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"Tom" pet robot applied to urban autismMay 14 2019With the fast development of network information technology, more and more people are immersed in the virtual community environment brought by the network, ignoring the social interaction in real life. The consequent urban autism problem has become more ... More
Subwavelength focusing of azimuthally polarized beams with vortical phase in dielectrics by using an ultra-thin lensJun 15 2014We demonstrate that a planar and ultrathin binary lens can focus an azimuthally polarized beam with vortical phase (APV) to a subwavelength spot of transverse polarization. The results elaborates that, in the multi-layer medium, this focused spot, which ... More
Manipulating dc currents with bilayer bulk natural materialsFeb 25 2014The principle of transformation optics has been applied to various wave phenomena (e.g., optics, electromagnetics, acoustics and thermodynamics). Recently, metamaterial devices manipulating dc currents have received increasing attention which usually ... More
Bayesian joint modeling of multiple gene networks and diverse genomic data to identify target genes of a transcription factorMar 20 2012We consider integrative modeling of multiple gene networks and diverse genomic data, including protein-DNA binding, gene expression and DNA sequence data, to accurately identify the regulatory target genes of a transcription factor (TF). Rather than treating ... More
Spike Onset Dynamics and Response Speed in Neuronal PopulationsMar 03 2011Recent studies of cortical neurons driven by fluctuating currents revealed cutoff frequencies for action potential encoding of several hundred Hz. Theoretical studies of biophysical neuron models have predicted a much lower cutoff frequency of the order ... More
Mathematics at the eve of a historic transition in biologyNov 06 2017A century ago physicists and mathematicians worked in tandem and established quantum mechanism. Indeed, algebras, partial differential equations, group theory, and functional analysis underpin the foundation of quantum mechanism. Currently, biology is ... More
Efficient One-way Quantum Computations for Quantum Error CorrectionDec 14 2007Aug 18 2008We show how to explicitly construct an $O(nd)$ size and constant quantum depth circuit which encodes any given $n$-qubit stabilizer code with $d$ generators. Our construction is derived using the graphic description for stabilizer codes and the one-way ... More
Optimal Switching at Poisson Random Intervention TimesSep 22 2013Mar 06 2014This paper introduces a new class of optimal switching problems, where the player is allowed to switch at a sequence of exogenous Poisson arrival times, and the underlying switching system is governed by an infinite horizon backward stochastic differential ... More
$σ_2$ Yamabe problem on conic 4-spheresOct 11 2018Apr 13 2019We discuss the constant $\sigma_{2}$ problem for conic 4-spheres. Based on earlier works of Chang-Han-Yang and Han-Li-Teixeira, we are able to find a necessary condition for the existence problem. In particular, when the condition is sharp, we have the ... More
A new treatment for some periodic Schrödinger operators II: the wave functionAug 18 2016Sep 14 2016Following the approach of our previous paper we continue to study the asymptotic solution of periodic Schr\"{o}dinger operators. Using the eigenvalues obtained earlier the corresponding asymptotic wavefunctions are derived. This gives further evidence ... More
Dilemma game in a traffic model with the crossingJun 06 2010In this paper, we investigate the non-signalized intersection issue considering traffic flow and energy dissipation in terms of game theory based on the Nagel-Schreckenberg (NaSch) model. There are two types of driver agents at the intersection when vehicles ... More
Vehicular traffic flow at a intersection controlled by signal light with a new probabilityApr 23 2009We introduced a probability of traffic light, PL, at an intersection when approaching cars in two roads are in same conditions. As a application, we proposed a modified Nagel-Schreckenberg cellular automata model for describing a conflicting vehicular ... More
On the global $2$-holonomy for a $2$-connection on a $2$-bundleDec 29 2015A crossed module constitutes a strict $2$-groupoid $\mathcal{G}$ and a $\mathcal{G}$-valued $2$-cocycle on a manifold defines a $2$-bundle. A $2$-connection on this $2$-bundle is given by a Lie algebra $\mathfrak g$ valued $1$-form $A $ and a Lie algebra ... More
