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Model Study of a Quark StarJan 10 2011In this paper we apply the equation of state (EOS) of QCD at finite chemical potential and zero temperature proposed in H. S. Zong and W. M. Sun [Int. J. Mod. Phys. {\bf A23}, 3591 (2008)] to the study of properties of quark star. This EOS contains only ... More
Analytical Computation of Critical Exponents in Several Holographic SuperconductorsDec 27 2010Apr 27 2012It is very interesting that all holographic superconductors, such as s-wave, p-wave and d-wave holographic superconductors, show the universal mean-field critical exponent 1/2 at the critical temperature, just like Gindzburg-Landau (G-L) theory for second ... More
Goos-Hänchen-like shifts at metal/superconductor interfaceMar 26 2018At a normal-metal/superconductor interface, an incident electron from the normal-metal (N) side can be normally reflected as an electron or Andreev reflected as a hole. We show that pronounced lateral shifts along the interface between the incident and ... More
$D^0$-$\overline{D}^0$ mixing parameter $y$ in the factorization-assisted topological-amplitude approachMay 20 2017May 09 2018We calculate the $D^0$-$\overline{D}^0$ mixing parameter $y$ in the factorization-assisted topological-amplitude (FAT) approach, considering contributions from $D^{0}\to PP$, $PV$, and $VV$ modes, where $P$ ($V$) stands for a pseudoscalar (vector) meson. ... More
$K_{S}^{0}-K_{L}^{0}$ asymmetries in $D$-meson decaysJan 25 2017Apr 23 2017The $K_{S}^{0}-K_{L}^{0}$ asymmetries in the $D$ meson decays, induced by the interference between the Cabibbo-favored and the doubly Cabibbo-suppressed amplitudes, can help to understand the dynamics of charm decays. All possible processes of two-body ... More
Lie Algebroids Associated to Poisson ActionsMar 08 1995This work is motivated by a result of Drinfeld on Poisson homogeneous spaces. For each Poisson manifold $P$ with a Poisson action by a Poisson Lie group $G$, we describe a Lie algebroid structure on the direct sum vector bundle $P \times {\frak g} \oplus ... More
On the $T$-leaves and the ranks of a Poisson structure on twisted conjugacy classesJan 01 2016Let $G$ be a connected complex semisimple Lie group with a fixed maximal torus $T$ and a Borel subgroup $B \supset T$. For an arbitrary automorphism $\theta$ of $G$, we introduce a holomorphic Poisson structure $\pi_\theta$ on $G$ which is invariant under ... More
Magnetic influence on the frequency of the soft-phonon mode in the incipient ferroelectric EuTiO3Nov 20 2002The dielectric constant of the incipient ferroelectric EuTiO$_3$ exhibits a sharp decrease at about 5.5K, at which temperature antiferromagnetic ordering of the Eu spins simultaneously appears, indicating coupling between the magnetism and dielectric ... More
Thermodynamic bounds and general properties of optimal efficiency and power in linear responsesJul 28 2014Mar 14 2015We study the optimal exergy efficiency and power for thermodynamic systems with Onsager-type "current-force" relationship describing the linear-response to external influences. We derive, in simple analytic forms, the maximum efficiency and optimal efficiency ... More
Enhancing efficiency and power of quantum-dots resonant tunneling thermoelectrics in three-terminal geometry by cooperative effectsJul 03 2015We propose a scheme of multilayer thermoelectric engine where {\em one} electric current is coupled to {\em two} temperature gradients in three-terminal geometry. This is realized by resonant tunneling through quantum dots embedded in two thermal and ... More
Emergence of triplet orbital pairing and non-Abelian states in ultracold multi-orbital optical lattices with quadratic band touchingOct 10 2011Dec 04 2011It is found that all the {\em singlet orbital pairing} instabilities are {\em absent} in a class of spin-polarized multi-orbital systems with quadratic band touching, which opens the way for {\em triplet orbital pairing} order. The ground states are found ... More
Corrugation induced stacking solitons with topologically confined states in gapped bilayer grapheneSep 12 2016Graphene, as an atomic-thick ultrasoft membrane, almost has no resistance against out-of-plane deformations and, therefore, it is always wrinkled to a certain degree. Recently, corrugated structures and their effects on the electronic properties of monolayer ... More
