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On the Cauchy problem for axi-symmetric vortex ringsJan 27 2013We consider the classical Cauchy problem for the 3d Navier-Stokes equation with the initial vorticity $\omega_0$ concentrated on a circle, or more generally, a linear combination of such data for circles with common axis of symmetry. We show that natural ... More
Holomorphic one-forms without zeros on threefoldsJun 18 2019We show that a smooth complex projective threefold admits a holomorphic one-form without zeros if and only if the underlying real 6-manifold fibres smoothly over the circle, and we give a complete classification of all threefolds with that property. Our ... More
Model Selection for High Dimensional Quadratic Regression via RegularizationDec 31 2014Jul 14 2016Quadratic regression (QR) models naturally extend linear models by considering interaction effects between the covariates. To conduct model selection in QR, it is important to maintain the hierarchical model structure between main effects and interaction ... More
Borel subalgebras of the Witt algebra $W_1$Dec 18 2012Let $\mathbb{F}$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p>3$, and $\ggg$ the $p$-dimensional Witt algebra over $\mathbb{F}$. Let $\N$ be the nilpotent cone of $\ggg$. Explicit description of $\N$ is given, so that the conjugacy classes of ... More
Dark Matter Search in Space: Combined Analysis of Cosmic Ray Antiproton-to-Proton Flux Ratio and Positron Flux Measured by AMS-02Jan 09 2017Apr 18 2018Dark matter search in space has been carried out for many years. Measurements of cosmic ray photons, charged antiparticles and neutrinos are useful tools for dark matter indirect search. The antiparticle energy spectra of cosmic rays have several exciting ... More
Pulsar interpretation of the lepton spectra measured by AMS-02Apr 13 2015Apr 27 2016AMS-02 recently published its lepton spectra measurement. The results show that the positron fraction no longer increases above $\sim$200 GeV. The aim of this work is to investigate the possibility that the excess of positron fraction is due to pulsars. ... More
Diversity Backpressure Scheduling and Routing with Mutual Information Accumulation in Wireless Ad-hoc NetworksMay 24 2013We suggest and analyze algorithms for routing in multi-hop wireless ad-hoc networks that exploit mutual information accumulation as the physical layer transmission scheme, and are capable of routing multiple packet streams (commodities) when only the ... More
Nilpotent commuting varieties of the Witt algebraJan 23 2013Let $\mathfrak{g}$ be the $p$-dimensional Witt algebra over an algebraically closed field $k$ of characteristic $p>3$. Let $\mathscr{N}={x\in\ggg\mid x^{[p]}=0}$ be the nilpotent variety of $\mathfrak{g}$, and $\mathscr{C}(\mathscr{N}):=\{(x,y)\in \mathscr{N}\times\mathscr{N}\mid ... More
Texture to the Rescue: Practical Paper Fingerprinting based on Texture PatternsMay 06 2017May 07 2019In this paper, we propose a novel paper fingerprinting technique based on analyzing the translucent patterns revealed when a light source shines through the paper. These patterns represent the inherent texture of paper, formed by the random interleaving ... More
Investigation of the bottomonium ground state η_b via its inclusive charm decaysOct 17 2007Nov 21 2007Based on the non-relativistic QCD factorization formalism, we calculate the bottomonium ground state, $\eta_b$, inclusive charm decays at the leading order in the strong coupling constant $\alpha_s$ and quarkonium internal relative velocity $v$. The inclusive ... More
The Fragmentation Function of Gluon Splitting into P-wave Spin-singlet Heavy QuarkoniumNov 30 2009The gluon fragmentation function of $g \to h_c$ at leading order of strong coupling constant $\alpha_s$ and typical velocity $v$ is calculated in the framework of NRQCD, of which the contributions from both color-singlet and -octet processes are taken ... More
Long Short-Term Memory Spatial Transformer NetworkJan 08 2019Spatial transformer network has been used in a layered form in conjunction with a convolutional network to enable the model to transform data spatially. In this paper, we propose a combined spatial transformer network (STN) and a Long Short-Term Memory ... More