Relative Definability of $n$-GenericsNov 28 2015A set $G \subseteq \omega$ is $n$-generic for a positive integer $n$ if and only if every $\Sigma^0_n$ formula of $G$ is decided by a finite initial segment of $G$ in the sense of Cohen forcing. It is shown here that every $n$-generic set $G$ is properly ... More
A Three Higgs Doublet Model for the Fermion Mass Hierarchy ProblemJan 01 2012In this paper we propose a possible explanation to the Fermion mass hierarchy problem by fitting the type-II seesaw mechanism into the Higgs doublet sector, such that their vacuum expectation values are hierarchal. We extend the Standard Model with two ... More
The Diphoton Excess from an Exceptional Supersymmetric Standard ModelJan 04 2016In this paper we explain the diphoton excess in the invariant mass M $\approx$ 750 GeV , claimed by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations at the run-2 LHC, as the signal of a scalar singlet in a string inspired exceptional supersymmetric standard model (ESSM). ... More
Universally optimal crossover designs under subject dropoutMar 12 2013Subject dropout is very common in practical applications of crossover designs. However, there is very limited design literature taking this into account. Optimality results have not yet been well established due to the complexity of the problem. This ... More
An explicit family of unitaries with exponentially minimal length Pauli geodesicsJan 28 2007Recently, Nielsen et al have proposed a geometric approach to quantum computation. They've shown that the size of the minimum quantum circuits implementing a unitary U, up to polynomial factors, equals to the length of minimal geodesic from identity I ... More
On the sum of two integral squares in quadratic fields $\Q(\sqrt{\pm p})Apr 18 2010We propose a method for determining which integers can be written as a sum of two integral squares for quadratic fields $\Q(\sqrt{\pm p})$, where $p$ is a prime.
Fast convergence of white noise cross-correlation measurement archived by vector average in both frequency and time domainMay 10 2004White noise measurement can provide very useful information in addition to normal transport measurements. For example thermal noise measurement can be used at sub Kelvin temperature to determine the absolute electron temperature without applying any heating ... More
An Analytic Semi-device-independent Entanglement Quantification for Bipartite Quantum StatesMar 13 2019We define a property called nondegeneracy for Bell inequalities, which describes the situation that in a Bell setting, if a Bell inequality and involved local measurements are chosen and fixed, any quantum state with a given dimension and its orthogonal ... More
Direct linearisation of the discrete-time two-dimensional Toda latticesFeb 18 2018Jul 08 2018The discrete-time two-dimensional Toda lattice of $A_\infty$-type is studied within the direct linearisation framework, which allows us to deal with several nonlinear equations in this class simultaneously and to construct more general solutions of these ... More
Analytic Semi-device-independent Entanglement Quantification for Bipartite Quantum StatesMar 13 2019Mar 15 2019We define a property called nondegeneracy for Bell inequalities, which describes the situation that in a Bell setting, if a Bell inequality and involved local measurements are chosen and fixed, any quantum state with a given dimension and its orthogonal ... More
A Raindrop Algorithm for Searching The Global Optimal Solution in Non-linear ProgrammingJun 09 2013In this paper, we apply the random walk model in designing a raindrop algorithm to find the global optimal solution of a non-linear programming problem. The raindrop algorithm does not require the information of the first or second order derivatives of ... More
Transformation and summation formulas for basic hypergeometric series associated with the circumference ratioApr 03 2019In terms of the difference operators, we establish several curious transformation and summation formulas for basic hypergeometric series. When the parameters are specified, they produce $q$-analogues of Ramanujan's three series for 1/$\pi$ and other eleven ... More
Omitting cohesive setsSep 21 2013We prove that if $\vec{R}$ is a computable sequence of subsets of $\omega$ which admits no computable cohesive set, then no 3-generic computes any $\vec{R}$-cohesive set; and there exists a Martin-L\"{o}f random which computes no $\vec{R}$-cohesive set. ... More
Some logically weak Ramseyan theoremsMar 14 2013Aug 07 2014We study four families of consequences of Ramsey's Theorem from the viewpoint of reverse mathematics. The first, which we call the Achromatic Ramsey Theorem, is from a partition relation introduced by Erd\H{o}s, Hajnal and Rado: $\omega \to [\omega]^r_{c,\leq ... More
