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Discovering and Leveraging the Most Valuable Links for RankingOct 05 2012On the Web, visits of a page are often introduced by one or more valuable linking sources. Indeed, good back links are valuable resources for Web pages and sites. We propose to discovering and leveraging the best backlinks of pages for ranking. Similar ... More
Reinforcement RankingMar 24 2013We introduce a new framework for web page ranking -- reinforcement ranking -- that improves the stability and accuracy of Page Rank while eliminating the need for computing the stationary distribution of random walks. Instead of relying on teleportation ... More
Practical Issues of Action-conditioned Next Image PredictionFeb 08 2018The problem of action-conditioned image prediction is to predict the expected next frame given the current camera frame the robot observes and an action selected by the robot. We provide the first comparison of two recent popular models, especially for ... More
Quench of non-Markovian coherence in the deep sub-Ohmic spin-boson model: A unitary equilibration schemeSep 10 2014The deep sub-Ohmic spin-boson model shows a longstanding non-Markovian coherence at low temperature. Motivating to quench this robust coherence, the thermal effect is unitarily incorporated into the time evolution of the model, which is calculated by ... More
A spin-boson theory for charge photogeneration in organic molecules: Role of quantum coherenceSep 13 2014The charge photogeneration process in organic molecules is investigated by a quantum heat engine model, in which two molecules are modeled by a two-spin system sandwiched between two bosonic baths at their own temperatures. The two baths represent the ... More
Asymptotic Behavior for Critical Patlak-Keller-Segel model and an Repulsive-Attractive Aggregation EquationDec 20 2011In this paper we study the long time asymptotic behavior for a class of diffusion-aggregation equations. Most results except the ones in Section 3.3 concern radial solutions. The main tools used in the paper are maximum-principle type arguments on mass ... More
Polaronic quantum diffusion in dynamic localization regimeNov 28 2016We investigate the quantum dynamics in a disordered electronic lattice with Fibonacci sequence of site energy and off-diagonal electron-phonon coupling within a sub-Ohmic bath by the time-dependent density matrix renormalization group algorithm. It is ... More
Coherent dynamics of singlet fission controlled by nonlocal electron-phonon couplingOct 23 2015Oct 28 2015Based on the Frenkel-charge transfer (CT) mixing model of singlet fission (SF), we incorporate both the local and nonlocal phonon baths in the Hamiltonian and adopt the algorithm of time-dependent density matrix renormalization group to simulate the fission ... More
A variational surface hopping algorithm for the sub-Ohmic spin-boson modelJun 12 2013Jun 21 2013The Davydov D1 ansatz, which assigns an individual bosonic trajectory to each spin state, is an efficient, yet extremely accurate trial state for time-dependent variation of the sub-Ohmic spin-boson model [J. Chem. Phys. 138, 084111 (2013)]. A surface ... More
Mixing and Un-mixing by Incompressible FlowsJul 15 2014We consider the questions of efficient mixing and un-mixing by incompressible flows which satisfy periodic, no-flow, or no-slip boundary conditions on a square. Under the uniform-in-time constraint $\|\nabla u(\cdot,t)\|_p\leq 1$ we show that any function ... More
The Patlak-Keller-Segel model and its variations: properties of solutions via maximum principleFeb 01 2011Nov 10 2011In this paper we investigate qualitative and asymptotic behavior of solutions for a class of diffusion-aggregation equations. Most results except the ones in section 3 and 6 concern radial solutions. The challenge in the analysis consists of the nonlocal ... More
Properties of CO Molecular Gas in IR Luminous GalaxiesSep 07 2003We present the properties of the 12CO(1-0) and (3-2) line emission from the nuclei of 60 IR luminous SLUGS galaxies. This subsample is flux limited at S60 > 5.24 Jy with FIR luminosities mostly at LFIR > 10^10 Lo. The emission line strengths of 12CO(1-0) ... More
Detecting Potential Instabilities of Numerical AlgorithmsSep 07 2015It has been the standard teaching of today that backward stability analysis is taught as absolute, just as in Newtonian physics time is taught absolute time. We will prove it is not true in general. It depends on algorithms. We will prove that forward ... More
Distribution of Normalized Zero-Sets of Random Entire Functions with Small Random PerturbationApr 11 2009In this paper, we extend our earlier result (see [Y-2008]) on the distribution of normalized zero-sets of random entire functions to random entire functions with small random perturbation.
