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Bounded Fuzzy Possibilistic MethodFeb 08 2019This paper introduces Bounded Fuzzy Possibilistic Method (BFPM) by addressing several issues that previous clustering/classification methods have not considered. In fuzzy clustering, object's membership values should sum to 1. Hence, any object may obtain ... More
Geometric mean, splines and de Boor algorithm in geodesic spacesMar 04 2016Aug 26 2016We extend the concepts of de Casteljau and de Boor algorithms as well as splines to geodesic spaces and present some applications in geometric modeling. The concept of weighted geometric mean provides another approach to splines. We compare the corresponding ... More
Complex network analysis of water distribution systemsApr 01 2011This paper explores a variety of strategies for understanding the formation, structure, efficiency and vulnerability of water distribution networks. Water supply systems are studied as spatially organized networks for which the practical applications ... More
On Optimal Sensing and Capacity Trade-off in Cognitive Radio Systems with Directional AntennasOct 18 2018We consider a cognitive radio system, in which the secondary users (SUs) and primary users (PUs) coexist. The SUs are equipped with steerable directional antennas. In our system, the secondary transmitter (SUtx) first senses the spectrum (with errors) ... More
A note on measurement of network vulnerability under random and intentional attacksJun 14 2010Jan 11 2011In this paper we propose an alternative approach for the assessment of network vulnerability under random and intentional attacks as compared to the results obtained from the "vulnerability function" given by Criado et al. [Criado et al. (Int. J. Comput. ... More
Quotients of Ultragraph C*-AlgebrasNov 25 2015Let $\mathcal{G}$ be an ultragraph and $C^*(\mathcal{G})$ be its $C^*$-algebra defined by Tomforde. If $I_{(H,B)}$ is a gauge invariant ideal of $C^*(\mathcal{G})$, we investigate structure of the quotient $C^*(\mathcal{G})/I_{(H,B)}$ by introducing the ... More
Moduli of polarized Hodge structuresFeb 21 2008Around 1970 Griffiths introduced the moduli of polarized Hodge structures/the period domain $D$ and described a dream to enlarge $D$ to a moduli space of degenerating polarized Hodge structures. Since in general $D$ is not a Hermitian symmetric domain, ... More
Time and Dirac Observables in Friedmann CosmologiesJan 28 2008A cosmological time variable is emerged from the Hamiltonian formulation of Friedmann model to measure the evolution of dynamical observables in the theory. A set of observables has been identified for the theory on the null hypersurfaces that its evolution ... More
Ideal structure of Leavitt path algebras with coefficients in a unital commutative ringFeb 24 2012Oct 28 2012Let $E$ be an arbitrary (countable) graph and let $R$ be a unital commutative ring. We analyze the ideal structure of the Leavitt path algebra $\lr$ introduced by Mark Tomforde. We first modify the definition of basic ideals and we then develop the ideal ... More
Meromorphic connections on $\P1$ and the multiplicity of Abelian integralsMar 07 2002Apr 03 2002In this paper we introduce the concept of Abelian integrals in differential equations for an arbitrary vector bundle on $\P1$ with a meromorphic connection. In this general context we give an upper bound for the numbers we are looking for.
Mixed Hodge structure of affine hypersurfacesJul 05 2004Aug 30 2006In this article we introduce the mixed Hodge structure of the Brieskorn module of a polynomial $f$ in $\C^{n+1}$, where $f$ satisfies a certain regularity condition at infinity (and hence has isolated singularities). We give an algorithm which produces ... More
Hodge cycles for cubic hypersurfacesFeb 03 2019We study an algebraic cycle of the form $Z_0= r {\mathbb P}^{\frac{n}{2}}+\check r \check{\mathbb P}^{\frac{n}{2}}$, $r \in{\mathbb N},\check r \in{\mathbb Z},\ \ 1\leq r , |\check r |\leq 10,\ \ \gcd ( r ,\check r )=1$, inside the cubic Fermat variety ... More
Five-dimensional heterotic black holes and its dual IR-CFTDec 19 2012Jan 16 2013We analyze the possible dynamical emergence of IR conformal field theory describing the low- energy excitations of near-extremal black holes in five-dimensional compactification of heterotic strings. We find that, by tuning the mass and charges in such ... More
A Characterization of Inner Product Spaces Related to the Skew-Angular DistanceJan 06 2013A new refinement of the triangle inequality is presented in normed linear spaces. Moreover, a simple characterization of inner product spaces is obtained by using the skew-angular distance.
