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CRT-Based High Speed Parallel Architecture for Long BCH EncodingApr 21 2009BCH (Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghen) error correcting codes ([1]-[2]) are now widely used in communication systems and digital technology. Direct LFSR(linear feedback shifted register)-based encoding of a long BCH code suffers from serial-in and serial-out ... More
Minimal rPD-Twin SurfacesOct 25 2016We study a $2$-parameter family of minimal surfaces with twin structure, namely the rPD-twin surfaces. A (polysynthetic) rPD-twin surface can be seen as copies of an rPD-surface that are symmetric about parallel mirrors. Candidates of rPD-twin surfaces ... More
Deterministic Construction of RIP Matrices in Compressed Sensing from Constant Weight CodesJun 08 2015Jun 12 2015The expicit restricted isometry property (RIP) measurement matrices are needed in practical application of compressed sensing in signal processing. RIP matrices from Reed-Solomon codes, BCH codes, orthogonal codes, expander graphs have been proposed and ... More
Identities involving weighted Catalan, Schroder and Motzkin pathsAug 08 2016Aug 16 2016In this paper, we investigate the weighted Catalan, Motzkin and Schr\"oder numbers together with the corresponding weighted paths. The relation between these numbers is illustrated by three equations, which also lead to some known and new interesting ... More
Chiral geometry in multiple chiral doublet bandsJul 05 2015The chiral geometry of the multiple chiral doublet bands with identical configuration is discussed for different triaxial deformation parameters $\gamma$ in the particle rotor model with $\pi h_{11/2}\otimes \nu h_{11/2}^{-1}$. The energy spectra, electromagnetic ... More
Accelerating Nesterov's Method for Strongly Convex Functions with Lipschitz GradientSep 27 2011We modify Nesterov's constant step gradient method for strongly convex functions with Lipschitz continuous gradient described in Nesterov's book. Nesterov shows that $f(x_k) - f^* \leq L \prod_{i=1}^k (1 - \alpha_k) \| x_0 - x^* \|_2^2$ with $\alpha_k ... More
Visualisation of financial time series by linear principal component analysis and nonlinear principal component analysisOct 29 2014In this dissertation, the main goal is visualisation of financial time series. We expect that visualisation of financial time series will be a useful auxiliary for technical analysis. Firstly, we review the technical analysis methods and test our trading ... More
New multivariate tests for assessing covariate balance in matched observational studiesSep 13 2016We propose new tests for assessing whether covariates in a treatment group and matched control group are balanced in observational studies. The tests exhibit high power under a wide range of multivariate alternatives, some of which existing tests have ... More
On the gaps between consecutive primesFeb 07 2018Let $p_n$ denote the $n$-th prime. For any $m\geq 1$, there exist infinitely many $n$ such that $p_{n}-p_{n-m}\leq C_m$ for some large constant $C_m>0$, and $$p_{n+1}-p_n\geq \frac{c_m\log n\log\log n\log\log\log\log n}{\log\log\log n}, $$ for some small ... More
Strange Quark Stars as Probe of Dark MatterMar 24 2016Aug 14 2016We demonstrate that the observation of old strange quark stars (SQSs) can set important limits on the scattering cross sections $\sigma_q$ between the light quarks and the non-interacting scalar dark matter (DM). By analyzing a set of 1403 of solitary ... More
Limit Directions for Lorentzian Coxeter SystemsMar 06 2014Every Coxeter group admits a geometric representation as a group generated by reflections in a real vector space. In the projective representation space, limit directions are limits of injective sequences in the orbit of some base point. Limit roots are ... More