Detecting degeneracy and subtle broken-symmetry states of graphene at nanoscaleJun 23 2018Oct 09 2018Measuring degeneracy and broken-symmetry states of a system at nanoscale requires extremely high energy and spatial resolution, which has so far eluded direct observation. Here, we realize measurement of the degeneracy and subtle broken-symmetry states ... More
Transverse shift in crossed Andreev reflectionSep 07 2018Nov 30 2018Crossed Andreev reflection (CAR) is an intriguing effect that occurs in a normal-superconductor-normal junction. In CAR, an incoming electron from one terminal is coherently scattered as an outgoing hole into the other terminal. Here, we reveal that there ... More
Probabilistic Reasoning via Deep Learning: Neural Association ModelsMar 24 2016Aug 03 2016In this paper, we propose a new deep learning approach, called neural association model (NAM), for probabilistic reasoning in artificial intelligence. We propose to use neural networks to model association between any two events in a domain. Neural networks ... More
Doubled Shapiro Steps in a Topological Josephson JunctionSep 25 2017Feb 28 2018We study the transport properties of a superconductor-quantum spin Hall insulator-superconductor (S-QSHI-S) hybrid system in the presence of a microwave radiation. Instead of adiabatic analysis or using the resistively shunted junction model, we start ... More
Magnetic-field-controlled negative differential conductance in graphene npn junction resonatorsDec 07 2017Negative differential conductance (NDC), characterized by the decreasing current with increasing voltage, has attracted continuous attention for its various novel applications. The NDC typically exists in a certain range of bias voltages for a selected ... More
Commonsense Knowledge Enhanced Embeddings for Solving Pronoun Disambiguation Problems in Winograd Schema ChallengeNov 13 2016Dec 22 2016In this paper, we propose commonsense knowledge enhanced embeddings (KEE) for solving the Pronoun Disambiguation Problems (PDP). The PDP task we investigate in this paper is a complex coreference resolution task which requires the utilization of commonsense ... More
The Equation of State and Quark Number Susceptibility in Hard-Dense-Loop ApproximationJul 10 2010Based on the method proposed in [ H. S. Zong, W. M. Sun, Phys. Rev. \textbf{D 78}, 054001 (2008)], we calculate the equation of state (EOS) of QCD at zero temperature and finite quark chemical potential under the hard-dense-loop (HDL) approximation. A ... More
Photoproduction of the $B_c^{(*)}$ Meson at the LHeCDec 23 2016Jul 12 2017We make a detailed study on the photoproduction mechanism of the doubly heavy flavored $B_c^{(*)}$ meson at the purposed Large Hadron Electron Collider (LHeC) within the framework of nonrelativistic QCD. In addition to the photoproduction mechanism via ... More
The Calculation of $f_π$ and $m_π$ at Finite Chemical PotentialOct 04 2008Based on the previous work in [Y. Jiang, Y.M. Shi, H.T. Feng, W.M. Sun and H.S. Zong, Phys. Rev. C {\bf 78}, 025214 (2008)] on the quark-meson vertex and pion properties at finite quark chemical potential, we provide an analytical analysis of the weak ... More
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of nanoscale twisted bilayer grapheneJul 29 2017Nanoscale twisted bilayer graphene (TBG) is quite instable and will change its structure to Bernal (or AB-stacking) bilayer with a much lower energy. Therefore, the lack of nanoscale TBG makes its electronic properties not accessible in experiment up ... More
Dynamical Environment in the Vicinity of Asteroids with an Application to 41 DaphneMay 28 2018We studied the dynamical environment in the vicinity of the primary of the binary asteroid. The gravitational field of the primary is calculated by the polyhedron model with observational data of the irregular shape. The equilibrium points, zero velocity ... More
Discovery Potentials of Doubly Charmed BaryonsMar 27 2017Mar 19 2018The existence of doubly heavy flavor baryons has not been well established experimentally so far. In this Letter we systematically investigate the weak decays of the doubly charmed baryons, $\Xi_{cc}^{++}$ and $\Xi_{cc}^{+}$, which would be helpful for ... More
Equilibrium Points and Orbits around Asteroid with the Full Gravitational Potential Caused by the 3D Irregular ShapeJun 30 2018We investigate the equilibrium points and orbits around asteroid 1333 Cevenola by considering the full gravitational potential caused by the 3D irregular shape. The gravitational potential and effective potential of asteroid 1333 Cevenola are calculated. ... More