Affine pavings for moduli spaces of pure sheaves on $\mathbb{P}^2$ with degree $\leq 5$Dec 26 2013Let $M(d,r)$ be the moduli space of semistable sheaves of rank 0, Euler characteristic $r$ and first Chern class $dH (d>0)$, with $H$ the hyperplane class in $\mathbb{P}^2$. By previous work, we gave an explicit description of the class $[M(d,r)]$ of ... More
Estimates of sections of determinant line bundles on Moduli spaces of pure sheaves on algebraic surfacesOct 09 2010Let $X$ be any smooth simply connected projective surface. We consider some moduli space of pure sheaves of dimension one on $X$, i.e. $\mhu$ with $u=(0,L,\chi(u)=0)$ and $L$ an effective line bundle on $X$, together with a series of determinant line ... More
Dressed Active Particles in Spherical CrystalsAug 03 2016We investigate the dynamics of an active particle in two-dimensional spherical crystals, which provide an ideal environment to illustrate the interplay of active particle and crystallographic defects. A moving active particle is observed to be surrounded ... More
$L^p$ Solutions of Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with JumpsJul 13 2010Jul 01 2016Given $p \in (1, 2)$, we study $L^p$-solutions of a multi-dimensional backward stochastic differential equation with jumps (BSDEJ) whose generator may not be Lipschitz continuous in $(y,z,u)$. We show that such a BSDEJ with a p-integrable terminal data ... More
The Continuity Method to Deform Cone AngleMay 07 2014Nov 08 2014The continuity method is used to deform the cone angle of a weak conical K\"ahler-Einstein metric with cone singularities along a smooth anti-canonical divisor on a smooth Fano manifold. This leads to an alternative proof of Donaldson's Openness Theorem ... More
Infinitesimally extremal Beltrami differentials of non-landslide typeOct 28 2016In this paper, it is shown that there are infinitely many extremal Beltrami differentials of non-landside type and non-constant modulus in an infinitesimal equivalence class unless the class contains a unique extremal.
Maximality of the sum of the subdifferential operator and a maximally monotone operatorJun 30 2014The most important open problem in Monotone Operator Theory concerns the maximal monotonicity of the sum of two maximally monotone operators provided that the classical Rockafellar's constraint qualification holds, which is called the "sum problem". In ... More
Computer-Aided Annotation for Video Tampering Dataset of Forensic ResearchFeb 07 2018The annotation of video tampering dataset is a boring task that takes a lot of manpower and financial resources. At present, there is no published literature which is capable to improve the annotation efficiency of forged videos. We presented a computer-aided ... More
Strange duality on $\mathbb{P}^2$ via quiver representationsJul 24 2018We study Le Potier's strange duality conjecture on $\mathbb{P}^2$. We focus on the strange duality map $SD_{c_n^r,d}$ which involves the moduli space of rank $r$ sheaves with trivial first Chern class and second Chern class $n$, and the moduli space of ... More
Definable Topological Dynamics for Trigonalizable Algebraic Groups over QpJan 28 2019Jan 30 2019We study the flow (G(Qp); SG(Qp)) of trigonalizable algebraic group acting on its type space, focusing on the problem raised in [17] of whether weakly generic types coincide with almost periodic types if the group has global definable f-generic types, ... More
Existence of extremal Beltrami coefficients with non-constant modulusMay 11 2007Jan 24 2009Suppose $[\mu]_{T(\Delta)}$ is a point of the universal Teichm\"uller space $T(\Delta)$. In 1998, it was shown by Bo\v{z}in et al. that there exists $\mu$ such that $\mu$ has non-constant modulus and is uniquely extremal in $[\mu]_{T(\Delta)}$. It is ... More
A Theoretical Study of Mafia GamesApr 01 2008Mafia can be described as an experiment in human psychology and mass hysteria, or as a game between informed minority and uninformed majority. Focus on a very restricted setting, Mossel et al. [to appear in Ann. Appl. Probab. Volume 18, Number 2] showed ... More
Fundamental theorem of hyperbolic geometry without the injectivity assumptionOct 09 2008Feb 16 2009Let $\mathbb{H}^n$ be the $n-$dimensional hyperbolic space. It is well known that, if $f: \mathbb{H}^n\to \mathbb{H}^n$ is a bijection that preserves $r-$dimensional hyperplanes, then $f$ is an isometry. In this paper we make neither injectivity nor $r-$hyperplane ... More
