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Filtering solar-like oscillations for exoplanet detection in radial velocity observationsMar 02 2019Cool main-sequence, sub-giant and red-giant stars all show solar-like oscillations, pulsations that are excited and intrinsically damped by near-surface convection. Many overtones are typically excited to observable amplitudes, giving a rich spectrum ... More
Pointwise Schauder estimates of parabolic equations in Carnot groupsJan 13 2016Schauder estimates were a historical stepping stone for establishing uniqueness and smoothness of solutions for certain classes of partial differential equations. Since that time, they have remained an essential tool in the field. Roughly speaking, the ... More
Alignment CorrespondencesNov 24 2000We study correspondences of zero-dimensional subschemes of a smooth variety X "aligned" in the same way in inside the appropriate product of Hilbert schemes. We show that such correspondences have etale covering by other such correspondences that are ... More
Electron Beam Evolution and Radio Emission in the Inhomogeneous Solar CoronaJul 04 2013This thesis considers the propagation of accelerated electron beams in plasma. We consider the wave particle interactions these undergo which cause their evolution, the effects of plasma density inhomogeneities on these interactions, and the effects this ... More
Kähler-Einstein metrics and higher alpha-invariantsNov 26 2014Dec 01 2014We give a criterion for the existence of a K\"ahler-Einstein metric on a Fano manifold $M$ in terms of the higher algebraic alpha-invariants $\alpha_{m,k}(M)$.
Toric Varieties in Hilbert SchemesNov 26 2000For an arbitrary field K, let I be an ideal in the ring K[[x,y]] expressible as a polynomial in either the pair of ideals (x, y^4) and (x,y) or the pair (x,y^3) and (x^2, y). Let G be the group of automorphisms of K[[x,y]] sending the ideal (x,y^2) to ... More
Conformal classes realizing the Yamabe invariantNov 02 2014Dec 27 2014We give a characterization of conformal classes realizing a compact manifold's Yamabe invariant. This characterization is the analogue of an observation of Nadirashvili for metrics realizing the maximal first eigenvalue, and of Fraser and Schoen for metrics ... More
Counting Singular Plane Curves Via Hilbert SchemesNov 24 2000Jan 14 2001We give a method of counting the number of curves with a given type of singularity in a suitably ample linear series on a smooth surface using punctual Hilbert schemes. The types of singulaties for which our methods suffice include the topological type ... More
Constraining Stellar Photospheres as an Essential Step for Transmission Spectroscopy of Small ExoplanetsMar 14 2019Transmission spectra probe the atmospheres of transiting exoplanets, but these observations are also subject to signals introduced by magnetic active regions on host stars. Here we outline scientific opportunities in the next decade for providing useful ... More
Homological mirror symmetry for open Riemann surfaces from pair-of-pants decompositionsAug 16 2016Given a punctured Riemann surface with a pair-of-pants decomposition, we compute its wrapped Fukaya category in a suitable model by reconstructing it from those of various pairs of pants. The pieces are glued together in the sense that the restrictions ... More
Understanding Astrophysical Noise from Stellar Surface Magneto-ConvectionAug 11 2014Aug 21 2014To obtain cm/s precision, stellar surface magneto-convection must be disentangled from observed radial velocities (RVs). In order to understand and remove the convective signature, we create Sun-as-a-star model observations based on a 3D magnetohydrodynamic ... More
Stellar Surface Magneto-Convection as a Source of Astrophysical Noise. I. Multi-component Parameterisation of Absorption Line ProfilesDec 02 2012We outline our techniques to characterise photospheric granulation as an astrophysical noise source. A four component parameterisation of granulation is developed that can be used to reconstruct stellar line asymmetries and radial velocity shifts due ... More
Refined architecture of the WASP-8 system: a cautionary tale for traditional Rossiter-McLaughlin analysisNov 23 2016Probing the trajectory of a transiting planet across the disk of its star through the analysis of its Rossiter-McLaughlin effect can be used to measure the differential rotation of the host star and the true obliquity of the system. Highly misaligned ... More