Symmetry-Breaking Transition and Spectral Singularity in Coupled $\mathcal{PT}$-Symmetric Quantum PotentialsDec 07 2016We study the scattering properties of $N$ identical one-dimensional localized $\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric potentials, connected in series as well as in parallel. We derive a general transfer matrix formalism for parallel coupled quantum scatterers, and apply ... More
Linear and Nonlinear Mesoscopic Thermoelectric Transport with Coupling to Heat BathsFeb 04 2016Apr 25 2016Decades of research on thermoelectrics stimulated by the fact that nano- and meso-scale thermoelectric transport could yield higher energy conversion efficiency and output power has recently uncovered a new direction on inelastic thermoelectric effects. ... More
Spin Susceptibility and Helical Magnetic Orders at the Edges/Surfaces of Topological Insulators Due to Fermi Surface NestingDec 06 2010Apr 08 2011We study spin susceptibility and magnetic order at the edges/surfaces of two-dimensional and three-dimensional topological insulators when the Fermi surface is nested. We find that due to spin-momentum locking as well as time-reversal symmetry, spin susceptibility ... More
On the variety of Lagrangian subalgebras, IISep 14 2004Feb 28 2006When ${\frak g}$ is a complex semisimple Lie algebra, we study the variety ${\mathcal L}$ of subalgebras of ${\frak g}\oplus{\frak g}$ that are maximally isotropic with respect to $K_1 - K_2$, where $K_i$ is the Killing form on the ith factor. We show ... More
Virasoro constraints and descendant Hurwitz-Hodge IntegralsApr 23 2008Virasoro constraints are applied to degree zero Gromov-Witten theory of weighted projective stacks $\mathbb{P}(1,N)$ and $\mathbb{P}(1,1,N)$ to obtain formulas of descendant cyclic Hurwitz-Hodge integrals in higher genera.
Note on orbifold Chow ring of semi-projective toric Deligne-Mumford stacksJun 13 2006Mar 05 2007We prove a formula for the orbifold Chow ring of semi-projective toric DM stacks, generalizing the orbifold Chow ring formula of projective toric DM stacks by Borisov-Chen-Smith. We also consider a special kind of semi-projective toric DM stacks, the ... More
Generalized Bruhat Cells and Completeness of Hamiltonian Flows of Kogan-Zelevinsky Integrable SystemsAug 04 2017Nov 01 2017Let $G$ be any connected and simply connected complex semisimple Lie group, equipped with a standard holomorphic multiplicative Poisson structure. We show that the Hamiltonian flows of all the Fomin-Zelevinsky twisted generalized minors on every double ... More
On some invariants of orbits in the flag variety under a symmetric subgroupApr 13 2011Let $G$ be a connected reductive algebraic group over an algebraically closed field ${\bf k}$ of characteristic not equal to 2, let $\B$ be the variety of all Borel subgroups of $G$, and let $K$ be a symmetric subgroup of $G$. Fixing a closed $K$-orbit ... More
Enhancing thermoelectric efficiency and power using nonlinear inelastic transportOct 10 2016We study nonlinear transport effects on the maximum efficiency and power of thermoelectric devices. Using a QD inelastic thermoelectric device, we show that the maximum power at given temperature difference can be significantly increased to more than ... More
Near-field three-terminal thermoelectric heat engineNov 12 2017Jan 29 2018We propose a near-field inelastic thermoelectric heat engine where quantum-dots are used to effectively rectify the charge flow of photo-carriers. The device converts near-field heat radiation into useful electrical power. Heat absorption and inelastic ... More
Poisson structures on complex flag manifolds associated with real formsSep 19 2003For a complex semi-simple group G and its real form G0 we define a Poisson structure on the flag variety of G such that all the Bruhat cells (for a suitable choice of a Borel subgroup of G) as well as all the G0-orbits are Poisson submanifolds. We show ... More
A Poisson structure on compact symmetric spacesAug 06 2002Sep 24 2003We present some basic results on a natural Poisson structure on any compact symmetric space. The symplectic leaves of this structure are related to the orbits of the corresponding real semisimple group on the complex flag manifold.
