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Minimum codegree threshold for Hamilton l-cycles in k-uniform hypergraphsJun 09 2014Jan 10 2015For $1\le \ell<k/2$, we show that for sufficiently large $n$, every $k$-uniform hypergraph on $n$ vertices with minimum codegree at least $\frac n{2 (k-\ell)} $ contains a Hamilton $\ell$-cycle. This codegree condition is best possible and improves on ... More
Forbidding Hamilton cycles in uniform hypergraphsAug 23 2015For $1\le d\le \ell< k$, we give a new lower bound for the minimum $d$-degree threshold that guarantees a Hamilton $\ell$-cycle in $k$-uniform hypergraphs. When $k\ge 4$ and $d< \ell=k-1$, this bound is larger than the conjectured minimum $d$-degree threshold ... More
On SNS-Riemannian connections in sub-Riemannian manifoldsJun 19 2013Jan 22 2016The authors define a SNS (semi-nearly-sub)-Riemannian connection on nearly sub-Riemannian manifolds and study the geometric properties of such a connection, and obtain the natures of horizontal curvature tensors between horizontal sub-Riemannian connection ... More
On a type of semi-sub-Riemannian connection on a sub-Riemannian manifoldJun 18 2013The authors first in this paper define a semi-symmetric metric non-holonomic connection (called in briefly a semi-sub-Riemannian connection) on sub-Riemannian manifolds, and study the relations between sub-Riemannian connections and semi-sub-Riemannian ... More
Construction of Koszul algebras by finite Galois coveringMay 30 2006Aug 30 2006It is shown that, the quasi-Koszulities of algebras and modules are Morita invariance. A finite-dimensional $K$-algebra $A$ with an action of $G$ is quasi-Koszul if and only if so is the skew group algebra $A \ast G$, where $G$ is a finite group satisfying ... More
Entropy of a nonuniformly rectilinearly accelerating black holeApr 24 2002Adopting thin film brick-wall model, we calculate the entropy of a nonuniformly rectilinearly accelerating non-stationary black hole expressed by Kinnersley metric. Because the black hole is accelerated, the event horizon is axisymmetric. The different ... More
On multipartite Hajnal-Szemerédi theoremsMar 12 2012Dec 13 2012Let $G$ be a $k$-partite graph with $n$ vertices in parts such that each vertex is adjacent to at least $\delta^*(G)$ vertices in each of the other parts. Magyar and Martin \cite{MaMa} proved that for $k=3$, if $\delta^*(G)\ge 2/3n $ and $n$ is sufficiently ... More
Image Denoising Using Tensor Product Complex Tight Framelets with Increasing DirectionalityJul 10 2013Tensor product real-valued wavelets have been employed in many applications such as image processing with impressive performance. Though edge singularities are ubiquitous and play a fundamental role in two-dimensional problems, tensor product real-valued ... More
Minimum vertex degree threshold for loose Hamilton cycles in 3-uniform hypergraphsJul 14 2013Apr 03 2015We show that for sufficiently large $n$, every 3-uniform hypergraph on $n$ vertices with minimum vertex degree at least $\binom{n-1}2 - \binom{\lfloor\frac34 n\rfloor}2 + c$, where $c=2$ if $n\in 4\mathbb{N}$ and $c=1$ if $n\in 2\mathbb{N}\setminus 4\mathbb{N}$, ... More
Minimum vertex degree threshold for $C_4^3$-tilingSep 09 2013Aug 13 2014We prove that the vertex degree threshold for tiling $\C_4^3$ (the 3-uniform hypergraph with four vertices and two triples) in a 3-uniform hypergraph on $n\in 4\mathbb N$ vertices is $\binom{n-1}2 - \binom{\frac34 n}2+\frac38n+c$, where $c=1$ if $n\in ... More
Superspecies and their representationsOct 11 2007Superspecies are introduced to provide the nice constructions of all finite-dimensional superalgebras. All acyclic superspecies, or equivalently all finite-dimensional (gr-basic) gr-hereditary superalgebras, are classified according to their graded representation ... More
Event-by-event Simulation of Quantum Cryptography ProtocolsAug 13 2007We present a new approach to simulate quantum cryptography protocols using event-based processes. The method is validated by simulating the BB84 protocol and the Ekert protocol, both without and with the presence of an eavesdropper.