Emission angle distribution and flavor transformation of supernova neutrinosApr 19 2009Jun 28 2009Using moment equations we analyze collective flavor transformation of supernova neutrinos. We study the convergence of moment equations and find that numerical results using a few moment converge quite fast. We study effects of emission angle distribution ... More
Signal of New Physics and Chemical Composition of Matter in Core Crossing NeutrinosFeb 19 2008Nov 30 2008We consider non-standard matter effect in flavor conversion of neutrinos crossing the core of the Earth. We show that oscillation of core crossing neutrinos with $E \gsim 0.5$ GeV can be well described by a first order perturbation theory. We show that ... More
keV scale $ν_R$ dark matter and its detection in $β$ decay experimentMay 19 2010Sep 08 2010We study dark matter(DM) in the model with one keV scale right-handed neutrino $\nu_{R1}$ and two GeV scale right-handed neutrinos $\nu_{R2,3}$, the $\nu$SM. We find that one of the GeV scale right-handed neutrinos can have much longer lifetime than the ... More
Physics picture from neutron scattering study on Fe-based superconductorsAug 05 2013Neutron scattering, with its ability to measure the crystal structure, the magnetic order, and the structural and magnetic excitations, plays an active role in investigating various families of Fe-based high-Tc superconductors. Three different types of ... More
Exchange interaction between the triplet exciton and the localized spin in copper-phthalocyanineJun 11 2014Triplet excitonic state in the organic molecule may arise from a singlet excitation and the following inter-system crossing. Especially for a spin-bearing molecule, an exchange interaction between the triplet exciton and the original spin on the molecule ... More
A simple proof of blow up criterion of Bjorland and Vasseur for Navier-Stokes equationsMay 08 2012May 10 2012In this paper, we present a simple proof of blow up criterion of Bjorland and Vasseur for three dimensional Navier-Stokes equations by energy method and some facts in real analysis.
Eigenvalue spectra of asymmetric random matrices for multi-component neural networksJun 22 2012This paper focuses on large neural networks whose synaptic connectivity matrices are randomly chosen from certain random matrix ensembles. The dynamics of these networks can be characterized by the eigenvalue spectra of their connectivity matrices. In ... More
New pinching estimates for Inverse curvature flows in space formsSep 08 2017Apr 01 2018We prove new pinching estimate for the inverse curvature flow of strictly convex hypersurfaces in the space form $N$ of constant sectional curvature $K_N$ with speed given by $F^{-\alpha}$, where $\alpha\in (0,1]$ for $K_N=0,-1$ and $\alpha=1$ for $K_N=1$, ... More
Are valence quarks rotating?Oct 27 2012We suggest to compare the deep inelastic scattering structure functions measured in the unpolarized charged-lepton scattering off a transversely polarized proton and off a longitudinally polarized proton at larger Bjorken variable $x$, one may get a direct ... More
Evidence of Different Formation Mechanisms for Hot versus Warm Super-EarthsMar 05 2015Using the Kepler planet sample from Buchhave et al. and the statistical method clarified by Schlaufman, I show that the shorter-period super-Earths have a different dependence on the host star metallicity from the longer-period super-Earths, with the ... More
Influence of Stellar Metallicity on Occurrence Rates of Planets and Planetary SystemsAug 28 2018Jan 24 2019We study the influence of stellar metallicity on the fraction of stars with planets (i.e., the occurrence rate of planetary systems) and the average number of planets per star (i.e., the occurrence rate of planets). The former directly reveals the planet ... More
An Energy Reducing Flow for Multiple-Valued FunctionsJun 20 2006By the method of discrete Morse flows, we construct an energy reducing multiple-valued function flow. The flow we get is Holder continuous with respect to the L-2 norm. We also give another way of constructing flows in some special cases, where the flow ... More
Pilgrim Dark EnergyApr 18 2012Aug 30 2012In the present work, we reconsider the idea of holographic dark energy. One of its key points is the formation of the black hole. And then, we propose the so-called "pilgrim dark energy" based on the speculation that the repulsive force contributed by ... More
Relative Definability of $n$-GenericsNov 28 2015Jan 10 2017A set $G \subseteq \omega$ is $n$-generic for a positive integer $n$ if and only if every $\Sigma^0_n$ formula of $G$ is decided by a finite initial segment of $G$ in the sense of Cohen forcing. It is shown here that every $n$-generic set $G$ is properly ... More