World-line observables and clocks in General RelativityJun 07 2004Nov 20 2005A proposal for the issue of time and observables in any parameterized theory such as general relativity is addressed. Introduction of a gauge potential 3-form A in the theory of relativity enables us to define a gauge-invariant quantity which can be used ... More
Dilatonic Brans-Dicke Anisotropic Collapsing Fluid Sphere And de Broglie Quantum Wave MotionJul 28 2014Jul 07 2016Two dimensional (2D) analogue of vacuum sector of the Brans Dicke (BD) gravity [1] is studied to obtain dynamics of anisotropic spherically symmetric perfect fluid. Our obtained static solutions behave as dark matter with state equation $\gamma=\frac{p(\rho)}{\varrho}=-0.25$ ... More
Wave function of the Universe, Preferred reference frame effects and metric signature transitionJun 07 2013Apr 14 2015Gravitational model of non-minimally coupled Brans Dicke (BD) scalar field $\phi$ with dynamical unit time-like four vector field is used to study flat Robertson Walker (RW) cosmology in the presence of variable cosmological parameter $V(\phi)=\Lambda\phi.$ ... More
Anisotropic Spherically Symmetric Collapsing Star From Higher Order Derivative Gravity TheoryDec 01 2015Adding linear combinations $R^2,R_{\mu\nu}R^{\mu\nu}$ and $R_{\mu\nu\eta\delta}R^{\mu\nu\eta\delta}$ with Einstein-Hilbert action we obtain interior metric of an an-isotropic spherically symmetric collapsing (ASSC) stellar cloud. We assume stress tensor ... More
Some properties of generalized and approximately dual frames in Hilbert spacesSep 25 2015In the present paper, some sufficient and necessary conditions for two frames $\Phi=(\varphi_n)_n$ and $\Psi=(\psi_n)_n$ under which they are approximately or generalized dual frames are determined depending on the properties of their analysis and synthesis ... More
Relative Cohomology with Respect to a Lefschetz PencilDec 19 2001May 11 2005Let $M$ be a complex projective manifold of dimension $n+1$ and $f$ a meromorphic function on $M$ obtained by a generic pencil of hyperplane sections of $M$. The $n$-th cohomology vector bundle of $f_0=f|_{M-\RR}$, where $\RR$ is the set of indeterminacy ... More
First Non-abelian Cohomology of Topological Groups IIJul 18 2014Dec 22 2014In this paper we introduce a new definition of the first non-abelian cohomology of topological groups. We relate the cohomology of a normal subgroup $N$ of a topological group $G$ and the quotient $G/N$ to the cohomology of $G$. We get the inflation-restriction ... More
Characterizing of Inner Product Spaces by the Mapping $n_{x,y}$Feb 08 2015For the vectors $x$ and $y$ in a normed linear spaces $X$, the mapping $n_{x,y}: \mathbb{R}\to \mathbb{R}$ is defined by $n_{x,y}(t)=\|x+ty\|$. In this note, comparing the mappings $n_{x,y}$ and $n_{y,x}$ we obtain a simple and useful characterization ... More
Calculation of mixed Hodge structures, Gauss-Manin connections and Picard-Fuchs equationsDec 13 2004In this article we introduce algorithms which compute iterations of Gauss-Manin connections, Picard-Fuchs equations of Abelian integrals and mixed Hodge structure of affine varieties of dimension $n$ in terms of differential forms. In the case $n=1$ such ... More
Classical and Quantum Reissner-Nordström Black Hole Thermodynamics and first order Phase TransitionAug 03 2013Dec 17 2015First we consider CRNBH metric which is obtained by solving Einstein-Maxwell metric equation for a point electric charge $e$ inside of a spherical static body with mass $M$. It has 2 interior and exterior horizons. Using Bekenestein-Hawking entropy theorem ... More
Spherically symmetric Jordan-Brans-Dicke quantum gravity with de Broglie Bohm pilot wave perspectiveSep 23 2013Jan 24 2014We obtain two dimensional analogue of the Jordan-Brans-Dicke (JBD) gravity action described in four dimensional spherically symmetric curved space time metric. There will be two scalar fields, namely, the Brans Dicke (BD) $\phi$ and scale factor of 2-sphere ... More
A Generalization of Kneser's ConjectureJun 18 2009Jan 06 2010We investigate some coloring properties of Kneser graphs. A star-free coloring is a proper coloring $c:V(G)\to \Bbb{N}$ such that no path with three vertices may be colored with just two consecutive numbers. The minimum positive integer $t$ for which ... More