The Little Higgs boson at a photon colliderAug 31 2004We calculate the partial widths of the light Higgs boson in the Littlest Higgs model. The loop-induced Higgs coupling to photon pairs, which is especially sensitive to effects of the new TeV-scale particles running in the loop, can be probed with high ... More
Characterization and suppression techniques for degree of radiation damping in inversion recovery measurementsAug 11 2014Aug 12 2014Radiation damping (RD) has been shown to affect T1 measurement in inversion recovery experiments. In this work, we demonstrate that the extent of RD depends upon the T1 of the sample. RD difference spectroscopy (RADDSY) is used to characterize the severity ... More
TASI 2013 lectures on Higgs physics within and beyond the Standard ModelJun 06 2014These lectures start with a detailed pedagogical introduction to electroweak symmetry breaking in the Standard Model, including gauge boson and fermion mass generation and the resulting predictions for Higgs boson interactions. I then survey Higgs boson ... More
Hiding a Higgs width enhancement from off-shell gg (--> h*) --> ZZ measurementsDec 24 2014Oct 13 2015Measurements of the off-shell Higgs boson production cross section in gg (--> h*) --> ZZ have recently been used by the CMS and ATLAS collaborations to indirectly constrain the total width of the Higgs boson. I point out that the interpretation of these ... More
The computational complexity of calculating partition functions of optimal medians with Hamming distanceJun 19 2015Single Cut-or-Join is, computationally, the simplest mathematical model of genome rearrangement. Given a collection of species, we fix a tree which represents their ancestral histories, labeling the leaves with the observed genomes. To assess the likelihood ... More
Development and Characterization of a 171Yb+ Miniature Ion Trap Frequency StandardAug 28 2012This dissertation reports on the development of a low-power, high-stability miniature atomic frequency standard based on 171Yb+ ions. The ions are buffer-gas cooled and held in a linear quadrupole trap that is integrated into a sealed, getter-pumped vacuum ... More
Radiative corrections to the Z b b-bar vertex and constraints on extended Higgs sectorsJun 11 1999We explore the radiative corrections to the process Z --> b b-bar in models with extended Higgs sectors. The observables R_b (the Z hadronic branching fraction to b b-bar) and the b-quark asymmetry A_b = (g_L^2 - g_R^2)/(g_L^2 + g_R^2) are sensitive to ... More
Dark matter annihilation through a lepton-specific Higgs bosonOct 20 2010Feb 21 2011It was recently argued by Hooper and Goodenough [arXiv:1010.2752] that the excess gamma ray emission from within 1-2 degrees of the galactic center can be well-described by annihilation of ~8 GeV dark matter particles into tau pairs. I show that such ... More
A topological construction for all two-row Springer varietiesJul 05 2010Jul 06 2010Springer varieties appear in both geometric representation theory and knot theory. Motivated by knot theory and categorification Khovanov provides a topological construction of $(n/2, n/2)$ Springer varieties. We extend Khovanov's construction to all ... More
Smooth projected density estimationAug 19 2013Nov 23 2014We introduce and analyse a new nonparametric estimator of a multi-dimensional density. Our smooth projection estimator (SPE) is defined by a least squares projection of the sample onto an infinite dimensional mixture class via an undersmoothed nonparametric ... More
Enhanced hVV couplings in the Georgi-Machacek model and beyondApr 28 2015In this talk I discuss extended Higgs sectors in which the 125 GeV Higgs boson couplings to W and Z bosons can be larger than in the Standard Model. Constraints from perturbative unitarity and the electroweak rho parameter limit the number of possible ... More
Searches for BSM (non-SUSY) Physics at the TevatronNov 03 2005Results of searches at the Tevatron for physics (non-SUSY and non-Higgs) beyond the Standard Model using 200/pb to 480/pb of data are discussed. Searches at DO and CDF for Z', Lepton-Quark compositeness, Randall-Sundrum Gravitons, Large Extra Dimensions, ... More
Embryology of the eyeSep 13 2017In order to better understand the mechanisms underlying the physiology of vision, it is a necessary prerequisite to know the embryological bases of eye development and associated tissues. Eye formation starts during the fourth week of human embryonic ... More
