaplacianNov 22 2014This paper deals with the principal eigenvalue of discrete $p$-Laplacian on the set of nonnegative integers. Alternatively, it is studying the optimal constant of a class of weighted Hardy inequalities. The main goal is the quantitative estimates of the ... More
Rare B decays and Tevatron top-pair asymmetryApr 08 2011Nov 01 2011The recent Tevatron result on the top quark forward-backward asymmetry, which deviates from its standard model prediction by 3.4$\sigma$, has prompted many authors to build new models to account for this anomaly. Among the various proposals, we find that ... More
Recruitment Market Trend Analysis with Sequential Latent Variable ModelsDec 08 2017Recruitment market analysis provides valuable understanding of industry-specific economic growth and plays an important role for both employers and job seekers. With the rapid development of online recruitment services, massive recruitment data have been ... More
Structure and Quantum Well States in Silicene Nanoribbons on Ag(110)Jun 11 2015We have performed scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy (STM/STS) study and first-principles calculations to investigate the atomic structure and electronic properties of silicon nanoribbons (SiNRs) grown on Ag(110). Despite of the extensive research ... More
Circular photogalvanic effect induced by near-infrared radiation in InAs quantum wires patterned quasi two-dimensional electron systemApr 22 2011In this work we investigated the InAs/InAlAs quantum wires (QWRs) superlattice by optically exciting the structure with near-infrared radiation. By varying the helicity of the radiation at room temperature we observed the circular photogalvanic effect ... More
An Alternating Manifold Proximal Gradient Method for Sparse PCA and Sparse CCAMar 27 2019Sparse principal component analysis (PCA) and sparse canonical correlation analysis (CCA) are two essential techniques from high-dimensional statistics and machine learning for analyzing large-scale data. Both problems can be formulated as an optimization ... More
Theoretical Study on Rotational Bands and Shape Coexistence of $^{183,185,187}${Tl} in the Particle Triaxial-Rotor ModelFeb 11 2006By taking the particle triaxial-rotor model with variable moment of inertia, we investigate the energy spectra, the deformations and the single particle configurations of the nuclei $^{183,185,187}$Tl systemically. The calculated energy spectra agree ... More
Communication, Computing and Caching for Mobile VR Delivery: Modeling and Trade-offApr 27 2018Mobile virtual reality (VR) delivery is gaining increasing attention from both industry and academia due to its ability to provide an immersive experience. However, achieving mobile VR delivery requires ultra-high transmission rate, deemed as a first ... More
Quantum anomalous Hall state from spatially decaying interactions on the decorated honeycomb latticeMay 16 2017Jan 10 2018Topological phases typically encode topology at the level of the single particle band structure. But a remarkable class of models shows that quantum anomalous Hall effects can be driven exclusively by interactions, while the parent non-interacting band ... More
Chiral topological phases in optical lattices without synthetic fieldsDec 29 2017Aug 08 2018Synthetic fields applied to ultracold quantum gases can realize topological phases that transcend conventional Bose and Fermi-liquid paradigms. Raman laser beams in particular are under scrutiny as a route to create synthetic fields in neutral gases to ... More
QED Renormalization Given in A Mass-Dependent Subtraction and The Renormalization Group ApproachMay 03 2005The QED renormalization is restudied by using a mass-dependent subtraction which is performed at a time-like renormalization point. The subtraction exactly respects necessary physical and mathematical requirements such as the gauge symmetry, the Lorentz- ... More
Preparing Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and $W$ states on a long-range Ising spin model by global controlsMar 08 2017Jun 01 2017Entanglement, a unique quantum resource with no classical counterpart, remains at the heart of quantum information. The Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) and $W$ states are two inequivalent classes of multipartite entangled states which can not be transformed ... More
Flight Time Minimization of UAV for Data Collection over Wireless Sensor NetworksJan 09 2018Jun 06 2018In this paper, we consider a scenario where an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) collects data from a set of sensors on a straight line. The UAV can either cruise or hover while communicating with the sensors. The objective is to minimize the UAV's total ... More
