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A Secure Proxy-based Access Control Scheme for Implantable Medical DevicesMar 21 2018Jun 30 2018With the rapid development of health equipments, increasingly more patients have installed the implantable medical devices (IMD) in their bodies for diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic purposes. IMDs are extremely limited in computation power and ... More
Robustness of Information Diffusion Algorithms to Locally Bounded AdversariesOct 17 2011Mar 28 2012We consider the problem of diffusing information in networks that contain malicious nodes. We assume that each normal node in the network has no knowledge of the network topology other than an upper bound on the number of malicious nodes in its neighborhood. ... More
Cross-App Interference Threats in Smart Homes: Categorization, Detection and HandlingAug 06 2018Oct 10 2018A number of Internet of Things (IoTs) platforms have emerged to enable various IoT apps developed by third-party developers to automate smart homes. Prior research mostly concerns the overprivilege problem in the permission model. Our work, however, reveals ... More
e-SAFE: Secure, Efficient and Forensics-Enabled Access to Implantable Medical DevicesApr 06 2018To facilitate monitoring and management, modern Implantable Medical Devices (IMDs) are often equipped with wireless capabilities, which raise the risk of malicious access to IMDs. Although schemes are proposed to secure the IMD access, some issues are ... More
Privacy Leakage in Smart Homes and Its Mitigation: IFTTT as a Case StudyFeb 08 2019The combination of smart home platforms and automation apps introduces much convenience to smart home users. However, this also brings the potential for privacy leakage. If a smart home platform is permitted to collect all the events of a user day and ... More
Privacy Leakage in Smart Homes and Its Mitigation: IFTTT as a Case StudyFeb 08 2019Feb 14 2019The combination of smart home platforms and automation apps introduces much convenience to smart home users. However, this also brings the potential for privacy leakage. If a smart home platform is permitted to collect all the events of a user day and ... More
Interpreting CNNs via Decision TreesFeb 01 2018Feb 25 2019This paper aims to quantitatively explain rationales of each prediction that is made by a pre-trained convolutional neural network (CNN). We propose to learn a decision tree, which clarifies the specific reason for each prediction made by the CNN at the ... More
Stability of complex hyperbolic space under curvature-normalized Ricci flowJun 02 2011Oct 26 2012Using the maximal regularity theory for quasilinear parabolic systems, we prove two stability results of complex hyperbolic space under the curvature-normalized Ricci flow in complex dimensions two and higher. The first result is on a closed manifold. ... More
Two Stage Optimization with Recourse and RevocationOct 21 2016Two-stage optimization with recourse model is an important and widely used model, which has been studied extensively these years. In this article, we will look at a new variant of it, called the two-stage optimization with recourse and revocation model. ... More
Generalized thermoelastic band structures of Rayleigh wave in one-dimensional phononic crystalsJan 23 2017We investigate generalized band structures of Rayleigh wave in 1-D phononic crystals in the context of Green-Nagdhi thermoelastic (TE) theory. Solutions of the coupled equations included thermal field are obtained firstly. Then according to boundary conditions, ... More
An Attempt to Design a Better Algorithm for the Uncapacitated Facility Location ProblemOct 24 2016The uncapacitated facility location has always been an important problem due to its connection to operational research and infrastructure planning. Byrka obtained an algorithm that is parametrized by $\gamma$ and proved that it is optimal when $\gamma>1.6774$. ... More
On type-II singularities in Ricci flow on $\mathbb{R}^{N}$Oct 15 2012Sep 19 2015In each dimension $N\geq 3$ and for each real number $\lambda\geq 1$, we construct a family of complete rotationally symmetric solutions to Ricci flow on $\mathbb{R}^{N}$ which encounter a global singularity at a finite time $T$. The singularity forms ... More
K-semistability is equivariant volume minimizationDec 22 2015Sep 27 2016This is a continuation to the paper \cite{Li15a} in which a problem of minimizing normalized volumes over $\mathbb{Q}$-Gorenstein klt singularities was proposed. Here we consider the case when there is a $\mathbb{C}^*$-action on $(X,o)$. In particular, ... More
