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Learning Navigation Behaviors End-to-End with AutoRLSep 26 2018Feb 01 2019We learn end-to-end point-to-point and path-following navigation behaviors that avoid moving obstacles. These policies receive noisy lidar observations and output robot linear and angular velocities. The policies are trained in small, static environments ... More
PEARL: PrEference Appraisal Reinforcement Learning for Motion PlanningNov 30 2018Robot motion planning often requires finding trajectories that balance different user intents, or preferences. One of these preferences is usually arrival at the goal, while another might be obstacle avoidance. Here, we formalize these, and similar, tasks ... More
Deep Neural Networks for Swept Volume Prediction Between ConfigurationsMay 29 2018Swept Volume (SV), the volume displaced by an object when it is moving along a trajectory, is considered a useful metric for motion planning. First, SV has been used to identify collisions along a trajectory, because it directly measures the amount of ... More
RL-RRT: Kinodynamic Motion Planning via Learning Reachability Estimators from RL PoliciesJul 10 2019Jul 12 2019This paper addresses two challenges facing sampling-based kinodynamic motion planning: a way to identify good candidate states for local transitions and the subsequent computationally intractable steering between these candidate states. Through the combination ... More
RL-RRT: Kinodynamic Motion Planning via Learning Reachability Estimators from RL PoliciesJul 10 2019This paper addresses two challenges facing sampling-based kinodynamic motion planning: a way to identify good candidate states for local transitions and the subsequent computationally intractable steering between these candidate states. Through the combination ... More
Long-Range Indoor Navigation with PRM-RLFeb 25 2019Long-range indoor navigation requires guiding robots with noisy sensors and controls through cluttered environments along paths that span a variety of buildings. We achieve this with PRM-RL, a hierarchical robot navigation method in which reinforcement ... More
Improved Bounds for Eigenpath TraversalNov 27 2013We present a bound on the length of the path defined by the ground states of a continuous family of Hamiltonians in terms of the spectral gap G. We use this bound to obtain a significant improvement over the cost of recently proposed methods for quantum ... More
A Coarse-to-Fine Multiscale Mesh Representation and its ApplicationsOct 08 2018We present a novel coarse-to-fine framework that derives a semi-regular multiscale mesh representation of an original input mesh via remeshing. Our approach differs from the conventional mesh wavelet transform strategy in two ways. First, based on a lazy ... More
Cost-Sensitive Label Embedding for Multi-Label ClassificationMar 30 2016Aug 05 2017Label embedding (LE) is an important family of multi-label classification algorithms that digest the label information jointly for better performance. Different real-world applications evaluate performance by different cost functions of interest. Current ... More
Populations of Young Stellar Objects in Nearby Molecular CloudsJan 23 2013We develop a new method to identify YSOs from star-forming regions using the photometry data from Spitzer's c2d Legacy Project. The aim is to obtain YSO lists as complete as possible for studying the statistical properties, such as Star Formation Rate ... More
Dynamics of holomorphic correspondences on Riemann SurfacesAug 30 2018We study the dynamics of holomorphic correspondences $f$ on a compact Riemann surface $X$ in the case, so far not well understood, where $f$ and $f^{-1}$ have the same topological degree. Under a mild and necessary condition that we call non weak modularity, ... More
Random products of matrices: a dynamical point of viewMay 21 2019We study random products of matrices in SL_2(C) from the point of view of holomorphic dynamics. For non-elementary measures with finite first moment we obtain the exponential convergence towards the stationary measure in Sobolev norm. As a consequence ... More
Dynamic Principal Projection for Cost-Sensitive Online Multi-Label ClassificationNov 14 2017Dec 10 2018We study multi-label classification (MLC) with three important real-world issues: online updating, label space dimensional reduction (LSDR), and cost-sensitivity. Current MLC algorithms have not been designed to address these three issues simultaneously. ... More