Partisan: Enabling Cloud-Scale Erlang ApplicationsFeb 07 2018In this work, we present an alternative distribution layer for Erlang, named Partisan. Partisan is a topology-agnostic distributed programming model and distribution layer that supports several network topologies for different application scenarios: full ... More
A Formal Model for Direct-style Asynchronous ObservablesNov 02 2015Languages like F#, C#, and recently also Scala, provide "Async" programming models which aim to make asynchronous programming easier by avoiding an inversion of control that is inherent in callback-based programming models. This paper presents a novel ... More
Steady Kähler-Ricci solitons on crepant resolutions of finite quotients of $\mathbb{C}^n$Nov 06 2017We prove the existence of steady K\"ahler-Ricci solitons on equivariant crepant resolutions of $\mathbb{C}^n/G$, where $G$ is a finite subgroup of $SU(n)$.
On the singular values of matrices with high displacement rankDec 15 2017Jan 11 2018We introduce a new ADI-based low rank solver for $AX-XB=F$, where $F$ has rapidly decaying singular values. Our approach results in both theoretical and practical gains, including (1) the derivation of new bounds on singular values for classes of matrices ... More
Supersymmetric radiative corrections at large tan betaFeb 03 2001Feb 23 2001In the minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (MSSM), fermion masses and Yukawa couplings receive radiative corrections at one loop from diagrams involving the supersymmetric particles. The corrections to the relation between down-type ... More
Little Higgs PhenomenologyOct 13 2003Recently a new class of models has emerged that addresses the naturalness problem of a light Higgs boson. In these ''little Higgs'' models, the Standard Model Higgs boson is a pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone boson of an approximate global symmetry. The Higgs boson ... More
Phenomenology of the Littlest Higgs modelJul 28 2003The little Higgs idea is a new way to solve the little hierarchy problem by protecting the Higgs mass from quadratically divergent one-loop corrections. In this talk I describe the phenomenology of one particular realization of the little Higgs idea: ... More
Existence, Uniqueness, Analyticity, and Borel Summability of Boussinesq and Magnetic Benard EquationsOct 20 2011Through Borel summation methods, we analyze two different variations of the Navier-Stokes equation --the Boussinesq equation and the magnetic Benard equation. This method has previously been applied to the Navier-Stokes equation. We prove that an equivalent ... More
Automated Analysis of Voting Systems under an Active Intruder Model in CSPMay 02 2017This article presents a novel intruder model for automated reasoning about anonymity (vote-privacy) and secrecy properties of voting systems. We adapt the lazy spy for this purpose, as it avoids the eagerness of pre-computation of unnecessary deductions, ... More
The computational complexity of calculating partition functions of optimal medians with Hamming distanceJun 19 2015Jan 13 2017In this paper, we show that calculating the partition function of optimal medians of binary strings with Hamming distance is \#P-complete for several weight functions. The case when the weight function is the factorial function has application in bioinformatics. ... More
The obstacle problem for subelliptic non-divergence form operators on homogeneous groupsJul 16 2013The main result established in this paper is the existence and uniqueness of strong solutions to the obstacle problem for a class of subelliptic operators in non-divergence form. The operators considered are structured on a set of smooth vector fields ... More
Pseudo knots and an obstruction to cosmetic crossingsDec 15 2015Pseudo links have two crossing types: classical crossings and indeterminate crossings. They were first introduced by Ryo Hanaki as a possible tool for analyzing images produced by electron microscopy of DNA. A normalized bracket polynomial is defined ... More
Higgs phenomenology beyond the Standard ModelOct 14 2011Detection of a signal in one of the standard LHC Higgs search channels does not guarantee that the particle discovered is the Standard Model (SM) Higgs. In this talk I survey some general classes of alternatives and ways to tell them apart.