On Colorings of Graph PowersAug 06 2007Mar 28 2008In this paper, some results concerning the colorings of graph powers are presented. The notion of helical graphs is introduced. We show that such graphs are hom-universal with respect to high odd-girth graphs whose $(2t+1)$st power is bounded by a Kneser ... More
On the Topology of Foliations with a First IntegralJun 07 2002The main objective of this article is to study the topology of the fibers of a generic rational function of the type $F^p/G^q$ in the projective space of dimension two. We will prove that the action of the monodromy group on a single Lefschetz vanishing ... More
Abelian integrals in holomorphic foliationsMar 07 2002Jul 05 2004The aim of this paper is to introduce the theory of Abelian integrals for holomorphic foliations in a complex manifold of dimension two. We will show the importance of Picard-Lefschetz theory and the classification of relatively exact 1-forms in this ... More
Five-dimensional EVH heterotic black holes and its dual IR-CFTJan 16 2013We analyze the possible dynamical emergence of IR conformal field theory describing the low-energy excitations of near-extremal black holes in five-dimensional compactification of heterotic strings. We find that, by tuning the mass and charges in such ... More
Simplicity and Pure Infiniteness of Kumjian-Pask AlgebrasAug 27 2016Sep 28 2016In this article, we focus on the purely infinite and simple Kumjian-Pask algebras. Given any finitely aligned higher-rank graph $\Lambda$ and unital commutative ring $R$, the Kumjian-Pask algebra $\mathrm{KP}_R(\Lambda)$ is a higher-rank generalization ... More
EVH Black Hole Solutions With Higher Derivative CorrectionsJan 17 2013We analyze the effect of higher derivative corrections to the near horizon geometry of the extremal vanishing horizon (EVH) black hole solutions in four dimensions. We restrict ourselves to the Gauss-Bonnet correction with a dilation dependent coupling ... More
Time and Observables in Unimodular General RelativityJan 29 2008Jun 09 2011A cosmological time variable is emerged from the hamiltonian formulation of unimodular theory of gravity to measure the evolution of dynamical observables in the theory. A set of constants of motion has been identified for the theory on the null hypersurfaces ... More
On algebraic structures of the Hochschild complexFeb 26 2013Jul 16 2015We first review various known algebraic structures on the Hochschild (co)homology of a differential graded algebras under weak Poincar{\'e} duality hypothesis, such as Calabi-Yau algebras, derived Poincar{\'e} duality algebras and closed Frobenius algebras. ... More
Center conditions: Rigidity of logarithmic differential equationsMay 07 2002Jul 05 2004In this paper we prove that any degree $d$ deformation of a generic logarithmic polynomial differential equation with a persistent center must be logarithmic again. This is a generalization of Ilyashenko's result on Hamiltonian differential equations. ... More
Center conditions for polynomial differential equations: discussion of some problemsDec 15 2005Classifications of irreducible components of the set of polynomial differential equations with a fixed degree and with at least one center singularity lead to some other new problems on Picard-Lefschetz theory and Brieskorn modules of polynomials. In ... More
Spherically symmetric curved space times from quantum fields backreaction corrections in two dimensional analogueJun 12 2014Sep 07 2016Aim of the paper is to obtain 2d analogue of the backreaction equation which will be useful to study final state of quantum perturbed spherically symmetric curved space times. Thus we take Einstein-massless-scalar $\psi$ tensor gravity model described ... More
On the b-chromatic number of Kneser GraphsApr 25 2009May 26 2009In this note, we prove that for any integer $n\geq 3$ the b-chromatic number of the Kneser graph $KG(m,n)$ is greater than or equal to $2{\lfloor {m\over 2} \rfloor \choose n}$. This gives an affirmative answer to a conjecture of [6].
