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A Sub-Density Theorem of Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problem with Finitely Many SingularitiesMar 02 2017We study the distribution of the Sturm-Liouville eigenvalues of a potential with finitely many singularities. There is an asymptotically periodical structure on this class of eigenvalues as described by the entire function theory. We describe the singularities ... More
An Uniqueness Result on Spherically Stratified Media with Interior Transmission EigenvaluesMar 07 2012Apr 25 2012Given a set of transmission eigenvalues, we describe the connection of such a set to the indicator functions in entire function theory. The indicator functions control the asymptotic growth rate of the solution of the Sturm-Liouville problem which has ... More
A Global Uniqueness on Spherically Stratified Dielectric Medium in Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equation with Interior Transmission EigenvaluesJul 10 2012Dec 06 2012A set of regularly distributed transmission eigenvalues generates a density function. We use such a density function inversely determines the form of the indicator function. Using the entire function theory, we reduce an uniqueness problem with interior ... More
The Coalgebra Automorphism Group of Hopf Algebra $k_q[x, x^{-1}, y]$Jul 21 2012Let $k_q[x, x^{-1}, y]$ be the localization of the quantum plane $k_q[x, y]$ over a field $k$, where $0\neq q\in k$. Then $k_q[x, x^{-1}, y]$ is a graded Hopf algebra, which can be regarded as the non-negative part of the quantum enveloping algebra $U_q({\mathfrak ... More
A Fixed Energy Fixed Angle Inverse Uniqueness in Interior Transmission ProblemAug 05 2015We transform an inverse scattering problem to be an interior transmission problem. We find an inverse uniqueness on the scatterer with a knowledge of a fixed interior transmission eigenvalue. By examining the solution in a series of spherical harmonics ... More
An Inverse Uniqueness of a Phaseless Scattering Problem by Zero-CrossingsMay 17 2016Jun 03 2016We discuss the inverse uniqueness problem in phaseless scattering by counting the zeros of its modulus of the scattering amplitude. The phase linearization of scattered wave field disturbs the originally uniform distribution of the zero set. There is ... More
A Near-Field Basis in Radially Symmetric Interior Transmission ProblemMay 17 2016The spectrum of interior transmission problem is the zero set of certain entire functional determinant. It is classic that we deploy the series of exponential polynomials to approximate the distribution of the roots of the entire functions of exponential ... More
Some results on unbounded absolute weak Dunford-Pettis operatorsFeb 01 2019In this paper, we characterize Banach lattices on which each Dunford-Pettis operator (or weak Dunford-Pettis) is unbounded absolute weak Dunford-Pettis operator and the converse.
A Scalable Thermal Reservoir Simulator for Giant Models on Parallel ComputersDec 10 2018Mar 29 2019This paper introduces the model, numerical methods, algorithms and parallel implementation of a thermal reservoir simulator that designed for numerical simulations of thermal reservoir with multiple components in three dimensional domain using distributed-memory ... More
Lower deviation and moderate deviation probabilities for maximum of a branching random walkJul 22 2018Given a super-critical branching random walk on $\mathbb R$ started from the origin, let $M_n$ be the maximal position of individuals at the $n$-th generation. Under some mild conditions, it is known from \cite{A13} that as $n\rightarrow\infty$, $M_n-x^*n+\frac{3}{2\theta^*}\log ... More
A Scalable Thermal Reservoir Simulator for Giant Models on Parallel ComputersDec 10 2018Mar 15 2019This paper introduces the model, numerical methods, algorithms and parallel implementation of a thermal reservoir simulator that designed for numerical simulations of thermal reservoir with multiple components in three dimensional domain using distributed-memory ... More
Some Inverse Spectral Results in Exterior Transmission ProblemMay 17 2016We consider an inverse spectral theory in a domain with the cavity that is bounded by a penetrable inhomogeneous medium. An ODE system is constructed piecewise through the solutions inside and outside the cavity. The ODE system is connected to the PDE ... More
