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Quantum interaction between two gravitationally polarizable objects in presence of boundariesJan 11 2018We investigate, in the framework of the linearized quantum gravity and the leading-order perturbation theory, the quantum correction to the classical Newtonian interaction between a pair of gravitationally polarizable objects in the presence of both Neumann ... More
"Tom" pet robot applied to urban autismMay 14 2019With the fast development of network information technology, more and more people are immersed in the virtual community environment brought by the network, ignoring the social interaction in real life. The consequent urban autism problem has become more ... More
A Many-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Two Interacting Processes: Cascade Clustering and Reference Point Incremental LearningMar 03 2018Oct 04 2018Researches have shown difficulties in obtaining proximity while maintaining diversity for solving many-objective optimization problems (MaOPs). The complexities of the true Pareto Front (PF) pose serious challenges for the reference vector based algorithms ... More
Study on the frequency tuning of half-wave resonator at IMPJul 12 2013Sep 24 2013A 162.5 MHz superconducting half-wave resonator (HWR) with geometry beta of 0.09 is being developed for Injector II of China Accelerator Driven Sub-critical System (CADS) Project at the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP). The HWR section composed of 16 ... More
GraphGAN: Graph Representation Learning with Generative Adversarial NetsNov 22 2017The goal of graph representation learning is to embed each vertex in a graph into a low-dimensional vector space. Existing graph representation learning methods can be classified into two categories: generative models that learn the underlying connectivity ... More
The discharge characteristics of the DUHOCAMIS with a high magnetic bottle-shaped fieldJan 01 2014For the purpose to produce high intensity, multiply charged metal ion beams, the DUHOCAMIS (dual hollow cathode ion source for metal ions) was derived from the hot cathode Penning ion source combined with the hollow cathode sputtering experiments in 2007. ... More
A Short Proof of Stirling's FormulaDec 18 2013By changing variables in a suitable way and using dominated convergence methods, this note gives a short proof of Stirling's formula and its refinement.
Mechanical design and analysis for a low beta squeezed half-wave resonatorSep 24 2013A superconducting half-wave resonator (HWR) of frequency=162.5 MHz and {\beta}=0.09 has been developed at Institute of Modern Physics. Mechanical stability of the low beta HWR cavity is a big challenge in cavity design and optimization. The mechanical ... More
Deforming submanifolds of arbitrary codimension in a sphereMar 31 2012In this paper, we prove some convergence theorems for the mean curvature flow of closed submanifolds in the unit sphere $\mathbb{S}^{n+d}$ under integral curvature conditions. As a consequence, we obtain several differentiable sphere theorems for certain ... More
Mean curvature flow of higher codimension in Riemannian manifoldsMar 31 2012We investigate the convergence of the mean curvature flow of arbitrary codimension in Riemannian manifolds with bounded geometry. We prove that if the initial submanifold satisfies a pinching condition, then along the mean curvature flow the submanifold ... More
Geometric phase for an accelerated two-level atom and the Unruh effectMar 27 2012We study, in the framework of open quantum systems, the geometric phase acquired by a uniformly accelerated two-level atom undergoing nonunitary evolution due to its coupling to a bath of fluctuating vacuum electromagnetic fields in the multipolar scheme. ... More
An Eigenvalue Pinching Theorem for Compact Hypersurfaces in A SphereAug 27 2015In this article, we prove an eigenvalue pinching theorem for the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian on compact hypersurfaces in a sphere. Let $(M^n,g)$ be a closed, connected and oriented Riemannian manifold isometrically immersed by $\phi$ into $\S^{n+1}$. ... More
Propositions in Linear Multirole Logic as Multiparty Session TypesNov 27 2016We identify multirole logic as a new form of logic and formalize linear multirole logic (LMRL) as a natural generalization of classical linear logic (CLL). Among various meta-properties established for LMRL, we obtain one named multi-cut elimination stating ... More
Implementing Linking in Multiparty Sessions (Extended Abstract)Oct 29 2018The fast growth of service-oriented programming (SOP) is evident in this day and age of the Internet, and handling communication is of paramount importance in SOP. Session types are a formalism that is proposed to specify interactions between communicating ... More
A Note on Hamming distance of constacyclic codes of length $p^s$ over $\mathbb F_{p^m} + u\mathbb F_{p^m}$Dec 12 2016For any prime $p$, $\lambda$-constacyclic codes of length $p^s$ over ${\cal R}=\mathbb{F}_{p^m} + u\mathbb{F}_{p^m}$ are precisely the ideals of the local ring ${\cal R}_{\lambda}=\frac{{\cal R}[x]}{\left\langle x^{p^s}-\lambda \right\rangle}$, where ... More