Guaranteed Blind Sparse Spikes Deconvolution via Lifting and Convex OptimizationJun 09 2015Mar 15 2016Neural recordings, returns from radars and sonars, images in astronomy and single-molecule microscopy can be modeled as a linear superposition of a small number of scaled and delayed copies of a band-limited or diffraction-limited point spread function, ... More
From the Fourth Color to Spin-charge Separation - Neutrinos and SpinonsMar 31 2015We introduce the spin-charge separation mechanism to the quark-lepton unification models which consider the lepton number as the fourth color. In certain finite-density systems, quarks and leptons are decomposed into spinons and chargons, which carry ... More
Effects of statistical dependence on multiple testing under a hidden Markov modelApr 09 2009Mar 09 2011The performance of multiple hypothesis testing is known to be affected by the statistical dependence among random variables involved. The mechanisms responsible for this, however, are not well understood. We study the effects of the dependence structure ... More
Data volume and power of multiple tests with small sample size per nullOct 22 2008Jun 05 2009In multiple hypothesis testing, the volume of data, defined as the number of replications per null times the total number of nulls, usually defines the amount of resource required. On the other hand, power is an important measure of performance for multiple ... More
False discovery rate control with multivariate $p$-valuesJun 04 2007May 21 2008Multivariate statistics are often available as well as necessary in hypothesis tests. We study how to use such statistics to control not only false discovery rate (FDR) but also positive FDR (pFDR) with good power. We show that FDR can be controlled through ... More
On the asymptotic of likelihood ratios for self-normalized large deviationsSep 10 2007Jan 30 2008Motivated by multiple statistical hypothesis testing, we obtain the limit of likelihood ratio of large deviations for self-normalized random variables, specifically, the ratio of $P(\sqrt{n}(\bar X +d/n) \ge x_n V)$ to $P(\sqrt{n}\bar X \ge x_n V)$, as ... More
Direct photon production in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV at STARAug 11 2014We present the direct photon production for $1<p_{T}<10$ GeV/$c$ derived from continuum in the dielectron invariant mass region $0.1<M_{ee}<0.3$ GeV/$c^{2}$ from one billion $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV Au+Au events taken in year 2010 and 2011. A clear excess ... More
Two-phase flow of ferrofluidsJul 26 2016Ferrofluids currently are the only type of magnetic liquid materials with wide practical use. The theory on ferrofluids is an example of success to apply statistics to science. Ferrofluids are two-phase liquids consisting of dispersed nanoscale ferromagnetic ... More
Uniform convergence of exact large deviations for renewal reward processesJul 31 2007Let (X_n,Y_n) be i.i.d. random vectors. Let W(x) be the partial sum of Y_n just before that of X_n exceeds x>0. Motivated by stochastic models for neural activity, uniform convergence of the form $\sup_{c\in I}|a(c,x)\operatorname {Pr}\{W(x)\gecx\}-1|=o(1)$, ... More
Large deviations for template matching between point processesMar 22 2005We study the asymptotics related to the following matching criteria for two independent realizations of point processes X\sim X and Y\sim Y. Given l>0, X\cap [0,l) serves as a template. For each t>0, the matching score between the template and Y\cap [t,t+l) ... More
On Multivariate Strong Renewal TheoremDec 05 2014Mar 15 2017This paper takes the so-called probabilistic approach to the Strong Renewal Theorem (SRT) for multivariate distributions in the domain of attraction of a stable law. A version of the SRT is obtained that allows any kind of lattice-nonlattice composition ... More
On Multivariate Strong Renewal TheoremDec 05 2014Dec 09 2014This paper takes the so-called probabilistic approach to the Strong Renewal Theorem (SRT) on $\mathbb{R}^d$ for distributions in the domain of attraction without centering of a nondegenerate stable law of exponent $\alpha \in (0, 2]\cap (0,d)$. We obtain ... More
Joint Sparsity Recovery for Spectral Compressed SensingNov 09 2013Feb 03 2014Compressed Sensing (CS) is an effective approach to reduce the required number of samples for reconstructing a sparse signal in an a priori basis, but may suffer severely from the issue of basis mismatch. In this paper we study the problem of simultaneously ... More
