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$C^*-$crossed product of groupoid actions on categoriesOct 18 2007Suppose that $G$ is a groupoid acting on a small category $H$ in the sense of \cite[Definition 4]{NOT} and $H\times_\alpha G$ is the resulting semi-direct product category (as in \cite[Proposition 8]{NOT}). We show that there exists a subcategory $H_r ... More
Generating Function in Quantum Mechanics: An Application to Counting ProblemsNov 19 2007In this paper we present a generating function approach to two counting problems in elementary quantum mechanics. The first is to find the total ways of distributing identical particles among different states. The second is to find the degeneracies of ... More
Effect of interaction on the Majorana zero modes in the Kitaev chain at half fillingMay 04 2018The one dimension interacting Kitaev chain at half filling is studied. The symmetry of the Hamiltonian is examined by dual transformations and various physical quantities as functions of the fermion-fermion interaction $U$ are calculated systematically ... More
Weak Zariski decompositions and log terminal models for generalized polarized pairsJun 04 2018Jan 28 2019We show that the existence of a birational weak Zariski decomposition for a pseudo-effective generalized polarized lc pair is equivalent to the existence of a generalized polarized log terminal model.
Asymptotics of Input-Constrained Erasure Channel CapacityMay 07 2016In this paper, we examine an input-constrained erasure channel and we characterize the asymptotics of its capacity when the erasure rate is low. More specifically, for a general memoryless erasure channel with its input supported on an irreducible finite-type ... More
Downtrack response of differential reader for high density magnetic recordingOct 17 2011The downtrack responses of a differential reader to various magnetic patterns have been investigated micromagnetically. The differential signals can well discriminate the "0" and "1" readback bits and the waveforms obtained resemble the counterparts for ... More
Fitting Formulae for the Effects of Binary Interactions on Lick Indices and Colours of Stellar PopulationsDec 12 2007Dec 17 2007More than about 50% stars of galaxies are in binaries, but most stellar population studies take single star-stellar population (ss-SSP) models, which do not take binary interactions into account. In fact, the integrated peculiarities of ss-SSPs are various ... More
LEPOR: An Augmented Machine Translation Evaluation MetricMar 26 2017Machine translation (MT) was developed as one of the hottest research topics in the natural language processing (NLP) literature. One important issue in MT is that how to evaluate the MT system reasonably and tell us whether the translation system makes ... More
An Isochrone Database and a Rapid Model for Stellar Population SynthesisAug 09 2007Mar 11 2008We first presented an isochrone database that can be widely used for stellar population synthesis studies and colour-magnitude diagram (CMD) fitting. The database consists of the isochrones of both single star and binary star simple stellar populations ... More
Colour pairs for constraining the age and metallicity of stellar populationsApr 10 2007Nov 12 2007Using a widely used stellar population synthesis model, we study the ability of using pairs of AB system colours to break the well-known stellar age--metallicity degeneracy and give constraints on the two stellar-population parameters (age and metallicity). ... More
Fitting Formulae for the Effects of Binary Interactions on Lick Indices and Colours of Stellar PopulationsJun 30 2013More than about 50% stars are in binaries, but most stellar population studies take single star stellar population (ssSSP) models, which do not take binary interactions into account. In fact, the integrated peculiarities of ssSSPs are various from those ... More
Genuine CP-odd Observables at the LHCNov 16 2009We discuss how to construct genuine CP-odd observables at the LHC. We classify the observables according to the even and odd properties under the naive T-transformation (\hat{T}). There are two classes of observables of our interests: CP-odd and \hat{T}-even; ... More
Two-step PR-scheme for recovering signals in detectable union of cones by magnitude measurementsSep 21 2018Sep 29 2018Motivated by the research on sampling problems for a union of subspaces (UoS), we investigate in this paper the phase-retrieval problem for the signals that are residing in a union of (finitely generated) cones (UoC for short) in $\mathbb{R}^{n}$. We ... More
Moment bounds for autocovariance matrices under dependenceSep 24 2018The goal of this paper is to obtain expectation bounds for the deviation of large sample autocovariance matrices from their means under weak data dependence. While the accuracy of covariance matrix estimation corresponding to independent data has been ... More
How young stellar populations affect the ages and metallicities of galaxiesFeb 06 2007Aug 30 2007Some studies show that there are recent star formations in galaxies including early type galaxies. This suggests that we possibly did not obtain the accurate ages and metallicities of the dominating stellar populations of galaxies from colors. We study ... More
How binary interactions affect spectral stellar population synthesisNov 15 2007May 20 2008Single-star stellar population (ssSSP) models are usually used for stellar population studies. However, more than 50% of stars are in binaries and evolve differently from single stars. This suggests that the effects of binary interactions should be considered ... More
The mean curvature flow approach to the symplectic isotopy problemNov 12 2004Let $M$ be a K\"ahler-Einstein surface with positive scalar curvature. If the initial surface is sufficiently close to a holomorphic curve, we show that the mean curvature flow has a global solution and it converges to a holomorphic curve.