Indecomposable decomposition of tensor products of modules over Drinfeld Doubles of Taft algebrasMar 15 2015Mar 27 2016In this paper, we study the tensor structure of category of finite dimensional representations of Drinfeld quantum doubles $D(H_n(q))$ of Taft Hopf algebras $H_n(q)$. Tensor product decomposition rules for all finite dimensional indecomposable modules ... More
Damping of slow surface sausage modes in photospheric waveguidesOct 04 2018There has been considerable interest in sausage modes in photospheric waveguides like pores and sunspots, and slow surface sausage modes (SSSMs) have been suggested to damp ufficiently rapidly to account for chromospheric heating. Working in the framework ... More
Shear Viscosity of a Gluon Plasma in Perturbative QCDJul 15 2009Nov 21 2009We calculate the shear viscosity $\eta$ to entropy density $s$ ratio $\eta /s$ of a gluon plasma in kinetic theory including the gg->gg and gg<->ggg processes. Due to the suppressed contribution to $\eta$ in the gg->gg forward scattering, it is known ... More
On mass-dependent subtraction and removal of the ambiguity in QED renormalizationApr 06 1999Jul 07 1999The QED renormalization is restudied by using a mass-dependent subtraction which is performed at a time-like renormalization point. The subtraction exactly respects necessary physical and mathematical requirements such as the gauge symmetry, the Lorentz- ... More
Chiral Symmetry of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes detected in First-principles Optical Absorption SpectraJul 16 2007Jul 17 2007The linear polarizability absorption spectra of the double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWNTs) have been calculated by using the tight-binding (TB) model and sum-over-state (SOS) method, supplemented by the first principles CASTEP calculations. It is found ... More
Majorana Falicov-Kimball ModelsMar 12 2019In this paper we extend the Falicov-Kimball model (FKM) to the case where the "quasi-particles" entering the FKM are not ordinary" fermions. As an example we first discuss how the FKM can be generalized to the case with spin-dependent hopping. Afterward ... More
Decoupled Block-Wise ILU(k) Preconditioner on GPUMar 03 2017This research investigates the implementation mechanism of block-wise ILU(k) preconditioner on GPU. The block-wise ILU(k) algorithm requires both the level k and the block size to be designed as variables. A decoupled ILU(k) algorithm consists of a symbolic ... More
Numerical Simulation of Multi-phase Flow in Porous Media on Parallel ComputersJun 02 2016Oct 07 2016A parallel reservoir simulator has been developed, which is designed for large-scale black oil simulations. It handles three phases, including water, oil and gas, and three components, including water, oil and gas. This simulator can calculate traditional ... More
Mixed Eigenvalues of {\LARGE $\pmb p$\,}-LaplacianJan 14 2015The mixed principal eigenvalue of $p\,$-Laplacian (equivalently, the optimal constant of weighted Hardy inequality in $L^p$ space) is studied in this paper. Several variational formulas for the eigenvalue are presented. As applications of the formulas, ... More
2nd Place and 2nd Place Solution to Kaggle Landmark Recognition andRetrieval Competition 2019Jun 10 2019We present a retrieval based system for landmark retrieval and recognition challenge.There are five parts in retrieval competition system, including feature extraction and matching to get candidates queue; database augmentation and query extension searching; ... More
Observation of Anti-correlation of Classical Chaotic LightOct 31 2009We wish to report an experimental observation of anti-correlation from first-order incoherent classical chaotic light. We explain why the classical statistical theory does not apply and provide a quantum interpretation. In quantum theory, either correlation ... More
Kink and Sausage Modes in Nonuniform Magnetic Slabs with Continuous Transverse Density DistributionsOct 20 2015We examine the influence of a continuous density structuring transverse to coronal slabs on the dispersive properties of fundamental standing kink and sausage modes supported therein. We derive generic dispersion relations (DRs) governing linear fast ... More
Impulsively generated wave trains in coronal structures: II. Effects of transverse structuring on sausage waves in pressureless slabsFeb 13 2018Impulsively generated sausage wave trains in coronal structures are important for interpreting a substantial number of observations of quasi-periodic signals with quasi-periods of order seconds. We have previously shown that the Morlet spectra of these ... More