Non-simple purely infinite Steinberg Algebras with applications to Kumjian-Pask algebrasJan 21 2019In this paper, we characterize properly purely infinite Steinberg algebras $A_K(\mathcal{G})$ for strongly effective, ample Hausdorff groupoids $\mathcal{G}$. As an application, when $\Lambda$ is a strongly aperiodic $k$-graph, we show that the notions ... More
On the Hochschild homology of open Frobenius algebrasSep 13 2013Jun 27 2015We prove that the shifted Hochschild chain complex $C\_*(A,A)[m]$ of a symmetric open Frobenius algebra $A$ of degree $m$ has a natural homotopy coBV-algebra structure. As a consequence $HH\_*(A,A)[m]$ and $HH^*(A,A^\vee)[-m]$ are respectively coBV and ... More
Why should one compute periods of algebraic cycles?Feb 21 2016In this article we show how the data of integrals of algebraic differential forms over algebraic cycles can be used in order to prove that algebraic and Hodge cycle deformations of a given algebraic cycle are equivalent. We verify this equivalence for ... More
On EVH black hole solution in Heterotic string theoryDec 16 2012We study the near horizon geometry of charged rotating black holes in toroidal compactifications of heterotic string theory. We analyze the extremal vanishing horizon (EVH) limit for these black hole solu- tions and we will show that the near horizon ... More
Cosmological Solution from D-brane motion in NS5-Branes backgroundJul 10 2004Apr 13 2005We study dynamics of a D3-brane propagating in the vicinity of k coincident NS5 branes. We show that when $g_s$ is small, there exists a regime in which dynamics of the D-brane is governed by Dirac-Born-Infeld action while higher order derivative in the ... More
Closed Form for Some Gaussian ConvolutionsFeb 10 2016Mar 07 2016The convolution of a function with an isotropic Gaussian appears in many contexts such as differential equations, computer vision, signal processing, and numerical optimization. Although this convolution does not always have a closed form expression, ... More
Training Recurrent Neural Networks by DiffusionJan 16 2016Feb 04 2016This work presents a new algorithm for training recurrent neural networks (although ideas are applicable to feedforward networks as well). The algorithm is derived from a theory in nonconvex optimization related to the diffusion equation. The contributions ... More
On String Topology of Three ManifoldsOct 08 2003Nov 20 2003Let $M$ be a closed, oriented and smooth manifold of dimension $d$. Let $\L M$ be the space of smooth loops in $M$. Chas and Sullivan introduced loop product, a product of degree $-d$ on the homology of $LM$. In this paper we show how for three manifolds ... More
Standard Projective Simplicial Kernels and the Second Abelian Cohomology of Topological GroupsFeb 08 2015Let $A$ be an abelian topological $G$-module. We give an interpretion for the second cohomology, $H^{2}(G,A)$, of $G$ with coefficients in $A$. As a result we show that if $P$ is a projective topological group, then $H^{2}(P,A)=0$ for every abelian topological ... More
First Non-Abelian Cohomology of Topological GroupsDec 22 2014Let $G$ be a topological group and $A$ a topological $G$-module (not necessarily abelian). In this paper, we define $H^{0}(G,A)$ and $H^{1}(G,A)$ and will find a six terms exact cohomology sequence involving $H^{0}$ and $H^{1}$. We will extend it to a ... More
On Topological Structure of the First Non-abelian Cohomology of Topological GroupsFeb 17 2014Aug 19 2014Let $G$, $R$ and $A$ be topological groups. Suppose that $G$ and $R$ act continuously on $A$, and $G$ acts continuously on $R$. In this paper, we define a partially crossed topological $G-R$-bimodule $(A,\mu)$, where $\mu:A\rightarrow R$ is a continuous ... More
Variation of mass in primordial nucleosynthesis as a test of Induced Matter Brane GravityMay 20 2008The variation of mass in induced matter theory using Ceroch-Stewart-Walter perturbations of submanifolds [1] is redefined. It is shown that the deviation of primordial Helium production due to a variation on the difference between the rest mass of the ... More