The Littlest Higgs boson at a photon colliderMay 09 2004Nov 04 2004We calculate the corrections to the partial widths of the light Higgs boson in the Littlest Higgs model due to effects of the TeV-scale physics. We focus on the loop-induced Higgs coupling to photon pairs, which is especially sensitive to the effects ... More
Extracting Higgs Boson Couplings from LHC DataSep 02 2004We show how LHC Higgs boson production and decay data can be used to extract the gauge and fermion couplings of the Higgs boson. Incomplete input data leads to parameter degeneracies, which can be lifted by imposing theoretical assumptions. We show how ... More
Power analysis for a linear regression model when regressors are matrix sampledSep 30 2017Multiple matrix sampling is a survey methodology technique that randomly chooses a relatively small subset of items to be presented to survey respondents for the purpose of reducing respondent burden. The data produced are missing completely at random ... More
Distributed Programming via Safe Closure PassingFeb 11 2016Programming systems incorporating aspects of functional programming, e.g., higher-order functions, are becoming increasingly popular for large-scale distributed programming. New frameworks such as Apache Spark leverage functional techniques to provide ... More
An explicit bijection between semistandard tableaux and non-elliptic sl_3 websApr 04 2012The sl_3 spider is a diagrammatic category used to study the representation theory of the quantum group U_q(sl_3). The morphisms in this category are generated by a basis of non-elliptic webs. Khovanov- Kuperberg observed that non-elliptic webs are indexed ... More
LHC PhenomenologyNov 13 2011The analyses of the first 1-2/fb of Large Hadron Collider (LHC) data are already having significant impacts on a wide range of models. In this talk I give my perspective on why we expect to find new physics at the LHC, and how such a discovery might unfold. ... More
The Bar-Natan skein module of the solid torus and the homology of (n,n) Springer varietiesMay 02 2008This paper establishes an isomorphism between the Bar-Natan skein module of the solid torus with a particular boundary curve system and the homology of the (n,n) Springer variety. The results build on Khovanov's work with crossingless matchings and the ... More
QCD corrections to neutralino annihilationNov 01 2006We report on two recent calculations of QCD corrections to neutralino annihilation cross sections: (1) the next-to-leading order corrections to chi chi -> g g, and (2) the contribution to the cross section for chi chi -> q qbar g arising from interference ... More
Can we distinguish an MSSM Higgs from a SM Higgs at a Linear Collider?Dec 15 2000We study the prospects for distinguishing the CP-even Higgs boson of the minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (MSSM) from the Standard Model (SM) Higgs boson by measuring its branching ratios at an e+e- linear collider. The regions of ... More
Existence, Uniqueness, Analyticity, and Borel Summability for Boussinesq EquationsOct 15 2013Through Borel summation methods, we analyze the Boussinesq equations for coupled fluid velocity and temperature fields. We prove that an equivalent system of integral equations in the Borel variable p dual to 1/t has a unique solution in a class of exponentially ... More
Near-integrable behaviour in a family of discretised rotationsMay 30 2014We consider a one-parameter family of invertible maps of a two-dimensional lattice, obtained by applying round-off to planar rotations. All orbits of these maps are conjectured to be periodic. We let the angle of rotation approach pi/2, and show that ... More
Clippy(ing) Network Functions: Towards Better Abstractions for Checking and Designing Network ProgramsDec 28 2018When programming network functions, changes within a packet tend to have consequences---side effects which must be accounted for by network programmers or administrators via arbitrary logic and an innate understanding of dependencies. Examples of this ... More
CD -24_17504 revisited: a new comprehensive element abundance analysisJul 08 2015With [Fe/H] ~ -3.3, CD -24_17504 is a canonical metal-poor main sequence turn-off star. Though it has appeared in numerous literature studies, the most comprehensive abundance analysis for the star based on high resolution, high signal-to-noise spectra ... More