On large deviation probabilities for empirical distribution of branching random walks: Schr{ö}der case and B{ö}ttcher caseApr 12 2017Apr 18 2017Given a super-critical branching random walk on $\mathbb{R}$ started from the origin, let $Z\_n(\cdot)$ be the counting measure which counts the number of individuals at the $n$-th generation located in a given set. Under some mild conditions, it is known ... More
The Green Ring of Drinfeld Double $D(H_4)$Sep 16 2012Jan 04 2014In this paper, we study the Green ring (or the representation ring) of Drinfeld quantum double $D(H_4)$ of Sweedler's 4-dimensional Hopf algebra $H_4$. We first give the decompositions of the tensor products of finite dimensional indecomposable modules ... More
Signal Shaping for Two-User Gaussian Multiple Access Channels with Computation: Beyond the Cut-Set BoundJan 25 2017In this paper, we investigate the signal shaping in a two-user discrete time memoryless Gaussian multiple-access channel (MAC) with computation. It is shown that by optimizing input probability distribution, the transmission rate per transmitter is beyond ... More
Scalable linear solvers for sparse linear systems from large-scale numerical simulationsJan 20 2017This paper presents our work on designing scalable linear solvers for large-scale reservoir simulations. The main objective is to support implementation of parallel reservoir simulators on distributed-memory parallel systems, where MPI (Message Passing ... More
Some results on almost L-weakly and almost M-weakly compact operatorsApr 17 2019In this paper, we present some necessary and sufficient conditions for semi-compact operators being almost L-weakly compact (resp. almost M-weakly compact) and conversely. Mainly, we prove that every semi-compact operator from a nonzero Banach space $X$ ... More
An Inverse Uniqueness in Interior Transmission Problem and Its Eigenvalue Tunneling in Penetrable Simple DomainsAug 05 2015We study an inverse uniqueness with a knowledge of spectral data in the interior transmission problem defined by an index of refraction in a simple domain. We expand the solution in such a domain into a series of one dimensional problems. For each one ... More
A Proof of Schiffer's Conjecture in Starlike Domain by Far-Field PatternsFeb 18 2015May 17 2016We formulate the Schiffer's conjecture in spectral geometry in the context of scattering theory. The problem is equivalent to finding a non-trivial solution in an interior transmission problem. We compare the back-scattering data of the perturbation along ... More
On the Post-Peak Structural Response due to Softening with LocalizationJul 29 2010An analytical study is taken to investigate the relationship between material softening and structural softening through the use of a model problem in one dimension. With general nonlinear assumptions on the constitutive relations, it turns out that the ... More
Topological classification of non-Hermitian systems with reflection symmetryDec 12 2018Feb 21 2019We classify topological phases of non-Hermitian systems in the Altland-Zirnbauer classes with an additional reflection symmetry in all dimensions. By mapping the non-Hermitian system into an enlarged Hermitian Hamiltonian with an enforced chiral symmetry, ... More
Green ring of the category of weight modules over the Hopf-Ore extensions of group algebrasJun 03 2018In this paper, we continue our study of the tensor product structure of category $\mathcal W$ of weight modules over the Hopf-Ore extensions $kG(\chi^{-1}, a, 0)$ of group algebras $kG$, where $k$ is an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero. ... More
On consecutive abundant numbersMar 20 2016A positive integer $n$ is called an abundant number if $\sigma (n)\ge 2n$, where $\sigma (n)$ is the sum of all positive divisors of $n$. Let $E(x)$ be the largest number of consecutive abundant numbers not exceeding $x$. In 1935, P. Erd\H os proved that ... More
Transparency and amplification in a hybrid system of mechanical resonator and circuit QEDMay 23 2014We theoretically study the transparency and amplification of a weak probe field applied to the cavity in hy- brid systems formed by a driven superconducting circuit QED system and a mechanical resonator, or a driven optomechanical system and a superconducting ... More