Bose-Fermi Mapping and Multi-Branch Spin Chain Model for Strongly Interacting Quantum Gases in One-Dimension: Dynamics and Collective ExcitationsJan 11 2016Sep 12 2016We show that the wave function of a one dimensional spinor gas with contact $s$-wave interaction, either bosonic or fermionic, can be mapped to the direct product of the wave function of a spinless Fermi gas with short-range $p$-wave interaction and that ... More
Framelet perturbation and application to nouniform sampling approximation for Sobolev spaceJul 05 2017The Sobolev space $H^{s}(\mathbb{R}^{d})$, where $s > d/2$, is an important function space that has many applications in various areas of research. Attributed to the inertia of a measuring instrument, it is desirable in sampling theory to reconstruct ... More
On Fujita's conjecture for pseudo-effective thresholdsMay 24 2017Jun 20 2017We show Fujita's spectrum conjecture for $\epsilon$-log canonical pairs and Fujita's log spectrum conjecture for log canonical pairs. Then, we generalize the pseudo-effective threshold of a single divisor to multiple divisors and establish the analogous ... More
On accumulation points of pseudo-effective thresholdsDec 11 2018We characterize a $k$-th accumulation point of pseudo-effective thresholds of $n$-dimensional varieties as certain invariant associates to a numerically trivial pair of an $(n-k)$-dimensional variety. This characterization is applied towards Fujita's ... More
Comment on "Berry Phase in a Composite System"Sep 17 2007Oct 05 2007We show in this comment that the results obtained in a recent work by Yi et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 150406 (2004)] are quantitatively not correct and the proposed subsystem Berry phase is not well-defined.
Topological invariants in terms of Green's function for the interacting Kitaev chainMay 07 2018May 09 2018The one dimensional closed interacting Kitaev chain and the dimerized version are studied. The topological invariants in terms of Green's function are calculated by the density matrix renormalization group method and the exact diagonalization method. ... More
Threshold results for the existence of global and blow-up solutions to Kirchhoff equations with arbitrary initial energyMar 27 2017In this paper we will apply the modified potential well method and variational method to the study of the long time behaviors of solutions to a class of parabolic equation of Kirchhoff type. Global existence and blow up in finite time of solutions will ... More
Geometric characterizations of embedding theoremsDec 15 2015The embedding theorem arises in several problems from analysis and geometry. The purpose of this paper is to provide a deeper understanding of analysis and geometry with a particular focus on embedding theorems on spaces of homogeneous type in the sense ... More
Criterion of the boundedness of singular integrals on spaces of homogeneous typeDec 15 2015It was well known that geometric considerations enter in a decisive way in many questions of harmonic analysis. The main purpose of this paper is to provide the criterion of the boundedness for singular integrals on the Hardy spaces and as well as on ... More
A model for an aquatic ecosystemJan 23 2017An ecosystem made of nutrients, plants, detritus and dissolved oxygen is presented. Its equilibria are established. Sufficient conditions for the existence of the coexistence equilibrium are derived and its feasibility is discussed in every detail.