Multirole Logic (Extended Abstract)Mar 19 2017We identify multirole logic as a new form of logic in which conjunction/disjunction is interpreted as an ultrafilter on the power set of some underlying set (of roles) and the notion of negation is generalized to endomorphisms on this underlying set. ... More
The dynamical behavior of $f(T)$ theoryJul 14 2010Aug 11 2010Recently, a new model obtained from generalizing teleparallel gravity, named $f(T)$ theory, is proposed to explain the present cosmic accelerating expansion with no need of dark energy. In this paper, we analyze the dynamical property of this theory. ... More
Constraints on a variable dark energy model with recent observationsNov 16 2006Nov 21 2006We place, by the maximum likelihood method, constraints on a variable dark energy model with the equation of state $w=w_0/[1+b\ln (1+z)]^2$ using some recent observational data, including the new Sne Ia data from the SNLS, the size of baryonic acoustic ... More
Is the present cosmic expansion decelerating?Dec 14 2010We probe the recent cosmic expansion by directly reconstructing the deceleration parameter $q(z)$ at recent times with a linear expansion at $z=0$ using the low redshift SNIa and BAO data. Our results show that the observations seem to favor a slowing ... More
$f(T)$ models with phantom divide line crossingAug 21 2010Feb 20 2011In this paper, we propose two new models in $f(T)$ gravity to realize the crossing of the phantom divide line for the effective equation of state, and we then study the observational constraints on the model parameters. The best fit results suggest that ... More
Probing the cosmic acceleration history and the properties of dark energy from the ESSENCE supernova data with a model independent methodFeb 14 2008Feb 29 2008With a model independent method the expansion history $H(z)$, the deceleration parameter $q(z)$ of the universe and the equation of state $w(z)$ for the dark energy are reconstructed directly from the 192 Sne Ia data points, which contain the new ESSENCE ... More
AFDI: A Virtualization-based Accelerated Fault Diagnosis Innovation for High Availability ComputingJul 29 2015Fault diagnosis has attracted extensive attention for its importance in the exceedingly fault management framework for cloud virtualization, despite the fact that fault diagnosis becomes more difficult due to the increasing scalability and complexity ... More
The extension and convergence of mean curvature flow in higher codimensionApr 05 2011In this paper, we first investigate the integral curvature condition to extend the mean curvature flow of submanifolds in a Riemannian manifold with codimension $d\geq1$, which generalizes the extension theorem for the mean curvature flow of hypersurfaces ... More
Vacuum fluctuations and Brownian motion of a charged test particle near a reflecting boundaryJun 17 2004Aug 25 2004We study the Brownian motion of a charged test particle coupled to electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations near a perfectly reflecting plane boundary. The presence of the boundary modifies the quantum fluctuations of the electric field, which in turn modifies ... More
Lightcone fluctuations in quantum gravity and extra dimensionsJul 08 1999Nov 30 2000We discuss how compactified extra dimensions may have potentially observable effects which grow as the compactification scale decreases. This arises because of lightcone fluctuations in the uncompactified dimensions which can result in the broadening ... More
Reducing the Upfront Cost of Private Clouds with Clairvoyant Virtual Machine PlacementFeb 09 2018Dec 22 2018Although public clouds still occupy the largest portion of the total cloud infrastructure, private clouds are attracting increasing interest from both industry and academia because of their better security and privacy control. According to the existing ... More
Joint Topic-Semantic-aware Social Recommendation for Online VotingDec 03 2017Online voting is an emerging feature in social networks, in which users can express their attitudes toward various issues and show their unique interest. Online voting imposes new challenges on recommendation, because the propagation of votings heavily ... More
A Reference Vector based Many-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Feasibility-aware AdaptationApr 12 2019The infeasible parts of the objective space in difficult many-objective optimization problems cause trouble for evolutionary algorithms. This paper proposes a reference vector based algorithm which uses two interacting engines to adapt the reference vectors ... More
Theory of electron transport in normal metal/superconductor junctionsJan 12 2000On the basis of the Keldysh method of non-equilibrium systems, we develop a theory of electron tunneling in normal-metal/superconductor junctions. By using the tunneling Hamiltonian model (being appropriate for the tight-binding systems), the tunneling ... More
Mean Curvature Flow of Higher Codimension in Hyperbolic SpacesMay 28 2011In this paper we investigate the convergence for the mean curvature flow of closed submanifolds with arbitrary codimension in space forms. Particularly, we prove that the mean curvature flow deforms a closed submanifold satisfying a pinching condition ... More