Normalized Total Gradient: A New Measure for Multispectral Image RegistrationFeb 15 2017Image registration is a fundamental issue in multispectral image processing. In filter wheel based multispectral imaging systems, the non-coplanar placement of the filters always causes the misalignment of multiple channel images. The selective characteristic ... More
Automatic trajectory measurement of large numbers of crowded objectsFeb 03 2019Complex motion patterns of natural systems, such as fish schools, bird flocks, and cell groups, have attracted great attention from scientists for years. Trajectory measurement of individuals is vital for quantitative and high-throughput study of their ... More
A Stochastic Pitchfork Bifurcation in Most Probable Phase PortraitsJan 11 2018We study stochastic bifurcation for a system under multiplicative stable Levy noise (an important class of non-Gaussian noise), by examining the qualitative changes of equilibrium states in its most probable phase portraits. We have found some peculiar ... More
Probing Spin Accumulation induced Magnetocapacitance in a Single Electron TransistorMar 28 2015Jul 07 2015The interplay between spin and charge in solids is currently among the most discussed topics in condensed matter physics. Such interplay gives rise to magneto-electric coupling, which in the case of solids was named magneto-electric effect, as predicted ... More
Topological invariants and phase diagrams for one-dimensional two-band non-Hermitian systems without chiral symmetrySep 04 2018Nov 15 2018We study topological properties of one-dimensional non-Hermitian systems without chiral symmetry and give phase diagrams characterized by topological invariants $\nu_E$ and $\nu_{total}$, associated with complex energy vorticity and summation of Berry ... More
Quantum Phase Transitions of the Bose-Hubbard Model inside a CavityFeb 08 2016The superfluid to Mott insulator transition and the superradiant transition are textbook examples for quantum phase transition and coherent quantum optics, respectively. Recent experiments in ETH and Hamburg succeeded in loading degenerate bosonic atomic ... More
Superradiance of Degenerate Fermi Gases in a CavitySep 15 2013Sep 24 2013In this letter we consider spinless Fermi gases placed inside a cavity and study the critical strength of pumping field for driving a superradiance transition. We emphasize that Fermi surface nesting effect strongly enhances the superradiance tendency. ... More
A new latent cure rate marker model for survival dataOct 09 2009To address an important risk classification issue that arises in clinical practice, we propose a new mixture model via latent cure rate markers for survival data with a cure fraction. In the proposed model, the latent cure rate markers are modeled via ... More
A new approach to bulk viscosity in strange quark matter at high densitiesDec 18 2008Mar 07 2009A new method is proposed to compute the bulk viscosity in strange quark matter at high densities. Using the method it is straightforward to prove that the bulk viscosity is positive definite, which is not so easy to accomplish in other approaches especially ... More
Floquet topological insulator phase in a Weyl semimetal thin film with disorderOct 31 2018Dec 28 2018We investigate the effects of periodic fields and disorder on topological properties of a Weyl-semimetal thin film. The two periodic fields, i.e., a periodic magnetic field and elliptically polarized light, are discussed respectively. By use of the Floquet ... More
Disorder-induced topological phase transitions on Lieb latticesAug 07 2017Nov 08 2017Motivated by the very recent experimental realization of electronic Lieb lattices and research interest on topological states of matter, we study the topological phase transitions driven by Anderson disorder on spin-orbit coupled Lieb lattices in the ... More
Second Order, linear and unconditionally energy stable schemes for a hydrodynamic model of Smectic-A Liquid CrystalsMar 04 2017Oct 03 2017In this paper, we consider the numerical approximations for a hydrodynamical model of smectic-A liquid crystals. The model, derived from the variational approach of the modified Oseen-Frank energy, is a highly nonlinear system that couples the incompressible ... More
Unified representation of formulas for single birth processesNov 22 2014Based on a new explicit representation of the solution to the Poisson equation with respect to single birth processes, the unified treatment for various criteria on classical problems (including uniqueness, recurrence, ergodicity, exponential ergodicity, ... More