Fast L1-Minimization Algorithm for Sparse Approximation Based on an Improved LPNN-LCA frameworkMay 30 2018The aim of sparse approximation is to estimate a sparse signal according to the measurement matrix and an observation vector. It is widely used in data analytics, image processing, and communication, etc. Up to now, a lot of research has been done in ... More
Exploring Bosonic Mediator of Interaction at BESIIIOct 13 2018May 04 2019We present a comprehensive investigation on the possibility of the search for new force mediator $X$ boson in $e^+e^-$ collision and $J/\psi$ decay at the BESIII experiment. The typical interactions of $X$ boson coupling to leptons and quarks are explored. ... More
$D_s$ Asymmetry in PhotoproductionSep 27 2005By adopting two models of strange and antistrange quark distributions inside nucleon, the light-cone meson-baryon fluctuation model and the effective chiral quark model, we calculate the $D_s^+ - D_s^-$ asymmetry in photoproduction in the framework of ... More
Pseudoscalar Quarkonium Exclusive Decays to Vector Meson PairMay 30 2010Jun 15 2010The pseudoscalar quarkonia exclusive decays to light mesons still poses a challenge to the theoretical understanding of quarkonium properties in decay. In this work, we evaluate the processes of pseudoscalar heavy quarkonium decays into vector meson pairs, ... More
Design and Optimization of VoD schemes with Client Caching in Wireless Multicast NetworksAug 10 2017Due to the explosive growth in multimedia traffic, the scalability of video-on-demand (VoD) services becomes increasingly important. By exploiting the potential cache ability at the client side, the performance of VoD multicast delivery can be improved ... More
Ds+ -- Ds- Asymmetry in PhotoproductionApr 12 2005Jun 04 2005Considering of the possible difference in strange and antistrange quark distributions inside nucleon, we investigate the Ds+ -- Ds- asymmetry in photoproduction in the framework of heavy-quark recombination mechanism. We adopt two distribution models ... More
Mechanical feedback from black hole accretion as an energy source of core-collapse supernova explosionsSep 21 2018According to the traditional scenario for core-collapse supernovae, the core of the collapsing star forms a neutron star and its gravitational energy release sends out a shockwave into the stellar envelope. However, in a significant number of numerical ... More
Cryptanalysis of a Chaotic Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Information EntropyMar 27 2018Nov 26 2018Recently, a chaotic image encryption algorithm based on information entropy (IEAIE) was proposed. This paper scrutinizes the security properties of the algorithm and evaluates the validity of the used quantifiable security metrics. When the round number ... More
On legitimate mining of cryptocurrency in the browser - a feasibility studyDec 10 2018Jan 04 2019Cryptocurrency mining in the browser has the potential to provide a new pay-as-you-go monetisation mechanism for consuming digital media over the Web. However, browser mining has recently received strong criticism due to illegitimate use of mining scripts ... More
Long-Range triplet Josephson Current driven by the bias voltageDec 09 2013Dec 14 2013We study the long-range triplet Josephson current in a clean junction composed of two s-wave superconductors and a normal-metal/ferromagnet/normal-metal trilayer. Through applying the bias voltages on the metal regions by two antiparallel half-metal electrodes, ... More
K-theoretic classification of fermionic operator mixings in holographic conformal field theoriesMay 18 2012May 23 2016In this paper, we apply the K-theory scheme of classifying the topological insulators/superconductors to classify the topological classes of the massive multi-flavor fermions in anti-de Sitter (AdS) space. In the context of AdS/CFT correspondence, the ... More
Weak Bounded Negativity ConjectureAug 30 2017In this paper, we prove the following "Weak Bounded Negativity Conjecture", which says that given a complex smooth projective surface $X$, for any reduced curve $C$ in $X$ and integer $g$, assume that the geometric genus of each component of $C$ is bounded ... More
A-GPS Assisted Wi-Fi Access Point Discovery on Mobile Devices for Energy SavingDec 31 2011Mobile devices have been shipped with multiple wireless network interfaces in order to meet their diverse communication and networking demands. In this paper, we propose an A-GPS assisted scheme that discovers the nearest Wi-Fi network access points (APs) ... More