Lorentzian Coxeter systems and Boyd-Maxwell ball packingsOct 31 2013Mar 17 2016In the recent study of infinite root systems, fractal patterns of ball packings were observed while visualizing roots in affine space. In this paper, we show that the observed fractals are exactly the ball packings described by Boyd and Maxwell. This ... More
Effects of the U-boson on the inner edge of neutron star crustsNov 03 2011Mar 24 2012We explore effects of the light vector $U$-boson, which is weakly coupled to nucleons, on the transition density $\rho_{t}$ and pressure $P_{t}$ at the inner edge separating the liquid core from the solid crust of neutron stars. Three methods, i.e., the ... More
Irreversible Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm for the self-avoiding walkFeb 04 2016We design an irreversible Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm for the self-avoiding walk (SAW). It outperforms the Berretti-Sokal algorithm. The gained efficiency increases with the spatial dimension, from about $10$ times in two dimensions to around $40$ ... More
Form Factor Effects in the Direct Detection of Isospin-Violating Dark MatterMar 20 2014Jul 01 2014Isospin-violating dark matter (IVDM) provides a possible mechanism to ameliorate the tension among recent direct detection experiments. For IVDM, we demonstrate that the results of direct detection experiments based on neutron-rich target nuclei may depend ... More
Measuring robustness of community structure in complex networksMar 27 2015The theory of community structure is a powerful tool for real networks, which can simplify their topological and functional analysis considerably. However, since community detection methods have random factors and real social networks obtained from complex ... More
Constraints on large-extra-dimensions model through 125 GeV Higgs pair production at the LHCNov 22 2012Based on the analysis of 5 fb^-1 of data at the LHC, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations have presented evidence for a Higgs boson with a mass in the 125 GeV range. We consider the 125 GeV neutral Higgs pair production process in the context of large-extra-dimensions ... More
Cosmological Constraints on Variable Warm Dark MatterFeb 04 2013Mar 10 2013Although $\Lambda$CDM model is very successful in many aspects, it has been seriously challenged. Recently, warm dark matter (WDM) remarkably rose as an alternative of cold dark matter (CDM). In the literature, many attempts have been made to determine ... More
Phase diagrams of Fermi gases in a trap with mass and population imbalances at finite temperatureAug 07 2012The pairing and superfluid phenomena in a two-component Fermi gas can be strongly affected by the population and mass imbalances. Here we present phase diagrams of atomic Fermi gases as they undergo BCS--Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) crossover with ... More
Additive Decompositions in Primitive ExtensionsFeb 07 2018This paper extends the classical Ostrogradsky-Hermite reduction for rational functions to more general functions in primitive extensions of certain types. For an element $f$ in such an extension $K$, the extended reduction decomposes $f$ as the sum of ... More
Gauge theory on $Z_2 \times Z_2 \ti Z_2 $ Discrete Group and a Spontaneous $CP$ Violation Toy ModelAug 29 1994In the spirit of Non-commutative differential calculus on discrete group, we construct a toy model of spontaneous $CP$ violation (SCPV). Our model is different from the well-known Weinberg-Branco model although it involves three Higgs doublets and preserve ... More
New $q$-ary Quantum MDS Codes with Distances Bigger than $\frac{q}{2}$Jul 30 2015Oct 07 2015Constructions of quantum MDS codes have been studied by many authors. We refer to the table in page 1482 of [3] for known constructions. However there are only few $q$-ary quantum MDS $[[n,n-2d+2,d]]_q$ codes with minimum distances $d>\frac{q}{2}$ for ... More
Witness to Detect The Genuine Multipartite Semiquantum for Arbitrary N Partite Quantum StateAug 21 2011Aug 23 2011we get a witness to detect the genuine multipartite semiquantum for arbitrary N partite quantum state.
