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Scheme to Achieve Silicon Topological PhotonicsMar 02 2015We derive in the present work topological photonic states purely based on silicon, a conventional dielectric material, by deforming a honeycomb lattice of silicon cylinders into a triangular lattice of cylinder hexagons. The photonic topology is associated ... More
Topological Properties of Electrons in Honeycomb Lattice with Kekulé Hopping TexturesSep 03 2015Honeycomb lattice can support electronic states exhibiting Dirac energy dispersion, with graphene as the icon. We propose to derive nontrivial topology by grouping six neighboring sites of honeycomb lattice into hexagons and enhancing the inter-hexagon ... More
Coherent electron transport in a helical nanotubeMay 11 2016Jul 08 2016The quantum dynamics of carriers bound to helical tube surfaces is investigated in a thin-layer quantization scheme. By numerically solving the open-boundary Schr$\ddot{\rm o}$dinger equation in curvilinear coordinates, geometric effect on the coherent ... More
Geometric influences of a particle confined to a curved surface embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean spaceFeb 03 2017Aug 10 2017In the spirit of the thin-layer quantization approach, we give the formula of the geometric influences of a particle confined to a curved surface embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space. The geometric contributions can result from the reduced commutation ... More
Proposal for Manipulation of Majorana Fermions in Nano-Patterned Semiconductor-Superconductor HeterostructureFeb 16 2013We investigate a heterostructure system with a spin-orbit coupled semiconductor sandwiched by an s-wave superconductor and a ferromagnetic insulator, which supports Majorana fermions (MFs) at the superconducting vortex cores. We propose a scheme of transporting ... More
Electrically Tunable Topological State in [111] Perovskite Materials with Antiferromagnetic Exchange FieldJan 17 2013A topological state with simultaneous nonzero Chern number and spin Chern number is possible for electrons on honeycomb lattice based on band engineering by staggered electric potential and antiferromagnetic exchange field in presence of intrinsic spin-orbit ... More
Possible Half Metallic Antiferromagnetism in a Double Perovskite Material with Strong Spin-Orbit CouplingsJul 12 2014Using the first-principles density functional approach, we investigate a material Pr$_2$MgIrO$_6$ (PMIO) of double perovskite structure synthesized recently. According to the calculations, PMIO is a magnetic Mott-Hubbard insulator influenced by the cooperative ... More
Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in a Perovskite and Inverse-Perovskite Sandwich StructureDec 17 2015Based on first-principles calculations, we propose a sandwich structure composed of a G-type anti-ferromagnetic (AFM) Mott insulator LaCrO$_3$ grown along the [001] direction with one atomic layer replaced by an inverse-perovskite material Sr$_3$PbO. ... More
Nuclear dependences of azimuthal asymmetries in the Drell-Yan processAug 17 2013Jan 26 2015We study nuclear dependences of azimuthal asymmetries in the Drell-Yan lepton pair production in nucleon-nucleus collisions with polarized nucleons.We use the "maximal two-gluon correlation approximation", so that we can relate the transverse momentum ... More
Spin-polarized transport in helical membranes due to spin-orbit couplingFeb 05 2017The spin-dependent electron transmission through a helical membrane with account of linear spin-orbit interaction has been investigated by numerically solving the Schr\"odinger equation in cylindrical coordinates . It is shown that the spin precession ... More
Transmission gaps from corrugationsDec 10 2015Jul 08 2016A model including a periodically corrugated thin layer with GaAs substrate is employed to investigate the effects of the corrugations on the transmission probability of the nanostructure. We find that transmission gaps and resonant tunneling domains emerge ... More
Curvature-induced bound states and coherent electron transport on the surface of a truncated coneNov 26 2014Oct 30 2015We study the curvature-induced bound states and the coherent transport properties for a particle constrained to move on a truncated cone-like surface. With longitudinal hard wall boundary condition, the probability densities and spectra energy shifts ... More