Subspace Learning From BitsJul 23 2014Jul 24 2014This paper proposes a simple sensing and estimation framework to faithfully recover the principal subspace of high-dimensional datasets or data streams from a collection of one-bit measurements from distributed sensors based on comparing accumulated energy ... More
A de-gauging approach to physics beyond the Standard ModelJun 06 2016By studying the t-J model for superconductivity, the Pati-Salam model and the Haplon model for particle unifications, we extract their common feature which is the spin-charge separation of fermions. This becomes a de-gauging process for charged fermions ... More
Phase of Quark Condensate and Topological Current in QCDOct 31 2013We propose a new topological charge term in QCD based on flux-tube models. It couples a superflow of the phase of the quark condensate to the Chern-Simons current. The usual $\theta$-parameter is replaced by the phase of the quark condensate, which becomes ... More
Dark fermions from the Standard Model via spin-charge separationMay 31 2016We study a new composite scenario of the lepton sector in the Standard Model by a de-gauging procedure called spin-charge separation and propose that leptons are bound states of some neutral fermions and Higgs bosons. Continuing this procedure we may ... More
Law of the first passage triple of a spectrally positive strictly stable processJan 21 2018May 28 2018For a spectrally positive and strictly stable process with index in (1, 2), a series representation is obtained for the joint distribution of the "first passage triplet", i.e., the time, the undershoot, and the overshoot of first passage. The representation ... More
Generative Models for Learning from CrowdsJun 13 2017Oct 03 2017In this paper, we propose generative probabilistic models for label aggregation. We use Gibbs sampling and a novel variational inference algorithm to perform the posterior inference. Empirical results show that our methods consistently outperform state-of-the-art ... More
On $\ell_1$-regularized estimation for nonlinear models that have sparse underlying linear structuresNov 25 2009In a recent work (arXiv:0910.2517), for nonlinear models with sparse underlying linear structures, we studied the error bounds of $\ell_0$-regularized estimation. In this note, we show that $\ell_1$-regularized estimation in some important cases can achieve ... More
On exact sampling of the first passage event of Levy process with infinite Levy measure and bounded variationJul 10 2012We present an exact sampling method for the first passage event of a Levy process. The idea is to embed the process into another one whose first passage event can be sampled exactly, and then recover the part belonging to the former from the latter. The ... More
Law of two-sided exit by a spectrally positive strictly stable processJun 19 2018For a spectrally positive strictly stable process with index in (1,2), the paper obtains i) the density of the time when the process makes first exit from an interval by hitting the interval's lower end point before jumping over its upper end point, and ... More
Sample size and positive false discovery rate control for multiple testingMar 08 2007May 09 2007The positive false discovery rate (pFDR) is a useful overall measure of errors for multiple hypothesis testing, especially when the underlying goal is to attain one or more discoveries. Control of pFDR critically depends on how much evidence is available ... More
Lorentz Violation by Quark CondensationAug 02 2010At the TeV scale, heavy quarks, for example the 4th generation quarks of the Standard Model with four generations, can form condensates which dynamically break the electroweak symmetry. A dense quark system may form other types of condensates which dynamically ... More
Strong renewal theorems with infinite mean beyond local large deviationsMay 28 2015Let $F$ be a distribution function on the line in the domain of attraction of a stable law with exponent $\alpha\in(0,1/2]$. We establish the strong renewal theorem for a random walk $S_1,S_2,\ldots$ with step distribution $F$, by extending the large ... More
$L_0$ regularized estimation for nonlinear models that have sparse underlying linear structuresOct 14 2009We study the estimation of $\beta$ for the nonlinear model $y = f(X\sp{\top}\beta) + \epsilon$ when $f$ is a nonlinear transformation that is known, $\beta$ has sparse nonzero coordinates, and the number of observations can be much smaller than that of ... More