The J-flow On Toric ManifoldsJul 04 2014We study the J-flow on the toric manifolds, through study the transition map between the moment maps induced by two K\"{a}hler metrics, which is a diffeomorphism between polytopes. This is similar to the work of Fang-Lai, under the assumption of Calabi ... More
Primary Decomposition: Compatibility, Independence and Linear GrowthSep 20 2002For finitely generated modules $N \subsetneq M$ over a Noetherian ring $R$, we study the following properties about primary decomposition: (1) The Compatibility property, which says that if $\ass (M/N)=\{P_1, P_2, ..., P_s\}$ and $Q_i$ is a $P_i$-primary ... More
Moduli spaces of semistable sheaves of dimension 1 on $\mathbb{P}^2$Jun 21 2012Dec 30 2013Let $M(d,\chi)$ be the moduli space of semistable sheaves of rank 0, Euler characteristic $\chi$ and first Chern class $dH (d>0)$, with $H$ the hyperplane class in $\mathbb{P}^2$. We give a description of $M(d,\chi)$, viewing each sheaf as a class of ... More
Glick's conjecture on the point of collapse of axis-aligned polygons under the pentagram mapsOct 28 2014The pentagram map has been studied in a series of papers by Schwartz and others. Schwartz showed that an axis-aligned polygon collapses to a point under a predictable number of iterations of the pentagram map. Glick gave a different proof using cluster ... More
Existence and stability of periodic planar standing waves in phase-transitional elasticity with strain-gradient effectsOct 31 2011Oct 23 2012Extending investigations of Antman & Malek-Madani, Schecter & Shearer, Slemrod, Barker & Lewicka & Zumbrun, and others, we investigate phase-transitional elasticity models of strain-gradient effect. We prove the existence of non-constant planar periodic ... More
Motivic measures of moduli spaces of 1-dimensional sheaves on rational surfacesSep 01 2015We study the moduli space of rank 0 semistable sheaves on some rational surfaces. We show the irreducibility and stable rationality of them under some conditions. We also compute several (virtual) Betti numbers of those moduli spaces by computing their ... More
Moduli spaces of 1-dimensional semi-stable sheaves and Strange duality on $\mathbb{P}^2$Apr 25 2015Jun 11 2017We study Le Potier's strange duality conjecture on $\mathbb{P}^2$. We show the conjecture is true for the pair ($W(2,0,2),~M(d,0)$) with $d>0$, where $W(2,0,2)$ is the moduli space of semistable sheaves of rank 2, zero first Chern class and second Chern ... More
The sum of a maximal monotone operator of type (FPV) and a maximal monotone operator with full domain is maximal monotoneMay 13 2010Aug 14 2010The most important open problem in Monotone Operator Theory concerns the maximal monotonicity of the sum of two maximal monotone operators provided that Rockafellar's constraint qualification holds. In this paper, we prove the maximal monotonicity of ... More
A data-driven method for the steady state of randomly perturbed dynamicsMay 10 2018We demonstrate a data-driven method to solve the invariant probability density function of a randomly perturbed dynamical system. The key idea is to replace the boundary condition of numerical schemes by a least square problem corresponding to a reference ... More
On the polynomial convergence rate to nonequilibrium steady-statesJul 28 2016Aug 24 2016We consider a stochastic energy exchange model that models the 1D microscopic heat conduction. When coupled with heat baths with different temperature, we prove the existence and uniqueness of the nonequilibrium steady-state (NESS), and more important, ... More
Joint pricing and inventory control for a stochastic inventory system with Brownian demandAug 10 2016In this paper, we consider a infinite horizon continuous-review stochastic inventory system in which cumulative customers' demand is price-dependent and is modeled as a Brownian motion. Excess demand is backlogged. The revenue is earned by selling products ... More
A binary infinitesimal form of Teichmuller metricJan 24 2009Feb 16 2009Let $S$ be a Riemann surface of analytic finite type or the unit disk in the complex plane. Let $[\mu]$ denote the Teichm\"uller equivalence classes of Beltrami differentials $\mu $. We apply the Fundamental Inequalities to obtain a binary infinitesimal ... More
Existence of Weak Conical Kähler-Einstein Metrics Along Smooth HypersurfacesAug 20 2013The existence of \emph{weak conical K\"ahler-Einstein} metrics along smooth hypersurfaces with angle between $0$ and $2\pi$ is obtained by studying a smooth continuity method and a \emph{local Moser's iteration} technique. In the case of negative and ... More