Weakly Interacting Topological Insulators: Quantum Criticality and Renormalization Group ApproachJan 02 2018For D-dimensional weakly interacting topological insulators in certain symmetry classes, the topological invariant can be calculated from a D- or (D+1)-dimensional integration over a certain curvature function that is expressed in terms of single-particle ... More
Edelstein effects, spin-transfer torque, and spin pumping caused by pristine surface states of topological insulatorsJan 21 2019The Edelstein effect caused by the pristine surface states of three-dimensional topological insulators is investigated by means of a semiclassical approach. The combined effect of random impurity scattering and the spin-momentum locking of the gapless ... More
Relaxing the Cosmological Constraints on Unparticle Dark ComponentDec 24 2008Jul 30 2009Unparticle physics has been an active field since the seminal work of Georgi. Recently, many constraints on unparticles from various observations have been considered in the literature. In particular, the cosmological constraints on the unparticle dark ... More
Cosmological Evolution of Quintessence and Phantom with a New Type of Interaction in Dark SectorAug 29 2010Jan 20 2011In the present work, motivated by the work of Cai and Su [Phys. Rev. D {\bf 81}, 103514 (2010)], we propose a new type of interaction in dark sector, which can change its sign when our universe changes from deceleration to acceleration. We consider the ... More
Observational Constraints on Cosmological Models with the Updated Long Gamma-Ray BurstsApr 28 2010Aug 16 2010In the present work, by the help of the newly released Union2 compilation which consists of 557 Type Ia supernovae (SNIa), we calibrate 109 long Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) with the well-known Amati relation, using the cosmology-independent calibration method ... More
Wilson loop of the heterotic sigma model and the sv-mapAug 08 2018Oct 12 2018The single-valued projection (sv) is a relation between scattering amplitudes of gauge bosons in heterotic and open superstring theories. Recently we have studied sv from the aspect of nonlinear sigma models [1], where the gauge physics of open string ... More
Reimagine Procrastination: Music Preference and Health Habits as Factors on Self-Perceived Procrastination of Young PeopleFeb 20 2018As the buzzword phenomenon, procrastination holds a continued need for a comprehensive examination of its nature and the associated factors. The presented study explores the potential relationship between music taste, life style and the youngsters' procrastination ... More
Two closed geodesics on compact bumpy Finsler manifoldsApr 20 2018In this paper, we prove there are at least two closed geodesics on any compact bumpy Finsler $n$-manifold with $n\ge 2$. Thus generically there are at least two closed geodesics on compact Finsler manifolds. Furthermore, there are at least two closed ... More
Lipschitzness of *-homomorphisms between C*-metric algebrasJan 18 2009Jan 23 2009A C*-metric algebra consists of a unital C*-algebra and a Leibniz Lip-norm on the C*-algebra. We show that if the Lip-norms concerned are lower semicontinuous, then any unital *-homomorphism from a C*-metric algebra to another one is necessarily Lipschitz. ... More
Matone's relation of N=2 super Yang-Mills and spectrum of Toda chainMar 20 2011Apr 13 2011In N=2 super Yang-Mills theory, the Matone's relation relates instanton corrections of the prepotential to instanton corrections of scalar field condensation < Tr\phi^2 >. This relation has been proved to hold for Omega deformed theories too, using localization ... More
Combinatorial approach to Mathieu and Lamé equationsAug 01 2011Jul 27 2015Based on some recent progress on a relation between four dimensional super Yang-Mills gauge theory and quantum integrable system, we study the asymptotic spectrum of the quantum mechanical problems described by the Mathieu equation and the Lam\'{e} equation. ... More
A Metastability Result for the Contact Process on a Random Regular GraphMar 17 2015In this paper we study the metastability of the contact process on a random regular graph. We show that the extinction time of the contact process, when initialized so that all vertices are infected at time 0, grows exponentially with the vertex number. ... More
Gorenstein homological theory for differential modulesFeb 19 2012We show that a differential module is Gorenstein projective if and only if its underlying module is Gorenstein projective. Dually, a differential module is Gorenstein injective if and only if its underlying module is Gorenstein injective.