Event mixing does not reproduce single particle acceptance convolutions for nonuniform pseudorapidity distributionsApr 30 2013Jan 02 2014We point out that the mixed-event method for two-particle acceptance correction, widely used in particle correlation measurements at RHIC and LHC, is wrong in cases where the single particle pseudorapidity distribution is significantly nonuniform. The ... More
Scattering of Scalar Waves by Schwarzschild Black Hole Immersed in Magnetic FieldNov 03 2011The magnetic field is one of the most important constituents of the cosmic space and one of the main sources of the dynamics of interacting matter in the universe. The astronomical observations imply the existence of a strong magnetic fields of up to ... More
Quantum entanglement of particles on a ring with fractional statisticsJun 02 2009In this paper we investigate the von Neumann entropy in the ground state of one-dimensional anyonic systems with the repulsive interaction. Based on the Bethe-ansatz method, the entanglement properties for the arbitrary statistical parameter ($0\leq\kappa\leq1$) ... More
Detecting the concurrence of an unknown state with a single observableApr 06 2011While the detection of entanglement has been proved already to be quite a difficult task, experimental quantification of entanglement is even more challenging. In this work, we derive an analytical lower bound for the concurrence of a bipartite mix quantum ... More
Witness to detect quantum correlation of bipartite states in arbitrary dimensionApr 02 2011In this work we introduce a nonlinear witness that is a sufficient condition for detecting the vanishment of quantum correlation of bipartite states. Our result directly generalizes the result of [J. Maziero, R. M. Serra, arXiv:1012.3075] to arbitrary ... More
Optimization on fixed low latency implementation of GBT protocol in FPGAAug 29 2016Oct 17 2016For accelerator physics experiment, the Front-End (FE) electronics components are subjected to a radiation background. GigaBit Transceiver (GBT) architecture is a protocol developed by CERN, to provide high-speed (4.8 Gbps) radiation hard optical link ... More
Criteria For $K$-Separability Of Multipartite Quantum StateMar 25 2011We derive criteria for $k$-separability of multipartite Quantum state
On Fermionic T-duality of Sigma modes on AdS backgroundsSep 30 2009Dec 22 2009We study the fermionic T-duality symmetry of integrable Green-Schwarz sigma models on AdS backgrounds. We show that the sigma model on $AdS_5\times S^1$ background is self-dual under fermionic T-duality. We also construct new integrable sigma models on ... More
Optimization on fixed low latency implementation of GBT protocol in FPGAAug 29 2016Sep 16 2016For accelerator physics experiment, the Front-End (FE) electronics components are subjected to a radiation background. GigaBit Transceiver (GBT) architecture is a protocol developed by CERN, to provide high-speed (4.8 Gbps) radiation hard optical link ... More
Diquark mass differences from unquenched lattice QCDOct 26 2015We calculate diquark correlation functions in the Landau gauge on the lattice using overlap valence quarks and 2+1-flavor domain wall fermion configurations. Quark masses are extracted from the scalar part of quark propagators in the Landau gauge. Scalar ... More
Non-Abelian topological spin liquids from arrays of quantum wires or spin chainsJan 06 2016Jan 28 2016We construct two-dimensional non-Abelian topologically ordered states by strongly coupling arrays of one-dimensional quantum wires via interactions. In our scheme, all charge degrees of freedom are gapped, so the construction can use either quantum wires ... More
Coupled spin-1/2 ladders as microscopic models for non-Abelian chiral spin liquidsNov 08 2016We construct a two-dimensional (2D) lattice model that is argued to realize a gapped chiral spin liquid with (Ising) non-Abelian topological order. The building blocks are spin-1/2 two-leg ladders with $SU(2)$-symmetric spin-spin interactions. The two-leg ... More
Distance Geometry for Kissing SpheresMar 09 2012Oct 23 2012A kissing sphere is a sphere that is tangent to a fixed reference ball. We develop in this paper a distance geometry for kissing spheres, which turns out to be a generalization of the classical Euclidean distance geometry.