On Dynamics of Brans--Dicke Theory of GravitationAug 05 2010Jun 08 2011We study longstanding problem of cosmological clock in the context of Brans-Dicke theory of gravitation. We present the Hamiltonian formulation of the theory for a class of spatially homogenous cosmological models. Then, we show that formulation of the ... More
Mapping the wavefunction of transition metal acceptor states in the GaAs surfaceJul 27 2009We utilize a single atom substitution technique with spectroscopic imaging in a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to visualize the anisotropic spatial structure of magnetic and non-magnetic transition metal acceptor states in the GaAs (110) surface. ... More
Optimal Local Thresholds for Distributed Detection in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor NetworksNov 05 2018We consider a wireless sensor network, consisting of K heterogeneous sensors and a fusion center (FC), that is tasked with solving a binary distributed detection problem. Each sensor is capable of harvesting and storing energy for communication with the ... More
The Signs in Elliptic NetsFeb 26 2017We give a generalization of a theorem of Silverman and Stephens regarding the signs in an elliptic divisibility sequence to the case of an elliptic net. We also describe applications of this theorem in the study of the distribution of the signs in elliptic ... More
On 1/2 BPS Solutions in M-theoryDec 17 2005Jan 19 2006We study singular 1/2 BPS solutions in M-theory using 11-dimensional superstar solutions. The superstar solutions and their corresponding plane wave limits could give an insight how one may deform the boundary conditions to get singular, but still physically ... More
Network Coding Applications for 5G Millimeter-Wave CommunicationsDec 09 2015The millimeter-wave bands have been attracting significant interest as a means to achieve major improvements in data rates and network efficiencies. One significant limitation for use of the millimeter-wave bands for cellular communication is that the ... More
Chromatic Number Via Turan NumberDec 31 2013Oct 23 2015A Kneser representation KG(H) for a graph G is a bijective assignment of hyperedges of a hypergraph H to the vertices of G such that two vertices of G are adjacent if and only if the corresponding hyperedges are disjoint. In this paper, we introduce a ... More
A Note on Altermatic NumberOct 23 2015In view of Tucker's lemma (an equivalent combinatorial version of the Borsuk- Ulam theorem), the present authors (2013) introduced the kth altermatic number of a graph G as a tight lower bound for the chromatic number of G. In this note, we present a ... More
On Coloring Properties of Graph PowersApr 22 2011This paper studies some coloring properties of graph powers. We show that $\chi_c(G^{^{\frac{2r+1}{2s+1}}})=\frac{(2s+1)\chi_c(G)}{(s-r)\chi_c(G)+2r+1}$ provided that $\chi_c(G^{^{\frac{2r+1}{2s+1}}})< 4$. As a consequence, one can see that if ${2r+1 ... More
Graph Powers and Graph HomomorphismsAug 04 2008Sep 02 2008In this paper we investigate some basic properties of fractional powers. In this regard, we show that for any rational number $1\leq {2r+1\over 2s+1}< og(G)$, $G^{{2r+1\over 2s+1}}\longrightarrow H$ if and only if $G\longrightarrow H^{-{2s+1\over 2r+1}}.$ ... More
Scalar Split WIMPs in the Future Direct Detection ExperimentsDec 31 2014Feb 20 2016We consider a simple renormalizable dark matter model consisting of two real scalars with a mass splitting $\delta$, interacting with the SM particles through the Higgs portal. We find a viable parameter space respecting all the bounds imposed by invisible ... More
Fast Multi-Layer Laplacian EnhancementJun 23 2016A novel, fast and practical way of enhancing images is introduced in this paper. Our approach builds on Laplacian operators of well-known edge-aware kernels, such as bilateral and nonlocal means, and extends these filter's capabilities to perform more ... More
Algebraic Form of M3-Brane ActionJan 11 2014We reformulate the bosonic action of unstable M3-brane to manifest its algebraic representation. It is seen that in contrast with string and M2-brane actions that are represented only in terms of two and three dimensional Lie-algebras respectively, the ... More