Cryptanalysis on Four Two-Party Authentication ProtocolsJul 01 2010In this paper, we analyze four authentication protocols of Bindu et al., Goriparthi et al., Wang et al. and H\"olbl et al.. After investigation, we reveal several weaknesses of these schemes. First, Bindu et al.'s protocol suffers from an insider impersonation ... More
Wireless Network Coding via Modified 802.11 MAC/PHY: Design and Implementation on SDROct 04 2012Network coding (NC), in principle, is a Layer-3 innovation that improves network throughput in wired networks for multicast/broadcast scenarios. Due to the fundamental differences between wired and wireless networks, extending NC to wireless networks ... More
Geometrical meaning of winding number and its characterization of topological phases in one-dimensional chiral non-Hermitian systemsFeb 12 2018Apr 17 2018We unveil the geometrical meaning of winding number and utilize it to characterize the topological phases in one-dimensional chiral non-Hermitian systems. While chiral symmetry ensures the winding number of Hermitian systems being integers, it can take ... More
Discriminative adversarial networks for positive-unlabeled learningJun 03 2019Jun 06 2019As an important semi-supervised learning task, positive-unlabeled (PU) learning aims to learn a binary classifier only from positive and unlabeled data. In this article, we develop a novel PU learning framework, called discriminative adversarial networks, ... More
Classification of PM Quiver Hopf AlgebrasOct 06 2004Jul 06 2007We describe certain quiver Hopf algebras by parameters. This leads to the classification of multiple Taft algebras as well as pointed Yetter-Drinfeld modules and their corresponding Nichols algebras. In particular, when the ground-field $k$ is the complex ... More
Quantum phase transition of cold atoms in the bilayer hexagonal optical latticesFeb 03 2013May 28 2013We propose a scheme to investigate the quantum phase transition of cold atoms in the bilayer hexagonal optical lattices. Using the quantum Monte Carlo method, we calculate the ground state phase diagrams which contain an antiferromagnet, a solid, a superfluid, ... More
Knowledge-Guided Recurrent Neural Network Learning for Task-Oriented Action PredictionJul 15 2017This paper aims at task-oriented action prediction, i.e., predicting a sequence of actions towards accomplishing a specific task under a certain scene, which is a new problem in computer vision research. The main challenges lie in how to model task-specific ... More
Achieve Higher Efficiency at Maximum Power with Finite-time Quantum Otto CycleApr 27 2019The optimization of finite-time thermodynamic heat engines was intensively explored recently, yet limited to few cycles, e.g. finite-time Carnot-like cycle. In this Letter, we supplement a new type of finite-time engine with quantum Otto cycle and show ... More
Deep Features Analysis with Attention NetworksJan 20 2019Deep neural network models have recently draw lots of attention, as it consistently produce impressive results in many computer vision tasks such as image classification, object detection, etc. However, interpreting such model and show the reason why ... More
Y-system for $γ$-deformed ABJM TheoryNov 09 2016Mar 24 2017We investigate the integrable aspects of the planar $\gamma$-deformed ABJM theory and propose the twisted asymptotic Bethe ansatz equations. A more general method through a twisted generating functional is discussed, based on which, the asymptotic large ... More
Two-Loop Integrability of ABJM Open Spin Chain from Giant GravitonJan 13 2019Mar 31 2019We prove the integrability of the two-loop open spin chain Hamiltonian from ABJM determinant like operators given in arXiv:1809.09941. By explicitly constructing R-matrices and K-matrices, we successfully obtain the two-loop Hamiltonian from the double ... More
Modeling Hierarchical Usage Context for Software Exceptions based on Interaction DataApr 15 2019Traces of user interactions with a software system, captured in production, are commonly used as an input source for user experience testing. In this paper, we present an alternative use, introducing a novel approach of modeling user interaction traces ... More
Flux-driven quantum spin liquids in kagome optical latticesFeb 28 2019Quantum spin liquids (QSLs) define an exotic class of quantum ground states where spins are disordered down to zero temperature and are characterized by macroscopic entanglement and fractionalized excitations. We propose a route to QSLs in kagome optical ... More