Thermal conductivity of armchair black phosphorus nanotubes: a molecular dynamics studyDec 17 2015Apr 04 2017The effects of size, strain, and vacancies on thermal properties of armchair black phosphorus nanotubes are investigated based on qualitative analysis from molecular dynamics simulations. It is found that the thermal conductivity has a remarkable size ... More
Effects of intrinsic strain on the structural stability and mechanical properties of phosphorene nanotubesDec 24 2015Jan 14 2016Using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, we explore the structural stability and mechanical integrity of phosphorene nanotubes (PNTs), where the intrinsic strain in the tubular PNT structure plays an important role. It is proposed that the atomic structure ... More
Note on Permutation Sum of Color-ordered Gluon AmplitudesOct 21 2011Nov 16 2011In this note we show that under BCFW-deformation the large z behavior of permutation sum of color-ordered gluon amplitudes found by Boels and Isermann in arxiv:1109.5888 can be simply understood from the well known Kleiss-Kuijf relation and Bern-Carrasco-Johansson ... More
An algebraic approach to BCJ numeratorsDec 26 2012One important discovery in recent years is that the total amplitude of gauge theory can be written as BCJ form where kinematic numerators satisfy Jacobi identity. Although the existence of such kinematic numerators is no doubt, the simple and explicit ... More
Godel Universe from String TheoryDec 06 2016Dec 12 2016G\"odel universe is a direct product of a line and a three-dimensional spacetime we call G$_\alpha$. In this paper, we show that the G\"odel metrics can arise as exact solutions in Einstein-Maxwell-Axion, Einstein-Proca-Axion, or Freedman-Schwarz gauged ... More
Inelastic electroproduction of $η_c$ at ep collidersApr 21 2000Aug 11 2000Using the nonrelativistic QCD factorization formalism, we calculate the electroproduction cross sections of $\eta_c$ in ep collisions, including the contribution from both the transverse photon and the longitudinal photon. For this process the color-singlet ... More
Superior thermal conductivity of poly (ethylene oxide) for solid-state electrolytes: a molecular dynamics studyJul 12 2018Nov 20 2018Solid-state lithium-ion batteries (SSLIBs) are considered to be the new generation of devices for energy storage due to better performance and safety. Poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO) based material becomes one of the best candidate of solid electrolytes, ... More
Algorithms to test open set condition for self-similar set related to P.V. numbersMay 05 2014Fix a P.V. number $\lambda ^{-1}>1.$ Given $\mathbf{p}=(p_{1},\cdots,p_{m})\in \mathbb{N}^{m}$, $\mathbf{b}=(b_{1},\cdots,b_{m})\in \mathbb{Q^{m}$, for the self-similar set $E_{\mathbf{p},\mathbf{b}}=\cup_{i=1}^{m}(\lambda ^{p_{i}}E_{\mathbf{p},\mathbf{b}}+b_{i})$ ... More
Majorana Zero-modes and Topological Phases of Multi-flavored Jackiw-Rebbi modelJul 06 2012Jul 23 2012Motivated by the recent Kitaev's K-theory analysis of topological insulators and superconductors, we adopt the same framework to study the topological phase structure of Jackiw-Rebbi model in 3+1 dimensions. According to the K-theory analysis based on ... More
Knowlege Graph Embedding by Flexible TranslationMay 20 2015Sep 10 2015Knowledge graph embedding refers to projecting entities and relations in knowledge graph into continuous vector spaces. State-of-the-art methods, such as TransE, TransH, and TransR build embeddings by treating relation as translation from head entity ... More
Stealing PINs via Mobile Sensors: Actual Risk versus User PerceptionMay 18 2016Apr 18 2017In this paper, we present the actual risks of stealing user PINs by using mobile sensors versus the perceived risks by users. First, we propose PINlogger.js which is a JavaScript-based side channel attack revealing user PINs on an Android mobile phone. ... More
Expansion of Einstein-Yang-Mills AmplitudeFeb 27 2017Oct 08 2017In this paper, we provide a thorough study on the expansion of single trace Einstein-Yang-Mills amplitudes into linear combination of color-ordered Yang-Mills amplitudes, from various different perspectives. Using the gauge invariance principle, we propose ... More