Widening of Protostellar Outflows: an Infrared Outflow Survey in Low Luminosity ObjectsFeb 09 2017We present an outflow survey toward 20 Low Luminosity Objects (LLOs), namely protostars with an internal luminosity lower than 0.2 Lsun. Although a number of studies have reported the properties of individual LLOs, the reasons for their low luminosity ... More
IRAS 16253-2429: the First Proto-Brown Dwarf Binary Candidate Identified through Dynamics of JetsMay 10 2016The formation mechanism of brown dwarfs (BDs) is one of the long-standing problems in star formation because the typical Jeans mass in molecular clouds is too large to form these substellar objects. To answer this question, it is crucial to study a BD ... More
On impulsive reaction-diffusion models in higher dimensionsNov 02 2015Nov 17 2016Assume that $N_m(x)$ denotes the density of the population at a point $x$ at the beginning of the reproductive season in the $m$th year. We study the following impulsive reaction-diffusion model for any $m\in \mathbb Z^+$ \begin{eqnarray*}\label{} \ \ ... More
Target set selection problem for honeycomb networksMar 03 2012Let $G$ be a graph with a threshold function $\theta:V(G)\rightarrow \mathbb{N}$ such that $1\leq \theta(v)\leq d_G(v)$ for every vertex $v$ of $G$, where $d_G(v)$ is the degree of $v$ in $G$. Suppose we are given a target set $S\subseteq V(G)$. The paper ... More
Drug Recommendation toward Safe PolypharmacyMar 08 2018Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) induced from high-order drug-drug interactions (DDIs) due to polypharmacy represent a significant public health problem. In this paper, we formally formulate the to-avoid and safe (with respect to ADRs) drug recommendation ... More
Drug-drug interaction prediction based on co-medication patterns and graph matchingFeb 22 2019Background: The problem of predicting whether a drug combination of arbitrary orders is likely to induce adverse drug reactions is considered in this manuscript. Methods: Novel kernels over drug combinations of arbitrary orders are developed within support ... More
MorphNet: Fast & Simple Resource-Constrained Structure Learning of Deep NetworksNov 18 2017Apr 17 2018We present MorphNet, an approach to automate the design of neural network structures. MorphNet iteratively shrinks and expands a network, shrinking via a resource-weighted sparsifying regularizer on activations and expanding via a uniform multiplicative ... More
ALMA observations of the protostellar disk around the VeLLO IRAS 16253-2429Nov 28 2018We present ALMA long-baseline observations toward the Class 0 protostar IRAS 16253-2429 (hereafter IRAS 16253) with a resolution down to 0.12" (~15 au). The 1.3 mm dust continuum emission has a deconvolved Gaussian size of 0.16" x 0. 07" (20 au x 8.8 ... More
Cost-Sensitive Reference Pair Encoding for Multi-Label LearningNov 29 2016Oct 26 2018Label space expansion for multi-label classification (MLC) is a methodology that encodes the original label vectors to higher dimensional codes before training and decodes the predicted codes back to the label vectors during testing. The methodology has ... More
Efficient Downlink Channel Reconstruction for FDD Multi-Antenna SystemsMay 18 2018In this paper, we propose an efficient downlink channel reconstruction scheme for a frequency-division-duplex multi-antenna system by utilizing uplink channel state information combined with limited feedback. Based on the spatial reciprocity in a wireless ... More
Supervised Machine Learning with a Novel Pointwise Density EstimatorOct 31 2007Nov 06 2007This article proposes a novel density estimation based algorithm for carrying out supervised machine learning. The proposed algorithm features O(n) time complexity for generating a classifier, where n is the number of sampling instances in the training ... More
Properties of the Molecular Cores of Low Luminosity ObjectsFeb 23 2015We present a survey toward 16 Low Luminosity Objects (LLOs with an internal luminosity, Lint, lower than 0.2 Lsun) with N2H+ (1-0), N2H+ (3-2), N2D+ (3-2), HCO+ (3-2) and HCN (3-2) using the Arizona Radio Observatory Kitt Peak 12m Telescope and Submillimeter ... More