A Likelihood Ratio Framework for High Dimensional Semiparametric RegressionDec 06 2014Nov 23 2015We propose a likelihood ratio based inferential framework for high dimensional semiparametric generalized linear models. This framework addresses a variety of challenging problems in high dimensional data analysis, including incomplete data, selection ... More
Event-by-event simulation of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Bohm experimentsDec 21 2007We construct an event-based computer simulation model of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Bohm experiments with photons. The algorithm is a one-to-one copy of the data gathering and analysis procedures used in real laboratory experiments. We consider two types ... More
Matchings in $k$-partite $k$-uniform HypergraphsNov 01 2016For $k\ge 3$ and $\epsilon>0$, let $H$ be a $k$-partite $k$-graph with parts $V_1,\dots, V_k$ each of size $n$, where $n$ is sufficiently large. Assume that for each $i\in [k]$, every $(k-1)$-set in $\prod_{j\in [k]\setminus \{i\}} V_i$ lies in at least ... More
Work functions of pristine and alkali-metal intercalated carbon nanotubes and bundlesNov 07 2001The work functions (WF) of single-walled carbon nanotubes and bundles are studied using first principles methods. For individual metallic tubes, the WF is independent of the chirality and increase slightly with tube diameter. For semiconducting tubes, ... More
Minimum vertex degree thresholds for tiling complete 3-partite 3-graphsMar 30 2015Given positive integers $a\leq b \leq c$, let $K_{a,b,c}$ be the complete 3-partite 3-uniform hypergraph with three parts of sizes $a,b,c$. Let $H$ be a 3-uniform hypergraph on $n$ vertices where $n$ is divisible by $a+b+c$. We asymptotically determine ... More
A bipolar outflow from the massive protostellar core W51e2-EJun 21 2010Jul 18 2010We present high resolution images of the bipolar outflow from W51e2, which are produced from the Submillimeter Array archival data observed for CO(3-2) and HCN(4-3) lines with angular resolutions of 0.8" x 0.6" and 0.3" x 0.2", respectively. The images ... More
Matchings in $k$-partite $k$-uniform HypergraphsNov 01 2016Feb 17 2018For $k\ge 3$ and $\epsilon>0$, let $H$ be a $k$-partite $k$-graph with parts $V_1,\dots, V_k$ each of size $n$, where $n$ is sufficiently large. Assume that for each $i\in [k]$, every $(k-1)$-set in $\prod_{j\in [k]\setminus \{i\}} V_i$ lies in at least ... More
Quantization of Chern-Simons CoefficientMar 19 1998The relation between the Dirac quantization condition of magnetic charge and the quantization of the Chern-Simons coefficient is obtained. It implies that in a (2+1)-dimensional QED with the Chern-Simons topological mass term and the existence of a magnetic ... More
A Unified Approach for Learning the Parameters of Sum-Product NetworksJan 03 2016Aug 26 2016We present a unified approach for learning the parameters of Sum-Product networks (SPNs). We prove that any complete and decomposable SPN is equivalent to a mixture of trees where each tree corresponds to a product of univariate distributions. Based on ... More
On the Relationship between Sum-Product Networks and Bayesian NetworksJan 06 2015Apr 30 2015In this paper, we establish some theoretical connections between Sum-Product Networks (SPNs) and Bayesian Networks (BNs). We prove that every SPN can be converted into a BN in linear time and space in terms of the network size. The key insight is to use ... More
Directional Tensor Product Complex Tight Framelets with Low RedundancyDec 17 2014Though high redundancy rate of a tight frame can improve performance in applications, as the dimension increases, it also makes the computational cost skyrocket and the storage of frame coefficients increase exponentially. This seriously restricts the ... More
Fundamental Cycles and Graph EmbeddingsJul 10 2008In this paper we present a new Good Characterization of maximum genus of a graph which makes a common generalization of the works of Xuong, Liu, and Fu et al. Based on this, we find a new polynomially bounded algorithm to find the maximum genus of a graph. ... More
