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On uniform exponential ergodicity of Markovian multiclass many-server queues in the Halfin-Whitt regimeDec 09 2018May 10 2019We study ergodic properties of Markovian multiclass many-server queues which are uniform over scheduling policies, as well as the size n of the system. The system is heavily loaded in the Halfin-Whitt regime, and the scheduling policies are work-conserving ... More
On uniform stability of certain parallel server networks with no abandonment in the Halfin-Whitt regimeJul 10 2019In this paper we show that a large class of parallel server networks, with $\sqrt n$-safety staffing, and no abandonment, in the Halfin-Whitt regime are exponentially ergodic and their invariant probability distributions are tight. This includes all networks ... More
On uniform exponential ergodicity of Markovian multiclass many-server queues in the Halfin-Whitt regimeDec 09 2018We study ergodic properties of Markovian multiclass many-server queues which are uniform over scheduling policies, as well as the size n of the system. The system is heavily loaded in the Halfin-Whitt regime, and the scheduling policies are work-conserving ... More
Uniform polynomial rates of convergence for a class of Lévy-driven controlled SDEs arising in multiclass many-server queuesJan 26 2019We study the ergodic properties of a class of controlled stochastic differential equations (SDEs) driven by $\alpha$-stable processes which arise as the limiting equations of multiclass queueing models in the Halfin-Whitt regime that have heavy-tailed ... More
The Bulk Viscous String Cosmology in An Anisotropic Universe With Late Time AccelerationNov 16 2012Nov 28 2012A model of a cloud formed by massive strings is used as a source of Bianchi type II. We assumed that the expansion $(\theta)$ in the model is proportional to the shear $(\sigma)$. To get exact solution, we have considered the equation of state of the ... More
Phantom Instability of Viscous Dark Energy in Anisotropic Space-TimeApr 01 2013Phantom dark energy is a proposal that explains the current observations that mildly favor the equation of state of dark energy $\omega^{de}$ crossing -1 at 68% confidence level. However, phantom fields are generally ruled out by ultraviolet quantum instabilities. ... More
Factorizations and Reductions of Order in Quadratic and other Non-recursive Higher Order Difference EquationsDec 24 2010A higher order difference equation may be generally defined in an arbitrary nonempty set S as: \[ f_{n}(x_{n},x_{n-1},...,x_{n-k})=g_{n}(x_{n},x_{n-1},...,x_{n-k}) \] where $f_{n},g_{n} :S^{k+1}\rightarrow S$ are given functions for $n=1,2,... $ and $k$ ... More
Gravitational lensing of STU black holesJun 03 2013In this paper we study gravitational lensing by STU black holes. We considered extremal limit of two special cases of zero-charged and one-charged black holes, and obtain the deflection angle. We find that the black hole charge increases the deflection ... More
A fast method for implementation of the property lists in programming languagesMay 14 2013One of the major challenges in programming languages is to support different data structures and their variations in both static and dynamic aspects. One of the these data structures is the property list which applications use it as a convenient way to ... More
Constraints on The Dark Energy Equation of State And The Deceleration Parameter From Recent Cosmic ObservationsMar 22 2015We study the constraints on dark energy equation of state $\omega^{X}$ and the deceleration parameter $q$ from the recent observational data including Hubble data and the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation by using a model-independent deceleration ... More
A Self-Adaptive Network Protection SystemMay 08 2014Aug 22 2015In this treatise we aim to build a hybrid network automated (self-adaptive) security threats discovery and prevention system; by using unconventional techniques and methods, including fuzzy logic and biological inspired algorithms under the context of ... More