Near-integrable behaviour in a family of discretised rotationsAug 06 2012Apr 09 2013We consider a one-parameter family of invertible maps of a two-dimensional lattice, obtained by discretising the space of planar rotations. We let the angle of rotation approach $\pi/2$, and show that the limit of vanishing discretisation is described ... More
Plasma radio emission from inhomogeneous collisional plasma of a flaring loopDec 10 2013The evolution of a solar flare accelerated non-thermal electron population and associated plasma emission is considered in collisional inhomogeneous plasma. Non-thermal electrons collisionally evolve to become unstable and generate Langmuir waves, which ... More
Searching for the $W γ$ decay of a charged Higgs bosonSep 24 2018Nov 21 2018We study the prospects for charged Higgs boson searches in the $W \gamma$ decay channel. This loop-induced decay channel can be important if the charged Higgs is fermiophobic, particularly when its mass is below the $WZ$ threshold. We identify useful ... More
Asymptotics in a family of linked strip mapsMay 30 2014We apply round-off to planar rotations, obtaining a one-parameter family of invertible maps of a two-dimensional lattice. As the angle of rotation approaches pi/2, the fourth iterate of the map produces piecewise-rectilinear motion, which develops along ... More
All the generalized Georgi-Machacek modelsFeb 04 2015Oct 02 2015The Georgi-Machacek model adds two SU(2)_L-triplet scalars to the Standard Model in such a way as to preserve custodial SU(2) symmetry. We study the generalizations of the Georgi-Machacek model to SU(2)_L representations larger than triplets. Perturbative ... More
Essential Collaboration Skills: The ASCCR Frame for CollaborationNov 08 2018Statistics and data science are collaborative disciplines that typically require practitioners to interact with many different people or groups. Consequently, collaboration skills are part of the personal and professional skills essential for success ... More
Associated production of H^{\pm} and W^{\mp} in high-energy e+e- collisions in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard ModelMar 29 2002Jul 30 2002We study the associated production of the charged Higgs boson and W^{\pm} gauge boson in high energy e+e- collisions in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). This associated production, which first arises at the one loop level, offers the ... More
The Plerionic Supernova Remnant G21.5-0.9: In and OutApr 17 2005The absence of a supernova remnant (SNR) shell surrounding the Crab and other plerions (pulsar wind nebulae) has been a mystery for 3 decades. G21.5-0.9 is a particularly intriguing plerionic SNR in which the central powering engine is not yet detected. ... More
Yukawa alignment from natural flavor conservationJun 20 2011Aug 27 2011We study the charged Higgs couplings to fermions in the "democratic" three-Higgs-doublet model, in which one doublet couples to down-type quarks, one to up-type quarks, and one to charged leptons. Flavor-changing neutral Higgs couplings are absent because ... More
Physics impact of ILC Higgs coupling measurements: the effect of theory uncertaintiesDec 22 2006May 18 2007We study the effect of theoretical and parametric uncertainties on the ability of future Higgs coupling measurements at the International Linear Collider (ILC) to reveal deviations from the Standard Model (SM). To quantify the impact of these uncertainties ... More
Large scalar multiplet dark matter in the high-mass regionOct 27 2016We study two models of scalar dark matter from "large" electroweak multiplets with isospin $5/2$ ($n=6$ members) and $7/2$ ($n=8$), whose scalar potentials preserve a $Z_2$ symmetry. Because of large annihilation cross sections due to electroweak interactions, ... More
A cautionary tale: limitations of a brightness-based spectroscopic approach to chromatic exoplanet radiiJan 05 2017Determining wavelength-dependent exoplanet radii measurements is an excellent way to probe the composition of exoplanet atmospheres. In light of this, Borsa et al. (2016) sought to develop a technique to obtain such measurements by comparing ground-based ... More