Pathwise Coordinate Optimization for Sparse Learning: Algorithm and TheoryDec 23 2014Aug 03 2016The pathwise coordinate optimization is one of the most important computational frameworks for high dimensional convex and nonconvex sparse learning problems. It differs from the classical coordinate optimization algorithms in three salient features: ... More
Self-Adaptive Hierarchical Sentence ModelApr 20 2015Apr 27 2015The ability to accurately model a sentence at varying stages (e.g., word-phrase-sentence) plays a central role in natural language processing. As an effort towards this goal we propose a self-adaptive hierarchical sentence model (AdaSent). AdaSent effectively ... More
Codegree conditions for tiling complete $k$-partite $k$-graphs and loose cyclesDec 21 2016Given two $k$-graphs ($k$-uniform hypergraphs) $F$ and $H$, a perfect $F$-tiling (or an $F$-factor) in $H$ is a set of vertex disjoint copies of $F$ that together cover the vertex set of $H$. For all complete $k$-partite $k$-graphs $K$, Mycroft proved ... More
Dynamic Pricing in Shared Mobility on Demand ServiceFeb 10 2018We consider a profit maximization problem in an urban mobility on-demand service, of which the operator owns a fleet, provides both exclusive and shared trip services, and dynamically determines prices of offers. With knowledge of the traveler preference ... More
Modeling non local thermodynamic equilibrium plasma using the Flexible Atomic Code dataMar 09 2015We present a new code, RCF("Radiative-Collisional code based on FAC"), which is used to simulate steady-state plasmas under non local thermodynamic equilibrium condition, especially photoinization dominated plasmas. RCF takes almost all of the radiative ... More
Large energy soliton erbium-doped fiber laser with a graphene-polymer composite mode lockerSep 30 2009Due to its unique electronic property and the Pauli Blocking Principle, atomic layer graphene possesses wavelength-independent ultrafast saturable absorption, which can be exploited for the ultrafast photonics application. Through chemical functionalization, ... More
Dispersion-managed dark solitons in erbium-doped fiber lasersJul 19 2010We report on the observation of dispersion-managed (DM) dark soliton emission in a net-normal dispersion erbium-doped fiber laser. We found experimentally that dispersion management could not only reduce the pump threshold for the dark soliton formation ... More
Collaborative Multi-modal deep learning for the personalized product retrieval in Facebook MarketplaceMay 31 2018Facebook Marketplace is quickly gaining momentum among consumers as a favored customer-to-customer (C2C) product trading platform. The recommendation system behind it helps to significantly improve the user experience. Building the recommendation system ... More
Gas molecule adsorption in carbon nanotubes and nanotube bundlesOct 18 2001We studied various gas molecules (NO$_2$, O$_2$, NH$_3$, N$_2$, CO$_2$, CH$_4$, H$_2$O, H$_2$, Ar) on single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and bundles using first principles methods. The equilibrium position, adsorption energy, charge transfer, and ... More
Quantum transport properties of ultrathin silver nanowiresSep 23 2002The quantum transport properties of the ultrathin silver nanowires are investigated. For a perfect crystalline nanowire with four atoms per unit cell, three conduction channels are found, corresponding to three $s$ bands crossing the Fermi level. One ... More
IsoDAR Neutrino Experiment Simulation with Proton and Deuteron BeamsSep 14 2015In this paper we consider high-intensity source of electron antineutrinos from the production and subsequent decay of 8Li. It opens a wide range of possible searches for beyond standard model physics via studies of the inverse beta decay interaction. ... More
Reply to "Comment on `Dark pulse emission of a fiber laser'"Jul 17 2010We reply to S. Coen and T. Sylvestre's comment on our paper [Phys. Rev. A 80, 045803 (2009)] and make some additional remarks on our experimental results.