Global axisymmetric solutions of 3D inhomogeneous incompressible Navier-Stokes Systems with nonzero swirlDec 03 2015In this paper, we investigate the global well-posedness for the 3-D inhomogeneous incompressible Navier-Stokes system with the axisymmetric initial data. We prove the global well-posedness provided that $$\|\frac{a_{0}}{r}\|_{\infty} \textrm{ and } \|u_{0}^{\theta}\|_{3} ... More
On the cardinality of general $h$-fold sumsetsJun 28 2014Let $A=\{a_0,a_1,\ldots,a_{k-1}\}$ be a set of $k$ integers. For any integer $h\ge 1$ and any ordered $k$-tuple of positive integers $\mathbf{r}=(r_0,r_1,\ldots,r_{k-1})$, we define a general $h$-fold sumset, denoted by $h^{(\mathbf{r})}A$, which is the ... More
Time-varying Bang-bang Property of Minimal Controls for Approximately Null-controllable Heat EquationsMar 02 2017In this paper, optimal time control problems and optimal target control problems are studied for the approximately null-controllable heat equations. Compared with the existed results on these problems, the boundary of control variables are not constants ... More
Floquet Weyl semimetals in light-irradiated type-II and hybrid line-node semimetalsJan 05 2018Apr 25 2018Type-II Weyl semimetals have recently attracted intensive research interest because they host Lorentz-violating massless fermions as quasiparticles. The discovery of type-II Weyl semimetals evokes the study of type-II line-node semimetals (LNSMs) whose ... More
Topological Anderson insulator phase in a Dirac-semimetal thin filmMar 28 2017May 24 2017The recently discovered topological Dirac semimetal represents a new exotic quantum state of matter. Topological Dirac semimetals can be viewed as three dimensional analogues of graphene, in which the Dirac nodes are protected by crystalline symmetry. ... More
Distance-Guided GA-Based Approach to Distributed Data-Intensive Web Service CompositionJan 16 2019Distributed computing which uses Web services as fundamental elements, enables high-speed development of software applications through composing many interoperating, distributed, re-usable, and autonomous services. As a fundamental challenge for service ... More
Superradiant Phase Transition of Fermi Gases in a Cavity across a Feshbach ResonanceNov 03 2014In this letter we consider the superradiant phase transition of a two-component Fermi gas in a cavity across a Feshbach resonance. It is known that quantum statistics plays a crucial role for the superradiant phase transition in atomic gases; in contrast ... More
Weighted representation functions on $\mathbb{Z}_m$Aug 21 2012Let $m$, $k_1$, and $k_2$ be three integers with $m\ge 2$. For any set $A\subseteq \mathbb{Z}_m$ and $n\in \mathbb{Z}_m$, let $\hat{r}_{k_1,k_2}(A,n)$ denote the number of solutions of the equation $n=k_1a_1+k_2a_2$ with $a_1,a_2\in A$. In this paper, ... More
Finite-size Effect for Dyonic Giant Magnons in $CP^3_β$Dec 14 2016Aug 20 2017We studied the finite-size giant magnons in $\text{AdS}_4\times\text{CP}^3_{\beta}$ background using the classical spectral curve constructed in this paper. We computed the finite-size corrections to the dispersion relations for the $RP^3$ giant magnons ... More
The three primary colors of mobile systemsMar 11 2016In this paper, we present the notion of "mobile 3C systems in which the "Communications", "Computing", and "Caching" (i.e., 3C) make up the three primary resources/funcationalties, akin to the three primary colors, for a mobile system. We argue that in ... More
Development of Krylov and AMG linear solvers for large-scale sparse matrices on GPUsJun 02 2016This research introduce our work on developing Krylov subspace and AMG solvers on NVIDIA GPUs. As SpMV is a crucial part for these iterative methods, SpMV algorithms for single GPU and multiple GPUs are implemented. A HEC matrix format and a communication ... More
Delay Analysis and Optimization in Cache-enabled Multi-Cell Cooperative NetworksMay 03 2016Caching at the base stations (BSs) has been widely adopted to reduce the delivery delay and alleviate the backhaul traffic between BSs and the core network. In this paper, we consider a collaborative content caching scheme among BSs in cache-enabled multi-cell ... More