On the performance of FDR control: Constraints and a partial solutionOct 17 2007The False Discovery Rate (FDR) paradigm aims to attain certain control on Type I errors with relatively high power for multiple hypothesis testing. The Benjamini--Hochberg (BH) procedure is a well-known FDR controlling procedure. Under a random effects ... More
FDR control for multiple hypothesis testing on composite nullsJul 30 2008Multiple hypothesis testing often involves composite nulls, i.e., nulls that are associated with two or more distributions. In many cases, it is reasonable to assume that there is a prior distribution on the distributions despite it is unknown. When the ... More
Integral criteria for Strong Renewal Theorems with infinite meanDec 20 2013Apr 15 2014Let $F$ be a probability measure on $\mathbb{R}$ in the domain of attraction of a stable law with exponent $\alpha\in (0, 1)$. We establish integral criteria on $F$ that significantly expand the probabilistic approach to Strong Renewal Theorems (SRTs). ... More
Geometry of Kottwitz-Viehmann VarietiesMay 22 2018We study basic geometric properties of Kottwitz-Viehmann varieties, which are certain generalizations of affine Springer fibers that encode orbital integrals of spherical Hecke functions. Based on previous work of A. Bouthier and the author, we show that ... More
Joint Stochastic Approximation learning of Helmholtz MachinesMar 20 2016Though with progress, model learning and performing posterior inference still remains a common challenge for using deep generative models, especially for handling discrete hidden variables. This paper is mainly concerned with algorithms for learning Helmholz ... More
Degenerate neckpinches in mean curvature flow on noncompact hypersurfacesMar 05 2016Mar 13 2016We study the formation of Type-II singularities in mean curvature flows of rotationally symmetric noncompact embedded hypersurfaces. Using analytic techniques based on formal matched asymptotics and the construction of upper and lower barrier solutions ... More
Joint Stochastic Approximation learning of Helmholtz MachinesMar 20 2016Sep 28 2018Though with progress, model learning and performing posterior inference still remains a common challenge for using deep generative models, especially for handling discrete hidden variables. This paper is mainly concerned with algorithms for learning Helmholz ... More
Integrating Lexical and Temporal Signals in Neural Ranking Models for Searching Social Media StreamsJul 25 2017Time is an important relevance signal when searching streams of social media posts. The distribution of document timestamps from the results of an initial query can be leveraged to infer the distribution of relevant documents, which can then be used to ... More
Molecular Clock Dating using MrBayesMar 17 2016There are two modern approaches on dating species divergence using molecular data: node dating (e.g., Yang and Rannala, 2006; Drummond et al., 2006) and total-evidence dating (e.g., Ronquist et al., 2012a; Zhang et al., 2016). In a Bayesian framework, ... More
Minimizing normalized volumes of valuationsNov 25 2015Apr 10 2016We propose a problem of minimizing normalized volumes of valuations. For a $\mathbb{Q}$-Gorenstein klt singularity, by proving a key properness estimate, we prove that the set of valuations with uniformly bounded normalized volumes is compact. Under a ... More
Gauged Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model and axionic QCD stringDec 30 2014We propose an axionic QCD string scenario based on the original flux-tube model by Kogut and Susskind, and then incorporate it into a gauged Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model. Axial anomaly is studied by a new topological coupling from the string side, and ... More
QCD Flux Tubes and Anomaly InflowFeb 28 2013Jul 17 2013We apply the Callan-Harvey anomaly inflow mechanism to the study of QCD (chromoelectric) flux tubes, quark (pair)-creation and chiral magnetic effect, using new variables from the Cho-Faddeev-Niemi decomposition of the gauge potential. A phenomenological ... More
Invariant Ricci-flat Metrics of Cohomogeneity One with Wallach Spaces as Principal OrbitsMar 05 2019We construct a continuous 1-parameter family of smooth complete Ricci-flat metrics of cohomogeneity one on vector bundles over $\mathbb{CP}^2$, $\mathbb{HP}^2$ and $\mathbb{OP}^2$ with respective principal orbits $G/K$ the Wallach spaces $SU(3)/T^2$, ... More