Spin-dependent thermoelectric effects in graphene based superconductor junctionsDec 05 2016Using the Bogoliubov de-Gennes formalism, we investigate the charge and spin-dependent thermoelectric effects in superconductor graphene junctions. Results demonstrate that despite normal-superconductor junctions, there is a temperature-dependent spin ... More
Some Results on Fixed Points and Approximation for a New Class of Mappings in CAT(0) SpacesMar 22 2011May 30 2012We shall generalize the concept of $z=(1-t)x\oplus ty$ to $n$ times which contains to verifying some their properties and inequalities in CAT(0) spaces. In the sequel with introducing of $\alpha$-nonexpansive mappings, we obtain some fixed points and ... More
Some New Results in the Alcuin Number of GraphsSep 24 2014We prove some results concerning Alcuin number of graphs. First, we classify graphs which have unique minimum vertex cover. Then we present two necessary conditions for a graph to be of class two and show why one of them (condition on common neighbors) ... More
The Last Lost Charge And Phase Transition In Schwarzschild AdS Minimally Coupled to a Cloud of StringsJun 14 2018Aug 04 2018In this paper we study the Schwarzschild AdS black hole with a cloud of string background in an extended phase space and investigate a new phase transition related to the topological charge. By treating the topological charge as a new charge for black ... More
Overhead-Optimized Gamma Network CodesSep 18 2013We design a network coding scheme with minimum reception overhead and linear encoding/decoding complexity.
Localization of gravity in brane world with arbitrary extra dimensionsMar 16 2012Sep 16 2012We study the induced 4-dimensional linearized Einstein field equations in an m-dimensional bulk space by means of a confining potential. It is shown that in this approach the mass of graviton is quantized. The cosmological constant problem is also addressed ... More
Conformally Lifshitz solutions from Horava-Lifshitz GravityDec 17 2012Oct 30 2014We show that the IR action of the healthy non-projectable Ho\v{r}ava-Lifshitz (HL) gravity and its small modification exhibit asymptotically Lifshitz and hyperscaling violating solutions, respectively. The model may also have an AdS$_2\times R^d$ vacuum ... More
Supergravity Description of the Large N Noncommutative Dipole Field TheoriesFeb 20 2002We consider system of Dp-branes in the presence of a nonzero B field with one leg along brane worldvolume and the other transverse to it. We study the corresponding supergravity solutions and show that the worldvolume theories decouple from gravity for ... More
Euler & Lagrange versus Heisenberg & Schroedinger: Dynamical Pictures in Classical and Quantum MechanicsMay 22 2013Using quantum-classical analogies, we find that dynamical pictures of quantum mechanics have precise counterparts in classical mechanics. In particular, the Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions of fluid dynamics in classical mechanics are the analogs ... More
Universal Measure of EntanglementAug 09 2003Nov 18 2003A general framework is developed for separating classical and quantum correlations in a multipartite system. Entanglement is defined as the difference in the correlation information encoded by the state of a system and a suitably defined separable state ... More
An Evolvable Fuzzy Logic System for handoff management in heterogeneous Wireless NetworksMar 08 2016One of the features of the Next Generation Wireless Networks (NGWNs) is its heterogeneous communication environment. Heterogeneous networks are ranging from wireless WAN, LAN, MAN and PAN. The most important parameters in this regard are different data ... More
Generalized Brans-Dicke cosmology in the presence of matter and dark energyJan 08 2010Jun 08 2011We study the Generalized Brans-Dicke cosmology in the presence of matter and dark energy. Of particular interest for a constant Brans-Dicke parameter, the de Sitter space has also been investigated.