The Orbifold Chow Ring of Hypertoric Deligne-Mumford StacksDec 09 2005Mar 18 2007Hypertoric varieties are determined by hyperplane arrangements. In this paper, we use stacky hyperplane arrangements to define the notion of hypertoric Deligne-Mumford stacks. Their orbifold Chow rings are computed. As an application, some examples related ... More
Hypertoric geometry and Gromov-Witten theoryJun 05 2015Nov 05 2015We study Gromov-Witten theory of hypertoric Deligne-Mumford stacks from two points of view. From the viewpoint of representation theory, we calculate the operator of small quantum product by a divisor, following \cite{BMO}, \cite{MO}, \cite{MS}. From ... More
A new method to probe the boundary where KAM tori persist by square matrixSep 01 2018The nonlinear dynamics of a system can be analyzed using a square matrix. If off resonance, the lead vector of a Jordan chain in a left eigenspace of the square matrix is an accurate action- angle variable for sufficiently high power order. The deviation ... More
Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamics by Square Matrix MethodSep 08 2018The nonlinear dynamics of a system with periodic structure can be analyzed using a square matrix. We show that because the special property of the square matrix constructed for nonlinear dynamics, we can reduce the dimension of the matrix from the original ... More
Multicolor Photometry Study of the Galaxy Cluster A2589: Dynamics, Luminosity Function and Star Formation HistoryJan 18 2011In this paper we present a multicolor photometry for A2589 ($z=0.0414$) with 15 intermediate bands in the Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut (BATC) system which covers an optical wavelength range from 3000 \AA\ to 10000 \AA. The spectral energy distributions ... More
Achieving sub-1 Ohm-mm Non-Recess S/D Contact Resistance in GaN HEMTs Utilizing Simple CMOS Compatible La/Ti/Al/Ti Metal ContactsFeb 01 2019In this paper, we report the use of lanthanum (La) in S/D contacts of GaN HEMTs, achieving 0.97 Ohm-mm contact resistance without S/D recess. The HEMTs show well-behaved electrical characteristics and satisfactory reliability. Our studies show that La, ... More
Variable Stars in the Field of the Open Cluster NGC 2126May 27 2009May 31 2009We report the results of a time-series CCD photometric survey of variable stars in the field of the open cluster NGC 2126. In about one square degree field covering the cluster, a total number of 21 variable candidates are detected during this survey, ... More
Multicolor Photometry of the Nearby Galaxy Cluster A119Apr 09 2012This paper presents multicolor optical photometry of the nearby galaxy cluster Abell 119 (z = 0:0442) with the Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut (BATC) system of 15 intermediate bands. Within the BATC viewing field of 58'* 58', there are 368 galaxies ... More
Robust Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Optimal Nonlinear Control DesignMar 09 2013This paper studies the robust optimal control design for uncertain nonlinear systems from a perspective of robust adaptive dynamic programming (robust-ADP). The objective is to fill up a gap in the past literature of ADP where dynamic uncertainties or ... More
Sensor placement by maximal projection on minimum eigenspace for linear inverse problemsJun 02 2015May 14 2016This paper presents two new greedy sensor placement algorithms, named minimum nonzero eigenvalue pursuit (MNEP) and maximal projection on minimum eigenspace (MPME), for linear inverse problems, with greater emphasis on the MPME algorithm for performance ... More
Band topology in classical waves: Wilson-loop approach to topological numbers and the bulk-edge correspondenceFeb 27 2019The rapid development of topological photonics and acoustics calls for accurate understanding of band topology in classical waves, which is not yet achieved in many situations. Here, we present the Wilson-loop approach for exact numerical calculation ... More