Interacting Viscous Dark Energy in Bianchi Type-III UniverseMar 20 2014In this paper we study the evolution of the equation of state of viscous dark energy in the scope of Bianchi type III space-time. We consider the case when the dark energy is minimally coupled to the perfect fluid as well as direct interaction with it. ... More
An initialization method for the k-means using the concept of useful nearest centersMay 10 2017The aim of the k-means is to minimize squared sum of Euclidean distance from the mean (SSEDM) of each cluster. The k-means can effectively optimize this function, but it is too sensitive for initial centers (seeds). This paper proposed a method for initialization ... More
Probing Dark Energy in The scope of Bianchi type I SpacetimeDec 06 2017Feb 11 2018It is well known that flat FRW metric is a special case of Bianchi type I spacetime. In this paper, we use 38 Hubble parameter, $H(z)$, measurements at intermediate redshifts $0.07\leq z\leq 2.36$ and its joint combination with the latest \textgravedbl ... More
Using Ants as a Genetic Crossover Operator in GLS to Solve STSPNov 12 2014Ant Colony Algorithm (ACA) and Genetic Local Search (GLS) are two optimization algorithms that have been successfully applied to the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). In this paper we define new crossover operator then redefine ACAs ants as operate according ... More
Accelerating the ANT Colony Optimization By Smart ANTs, Using Genetic OperatorNov 11 2014This paper research review Ant colony optimization (ACO) and Genetic Algorithm (GA), both are two powerful meta-heuristics. This paper explains some major defects of these two algorithm at first then proposes a new model for ACO in which, artificial ants ... More
A Light Dilatonic Higgs and a Dilatonic Inflaton in the Georgi-Glashow SU(5) ModelSep 04 2017Oct 14 2017In this paper, two dilatonic fields that capture two conformal symmetries in the Georgi-Glashow SU(5) model are introduced. Then, one of the fields is associated with the Higgs, and the other one with inflation. By using the Higgs portal, the mass of ... More
Finite-dimensional approximation of Gaussian processes with inequality constraintsJun 06 2017Nov 20 2017Due to their flexibility, Gaussian processes (GPs) have been widely used in nonparametric function estimation. A prior information about the underlying function is often available. For instance, the physical system (computer model output) may be known ... More
A Fast Convergence Density Evolution Algorithm for Optimal Rate LDPC Codes in BECSep 16 2014We derive a new fast convergent Density Evolution algorithm for finding optimal rate Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) codes used over the binary erasure channel (BEC). The fast convergence property comes from the modified Density Evolution (DE), a numerical ... More
SDDEs limits solutions to sublinear reaction-diffusion SPDEsMay 20 2010We start by introducing a new definition of solutions to heat-based SPDEs driven by space-time white noise: SDDEs (stochastic differential-difference equations) limits solutions. In contrast to the standard direct definition of SPDEs solutions; this new ... More
Heterogeneous MPSoCs for Mixed Criticality Systems: Challenges and OpportunitiesJun 23 2017Due to their cost, performance, area, and energy efficiency, MPSoCs offer appealing architecture for emerging mixed criticality systems (MCS) such as driverless cars, smart power grids, and healthcare devices. Furthermore, heterogeneity of MPSoCs presents ... More
L-Kuramoto-Sivashinsky SPDEs in one-to-three dimensions: L-KS kernel, sharp Hölder regularity, and Swift-Hohenberg law equivalenceSep 10 2014Mar 13 2016Generalizing the L-Kuramoto-Sivashinsky (L-KS) kernel from our earlier work, we give a novel explicit-kernel formulation useful for a large class of fourth order deterministic, stochastic, linear, and nonlinear PDEs in multispatial dimensions. These include ... More
A theoretical model for single molecule incoherent scanning tunneling spectroscopyMar 09 2007Jan 29 2008Single molecule scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS), with dephasing due to elastic and inelastic scattering, is of some current interest. Motivated by this, we report an extended Huckel theory (EHT) based mean-field Non-equilibrium Green's function ... More