Supervised Machine Learning with a Novel Kernel Density EstimatorSep 18 2007Oct 16 2007In recent years, kernel density estimation has been exploited by computer scientists to model machine learning problems. The kernel density estimation based approaches are of interest due to the low time complexity of either O(n) or O(n*log(n)) for constructing ... More
Some Results on the Target Set Selection ProblemNov 29 2011In this paper we consider a fundamental problem in the area of viral marketing, called T{\scriptsize ARGET} S{\scriptsize ET} S{\scriptsize ELECTION} problem. We study the problem when the underlying graph is a block-cactus graph, a chordal graph or a ... More
Probing Episodic Accretion in Very Low Luminosity ObjectsJan 14 2018Episodic accretion has been proposed as a solution to the long-standing luminosity problem in star formation; however, the process remains poorly understood. We present observations of line emission from N2H+ and CO isotopologues using the Atacama Large ... More
A Memory of Majorana Fermions through Quantum QuenchJan 02 2014Jan 19 2014We study the sudden quench of a one-dimensional p-wave superconductor through its topological signature in the entanglement spectrum. The long-time evolution of the system and its topological characterization depend on a pseudomagnetic field ${\bs R}_{\mbox{\text ... More
Online Multicast Traffic Engineering for Software-Defined NetworksDec 30 2017Previous research on SDN traffic engineering mostly focuses on static traffic, whereas dynamic traffic, though more practical, has drawn much less attention. Especially, online SDN multicast that supports IETF dynamic group membership (i.e., any user ... More
The Target Set Selection Problem on Cycle Permutation Graphs, Generalized Petersen Graphs and Torus CordalisDec 06 2011In this paper we consider a fundamental problem in the area of viral marketing, called T{\scriptsize ARGET} S{\scriptsize ET} S{\scriptsize ELECTION} problem. In a a viral marketing setting, social networks are modeled by graphs with potential customers ... More
Second-generation stoichiometric mathematical model to predict methane emissions from oil sands tailingsJun 29 2019Microbial metabolism of fugitive hydrocarbons produces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from oil sands tailings ponds (OSTP) and end pit lakes (EPL) that retain semisolid wastes from surface mining of oil sands ores. Predicting GHG production, particularly ... More
The Taiwan ECDFS Near-Infrared Survey: Ultra-deep J and Ks Imaging in the Extended Chandra Deep Field-SouthOct 16 2012We present ultra-deep J and Ks imaging observations covering a 30' * 30' area of the Extended Chandra Deep Field-South (ECDFS) carried out by our Taiwan ECDFS Near-Infrared Survey (TENIS). The median 5-sigma limiting magnitudes for all detected objects ... More
Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the top quark decay via model-independent FCNC couplingsOct 21 2008Jan 03 2009D0 and CDF collaborations at the Fermilab Tevatron have searched for non-standard-model single top-quark production and set upper limits on the anomalous top quark flavor-changing neutral current (FCNC) couplings $\kappa^g_{tc}/\Lambda$ and $\kappa^g_{tu}/\Lambda$ ... More
Multi-Stage Temporal Difference Learning for 2048-like GamesJun 23 2016Jul 19 2016Szubert and Jaskowski successfully used temporal difference (TD) learning together with n-tuple networks for playing the game 2048. However, we observed a phenomenon that the programs based on TD learning still hardly reach large tiles. In this paper, ... More
New Constraints and Prospects for sub-GeV Dark Matter Scattering off Electrons in XenonMar 02 2017We study in detail sub-GeV dark matter scattering off electrons in xenon, including the expected electron recoil spectra and annual modulation spectra. We derive improved constraints using low-energy XENON10 and XENON100 ionization-only data. For XENON10, ... More
Distribution des preimages et des points periodiques d'une correspondance polynomialeMar 28 2003Dec 15 2004We construct an equilibrium measure $\mu$ for a polynomial correspondence F of Lojasiewicz exponent l>1. We then show that $\mu$ can be built as the distribution of preimages of a generic point and that the expansive periodic points are equidistributed ... More
Decay of correlations for Henon mapsSep 20 2004We show, for a class of automorphisms of C^k, that their equilibrium measures are exponentially mixing. In particular, this holds for (generalized) Henon maps.