Local Ferroelectricity in SrTiO_3 Thin FilmsAug 31 2002The temperature-dependent polarization of SrTiO_3 thin films is investigated using confocal scanning optical microscopy. A homogeneous out-of-plane and inhomogeneous in-plane ferroelectric phase are identified from images of the linear electrooptic response. ... More
Enhancing thermophotovoltaic performance using graphene-BN-InSb near-field heterostructuresFeb 27 2019Graphene---hexagonal-boron-nitride---InSb near-field structures are designed and optimized to enhance the output power and energy efficiency of the thermophotovoltaic systems working in the temperature range of common industrial waste heat, $400~\rm K ... More
Gromov-Witten theory of product stacksMay 14 2009Let $\mathcal{X}_1$ and $\mathcal{X}_2$ be smooth proper Deligne-Mumford stacks with projective coarse moduli spaces. We prove a formula for orbifold Gromov-Witten invariants of the product stack $\mathcal{X}_1\times \mathcal{X}_2$ in terms of Gromov-Witten ... More
On Gromov-Witten theory of root gerbesDec 24 2008This research announcement discusses our results on Gromov-Witten theory of root gerbes. A complete calculation of genus 0 Gromov-Witten theory of $\mu_{r}$-root gerbes over a smooth base scheme is obtained by a direct analysis of virtual fundamental ... More
A note on limit of first eigenfunctions of $p$-Laplacian on graphsDec 19 2018We study the limit of first eigenfunctions of (discrete) $p$-Laplacian on a finite subset of a graph with Dirichlet boundary condition, as $p\to 1.$ We prove that up to a subsequence, they converge to a summation of characteristic functions of Cheeger ... More
Gromov-Witten theory of banded gerbes over schemesJan 31 2011Feb 01 2011Let $X$ be a smooth complex projective algebraic variety. Let $\mathcal{G}$ be a $G$-banded gerbe with $G$ a finite abelian group. We prove an exact formula expressing genus $g$ orbifold Gromov-Witten invariants of $\mathcal{G}$ in terms of those of $X$. ... More
Gevrey Regularity for Solution of the Spatially Homogeneous Landau EquationNov 22 2009In this paper, we study the Gevrey class regularity for solutions of the spatially homogeneous Landau equations in the hard potential case and the Maxwellian molecules case.
Novel Two-dimensional Carbon Allotrope with Strong Electronic AnisotropyNov 20 2012Feb 08 2013Two novel two-dimensional carbon allotropes comprised of octagons and pentagons are proposed based on the first-principles calculations. The two carbon allotropes, named OPG-L and OPG-Z, are found to have distinct properties. OPG-L is metallic, while ... More
The Quantum Orbifold Cohomology of Toric Stack BundlesFeb 28 2015Sep 09 2016We study Givental's Lagrangian cone for the quantum orbifold cohomology of toric stack bundles and prove that the I-function gives points in the Lagrangian cone, namely we construct an explicit slice of the Lagrangian cone defined by the genus $0$ Gromov-Witten ... More
Numerical study of Klein quantum dots in graphene systemMay 09 2018Klein quantum dot (KQD) refers to a QD with quasi-bound states and a finite trapping time, which has been observed in experiments focused on graphene recently. In this paper, we develop a numerical method to calculate local density of states (LDOS) of ... More
Hydrodynamics of Normal Atomic Gases with Spin-orbit CouplingApr 19 2015Jan 19 2016Successful realization of spin-orbit coupling in atomic gases by the NIST scheme opens the prospect of studying the effects of spin-orbit coupling on many-body physics in an unprecedentedly controllable way. Here we derive the linearized hydrodynamic ... More
Weak Evolvability Equals Strong EvolvabilityMay 28 2009Feb 17 2010An updated version will be uploaded later.