Charged Higgs phenomenology in the lepton-specific two Higgs doublet modelMar 12 2009Jun 19 2009We study the "lepton-specific" two Higgs doublet model, in which one doublet Phi_l gives mass to charged leptons and the other Phi_q gives mass to both up- and down-type quarks. We examine the existing experimental constraints on the charged Higgs boson ... More
B_{s,d} -> l+ l- in a Two-Higgs-Doublet ModelApr 14 2000May 08 2000We compute the branching fractions of B_{s,d} -> l+ l- in the type-II two-Higgs-doublet model with large tan(beta). We find that the parameters of the neutral Higgs sector of the two-Higgs-doublet model cancel in the result, so that the branching fractions ... More
The Plerionic Supernova Remnant G21.5-0.9 Powered by PSR J1833-1034: New Spectroscopic and Imaging Results Revealed with the Chandra X-ray ObservatoryAug 10 2010Sep 17 2010(Abridged) In 1999, Chandra revealed a 150"-radius X-ray halo surrounding the 40"-radius PWN G21.5-0.9. A 2005 imaging study showed that the halo is limb-brightened, and suggested this feature is a candidate for the long-sought SNR shell. We present a ... More
Charged Higgs phenomenology in the flipped two Higgs doublet modelFeb 26 2010Mar 12 2010We study the phenomenology of the charged Higgs boson in the "flipped" two Higgs doublet model, in which one doublet gives mass to up-type quarks and charged leptons and the other gives mass to down-type quarks. We present the charged Higgs branching ... More
Parrondo games as lattice gas automataOct 04 2001Parrondo games are coin flipping games with the surprising property that alternating plays of two losing games can produce a winning game. We show that this phenomenon can be modelled by probabilistic lattice gas automata. Furthermore, motivated by the ... More
Constraining the Higgs couplings to up and down quarks using production kinematics at the CERN Large Hadron ColliderAug 15 2016We study the prospects for constraining the Higgs boson's couplings to up and down quarks using kinematic distributions in Higgs production at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. We find that the Higgs $p_T$ distribution can be used to constrain these couplings ... More
Orbital misalignment of the Neptune-mass exoplanet GJ 436b with the spin of its cool starDec 18 2017The angle between the spin of a star and its planets' orbital planes traces the history of the planetary system. Exoplanets orbiting close to cool stars are expected to be on circular, aligned orbits because of strong tidal interactions with the stellar ... More
The Rossiter-McLaughlin effect reloaded: Probing the 3D spin-orbit geometry, differential stellar rotation, and the spatially-resolved stellar spectrum of star-planet systemsJan 31 2016When a planet transits its host star, it blocks regions of the stellar surface from view; this causes a distortion of the spectral lines and a change in the line-of-sight (LOS) velocities, known as the Rossiter-McLaughlin (RM) effect. Since the LOS velocities ... More
The Impact of Stellar Surface Magnetoconvection and Oscillations on the Detection of Temperate, Earth-Mass Planets Around Sun-Like StarsApr 05 2019Detecting and confirming terrestrial planets is incredibly difficult due to their tiny size and mass relative to Sun-like host stars. However, recent instrumental advancements are making the detection of Earth-like exoplanets technologically feasible. ... More
Probe of new light Higgs bosons from bottomonium chi_{b0} decayOct 15 2015Feb 03 2016We calculate the branching ratios of chi_{b0} --> tau+ tau- via an s-channel Higgs boson and estimate the sensitivity to this process from Upsilon --> gamma chi_{b0} --> gamma tau+ tau-. We show that future running at the Upsilon(3S) at a very high luminosity ... More
Chebyshev polynomials and the Frohman-Gelca formulaMar 14 2014Using Chebyshev polynomials, C. Frohman and R. Gelca introduce a basis of the Kauffman bracket skein module of the torus. This basis is especially useful because the Jones-Kauffman product can be described via a very simple Product-to-Sum formula. Presented ... More
High-energy suppression of the Higgsstrahlung cross-section in the Minimal Composite Higgs ModelAug 05 2012Feb 05 2013If the Higgs boson is composite, signs of this compositeness should appear via a formfactor-like suppression of Higgs scattering cross sections at momentum transfers above the compositeness scale. We explore this by computing the cross section for e+e- ... More