Conjecture de Globevnik-Stout et theoreme de Morera pour une chaine holomorpheApr 16 1998Let $D\subset\subset\mathbb{C}^n$ be a complex manifold of dimension $p\geq 2$ with $\C^2$ boundary in $\mathbb{C}^n$. Let $f$ be a $\C^1$ function on $bD$ and $V$ a generic and large enough family of complex $(n-p+1)$-planes. Let suppose that for $\nu\in ... More
Linearization of proper groupoidsJan 25 2003May 15 2003We prove the following result, conjectured by Alan Weinstein: every smooth proper Lie groupoid near a fixed point is locally linearizable, i.e. it is locally isomorphic to the associated groupoid of a linear action of a compact Lie group. In combination ... More
Admissibility of invariant tests for means with covariatesApr 03 2017For a multinormal distribution with a $p$-dimensional mean vector ${\mbtheta}$ and an arbitrary unknown dispersion matrix ${\mbSigma}$, Rao ([9], [10]) proposed two tests for the problem of testing $ H_{0}:{\mbtheta}_{1} = {\bf 0}, {\mbtheta}_{2} = {\bf ... More
Locally self-avoiding eulerian toursNov 22 2016Jan 15 2017It was independently conjectured by H\"aggkvist in 1989 and Kriesell in 2011 that given a positive integer $\ell$, every simple eulerian graph with high minimum degree (depending on $\ell$) admits an eulerian tour such that every segment of length at ... More
Large deviation theorem for zeros of polynomials and Hermitian random matricesNov 14 2016We give abstract versions of the large deviation theorem for the distribution of zeros of polynomials and apply them to the characteristic polynomials of Hermitian random matrices. We obtain new estimates related to the local semi-circular law for the ... More
Existence of multi-solitary waves with logarithmic relative distances for the NLS equationNov 27 2016We construct in this paper global (for $t \geq 0$) and bounded solutions $u(t)$ for the nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation \[i \partial_t u + \Delta u + |u|^{p-1} u = 0, \quad t \in \mathbb{R}, x \in \mathbb{R}^d\] in mass sub-critical cases ($1 < p < 1 ... More
Symplectic topology of integrable Hamiltonian systems, I: Arnold-Liouville with singularitiesJun 04 2001The classical Arnold-Liouville theorem describes the geometry of an integrable Hamiltonian system near a regular level set of the moment map. Our results describe it near a nondegenerate singular level set: a tubular neighborhood of a connected singular ... More
Optimality conditions for minimizers at infinity in polynomial programmingJun 01 2017Jun 30 2017In this paper we study necessary optimality conditions for the optimization problem $$\textrm{infimum}f_0(x) \quad \textrm{ subject to } \quad x \in S,$$ where $f_0 \colon \mathbb{R}^n \rightarrow \mathbb{R}$ is a polynomial function and $S \subset \mathbb{R}^n$ ... More
The factor set of Gr-categories of the type $(Π,A)$Nov 09 2009Any $\Gamma$-graded categorical group is determined by a factor set of a categorical group. This paper studies the factor set of the group $\Gamma$ with coefficients in the categorical group of the type $(\Pi,A).$ Then, an interpretation of the notion ... More
Superradiance in rotating stars and pulsar-timing constraints on dark photonsApr 18 2017In the presence of massive bosonic degrees of freedom, rotational superradiance can trigger an instability that spins down black holes. This leads to peculiar gravitational-wave signatures and distribution in the spin-mass plane, which in turn can impose ... More
x.ent: R Package for Entities and Relations Extraction based on Unsupervised Learning and Document StructureApr 23 2015Relation extraction with accurate precision is still a challenge when processing full text databases. We propose an approach based on cooccurrence analysis in each document for which we used document organization to improve accuracy of relation extraction. ... More
On the blow-up results for a class of strongly perturbed semilinear heat equationsApr 15 2014Jun 19 2014We consider in this work some class of strongly perturbed for the semilinear heat equation with Sobolev sub-critical power nonlinearity. We first derive a Lyapunov functional in similarity variables and then use it to derive the blow-up rate. We also ... More