Greatest lower bounds on Ricci curvature of homogeneous toric bundlesAug 07 2016Aug 28 2016For Fano homogeneous toric bundles, we obtain a formula of the greatest lower bound on Ricci curvature. We also give a criteria for the ampleness of a kind of line bundles over general homogeneous toric bundles.
On the Information of the Second Moments Between Random Variables Using Mutually Unbiased BasesDec 16 2007Dec 19 2007The notation of mutually unbiased bases(MUB) was first introduced by Ivanovic to reconstruct density matrixes\cite{Ivanovic}. The subject about how to use MUB to analyze, process, and utilize the information of the second moments between random variables ... More
Determinant line bundles on Moduli spaces of pure sheaves on rational surfaces and Strange DualityMay 18 2010Jul 24 2010Let $\mhu$ be the moduli space of semi-stable pure sheaves of class $u$ on a smooth complex projective surface $X$. We specify $u=(0,L,\chi(u)=0),$ i.e. sheaves in $u$ are of dimension $1$. There is a natural morphism $\pi$ from the moduli space $\mhu$ ... More
Strange duality on rational surfacesApr 19 2016We study Le Potier's strange duality conjecture on a rational surface. We focus on the case involving the moduli space of rank 2 sheaves with trivial first Chern class and second Chern class 2, and the moduli space of 1-dimensional sheaves with determinant ... More
Many-body singlets by dynamic spin polarizationJan 20 2011We show that dynamic spin polarization by collective raising and lowering operators can drive a spin ensemble from arbitrary initial state to many-body singlets, the zero-collective-spin states with large scale entanglement. For an ensemble of $N$ arbitrary ... More
Tevatron Combination and Higgs Boson PropertiesMay 15 2013We present the Tevatron combination of searches for the Higgs boson and studies of its properties. The searches use up to 10 fb$^{-1}$ of Tevatron collider Run II data. We observe a significant excess of events in the mass range between 115 and 140 GeV/c$^2$. ... More
Devil's Staircase -- Rotation Number of Outer Billiard with Polygonal Invariant CurvesFeb 10 2014In this paper, we discuss rotation number on the invariant curve of a one parameter family of outer billiard tables. Given a convex polygon $\eta$, we can construct an outer billiard table $T$ by cutting out a fixed area from the interior of $\eta$. $T$ ... More
Geodesic disks in asymptotic Teichmüller spaceJun 29 2015Let $S$ be a hyperbolic Riemann surface. In a finite-dimensional Teichm\"uller space $T(S)$, it is still an open problem whether the geodesic disk passing through two points is unique. In an infinite-dimensional Teichm\"uller space it is also unclear ... More
Global solution to the three-dimensional liquid crystal flows of Q-tensor modelJan 28 2016Feb 28 2016A complex non-Newtonian fluid models the nematic liquid crystal flows confined in a bounded domain in $\mathbb{R}^3$ is considered. The system is a forced incompressible Navier-Stokes equation coupled with a parabolic type Q-tensor flows. Under suitable ... More
Phase Transition for the Contact Process in a Random Environment on Zd*Z+Feb 27 2018Nov 27 2018We review the results in Chen & Yao(2009,2012) which concern the contact process in a static random environment on the half space Z^d*Z^+ and make some addition to them. Furthermore, we explain why our methods cannot apply to the whole space case and ... More
The Brezis-Browder Theorem revisited and properties of Fitzpatrick functions of order nMay 25 2009In this note, we study maximal monotonicity of linear relations (set-valued operators with linear graphs) on reflexive Banach spaces. We provide a new and simpler proof of a result due to Brezis-Browder which states that a monotone linear relation with ... More
Strange duality on rational surfaces II: higher rank casesMar 20 2017Mar 21 2017We study Le Potier's strange duality conjecture on a rational surface. We focus on the strange duality map $SD_{c_n^r,L}$ which involves the moduli space of rank $r$ sheaves with trivial first Chern class and second Chern class $n$, and the moduli space ... More
An affirmative answer to a problem posed by ZalinescuNov 10 2009Recently, in [5] Zalinescu posed a question about the characterization of the intrinsic core of the Minkowski sum of two graphs associated with two maximal monotone operators. In this note we give an affirmative answer.