Online Decisioning Meta-Heuristic Framework for Large Scale Black-Box OptimizationDec 17 2018Out of practical concerns and with the expectation to achieve high overall efficiency of the resource utilization, this paper transforms the large scale black-box optimization problems with limited resources into online decision problems from the perspective ... More
Knowledge Graph Convolutional Networks for Recommender SystemsMar 18 2019To alleviate sparsity and cold start problem of collaborative filtering based recommender systems, researchers and engineers usually collect attributes of users and items, and design delicate algorithms to exploit these additional information. In general, ... More
Determining $H_0$ with a model-independent methodJan 08 2015In this letter, by using the type Ia supernovae (SNIa) to provide the luminosity distance (LD) directly, which is dependent on the value of the Hubble constant $H_0= 100 h\; {\rm km\; s^{-1}\; Mpc^{-1}}$, and the angular diameter distance from galaxy ... More
Density expectation value of two independent interacting Bose-Einstein condensatesJul 15 2005Sep 08 2005After removing the double-well potential trapping two initially independent Bose condensates, the density expectation value is calculated when both the exchange symmetry of identical bosons and interatomic interaction are considered. After the overlapping, ... More
Thermodynamic properties and phase transition of strongly interacting two-component Fermi gasesNov 25 2004The thermodynamic properties of two-component Fermi gases with divergent scattering length is investigated and the transition temperature for the emergence of a stable dimeric gas is obtained by a simple theoretical model where the unique property of ... More
A class of goodness-of-fit tests for spatial extremes models based on max-stable processesFeb 02 2012May 04 2014Parametric max-stable processes are increasingly used to model spatial extremes. Starting from the fact that the dependence structure of a max-stable process is completely characterized by an extreme-value copula, a class of goodness-of-fit tests is proposed ... More
Homogeneous Weights of Matrix Product Codes over Finite Principal Ideal RingsApr 04 2013In this paper, the homogeneous weights of matrix product codes over finite principal ideal rings are studied and a lower bound for the minimum homogeneous weights of such matrix product codes is obtained.
Repeated-root constacyclic codes of length $2\ell^mp^n$Jun 07 2014For any different odd primes $\ell$ and $p$, structure of constacyclic codes of length $2\ell^mp^n$ over a finite field $\mathbb F_q$ of characteritic $p$ and their duals is established in term of their generator polynomials. Among other results, all ... More
Spontaneous excitation of an accelerated hydrogen atom coupled with electromagnetic vacuum fluctuationsApr 27 2006We consider a multilevel hydrogen atom in interaction with the quantum electromagnetic field and separately calculate the contributions of the vacuum fluctuation and radiation reaction to the rate of change of the mean atomic energy of the atom for uniform ... More
Emergent universe in spatially flat cosmological modelNov 16 2013Feb 11 2014The scenario of an emergent universe provides a promising resolution to the big bang singularity in universes with positive or negative spatial curvature. It however remains unclear whether the scenario can be successfully implemented in a spatially flat ... More
Oscillating universe in the DGP braneworldFeb 07 2012With a method in which the Friedmann equation is written in a form such that evolution of the scale factor can be treated as that of a particle in a "potential", we classify all possible cosmic evolutions in the DGP braneworld scenario with the dark radiation ... More
The growth factor of matter perturbations in an f(R) gravityDec 10 2010The growth of matter perturbations in the $f(R)$ model proposed by Starobinsky is studied in this paper. Three different parametric forms of the growth index are considered respectively and constraints on the model are obtained at both the $1\sigma$ and ... More
Probing the course of cosmic expansion with a combination of observational dataNov 09 2010We study the cosmic expansion history by reconstructing the deceleration parameter $q(z)$ from the SDSS-II type Ia supernova sample (SNIa) with two different light curve fits (MLCS2k2 and SALT-II), the baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO) distance ratio, ... More
Examining the cosmic acceleration with the latest Union2 supernova dataNov 09 2010Jan 16 2011In this Letter, by reconstructing the $Om$ diagnostic and the deceleration parameter $q$ from the latest Union2 Type Ia supernova sample with and without the systematic error along with the baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO) and the cosmic microwave background ... More
Inflationary dynamics and preheating of the non-minimally coupled inflaton field in the metric and Palatini formalismsJan 12 2018Jan 25 2018The inflationary dynamics and preheating in a model with a non-minimally coupled inflaton field in the metric and Palatini formalisms are studied in this paper. We find that in both formalisms, irrespective of the initial conditions, our Universe will ... More