Equidistribution of periodic points for modular correspondencesNov 02 2010Let T be an exterior modular correspondence on an irreducible locally symmetric space X. In this note, we show that the isolated fixed points of the power T^n are equidistributed with respect to the invariant measure on X as n tends to infinity. A similar ... More
Normal approximation for nonlinear statistics under relaxed moment conditionsMay 18 2019This paper is concerned with normal approximation under relaxed moment conditions using Stein's method. We obtain the explicit rates of convergence in the central limit theorem for (i) nonlinear statistics with finite absolute moment of order $2+\delta\in(2,3];$ ... More
Orbital Linearization of Smooth Completely Integrable Vector FieldsApr 25 2012Dec 12 2017The main purpose of this paper is to prove the smooth local orbital linearization theorem for smooth vector fields which admit a complete set of first integrals near a nondegenerate singular point. The main tools used in the proof of this theorem are ... More
Nondegenerate singularities of integrable dynamical systemsAug 17 2011Jun 19 2013We give a natural notion of nondegeneracy for singular points of integrable non-Hamiltonian systems, and show that such nondegenerate singularities are locally geometrically linearizable and deformation rigid in the analytic case. We conjecture that the ... More
Solar Neutrinos as a Signal and Background in Direct-Detection Experiments Searching for Sub-GeV Dark Matter With Electron RecoilsJan 30 2018Sep 19 2018Direct-detection experiments sensitive to low-energy electron recoils from sub-GeV dark matter (DM) interactions will also be sensitive to solar neutrinos via coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering (CNS), since the recoiling nucleus can produce a small ... More
Vertical Shearing Instabilities in Radially Shearing Disks: The Dustiest Layers of the Protoplanetary NebulaNov 28 2007Gravitational instability of a vertically thin, dusty sheet near the midplane of a protoplanetary disk has long been proposed as a way of forming planetesimals. Before Roche densities can be achieved, however, the dust-rich layer, sandwiched from above ... More
Fog Networking: An Overview on Research OpportunitiesJan 05 2016The past 15 years have seen the rise of the Cloud, along with rapid increase in Internet backbone traffic and more sophisticated cellular core networks. There are three different types of Clouds: (1) data center, (2) backbone IP network and (3) cellular ... More
Time-Integrated Gamma-Ray Burst Synchrotron Spectra from Blast Wave/Cloud InteractionsOct 15 1998We show that the spectral shape of the low energy tails found for the time-integrated spectra of gamma-ray bursts, even in the absence of strong synchrotron cooling, can be significantly softer than the $\nu F_\nu \propto \nu^{4/3}$ asymptote predicted ... More
An X-ray Reprocessing Model of Disk Thermal Emission in Type 1 Seyfert GalaxiesFeb 12 2002Using a geometry consisting of a hot central Comptonizing plasma surrounded by a thin accretion disk, we model the optical through hard X-ray spectral energy distributions of the type 1 Seyfert galaxies NGC 3516 and NGC 7469. As in the model proposed ... More
Nonstandard Lagrangian Submanifolds in CP^nMar 20 2003We use Hamiltonian actions to construct nonstandard (as opposed to $\RP^n$ and $T^n$) Lagrangian submanifolds of $\CP^n$. First of all, a quotient of $\RP^3$ by the dihedral group $D_3$ is a Lagrangian submanifold of $\CP^3$. Secondly, $\Su(n)/\Z_n$ are ... More
A cellular basis of the $q$-Brauer algebra related with Murphy bases of the Hecke algebrasFeb 18 2013Sep 13 2013A new basis of the $q$-Brauer algebra is introduced, which is a lift of Murphy bases of Hecke algebras of symmetric groups. This basis is a cellular basis in the sense of Graham and Lehrer. Subsequently, using combinatorial language we prove that the ... More
Numerical analysis of the rescaling method for parabolic problems with blow-up in finite timeMar 28 2014Jun 19 2014In this work, we study the numerical solution for parabolic equations whose solutions have a common property of blowing up in finite time and the equations are invariant under the following scaling transformation $$u \mapsto u_\lambda(x,t):= \lambda^{\frac{2}{p-1}}u(\lambda ... More
Attracting current and equilibrium measure for attractors on P^kFeb 07 2006Apr 29 2006Let f be a holomorphic endomorphism of P^k having an attracting set A. We construct an attracting current and an equilibrium measure associated to A. The attracting current is weakly laminar and extremal in the cone of invariant currents. The equilibrium ... More