Theoretical study of isolated dangling bonds, dangling bond wires and dangling bond clusters on H:Si(100)-(2$\times$1) surfaceNov 15 2006We theoretically study the electronic band structure of isolated unpaired and paired dangling bonds (DB), DB wires and DB clusters on H:Si(100)-(2$\times$1) surface using Extended H\"uckel Theory (EHT) and report their effect on the Si band gap. An isolated ... More
L.R.S. Bianchi type II Stiff Fluid cosmological model with Decaying Vacuum Energy Density $Λ$ in general relativityNov 26 2010Locally rotationally symmetric (L.R.S.) Bianchi type II stiff fluid cosmological model is investigated. To get the deterministic model of the universe, we have assumed a condition $A=B^{m}$ between metric potentials $A,~B$ where $n$ is the constant. It ... More
A Cosmological Solution to Mimetic Dark MatterNov 17 2014Oct 25 2015In this paper, a cosmological solution to Mimetic Dark Matter (MDM) for an exponential potential is provided. Then, a solution for the $0-i$ perturbed Einstein's differential equation of MDM is obtained based on an exponential potential that satisfies ... More
Primordial Universe Inside the Black Hole and InflationOct 12 2016We speculate that the early Universe was inside a primordial black hole. The interior of the the black hole is a dS background and the two spacetimes are separated on the surface of black hole's event horizon. We argue that this picture provides a natural ... More
The construction of $Ψ^\star$-algebra by commutator method containing the Bergman projection on the unit ballNov 19 2018Nov 25 2018The manuscript is devoted to the construction of $\Psi^\star$- algebras containing the Bergman projection on the unit ball $B_n$ of $\mathbb C^n$. We consider the $C^\star$-algebra $\mathcal{L}(L^2(B_n))$ of bounded operator acting on the Hilbert space ... More
Flow of Carreau Fluids Through Non-Uniform Pore throatsJul 14 2017The creeping flow of a generalized Newtonian fluid in a non--uniform pore throat is investigated analytically. The analytical solution determines the flow regimes and the transition point from Newtonian to the power law flow regime. As an application ... More
An identity for the infinite sum $\sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{1}{(n!)^3}$Sep 25 2018In this short note, we give an identity for the $\alpha$ function $$\alpha(x,s)=\sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{x^n}{(n!)^s}$$ where $s\in \mathbb{N}$, $x\in \mathbb{R}$, in the case $s=3$.
The spectrum of perturbations inside the Schwarzschild black holeMay 29 2018We study the spectrum of the bound state perturbations in the interior of the Schwarzschild black hole for the scalar, electromagnetic and gravitational perturbations. Demanding that the perturbations to be regular at the center of the black hole determines ... More
Large Deviation Principle for Mild Solutions of Stochastic Evolution Equations with Multiplicative Lévy NoiseSep 08 2013We demonstrate the large deviation principle in the small noise limit for the mild solution of stochastic evolution equations with monotone nonlinearity. A recently developed method, weak convergent method, has been employed in studying the large deviations. ... More
Uniqueness in Law for the Allen-Cahn SPDE via Change of MeasureMay 20 2010We start by first using change of measure to prove the transfer of uniqueness in law among pairs of parabolic SPDEs differing only by a drift function, under an almost sure $L^2$ condition on the drift/diffusion ratio. This is a considerably weaker condition ... More
Calabi ConjectureNov 17 2012Jan 11 2013This memoire consists of two main results. In the first one we describe Ricci flow theory and we give an educative way for proving Elliptization Conjecture and then we prove Poincare conjecture which is the second proof of Perelman for Poincare conjecture. ... More
Time-fractional and memoryful $Δ^{2^{k}}$ SIEs on $\Rp\times\Rd$: how far can we push white noise?Oct 17 2012Oct 20 2012High order and fractional PDEs have become prominent in theory and in modeling many phenomena. Here, we focus on the regularizing effect of a large class of memoryful high-order or time-fractional PDEs---through their fundamental solutions---on stochastic ... More