Observational nuclear astrophysics: neutron-capture element abundances in old, metal-poor starsAug 30 2013The chemical abundances of metal-poor stars provide a great deal of information regarding the individual nucleosynthetic processes that created the observed elements and the overall process of chemical enrichment of the galaxy since the formation of the ... More
Variation of the cross section for e+e- --> W+H- in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard ModelJun 14 2002Dec 03 2002We study the loop-induced process e+e- --> W+H- in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). This process allows the charged Higgs boson to be produced in e+e- collisions when its mass is larger than half the center-of-mass energy, so that e+e- ... More
HCmodelSets: An R package for specifying sets of well-fitting models in regression with a large number of potential explanatory variablesMar 13 2019In the context of regression with a large number of explanatory variables, Cox and Battey (2017) emphasize that if there are alternative reasonable explanations of the data that are statistically indistinguishable, one should aim to specify as many of ... More
Detecting Einstein geodesics: Einstein metrics in projective and conformal geometryDec 27 2012Here we treat the problem: given a torsion-free connection do its geodesics, as unparametrised curves, coincide with the geodesics of an Einstein metric? We find projective invariants such that the vanishing of these is necessary for the existence of ... More
Search for Excited and Exotic Muons at CDFNov 02 2006We present a search for the production of excited or exotic muons (mu*) via the reaction pbar + p -> mu* + mu -> mu gamma + mu using 371/pb of data collected with the Run II CDF detector. In this signature-based search, we look for a resonance in the ... More
Multiscaled Cross-Correlation Dynamics in Financial Time-SeriesJan 04 2010The cross correlation matrix between equities comprises multiple interactions between traders with varying strategies and time horizons. In this paper, we use the Maximum Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transform to calculate correlation matrices over different ... More
Constraints on large scalar multiplets from perturbative unitarityFeb 23 2012Mar 05 2012We determine the constraints on the isospin and hypercharge of a scalar electroweak multiplet from partial-wave unitarity of tree-level scattering diagrams. The constraint from SU(2)_L interactions yields T <= 7/2 (i.e., n <= 8) for a complex scalar multiplet ... More
Essential Collaboration Skills: The ASCCR Frame for CollaborationNov 08 2018Mar 28 2019Statistics and data science are collaborative disciplines that typically require practitioners to interact with many different people or groups. Consequently, collaboration skills are part of the personal and professional skills essential for success ... More
A New Analysis of RR Lyrae Kinematics in the Solar NeighborhoodJun 18 1998Full space velocities are computed for a sample of 130 nearby RR Lyrae variables using both ground-based and Hipparcos proper motions. In many cases proper motions from multiple sources have been averaged to produce a significant improvement in the transverse ... More
A Model for the Influence of Media on the Ideology of Content in Online Social NetworksApr 19 2019Many people rely on online social networks as sources for news and information, and the spread of media content with ideologies across the political spectrum both influences online discussions and impacts actions offline. To examine such phenomena, we ... More
Long-term memory in the Irish market (ISEQ): evidence from wavelet analysisJul 20 2006Researchers have used many different methods to detect the possibility of long-term dependence (long memory) in stock market returns, but evidence is in general mixed. In this paper, three different tests, (namely Rescaled Range (R/S), its modified form, ... More
Variability in Fermi--Pasta--Ulam--Tsingou Arrays Prevents RecurrencesApr 18 2018In 1955, Fermi, Pasta, Ulam, and Tsingou reported recurrence over time of energy between modes in a one-dimensional array of nonlinear oscillators. Subsequently, there have been myriad numerical experiments using homogenous FPUT arrays, which consist ... More