Graphs and Their Associated Inverse SemigroupsJun 06 2015Directed graphs have long been used to gain understanding of the structure of semigroups, and recently the structure of directed graph semigroups has been investigated resulting in a characterization theorem and an analog of Fruct's Theorem. We investigate ... More
Group Extensions of the Co-type of a Crossed Module and Strict Categorical GroupsMar 15 2015Prolongations of a group extension can be studied in a more general situation that we call group extensions of the co-type of a crossed module. Cohomology classification of such extensions is obtained by applying the obstruction theory of monoidal functors. ... More
The Coherence Theorem for Ann-CategoriesAug 03 2007This paper presents the proof of the coherence theorem for Ann-categories whose set of axioms and original basic properties were given in [9]. Let $$\A=(\A,{\Ah},c,(0,g,d),a,(1,l,r),{\Lh},{\Rh})$$ be an Ann-category. The coherence theorem states that ... More
Direct Transition Resonance in Atomically Uniform Topological Sb(111) Thin FilmsNov 08 2015Atomically uniform Sb(111) films are fabricated by the method of molecular beam epitaxy on an optimized Si(111) surface. Two dimensional quantum well states and topological surface states in these films are well resolved as measured by angle-resolved ... More
On the Lattes maps of P^kNov 27 2000Let f be a polynomial endomorphism of degree d>1 of C^k (k>1) which extends to a holomorphic endomorphism of P^k. Assume that the maximal order Julia set of f is laminated by real hypersurfaces in some open set. We show that f is homogenous and is a polynomial ... More
Analytic multiplicative cocycles over holomorphic dynamical systemsMay 17 2008We prove some properties of analytic multiplicative and sub-multiplicative cocycles. The results allow to construct natural invariant analytic sets associated to complex dynamical systems.
Proper Groupoids and Momentum Maps: Linearization, Affinity and ConvexityJul 12 2004Jul 24 2006We show that proper Lie groupoids are locally linearizable. As a consequence, the orbit space of a proper Lie groupoid is a smooth orbispace (a Hausdorff space which locally looks like the quotient of a vector space by a linear compact Lie group action). ... More
Kolmogorov condition near hyperbolic singularities of integrable Hamiltonian systemsJun 11 2007Aug 28 2007In this paper we show that, if an integrable Hamiltonian system admits a nondegenerate hyperbolic singularity then it will satisfy the Kolmogorov condegeneracy condition near that singularity (under a mild additional condition, which is trivial if the ... More
Strongly interacting multi-solitons with logarithmic relative distance for gKdV equationMay 20 2017We consider the following class of equations of (gKdV) type $$\partial_t u + \partial_x (\partial_x^2 u + |u|^{p-1}u) = 0, \quad p\mbox{ integer},\quad t,x \in \mathbb{R}$$ with mass sub-critical ($2< p<5$) and mass super-critical nonlinearities ($p> ... More
Tangencies and Polynomial OptimizationFeb 16 2019Mar 09 2019Given a polynomial function $f \colon \mathbb{R}^n \rightarrow \mathbb{R}$ and a unbounded basic closed semi-algebraic set $S \subset \mathbb{R}^n,$ in this paper we show that the conditions listed below are characterized exactly in terms of the so-called ... More
Local minimizers of semi-algebraic functionsJan 07 2019Consider a semi-algebraic function $f\colon\mathbb{R}^n \to {\mathbb{R}},$ which is continuous around a point $\bar{x} \in \mathbb{R}^n.$ Using the so--called {\em tangency variety} of $f$ at $\bar{x},$ we first provide necessary and sufficient conditions ... More
Geometry of integrable non-Hamiltonian systemsJul 16 2014This is an expanded version of the lecture notes for a minicourse that I gave at a summer school called "Advanced Course on Geometry and Dynamics of Integrable Systems" at CRM Barcelona, 9--14/September/2013. In this text we study the following aspects ... More
Action-Angle variables on Dirac manifoldsApr 17 2012The main purpose of this paper is to show the existence of action-angle variables for integrable Hamiltonian systems on Dirac manifolds under some natural regularity and compactness conditions, using the torus action approach. We show that the Liouville ... More