A Proof of Vivo-Pato-Oshanin's Conjecture on the Fluctuation of von Neumann EntropyJun 26 2017Jul 11 2017It was recently conjectured by Vivo, Pato, and Oshanin [Phys. Rev. E 93, 052106 (2016)] that for a quantum system of Hilbert dimension $mn$ in a pure state, the variance of the von Neumann entropy of a subsystem of dimension $m\leq n$ is given by \begin{equation*} ... More
Comment on "Fractional quantum mechanics" and "Fractional Schroedinger equation"Jul 05 2016In this comment, we point out some shortcomings in two papers "Fractional quantum mechanics" [Phys. Rev. E 62, 3135 (2000)] and "Fractional Schroedinger equation" [Phys. Rev. E 66, 056108 (2002)]. We prove that the fractional uncertainty relation does ... More
Biharmonic space-like hypersurfaces in pseudo-Riemannian spaceAug 09 2008We classify the space-like biharmonic surfaces in 3-dimension pseudo-Riemannian space form, and construct explicit examples of proper biharmonic hypersurfaces in general ADS space.
Structured Recovery with Heavy-tailed Measurements: A Thresholding Procedure and Optimal RatesApr 16 2018This paper introduces a general regularized thresholded least-square procedure estimating a structured signal $\theta_*\in\mathbb{R}^d$ from the following observations: $y_i = f(\langle\mathbf{x}_i, \theta_*\rangle, \xi_i),~i\in\{1,2,\cdots,N\}$, with ... More
Magnetic effect on dynamical tide in rapidly rotating astronomical objectsJan 17 2018Jan 19 2018By numerically solving the equations of rotating magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), the magnetic effect on dynamical tide is studied. It is found that magnetic field has a significant impact not only on the flow structure, i.e. the internal shear layers in rotating ... More
Cochains in 2-TQFTOct 24 2018John C.Baez reinterpreted 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional topological quantum field theories (abbreviated as 2-TQFT and 3-TQFT) in "A prehistory of n-categorical physics"[JC11]. Inspired by his idea, this paper utilizes cochains to prove some properties ... More
Forget the Learning Rate, Decay LossApr 27 2019In the usual deep neural network optimization process, the learning rate is the most important hyper parameter, which greatly affects the final convergence effect. The purpose of learning rate is to control the stepsize and gradually reduce the impact ... More
Form factor description of the non-collinear Compton scattering tensorJul 10 1997Aug 08 1997We present a parameterization of the non-collinear (virtual) Compton scattering tensor in terms of form factors, in which the Lorentz tensor associated with each form factor possesses manifest electromagnetic gauge invariance. The main finding is that ... More
Symmetry analysis of the hadronic tensor for the semi-inclusive pseudoscalar meson leptoproduction from an unpolarized nucleon targetJun 16 1995Sep 09 1995By examining the symmetry constraints on the semi-inclusive pseudoscalar particle production in unpolarized inelastic lepton-hadron scattering, we present a complete, exact Lorentz decomposition for the corresponding hadronic tensor. As a result, we find ... More
Phase Lags of QPOs in Microquasar GRS 1915+105Aug 16 1999I report the discovery of hard X-ray phase lags associated with the famous 67 Hz quasi-periodic oscillation (QPO) in microquasar GRS 1915+105. The QPO is seen on multiple occasions. For this investigation, I have chosen one particular observation when ... More