Precise Determination of the Crystallographic Orientations in Single ZnS Nanowires by Second-Harmonic Generation MicroscopyMar 31 2015Apr 17 2015We report on the systematical study of the second-harmonic generation (SHG) in single zinc sulfide nanowires (ZnS NWs). The high quality ZnS NWs with round cross-section were fabricated by chemical vapor deposition method. The transmission electron microscopy ... More
$\boldsymbol{\mathcalα}$ decay properties of $\boldsymbol{^{296}}$Og within the two-potential approachMar 06 2018The present work is a continuations of our previous paper [J.-G. Deng, et al., Chin. Phys. C, {\bf41}: 124109 (2017)]. In present work, the $\mathcal{\alpha}$ decay half-life of unknown nucleus $^{296}$Og is predicted within the two-potential approach ... More
Geometric effects of a quarter of corrugated torusOct 04 2018Oct 23 2018In the spirit of the thin-layer quantization scheme, we give the effective Shr\"{o}dinger equation for a particle confined to a corrugated torus, in which the geometric potential is substantially changed by corrugation. We find the attractive wells reconstructed ... More
Charm-quark production in deep-inelastic neutrino scattering at NNLO in QCDJan 20 2016Jun 29 2016We present a fully differential next-to-next-to-leading order calculation of charm quark production in charged-current deep-inelastic scattering, with full charm-quark mass dependence. The next-to-next-to-leading order corrections in perturbative quantum ... More
Cascade one-vs-rest detection network for fine-grained recognition without part annotationsFeb 28 2017Aug 23 2017Fine-grained recognition is a challenging task due to the small intra-category variances. Most of top-performing fine-grained recognition methods leverage parts of objects for better performance. Therefore, part annotations which are extremely computationally ... More
Systematic study of proton radioactivity of spherical proton emitters within various versions of proximity potential formalismsApr 16 2019In this work we present a systematic study of the proton radioactivity half-lives of spherical proton emitters within the Coulomb and proximity potential model. We investigate 28 different versions of the proximity potential formalisms developed for the ... More
Tungsten disulfide-gold nanohole hybrid metasurfaces for nonlinear metalens in the visible regionOct 14 2017Recently, nonlinear hybrid metasurface comes into an attractive new concept in the research of nanophotonics and nanotechnology. It is composed of semiconductors with an intrinsically large nonlinear susceptibility and traditional plasmonic metasurfaces, ... More
${\cal P}-v$ Criticality in Gauged SupergravitiesSep 10 2018Mar 10 2019AdS black holes show richer transition behaviors in extended phase space by assuming the cosmological constant and its conjugate quantity to behave like thermodynamic pressure and thermodynamic volume. We study the extended thermodynamics of charged dilatonic ... More
Far Ultraviolet Observations of the Dwarf Nova VW Hyi in QuiescenceMay 13 2004We present a 904-1183 A spectrum of the dwarf nova VW Hydri taken with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer during quiescence, eleven days after a normal outburst, when the underlying white dwarf accreter is clearly exposed in the far ultraviolet. ... More
Systematic study of proton radioactivity based on Gamow--like model with a screened electrostatic barrierApr 17 2019In the present work we systematically study the half--lives of proton radioactivity for $51 \leq Z \leq 83$ nuclei based on the Gamow--like model with a screened electrostatic barrier. In this model there are two parameters while considering the screened ... More
Simulation of the spin-boson model with superconducting phase qubit coupled to a transmission lineDec 28 2010Based on the rapid experimental developments of circuit QED, we propose a feasible scheme to simulate a spin-boson model with the superconducting circuits, which can be used to detect quantum Kosterlitz-Thouless (KT) phase transition. We design the spin-boson ... More
Sub-system fidelity for ground states in one dimensional interacting systemsSep 29 2016We propose to utilize the sub-system fidelity (SSF), defined by comparing a pair of reduced density matrices derived from the degenerate ground states, to identify and/or characterize symmetry protected topological (SPT) states in one-dimensional interacting ... More