Cryptanalyzing an image encryption algorithm based on autoblocking and electrocardiographyNov 06 2017Jun 08 2018This paper analyzes the security of an image encryption algorithm proposed by Ye and Huang [\textit{IEEE MultiMedia}, vol. 23, pp. 64-71, 2016]. The Ye-Huang algorithm uses electrocardiography (ECG) signals to generate the initial key for a chaotic system ... More
High Performance Direct-Current Generator Based on Dynamic PN JunctionsJan 03 2019After the electromagnetic generator, searching for novel electric generators without strong magnetic field is highly demanded. The generator without strong magnetic field calls for a physical picture distinct from the traditional generators. As the counterpart ... More
Object Detection with Mask-based Feature EncodingFeb 12 2018Region-based Convolutional Neural Networks (R-CNNs) have achieved great success in the field of object detection. The existing R-CNNs usually divide a Region-of-Interest (ROI) into grids, and then localize objects by utilizing the spatial information ... More
Optimal Caching Placement for D2D Assisted Wireless Caching NetworksOct 27 2015Nov 03 2015In this paper, we devise the optimal caching placement to maximize the offloading probability for a two-tier wireless caching system, where the helpers and a part of users have caching ability. The offloading comes from the local caching, D2D sharing ... More
Infrared carpet cloak designed with uniform silicon grating structureOct 22 2009Through a particularly chosen coordinate transformation, we propose an optical carpet cloak that only requires homogeneous anisotropic dielectric material. The proposed cloak could be easily imitated and realized by alternative layers of isotropic dielectrics. ... More
DenseAttentionSeg: Segment Hands from Interacted Objects Using Depth InputMar 29 2019Apr 23 2019We propose a real-time DNN-based technique to segment hand and object of interacting motions from depth inputs. Our model is called DenseAttentionSeg, which contains a dense attention mechanism to fuse information in different scales and improves the ... More
Determining $1^{--}$ Heavy Hybrid Masses via QCD Sum RulesDec 13 2010Dec 04 2011The masses of $1^{--}$ charmonium and bottomonium hybrids are evaluated in terms of QCD sum rules. We find that the ground state hybrid in charm sector lies in $m_{H_c}=4.12\sim 4.79$ GeV, while in bottom sector the hybrid may situated in $m_{H_b} = 10.24\sim ... More
A Genetic Algorithm for Astroparticle Physics StudiesJul 01 2019Precision measurements of charged cosmic rays have recently been carried out by space-born (e.g. AMS-02), or ground experiments (e.g. HESS). These measured data are important for the studies of astro-physical phenomena, including supernova remnants, cosmic ... More
1-Motives Associated to the Limiting Mixed Hodge Structures of Degenerations of CurvesJul 26 2017Oct 13 2018In this article, we will give the Deligne 1-motives up to isogeny corresponding to the $\mathbb{Q}$-limiting mixed Hodge structures of semi-stable degenerations of curves, by using logarithmic structures and Steenbrink's cohomological mixed Hodge complexes ... More
0^-+ Trigluon Glueball and its Implication for a Recent BES ObservationDec 16 2005Sep 20 2006We calculate the mass of $0^{-+}$ triple-valence-gluon resonance, the trigluon glueball, with QCD sum rules. Its mass is found to be approximately in the region between 1.9 GeV and 2.7 GeV with some theoretical uncertainties. Moreover, it is likely that ... More
Detail Preserving Depth Estimation from a Single Image Using Attention Guided NetworksSep 03 2018Convolutional Neural Networks have demonstrated superior performance on single image depth estimation in recent years. These works usually use stacked spatial pooling or strided convolution to get high-level information which are common practices in classification ... More
The role of nonmagnetic d0 vs. d10 B-type cations on the magnetic exchange interactions in osmium double perovskitesDec 06 2017Polycrystalline samples of double perovskites Ba2BOsO6 (B = Sc, Y, In) were synthesized by solid state reactions. They adopt the cubic double perovskite structures (space group, Fm-3m) with ordered B and Os arrangements. Ba2BOsO6 (B = Sc, Y, In) show ... More
Note on Soft Graviton theorem by KLT RelationAug 19 2014Recently, new soft graviton theorem proposed by Cachazo and Strominger has inspired a lot of works. In this note, we use the KLT-formula to investigate the theorem. We have shown how the soft behavior of color ordered Yang-Mills amplitudes can be combined ... More