Hidden Gauged U(1) Model: Unifying Scotogenic Neutrino and Flavor Dark MatterJan 11 2016Feb 05 2016In both scotogenic neutrino and flavor dark matter models, the dark sector communicates with the standard model fermions via Yukawa portal couplings. We propose an economic scenario that scotogenic neutrino and flavored mediator share the same inert Higgs ... More
Invariant algebraic surfaces of the FitzHugh-Nagumo systemJan 04 2017In this paper, we characterize all the irreducible Darboux polynomials and polynomial first integrals of FitzHugh-Nagumo (F-N) system. The method of the weight homogeneous polynomials and the characteristic curves is widely used to give a complete classification ... More
N-Partner Secure Direct Communication Based on Quantum NonlocalityJan 14 2004A multipartner secure direct communication protocol is presented, using quantum nonlocality. Security of this protocol is based on `High fidelity implies low entropy'. When the entanglement was successfully distributed, anyone of the multipartner can ... More
On quark mass correction to the string potentialJul 02 1997Jul 03 1997Following recent work by Lambiase and Nesterenko we study in detail the interquark potential for a Nambu-Goto string with point masses attached to its ends. We obtain exact solutions to the gap equations for the Lagrange multipliers and metric components ... More
Extremal asymmetric universal cloning machinesFeb 08 2012The trade-offs among various output fidelities of asymmetric universal cloning machines are investigated. First we find out all the attainable optimal output fidelities for the 1 to 3 asymmetric universal cloning machine and it turns out that there are ... More
Convergence of Lebenberg-Marquard method for the Inverse Problem with an Interior MeasurementJul 31 2017The convergence of Levenberg-Marquard method is discussed for the inverse problem to reconstruct the storage modulus and loss modulus for the so called scalar model by single interior measurement. The scalar model is the most simplest model for data analysis ... More
Evidence of electron-electron interactions around Van Hove singularities of a graphene Moiré superlatticeFeb 12 2017May 10 2017A variety of new and interesting correlated states have been predicted in graphene monolayer doped to Van Hove singularities (VHSs) of its density-of-state (DOS). However, tuning the Fermi energy to reach a VHS of graphene by either gating or chemical ... More
Ab-initio Mapping of Projected Local Density of States in Arbitrary Nanostructures: Application to Photonic Crystal Slabs and CavitiesOct 28 2012Based upon projected local density of states (PLDOS) for photons, we develop a local coupling theory to simultaneously treat the weak and strong interaction between a quantum emitter and photons in arbitrary nanostructures. The PLDOS is mapped by an extremely ... More
Orbifold Grand Unification: A Solution to the Doublet-Triplet ProblemDec 17 2014To solve the doublet-triplet splitting problem in SU(5) grand unified theories, we propose a four dimensional orbifold grand unified theory by acting Z2 on the SU(5) gauge group. Without an adjoint Higgs, the orbifold procedure breaks the SU(5) gauge ... More
First-principles studies of the Optical anisotropy of R3(No.146) space group chalcogenides crystal AX2MQ6Sep 27 2016The birefringence values of $R3$(No.146) space group crystals \ce{AX2MQ6} have been calculated. Their Electron Localization Function(ELF) was calculated to show that the acentricity of the bonds on $sp^3$ hybridization \ce{Q^2-} ions is the main origin ... More
Commutative Hopf structures over a loopFeb 02 2010Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p>0$. For a loop $\circlearrowleft$, denote its path coalgebra by $k\circlearrowleft$. In this paper, all the finite-dimensional commutative Hopf algebras over the sub coalgebras of $k\circlearrowleft$ ... More
Multi-Layered Gradient Boosting Decision TreesMay 31 2018Multi-layered representation is believed to be the key ingredient of deep neural networks especially in cognitive tasks like computer vision. While non-differentiable models such as gradient boosting decision trees (GBDTs) are the dominant methods for ... More
A Lower Bound Analysis of Population-based Evolutionary Algorithms for Pseudo-Boolean FunctionsJun 10 2016Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) are population-based general-purpose optimization algorithms, and have been successfully applied in various real-world optimization tasks. However, previous theoretical studies often employ EAs with only a parent or offspring ... More
Optimal Kernel Combination for Test of Independence against Local AlternativesSep 12 2014Apr 12 2015Testing the independence between two random variables $x$ and $y$ is an important problem in statistics and machine learning, where the kernel-based tests of independence is focused to address the study of dependence recently. The advantage of the kernel ... More