Lower and upper bounds for $H$-eigenvalues of even order real symmetric tensorsJul 16 2015In this article, we define new classes of tensors called double $\overline{B}$-tensors, quasi-double $\overline{B}$-tensors and establish some of their properties. Using these properties, we construct new regions viz., double $\overline{B}$-intervals ... More
The Convergence of Least-Squares Progressive Iterative Approximation with Singular Iterative MatrixJul 28 2017Developed in [Deng and Lin, 2014], Least-Squares Progressive Iterative Approximation (LSPIA) is an efficient iterative method for solving B-spline curve and surface least-squares fitting systems. In [Deng and Lin 2014], it was shown that LSPIA is convergent ... More
Short Text Hashing Improved by Integrating Multi-Granularity Topics and TagsMar 10 2015Due to computational and storage efficiencies of compact binary codes, hashing has been widely used for large-scale similarity search. Unfortunately, many existing hashing methods based on observed keyword features are not effective for short texts due ... More
Multi-Task Feature Learning for Knowledge Graph Enhanced RecommendationJan 23 2019Collaborative filtering often suffers from sparsity and cold start problems in real recommendation scenarios, therefore, researchers and engineers usually use side information to address the issues and improve the performance of recommender systems. In ... More
RippleNet: Propagating User Preferences on the Knowledge Graph for Recommender SystemsMar 09 2018Aug 25 2018To address the sparsity and cold start problem of collaborative filtering, researchers usually make use of side information, such as social networks or item attributes, to improve recommendation performance. This paper considers the knowledge graph as ... More
Hierarchical multi-class segmentation of glioma images using networks with multi-level activation functionOct 22 2018Nov 02 2018For many segmentation tasks, especially for the biomedical image, the topological prior is vital information which is useful to exploit. The containment/nesting is a typical inter-class geometric relationship. In the MICCAI Brain tumor segmentation challenge, ... More
Knowledge Graph Convolutional Networks for Recommender Systems with Label Smoothness RegularizationMay 11 2019Knowledge graphs capture interlinked information between entities and they represent an attractive source of structured information that can be harnessed for recommender systems. However, existing recommender engines use knowledge graphs by manually designing ... More
Visual-Texual Emotion Analysis with Deep Coupled Video and Danmu Neural NetworksNov 19 2018User emotion analysis toward videos is to automatically recognize the general emotional status of viewers from the multimedia content embedded in the online video stream. Existing works fall in two categories: 1) visual-based methods, which focus on visual ... More
Multi-field nanoindentation apparatus for measuring local mechanical properties of materials in external magnetic and electric fieldsJun 24 2013Nano/micro-scale mechanical properties of multiferroic materials can be controlled by the external magnetic or electric field due to the coupling interaction. For the first time, a modularized multi-field nanoindentation apparatus for carrying out testing ... More
Notes on the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of NewtonDec 29 2010Following Verlinde's recent work on the origin of gravity and the laws of Newton, we consider further the origin of the starting point of Verlinde's work and Unruh effect. Simple derivations are given for this starting point and Unruh effect with the ... More
Stochastic homogenization of certain nonconvex Hamilton-Jacobi equationsMar 23 2018In this paper, we prove the stochastic homogenization of certain nonconvex Hamilton-Jacobi equations. The nonconvex Hamiltonians, which are generally uneven and inseparable, are generated by a sequence of quasiconvex Hamiltonians and a sequence of quasiconcave ... More
Random homogenization of coercive Hamilton-Jacobi equations in 1dJul 25 2015In this paper, we will prove the random homogenization of general coercive non-convex Hamilton-Jacobi equations in one dimensional case. This extends the result of Armstrong, Tran and Yu when the Hamiltonian has a separable form $H(p,x,\omega)=H(p)+V(x,\omega)$ ... More
Applied Type System: An Approach to Practical Programming with Theorem-ProvingMar 25 2017The framework Pure Type System (PTS) offers a simple and general approach to designing and formalizing type systems. However, in the presence of dependent types, there often exist certain acute problems that make it difficult for PTS to directly accommodate ... More
New quantum gravity effect, dark energy, accelerating universe, black hole and experimental scheme using superfluid Helium and atom interferometerJan 03 2011Dec 03 2018Considerable attention has been focused on Verlinde's recent work, claiming that Newton's gravity is not a fundamental force. In a recent work (arXiv:1012.5858), we give further the logic basis and basic clues to derive the Newton's gravity, inertia law ... More