Predicting 3D structure, flexibility and stability of RNA hairpins in monovalent and divalent ion solutionsDec 17 2015A full understanding of RNA-mediated biology would require the knowledge of three-dimensional (3D) structures, structural flexibility and stability of RNAs. To predict RNA 3D structures and stability, we have previously proposed a three-bead coarse-grained ... More
Exceptional Points and Asymmetric Mode Switching in Plasmonic WaveguidesJul 31 2016We investigate the exceptional points (EPs) in a non-Hermitian system composed of a pair of graphene sheets with different losses. There are two surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) modes in the graphene waveguide. By varying the distance between two graphene ... More
Advantages of the multinucleon transfer reactions based on 238U target for producing neutron-rich isotopes around N = 126Oct 05 2018Feb 15 2019The mechanism of multinucleon transfer (MNT) reactions for producing neutron-rich heavy nuclei around N = 126 is investigated within two different theoretical frameworks: dinuclear system (DNS) model and isospin-dependent quantum molecular dynamics (IQMD) ... More
Polygamy relation for the Rényi-$α$ entanglement of assistance in multi-qubit systemsMar 08 2017Jul 20 2017We prove a new polygamy relation of multi-party quantum entanglement in terms of R\'{e}nyi-$\alpha$ entanglement of assistance for $\left( {\sqrt 7 - 1} \right)/2\leq\alpha \leq \left( {\sqrt 13 - 1} \right)/2$. This class of polygamy inequality reduces ... More
Systematic study of $\mathcalα$ decay half-lives based on Gamow--like model with a screened electrostatic barrierMay 07 2019In the present work we systematically study $\mathcal{\alpha}$ decay half-lives of $Z>51$ nuclei using the modified Gamow-like model which includes the effects of the centrifugal potential and electrostatic shielding. For the case of even-even nuclei, ... More
Fast synthesis of Fe1.1Se1-xTex superconductors in a self-heating and furnace-free wayFeb 02 2016A fast and furnace-free method of combustion synthesis is employed for the first time to synthesize iron-based superconductors. Using this method, Fe1.1Se1-xTex (0<=x<=1) samples can be prepared from self-sustained reactions of element powders in only ... More
Quantum many-body simulation using monolayer exciton-polaritons in coupled-cavitiesMar 08 2016Apr 18 2017Quantum simulation is a promising approach to understand complex strongly correlated many-body systems using relatively simple and tractable systems. Photon-based quantum simulators have great advantages due to the possibility of direct measurements of ... More
Dirac combs induced by a composite corrugation and its effects in transmission probabilityOct 26 2018For an electron confined to a surface reconstructed by a dual-frequency corrugation, we deduce the effective Hamiltonian by the formula of geometric influences, obtain an additive scalar potential induced by curvature that consists of attractive wells, ... More
The Dirac Conjecture and the Non-uniqueness of LagrangianJun 15 2013Oct 31 2013By adding the total time derivatives of all the constraints to the Lagrangian step by step, we achieve the further work of the Dirac conjecture left by Dirac. Hitherto, the Dirac conjecture is proved completely. It is worth noticing that the addition ... More
6.2-GHz modulated terahertz light detection using fast terahertz quantum well photodetectorsMay 09 2017The fast detection of terahertz radiation is of great importance for various applications such as fast imaging, high speed communications, and spectroscopy. Most commercial products capable of sensitively responding the terahertz radiation are thermal ... More
Searching for initial stage of massive star formation around the H II region G18.2-0.3Mar 07 2017Sometimes the early star formation can be found in cold and dense molecular clouds, such as infrared dark cloud (IRDC). Considering star formation often occurs in clustered condition, HII regions may be triggering a new generation of star formation, so ... More
Quantum phase transitions in spin-1 compass chainsNov 10 2015The ground-state phase diagram and quantum phase transitions (QPTs) in a spin-1 compass chain are investigated by the infinite time-evolving block decimation (iTEBD) method. Various phases are discerned by energy densities, spin correlations and entanglement ... More