A linearized Kuramoto-Sivashinsky PDE via an imaginary-Brownian-time-Brownian-angle processMay 20 2010We introduce a new imaginary-Brownian-time-Brownian-angle process, which we also call the linear-Kuramoto-Sivashinsky process (LKSP). Building on our techniques in two recent articles involving the connection of Brownian-time processes to fourth order ... More
Brownian-Time Processes: The PDE Connection II and the Corresponding Feynman-Kac FormulaMay 20 2010We delve deeper into our study of the connection of Brownian-time processes (BTPs) to fourth order parabolic PDEs, which we introduced in a recent joint article with W. Zheng. Probabilistically, BTPs and their cousins BTPs with excursions form a unifying ... More
Quantum Photonic Estimation of Refractive Index in 2-methyl-4-nitroaniline ElectroOptic CrystalApr 21 2019In this paper, we will try to explain the method of theoretical estimation of index of refraction of an assymetric organic Electro-Optic compound called MNA or 2,methyl,4,nitro-aniline. It is transparent in a wide range between 500nm-2000nm wavelengths. ... More
On bias in social reviews of university coursesMay 06 2019University course ranking forums are a popular means of disseminating information about satisfaction with the quality of course content and instruction, especially with undergraduate students. A variety of policy decisions by university administrators, ... More
String Cosmology in LRS Bianchi Type-II Dusty Universe with Time Decaying Vacuum Energy Density $Λ$Nov 28 2010A model of a cloud formed by massive strings is used as a source of LRS Bianchi type II with time decaying vacuum energy density $\Lambda$. To construct string cosmological models we have used the energy-momentum tensor for such string as formulated by ... More
Dielectric (p,q) Strings in a ThroatOct 11 2006We calculate the (p,q) string spectrum in a warped deformed conifold using the dielectric brane method. The spectrum is shown to have the same functional form as in the dual picture of a wrapped D3-brane with electric and magnetic fluxes on its world ... More
An extension of Lobachevsky formulaApr 14 2010Sep 13 2017In this paper we extend the Dirichlet integral formula of Lobachevsky. Let $f(x)$ be a continuous function and satisfy in the $\pi$-periodic assumption $f(x+\pi)=f(x)$, and $f(\pi-x)=f(x)$, $0\leq x<\infty $. If the integral $\int_0^\infty \frac{\sin^4x}{x^4}f(x)dx$ ... More
Perelman's functional and reduced volumeApr 11 2010In recent years, there has seen much interest and increased research activities on Perelman's paper. Section one and two of this paper aim to establish Perelman's local non-collapsing result for the Ricci flow. This will provide a positive lower bound ... More
A Contribution in the Rotor-router modelDec 12 2015In this paper I propose to approach the Rotor-router problem by considering it as one example of a big family of many other similar models. The study of some specific samples of them may contribute, in my opinion, at a more understanding of the J.Propp ... More
A Short Note on Improved ROSETAOct 16 2017This note presents a more efficient formulation of the robust online subspace estimation and tracking algorithm (ROSETA) that is capable of identifying and tracking a time-varying low dimensional subspace from incomplete measurements and in the presence ... More
Optimal Hardy-Sobolev Inequalities on Compact Riemannain ManifoldsJan 23 2014Given a compact Riemannian Manifold (M,g) of dimension n > 2, a point x_0 in M and s in (0,2). We let 2*(s) = 2(n-s)/(n-2) be the critical Hardy-Sobolev exponent. The Hardy-Sobolev embedding yields the existence of A,B > 0 such that (\int_M|u|^{2*(s)}dv_g)^{2/2*(s)} ... More
Dynamical renormalization group approach to the spin-boson modelJul 13 2016We develop a semi-analytical approach beyond the Born-Markov approximation to study the quench dynamics of the spin-boson model in the strong-coupling regime ($\alpha\leq1/2$) for the Ohmic bath. The basic idea in our approach is to write an effective ... More