On the possible wave-packet collapse induced by topological disconnectivity and experimental suggestionsJan 08 2008Sep 27 2008The purpose of this paper is to explore the possibility of a wave-packet collapse induced by topological disconnectivity, based on the discussions of the wave-corpuscle duality. Several experimental suggestions are proposed to test this sort of wave-packet ... More
Observation of Geometric Phases for Three-Level Systems using NMR InterferometryApr 07 2008Geometric phase (GP) independent of energy and time rely only on the geometry of state space. It has been argued to have potential fault tolerance and plays an important role in quantum information and quantum computation. We present the first experiment ... More
Abnormal Quantum Gravity Effect: Experimental Scheme with Superfluid Helium Sphere and Applications to Accelerating UniverseJan 25 2011May 25 2011From the general assumption that gravity originates from the coupling and thermal equilibrium between matter and vacuum, after a derivation of Newton's law of gravitation and an interpretation of the attractive gravity force between two classical objects, ... More
On the quantitative interpretation of dark energy by quantum effect of gravity and experimental scheme with atom interferometerJan 06 2011Jan 10 2011From the general principle that gravity originates from the coupling and thermal equilibrium between matter and vacuum background, we give two simple equations to calculate the quantum effect of gravity. From these two equations, we calculate the ratio ... More
Parametric amplification of orbital angular momentum beams based on light-acoustic interactionMay 04 2015Aug 09 2015A high fidelity amplification of beams carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) is very crucial for OAM multiplexing and other OAM-based applications. Here, we report the first study of stimulated Brillouin amplification (SBA) for OAM beams, the energy ... More
Observation of reversible orbital angular momentum transfer based on photon-phonon couplingNov 30 2014Jan 24 2016Orbital angular momentum (OAM) has gained great interest due to its most attractive feature of high dimensionality, and several ground-breaking demonstrations in communication based on OAM multiplexing have been carried out. Accordingly, a rapid data-density ... More
Time to MRCA for stationary CBI-processesApr 07 2013Motivated by sample path decomposition of the stationary continuous state branching process with immigration, a general population model is considered using the idea of immortal individual. We compute the joint distribution of the random variables: the ... More
Strain Induced Slowdown of Front Propagation in Random Shear Flow via Analysis of G-equationsSep 02 2015It is proved that for the 2-dimensional case with random shear flow of the G-equation model with strain term, the strain term reduces the front propagation. Also an improvement of the main result by Armstrong-Souganidis is provided.
On the quantitative calculation of the cosmological constant of the quantum vacuumMay 26 2018It is widely believed that as one of the candidates for dark energy, the cosmological constant should relate directly with the quantum vacuum. Despite decades of theoretical effects, however, there is still no quantitative interpretation of the observed ... More
On self-dual and LCD double circulant and double negacirculant codes over $\mathbb{F}_q + u\mathbb{F}_q$Jun 08 2018Double circulant codes of length $2n$ over the semilocal ring $R = \mathbb{F}_q + u\mathbb{F}_q,\, u^2=u,$ are studied when $q$ is an odd prime power, and $-1$ is a square in $\mathbb{F}_q.$ Double negacirculant codes of length $2n$ are studied over $R$ ... More
New MDS Self-dual Codes over Finite Fields of Odd CharacteristicNov 07 2018May 19 2019In this paper, we produce new classes of MDS self-dual codes via (extended) generalized Reed-Solomon codes over finite fields of odd characteristic. Among our constructions, there are many MDS self-dual codes with new parameters which have never been ... More
New quantum gravity effect, dark energy, accelerating universe, black hole and experimental scheme using superfluid Helium and atom interferometerJan 03 2011Considerable attention has been focused on Verlinde's recent work, claiming that Newton's gravity is not a fundamental force. In a recent work (arXiv:1012.5858), we give further the logic basis and basic clues to derive the Newton's gravity, inertia law ... More
Second-Order Necessary/Sufficient Conditions for Optimal Control Problems in the Absence of Linear StructureAug 05 2010Second-order necessary conditions for optimal control problems are considered, where the ``second-order" is in the sense of that Pontryagin's maximum principle is viewed as a first-order necessary optimality condition. A sufficient condition for a local ... More
Abnormal Quantum Gravity Effect: Experimental Scheme with Superfluid Helium Sphere and Applications to Accelerating UniverseJan 25 2011Dec 04 2018From the general assumption that gravity originates from the coupling and thermal equilibrium between matter and vacuum, after a derivation of Newton's law of gravitation and an interpretation of the attractive gravity force between two classical objects, ... More
Repulsive gravitational effect of a quantum wave packet and experimental scheme with superfluid heliumJan 06 2011Dec 02 2018We consider the gravitational effect of quantum wave packets when quantum mechanics, gravity, and thermodynamics are simultaneously considered. Under the assumption of a thermodynamic origin of gravity, we propose a general equation to describe the gravitational ... More