Limit laws of estimators for critical multi-type Galton-Watson processesMar 24 2005We consider the asymptotics of various estimators based on a large sample of branching trees from a critical multi-type Galton-Watson process, as the sample size increases to infinity. The asymptotics of additive functions of trees, such as sizes of trees ... More
Nonnormal small jump approximation of infinitely divisible distributionsApr 23 2013We consider a type of nonnormal approximation of infinitely divisible distributions that incorporates compound Poisson, Gamma, and normal distributions. The approximation relies on achieving higher orders of cumulant matching, to obtain higher rates of ... More
Law of the first passage triple of a spectrally positive strictly stable processJan 21 2018Apr 02 2019For a spectrally positive and strictly stable process with index in (1,2), a series representation is obtained for the joint distribution of the "first passage triple" that consists of the time of first passage and the undershoot and the overshoot at ... More
Yau-Tian-Donaldson correspondence for K-semistable Fano manifoldsFeb 27 2013Feb 23 2015In this note, using the recent compactness results of Tian and Chen-Donaldson-Sun, we prove the K-semistable version of Yau-Tian-Donaldson correspondence for Fano manifolds.
Random reversible Markov matrices with tunable extremal eigenvaluesMay 08 2015Sep 08 2015Random sampling of large Markov matrices with a tunable spectral gap, a nonuniform stationary distribution, and a nondegenerate limiting empirical spectral distribution (ESD) is useful. Fix $c>0$ and $p>0$. Let $A_n$ be the adjacency matrix of a random ... More
The geometry of some generalized affine Springer fibersOct 30 2017May 23 2018We study basic geometric properties of some group analogue of affine Springer fibers and compare with the classical Lie algebra affine Springer fibers. The main purpose is to formulate a conjecture that relates the number of irreducible components of ... More
Mean curvature flow of noncompact hypersurfaces with Type-II curvature blow-upMar 05 2016May 07 2017We study the phenomenon of Type-II curvature blow-up in mean curvature flows of rotationally symmetric noncompact embedded hypersurfaces. Using analytic techniques based on formal matched asymptotics and the construction of upper and lower barrier solutions ... More
Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning with Discrete-Continuous Hybrid Action SpacesMar 12 2019Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) has been applied to address a variety of cooperative multi-agent problems with either discrete action spaces or continuous action spaces. However, to the best of our knowledge, no previous work has ever succeeded in applying ... More
The topology on Berkovich affine lines over complete valuation ringsMar 16 2017In this article, we give a full description of the topology of the one dimensional affine analytic space $\mathbb{A}_R^1$ over a complete valuation ring $R$ (i.e. a valuation ring with "real valued valuation" which is complete under the induced metric), ... More
Berkovich spectra of elements in Banach RingsOct 22 2014Adapting the notion of the spectrum $\Sigma_a$ for an element $a$ in an ultrametric Banach algebra (as defined by Berkovich), we introduce and briefly study the Berkovich spectrum $\sigma^{Ber}_R(u)$ of an element $u$ in a Banach ring $R$. This spectrum ... More
A Model-based Approach for Effective Service DeliveryApr 19 2016May 31 2016With the prevalence of X-as-a-Service (e.g., software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, etc.) and users' growing demand on good services, QoS (Quality of Service) assurance is becoming increasingly important to service ... More
Property $(T)$ and strong Property $(T)$ for unital $C^*$-algebrasJan 14 2009In this paper, we will give a thorough study of the notion of Property $(T)$ for $C^*$-algebras (as introduced by M.B. Bekka in \cite{Bek-T}) as well as a slight stronger version of it, called "strong property $(T)$" (which is also an analogue of the ... More
Invariant ideals of twisted crossed productsJun 03 2002Jun 25 2002We prove a result concerning the inclusion of non-trivial invariant ideals inside non-trivial ideals of a twisted crossed product. We will also give results concerning the primeness and simplicity of crossed products of twisted actions of locally compact ... More
Dynamical stability of algebraic Ricci solitonsSep 21 2013Sep 10 2014We consider dynamical stability for a modified Ricci flow equation whose stationary solutions include Einstein and Ricci soliton metrics. Our focus is on homogeneous metrics on non-compact manifolds. Following the program of Guenther, Isenberg, and Knopf, ... More