Independent and simultaneous tailoring of amplitude, phase, and complete polarization of vector beamsOct 28 2015We present an approach that enables complete control over the amplitude, phase and arbitrary polarization state on the Poincar\'e sphere of an optical beam in a 4-f system with a spatial light modulator (SLM). The beams can be constructed from a coaxial ... More
Plagiarism Detection using ROUGE and WordNetMar 22 2010With the arrival of digital era and Internet, the lack of information control provides an incentive for people to freely use any content available to them. Plagiarism occurs when users fail to credit the original owner for the content referred to, and ... More
Electric-field-induced phase transition of <001> oriented Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 single crystalsJun 17 2002<001> oriented 0.7Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.3PbTiO3 single crystals were poled under different electric fields, i.e. Epoling=4 kV/cm and Epoling=13 kV/cm. In addition to the temperature-dependent dielectric constant measurement, X-ray diffraction was also used ... More
Dense Gas in the Outer Spiral Arm of M51Dec 01 2016There is a linear relation between the mass of dense gas, traced by the HCN(1-0) luminosity, and the star formation rate (SFR), traced by the far-infrared luminosity. Recent observations of galactic disks have shown some systematic variations. In order ... More
Nuclear constraints on non-Newtonian gravity at femtometer scaleMar 13 2012Feb 11 2013Effects of the non-Newtonian gravity on properties of finite nuclei are studied by consistently incorporating both the direct and exchange contribution of the Yukawa potential in the Hartree-Fock approach using a well-tested Skyrme force for the strong ... More
Local spin density in two-dimensional electron gas with hexagonal boundaryDec 31 2006Aug 16 2007The intrinsic spin-Hall effect in hexagon-shaped samples is investigated. To take into account the spin-orbit couplings and to fit the hexagon edges, we derive the triangular version of the tight-binding model for the linear Rashba [Sov. Phys. Solid State ... More
The Reach of Fermilab Tevatron Upgrades for SU(5) Supergravity Models with Non-universal Gaugino MassesMar 16 1999We explore the reach of luminosity upgrades of the Fermilab Tevatron collider for SU(5) supergravity models in which non-universal GUT-scale gaugino masses arise via a vacuum expectation value for the auxiliary component of a superfield that transforms ... More
Ground-state properties of one-dimensional ultracold Bose gases in a hard-wall trapFeb 21 2006Jun 19 2006We investigate the ground state of the system of N bosons enclosed in a hard-wall trap interacting via a repulsive or attractive $\delta$-function potential. Based on the Bethe ansatz method, the explicit ground state wave function is derived and the ... More
Experimental calibration of a Cahn-Hilliard phase-field model for phase transformations in Li-Sn electrodesSep 29 2016Experiments, numerical simulations, and analytical calculations are used to calibrate a diffuse-interface Cahn-Hilliard model of Li-Sn thin film electrodes that experience a transformation from Sn to Li2Sn5. It is shown that a concentration-gradient dependent ... More
Ground-state properties of interacting two-component Bose gases in a hard-wall trapNov 07 2008Feb 09 2009We investigate ground-state properties of interacting two-component Bose gases in a hard-wall trap using both the Bethe ansatz and exact numerical diagonalization method. For equal intra- and inter-atomic interaction, the system is exactly solvable. Thus ... More
Spin-dependent Andreev reflection tunneling through a quantum dot with intradot spin-flip scatteringSep 08 2004We study Andreev reflection (AR) tunneling through a quantum dot (QD) connected to a ferromagnet and a superconductor, in which the intradot spin-flip interaction is included. By using the nonequibrium-Green-function method, the formula of the linear ... More
Entangled collective-spin states of atomic ensembles under non-uniform atom-light interactionOct 05 2015We consider the optical generation and verification of entanglement in atomic ensembles under non-uniform interaction between the ensemble and an optical mode. We show that for a wide range of parameters a system of non-uniformly coupled atomic spins ... More