Discussion of "Feature Matching in Time Series Modeling" by Y. Xia and H. TongJan 06 2012Discussion of "Feature Matching in Time Series Modeling" by Y. Xia and H. Tong [arXiv:1104.3073]
Unsupervised Learning on Neural Network Outputs: with Application in Zero-shot LearningJun 02 2015May 23 2016The outputs of a trained neural network contain much richer information than just an one-hot classifier. For example, a neural network might give an image of a dog the probability of one in a million of being a cat but it is still much larger than the ... More
Parity Decision Tree Complexity and 4-Party Communication Complexity of XOR-functions Are Polynomially EquivalentJun 09 2015Jun 28 2015In this note, we study the relation between the parity decision tree complexity of a boolean function $f$, denoted by $\mathrm{D}_{\oplus}(f)$, and the $k$-party number-in-hand multiparty communication complexity of the XOR functions $F(x_1,\ldots, x_k)= ... More
A New Hypothesis On The Origin and Formation of The Solar And Extrasolar Planetary SystemsMar 02 2014A new theoretical hypothesis on the origin and formation of the solar and extrasolar planetary systems is summarized and briefly discussed in the light of recent detections of extrasolar planets, and studies of shock wave interaction with molecular clouds, ... More
Moduli spaces of 1-dimensional semi-stable sheaves and Strange duality on $\mathbb{P}^2$Apr 25 2015We study Le Potier's strange duality conjecture on $\mathbb{P}^2$. We show the conjecture is true for the pair ($M(2,0,2),~M(d,0)$) with $d>0$, where $M(2,0,2)$ is the moduli space of semistable sheaves of rank 2, zero first Chern class and second Chern ... More
Towards Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime for an Arbitrary ObserverJul 15 2009We propose a new framework of quantum field theory for an arbitrary observer in curved spacetime, defined in the spacetime region in which each point can both receive a signal from and send a signal to the observer. Multiple motivations for this proposal ... More
Successive Difference Substitution Based on Column Stochastic Matrix and Mechanical Decision for Positive Semi-definite FormsApr 27 2009Apr 02 2010The theory part of this paper is sketched as follows. Based on column stochastic average matrix $T_n$ selected as a basic substitution matrix, the method of advanced successive difference substitution is established. Then, a set of necessary and sufficient ... More
Quantum computing with single electron bubbles in heliumOct 27 2005An electron inside liquid helium forms a bubble of 17 \AA in radius. In an external magnetic field, the two-level system of a spin 1/2 electron is ideal for the implementation of a qubit for quantum computing. The electron spin is well isolated from other ... More
Studies of measuring Higgs self-coupling with $HH\rightarrow b\bar b γγ$ at the future hadron collidersAug 28 2013Sep 11 2013We present a feasibility study of observing $HH\rightarrow b\bar b\gamma\gamma$ at the future hadron colliders with $\sqrt{s}=$14, 33, and 100 TeV. The measured cross section then can be used to constrain the Higgs self-coupling directly in the standard ... More
On nonuniqueness of geodesics in asymptotic Teichmüller spaceJun 29 2015In an infinite-dimensional Teichm\"uller space, it is known that the geodesic connecting two points can be unique or not. In this paper, we study the situation on the geodesic in the universal asymptotic Teichm\"uller space $AT(\Delta)$. We introduce ... More