Antipodal Interval-Valued Fuzzy GraphsJan 04 2014Concepts of graph theory have applications in many areas of computer science including data mining, image segmentation, clustering, image capturing, networks, etc . An interval-valued fuzzy set is a generalization of the notion of a fuzzy set. Interval-valued ... More
Stable rank of Leavitt path algebras of arbitrary graphsAug 20 2012The stable rank of Leavitt path algebras of row-finite graphs was computed by Ara and Pardo. In this paper we extend this for an arbitrary directed graph. In some parts, we proceed our computation as the row-finite case while in some parts we use the ... More
Scalar Dark Matter in Scale Invariant Standard ModelNov 26 2015Mar 16 2016We investigate single and two-component scalar dark matter scenarios in classically scale invariant standard model which is free of the hierarchy problem in the Higgs sector. We show that despite the very restricted space of parameters imposed by the ... More
Weak Gravitational lensing from regular Bardeen black holesNov 24 2014Sep 04 2015In this article we study weak gravitational lensing of regular Bardeen black hole which has scalar charge $g$ and mass $m.$ We investigate the angular position and magnification of non-relativistic images in two cases depending on the presence or absence ... More
Foliated neighborhoods of exceptional submanifoldsOct 17 2011The present article is a study of germs of regular foliations transverse to an embedded strongly exceptional submanifold of a complex manifold. Cohomological conditions are given on this embedding for the existence of these foliations and their classification ... More
Multipliers for von Neumann-Schatten Bessel sequences in separable Banach spacesAug 22 2016In this paper we introduce the concept of von Neumann-Schatten Bessel multipliers and obtain some of their characterizations. Finally, special attention is devoted to the study of invertible Hilbert--Schmidt frame multipliers. These results are not only ... More
A Comparison of Link Layer Attacks on Wireless Sensor NetworksMar 29 2011Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have many potential applications [1, 5] and unique challenges. They usually consist of hundreds or thousands small sensor nodes such as MICA2, which operate autonomously; conditions such as cost, invisible deployment and ... More
On The Chromatic Number of Matching GraphsJul 30 2015In an earlier paper, the present authors (2013) introduced the altermatic number of graphs and used Tucker's Lemma, an equivalent combinatorial version of the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem, to show that the altermatic number is a lower bound for the chromatic number. ... More
Isometry on Interval-valued Fuzzy GraphsMay 23 2014Especially in research areas of computer science such as data mining, image segmentation, clustering image capturing and networking. The interval-valued fuzzy graphs are more flexible and compatible than fuzzy graphs due to the fact that they allowed ... More
Some Notes on the paper "The Equivalence of Cone Metric Spaces and Metric Spaces"Mar 13 2011May 30 2012In this paper we shall show that the metrics are equivalent which obtained by Feng and Mao in [[1], Y. Feng and W. Mao, Equivalence of Cone Metric spaces and Metric Spaces, Fixed Point Theory, 11(2)(2010), 259-264.] and Du in [[2], Wei-Shih Du, A Note ... More
Painlevé VI equations with algebraic solutions and family of curvesJun 06 2008In families of Painlev\'e VI differential equations having common algebraic solutions we classify all the members which come from geometry, i.e. the corresponding linear differential equations which are Picard-Fuchs associated to families of algebraic ... More
Gauss-Manin Connection in Disguise: Dwork FamilyMar 30 2016Sep 27 2017We study the enhanced moduli space $\textsf{T}$ of the Calabi-Yau $n$-folds arising from Dwork family and describe a unique vector field $\textsf{R}$ in $\textsf{T}$ with certain properties with respect to the underlying Gauss-Manin connection. For $n=1,2$ ... More
A note on non-linear electrodynamics, regular black holes and the entropy functionNov 21 2007We examine four dimensional magnetically charged extremal black holes in certain non-linear U(1) gauge theories coupled to two derivative gravity. For a given coupling, one can tune the magnetic charge (or vice versa) so that the curvature singularity ... More