Spiral wave chimeras in locally coupled oscillator systemsAug 14 2015The recently discovered chimera state involves the coexistence of synchronized and desynchronized states for a group of identical oscillators. This fascinating chimera state has until now been found only in non-local or globally coupled oscillator systems. ... More
Constraining the neutron-proton effective mass splitting using empirical constraints on the density dependence of nuclear symmetry energy around normal densityApr 11 2013Oct 03 2013According to the Hugenholtz-Van Hove theorem, nuclear symmetry energy \esym and its slope \lr at an arbitrary density $\rho$ are determined by the nucleon isovector (symmetry) potential \usym and its momentum dependence $\frac{\partial U_{sym}}{\partial ... More
Applications of Perron-Frobenius Theory to Population DynamicsSep 02 2001By the use of Perron-Frobenius theory, simple proofs are given of the Fundamental Theorem of Demography and of a theorem of Cushing and Yicang on the net reproductive rate occurring in matrix models of population dynamics. The latter result is further ... More
Nonequilibrium Excitations and Transport of Dirac Electrons in Electric-Field-Driven GrapheneJan 31 2018May 20 2018We investigate nonequilibrium excitations and charge transport in charge-neutral graphene driven with DC electric field by using the nonequilibrium Green's function technique. Due to the vanishing Fermi surface, electrons are subject to non-trivial nonequilibrium ... More
Spectral gap actions and invariant statesApr 26 2013We define spectral gap actions of discrete groups on von Neumann algebras and study their relations with invariant states. We will show that a finitely generated ICC group $\Gamma$ is inner amenable if and only if there exist more than one inner invariant ... More
Remarks on CLEO New Measurements for Upsilon(1S) Decays to Charmonium Final States and Investigations on Associate Strange Particle Enhancement in Upsilon to J/Psi +XJul 22 2006Dec 17 2006The recent measurements by CLEO Collaboration for the inclusive J/Psi and Psi(2S) production in Upsilon(1S) decay and our previous calculation are analyzed. The J/Psi momentum spectrum and the production ratio of Psi(2S) versus J/Psi favour Upsilon to ... More
Energy dissipation in DC-field driven electron lattice coupled to fermion bathsApr 15 2013Electron transport in electric-field-driven tight-binding lattice coupled to fermion baths is comprehensively studied. We reformulate the problem by using the scattering state method within the Coulomb gauge. Calculations show that the formulation justifies ... More
The Minimum Number of Hubs in NetworksAug 13 2013In this paper, a hub refers to a non-terminal vertex of degree at least three. We study the minimum number of hubs needed in a network to guarantee certain flow demand constraints imposed between multiple pairs of sources and sinks. We prove that under ... More
Analysis of N-qubit perfectly controlled teleportation schemes from the controller's point of viewOct 07 2014Dec 30 2014We quantitatively analyze and evaluate the controller's power in $N$-qubit controlled teleportation schemes. We calculate the minimum control power required to ensure the controller's authority such that the teleportation fidelity without the controller's ... More
Zero-one law of Hausdorff dimensions of the recurrent setsOct 02 2015Apr 04 2016Let $(\Sigma, \sigma)$ be the one-sided shift space with $m$ symbols and $R_n(x)$ be the first return time of $x\in\Sigma$ to the $n$-th cylinder containing $x$. Denote $$E^\varphi_{\alpha,\beta}=\left\{x\in\Sigma: \liminf_{n\to\infty}\frac{\log R_n(x)}{\varphi(n)}=\alpha,\ ... More
A comparison theorem for the law of large numbers in Banach spacesJun 25 2015Let $(\mathbf{B}, \|\cdot\|)$ be a real separable Banach space. Let $\{X, X_{n}; n \geq 1\}$ be a sequence of i.i.d. {\bf B}-valued random variables and set $S_{n} = \sum_{i=1}^{n}X_{i},~n \geq 1$. Let $\{a_{n}; n \geq 1\}$ and $\{b_{n}; n \geq 1\}$ be ... More
Marcinkiewicz multipliers and Lipschitz spaces on Heisenberg groupsNov 15 2016The Marcinkiewicz multipliers are $L^{p}$ bounded for $1<p<\infty $ on the Heisenberg group $\mathbb{H}^{n}\simeq \mathbb{C}^{n}\times \mathbb{R}$ (M\"uller, Ricci and Stein \cite{MRS}). This is surprising in the sense that these multipliers are invariant ... More
Learning Tree-based Deep Model for Recommender SystemsJan 08 2018Dec 21 2018Model-based methods for recommender systems have been studied extensively in recent years. In systems with large corpus, however, the calculation cost for the learnt model to predict all user-item preferences is tremendous, which makes full corpus retrieval ... More
Assembly and Phase Transitions within Colloidal CrystalsMar 16 2016Micrometre sized colloidal particles can be viewed as large atoms with tailorable size, shape and interactions. These building blocks can assemble into extremely rich structures and phases, in which the thermal motions of particles can be directly imaged ... More
Modified (A)dS Schwarzschild black holes in Rainbow spacetimeSep 28 2008Feb 23 2009A modified (Anti-)de Sitter Schwarzschild black hole solution is presented in the framework of rainbow gravity with a cosmological constant. Its thermodynamical properties are investigated. In general the temperature of modified black holes is dependent ... More