A Spiking Neural Dynamical Drift-Diffusion Model on Collective Decision Making with Self-Organized CriticalityMay 07 2018This article proposes a novel collective decision making scheme to solve the multi-agent drift-diffusion-model problem with the help of spiking neural networks. The exponential integrate-and-fire model is used here to capture the individual dynamics of ... More
Erland Samuel Bring's "Transformation of Algebraic Equations"Nov 25 2017We translate Erland Samuel Bring's treatise Meletemata quaedam Mathematica circa Transformationem Aequationum Alebraicarum (Some selected mathematics on the Transformation of Algebraic Equations) written as his Promotionschrift at the University of Lund ... More
Topological mechanics of edge waves in Kagome latticesFeb 13 2018Topological insulators are new phases of matter whose properties are derived from a number of qualitative yet robust topological invariants rather than specific geometric features or constitutive parameters. Here, Kagome lattices are classified based ... More
Domain-invariant Face Recognition using Learned Low-rank TransformationAug 01 2013We present a low-rank transformation approach to compensate for face variations due to changes in visual domains, such as pose and illumination. The key idea is to learn discriminative linear transformations for face images using matrix rank as the optimization ... More
On a problem of SierpinskiOct 21 2011May 20 2012Let $s\ge 2$ be an integer. Denote by $\mu_s$ the least integer so that every integer $\ell >\mu_s$ is the sum of exactly $s$ integers $>1 $ which are pairwise relatively prime. In 1964, Sierpi\'nski asked a determination of $\mu_s$. Let $p_1=2$, $p_2=3, ... More
Vanishing Viscosity Limit For the 3D Nonhomogeneous Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations With a Slip Boundary ConditionOct 02 2016Jan 06 2017In this paper, we investigate the vanishing viscosity limit for the 3D nonhomogeneous incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with a slip boundary condition. We establish the local well-posedness of the strong solutions for initial boundary value problems ... More
Magnetic Impurity in a Tonks Gas of FermionsOct 28 2015Apr 09 2016In this letter we consider a magnetic impurity in a one-dimensional spin-$1/2$ Fermi gas with infinitely strong repulsive interaction between fermions. We rigorously prove that, independent of whether the magnetic coupling between impurity and fermions ... More
Hopf-Ore Extensions and Hopf Algebras of Rank OneJun 18 2012Mar 17 2015In this paper, we study pointed rank one Hopf algebras and Hopf-Ore extensions of group algebras, over an arbitrary field $k$. It is proved that the rank of a Hopf-Ore extension of a group algebra is one or two or infinite. It is also shown that an arbitrary ... More
Photon echo using imperfect X-ray pulse with phase fluctuationApr 11 2018Apr 19 2018We study the impact of inter-pulse phase fluctuation in free-electron X-ray laser on the signal in the photon echo spectroscopy, which is one of the simplest non-linear spectroscopic methods. A two-pulse echo model is considered with two-level atoms as ... More
Large-scale Reservoir Simulations on IBM Blue Gene/QJun 02 2016This paper presents our work on simulation of large-scale reservoir models on IBM Blue Gene/Q and studying the scalability of our parallel reservoir simulators. An in-house black oil simulator has been implemented. It uses MPI for communication and is ... More
Parallel Triangular Solvers on GPUJun 02 2016In this paper, we investigate GPU based parallel triangular solvers systematically. The parallel triangular solvers are fundamental to incomplete LU factorization family preconditioners and algebraic multigrid solvers. We develop a new matrix format suitable ... More
Determination of the 4-genus of a complete graph (with an appendix)Mar 10 2018In this paper, the quadrangular genus (4-genus) of the complete graph $K_p$ is shown to be $\gamma_4 (K_p) = \lceil {p(p-5)}/{8} \rceil +1$ for orientable surfaces. This means that $K_p$ is minimally embeddable in the closed orientable surface of genus ... More
The structures of Hopf $\ast$-algebra on Radford algebrasMar 06 2019We investigate the structures of Hopf $\ast$-algebra on the Radford algebras over $\mathbb {C}$. All the $*$-structures on $H$ are explicitly given. Moreover, these Hopf $*$-algebra structures are classified up to equivalence.