On tensor products of positive representations of split real quantum Borel subalgebra $U_{q\tilde{q}}(b_R)$May 19 2014May 29 2014We studied the positive representations $P_\lambda$ of split real quantum groups $U_{q\tilde{q}}(g_R)$ restricted to the Borel subalgebra $U_{q\tilde{q}}(b_R)$. We proved that the restriction is independent of the parameter $\lambda$. Furthermore, we ... More
Conical Kahler-Einstein metric revisitedJul 20 2012Oct 07 2012In this paper we introduce the "interpolation-degneration" strategy to study Kahler-Einstein metrics on a smooth Fano manifold with cone singularities along a smooth divisor that is proportional to the anti-canonical divisor. By "interpolation" we show ... More
Universal programmable devices for unambiguous discriminationJun 22 2006We discuss the problem of designing unambiguous programmable discriminators for any $n$ unknown quantum states in an $m$-dimensional Hilbert space. The discriminator is a fixed measurement which has two kinds of input registers: the program registers ... More
Spectral Compressed Sensing via Structured Matrix CompletionApr 16 2013May 01 2013The paper studies the problem of recovering a spectrally sparse object from a small number of time domain samples. Specifically, the object of interest with ambient dimension $n$ is assumed to be a mixture of $r$ complex multi-dimensional sinusoids, while ... More
Properties of post-shock solar wind deduced from geomagnetic indices responses after sudden impulsesAug 16 2016Interplanetary (IP) shock plays a key role in causing the global dynamic changes of the geospace environment. For the perspective of Solar-Terrestrial relationship, it will be of great importance to estimate the properties of post-shock solar wind simply ... More
Multiple Testing under Dependence with Approximate Conditional LikelihoodDec 25 2014Apr 09 2016It has long been recognized that statistical dependence in data poses a significant challenge to large-scale multiple testing. Failure to take the dependence into account can result in severe drop in performance of multiple testing. In particular, the ... More
Geometric Bijections Between Spanning Trees and Break DivisorsSep 09 2015The Jacobian group ${\rm Jac}(G)$ of a finite graph $G$ is a group whose cardinality is the number of spanning trees of $G$. $G$ also has a tropical Jacobian which has the structure of a real torus; using the notion of break divisors, An et al. obtained ... More
Some remarks on groupoids and small categoriesOct 18 2007This unpublished note contains some materials taken from my old study note on groupoids and small categories. It contains a proof for the fact that any groupoid is a group bundle over an equivalence relation. Moreover, the action of a category $G$ on ... More
An n-to-1 Bidder Reduction for Multi-item Auctions and its ApplicationsJun 12 2014Jun 23 2014In this paper, we introduce a novel approach for reducing the $k$-item $n$-bidder auction with additive valuation to $k$-item $1$-bidder auctions. This approach, called the \emph{Best-Guess} reduction, can be applied to address several central questions ... More
A unified composite model of inflation and dark matter in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio theorySep 15 2016In this work, we propose a cosmological scenario inherently based on the effective Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model that comic inflation and dark matter can be successfully described by a single framework. On the one hand, the scalar channel of the NJL ... More
Kähler-Einstein metrics and volume minimizationFeb 16 2016Apr 11 2016We prove that if a $\mathbb{Q}$-Fano variety $V$ specially degenerates to a K\"ahler-Einstein $\mathbb{Q}$-Fano variety $V$, then for any ample Cartier divisor $H=-r^{-1} K_V$ with $r\in \mathbb{Q}_{>0}$, the normalized volume $\widehat{\rm vol}(v)=A_X^n(v)\cdot ... More
False Discovery Variance Reduction in Large Scale Simultaneous Hypothesis TestsDec 25 2014Oct 12 2018Statistical dependence between hypotheses poses a significant challenge to the stability of large scale multiple hypotheses testing. Ignoring it often results in an unacceptably large spread in the false positive proportion even though the average value ... More
On isolated log canonical centersApr 15 2013In this paper, we show that the depth of an isolated log canonical center is determined by the cohomology of the -1 discrepancy diviors over it. A similar result also holds for normal isolated Du Bois singularities.