Magnetic control of Goos-Hanchen shifts in a yttrium-iron-garnet filmJan 03 2017Mar 01 2017We investigate the Goos-Hanchen (G-H) shifts reflected and transmitted by a yttrium-iron-garnet (YIG) film for both normal and oblique incidence. It is found that the nonreciprocity effect of the MO material does not only result in a nonvanishing reflected ... More
Feynman Rules for the Rational Part of One-loop QCD Corrections in the MSSMMay 07 2012Jun 27 2012The complete set of Feynman rules for the rational part R of QCD corrections in the MSSM are calculated at the one-loop level, which can be very useful in the next-to-leading order calculations in supersymmetric models. Our results are expressed in the ... More
On Embedding problem of linear fractional maps on the unit ball of $\mathbb{C}^{N}$Aug 16 2010Aug 31 2014This paper focuses on the embedding problem of linear fractional maps which explains when a linear fractional self-map of $B_{N}$ can be a member of a semigroup of holomorphic self-maps on the unit ball $B_{N}$ of the complex $N$-dimensional Euclidean ... More
Hopf Structures on Minimal Hopf QuiversSep 09 2009In this paper we investigate pointed Hopf algebras via quiver methods. We classify all possible Hopf structures arising from minimal Hopf quivers, namely basic cycles and the linear chain. This provides full local structure information for general pointed ... More
On the approximation ability of evolutionary optimization with application to minimum set coverNov 17 2010Jan 08 2012Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) are heuristic algorithms inspired by natural evolution. They are often used to obtain satisficing solutions in practice. In this paper, we investigate a largely underexplored issue: the approximation performance of EAs in ... More
Quivers, Quasi-Quantum Groups and Finite Tensor CategoriesJun 18 2009We study finite quasi-quantum groups in their quiver setting developed recently by the first author in arXiv:0902.1620 and arXiv:0903.1472. We obtain a classification of finite-dimensional pointed Majid algebras of finite corepresentation type, or equivalently ... More
Topological Classifications and Bifurcations of Periodic Orbits in the Potential Field of Highly Irregular-shaped Celestial BodiesMar 03 2014Mar 04 2015This paper studies the distribution of characteristic multipliers, the structure of submanifolds, the phase diagram, bifurcations and chaotic motions in the potential field of rotating highly irregular-shaped celestial bodies (hereafter called irregular ... More
A Framework of Constraint Preserving Update Schemes for Optimization on Stiefel ManifoldJan 02 2013Sep 19 2014This paper considers optimization problems on the Stiefel manifold $X^{\mathsf{T}}X=I_p$, where $X\in \mathbb{R}^{n \times p}$ is the variable and $I_p$ is the $p$-by-$p$ identity matrix. A framework of constraint preserving update schemes is proposed ... More
Triple prompt $J/ψ$ hadroproduction as a hard probe of multiple-parton scatteringsFeb 13 2019We propose the process of triple prompt $J/\psi$ hadroproduction is a very clean hard probe of multiple-parton scatterings at high-energy hadron colliders, especially the least known triple-parton scattering. A first complete study is carried out by considering ... More
Leptonic Decay of Upsilon, a Possible Signature of New PhysicsNov 09 2009Apr 13 2010We calculate the inclusive decay width of $\Upsilon \to l^+ l^-$. Then we get the ratio $R_{\tau\mu}=\Gamma[\Upsilon \to \tau^+\tau^-]/ \Gamma[\Upsilon \to \mu^+\mu^-]$ to ${\cal{O}}(\alpha)$ and ${\cal{O}}(\alpha_s^2)$ within the Standard Model(SM). ... More
Analyzing Evolutionary Optimization in Noisy EnvironmentsNov 20 2013Many optimization tasks have to be handled in noisy environments, where we cannot obtain the exact evaluation of a solution but only a noisy one. For noisy optimization tasks, evolutionary algorithms (EAs), a kind of stochastic metaheuristic search algorithm, ... More
Pion-nucleon Sigma Term in the Global Color Model of QCDAug 18 2005Nov 25 2005We study the pion-nucleon sigma term in vacuum and in nuclear matter in the framework of global color model of QCD. With the effective gluon propagator being taken as the $\delta$-function in momentum space of Munczek-Nomirovsky model, we estimate that ... More
Explicit cocycle formulas on finite abelian groups with applications to braided linear Gr-categories and Dijkgraaf-Witten invariantsMar 09 2017Mar 22 2018We provide explicit and unified formulas for the cocycles of all degrees on the normalized bar resolutions of finite abelian groups. This is achieved by constructing a chain map from the normalized bar resolution to a Koszul-like resolution for any given ... More