Evidence for "Propeller" Effects In X-ray Pulsars GX 1+4 And GROJ1744-28Apr 10 1997We present observational evidence for "propeller" effects in two X-ray pulsars, GX 1+4 and GROJ1744-28. Both sources were monitored regularly by the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) throughout a decaying period in the X-ray brightness. Quite remarkably, ... More
Electroweak and Majorana Sector Higgs Bosons and Pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone BosonsMar 14 2016Jun 06 2016We propose a Clifford algebra based model, which treats both gravity and Yang-Mills interactions as gauge fields. There are two sectors of boson fields as electroweak and Majorana bosons. The electroweak boson sector induces fermion masses via spontaneous ... More
Ultra-directional super-scattering of homogenous spherical particles with radial anisotropyMay 20 2015We study the light scattering of homogenous radially-anisotropic spherical particles. It is shown that radial anisotropy can be employed to tune effectively the electric resonances, and thus enable flexible overlapping of electric and magnetic dipoles ... More
Watson-type 3F2-series and summation formulae involving generalized harmonic numbersJul 03 2016In terms of the derivative operator and Watson-type $_3F_2$-series identities, three families of summation formulae involving generalized harmonic numbers are established.
Extensions of Bailey's $_6ψ_6$ series identity with seven free parametersMay 06 2019In the literature of basic hypergeometric series, Bailey's $_6\psi_6$ series identity is very important. So finding the nontrivial extension of it is a quite significative work. In this paper, we establish, above all, a transformation formula involving ... More
On a theorem by KippenhahnMay 02 2017Kippenhahn discovered a real algebraic plane curve whose convex hull is the numerical range of a matrix. The correctness of this theorem was called into question when Chien and Nakazato found an example where the spatial analogue fails. They showed that ... More
Arithmetic compactifications of natural numbers and its applicationsNov 27 2018Jan 07 2019To study the arithmetic structure of natural numbers, we introduce a notion of entropy of arithmetic functions. This entropy possesses properties common both to Shannon's and Kolmogorov's entropies. We show that all zero-entropy arithmetic functions form ... More
On the Structure and Kinematics of Nebulae around LBVs and LBV Candidates in the LMCJun 24 2003Jul 10 2003We present a detailed analysis of the morphology and kinematics of nebulae around LBVs and LBV candidates in the Large Magellanic Cloud. HST images and high-resolution Echelle Spectra were used to determine the size, shape, brightness, and expansion velocities ... More
Topological Invariance at Finite TemperatureJun 08 1994We examine the thermal behavior of a theory with charged massive vector matter coupled to Chern-Simons gauge field. We obtain a critical temperature Tc, at which the effective mass of vector field vanishes, and the system transfers from a symmetry broken ... More
Renormalization Group Flow of Four-fermi with Chern-Simons InteractionMay 09 1994Aug 25 1994We introduce Chern-Simons interaction into the three dimensional four-fermi theory, ad suggest a possible line of non-Gaussian infrared stable fixed points of the four-fermi operator, this line is characterized by the Chern-Simons coupling.