Four-Terminal Mechanically Stacked GaAs/Si Tandem Solar CellsMay 25 2015This study investigates a four-terminal mechanically stacked double junction photovoltaic device based on GaAs as a top subcell and Si as a bottom subcell. Unlike two terminal monolithically series connected double junction photovoltaics, four-terminal ... More
Interacting Viscous Dark Energy in Bianchi Type-I UniverseOct 19 2013A solution to the coincidence and Big Rip problems on the bases of an anisotropic space-time is proposed. To do so, we study the interaction between viscous dark energy and dark matter in the scope of the Bianchi type-I Universe. We parameterize the viscosity ... More
Reducing the Complexity of the Linear Programming DecodingSep 16 2014In this paper we show how the complexity of Linear Programming (LP) decoder can decrease. We use the degree 3 check equation to model all variation check degrees. The complexity of LP decoding is directed relative to the number of constraint. Number of ... More
On the property $(Z_{E_a})$Jan 13 2016The paper introduces the notion of properties $(Z_{\Pi_a})$ and $(Z_{E_a})$ as variants of Weyl's theorem and Browder's theorem for bounded linear operators acting on infinite dimensional Banach spaces. A characterization of these properties in terms ... More
A diagonal PRP-type projection method for convex constrained nonlinear monotone equationsAug 02 2018Aug 08 2018Iterative methods for nonlinear monotone equations do not require the differentiability assumption on the residual function. This special property of the methods makes them suitable for solving large-scale nonsmooth monotone equations. In this work, we ... More
Energy Radiation by Cosmic Superstrings in Brane InflationOct 25 2007Jan 21 2008The dominant method of energy loss by a loop of cosmic D-strings in models of warped brane inflation is studied. It is shown that the energy loss via Ramond-Ramond field radiation can dominate by many orders of magnitude over the energy radiation via ... More
Ricci flow on Poincare' and Thurston's Geometrization ConjectureNov 12 2011In this thesis we give a review on Ricci flow, an overview on Poincare conjecture, maximum principle, Li-Yau-Perelman estimate, Two functional F and W of Perelman, Reduced volume and reduced length and k-non collapsing estimate
Subfield Effects on the Core of CoauthorsJun 03 2013It is examined whether the number ($J$) of (joint) publications of a "main scientist" with her/his coauthors ranked according to rank ($r$) importance, i.e. $ J \propto 1/r $, as found by Ausloos [1] still holds for subfields, i.e. when the "main scientist" ... More
Darboux transformation of the generalized coupled dispersionless integrable systemDec 09 2009The Darboux transformation on matrix solutions to the generalized coupled dispersionless integrable system based on some non-abelian Lie group, is studied and the solutions are shown to be expressed in terms of quasideterminants. As an explicit example, ... More
The center of mass energy of two colliding particles in the STU black holesJun 15 2013In this paper we consider collision of two particle near the STU black hole and calculate center of mass energy. In the case of uncharged black hole we find that the maximum energy obtained near the black hole horizon which similarly happen for charged ... More
Factorization of Difference Equations by Semiconjugacy with Application to Non-autonomous Linear EquationsMay 13 2010The existence of a semiconjugate relation permits the transformation of a higher order difference equation on a group into an equivalent triangular system of two difference equations of lower orders. Introducing time-dependent form symmetries in this ... More
Reducing DRAM Access Latency by Exploiting DRAM Leakage Characteristics and Common Access PatternsSep 23 2016DRAM-based memory is a critical factor that creates a bottleneck on the system performance since the processor speed largely outperforms the DRAM latency. In this thesis, we develop a low-cost mechanism, called ChargeCache, which enables faster access ... More
Source and Channel Optimal Rate LDPC Code Design for one Sender in BE-MAC with Source CorrelationSep 16 2014In this paper, we present an extension of the semidefinite programming formulation of the optimal rate code design in single link Binary Erasure Channel (BEC) proposed by the authors to the Binary Erasure Multiple Access Channel (BE-MAC) with two sources ... More