On infinitesimally weakly non-decreasable Beltrami differentialsOct 28 2016Z. Zhou et al. proved that in a Teichm\"uller equivalence class, there exists an extremal quasiconformal mapping with a weakly non-decreasable dilatation. In this paper, we prove that in an infinitesimal equivalence class, there exists a weakly non-decreasable ... More
A note on a Marčenko-Pastur type theorem for time seriesSep 08 2011In this note we develop an extension of the Mar\v{c}enko-Pastur theorem to time series model with temporal correlations. The limiting spectral distribution (LSD) of the sample covariance matrix is characterised by an explicit equation for its Stieltjes ... More
Signature-Based Gröbner Basis Algorithms --- Extended MMM Algorithm for computing Gröbner basesAug 11 2013Signature-based algorithms is a popular kind of algorithms for computing Gr\"obner bases, and many related papers have been published recently. In this paper, no new signature-based algorithms and no new proofs are presented. Instead, a view of signature-based ... More
Evolving Starburst Modeling of FIR/sub-mm/mm Line Emission. II. Application to M 82Sep 03 2009Sep 10 2009We present starburst models for far-infrared/sub-millimeter/millimeter (FIR/sub-mm/mm) line emission of molecular and atomic gas in an evolving starburst region, which is treated as an ensemble of non-interacting hot bubbles which drive spherical shells ... More
Evolving Starburst Modeling of FIR/sub-mm/mm Line Emission. III. Application to Nearby Luminous Infrared GalaxiesSep 08 2009Apr 23 2010In a previous work, we showed that the observed FIR/sub-mm/mm line spectra of a starburst galaxy (M 82) can be successfully modeled in terms of the evolutionary scheme of an ensemble of giant molecular clouds (GMCs) and shells, and such studies can usefully ... More
Distribution of Normalized Zero-Sets of Random Entire FunctionsNov 20 2008This paper is concerned with the distribution of normalized zero-sets of random entire functions. The normalization of the zero-set is performed in the same way as that of the counting function for an entire function in Nevanlinna theory. The result generalizes ... More
Nuclear spin-density wave theoryJul 09 2009Sep 15 2009Recently [arXiv:0906.5417], we reported a quantum phase transition of 103mRh excited by bremsstrahlung pumping. The long-lived Moessbauer excitation is delocalized as a neutral quasiparticle carrying a spin current. This letter gives a general theory ... More
Quantum phase transition of the 103mRh spin-density waveJun 30 2009We induce a quantum phase transition of the 103mRh excitation at the critical density of 10^{12} cm^{-3} by bremsstrahlung pumping at 300 K. A massive 103mRh spin-density wave carrying a spin current moves on the identical 103Rh matrix like a quantum ... More
Motivic measures of the moduli spaces of pure sheaves on $\mathbb{P}^2$ with all degreesMar 21 2015Mar 31 2015Let $\mathcal{M}(d,\chi)$ be the moduli stack of stable sheaves of rank 0, Euler characteristic $\chi$ and first Chern class $dH~(d>0)$, with $H$ the hyperplane class in $\mathbb{P}^2$. We compute the $A$-valued motivic measure $\mu_A(\mathcal{M}(d,\chi))$ ... More
Non-decreasable extremal Beltrami differentials of non-landslide typeJun 22 2016In this paper, we deform a uniquely-extremal Beltrami differential into different non-decreasable Beltrami differentials, and then construct non-unique extremal Beltrami differentials such that they are both non-landslide and non-decreasable.