N131: A dust bubble born from the disruption of a gas filamentOct 21 2015Jan 06 2016OB type stars have strong ionizing radiation, and drive energetic winds. The ultraviolet (UV) radiation from ionizing stars may heat dust and ionize gas to sweep up an expanding bubble shell. This shell may be the result of feedback leading to a new generation ... More
Evidence of electron-electron interactions around Van Hove singularities of a graphene Moiré superlatticeFeb 12 2017May 10 2017A variety of new and interesting correlated states have been predicted in graphene monolayer doped to Van Hove singularities (VHSs) of its density-of-state (DOS). However, tuning the Fermi energy to reach a VHS of graphene by either gating or chemical ... More
The fundamental theorem of affine geometry in $(L^0)^n$Dec 20 2018Let $L^0$ be the algebra of equivalence classes of real valued random variables on a probability space. For each integer $n\geq 2$, we consider $(L^0)^n$--the $n$-ary Cartesian power of $L^0$--as a free $L^0$-module and establish the fundamental theorem ... More
Simultaneous approximation for scheduling problemsApr 15 2013Motivated by the problem to approximate all feasible schedules by one schedule in a given scheduling environment, we introduce in this paper the concepts of strong simultaneous approximation ratio (SAR) and weak simultaneous approximation ratio (WAR). ... More
Optimal Sign Test for High Dimensional Location ParametersJun 28 2015This article concerns tests for location parameters in cases where the data dimension is larger than the sample size. We propose a family of tests based on the optimality arguments in Le Cam (1986) under elliptical symmetric. The asymptotic normality ... More
The effective dynamics of loop quantum $R^2$ cosmologyNov 20 2018The effective dynamics of loop quantum $f (R)$ cosmology in Jordan frame is considered by using the dynamical system method and numerical method. To make the analyze in detail, we focus on $R^2$ model since it is simple and favored from observations. ... More
Robust Strictly Positive Real Synthesis for Polynomial Families of Arbitrary OrderNov 01 2002For any two $n$-$th$ order polynomials $a(s)$ and $b(s),$ the Hurwitz stability of their convex combination is necessary and sufficient for the existence of a polynomial $c(s)$ such that $c(s)/a(s)$ and $c(s)/b(s)$ are both strictly positive real.
Convexity, translation invariance and subadditivity for $g$-expectations and related risk measuresJan 22 2008Under the continuous assumption on the generator $g$, Briand et al. [Electron. Comm. Probab. 5 (2000) 101--117] showed some connections between $g$ and the conditional $g$-expectation $({\mathcal{E}}_g[\cdot|{\mathcal{F}}_t])_{t\in[0,T]}$ and Rosazza ... More
Correlation function of modular HamiltoniansJul 01 2019We investigate varies correlation functions of modular Hamiltonians defined with respect to spatial regions in quantum field theories. These correlation functions are divergent in general. We extract finite correlators by removing divergent terms for ... More
Differentiation of IntegralsJul 08 2014No functions class for general measurable sets classes are known whose functions have the property of differentiability of integrals associated to such sets classes. In this paper,we give some subspaces of $L^s$ with $1<s<\infty$, whose functions are ... More
Estimates at or beyond endpoint in harmonic analysis: Bochner-Riesz means and spherical meansMar 03 2011We introduce some new functions spaces to investigate some problems at or beyond endpoint. First, we prove that Bochner-Riesz means $B_R^\lambda$ are bounded from some subspaces of $L^p_{|x|^\alpha}$ to $L^p_{|x|^\alpha}$ for $ \frac{n-1}{2(n+1)}<\lambda ... More
Extremes of multifractional Brownian motionNov 15 2017Mar 30 2019Let $B_{H}(t), t\geq [0,T], T\in(0,\infty)$ be the standard Multifractional Brownian Motion(mBm), in this contribution we are concerned with the exact asymptotics of \begin{eqnarray*} \mathbb{P}\left\{\sup_{t\in[0,T]}B_{H}(t)>u\right\} \end{eqnarray*} ... More
Estimation of Change-point ModelsMay 01 2018May 08 2018We consider the testing and estimation of change-points, locations where the distribution abruptly changes, in a sequence of observations. Motivated by this problem, in this contribution we first investigate the extremes of Gaussian fields with trend ... More
Parisian ruin of Brownian motion risk model over an infinite-time horizonFeb 20 2017Let $B(t), t\in \mathbb{R}$ be a standard Brownian motion. In this paper, we derive the exact asymptotics of the probability of Parisian ruin on infinite time horizon for the following risk process \begin{align}\label{Rudef} R_u^{\delta}(t)=e^{\delta ... More