Syzygies Probing Scattering AmplitudesNov 03 2015Sep 30 2016We propose a new efficient algorithm to obtain the locally minimal generating set of the syzygies for an ideal, i.e. a generating set whose proper subsets cannot be generating sets. Syzygy is a concept widely used in the current study of scattering amplitudes. ... More
Content-Centric Multicast Beamforming in Cache-Enabled Cloud Radio Access NetworksApr 22 2015Aug 11 2015Multicast transmission and wireless caching are effective ways of reducing air and backhaul traffic load in wireless networks. This paper proposes to incorporate these two key ideas for content-centric multicast transmission in a cloud radio access network ... More
Feature-Area Optimization: A Novel SAR Image Registration MethodFeb 18 2016This letter proposes a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image registration method named Feature-Area Optimization (FAO). First, the traditional area-based optimization model is reconstructed and decomposed into three key but uncertain factors: initialization, ... More
Superconducting circuit simulator of Bose-Hubbard model with a flat bandFeb 04 2016Recent advance in quantum simulations of interacting photons using superconducting circuits offers opportunities for investigating the Bose-Hubbard model in various geometries with hopping coefficients and self-interactions tuned to both signs. Here we ... More
Nonequilibrium spin transport on Au(111) surfacesApr 09 2008Oct 18 2008The well-known experimentally observed \textit{sp}-derived Au(111) Shockley surface states with Rashba spin splitting are perfectly fit by an effective tight-binding model, considering a two-dimensional hexagonal lattice with $p_{z}$-orbital and nearest ... More
Ball packings with high chromatic numbers from strongly regular graphsFeb 06 2015May 25 2016Inspired by Bondarenko's counter-example to Borsuk's conjecture, we notice some strongly regular graphs that provide examples of ball packings whose chromatic numbers are significantly higher than the dimensions. In particular, from generalized quadrangles ... More
Even More Infinite Ball Packings from Lorentzian Root SystemsAug 11 2014Sep 21 2015Boyd (1974) proposed a class of infinite ball packings that are generated by inversions. Later, Maxwell (1983) interpreted Boyd's construction in terms of root systems in Lorentz space. In particular, he showed that the space-like weight vectors correspond ... More
Apollonian Ball Packings and Stacked PolytopesJun 11 2013Dec 23 2013We investigate in this paper the relation between Apollonian $d$-ball packings and stacked $(d+1)$-polytopes for dimension $d\ge 3$. For $d=3$, the relation is fully described: we prove that the $1$-skeleton of a stacked $4$-polytope is the tangency graph ... More
A new earthquake location method based on the waveform inversionOct 23 2016In this paper, a new earthquake location method based on the waveform inversion is proposed. As is known to all, the waveform misfit function is very sensitive to the phase shift between the synthetic waveform signal and the real waveform signal. Thus, ... More
Two-photon interference with two independent pseudo-thermal sourcesOct 12 2006Nov 23 2006The nature of two-photon interference is a subject that has aroused renewed interest in recent years and is still under debate. In this paper we report the first observation of two-photon interference with independent pseudo-thermal sources in which sub-wavelength ... More
Relaxation of the entanglement spectrum in quench dynamics of topological systemsOct 04 2016Oct 07 2016We study how the entanglement spectrum relaxes to its steady state in one-dimensional quadratic systems after a quantum quench. In particular we apply the saddle point expansion to the one-dimensional dimerized chain and p-wave superconductor. We find ... More
Edge State, Entanglement Entropy Spectra and Critical Hopping Coupling of Anisotropic Honeycomb LatticeApr 21 2010May 04 2011For a bipartite honeycomb lattice, we show that the Berry phase depends not only on the shape of the system but also on the hopping couplings. Using the entanglement entropy spectra obtained by diagonalizing the block Green's function matrices, the maximal ... More
Non-Newtonian gravity in finite nucleiAug 24 2012In this talk, we report our recent study of constraining the non-Newtonian gravity at femtometer scale. We incorporate the Yukawa-type non-Newtonian gravitational potential consistently to the Skyrme functional form using the exact treatment for the direct ... More