Decoupled, Energy Stable Scheme for Hydrodynamic Allen-Cahn Phase Field Moving Contact Line ModelMar 20 2017In this paper, we present an efficient energy stable scheme to solve a phase field model incorporating contact line condition. Instead of the usually used Cahn-Hilliard type phase equation, we adopt the Allen-Cahn type phase field model with the static ... More
A Decision-Aided Parallel SC-List Decoder for Polar CodesJun 09 2015In this paper, we propose a decision-aided scheme for parallel SC-List decoding of polar codes. At the parallel SC-List decoder, each survival path is extended based on multiple information bits, therefore the number of split paths becomes very large ... More
Proton Spectrum at the Jupiter Laser Facility of LLNLApr 17 2012This paper looks at tungsten samples irradiated by beams of protons, gammas, electrons and positrons at the Jupiter Laser Facility of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The resulting unstable nuclei created are identified using their gamma ... More
Muliti-scale regularity of axisymmetric Navier-Stokes equationsFeb 25 2018By applying the delicate \textit{a priori} estimates for the equations of $(\Phi,\Gamma)$, which is introduced in the previous work, we obtain some multi-scale regularity criteria of the swirl component $u^{\theta}$ for the 3D axisymmetric Navier-Stokes ... More
Toward Human-in-the-Loop Supervisory Control for Cyber-Physical NetworksMay 07 2018This work proposes a novel approach to include a model of making decision in human brain into the control loop. Employing the methodology developed in mathematical neuroscience, we construct a model that accounts for quality of human decision in supervisory ... More
Composing Distributed Data-intensive Web Services Using a Flexible Memetic AlgorithmJan 26 2019Web Service Composition (WSC) is a particularly promising application of Web services, where multiple individual services with specific functionalities are composed to accomplish a more complex task, which must fulfil functional requirements and optimise ... More
Density-based Monte Carlo filter and its applications in estimation of unobservable variables and pharmacokinetic parametersApr 09 2011Mar 05 2012Nonlinear stochastic differential equation models with unobservable variables are now widely used in the analysis of PK/PD data. The unobservable variables are often estimated with extended Kalman filter (EKF), and the unknown pharmacokinetic parameters ... More
Representations of Hopf Ore extensions of group algebras and pointed Hopf algebras of rank oneSep 28 2013Jan 14 2015In this paper, we study the representation theory of Hopf-Ore extensions of group algebras and pointed Hopf algebras of rank one over an arbitrary field $k$. Let $H=kG(\chi, a,\d)$ be a Hopf-Ore extension of $kG$ and $H'$ a rank one quotient Hopf algebra ... More
The product of dependent random variables with applications to a discrete-time risk modelJun 12 2016Jul 10 2016Let $X$ be a real valued random variable with an unbounded distribution $F$ and let $Y$ be a nonnegative valued random variable with a unbounded distribution $G$, which satisfy that \begin{eqnarray*} P(X>x|Y=y)\sim h(y)P(X>x) \end{eqnarray*} holds uniformly ... More
Tunable Quantum Chaos in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model Coupled to a Thermal BathMay 27 2017Jun 03 2017The Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model describes Majorana fermions with random interaction, which displays many interesting properties such as non-Fermi liquid behavior, quantum chaos, emergent conformal symmetry and holographic duality. Here we consider a ... More
The Bose-Fermi duality in quantum Otto heat engine with trapped repulsive BosonsAug 16 2018Aug 22 2018Quantum heat engine with ideal gas has been well studied, yet the role of interaction was seldom explored. We construct a quantum Otto heat engine with N repulsive Bosonic particles in a 1D hard wall box. With the advantage of exact solution using Bethe ... More
Design and Optimization of VoD schemes with Client Caching in Wireless Multicast NetworksAug 10 2017Due to the explosive growth in multimedia traffic, the scalability of video-on-demand (VoD) services becomes increasingly important. By exploiting the potential cache ability at the client side, the performance of VoD multicast delivery can be improved ... More