Dual-color decompositions at one-loop level in Yang-Mills theoryFeb 27 2014In this work, we extend the construction of dual color decomposition in Yang-Mills theory to one-loop level, i.e., we show how to write one-loop integrands in Yang-Mills theory to the dual DDM-form and the dual trace-form. In dual forms, integrands are ... More
Note on Construction of Dual-trace Factor in Yang-Mills TheoryMay 14 2013Jun 09 2013In this note we provide a new construction of BCJ dual-trace factor using the kinematic algebra proposed in arXiv:1105.2565 and arXiv:1212.6168. Different from the construction given in arXiv:1304.2978 based on the proposal of arXiv:1103.0312, the method ... More
Formation time effect on J/ψdynamical nuclear suppressionMar 15 1998The proposed hadronic and string cascade model, JPCIAE, for ultrarelativistic nucleus - nucleus collisions based on the LUND model and the PYTHIA event generator especially, is used to investigate the $J/\psi$ suppression due to the nuclear absorption ... More
Hunting eta_b through radiative decay into J/psiDec 14 2006Jan 25 2007We propose that the radiative decay process, \eta_b\to J/\psi\gamma, may serve as a clean searching mode for \eta_b in hadron collision facilities. By a perturbative QCD calculation, we estimate the corresponding branching ratio to be of order 10^{-7}. ... More
TouchSignatures: Identification of User Touch Actions and PINs Based on Mobile Sensor Data via JavaScriptFeb 12 2016Conforming to W3C specifications, mobile web browsers allow JavaScript code in a web page to access motion and orientation sensor data without the user's permission. The associated risks to user security and privacy are however not considered in W3C specifications. ... More
Optimal Control of Wireless Computing NetworksOct 27 2017Augmented information (AgI) services allow users to consume information that results from the execution of a chain of service functions that process source information to create real-time augmented value. Applications include real-time analysis of remote ... More
Reduced Dimensionality and Magnetic Frustration in KCr$_3$As$_3$May 26 2015We study the electronic and magnetic structures of the newly-discovered compound KCr$_3$As$_3$. The non-magnetic state has five Fermi surface sheets involving respectively three quasi-one-dimensional and two three-dimensional energy bands. However, the ... More
BCJ Relation of Color Scalar Theory and KLT Relation of Gauge TheoryMay 17 2011We present a field theoretical proof of the conjectured KLT relation which states that the full tree-level scattering amplitude of gluons can be written as a product of color-ordered amplitude of gluons and color-ordered amplitude of scalars with only ... More
Quantum Decoherence with HolographySep 23 2013Oct 21 2014Quantum decoherence is the loss of a system's purity due to its interaction with the surrounding environment. Via the AdS/CFT correspondence, we study how a system decoheres when its environment is a strongly-coupled theory. In the Feynman-Vernon formalism, ... More
Enhanced Biologically Inspired Model for Image Recognition Based on a Novel Patch Selection Method with MomentOct 27 2017Biologically inspired model (BIM) for image recognition is a robust computational architecture, which has attracted widespread attention. BIM can be described as a four-layer structure based on the mechanisms of the visual cortex. Although the performance ... More
LBP: Robust Rate Adaptation Algorithm for SVC Video StreamingApr 30 2018Jun 13 2018Video streaming today accounts for up to 55\% of mobile traffic. In this paper, we explore streaming videos encoded using Scalable Video Coding scheme (SVC) over highly variable bandwidth conditions such as cellular networks. SVC's unique encoding scheme ... More
How Does Bug-Handling Effort Differ Among Different Programming Languages?Jan 03 2018Handling bugs is an essential part of software development. The impact of programming language on this task has long been a topic of much debate. For example, some people hold the view that bugs in Python are easy to handle because its code is easy to ... More
Resonantly enhanced coherence by laser-assisted tunnelingNov 15 2014We study quantum coherence of strongly interacting cold bosons in a double-well potential driven by a laser field. The system is initially in a Fock state and, for either with or without a static tilting field, evolves into the coherent states. The coherence ... More