Extremes of $α(t)$-Locally stationary Gaussian processes with non-constant variancesJun 22 2016Aug 21 2016With motivation from K. D\c{e}bicki and P. Kisowski (2007), in this paper we derive the exact tail asymptotics of $\alpha(t)$-locally stationary Gaussian processes with non-constant variance functions. We show that some certain variance functions lead ... More
Type 1 2HDM as effective theory of supersymmetryJul 23 2012It is generally believed that the low energy effective theory of the minimal supersymmetric standard model is the type 2 two Higgs doublet model. We will show that the type 1 two Higgs doublet model can also as the effective of supersymmetry in a specific ... More
Long-range correlation energies and off-diagonal interactions for the $π$ electronic systemsMar 02 2008Aug 09 2008The long-range correlation energies and the off-diagonal interactions are studied and a general formula for correlation energy $E_c$ of the $\pi$ electron systems is given, which is beyond the nearest-neighbor electron-electron interactions and includes ... More
Morrey spaces for Schrödinger operators with nonnegative potentials, fractional integral operators and the Adams inequality on the Heisenberg groupsJul 04 2019Let $\mathcal L=-\Delta_{\mathbb H^n}+V$ be a Schr\"odinger operator on the Heisenberg group $\mathbb H^n$, where $\Delta_{\mathbb H^n}$ is the sublaplacian on $\mathbb H^n$ and the nonnegative potential $V$ belongs to the reverse H\"older class $RH_s$ ... More
The Rokhlin Property for Automorphisms on Simple C*-AlgebrasNov 15 2009Jun 07 2010Let $\mathcal{A}$ be the class of unital separable simple amenable $C$*-algebras $A$ which satisfy the Universal Coefficient Theorem for which $A\otimes M_{\texttt{P}}$ has tracial rank zero for some supernatural number $\texttt{p}$ of infinite type. ... More
Weighted inequalities for fractional integral operators and linear commutators in the Morrey type spacesMar 10 2016In this paper, we first introduce some new Morrey type spaces containing generalized Morrey space and weighted Morrey space with two weights as special cases. Then we give the weighted strong type and weak type estimates for fractional integral operators ... More
Boundedness of fractional integral operators with rough kernels on weighted Morrey spacesMar 07 2012Let $M_{\Omega,\alpha}$ and $T_{\Omega,\alpha}$ be the fractional maximal and integral operators with rough kernels, where $0<\alpha<n$. In this paper, we shall study the continuity properties of $M_{\Omega,\alpha}$ and $T_{\Omega,\alpha}$ on the weighted ... More
Endpoint estimates for commutators of sublinear operators in the Morrey type spacesSep 30 2010Jul 05 2014Let $[b,\mathcal T_\alpha]~(0\leq\alpha<n)$ be the commutators generated by $BMO(\mathbb R^n)$ functions and a class of sublinear operators satisfying certain size conditions. The aim of this paper is to study the endpoint estimates of these commutators ... More
On the Grothendieck groups of toric stacksApr 18 2009In this note, we prove that the Grothendieck group of a smooth complete toric Deligne-Mumford stack is torsion free. This statement holds when the generic point is stacky. We also construct an example of open toric stack with torsion in K-theory. This ... More
Jet Studies in STAR via 2+1 CorrelationsOct 07 2011This paper reports analysis on jet-medium interactions and di-jet surface emission bias at RHIC, based on a new multi-hadron correlation technique called \texttt{2+1} where back-to-back high $p_{T}$ hadron triggers work as proxy of di-jets. In contrast ... More
Pathwise uniqueness of one-dimensional SDEs driven by one-sided stable processesMay 23 2013For $\alpha\in (0,1)$, we consider stochastic differential equations driven by one-sided stable processes of order $\alpha$: \[dX_t= \phi(X_{t-})\ dZ_t.\] We prove that pathwise uniqueness holds for this equation under the assumptions that $\phi$ is continuous, ... More
Exact spectrum of the Laplacian on a domain in the Sierpinski gasketJun 07 2012Jun 09 2013For a certain domain $\Omega$ in the Sierpinski gasket $\mathcal{SG}$ whose boundary is a line segment, a complete description of the eigenvalues of the Laplacian, with an exact count of dimensions of eigenspaces, under the Dirichlet and Neumann boundary ... More