Nature of W51e2: Massive Cores at Different Phases of Star FormationJan 07 2010Jan 17 2010We present high-resolution continuum images of the W51e2 complex processed from archival data of the Submillimeter Array (SMA) at 0.85 and 1.3 mm and the Very Large Array (VLA) at 7 and 13 mm. We also made line images and profiles of W51e2 for three hydrogen ... More
Pooling the Convolutional Layers in Deep ConvNets for Action RecognitionNov 06 2015Deep ConvNets have shown its good performance in image classification tasks. However it still remains as a problem in deep video representation for action recognition. The problem comes from two aspects: on one hand, current video ConvNets are relatively ... More
Virial expansion of a harmonically trapped Fermi gas across a narrow Feshbach resonanceDec 17 2013We theoretically investigate the high-temperature thermodynamics of a harmonically trapped Fermi gas across a narrow Feshbach resonance, by using the second-order quantum virial expansion, and point out some new features compared to the broad resonance. ... More
Sharp one component regularity for Navier-StokesAug 14 2017We consider the conditional regularity of mild solution $v$ to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in three dimensions. Let $e \in \mathbb{S}^2$ and $0 < T^\ast < \infty$. J. Chemin and P. Zhang \cite{CP} proved the regularity of $v$ on $(0,T^\ast]$ ... More
Community detection by label propagation with compression of flowNov 07 2016The label propagation algorithm (LPA) has been proved to be a fast and effective method for detecting communities in large complex networks. However, its performance is subject to the non-stable and trivial solutions of the problem. In this paper, we ... More
A Bayesian Approach to Discovering Truth from Conflicting Sources for Data IntegrationMar 01 2012In practical data integration systems, it is common for the data sources being integrated to provide conflicting information about the same entity. Consequently, a major challenge for data integration is to derive the most complete and accurate integrated ... More
First principles study of Li intercalated carbon nanotube ropesOct 09 1999Jan 28 2000We studied Li intercalated carbon nanotube ropes by using first principles methods. Our results show charge transfer between Li and C and small structural deformation of nanotube due to intercalation. Both inside of nanotube and the interstitial space ... More
Comment on "Observation of dark pulse in a dispersion-managed fiber ring laser"Jul 19 2010A recent communication [Opt. Commun. doi:10.1016/j.optcom.2010.06.076 (2010)] presents experimental results in which dark pulses are observed in a dispersion-managed (DM) net-anomalous dispersion fiber laser. Disagreement on the formation mechanism proposed ... More
Generalized Fermat pointOct 10 2012Jun 06 2013In this paper, we generalized the classical Fermat point, proved the sufficient and necessary condition for uniqueness and existence for the generalized Fermat point(GFP) theorem, and discuss some interesting geometric property of the generalized Fermat ... More
Apply current exponential de Finetti theorem to realistic quantum key distributionSep 16 2008Jan 18 2009In the realistic quantum key distribution (QKD), Alice and Bob respectively get a quantum state from an unknown channel, whose dimension may be unknown. However, while discussing the security, sometime we need to know exact dimension, since current exponential ... More
Astronomical Data Fusion Tool Based on PostgreSQLSep 05 2016With the application of advanced astronomical technologies, equipments and methods all over the world, astronomy covers from radio, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma ray band, and enters into the era of full wavelength astronomy. How ... More
An Improved Convergence Analysis of Cyclic Block Coordinate Descent-type Methods for Strongly Convex MinimizationJul 10 2016The cyclic block coordinate descent-type (CBCD-type) methods have shown remarkable computational performance for solving strongly convex minimization problems. Typical applications include many popular statistical machine learning methods such as elastic-net ... More
Convergence of Distributed Randomized PageRank AlgorithmsMay 14 2013The PageRank algorithm employed by Google quantifies the importance of each page by the link structure of the web. To reduce the computational burden the distributed randomized PageRank algorithms (DRPA) recently appeared in literature suggest pages to ... More