Springer representations on the Khovanov Springer varietiesNov 05 2008Springer varieties are studied because their cohomology carries a natural action of the symmetric group $S_n$ and their top-dimensional cohomology is irreducible. In his work on tangle invariants, Khovanov constructed a family of Springer varieties $X_n$ ... More
On the origin of the Trojan asteroids: Effects of Jupiter's mass accretion and radial migrationJul 19 2000We present analytic and numerical results which illustrate the effects of Jupiter's accretion of nebular gas and the planet's radial migration on its Trojan companions. Initially, we approximate the system by the planar circular restricted three-body ... More
Modelisation Des Effets De la Rugosite Sur L'Etude De L'Humidite Des Sols Par Radiometrie Micro-Ondes. Application a la Mission Spatiale SmosJun 25 2009As part of the SMOS mission (Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity) IMS and EPHYSE laboratories are involved in the study and validation of the inversion algorithm LMEB. In the framework of this study, we developed a model using the numerical modeling software-HFSS ... More
A High-Energy Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind NebulaeOct 18 2012Motivated by the wealth of past, existing, and upcoming X-ray and gamma-ray missions, we have developed the first public database of high-energy observations of all known Galactic Supernova Remnants (SNRs): ... More
Scalar decays to $γγ$, $Zγ$, and $Wγ$ in the Georgi-Machacek modelAug 29 2017Jun 28 2018We compute the decay widths for the neutral and singly-charged Higgs bosons in the Georgi-Machacek model into the final states $\gamma\gamma$, $Z\gamma$, and $W\gamma$. These decays are most phenomenologically interesting for the fermiophobic custodial ... More
Discovering an Invisibly Decaying Higgs at Hadron CollidersDec 18 2004May 31 2005A Higgs boson lighter than 2 m_W that decays mostly into invisible channels (e.g., dark matter particles) is theoretically well-motivated. We study the prospects for discovery of such an invisible Higgs, h_inv, at the LHC and the Tevatron in three production ... More
Median values, 1-harmonic functions, and functions of least gradientAug 05 2011Motivated by the mean value property of harmonic functions, we introduce the local and global median value properties for continuous functions of two variables. We show that the Dirichlet problem associated with the local median value property is either ... More
Computing with functions in spherical and polar geometries I. The sphereOct 27 2015Apr 02 2016A collection of algorithms is described for numerically computing with smooth functions defined on the unit sphere. Functions are approximated to essentially machine precision by using a structure-preserving iterative variant of Gaussian elimination together ... More
Using Unit Testing to Detect Sanitization FlawsApr 02 2018Input sanitization mechanisms are widely used to mitigate vulnerabilities to injection attacks such as cross-site scripting. Static analysis tools and techniques commonly used to ensure that applications utilize sanitization functions. Dynamic analysis ... More
Radial Forcing and Edgar Allan Poe's Lengthening PendulumAug 26 2013Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Pit and the Pendulum, we investigate a radially driven, lengthening pendulum. We first show that increasing the length of an undriven pendulum at a uniform rate does not amplify the oscillations in a manner consistent ... More
The Effects of Long Pulse Durations and Radiation Damping in Selective Inversion Recovery ExperimentsSep 07 2014Nov 26 2014Long pulse durations necessary in selective inversion recovery (SIR) experiments along with radiation damping (RD) introduce difficulties in quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance measurements, such as those that allow for the determination of a sample's ... More
An Estimation of the Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Apparent Optical Brightness Distribution FunctionSep 07 2007By using recent publicly available observational data obtained in conjunction with the NASA Swift gamma-ray burst mission and a novel data analysis technique, we have been able to make some rough estimates of the GRB afterglow apparent optical brightness ... More