Estimates for fractional integral operators and linear commutators on certain weighted amalgam spacesNov 19 2017In this paper, we first introduce some new classes of weighted amalgam spaces. Then we give the weighted strong-type and weak-type estimates for fractional integral operators $I_\gamma$ on these new function spaces. Furthermore, the weighted strong-type ... More
Boundedness of intrinsic square functions on the weighted weak Hardy spacesJul 05 2012In this paper, by using the atomic decomposition theorem for weighted weak Hardy spaces, we will show the boundedness properties of intrinsic square functions including the Lusin area integral, Littlewood-Paley $g$-function and $g^*_\lambda$-function ... More
Intrinsic square functions on the weighted Morrey spacesFeb 22 2011Aug 13 2012In this paper, we will study the boundedness properties of intrinsic square functions including the Lusin area integral, Littlewood-Paley $g$-function and $g^*_\lambda$-function on the weighted Morrey spaces $L^{p,\kappa}(w)$ for $1<p<\infty$ and $0<\kappa<1$. ... More
Endpoint estimates for commutators of intrinsic square functions in the Morrey type spacesNov 07 2010Jul 05 2014In this paper, the boundedness properties of commutators generated by $b$ and intrinsic square functions in the endpoint case are discussed, where $b\in BMO(\mathbb R^n)$. We first establish the weighted weak $L\log L$-type estimates for these commutator ... More
Weak type estimates of Marcinkiewicz integrals on the weighted Hardy and Herz-type Hardy spacesDec 03 2010Jun 27 2012The Marcinkiewicz integral is essentially a Littlewood-Paley $g$-function, which plays a important role in harmonic analysis. In this article, by using the atomic decomposition theory of weighted Hardy spaces and homogeneous weighted Herz-type Hardy spaces, ... More
Some estimates of intrinsic square functions on weighted Herz-type Hardy spacesOct 06 2010Jan 11 2013In this paper, by using the atomic decomposition theory of weighted Herz-type Hardy spaces, we will obtain some strong type and weak type estimates for intrinsic square functions including the Lusin area function, Littlewood-Paley $\mathcal G$-function ... More
Two-weight, weak type norm inequalities for a class of sublinear operators on weighted Morrey and amalgam spacesDec 03 2017Let $\mathcal T_\alpha~(0\leq\alpha<n)$ be a class of sublinear operators satisfying certain size conditions introduced by Soria and Weiss, and let $[b,\mathcal T_\alpha]~(0\leq\alpha<n)$ be the commutators generated by $\mathrm{BMO}(\mathbb R^n)$ functions ... More
Direct imaging of topological edge states at a bilayer graphene domain wallNov 20 2015The AB-BA domain wall in gapped graphene bilayers is a rare naked structure hosting topological electronic states. Here we show, for the first time, direct imaging of its topological edge states by using scanning tunneling microscope. The simultaneously ... More
Entanglement entropy and fidelity susceptibility in the one-dimensional spin-1 XXZ chains with alternating single-site anisotropyFeb 18 2015We study the fidelity susceptibility in an antiferromagnetic spin-1 XXZ chain numerically. By using the density-matrix renormalization group method, the effects of the alternating single-site anisotropy $D$ on fidelity susceptibility are investigated. ... More
Majorana mode in vortex core of Bi2Te3/NbSe2 topological insulator-superconductor heterostructureDec 26 2013Majorana fermions have been intensively studied in recent years for their importance to both fundamental science and potential applications in topological quantum computing1,2. Majorana fermions are predicted to exist in a vortex core of superconducting ... More
Evolution of cross-correlation and time lag of 4U 1735-44 along the branchesJan 24 2013We analyze the cross-correlation function between the soft and hard X-rays of atoll source 4U 1735-44 with RXTE data, and find the anti-correlated soft and hard time lags of about hecto-second. On the island state, the observations do not show any obvious ... More
The Capacity of Anonymous CommunicationsApr 04 2018We consider the communication scenario where K transmitters are each connected to a common receiver with an orthogonal noiseless link. One of the transmitters has a message for the receiver, who is prohibited from learning anything in the information ... More
A new class of refined Eulerian polynomialsFeb 27 2018May 21 2018In this note we introduce a new class of refined Eulerian polynomials defined by $$A_n(p,q)=\sum_{\pi\in\mathfrak{S}_n}p^{{\rm odes}(\pi)}q^{{\rm edes}(\pi)},$$ where ${\rm odes}(\pi)$ and ${\rm edes}(\pi)$ enumerate the number of descents of permutation ... More