On Holography with Hyperscaling ViolationAug 30 2012Sep 09 2012We study certain features of strongly coupled theories with hyperscaling violation by making use of their gravitational duals. We will consider models with an anisotropic scaling in time or in one of spatial directions. In particular for the case where ... More
On the Multi Trace Superpotential and Corresponding Matrix ModelMar 09 2003We study N=1 supersymmetric U(N) gauge theory coupled to an adjoint scalar superfiled with a cubic superpotential containing a multi trace term. We show that the field theory results can be reproduced from a matrix model which its potential is given in ... More
Hedging and Leveraging: Principal Portfolios of the Capital Asset Pricing ModelJun 20 2013The principal portfolios of the standard Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) are analyzed and found to have remarkable hedging and leveraging properties. Principal portfolios implement a recasting of any correlated asset set of N risky securities into ... More
Verschraenkung versus Stosszahlansatz: Disappearance of the Thermodynamic Arrow in a High-Correlation EnvironmentAug 19 2007The crucial role of ambient correlations in determining thermodynamic behavior is established. A class of entangled states of two macroscopic systems is constructed such that each component is in a state of thermal equilibrium at a given temperature, ... More
Entanglement Detection Using Majorization Uncertainty BoundsApr 05 2012Entanglement detection criteria are developed within the framework of the majorization formulation of uncertainty. The primary results are two theorems asserting linear and nonlinear separability criteria based on majorization relations, the violation ... More
Detecting the Photon-Photon Interaction by Colliding Laser Beam InterferometryAug 18 1993The feasibility of detecting the photon-photon interaction using Fabry-Perot type laser interferometers developed for gravity wave detection is demonstrated. An ``external'' laser beam, serving as a refractive medium, is alternatively fed into the cavities ... More
A new approach of the Chebyshev wavelets for the variable-order time fractional mobile-immobile advection-dispersion modelMay 10 2016This paper proposes a new numerical method based on the Chebyshev wavelets (CWs) to solve the variable-order time fractional mobile-immobile advection-dispersion equation. To do this, a new operational matrix of variable-order fractional derivative in ... More
Performance Analysis of Dipole Antennas Embedded in Core-Shell Spheres: A Green's Function AnalysisMay 02 2010The main goal of this work is to theoretically investigate the behavior of an electrically small antenna enclosed in a concentric sphere. The Greens function analysis is applied to characterize the input impedance of a concentric resonator excited by ... More
An Improved Tripartite Bell-type InequalityJun 25 2011So far, various Bell type inequalities have been introduced to test the local realism in tripartite systems. In this article we consider a tripartite system with two measurements in each side and two outputs for each measurement. Then we will introduce ... More
Two-portal Dark MatterApr 14 2015Jun 14 2015We propose a renormalizable dark matter model in which a fermionic dark matter (DM) candidate communicates with the standard model particles through two distinct portals: Higgs and vector portals. The dark sector is charged under a $U(1)'$ gauge symmetry ... More
Unified treatment of a class of spherically symmetric potentials: quasi-exact solutionJul 13 2016In this paper, we investigate the Schr\"odinger equation for a class of spherically symmetric potentials in a simple and unified manner using the Lie algebraic approach within the framework of quasi-exact solvability. We illustrate that all models give ... More
On the Computational Complexity of Defining SetsDec 31 2006Suppose we have a family ${\cal F}$ of sets. For every $S \in {\cal F}$, a set $D \subseteq S$ is a {\sf defining set} for $({\cal F},S)$ if $S$ is the only element of $\cal{F}$ that contains $D$ as a subset. This concept has been studied in numerous ... More