Adaptive cyclically dominating game on co-evolving networks: Numerical and analytic resultsMay 11 2016A co-evolving and adaptive Rock (R)-Paper (P)-Scissors (S) game (ARPS) in which an agent uses one of three cyclically dominating strategies is proposed and studied numerically and analytically. An agent takes adaptive actions to achieve a neighborhood ... More
Smoothed Boundary Method for Solving Partial Differential Equations with General Boundary Conditions on Complex BoundariesDec 07 2009In this article, we describe an approach for solving partial differential equations with general boundary conditions imposed on arbitrarily shaped boundaries. A function that has a prescribed value on the domain in which a differential equation is valid ... More
Measuring the Popularity of Job Skills in Recruitment Market: A Multi-Criteria ApproachDec 06 2017To cope with the accelerating pace of technological changes, talents are urged to add and refresh their skills for staying in active and gainful employment. This raises a natural question: what are the right skills to learn? Indeed, it is a nontrivial ... More
Secure Analysis Over Generalized-K ChannelsMay 18 2019In this letter, we adopt the SOP definition in [4] and the simplified model of [8], and derive a closed-form expression for the proposed SOP over GK fading channels. To simplify this expression and obtain additional insights, we also perform an asymptotic ... More
Periods and damping rates of fast sausage oscillations in multi-shelled coronal loopsJul 08 2015Standing sausage modes are important in interpreting quasi-periodic pulsations in the lightcurves of solar flares. Their periods and damping times play an important role in seismologically diagnosing key parameters like the magnetic field strength in ... More
How Perfect a Gluon Plasma Can Be in Perturbative QCD?Nov 18 2010Jul 04 2011The shear viscosity to entropy density ratio, \eta /s, characterizes how perfect a fluid is. We calculate the leading order \eta /s of a gluon plasma in perturbation using the kinetic theory. The leading order contribution only involves the elastic gg ... More
Broadband optical-fiber-compatible photodetector based on a graphene-MoS2-WS2 heterostructure with a synergetic photo-generating mechanismJul 02 2018Integrating two-dimensional (2D) crystals into optical fibers can grant them optoelectronic properties and extend their range of applications. However, our ability to produce complicated structures is limited by the challenges of chemical vapor deposition ... More
Comments on Five Smart Card Based Password Authentication ProtocolsJul 01 2010In this paper, we use the ten security requirements proposed by Liao et al. for a smart card based authentication protocol to examine five recent work in this area. After analyses, we found that the protocols of Juang et al.'s , Hsiang et al.'s, Kim et ... More
On Optimizing Hierarchical Modulation in AWGN channelOct 18 2016Hierarchical modulation (HM) is able to provide different levels of protection for data streams and achieve a rate region that cannot be realized by traditional orthogonal schemes, such as time division (TD). Nevertheless, criterions and algorithms for ... More
Charge and CP asymmetries of $B_q$ meson in unparticle physicsDec 01 2010Dec 02 2010Recently the D{\O} Collaboration reported an observation of like-sign charge asymmetry (CA), which is about $3.2 \sigma$ deviation from the standard model (SM) prediction. Inspired by the observation we investigate the scalar unparticle effects, under ... More
Bandwidth Gain from Mobile Edge Computing and Caching in Wireless Multicast SystemsJan 23 2019In this paper, we present a novel mobile edge computing (MEC) model where the MEC server has the input and output data of all computation tasks and communicates with multiple caching-and-computing-enabled mobile devices via a shared wireless link. Each ... More
LQD-RKHS-based distribution-to-distribution regression methodology for restoring the probability distributions of missing SHM dataNov 21 2018Dec 08 2018Data loss is a critical problem in structural health monitoring (SHM). Probability distributions play a highly important role in many applications. Improving the quality of distribution estimations made using incomplete samples is highly important. Missing ... More
Wireless Information and Power Transfer in Two-Way Amplify-and-Forward Relaying ChannelsJul 29 2013The various wireless networks have made the ambient radio frequency signals around the world. Wireless information and power transfer enables the devices to recycle energy from these ambient radio frequency signals and process information simultaneously. ... More