Exact minimum codegree threshold for $K^- _4$-factorsSep 08 2015Given hypergraphs $F$ and $H$, an $F$-factor in $H$ is a set of vertex-disjoint copies of $F$ which cover all the vertices in $H$. Let $K^- _4$ denote the $3$-uniform hypergraph with $4$ vertices and $3$ edges. We show that for sufficiently large $n\in ... More
On Strategyproof Conference Peer ReviewJun 16 2018Nov 14 2018We consider peer review in a conference setting where there is typically an overlap between the set of reviewers and the set of authors. This overlap can incentivize strategic reviews to influence the final ranking of one's own papers. In this work, we ... More
Dual-wavelength domain wall solitons in a fiber ring laserJul 19 2010We report on the experimental observation of a new type of dark soliton in a fiber laser made of all normal group velocity dispersion fibers. It was shown that the soliton is formed due to the cross coupling between two different wavelength laser beams ... More
Robust fermionic-mode entanglement of a nanoelectronic system in non-Markovian environmentsNov 04 2015A maximal steady-state fermionic entanglement of a nanoelectronic system is generated in finite temperature non-Markovian environments. The fermionic entanglement dynamics is presented by connecting the exact solution of the system with an appropriate ... More
Photometric Redshift Estimation for Quasars by Integration of KNN and SVMJan 08 2016The massive photometric data collected from multiple large-scale sky surveys offer significant opportunities for measuring distances of celestial objects by photometric redshifts. However, catastrophic failure is still an unsolved problem for a long time ... More
Optomechanical Force Sensor in non-Markovian RegimeSep 18 2016Sep 23 2016The optomechanical force sensor in non-Markovian environment for a mechanical oscillator is presented. By performing homodyne detection we obtain an generally expression for the output signal. It is shown that the weak force detection is sensitive to ... More
Pixelated Semantic ColorizationJan 27 2019While many image colorization algorithms have recently shown the capability of producing plausible color versions from gray-scale photographs, they still suffer from limited semantic understanding. To address this shortcoming, we propose to exploit pixelated ... More
A degree version of the Hilton--Milner theoremMar 11 2017May 29 2017An intersecting family of sets is trivial if all of its members share a common element. Hilton and Milner proved a strong stability result for the celebrated Erd\H{o}s--Ko--Rado theorem: when $n> 2k$, every non-trivial intersecting family of $k$-subsets ... More
Infinite Hidden Relational ModelsJun 27 2012In many cases it makes sense to model a relationship symmetrically, not implying any particular directionality. Consider the classical example of a recommendation system where the rating of an item by a user should symmetrically be dependent on the attributes ... More
Task Assignment on Multi-Skill Oriented Spatial CrowdsourcingOct 12 2015Oct 20 2015With the rapid development of mobile devices and crowdsourcing platforms, the spatial crowdsourcing has attracted much attention from the database community. Specifically, the spatial crowdsourcing refers to sending location-based requests to workers, ... More
Resonance states near a quantum magnetic impurity in single-layer FeSe superconductors with $d$-wave symmetryApr 01 2018In this work, we investigate the local density of states (LDOS) near a magnetic impurity in single-layer FeSe superconductors. The two-orbital model with spin-orbit coupling proposed in Ref. [{\emph{Phys. Rev. Lett.} \textbf{119}, 267001 (2017)}] is used ... More
Difference Discrete Connection and Curvature on Cubic LatticeJul 25 2007In a way similar to the continuous case formally, we define in different but equivalent manners the difference discrete connection and curvature on discrete vector bundle over the regular lattice as base space. We deal with the difference operators as ... More
Nonconvex Sparse Learning via Stochastic Optimization with Progressive Variance ReductionMay 09 2016Dec 01 2016We propose a stochastic variance reduced optimization algorithm for solving sparse learning problems with cardinality constraints. Sufficient conditions are provided, under which the proposed algorithm enjoys strong linear convergence guarantees and optimal ... More