Notes on the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of NewtonDec 29 2010Dec 03 2018Following Verlinde's recent work on the origin of gravity and the laws of Newton, we consider further the origin of the starting point of Verlinde's work and Unruh effect. Simple derivations are given for this starting point and Unruh effect with the ... More
Imaginary Potential Induced Quantum Coherence for Bose-Einstein CondensatesDec 21 2009The role of complex potentials in single-body Schr\H{o}dinger equation has been studied intensively. We study the quantum coherence for degenerate Bose gases in complex potentials, when the exchange symmetry of identical bosons is considered. For initially ... More
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Distinguishability of Linear Control SystemsFeb 14 2011Feb 18 2011Distinguishability takes a crucial rule in studying observability of hybrid system such as switched system. Recently, for two linear systems, Lou and Si gave a condition not only necessary but also sufficient to the distinguishability of linear systems. ... More
Optimality Conditions for Semilinear Parabolic Equations with Controls in Leading TermAug 19 2010An optimal control problem for semilinear parabolic partial differential equations is considered. The control variable appears in the leading term of the equation. Necessary conditions for optimal controls are established by the method of homogenizing ... More
Deep Latent Dirichlet Allocation with Topic-Layer-Adaptive Stochastic Gradient Riemannian MCMCJun 06 2017It is challenging to develop stochastic gradient based scalable inference for deep discrete latent variable models (LVMs), due to the difficulties in not only computing the gradients, but also adapting the step sizes to different latent factors and hidden ... More
Checkable Codes from Group RingsDec 26 2010We study codes with a single check element derived from group rings, namely, checkable codes. The notion of a code-checkable group ring is introduced. Necessary and sufficient conditions for a group ring to be code-checkable are given in the case where ... More
Sharp Constants for Inequalities of Poincaré Type: An Application of Optimal Control TheoryJul 04 2013Sharp constants for an inequality of Poincar\'e type is studied. The problem is solved by using optimal control theory.
Diffusion of particles in simple fluids: A joint theory of kinetics and hydrodynamicsJul 30 2016The particle diffusion in a fluid is a classical topic that dates back to more than one century ago. However, a full solution to this issue still lacks. In this work the velocity autocorrelation function and the diffusion constant are derived analytically, ... More
Dark Matter Results from First 98.7-day Data of PandaX-II ExperimentJul 25 2016Aug 23 2016We report the WIMP dark matter search results using the first physics-run data of the PandaX-II 500 kg liquid xenon dual-phase time-projection chamber, operating at the China JinPing Underground Laboratory. No dark matter candidate is identified above ... More
Dark Matter Search Results from the Commissioning Run of PandaX-IIFeb 21 2016Jun 05 2016We present the results of a search for WIMPs from the commissioning run of the PandaX-II experiment located at the China Jinping underground Laboratory. A WIMP search data set with an exposure of 306$\times$19.1 kg-day was taken, while its dominant $^{85}$Kr ... More
First dark matter search results from the PandaX-I experimentAug 21 2014Sep 04 2014We report on the first dark-matter (DM) search results from PandaX-I, a low threshold dual-phase xenon experiment operating at the China Jinping Underground Laboratory. In the 37-kg liquid xenon target with 17.4 live-days of exposure, no DM particle candidate ... More
Exploring the dark matter inelastic frontier with 79.6 days of PandaX-II dataAug 19 2017Oct 03 2017We report here the results of searching for inelastic scattering of dark matter (initial and final state dark matter particles differ by a small mass splitting) with nucleon with the first 79.6-day of PandaX-II data (Run 9). We set the upper limits for ... More
Nanotwin-Dominant Superstructures Selectively Grown on Anatase {001} FacetsFeb 27 2019Twinning abundant homo/heterojunction within crystals renders fascinating electronic, optical, mechanical, chemical properties, yet a facile, robust synthesis of this promising structure remains a challenge. Here, a hydrothermal feeding approach is developed ... More
Field Experiment on a Robust Hierarchical Metropolitan Quantum Cryptography NetworkJun 19 2009Jul 23 2009A hierarchical metropolitan quantum cryptography network upon the inner-city commercial telecom fiber cables is reported in this paper. The seven-user network contains a four-node backbone net with one node acting as the subnet gateway, a two-user subnet ... More
Nanotwin-Dominant Superstructures Selectively Grown on Anatase {001} FacetsFeb 27 2019Mar 04 2019homo/heterojunction renders fascinating electronic, optical, mechanical, chemical properties, yet a facile synthesis of this structure remains a challenge.