Characterizations of ultramaximally monotone operatorsJan 29 2014In this paper, we study properties of ultramaximally monotone operators. We characterize the interior and the closure of the range of an ultramaximally monotone operator. We establish the Brezis--Haraux condition in the setting of a general Banach space. ... More
The sum of a maximally monotone linear relation and the subdifferential of a proper lower semicontinuous convex function is maximally monotoneOct 21 2010The most important open problem in Monotone Operator Theory concerns the maximal monotonicity of the sum of two maximally monotone operators provided that Rockafellar's constraint qualification holds. In this paper, we prove the maximal monotonicity of ... More
Probing Graph Proper Total Colorings With Additional Constrained ConditionsDec 29 2015Graph colorings are becoming an increasingly useful family of mathematical models for a broad range of applications, such as time tabling and scheduling, frequency assignment, register allocation, computer security and so on. Graph proper total colorings ... More
Local regularity for the modified SQG patch equationAug 30 2015We study the patch dynamics on the whole plane and on the half-plane for a family of active scalars called modified SQG equations. These involve a parameter $\alpha$ which appears in the power of the kernel in their Biot-Savart laws and describes the ... More
Congested aggregation via Newtonian interactionMar 11 2016We consider a congested aggregation model that describes the evolution of a density through the competing effects of nonlocal Newtonian attraction and a hard height constraint. This provides a counterpoint to existing literature on repulsive-attractive ... More
Quasi-static evolution and congested crowd transportApr 10 2013We consider the relationship between Hele-Shaw evolution with drift, the porous medium equation with superharmonic drift, and a congested crowd motion model originally proposed by [MRS]- [MRSV]. We first use viscosity solutions to show that the porous ... More
Finite time blow up for a 1D model of 2D Boussinesq systemDec 17 2013The 2D conservative Boussinesq system describes inviscid, incompressible, buoyant fluid flow in gravity field. The possibility of finite time blow up for solutions of this system is a classical problem of mathematical hydrodynamics. We consider a 1D model ... More
Comment on "Unified view of quantum correlations and quantum coherence"Dec 03 2017We show that contrary to what it is claimed in Phys. Rev. A \textbf{94}, 022329 (2016), in general the local projective measurement that induces maximal coherence loss is \textit{not} the projection onto the local basis that defines the coherence of the ... More
Trouble of Non-LinearityFeb 05 2002Feb 06 2002All complex fluid motions, such as transition and turbulence, obeying the Navier-Stokes equations are non-linear phenomena. Some aspects of the non-linear terms of these equations are not well understood and are, in fact, misunderstood. The one-dimensional ... More
The Bernardi process and torsor structures on spanning treesJun 19 2014Feb 09 2016Let G be a ribbon graph, i.e., a connected finite graph G together with a cyclic ordering of the edges around each vertex. By adapting a construction due to O. Bernardi, we associate to any pair (v,e) consisting of a vertex v and an edge e adjacent to ... More
Normal State Properties of a resonantly interacting p-wave Fermi GasSep 21 2016Motivated by the recent experimental progresses in the study of p-wave resonant Fermi gas, we investigate the normal state properties of such a gas close to a p-wave scattering resonance. We calculate the universal equation of state and the two p-wave ... More
On the 2-mode and $k$-photon quantum Rabi modelsJul 14 2015Aug 13 2015By mapping the Hamiltonians of the two-mode and 2-photon Rabi models to differential operators in suitable Hilbert spaces of entire functions, we prove that the two models are defined (i.e. possess entire wavefunctions) only if the frequency $\omega$ ... More
Series expansions from the corner transfer matrix renormalization group method: the hard squares modelJul 08 2011Jul 11 2011The corner transfer matrix renormalization group method is an efficient method for evaluating physical quantities in statistical mechanical models. It originates from Baxter's corner transfer matrix equations and method, and was developed by Nishino and ... More
Criteria for flatness and injectivityMar 24 2011Let $R$ be a commutative Noetherian ring. We give criteria for flatness of $R$-modules in terms of associated primes and torsion-freeness of certain tensor products. This allows us to develop a criterion for regularity if $R$ has characteristic $p$, or ... More