Internal relation between Personality trait Statistical outcomes among Junior College Divers and their performanceApr 24 2018Objective: Personality trait can predict divers' behavioral performance underwater. However, we know very little about the innate personality of the junior college diving students. To gain a better insight of personality characteristics of them, we carried ... More
Long-range correlation energies calculations for $π$ electronic systemsMay 26 2006Jun 01 2006A simple formula for correlation energy $E_c$ of the $\pi$ electron systems is obtained under an approximation for the electron-electron interactions. This formula is related directly to square of the bond order matrix and the nearest-neighbor Coulomb ... More
Global Well-posedness for the fourth order nonlinear Schrödinger equations with small rough data in high demensionNov 10 2008Nov 20 2008For $n\geq 2$, we establish the smooth effects for the solutions of the linear fourth order Shr\"{o}dinger equation in anisotropic Lebesgue spaces with $\Box_k$-decomposition. Using these estimates, we study the Cauchy problem for the fourth order nonlinear ... More
Global well-posedness and scattering for the fourth order nonlinear Schrödinger equations with small dataSep 09 2008Oct 29 2008For $n\geq 3$, we study the Cauchy problem for the fourth order nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equations, for which the existence of the scattering operators and the global well-posedness of solutions with small data in Besov spaces $B^{s}_{2,1}(\R^n)$ are ... More
The boundedness of Bochner-Riesz operators on the weighted weak Hardy spacesNov 06 2011Jun 25 2012Let $w$ be a Muckenhoupt weight and $WH^p_w(\mathbb R^n)$ be the weighted weak Hardy spaces. In this paper, by using the atomic decomposition of $WH^p_w(\mathbb R^n)$, we will show that the maximal Bochner-Riesz operators $T^\delta_*$ are bounded from ... More
Estimates of some integral operators with bounded variable kernels on the Hardy and weak Hardy spaces over $\mathbb R^n$Oct 05 2010Jan 25 2014In this paper, we first introduce $L^{\sigma_1}$-$(\log L)^{\sigma_2}$ conditions satisfied by the variable kernels $\Omega(x,z)$ for $0\leq\sigma_1\leq1$ and $\sigma_2\geq0$. Under these new smoothness conditions, we will prove the boundedness properties ... More
Weighted estimates for vector-valued intrinsic square functions and commutators in the Morrey type spacesMar 10 2016In this paper, the boundedness properties of vector-valued intrinsic square functions and their vector-valued commutators with $BMO(\mathbb R^n)$ functions are discussed. We first show the weighted strong type and weak type estimates of vector-valued ... More
Crossed products by α-simple automorphisms on C*-algebras C(X,A)Oct 17 2009Jun 07 2010Let $X$ be a Cantor set, and let $A$ be a unital separable simple amenable $C$*-algebra with tracial rank zero which satisfies the Universal Coefficient Theorem, we use $C(X,A)$ to denote the set of all continuous functions from $X$ to $A$, let $\alpha$ ... More
Robust Performance of A Class of Control SystemsFeb 23 2002Some Kharitonov-like robust Hurwitz stability criteria are established for a class of complex polynomial families with nonlinearly correlated perturbations. These results are extended to the polynomial matrix case and non-interval D-stability case. Applications ... More
Search for Lorentz Violation using Short-Range Tests of GravityJul 24 2016Experimental tests of the newtonian inverse square law at short range, one at Indiana University and the other at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, have been used to set limits on Lorentz violation in the pure gravity sector of the nonminimal ... More
Higher Spin Entanglement EntropyAug 06 2014Dec 04 2014In this paper, we develop a perturbation formulation to calculate the single interval higher spin R$\acute{e}$nyi and entanglement entropy for two dimensional conformal field theory with $\mathcal{W}_{\infty}(\lambda)$ symmetry. The system is at finite ... More
The Lelong number, the Monge-Ampère mass and the Schwarz symmetrization of plurisubharmonic functionsMay 25 2019The aim of this paper is to study the Lelong number, the integrability index and the Monge-Amp\`ere mass at the origin of an $S^1$-invariant plurisubharmonic function on a balanced domain in $\mathbb{C}^n$ under the Schwarz symmetrization. We prove that ... More