Modification of energy shifts of atoms by the presence of a boundary in a thermal bath and the Casimir-Polder forceAug 26 2009We study the modification by the presence of a plane wall of energy level shifts of two-level atoms which are in multipolar coupling with quantized electromagnetic fields in a thermal bath in a formalism which separates the contributions of thermal fluctuations ... More
Quantum entanglement generation in de Sitter spacetimeOct 29 2013We study, in the framework of open quantum systems, the entanglement generation between two mutually independent static two-level atoms in de Sitter spacetime. We treat the two-atom system as an open system in interaction with a bath of fluctuating conformally ... More
A Maximal Concurrency and Low Latency Distributed Scheduling Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksMar 18 2014Apr 01 2014Existing work that schedules concurrent transmissions collision-free suffers from low channel utilization. We propose the Optimal Node Activation Multiple Access (ONAMA) protocol to achieve maximal channel spatial reuse through a distributed maximal independent ... More
An Optimal Convergence Theorem for Mean Curvature Flow of Arbitrary Codimension in Hyperbolic SpacesMar 23 2015In this paper, we prove that if the initial submanifold $M_0$ of dimension $n(\ge6)$ satisfies an optimal pinching condition, then the mean curvature flow of arbitrary codimension in hyperbolic spaces converges to a round point in finite time. In particular, ... More
Casimir-Polder force for a polarizable molecule near a dielectric substrate out of thermal equilibriumMay 07 2015We demonstrate that the Casimir-Polder force for a molecule near the surface of a real dielectric substrate out of thermal equilibrium displays distinctive behaviors as compared to that at thermal equilibrium. In particular, when the molecule-substrate ... More
Energy shift and Casimir-Polder force for an atom out of thermal equilibrium near a dielectric substrateAug 20 2014Sep 07 2014We study the energy shift and the Casimir-Polder force of an atom out of thermal equilibrium near the surface of a dielectric substrate. We first generalize, adopting the local source hypothesis, the formalism proposed by Dalibard, Dupont-Roc and Cohen-Tannoudji, ... More
A Programmer-Centric Approach to Program Verification in ATSMar 27 2012Formal specification is widely employed in the construction of high-quality software. However, there is often a huge gap between formal specification and actual implementation. While there is already a vast body of work on software testing and verification, ... More
Strong parity effect of particle number in the interference fringes of Bose-Einstein condensates released from a double-well potentialJul 07 2009We study the parity effect of the particle number in the interference fringes of a Bose-Einstein condensate released from a double-well potential. For a coherently splitting condensate in the double-well potential, with a decoupled two-mode Bose-Hubbard ... More
Electromagnetic shielding in quantum metrologyApr 21 2015The dynamics of the quantum Fisher information of the parameters of the initial atomic state and atomic transition frequency is studied, in the framework of open quantum systems, for a static polarizable two-level atom coupled in the multipolar scheme ... More
Cesari-type Conditions for Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Leading Term Containing ControlsDec 05 2010An optimal control problem governed by semilinear elliptic partial differential equations is considered. The equation is in divergence form with the leading term containing controls. By studying the $G$-closure of the leading term, an existence result ... More