Robust Shape Estimation for 3D Deformable Object ManipulationSep 26 2018Existing shape estimation methods for deformable object manipulation suffer from the drawbacks of being off-line, model dependent, noise-sensitive or occlusion-sensitive, and thus are not appropriate for manipulation tasks requiring high precision. In ... More
Pixelated Semantic ColorizationJan 27 2019Feb 07 2019While many image colorization algorithms have recently shown the capability of producing plausible color versions from gray-scale photographs, they still suffer from limited semantic understanding. To address this shortcoming, we propose to exploit pixelated ... More
Reliable Diversity-Based Spatial Crowdsourcing by Moving WorkersNov 30 2014Nov 10 2015With the rapid development of mobile devices and the crowdsourcig platforms, the spatial crowdsourcing has attracted much attention from the database community, specifically, spatial crowdsourcing refers to sending a location-based request to workers ... More
Communicating Is Crowdsourcing: Wi-Fi Indoor Localization with CSI-based Speed EstimationJul 24 2013Numerous indoor localization techniques have been proposed recently to meet the intensive demand for location based service, and Wi-Fi fingerprint-based approaches are the most popular and inexpensive solutions. Among them, one of the main trends is to ... More
Experimental demonstration of three-dimensional broadband underwater acoustic carpet cloakFeb 18 2018We present the design, architecture and detailed performance of a three-dimensional (3D) underwater acoustic carpet cloak (UACC). The proposed system of the 3D UACC is an octahedral pyramid which is composed of periodical steel strips. This underwater ... More
Bio-Inspired Aggregation Control of Carbon Nanotubes for Ultra-Strong CompositesJun 05 2015High performance nanocomposites require well dispersion and high alignment of the nanometer-sized components, at a high mass or volume fraction as well. However, the road towards such composite structure is severely hindered due to the easy aggregation ... More
Chemical composition of giants from two moving groupsMar 07 2012We present stellar parameters of 19 K-type giants and their abundances of 13 chemical elements (Al, Ba, Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Sc, Si, Ti and V), selected from two moving groups, covering the metallicity range of -0.6 < [Fe/H] < 0.2, based on high ... More
Graphene mode locked, wavelength-tunable, dissipative soliton fiber laserFeb 28 2010Atomic layer graphene possesses wavelength-insensitive ultrafast saturable absorption, which can be exploited as a full-band mode locker. Taking advantage of the wide band saturable absorption of the graphene, we demonstrate experimentally that wide range ... More
Epitaxial growth and properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films with micrometer wide atomic terracesJul 04 2015La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 (LSMO) films with extraordinarily wide atomic terraces are epitaxially grown on SrTiO3 (100) substrates by pulsed laser deposition. Atomic force microscopy measurements on the LSMO films show that the atomic step is ~ 4 {\AA} and the atomic ... More
Supercontinuum generation and carrier envelope offset frequency measurement in a tapered single-mode fiberSep 28 2014We report supercontinuum generation by launching femtosecond Yb fiber laser pulses into a tapered single-mode fiber of 3 um core diameter. A spectrum of more than one octave, from 550 to 1400 nm, has been obtained with an output power of 1.3 W at a repetition ... More
Many-body localization identified by entanglement in momentum spaceJul 20 2016Aug 14 2016We study the entanglement in momentum space of a disordered one-dimensional fermion lattice model with attractive interaction. We observe that the many-body localization transition can be characterized by behaviors of two components in entanglement spectrum. ... More
Robust acoustic cloaking with density-near-zero materialsFeb 14 2014Using the phenomenon of extraordinary sound transmission (EST) through artificially constructed density-near-zero (DNZ) materials, we propose an alternative approach to realize a very robust acoustic cloaking, which includes one absorber and one projector ... More
A Survey on Truth DiscoveryMay 11 2015Nov 04 2015Thanks to information explosion, data for the objects of interest can be collected from increasingly more sources. However, for the same object, there usually exist conflicts among the collected multi-source information. To tackle this challenge, truth ... More