On Gr-Functors between Gr-Categories: Obstruction theory for Gr-Functors of the type $(\varphi,f)$Aug 09 2007Apr 18 2009Each Gr-functor of the type $(\varphi,f)$ of a Gr-category of the type $(\Pi,\C)$ has the obstruction be an element $\overline{k}\in H^3(\Pi,\C).$ When this obstruction vanishes, there exists a bijection between congruence classes of Gr-functors of the ... More
Introduction to Ann-categoriesFeb 20 2007Feb 21 2007In this paper, we present new concepts of Ann-categories, Ann-functors, and a transmission of the structure of categories based on Ann-equivalences. We build Ann-category of Pic-funtors and prove that each Ann-category can be faithfully embedded into ... More
Graphene on Au-coated SiOx substrate: Its core-level photoelectron micro-spectroscopy studyMay 23 2012The core-level electronic structures of the exfoliated graphene sheets on a Au-coated SiOx substrate have been studied by synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy (SR-PES) on a micron-scale. The graphene was firstly demonstrated its visibility ... More
Gapped Electronic Structure of Epitaxial Stanene on InSb(111)Nov 22 2017Stanene (single-layer grey tin), with an electronic structure akin to that of graphene but exhibiting a much larger spin-orbit gap, offers a promising platform for room-temperature electronics based on the quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect. This material ... More
Sequences of multivalued meromorphic maps and laminar currentsSep 25 2003Let (F_n) be a sequence of (multivalued) meromorphic maps between compact Kaehler manifolds X1 and X2. We study the asymptotic distribution of preimages of points by F_n and the asymptotic distribution of fixed points for multivalued self-maps of a compact ... More
Sur la caracterisation bu bord d'une chaine holomorphe dans l'espace projectifDec 10 1999Nous demontrons qu'une sous-variete reelle, compacte, orientee et lisse \Gamma de dimension $2p-1\geq 3$ de CP^n est le bord d'un sous-ensemble analytique s'il existe une variete reelle $V\subset G(n-p+2,n+1)$ de codimension 1 satisfaisant les conditions ... More
Remark on the rational functions having the same Julia setDec 06 1999Let f and g two rational functions having the same Julia set J_f. Lets suppose that f has a rational indifferent periodic point and that the critical set of f is disjoint of J_f. Then or J_f has to be equal to P^1, a circle, an arc of a circle for some ... More
Cellular structure of $q$-Brauer algebrasAug 31 2012Oct 16 2012In this paper we consider the $q$-Brauer algebra over $R$ a commutative noetherian domain. We first construct a new basis for $q$-Brauer algebras, and we then prove that it is a cell basis, and thus these algebras are cellular in the sense of Graham and ... More
A note on MLE of covariance matrixApr 09 2017Jul 23 2017For a multivariate normal set up, it is well known that the maximum likelihood estimator of covariance matrix is neither admissible nor minimax under the Stein loss function. For the past six decades, a bunch of researches have followed along this line ... More
Towards a unified theory for testing statistical hypothesis: Multinormal mean with nuisance covariance matrixOct 18 2017Under a multinormal distribution with arbitrary unknown covariance matrix, the main purpose of this paper is to propose a framework to achieve the goal of reconciliation of Bayesian, frequentist and Fisherian paradigms for the problems of testing mean ... More
Homotopy in the Category of GraphsJan 06 2019We develop a theory of homotopy for graphs which is internal to the category of graphs. Previous authors have associated spaces to graphs and their homomoprhisms, and used the homotopical properties of the spaces to get graph theory results. We develop ... More
Tits alternative for automorphism groups of compact Kaehler manifoldsOct 13 2012Oct 24 2012We survey some properties of the automorphism groups of compact Kaehler manifolds. In particular, we present recent results by Keum, Oguiso and Zhang on the structure of these groups from the Tits alternative point of view. Several other related results ... More
A geometric proof of Conn's linearization theorem for analytic Poisson structuresJul 27 2002We give a geometric proof of Conn's linearization theorem for analytic Poisson structures, without using the fast convergence method.