Recommendation in Personalised Peer-Learning EnvironmentsDec 03 2017Jan 12 2018Recommendation in Personalised Peer Learning Environments (RiPPLE) is an adaptive, crowdsourced, web-based, student-facing, open-source platform that employs exemplary techniques from the fields of machine learning, crowdsourcing, learning analytics and ... More
Modified Filon-Clenshaw-Curtis rules for oscillatory integrals with a nonlinear oscillatorApr 18 2016Filon-Clenshaw-Curtis rules are among rapid and accurate quadrature rules for computing highly oscillatory integrals. In the implementation of the Filon-Clenshaw-Curtis rules in the case when the oscillator function is not linear, its inverse should be ... More
Banking Stability System: Does it Matter if the Rate of Return is Fixed or Stochastic?Jul 29 2018The purpose is to compare the perfect Stochastic Return (SR) model like Islamic banks to the Fixed Return (FR) model as in conventional banks by measuring up their impacts at the macroeconomic level. We prove that if the optimal choice of investor share ... More
Green Functions, Sommerfeld Images, and WormholesApr 30 2019Electrostatic Green functions for grounded equipotential circular and elliptical rings, and grounded hyperspheres in n-dimension electrostatics, are constructed using Sommerfeld's method. These electrostatic systems are treated geometrically as different ... More
SPDEs law equivalence and the compact support property: applications to the Allen-Cahn SPDEMay 20 2010Using our uniqueness in law transfer result for SPDEs, described in a recent note, we prove the equivalence of laws of SPDEs differing by a drift, under vastly applicable conditions. This gives us the equivalence in the compact support property among ... More
A remark on a generalization of a logarithmic Sobolev inequality to the Holder classAug 22 2009In a recent work of the author, a parabolic extension of the elliptic Ogawa type inequality has been established. This inequality is originated from the Brezis-Gallouet-Wainger logarithmic type inequalities revealing Sobolev embeddings in the critical ... More
On the Off-chip Memory Latency of Real-Time Systems: Is DDR DRAM Really the Best Option?Oct 16 2018Predictable execution time upon accessing shared memories in multi-core real-time systems is a stringent requirement. A plethora of existing works focus on the analysis of Double Data Rate Dynamic Random Access Memories (DDR DRAMs), or redesigning its ... More
Test for penetration in Wi-Fi network: attacks on WPA2-PSK and WPA2-EnterpriseMay 17 2018In this work the wireless networks security algorithms were analyzed. The fundamentals of the WPA and WPA2 safety algorithms, their weaknesses and ways of attacking WPA and WPA2 Enterprise Wireless Networks are described. Successful attack on the WPA2-PSK ... More
Existence and uniqueness for a nonlinear parabolic/Hamilton-Jacobi coupled system describing the dynamics of dislocation densitiesMar 27 2007We study a mathematical model describing the dynamics of dislocation densities in crystals. This model is expressed as a one-dimensional system of a parabolic equation and a first order Hamilton-Jacobi equation that are coupled together. We show the existence ... More
End-to-end attention-based distant speech recognition with Highway LSTMOct 17 2016End-to-end attention-based models have been shown to be competitive alternatives to conventional DNN-HMM models in the Speech Recognition Systems. In this paper, we extend existing end-to-end attention-based models that can be applied for Distant Speech ... More
Viscous Dark Energy In Bianchi Type V Space-TimeOct 07 2017Nov 14 2017We study the behavior of dark energy (DE) in the scope of anisotropic Bianchi type V (BV) space-time. First we derive Friedmann-Like Equations, then we compare the dark energy equation of state (EoS) parameter for viscous and non-viscous dark energy and ... More
Canonical metric on moduli spaces of log Calabi-Yau varietiesSep 16 2017In this paper, by applying Greene-Shapere-Vafa-Yau semi-flat metric, we give a new proof of closed formula of Weil-Petersson metric on moduli space of Calabi-Yau varieties.