Mobility-on-demand versus fixed-route transit systems: an evaluation of traveler preferences in low-income communitiesJan 22 2019Emerging transportation technologies, such as ride-hailing and autonomous vehicles, are disrupting the transportation sector and transforming public transit. Some transit observers envision future public transit to be integrated transit systems with fixed-route ... More
Cavity-induced switching between localized and extended states in a non-interacting Bose-Einstein condensateAug 24 2011Oct 08 2011We study an ultracold atom-cavity coupling system, which had been implemented in experiment to display weak light nonlinearity [S. Gupta \textit{et al}., Phys. Rev. Lett. \textbf{99}, 213601 (2007)]. The model is described by a non-interacting Bose-Einstein ... More
Negative Group Velocity from Quadrupole Resonance of Plasmonic SpheresDec 15 2008We study the dispersions of plasmonic bands that arise from the coupling of electric quadrupole resonances in three dimensional photonic crystals (PCs) consisting of plasmonic spheres. Through analytical derivation, we show that two branches of quadrupole ... More
Low dose and fast grating-based x-ray phase-contrast imaging using the integrating-bucket phase modulation techniqueAug 23 2017X-ray phase-contrast imaging has experienced rapid development over the last few decades, and in this technology, the phase modulation strategy of phase-stepping is used most widely to measure the sample's phase signal. However, because of its discontinuous ... More
Photon-assisted Fano Resonance and Corresponding Shot-Noise in a Quantum DotApr 02 2003We have studied the Fano resonance in photon-assisted transport in a quantum dot and calculated both the coherent current and spectral density of shot noise. It is predicted, for the first time, that the shape of Fano profile will also appear in satellite ... More
High Efficient Secret Key Distillation for Long Distance Continuous Variable Quantum Key DistributionMar 08 2006Sep 18 2006The continuous variable quantum key distribution is expected to provide high secret key rate without single photon source and detector, but the lack of the secure and effective key distillation method makes it unpractical. Here, we present a secure single-bit-reverse-reconciliation ... More
A Sober Look at Spectral LearningJun 18 2014Spectral learning recently generated lots of excitement in machine learning, largely because it is the first known method to produce consistent estimates (under suitable conditions) for several latent variable models. In contrast, maximum likelihood estimates ... More
Decoy states for quantum key distribution based on decoherence-free subspacesMar 11 2008Quantum key distribution with decoherence-free subspaces has been proposed to overcome the collective noise to the polarization modes of photons flying in quantum channel. Prototype of this scheme have also been achieved with parametric-down conversion ... More
Magnetic anisotropy of the single-crystalline ferromagnetic insulator Cr2Ge2Te6Feb 04 2016Cr2Ge2Te6 (CGT), a layered ferromagnetic insulator, has attracted a great deal of interest recently owing to its potential for integration with Dirac materials to realize the quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE) and to develop novel spintronics devices. ... More
Bimodal Magnetic Force Microscopy with Capacitive Tip-Sample Distance ControlJun 24 2015Sep 22 2015A single-passage, bimodal magnetic force microscopy technique optimized for scanning samples with arbitrary topography is discussed. A double phase-locked loop (PLL) system is used to mechanically excite a high quality factor cantilever under vacuum conditions ... More
Dynamic jamming of dense suspensions under tilted impactOct 26 2018Dense particulate suspensions can not only increase their viscosity and shear thicken under external forcing, but also jam into a solid-like state that is fully reversible when the force is removed. An impact on the surface of a dense suspension can trigger ... More
Dirac Spectra and Edge States in Honeycomb Plasmonic LatticesOct 23 2008We study theoretically the dispersion of plasmonic honeycomb lattices and find Dirac spectra for both dipole and quadrupole modes. Zigzag edge states derived from Dirac points are found in ribbons of these honeycomb plasmonic lattices. The zigzag edge ... More