Dense CNN Learning with Equivalent MappingsMay 24 2016Large receptive field and dense prediction are both important for achieving high accuracy in pixel labeling tasks such as semantic segmentation. These two properties, however, contradict with each other. A pooling layer (with stride 2) quadruples the ... More
Current-induced spin polarization in spin-orbit-coupled two-dimensional electron systemsFeb 04 2008Oct 19 2008Current-induced spin polarization (CISP) is rederived in ballistic spin-orbit-coupled electron systems, based on equilibrium statistical mechanics. A simple and useful picture is correspondingly proposed to help understand the CISP and predict the polarization ... More
Spin precession due to spin-orbit coupling in a two-dimensional electron gas with spin injection via ideal quantum point contactAug 13 2004Aug 14 2004We present the analytical result of the expectation value of spin resulting from an injected spin polarized electron into a semi-infinitely extended 2DEG plane with [001] growth geometry via ideal quantum point contact. Both the Rashba and Dresselhaus ... More
Wolter-I-like X-ray telescope structure using one conical mirror and one quadric mirrorAug 09 2016Nested multilayer mirrors are commonly used in X-ray telescope structures to increase the collecting area. To balance the difficulty and cost of producing these mirrors, the classical Wolter-I structure has previously been replaced with a conical Wolter-I ... More
Sequential change-point detection based on nearest neighborsApr 12 2016We propose a new framework for the detection of change points in online, sequential data analysis. The approach utilizes nearest neighbor information and can be applied to multivariate or object data sequences. Different stopping rules are explored, and ... More
Computing the Mazur and Swinnerton-Dyer critical subgroup of elliptic curvesDec 09 2014Jan 16 2015Let $E$ be an optimal elliptic curve defined over $\mathbb{Q}$. The critical subgroup of $E$ is defined by Mazur and Swinnerton-Dyer as the subgroup of $E(\mathbb{Q})$ generated by traces of branch points under a modular parametrization of $E$. We prove ... More
Indistinguishability of Warm Dark Matter, Modified Gravity, and Coupled Cold Dark MatterJun 06 2013Aug 10 2013The current accelerated expansion of our universe could be due to an unknown energy component with negative pressure (dark energy) or a modification to general relativity (modified gravity). On the other hand, recently warm dark matter (WDM) remarkably ... More
Correlation between Global Parameters of GalaxiesAug 31 2010Dec 24 2010Recently Disney et al. (2008) found a striking correlation among the five basic parameters that govern the galactic dynamics: R50, R90, Lr, Md, and MHI . They suggested that this is in conflict with the LCDM model, which predicts the hierarchical formation ... More
Blind Image Denoising via Dependent Dirichlet Process TreeJan 13 2016Most existing image denoising approaches assumed the noise to be homogeneous white Gaussian distributed with known intensity. However, in real noisy images, the noise models are usually unknown beforehand and can be much more complex. This paper addresses ... More
DCAN: Deep Contour-Aware Networks for Accurate Gland SegmentationApr 10 2016The morphology of glands has been used routinely by pathologists to assess the malignancy degree of adenocarcinomas. Accurate segmentation of glands from histology images is a crucial step to obtain reliable morphological statistics for quantitative diagnosis. ... More
VoxResNet: Deep Voxelwise Residual Networks for Volumetric Brain SegmentationAug 21 2016Recently deep residual learning with residual units for training very deep neural networks advanced the state-of-the-art performance on 2D image recognition tasks, e.g., object detection and segmentation. However, how to fully leverage contextual representations ... More
Spectral variability of FIRST bright QSOs with SDSS observationsSep 16 2012For some samples, it has been shown that spectra of QSOs with low redshift are bluer during their brighter phases. For the FIRST bright QSO sample, we assemble their spectra from SDSS DR7 to investigate variability between the spectra from White et al. ... More
Content-Centric Sparse Multicast Beamforming for Cache-Enabled Cloud RANDec 22 2015Jun 06 2016This paper presents a content-centric transmission design in a cloud radio access network (cloud RAN) by incorporating multicasting and caching. Users requesting a same content form a multicast group and are served by a same cluster of base stations (BSs) ... More