A Gauss-Bonnet-Chern theorem for Finsler vector bundlesMay 30 2014In this paper, we give a simple proof of the Gauss-Bonnet-Chern theorem for a real oriented Finsler vector bundle with rank equal to the dimension of the base manifold. As an application, a Gauss-Bonnet-Chern formula for any metric-compatible connection ... More
Some Results on the Scattering Theory for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations in Weighted $L^{2}$ SpaceAug 16 2011We investigate the scattering theory for the nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation $i \partial_{t}u+ \Delta u+\lambda|u|^\alpha u=0$ in $\Sigma=H^{1}(\mathbb{R}^{d})\cap L^{2}(|x|^{2};dx)$. We show that scattering states $u^{\pm}$ exist in $\Sigma$ when ... More
Backward Doubly Stochastic Equations with Jumps and Comparison TheoremsJan 17 2016Apr 11 2017In this work we mainly prove the existence and pathwise uniqueness of solutions to general backward doubly stochastic differential equations with jumps appearing in both forward and backward integral parts. Several comparison theorems under some weak ... More
Towards Optimal One Pass Large Scale Learning with Averaged Stochastic Gradient DescentJul 13 2011Dec 22 2011For large scale learning problems, it is desirable if we can obtain the optimal model parameters by going through the data in only one pass. Polyak and Juditsky (1992) showed that asymptotically the test performance of the simple average of the parameters ... More
On the $3$-representations of groups and the $2$-categorical TracesFeb 14 2015Jan 30 2016To $2$-categorify the theory of group representations, we introduce the notions of the $3$-representation of a group in a strict $3$-category and the strict $2$-categorical action of a group on a strict $2$-category. We also $2$-categorify the concept ... More
Finite difference/local discontinuous Galerkin method for solving the fractional diffusion-wave equationJul 28 2015In this paper a finite difference/local discontinuous Galerkin method for the fractional diffusion-wave equation is presented and analyzed. We first propose a new finite difference method to approximate the time fractional derivatives, and give a semidiscrete ... More
Transformation and summation formulas for basic hypergeometric series associated with the circumference ratioApr 03 2019Apr 08 2019In terms of the difference operators, we establish several curious transformation and summation formulas for basic hypergeometric series. When the parameters are specified, they produce $q$-analogues of Ramanujan's three series for 1/$\pi$ and other eleven ... More
Quasimodular instanton partition function and the elliptic solution of Korteweg-de Vries equationsJan 16 2014Dec 08 2014The Gauge/Bethe correspondence relates Omega-deformed N=2 supersymmetric gauge theories to some quantum integrable models, in simple cases the integrable models can be treated as solvable quantum mechanics models. For SU(2) gauge theory with an adjoint ... More
The complement value problem for non-local operatorsMar 31 2018Aug 26 2018Let $D$ be a bounded Lipschitz domain of $\mathbb{R}^d$. We consider the complement value problem $$ \left\{\begin{array}{l}(\Delta+a^{\alpha}\Delta^{\alpha/2}+b\cdot\nabla+c)u+f=0\ \ {\rm in}\ D,\\ u=g\ \ {\rm on}\ D^c. \end{array}\right.$$ Under mild ... More
The complement value problem for a class of second order elliptic integro-differential operatorsMay 17 2018We consider the complement value problem for a class of second order elliptic integro-differential operators. Let $D$ be a bounded Lipschitz domain of $\mathbb{R}^d$. Under mild conditions, we show that there exists a unique bounded continuous weak solution ... More
Volume comparison with respect to scalar curvatureSep 28 2016In this article, we investigate the volume comparison with respect to scalar curvature. In particular, we show volume comparison hold for small geodesic balls of metrics near $V$-static metrics. As for global results, we give volume comparison for metrics ... More
Wakamatsu-silting complexesJun 30 2013We introduce Wakamatsu-silting complexes (resp., Wakamatsu-tilting complexes) as a common generalization of both silting complexes (resp., tilting complexes) and Wakamatsu-tilting modules. Characterizations of Wakamatsu-silting complexes are given. In ... More
Repetitive equivalences and good Wakamatsu-tilting modulesJan 07 2016Let $R$ be a ring and $T$ be a good Wakamatsu-tilting module with $S$ the endomorphism ring. We prove that $T$ induces an equivalence between stable categories of repetitive algebras of $R$ and $S$.