Metric learning for phylogenetic invariantsMar 15 2007We introduce new methods for phylogenetic tree quartet construction by using machine learning to optimize the power of phylogenetic invariants. Phylogenetic invariants are polynomials in the joint probabilities which vanish under a model of evolution ... More
${1\over m_b}$ and ${1\over m_t}$ Expansion of the Weak Mixing MatrixNov 14 1994Nov 20 1994We perform a $1/m_b$ and $1/m_t$ expansion of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi- Maskawa mixing matrix. Data suggest that the dominant parts of the Yukawa couplings are factorizable into sets of numbers $\vert r>$, $\vert s>$, and $\vert s'>$, associated, respectively, ... More
On Two Simple and Effective Procedures for High Dimensional Classification of General PopulationsJan 08 2015In this paper, we generalize two criteria, the determinant-based and trace-based criteria proposed by Saranadasa (1993), to general populations for high dimensional classification. These two criteria compare some distances between a new observation and ... More
Moment approach for singular values distribution of a large auto-covariance matrixOct 03 2014Oct 14 2014Let $(\varepsilon_{t})_{t>0}$ be a sequence of independent real random vectors of $p$-dimension and let $X_T= \sum_{t=s+1}^{s+T}\varepsilon_t\varepsilon^T_{t-s}/T$ be the lag-$s$ ($s$ is a fixed positive integer) auto-covariance matrix of $\varepsilon_t$. ... More
Theoretical and numerical Analysis on Optimal dividend policy of an insurance company with positive transaction cost and higher solvencyMay 09 2010Dec 21 2010Based on a point of view that solvency and security are first, this paper considers regular-singular stochastic optimal control problem of a large insurance company facing positive transaction cost asked by reinsurer under solvency constraint. The company ... More
Optimization of dividend and reinsurance strategies under ruin probability constraintMay 09 2010Aug 28 2010This paper considers nonlinear regular-singular stochastic optimal control of large insurance company. The company controls the reinsurance rate and dividend payout process to maximize the expected present value of the dividend pay-outs until the time ... More
Sequential multi-sensor change-point detectionJul 10 2012May 09 2013We develop a mixture procedure to monitor parallel streams of data for a change-point that affects only a subset of them, without assuming a spatial structure relating the data streams to one another. Observations are assumed initially to be independent ... More
Sequential Low-Rank Change DetectionOct 03 2016Oct 07 2016Detecting emergence of a low-rank signal from high-dimensional data is an important problem arising from many applications such as camera surveillance and swarm monitoring using sensors. We consider a procedure based on the largest eigenvalue of the sample ... More
Uniform Sobolev Resolvent Estimates for the Laplace-Beltrami Operator on Compact ManifoldsSep 25 2012Feb 24 2013In this paper we continue the study on the resolvent estimates of the Laplace-Beltrami operator $\Delta_g$ on a compact manifolds $M$ with dimension $n\geq3$. On the Sobolev line $1/p-1/q=2/n$ we can prove that the resolvent $(\Delta_g+\zeta)^{-1}$ is ... More
Nonlinear optics of graphene in a strong magnetic fieldSep 11 2012Graphene placed in a magnetic field possesses an extremely high mid/far-infrared optical nonlinearity originating from its unusual band structure and selection rules for the optical transitions near the Dirac point. Here we study the linear and nonlinear ... More
Giant optical nonlinearity of graphene in a strong magnetic fieldOct 21 2011Dec 12 2011We present quantum-mechanical density-matrix formalism for calculating the nonlinear optical response of magnetized graphene, valid for arbitrarily strong magnetic and optical fields. We show that magnetized graphene possesses by far the highest third-order ... More
Radial Deformations and Cavitation in Riemannian Manifolds with Applications to Membrane ShellsJan 31 2014This study is a geometric version of Ball's work, Philos. Trans. Roy. Soc. London Ser. A 306 (1982), no. 1496, 557-611. Radial deformations in Riemannian manifolds are singular solutions to some nonlinear equations given by constitutive functions and ... More
Role of Large Scale Channel Information on Predictive Resource AllocationJan 22 2016When the future achievable rate is perfectly known, predictive resource allocation can provide high performance gain over traditional resource allocation for the traffic without stringent delay requirement. However, future channel information is hard ... More