The braided monoidal structures on a class of linear Gr-categoriesJun 23 2012May 16 2014A linear Gr-category is a category of finite-dimensional vector spaces graded by a finite group together with natural tensor product. We classify the braided monoidal structures of a class of linear Gr-categories via explicit computations of the 3-cocycles ... More
Efficient Core Maintenance in Large Dynamic GraphsJul 19 2012The $k$-core decomposition in a graph is a fundamental problem for social network analysis. The problem of $k$-core decomposition is to calculate the core number for every node in a graph. Previous studies mainly focus on $k$-core decomposition in a static ... More
A Secure and Persistent Memory System for Non-volatile MemoryJan 03 2019In the non-volatile memory, ensuring the security and correctness of persistent data is fundamental. However, the security and persistence issues are usually studied independently in existing work. To achieve both data security and persistence, simply ... More
Towards Analyzing Crossover Operators in Evolutionary Search via General Markov Chain Switching TheoremNov 03 2011Apr 26 2012Evolutionary algorithms (EAs), simulating the evolution process of natural species, are used to solve optimization problems. Crossover (also called recombination), originated from simulating the chromosome exchange phenomena in zoogamy reproduction, is ... More
Hypercyclic Composition Operators]{Hypercyclic composition operators on the little Bloch space $\mathcal{B}_0$ and the Besov spaces $B_pMar 29 2017Let $S(\mathbb{D})$ be the collection of all holomorphic self-maps on $\mathbb{D}$ of the complex plane $\mathbb{C}$, and $C_{\varphi}$ the composition operator induced by $\varphi\in S(\mathbb{D})$. We obtain that there are no hypercyclic composition ... More
Wave Function Evolution of a Dissipative SystemJul 06 1993Aug 06 1993For a dissipative system with Ohmic friction, we obtain a simple and exact solution for the wave function of the system plus the bath. It is described by the direct product in two independent Hilbert space. One of them is described by an effective Hamiltonian, ... More
On Braided Linear Gr-categoriesOct 06 2013May 16 2014We provide explicit and unified formulae for the normalized 3-cocycles on arbitrary finite abelian groups. As an application, we compute all the braided monoidal structures on linear Gr-categories.
Analytic smoothness effect of solutions for spatially homogeneous Landau equationOct 07 2009Oct 10 2009In this paper, we study the smoothness effect of Cauchy problem for the spatially homogeneous Landau equation in the hard potential case and the Maxwellian molecules case. We obtain the analytic smoothing effect for the solutions under rather weak assumptions ... More
The valley filter efficiency of monolayer graphene and bilayer graphene line defect modelNov 22 2017In addition to electron charge and spin, novel materials host another degree of freedom, the valley. For a junction composed of valley filter sandwiched by two normal terminals, we focus on the valley efficiency under disorder with two valley filter models ... More
Topological Invariants of Metals and Related Physical EffectsNov 05 2012The total reciprocal space magnetic flux threading through a closed Fermi surface is a topological invariant for a three-dimensional metal. For a Weyl metal, the invariant is non-zero for each of its Fermi surfaces. We show that such an invariant can ... More
Thermoelectric Cooperative Effect in Three-Terminal Elastic Transport through a Quantum DotFeb 21 2017Apr 09 2017The energy efficiency and power of a three-terminal thermoelectric nanodevice are studied by considering elastic tunneling through a single quantum dot. Facilitated by the three-terminal geometry, the nanodevice is able to generate simultaneously two ... More
Full counting statistics of vibrationally-assisted electronic conduction: transport and fluctuations of the thermoelectric efficiencyAug 11 2015Dec 14 2015We study the statistical properties of charge and energy transport in electron conducting junctions with electron-phonon interactions, specifically, the thermoelectric efficiency and its fluctuations. The system comprises donor and acceptor electronic ... More
Geometric influences of a particle confined to a curved surface embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean spaceFeb 03 2017Aug 10 2017In the spirit of the thin-layer quantization approach, we give the formula of the geometric influences of a particle confined to a curved surface embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space. The geometric contributions can result from the reduced commutation ... More