Finite-size effects in non-Hermitian topological systemsJan 21 2019We systematically investigate the finite-size effects in non-Hermitian one-dimensional (1D) Su-Schrieffer-Heeger (SSH) and two-dimensional (2D) Chern insulator models. Using a combination of analytical and numerical calculations, we show that the non-Hermitian ... More
Finite-size effects in non-Hermitian topological systemsJan 21 2019Apr 17 2019We systematically investigate the finite-size effects in non-Hermitian one-dimensional (1D) Su-Schrieffer-Heeger (SSH) and two-dimensional (2D) Chern insulator models. Using a combination of analytical and numerical calculations, we show that the non-Hermitian ... More
Competition between Chaotic and Non-Chaotic Phases in a Quadratically Coupled Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev ModelMay 09 2017The Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model is a concrete solvable model to study non-Fermi liquid properties, holographic duality and maximally chaotic behavior. In this work, we consider a generalization of the SYK model that contains two SYK models with different ... More
Generalised Hermite-Gaussian beams and mode transformationsJul 19 2016Generalised Hermite-Gaussian modes (gHG modes), an extended notion of Hermite-Gaussian modes (HG modes), are formed by the summation of normal HG modes with a characteristic function $\alpha$, which can be used to unite conventional HG modes and Laguerre-Gaussian ... More
Tailoring Accelerating Beams in Phase SpaceOct 05 2016An appropriate design of wavefront will enable light fields propagating along arbitrary trajectories thus forming accelerating beams in free space. Previous ways of designing such accelerating beams mainly rely on caustic methods, which start from diffraction ... More
Evolutionary Multitasking for Semantic Web Service CompositionFeb 18 2019Web services are basic functions of a software system to support the concept of service-oriented architecture. They are often composed together to provide added values, known as web service composition. Researchers often employ Evolutionary Computation ... More
Winding light beams along elliptical helical trajectoriesJul 02 2016Conventional caustic methods in real or Fourier space produced accelerating optical beams only with convex trajectories. We develop a superposition caustic method capable of winding light beams along non-convex trajectories. We ascertain this method by ... More
Theoretical Study on Rotational Bands and Shape Coexistence of $^{183,185,187}${Tl} in the Particle Triaxial-Rotor ModelFeb 11 2006By taking the particle triaxial-rotor model with variable moment of inertia, we investigate the energy spectra, the deformations and the single particle configurations of the nuclei $^{183,185,187}$Tl systemically. The calculated energy spectra agree ... More
Nonreciprocal photon blockade via quadratic optomechanical couplingSep 20 2018We propose to manipulate the statistic properties of the photons transport nonreciprocally via quadratic optomechanical coupling. We present a scheme to generate quadratic optomechanical interactions in the normal optical modes of a whispering-gallery-mode ... More
Development of A Platform for Large-scale Reservoir Simulations on Parallel computersFeb 18 2016Oct 07 2016This paper presents our work on designing a platform for large-scale reservoir simulations. Detailed components, such as grid and linear solver, and data structures are introduced, which can serve as a guide to parallel reservoir simulations and other ... More
Ptychography intensity interferometry imagingDec 06 2017Dec 07 2017Intensity interferometry (II) exploits the second-order correlation to acquire the spatial frequency information of an object, which has been used to observe distant stars since 1950s. However, due to unreliability of employed imaging reconstruction algorithms, ... More
Classification of Quiver Hopf Algebras and Pointed Hopf Algebras of Type OneFeb 24 2008May 27 2012The quiver Hopf algebras are classified by means of ramification systems with irreducible representations. This leads to the classification of Nichols algebras over group algebras and pointed Hopf algebras of type one.