Levi decomposition of analytic Poisson structures and Lie algebroidsMar 03 2002Dec 24 2002We prove the existence of a local analytic Levi decomposition for analytic Poisson structures and Lie algebroids.
New results on the linearization of Nambu structuresJan 11 2012In a paper with Jean-Paul Dufour in 1999 \cite{DufourZung-Nambu1999}, we gave a classification of linear Nambu structures, and obtained linearization results for Nambu structures with a nondegenerate linear part. There was a case left open in \cite{DufourZung-Nambu1999}, ... More
An improved bound for the Gaussian concentration inequalityApr 07 2019In this note, we provide an improved bound for the Gaussian concentration inequality. Our proof is short and bases on the integration-by-parts formula for the gaussian measure.
Cohomological Classification of Ann-categoriesMay 26 2011Mar 19 2013The notion of Ann-categories is a categorification of the ring structure. Regular Ann-categories were classified by Shukla algebraic cohomology. In this article, we state and prove the precise theorem on classification for the general case due to Mac ... More
Structure of Ann-CategoriesApr 11 2008Sep 15 2013This paper presents the structure conversion by which from an Ann-category $\A,$ we can obtain its reduced Ann-category of the type $(R,M)$ whose structure is a family of five functions $k=(\xi,\eta,\alpha,\lambda,\rho)$. Then we will show that each Ann-category ... More
Structure of Ann-categoriesMay 11 2008Sep 15 2013Each Ann-category $\A$ is equivalent to an Ann-category of the type $(R,M),$ where $M$ is an $R$-bimodule. The family of constraints of $A$ induces a {\it structure} on $(R,M).$ The main result of the paper is: 1. {\it There exists a bijection between ... More
Structure of Ann-categories and Mac Lane - Shukla cohomologyAug 24 2007In this paper we study the structure of a class of categories having two operations which satisfy axioms analoguos to that of rings. Such categories are called "Ann - categories". We obtain the classification theorems for regular Ann - categories and ... More
A surface with discrete and non-finitely generated automorphism groupOct 19 2017Nov 23 2018We show that there is a smooth complex projective variety, of any dimension greater than or equal to two, whose automorphism group is discrete and not finitely generated. Moreover, this variety admits infinitely many real forms which are mutually non-isomorphic ... More
Deformation of singular foliations, 1: Local deformation cohomologyApr 15 2019In this paper we introduce the notion of deformation cohomology for singular foliations and related objects (namely integrable differential forms and Nambu structures), and study it in the local case, i.e., in the neighborhood of a point.
$L^p$-$L^q$ decay estimates for dissipative linear hyperbolic systems in 1DAug 11 2016Apr 05 2017Given $A,B\in M_n(\mathbb R)$, we consider the Cauchy problem for partially dissipative hyperbolic systems having the form \begin{equation*} \partial_{t}u+A\partial_{x}u+Bu=0, \end{equation*} with the aim of providing a detailed description of the large-time ... More