Generalized Kähler-Einstein metric along $\mathbb Q$-Fano fibrationSep 16 2017In this paper, we show that along $\mathbb Q$-Fano fibration, when general fibres, base and central fiber (with at worst Kawamata log terminal singularities)are K-poly stable then there exists a relative K\"ahler-Einstein metric. We introduce the fiberwise ... More
Optimal investment-consumption problem post-retirement with a minimum guaranteeFeb 22 2018We study the optimal investment-consumption problem for a member of defined contribution plan during the decumulation phase. For a fixed annuitization time, to achieve higher final annuity, we consider a variable consumption rate. Moreover, to eliminate ... More
Recovering $Λ$CDM Model From a Cosmographic StudyNov 13 2018Feb 08 2019Using the mathematical definitions of deceleration and jerk parameters we obtain a general functional form for Hubble parameter. By the aid of this exact Hubble function we can exactly reconstruct any other cosmographic parameters. We also obtained a ... More
Relative Kähler-Einstein metric on Kähler varieties of positive Kodaira dimensionSep 16 2017For projective varieties with definite first Chern class we have one type of canonical metric which is called K\"ahler-Einstein metric. But for varieties with an intermidiate Kodaira dimension we can have several different types of canonical metrics. ... More
Combinatorics of a fractal tiling familyDec 06 2015In this paper, we propose to enumerate all different configurations belonging to a specific class of fractals: A binary initial tile is selected and a finite recursive tiling process is engaged to produce auto-similar binary patterns. For each initial ... More
Hardy-Sobolev Equations on Compact Riemannian ManifoldsJan 23 2014Let (M,g) be a compact Riemannien Manifold of dimension n > 2, x_0 in M a fix and singular point and s in (0,2). We let 2*(s) = 2(n-s)/(n-2) be the critical Hardy-Sobolev exponent. we investigate the existence of positive distributional solutions u in ... More
H-measures and system of Maxwell'sJan 09 2005We are interested in the homogenization of energy like quantities in electromagnetism. We prove a general propagation Theorem for H-measures associated to Maxwell's system, in the full space $\Omega =\R^{3}$, without boundary conditions. We shall distinguish ... More
Semi classical measures and Maxwell's systemJan 09 2005We are interested in the homogenization of energy like quantities for electromagnetic waves in the high frequency limit for Maxwell's equations with various boundary conditions. We use a scaled variant of H-measures known as semi classical measures or ... More
A Differentiation Theory for Itô's CalculusMay 24 2010A peculiar feature of It\^o's calculus is that it is an integral calculus that gives no explicit derivative with a systematic differentiation theory counterpart, as in elementary calculus. So, can we define a pathwise stochastic derivative of semimartingales ... More
From Brownian-time Brownian sheet to a fourth order and a Kuramoto-Sivashinsky-variant interacting PDEs systemsJul 29 2010Apr 26 2011We introduce $n$-parameter $\Rd$-valued Brownian-time Brownian sheet (BTBS): a Brownian sheet where each "time" parameter is replaced with the modulus of an independent Brownian motion. We then connect BTBS to a new system of $n$ linear, fourth order, ... More
Brownian-time Brownian motion SIEs on $\Rp\times\Rd$: Ultra Regular direct and lattice-limits solutions and fourth order SPDEs linksAug 27 2007Feb 10 2013We delve deeper into the compelling regularizing effect of the Brownian-time Brownian motion density, $\KBtxy$, on the space-time-white-noise-driven stochastic integral equation we call BTBM SIE, which we recently introduced. In sharp contrast to second ... More
On the existence of orthogonal polynomials for oscillatory weights on a bounded intervalApr 06 2014It is shown that the orthogonal polynomials, corresponding to the oscillatory weight $e^{\im\omega x}$, exists if $\omega$ is a transcendental number and $\tan\omega/\omega\in\Q$. Also, it is proved that such orthogonal polynomials exist for almost every ... More
A critical parabolic Sobolev embedding via Littlewood-Paley decompositionAug 13 2009In this paper, we show a parabolic version of the Ogawa type inequality in Sobolev spaces. Our inequality provides an estimate of the $L^{\infty}$ norm of a function in terms of its parabolic $BMO$ norm, with the aid of the square root of the logarithmic ... More
Emergence of fractal behavior in condensation-driven aggregationJan 19 2009We investigate a model in which an ensemble of chemically identical Brownian particles are continuously growing by condensation and at the same time undergo irreversible aggregation whenever two particles come into contact upon collision. We solved the ... More