The densification mechanism of squeeze castingMar 24 2009The solidification process during squeeze casting is analyzed based on the classical solidification and plastic deformation theory. The linear relationship between punch velocity and the solidification rate is established if the density change of molten ... More
Optimizing Pinning Control of Complex Dynamical Networks Based on Spectral Properties of Grounded Laplacian MatricesApr 28 2018Pinning control of a complex network aims at forcing the states of all nodes to track an external signal by controlling a small number of nodes in the network. In this paper, an algebraic graph-theoretic condition is proposed to optimize pinning control. ... More
Retrieval of Sparse Solutions of Multiple-Measurement Vectors via Zero-point Attracting ProjectionMar 07 2012Mar 09 2013A new sparse signal recovery algorithm for multiple-measurement vectors (MMV) problem is proposed in this paper. The sparse representation is iteratively drawn based on the idea of zero-point attracting projection (ZAP). In each iteration, the solution ... More
Annihilation Rates of Heavy $1^{--}$ S-wave Quarkonia in Salpeter MethodJun 19 2010Aug 19 2010The annihilation rates of vector $1^{--}$ charmonium and bottomonium $^3S_1$ states $V \rightarrow e^+e^-$ and $V\rightarrow 3\gamma$, $V \rightarrow \gamma gg$ and $V \rightarrow 3g$ are estimated in the relativistic Salpeter method. We obtained $\Gamma(J/\psi\rightarrow ... More
Quantum dynamical theory for squeezing the output of a Bose-Einstein condensateDec 03 2000A linear quantum dynamical theory for squeezing the output of the trapped Bose-Einstein condensate is presented with the Bogoliubov approximation. We observe that the non-classical properties, such as sub-Poisson distribution and quadrature squeezing ... More
Improve the Maximum Transmission Distance of Four-State Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution by using a Noiseless Linear AmplifierSep 29 2012A modified four-state CVQKD protocol is proposed to increase the maximum transmission distance and tolerable excess noise in the presence of Gaussian lossy and noisy channel by using a noiseless linear amplifier (NLA). A NLA with amplitude gain g can ... More
Skyrmion Excitation in Two-Dimensional Spinor Bose-Einstein CondensateOct 18 2002Nov 13 2003We study the properties of coreless vortices(skyrmion) in spinor Bose-Einstein condensate. We find that this excitation is always energetically unstable, it always decays to an uniform spin texture. We obtain the skyrmion energy as a function of its size ... More
Characterization of Lifshitz transitions in topological nodal line semimetalsNov 14 2017We introduce a two-band model of three-dimensional nodal line semimetals, the Fermi surface of which at half-filling may form various one-dimensional configurations of different topology. We study the symmetries and "drumhead" surface states of the model, ... More
Analysis of Information Delivery Dynamics in Cognitive Sensor Networks Using Epidemic ModelsSep 02 2017To fully empower sensor networks with cognitive Internet of Things (IoT) technology, efficient medium access control protocols that enable the coexistence of cognitive sensor networks with current wireless infrastructure are as essential as the cognitive ... More
Mechanical Modulation of Hybrid Graphene Microfiber StructureOct 31 2015Recently, the strain engineering of two-dimensional materials such as graphene has attracted considerable attention for its great potential in functional nanodevices. Here, we theoretically and experimentally investigate the strain manipulation of a graphene-integrated ... More
Shear and Bulk Viscosities of a Gluon Plasma in Perturbative QCD: Comparison of Different Treatments for the gg<->ggg ProcessJul 04 2011Feb 20 2013The leading order contribution to the shear and bulk viscosities, \eta and \zeta, of a gluon plasma in perturbative QCD includes the gg -> gg (22) process, gg <-> ggg (23) process and multiple scattering processes known as the Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal ... More
Measuring Topological Number of a Chern-Insulator from Quench DynamicsNov 10 2016Nov 24 2016In this letter we show how the topological number of a static Hamiltonian can be measured from a dynamical quench process. We focus on a two-band Chern insulator in two-dimension, for instance, the Haldane model, whose dynamical process can be described ... More
Distraction-Based Neural Networks for Document SummarizationOct 26 2016Distributed representation learned with neural networks has recently shown to be effective in modeling natural languages at fine granularities such as words, phrases, and even sentences. Whether and how such an approach can be extended to help model larger ... More
Frustration-Induced Gaplessness in the Frustrated Transverse Ising RingDec 22 2015Jan 11 2016New effects in the frustrated transverse Ising ring are predicted. The system is solved based on a mapping of Pauli spin operators to the Jordan-Wigner fermions. We group the low-lying energy levels into bands after imposing appropriate parity constraint, ... More