Depth Assisted Full Resolution Network for Single Image-based View SynthesisNov 17 2017Researches in novel viewpoint synthesis majorly focus on interpolation from multi-view input images. In this paper, we focus on a more challenging and ill-posed problem that is to synthesize novel viewpoints from one single input image. To achieve this ... More
Wetting Transitions of Condensed Droplets on Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Two-Tier RoughnessJun 26 2015Although realizing wetting transitions of droplets spontaneously on solid rough surfaces is quite challenging, it is becoming a key research topic in many practical applications which require highly efficient removal of liquid. We report wetting transitions ... More
DOMtegrity: Ensuring Web Page Integrity against Malicious Browser ExtensionsMay 30 2019In this paper, we address an unsolved problem in the real world: how to ensure the integrity of the web content in a browser in the presence of malicious browser extensions? The problem of exposing confidential user credentials to malicious extensions ... More
Joint Reasoning for Temporal and Causal RelationsJun 12 2019Understanding temporal and causal relations between events is a fundamental natural language understanding task. Because a cause must be before its effect in time, temporal and causal relations are closely related and one relation even dictates the other ... More
Analysing and Patching SPEKE in ISO/IECFeb 14 2018Apr 04 2018Simple Password Exponential Key Exchange (SPEKE) is a well-known Password Authenticated Key Exchange (PAKE) protocol that has been used in Blackberry phones for secure messaging and Entrust's TruePass end-to-end web products. It has also been included ... More
Photoproduction of $η_c$ in NRQCDFeb 13 1999We present a calculation for the photoproduction of $\eta_c$ under the framework of NRQCD factorization formalism. We find a quite unique feature that the color-singlet contribution to this process vanishes at not only the leading order but also the next ... More
Balanced Distribution Adaptation for Transfer LearningJul 02 2018Transfer learning has achieved promising results by leveraging knowledge from the source domain to annotate the target domain which has few or none labels. Existing methods often seek to minimize the distribution divergence between domains, such as the ... More
ART-GAS: An Adaptive and Real-Time GTS Allocation Scheme for IEEE 802.15.4Dec 31 2011IEEE 802.15.4 supports a Guaranteed Time Slot (GTS) allocation mechanism for time-critical and delay-sensitive data transmissions in Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs). However, the inflexible first-come-first-served GTS allocation policy and the ... More
Experimental simulation of quantum tunneling in small systemsMay 11 2012Oct 02 2013It is well known that quantum computers are superior to classical computers in efficiently simulating quantum systems. Here we report the first experimental simulation of quantum tunneling through potential barriers, a widespread phenomenon of a unique ... More
Note on symmetric BCJ numeratorMar 25 2014Apr 30 2014We present an algorithm that leads to BCJ numerators satisfying manifestly the three properties proposed by Broedel and Carrasco in [35]. We explicitly calculate the numerators at 4, 5 and 6-points and show that the relabeling property is generically ... More
The Construction of Dual-trace Factor in Yang-Mills TheoryApr 10 2013Jul 10 2013Recently, a BCJ dual of the color-ordered formula for Yang-Mills amplitude was proposed, where the dual-trace factor satisfies cyclic symmetry and KK-relation. In this paper, we present a systematic construction of the dual-trace factor based on its proposed ... More
Note on Cyclic Sum and Combination Sum of Color-ordered Gluon AmplitudesNov 24 2011Feb 21 2012Continuing our previous study \cite{Du:2011se} of permutation sum of color ordered tree amplitudes of gluons, in this note, we prove the large-$z$ behavior of their cyclic sum and the combination of cyclic and permutation sums under BCFW deformation. ... More
Optimal Dynamic Cloud Network ControlAug 31 2017Distributed cloud networking enables the deployment of a wide range of services in the form of interconnected software functions instantiated over general purpose hardware at multiple cloud locations distributed throughout the network. We consider the ... More