A prescription for projectors to compute helicity amplitudes in D dimensionsApr 01 2019Apr 08 2019This article discusses a prescription to get polarized dimensionally regularized amplitudes, providing a recipe for constructing simple and general polarized amplitude projectors in D dimensions that avoids conventional Lorentz tensor decomposition and ... More
Exponential decay and symmetry of solitary waves to the Degasperis-Procesi equationJan 20 2019Jan 24 2019We prove that solitary waves to the steady Degasperis-Procesi equation, if they exist, decay as $e^{-|x|}$ for large $|x|$ and are symmetric with respect to the unique symmetry axis located at the only crest (although only peaked solitary waves are allowed). ... More
A Review of Tree-based Approaches to solve Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential EquationsSep 02 2018Jun 25 2019In this work, we study solving (decoupled) forward-backward stochastic differential equations (FBSDEs) numerically using the regression trees. Based on the general theta-discretization for the time-integrands, we show how to efficiently use regression ... More
Extremes of $L^p$-norm of Vector-valued Gaussian processes with TrendJun 26 2017Jun 01 2018Let $\boldsymbol{X}(t)=(X_1(t),\ldots,X_d(t))$ be a Gaussian vector process and $g(t)$ be a continuous function. The asymptotics of distribution of $\left\|\boldsymbol{X}(t)\right\|_p$, the $L^p$ norm for Gaussian finite-dimensional vector, have been ... More
Pre-heating of the intergalactic medium by gravitational collapse and ultraviolet backgroundSep 03 2017The preheating of intergalactic medium(IGM) by structure collapsing and ultraviolet background(UVB) are investigated in cosmological hydrodynamical simulations. When gravitational collapsing is the sole heating mechanism, we find that (1) $60\%, 45\%$ ... More
A note on the Brown--Erdős--Sós conjecture in groupsFeb 20 2019Apr 09 2019We show that a dense subset of a sufficiently large group multiplication table contains either a large part of the addition table of the integers modulo some $k$, or the entire multiplication table of a certain large abelian group, as a subgrid. As a ... More
Multigrid Methods for Constrained Minimization Problems and Application to Saddle Point ProblemsJan 15 2016The first order condition of the constrained minimization problem leads to a saddle point problem. A multigrid method using a multiplicative Schwarz smoother for saddle point problems can thus be interpreted as a successive subspace optimization method ... More
Surface Plasmonic Lattice Solitons in Semi-infinite Graphene Sheet ArraysNov 21 2016We investigate the surface plasmonic lattice solitons (PLSs) in semi-infinite graphene sheet arrays. The surface soliton is formed as the SPPs tunneling is inhibited by the graphene nonlinearity, and meanwhile the incident power should be above a threshold ... More
Quantum phase transitions and string orders in the spin-1/2 Heisenberg-Ising alternating chain with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactionFeb 06 2015Quantum phase transitions (QPTs) and the ground-state phase diagram of the spin-1/2 Heisenberg-Ising alternating chain (HIAC) with uniform Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (DM) interaction are investigated by a matrix-product-state (MPS) method. By calculating the ... More
Multi-frequency Radio Profiles of PSR B1133+16: radiation location and particle energyNov 26 2015Jan 15 2016The pulse profile of PSR B1133+16 is usually regarded as a conal-double structure. However, its multifrequency profiles cannot simply be fitted with two Gaussian functions, and a third component is always needed to fit the bridge region (between two peaks). ... More
Weighted Morrey spaces related to certain nonnegative potentials and Riesz transformsJan 28 2018Let $\mathcal L=-\Delta+V$ be a Schr\"odinger operator, where $\Delta$ is the Laplacian on $\mathbb R^d$ and the nonnegative potential $V$ belongs to the reverse H\"older class $RH_q$ for $q\geq d$. The Riesz transform associated with the operator $\mathcal ... More
Estimates for vector-valued intrinsic square functions and their commutators on certain weighted amalgam spacesNov 10 2017In this paper, we first introduce some new kinds of weighted amalgam spaces. Then we deal with the vector-valued intrinsic square functions, which are given by \begin{equation*} \mathcal S_\gamma(\vec{f})(x) = \Bigg(\sum_{j=1}^\infty \big|\mathcal S_\gamma(f_j)(x) ... More