Estimating entanglement monotones with a generalization of the Wootters formulaJul 12 2012Nov 18 2012Entanglement monotones, such as the concurrence, are useful tools to characterize quantum correlations in various physical systems. The computation of the concurrence involves, however, difficult optimizations and only for the simplest case of two qubits ... More
$f(T)$ non-linear massive gravity and the cosmic accelerationMar 18 2015Jun 14 2015Inspired by the $f(R)$ non-linear massive gravity, we propose a new kind of modified gravity model, namely $f(T)$ non-linear massive gravity, by adding the dRGT mass term reformulated in the vierbein formalism, to the $f(T)$ theory. We then investigate ... More
On Quantizer Design for Distributed Bayesian Estimation in Sensor NetworksJul 26 2014We consider the problem of distributed estimation under the Bayesian criterion and explore the design of optimal quantizers in such a system. We show that, for a conditionally unbiased and efficient estimator at the fusion center and when local observations ... More
Feasibility of Determining Diffuse Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Neutrino Flavor Ratio through ARA Neutrino ObservatoryFeb 06 2013Nov 30 2013The flavor composition of ultra-high energy cosmic neutrinos (UHECN) carries precious information about the physical properties of their sources, the nature of neutrino oscillations and possible exotic physics involved during the propagation. Since UHECN ... More
Andreev reflection resonant tunneling through a precessing spinSep 11 2004We investigate Andreev reflection (AR) resonant tunneling through a precessing spin which is coupled to a normal metallic lead and a superconducting lead. The formula of the AR conductance at zero temperature is obtained as a function of chemical potential ... More
Martingale Hardy spaces with variable exponentsApr 09 2014Feb 17 2016In this paper, we introduce Hardy spaces with variable exponents defined on a probability space and develop the martingale theory of variable Hardy spaces. We prove the weak type and strong type inequalities on Doob's maximal operator and get a $(1,p(\cdot),\infty)$-atomic ... More
Ground-state properties of few-Boson system in a one-dimensional hard wall potential with splitApr 17 2008We carry out a detailed examination of the ground state property of few-boson system in a one-dimensional hard wall potential with a $\delta -$ split in the center. In the Tonks-Girardeau limit with infinite repulsion between particles, we use the Bose-Fermi ... More
Metrics Of Quantum StatesDec 16 2008Feb 01 2009In this paper, we study metrics of quantum states. These metrics are natural generalization of trace metric and Bures metric. We will prove that the metrics are joint convex and contractive under quantum operation. Our results can find important application ... More
Robust tripartite-to-bipartite entanglement localization by weak measurements and reversalDec 03 2012We propose a robust and efficient approach for tripartite-to-bipartite entanglement localization. By using weak measurements and quantum measurement reversal, an almost maximal entangled state shared by two parties can be generated with the assistance ... More
The Large Deviation Principle and Steady-state Fluctuation Theorem for the Entropy Production Rate of a Stochastic Process in Magnetic FieldsOct 07 2015Fluctuation theorem is one of the major achievements in the field of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics during the past two decades. Steady-state fluctuation theorem of sample entropy production rate in terms of large deviation principle for diffusion ... More
Optimal Caching Placement for D2D Assisted Wireless Caching NetworksOct 27 2015Nov 03 2015In this paper, we devise the optimal caching placement to maximize the offloading probability for a two-tier wireless caching system, where the helpers and a part of users have caching ability. The offloading comes from the local caching, D2D sharing ... More
Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Predicting Abrasion Resistance of Solution Polymerized Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Based CompositesMay 21 2014Abrasion resistance of solution polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR) based composites is a typical and crucial property in practical applications. Previous studies show that the abrasion resistance can be calculated by the multiple linear regression ... More