High-energy neutrino flare from cloud-jet interaction in the blazar PKS 0502+049Aug 13 2018Aug 14 2018Following the detection of a $\sim$300 TeV neutrino potentially associated with the flaring blazar TXS 0506+056, an excess of neutrinos around its position in 2014-2015 was revealed by IceCube. However, its contemporaneous quiescence in $\gamma$-rays ... More
Direct-Current Generator Based on Moving Van der Waals Schottky DiodeJul 01 2018Traditionally, Schottky diodes are used statically in the electronic information industry but dynamic state Schottky diodes based applications have been rarely explored. Herein, a novel Schottky diode named moving Schottky diode generator has been designed, ... More
Real-Time Performance Analysis of Infrastructure-based IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination FunctionDec 31 2011With the increasing popularity of wireless networks, wireless local area networks (WLANs) have attracted significant research interest, which play a critical role in providing anywhere and anytime connectivity. For WLANs the IEEE 802.11 standard is the ... More
Decays of $P_c$ into $J/ψN$ and $η_cN$ with heavy quark spin symmetryJul 08 2019We investigate the consequences of heavy quark spin symmetry (HQSS) on hidden-charm pentaquark $P_c$ states. As has been proposed before, assuming the $P_c(4440)$ and the $P_c(4457)$ as $S$-wave $\bar{D}^*\Sigma_c$ molecules, seven hadronic molecular ... More
End-to-End Comparative Attention Networks for Person Re-identificationJun 14 2016Apr 28 2017Person re-identification across disjoint camera views has been widely applied in video surveillance yet it is still a challenging problem. One of the major challenges lies in the lack of spatial and temporal cues, which makes it difficult to deal with ... More
An arbitrary two-particle high-dimensional Bell state measurement by auxiliary entanglementJan 05 2019Jan 08 2019Bell state measurement (BSM) plays a vital role in quantum information. There are many researches on BSM of qubit Bell state, however, there is no definite solution of how to realize high-dimensional Bell state measurement (HDBSM). In this paper, We present ... More
Electron Bunch Train Excited Higher-Order Modes in a Superconducting RF CavityAug 12 2016Higher-order mode (HOM) based intra-cavity beam diagnostics has been proved effectively and conveniently in superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) accelerators. Our recent research shows that the beam harmonics in the bunch train excited HOM spectrum, ... More
Enhanced Kerr electro-optic nonlinearity through cascaded Pockels effectsFeb 13 2015We demonstrated a large enhancement of Kerr electro-optic nonlinearity through cascaded Pockels effects in a domain inversion ferroelectric crystal. We designed a structure that can implement the cascaded Pockels effects and second-harmonic generation ... More
The catalytic effect of water in basic hydrolysis of CO$_3{}^{2_-}$ in hydrated clustersFeb 10 2017The hydration of ions in nanoscale hydrated clusters is ubiquitous and essential in many physical and chemical processes. Here we show that the hydrolysis reaction is strongly affected by relative humidity. The hydrolysis of CO32- with n = 1-8 water molecules ... More
Variability of broad absorption lines in a QSO SDSS J022844.09+000217.0 on multi-year timescalesSep 12 2015The variability of the broad absorption lines is investigated for a broad absorption line (BAL) QSO, SDSS J022844.09+000217.0 (z = 2.719), with 18 SDSS/BOSS spectra covering 4128 days in the observed frame. With the ratio of the rms spectrum to the mean ... More
Decoherence Patterns of Topological Qubits from Majorana ModesJun 24 2014Oct 21 2014We investigate the decoherence patterns of topological qubits in contact with the environment by a novel way of deriving the open system dynamics other than the Feynman-Vernon. Each topological qubit is made of two Majorana modes of a 1D Kitaev's chain. ... More
Precise Temporal Action Localization by Evolving Temporal ProposalsApr 13 2018Locating actions in long untrimmed videos has been a challenging problem in video content analysis. The performances of existing action localization approaches remain unsatisfactory in precisely determining the beginning and the end of an action. Imitating ... More