On Black Hole Effective Potential in 6D/7D N=2 SupergravityMar 06 2008May 27 2008Using the harmonic superspace method and the duality between real and complex representations of hypermultiplets, we compute the explicit scalar field expression of the quaternionic metric $G_{mn}$ of the moduli space SO(1,1)x[SO(4,k)/(SO(4)xSO(k))] of ... More
Tetrahedron in F-theory CompactificationJul 15 2009Complex tetrahedral surface $\mathcal{T}$ is a non planar projective surface that is generated by four intersecting complex projective planes $CP^{2}$. In this paper, we study the family $\{\mathcal{T}_{m}\} $ of blow ups of $\mathcal{T}$ and exhibit ... More
The clash between de Sitter and anti-de Sitter spaceSep 27 2002Oct 08 2002We investigate solutions that are dynamically evolving between asymptotically de Sitter and asymptotically anti-de Sitter regions in the context of Einstein gravity coupled to general matter fields in d dimensions. We demonstrate the existence of a no ... More
Ergodic theory, Dynamic Mode Decomposition and Computation of Spectral Properties of the Koopman operatorNov 21 2016Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD) is a class of numerical algorithms for computation of the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Koopman operator. In this paper, we establish the convergence of a class of such algorithms to eigenvalues and eigenfunctions ... More
Multi-sample Receivers Increase Information Rates for Wiener Phase Noise ChannelsMar 27 2013A waveform channel is considered where the transmitted signal is corrupted by Wiener phase noise and additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN). A discrete-time channel model is introduced that is based on a multi-sample receiver. Tight lower bounds on the ... More
Twisted Gravitational Waves in the Presence of a Cosmological ConstantApr 02 2019We find exact nonlinear solutions of general relativity (GR) that represent twisted gravitational waves (TGWs) in the presence of a cosmological constant. A TGW is a nonplanar wave propagating along a fixed spatial direction with a null Killing wave vector ... More
T-Duality and Non-Local Realizations of Supersymmetry in String TheoryNov 08 1995We study non-local realizations of extended worldsheet supersymmetries and the associated space-time supersymmetries which arise under a T-duality transformation. These non-local effects appear when the supersymmetries do not commute with the isometry ... More
O(d,d;R) Deformations of Complex Structures and Extended Worldsheet SupersymmetryAug 10 1994Jul 21 1995It is shown that the O(d,d;R) deformations of the superstring vacua and the O(d,d+16;R) deformations of the heterotic string vacua preserve extended worldsheet supersymmetry and, hence, generate superconformal deformations. The transformations of the ... More
Breaking the Legend: Maxmin Fairness notion is no longer effectiveAug 11 2010In this paper we analytically propose an alternative approach to achieve better fairness in scheduling mechanisms which could provide better quality of service particularly for real time application. Our proposal oppose the allocation of the bandwidth ... More
Current Studies On Intrusion Detection System, Genetic Algorithm And Fuzzy LogicApr 12 2013Nowadays Intrusion Detection System (IDS) which is increasingly a key element of system security is used to identify the malicious activities in a computer system or network. There are different approaches being employed in intrusion detection systems, ... More
Quasideterminant solutions of an integrable chiral model in two dimensionsDec 16 2009The Darboux transformation is used to obtain multisoliton solutions of the chiral model in two dimensions. The matrix solutions of the principal chiral model and its Lax pair are expressed in terms of quasideterminants. The iteration of the Darboux transformation ... More
Lax pair and Darboux transformation of noncommutative U(N) principal chiral modelSep 19 2006Sep 29 2006We present a noncommutative generalization of Lax formalism of U(N) principal chiral model in terms of a one-parameter family of flat connections. The Lax formalism is further used to derive a set of parametric noncommutative B\"{a}cklund transformation ... More
Superfield Lax formalism of supersymmetric sigma model on symmetric spacesMay 09 2006We present a superfield Lax formalism of superspace sigma model based on the target space ${\cal G}/{\cal H}$ and show that a one-parameter family of flat superfield connections exists if the target space ${\cal G}/{\cal H}$ is a symmetric space. The ... More
Hyperspectral Data Unmixing Using GNMF Method and Sparseness ConstraintJun 29 2013Hyperspectral images contain mixed pixels due to low spatial resolution of hyperspectral sensors. Mixed pixels are pixels containing more than one distinct material called endmembers. The presence percentages of endmembers in mixed pixels are called abundance ... More