Old neutron stars as probes of isospin-violating dark matterAug 13 2014Dec 29 2014Isospin-violating dark matter (IVDM), which couples differently with protons and neutrons, provides a promising mechanism to ameliorate the tension among recent direct detection experiments. Assuming DM is non-interacting bosonic asymmetric IVDM, we investigate ... More
Precessionless spin transport wire confined in quasi-two-dimensional electron systemsAug 29 2004Apr 18 2006We demonstrate that in an inversion-asymmetric two-dimensional electron system 2DES with both Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit couplings taken into account, certain transport directions on which no spin precession occurs can be found when the injected ... More
A Program Logic for Verifying Secure Routing ProtocolsOct 13 2015Dec 28 2015The Internet, as it stands today, is highly vulnerable to attacks. However, little has been done to understand and verify the formal security guarantees of proposed secure inter-domain routing protocols, such as Secure BGP (S-BGP). In this paper, we develop ... More
Ultrafast All-optical Modulation Exploiting the Vibrational Dynamic of Metallic Meta-atomsAug 31 2015Optical control over elementary molecular vibration establishes fundamental capabilities for exploiting the broad range of optical linear and nonlinear phenomena. However, experimental demonstration of the coherently driven molecular vibration remains ... More
1-HKUST: Object Detection in ILSVRC 2014Sep 22 2014Oct 05 2014The Imagenet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) is the one of the most important big data challenges to date. We participated in the object detection track of ILSVRC 2014 and received the fourth place among the 38 teams. We introduce in ... More
Broken spin-Hall accumulation symmetry by magnetic field and coexisted Rashba and Dresselhaus interactionsMay 14 2007The spin-Hall effect in the two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) generates symmetric out-of-plane spin Sz accumulation about the current axis in the absence of external magnetic field. Here we employ the real space Landauer-Keldysh formalism [B. K. Nikolic ... More
Persistent spin helix in Rashba-Dresselhaus two-dimensional electron systemsAug 03 2006Dec 21 2006A persistent spin helix (PSH) in spin-orbit-coupled two-dimensional electron systems was recently predicted to exist in two cases: [001] quantum wells (QWs) with equal coupling strengths of the Rashba and the Dresselhaus interactions (RD), and Dresselhaus-only ... More
$λ$-Toeplitz operators with analytic symbolsDec 10 2013Let $\lambda$ be a complex number in the closed unit disc $\overline{\Bbb D}$, and $\cal H$ be a separable Hilbert space with the orthonormal basis, say, ${\cal E}=\{e_n:n=0,1,2,\cdots\}$. A bounded operator $T$ on $\cal H$ is called a {\em $\lambda$-Toeplitz ... More
Measure of genuine multipartite entanglement with computable lower boundsJan 11 2011Jun 20 2011We introduce an intuitive measure of genuine multipartite entanglement which is based on the well-known concurrence. We show how lower bounds on this measure can be derived that also meet important characteristics of an entanglement measure. These lower ... More
The radio luminosity, black hole mass and Eddington ratio for quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyMar 24 2008We investigate the $\mbh- \sigma_*$ relation for radio-loud quasars with redshift $z<0.83$ in Data Release 3 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). The sample consists of 3772 quasars with better model of H$\beta$ and \oiii lines and available radio ... More
Improved lower bounds on genuine-multipartite-entanglement concurrenceMay 14 2012Sep 24 2012Genuine-multipartite-entanglement (GME) concurrence is a measure of genuine multipartite entanglement that generalizes the well-known notion of concurrence. We define an observable for GME concurrence. The observable permits us to avoid full state tomography ... More
Role of intensity fluctuations in third-order correlation double-slit interference of thermal lightMay 26 2013A third-order double-slit interference experiment with pseudo-thermal light source in the high-intensity limit has been performed by actually recording the intensities in three optical paths. It is shown that not only can the visibil- ity be dramatically ... More
Rashba Spin InterferometerNov 03 2006May 22 2007A spin interferometer utilizing the Rashba effect is proposed. The novel design is composed of a one-dimensional (1D) straight wire and a 1D half-ring. By calculating the norm of the superposed wave function, we derive analytical expressions to describe ... More