Klein-Nishina effects on the high-energy afterglow emission of gamma-ray burstsNov 21 2009Extended high-energy(>100MeV) gamma-ray emission that lasts much longer than the prompt sub-MeV emission has been detected from quite a few gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) by Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) recently. A plausible scenario is that this emission ... More
On the High Energy Emission of the Short GRB 090510Sep 08 2010Mar 15 2011Long-lived high-energy (>100MeV) emission, a common feature of most Fermi-LAT detected gamma-ray burst, is detected up to \sim 10^2 s in the short GRB 090510. We study the origin of this long-lived high-energy emission, using broad-band observations including ... More
High-speed Implementation of FFT-based Privacy Amplification on FPGA in Quantum Key DistributionSep 20 2018Sep 21 2018Privacy amplification (PA) is a vital procedure in quantum key distribution (QKD) to generate the secret key that the eavesdropper has only negligible information from the identical correcting key for the communicating parties. With the increase of repeat ... More
Disentangling the role of the $Y(4260)$ in $e^+e^-\to D^*\bar{D}^*$ and $D_s^*\bar{D}_s^*$ via line shape studiesAug 23 2017Feb 13 2018Whether the $Y(4260)$ can couple to open charm channels has been a crucial issue for understanding its nature. The available experimental data suggest that the cross section line shapes of exclusive processes in $e^+e^-$ annihilations have nontrivial ... More
Isospin breaking decays as a diagnosis of the hadronic molecular structure of the $P_c(4457)$Mar 27 2019Apr 26 2019The LHCb Collaboration announced the observation of three narrow structures consistent with hidden-charm pentaquark states. They are candidates of hadronic molecules formed of a pair of a charmed baryon and an anticharmed meson. Among them, the $P_c(4457)$ ... More
Closed Loop Load Model Identification Using Small Disturbance DataMay 15 2019Load model identification using small disturbance data is studied. It is proved that the individual load to be identified and the rest of the system forms a closed-loop system. Then, the impacts of disturbances entering the feedforward channel (internal ... More
Preparation of Logically Labeled Pure States with Only Two Turns for Bulk Quantum ComputationJun 25 2017Quantum state preparation plays an equally important role with quantum operations and measurements in quantum information processing. The previous methods of preparing initial state for bulk quantum computation all have inevitable disadvantages, such ... More
The low level radio frequency control system for DC-SRF photo-injector at Peking UniversityMay 06 2014A low level radio frequency (LLRF) control system is designed and constructed at Peking University, which is for the DC-SRF photo injector operating at 2K. Besides with continuous wave (CW), the system is also reliable with pulsed RF and pulsed beam, ... More
A Note on analytic formulas of Feynman propagators in position spaceNov 08 2008In this paper, we correct an inaccurate result of previous works on the Feynman propagator in position space of a free Dirac field in (3+1)-dimensional spacetime, and we derive the generalized analytic formulas of both the scalar Feynman propagator and ... More
AMS-02 positron excess: new bounds on dark matter models and hint for primary electron spectrum hardeningMar 03 2013Jun 20 2013The data collected by ATIC, CREAM and PAMELA all display remarkable cosmic-ray-nuclei spectrum hardening above the magnetic rigidity $\sim$ 240 GV. One natural speculation is that the primary electron spectrum also gets hardened (possibly at $\sim 80$ ... More
Unconventional Localization Prior to Wrinkles and Controllable Surface Patterns of Film Substrate Bilayers Through Patterned Defects in SubstrateMar 29 2017A novel bilayer is introduced, consisting of a stiff film adhered to a soft substrate with patterned holes beneath the film and substrate interface. To uncover the transition of surface patterns, two dimensional plane strain simulations are performed ... More
l0-norm Based Centers Selection for Training Fault Tolerant RBF Networks and Selecting CentersMay 30 2018Nov 01 2018The aim of this paper is to train an RBF neural network and select centers under concurrent faults. It is well known that fault tolerance is a very attractive property for neural networks. And center selection is an important procedure during the training ... More