The full exceptional collections of categorical resolutions of curvesJun 09 2015Mar 11 2016This paper gives a complete answer of the following question: which (singular, projective) curves have a categorical resolution of singularities which admits a full exceptional collection? We prove that such full exceptional collection exists if and only ... More
Twisted complexes on a ringed space as a dg-enhancement of perfect complexesApr 20 2015Mar 11 2016In this paper we study twisted complexes on a ringed space and prove that it gives a new dg-enhancement of the derived category of perfect complexes on that space. A twisted complex is a collection of locally defined sheaves together with the homotopic ... More
An operator Arzelà-Ascoli theoremApr 07 2005We generalize the Arzel\`a-Ascoli theorem to the setting of matrix order unit spaces, extending the work of Antonescu-Christensen on unital C*-algebras. This gives an affirmative answer to a question of Antonescu and Christensen.
Maximum-entropy inference and inverse continuity of the numerical rangeFeb 13 2015Aug 13 2015We study the continuity of the maximum-entropy inference map for two observables in finite dimensions. We prove that the continuity is equivalent to the strong continuity of the set-valued inverse numerical range map. This gives a continuity condition ... More
Closed characteristics on compact convex hypersurfaces in $\R^8$May 21 2013Dec 30 2013In this paper, we prove there exist at least four geometrically distinct closed characteristics on every compact convex hypersurface $\Sg$ in $\R^8$. This gives a confirmed answer in the case $n=4$ to a long standing conjecture in Hamiltonian analysis ... More
On representation and regularity of viscosity solutions to degenerate Isaacs equations and certain nonconvex Hessian equationsNov 25 2013We study the smoothness of the upper and lower value functions of stochastic differential games in the framework of time-homogeneous (possibly degenerate) diffusion processes in a domain, under the assumption that the diffusion, drift and discount coefficients ... More
Dirac operators and cohomology for Lie superalgebrasMar 02 2015Vogan raised the idea of Dirac cohomology to study representations of semisimple Lie groups and Lie algebras. He conjectured that the infinitesimal character of Harish-Chandra modules are determined by their Dirac cohomology. Huang and Pand\v{z}i\'{c} ... More
Duality of non-exposed facesJul 12 2011Nov 28 2011Given any polar pair of convex bodies we study its conjugate face maps and we characterize conjugate faces of non-exposed faces in terms of normal cones. The analysis is carried out using the positive hull operator which defines lattice isomorphisms linking ... More
Boundary effects on energy dissipation in a cellular automaton modelApr 23 2009Apr 25 2009In this paper, we numerically study energy dissipation caused by traffic in the Nagel-Schreckenberg (NaSch) model with open boundary conditions (OBC). Numerical results show that there is a nonvanishing energy dissipation rate Ed, and no true free-flow ... More
Search for the $a_0(980)-f_0(980)$ mixing in weak decays of $D_s/B_s$ mesonsFeb 17 2016Scalar mesons $a^0_0(980)$ and $f_0(980)$ can mix with each other through isospin violating effects, and the mixing intensity has been predicted at the percent level in various theoretical models. However the mixing has not been firmed established on ... More
Correlations and fluctuations measured by the CMS experiment in pp and PbPbJul 13 2011Measurements of charged dihadron angular correlations are presented in proton-proton (pp) and Lead-Lead (PbPb) collisions, over a broad range of pseudorapidity and azimuthal angle, using the CMS detector at the LHC. In very high multiplicity pp events ... More
Three-body Force Effects on the Properties of Neutron-rich Nuclear MatterSep 09 2012We review our research work on the single-particle properties and the equation of state (EOS) of isospin asymmetric nuclear matter within the framework of the Brueckner-Hartree-Fock (BHF) approach extended by including a microscopic three-body force (TBF). ... More
Thermal and Electrical Properties of Multiwall Carbon NanotubesApr 17 2012In this dissertation, thermal and electrical properties of aligned multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) prepared by thermal decomposition of hydrocarbons have been experimentally studied. The thesis consists of six chapters. Ch1 is an introduction. In Ch2, ... More