Behavior of zeros of $X_{1}$-Jacobi and $X_{1}$-Laguerre exceptional polynomialsJun 29 2018Dec 09 2018The $X_1$-Jacobi and the $X_1$-Laguerre exceptional orthogonal polynomials have been introduced and studied by G\'omez-Ullate, Kamran and Milson in a series of papers. In this note, we establish some properties, such as interlacing, monotonicity with ... More
Moduli Space of Paired Punctures, Cyclohedra and Particle Pairs on a CircleDec 27 2018In this paper, we study a new moduli space $\mathcal{M}_{n+1}^{\mathrm{c}}$, which is obtained from $\mathcal{M}_{0,2n+2}$ by identifying pairs of punctures. We find that this space is tiled by $2^{n-1}n!$ cyclohedra, and construct the canonical form ... More
Quantum Bit Commitment can be Unconditionally SecureDec 20 2001Jul 28 2003It is generally believed that unconditionally secure quantum bit commitment (QBC) is proven impossible by a "no-go theorem". We point out that the theorem only establishes the existence of a cheating unitary transformation in any QBC scheme secure against ... More
Insecurity of Quantum Bit Commitment with Secret ParametersJan 31 2006The impossibility proof of unconditionally secure quantum bit commitment is crucially dependent on the assertion that Bob is not allowed to generate probability distributions unknown to Alice. This assertion is actually not meaningful, because Bob can ... More
Secret parameters in quantum bit commitmentAug 24 2005Sep 28 2005The no-go theorem of unconditionally secure quantum bit commitment depends crucially on the assumption that Alice knows in detail all the probability distributions generated by Bob. We show that if a protocol is concealing, then the cheating unitary transformation ... More
On the question of secret probability distributions in quantum bit commitmentApr 04 2019The proof of the No-Go Theorem of unconditionally secure quantum bit commitment depends on the assumption that Alice knows every detail of the protocol, including the probability distributions associated with all the random variables generated by Bob. ... More
A new look at Condition AJul 02 2009Ozeki and Takeuchi \cite[I]{OT} introduced the notion of Condition A and Condition B to construct two classes of inhomogeneous isoparametric hypersurfaces with four principal curvatures in spheres, which were later generalized by Ferus, Karcher and M\"unzner ... More
Low-energy Effective Theory for Spin Dynamics of Fluctuating StripesOct 20 2005We derive an effective Hamiltonian for spin dynamics of fluctuating smectic stripes from the t-J model in the weak coupling limit t >> J. Besides the modulation of spin magnitude, the high energy hopping term would induce a low-energy anti-ferromagnetic ... More
Interior continuity of two-dimensional weakly stationary-harmonic multiple-valued functionsAug 01 2011May 09 2013In his big regularity paper, Almgren has proven the regularity theorem for mass-minimizing integral currents. One key step in his paper is to derive the regularity of Dirichlet-minimizing $\mathbf{Q}_{Q}(\mathbb{R}^{n})$-valued functions in the Sobolev ... More
Domains of Injectivity for the Gross-Hopkins Period MapNov 29 2013Mar 11 2015We determine the domain of injectivity of the Gross-Hopkins Period map around each points in the deformation space for a fixed formal module $\bar{F}$ of height 2 that defined over a finite field. And then we will use this to conclude some local analyticity ... More