Wideband trapping of light by edge states in honeycomb photonic crystalsDec 24 2012We study theoretically light propagations at the zigzag edge of a honeycomb photonic crystal consisting of dielectric rods in air, analogous to graphene. Within the photonic band gap of the honeycomb photonic crystal, a unimodal edge state may exist with ... More
A possible formation channel for blue hook stars in globular cluster - II. Effects of metallicity, mass ratio, tidal enhancement efficiency and helium abundanceSep 29 2016Employing tidally enhanced stellar wind, we studied in binaries the effects of metallicity, mass ratio of primary to secondary, tidal enhancement efficiency and helium abundance on the formation of blue hook (BHk) stars in globular clusters (GCs). A total ... More
Community Detection in Dynamic Networks via Adaptive Label PropagationNov 17 2017An adaptive label propagation algorithm (ALPA) is proposed to detect and monitor communities in dynamic networks. Unlike the traditional methods by re-computing the whole community decomposition after each modification of the network, ALPA takes into ... More
Optimal Transport in Worldwide Metro NetworksMar 31 2014Apr 14 2014Metro networks serve as good examples of traffic systems for understanding the relations between geometric structures and transport properties.We study and compare 28 world major metro networks in terms of the Wasserstein distance, the key metric for ... More
Compact graphene mode-locked wavelength-tunable erbium-doped fiber lasers: from all anomalous dispersion towards all normal dispersionMar 26 2010Soliton operation and soliton wavelength tuning of erbium-doped fiber lasers mode locked with atomic layer graphene was experimentally investigated under various cavity dispersion conditions. It was shown that not only wide range soliton wavelength tuning ... More
Vector Dissipative Solitons in Graphene Mode Locked Fiber LasersFeb 26 2010Vector soliton operation of erbium-doped fiber lasers mode locked with atomic layer graphene was experimentally investigated. Either the polarization rotation or polarization locked vector dissipative solitons were experimentally obtained in a dispersion-managed ... More
Efficiency Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Underlay Communication Systems: A Reverse Iterative Combinatorial Auction Based ApproachNov 09 2012Peer-to-peer communication has been recently considered as a popular issue for local area services. An innovative resource allocation scheme is proposed to improve the performance of mobile peer-to-peer, i.e., device-to-device (D2D), communications as ... More
Reducing the Heterogeneity of Payoffs: an Effective Way to Promote Cooperation in Prisoner's Dilemma GameMay 12 2009In this paper, the total payoff of each agent is regulated to reduce the heterogeneity of the distribution of the total payoffs. It is found there is an optimal regulation strength where the fraction of cooperation is prominently promoted, too weak or ... More
Systematic simulations of modified gravity: chameleon modelsFeb 28 2013Apr 16 2013In this work we systematically study the linear and nonlinear structure formation in chameleon theories of modified gravity, using a generic parameterisation which describes a large class of models using only 4 parameters. For this we have modified the ... More
Efficient faithful qubit transmission with frequency degree of freedomJul 01 2009Aug 16 2009We propose an efficient faithful polarization-state transmission scheme by utilizing frequency degree of freedom besides polarization and an additional qubit prepared in a fixed polarization. An arbitrary single-photon polarization state is protected ... More
Three-dimensional ghost imaging ladarJan 24 2013Compared with two-dimensional imaging, three-dimensional imaging is much more advantageous to catch the characteristic information of the target for remote sensing. We report a range-resolving ghost imaging ladar system together with the experimental ... More
Ghost imaging lidar via sparsity constraintsMar 17 2012For remote sensing, high-resolution imaging techniques are helpful to catch more characteristic information of the target. We extend pseudo-thermal light ghost imaging to the area of remote imaging and propose a ghost imaging lidar system. For the first ... More
Photon assisted tunneling through three quantum dots with spin-orbit-couplingFeb 24 2014The effect of an ac electric field on quantum transport properties in a system of three quantum dots, two of which are connected in parallel while the third is coupled to one of the other two, is investigated theoretically. Based on the Keldysh nonequilibrium ... More