Sensitivity of the Geomagnetic Octupole to a Stably Stratified Layer in the Earth's CoreOct 09 2018Current "Earth-like" numerical dynamo simulations are able to reproduce many characteristics of the observed geomagnetic field. One notable exception is the geomagnetic octupolar component. Here we investigate whether a stably stratified layer at the ... More
Duality of Hopf $C^*$-algebrasJun 03 2002In this paper, we study the duality theory of Hopf $C^*$-algebras in a general ``Hilbert-space-free'' framework. Our particular interests are the ``full duality'' and the ``reduced duality''. In order to study the reduced duality, we define the interesting ... More
Quantized Spectral Compressed Sensing: Cramer-Rao Bounds and Recovery AlgorithmsOct 10 2017Apr 06 2018Efficient estimation of wideband spectrum is of great importance for applications such as cognitive radio. Recently, sub-Nyquist sampling schemes based on compressed sensing have been proposed to greatly reduce the sampling rate. However, the important ... More
Spin Symmetry Without Heavy Quarks: Hyperon Form Factors In The Large $N_c$ LimitFeb 29 1996In the large $N_c$ limit, all hyperon decays involving the same quark diagram $Q\to Q'$ are described by a single weak form factor $\eta_{QQ'}(w)$. No assumption on the mass of $Q$ or $Q'$ is necessary, making our results applicable to both $b\to c$ and ... More
Large $N_c$ Universality of The Baryon Isgur--Wise Form Factor: The Group Theoretical ApproachJan 11 1996In a previous article, it has been proved under the framework of chiral soliton model that the same Isgur--Wise form factor describes the semileptonic $\Lambda_b\to\Lambda_c$ and $\Sigma^{(*)}_b\to\Sigma^{(*)}_c$ decays in the large $N_c$ limit. It is ... More
Semileptonic Decays of Heavy TetraquarksNov 04 1994There exist heavy tetraquark states $QQ \bar q \bar q$ in the heavy quark limit. These states are stable with respect to strong interactions and hence must decay weakly. It is shown that the semileptonic decay depends on a single Isgur--Wise form factor, ... More
Microwave-mediated heat transport through a quantum dotFeb 06 2012The thermoelectric effect in a quantum dot (QD) attached to two leads in the presence of microwave fields is studied by using the Keldysh nonequilibrium Green function technique. When the microwave is applied only on the QD and in the linear-response ... More
Isoparametric hypersurfaces with four principal curvatures, IVMay 03 2016We prove that an isoparametric hypersurface with four principal curvatures and multiplicity pair $(7,8)$ is either the one constructed by Ozeki and Takeuchi, or one of the two constructed by Ferus, Karcher, and M\"{u}nzner. This completes the classification ... More
The Dynamics of Rabinovich systemOct 24 2007Nov 08 2007The paper presents some dynamical aspects of Rabinovich type, with distributed delay and with fractional derivatives.
Picard group of isotropic realizations of twisted Poisson manifoldsNov 12 2015Let $B$ be a twisted Poisson manifold with a fixed tropical affine structure given by a period bundle $P$. In this paper, we study the classification of almost symplectically complete isotropic realizations (ASCIRs) over $B$ in the spirit of \cite{DD}. ... More
N=2 Nonlinear Sigma Models in N=1 Superspace: Four and Five DimensionsJan 22 2006Jun 11 2006We formulate four-dimensional N=2 supersymmetric nonlinear sigma models in N=1 superspace. We show how to add superpotentials consistent with N=2 supersymmetry. We lift our construction to higher-dimensional spacetime and write five-dimensional nonlinear ... More