On the Capacity of Multilevel NAND Flash Memory ChannelsJan 21 2016May 07 2016In this paper, we initiate a first information-theoretic study on multilevel NAND flash memory channels with intercell interference. More specifically, for a multilevel NAND flash memory channel under mild assumptions, we first prove that such a channel ... More
Lie bialgebra structures on the Schrödinger-Virasoro Lie algebraJan 10 2009Mar 18 2009In this paper we investigate Lie bialgebra structures on the Schr\"odinger-Virasoro algebra $\LL$. Surprisingly, we find out an interesting fact that not all Lie bialgebra structures on the Schr\"odinger-Virasoro algebra are triangular coboundary, which ... More
Comparison of OFDM and Single-Carrier for Large-Scale Antenna SystemsJun 28 2016Large-scale antenna (LSA) or massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) has gained a lot of attention due to its potential to significantly improve system throughput. As a natural evolution from traditional MIMO-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing ... More
Complete moment and integral convergence for sums of negatively associated random variablesFeb 19 2008For a sequence of identically distributed negatively associated random variables $\{X_n; n\geq 1\}$ with partial sums $S_n=\sum_{i=1}^nX_i, n\geq 1$, refinements are presented of the classical Baum-Katz and Lai complete convergence theorems. More specifically, ... More
T1 theorem on product Carnot-Caratheodory spacesSep 27 2012Nagel and Stein established $L^p$-boundedness for a class of singular integrals of NIS type, that is, non-isotropic smoothing operators of order 0, on spaces $\widetilde{M}=M_1\times...\times M_n,$ where each factor space $M_i, 1\leq i\leq n,$ is a smooth ... More
Spin-orbit-angular-momentum coupling in a spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensateDec 19 2015We propose a simple model with spin and orbit angular momentum coupling in a spin-1 Bose- Einstein condensate, where three internal atomic states are Raman coupled by a pair of co- propagating Laguerre-Gaussian beams. The resulting Raman transition imposes ... More
Monte Carlo study of thermal fluctuations and Fermi-arc formation in d-wave superconductorsAug 25 2010Mar 27 2011From the perspective of thermal fluctuations, we investigate the pseudogap phenomena in underdoped high-temperature curpate superconductors. We present a local update Monte Carlo procedure based on the Green's function method to sample the fluctuating ... More
Spectrum Quantization and Feedback for Downlink Massive MIMO Systems With Cascaded PrecodingAug 22 2016In this paper, we investigate the quantization and the feedback of downlink statistical channel information for massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems with cascaded precoding. Massive MIMO has gained a lot of attention recently because ... More
Strongly Interacting Quantum Gases in One-Dimensional TrapsFeb 05 2015Apr 29 2015Under the second-order degenerate perturbation theory, we show that the physics of $N$ particles with arbitrary spin confined in a one dimensional trap in the strongly interacting regime can be described by super-exchange interaction. An effective spin-chain ... More
Sampling and Representation Complexity of Revenue MaximizationFeb 19 2014Apr 03 2014We consider (approximate) revenue maximization in auctions where the distribution on input valuations is given via "black box" access to samples from the distribution. We observe that the number of samples required -- the sample complexity -- is tightly ... More
Optimal Stabilization Control for Discrete-time Markov Jump Linear System with Control Input DelayFeb 17 2019This paper will investigate the infinite horizon optimal control and stabilization problems for the Markov jump linear system (MJLS) subject to control input delay. Different from previous works, for the first time, the necessary and sufficient stabilization ... More
Optimal Control for Discrete-time Markov Jump Linear System with Control Input DelayAug 19 2018This paper deals with the finite horizon optimal control problem for discrete-time Markov jump linear system with input delay. The correlation among the jumping parameters and the input delay are considered simultaneously, which forms the basic difficulty ... More
Optimal Control and Stabilization Problem for Discrete-time Markov Jump Systems with Indefinite Weight CostsMar 20 2018It is well known that stability is the most fundamental nature with regard to a control system, in view of this, the stabilization becomes an inevitable control problem. This article mainly discusses the optimal control and stabilization problem for discrete-time ... More
The Knowledge Gradient Policy Using A Sparse Additive Belief ModelMar 18 2015We propose a sequential learning policy for noisy discrete global optimization and ranking and selection (R\&S) problems with high dimensional sparse belief functions, where there are hundreds or even thousands of features, but only a small portion of ... More
ACC for log canonical threshold polytopesJun 23 2017Jul 01 2017We show that the log canonical threshold polytopes of varieties with log canonical singularities satisfy the ascending chain condition.
Multi-resolution community detection in massive networksDec 14 2016Dec 17 2016Aiming at improving the efficiency and accuracy of community detection in complex networks, we proposed a new algorithm, which is based on the idea that communities could be detected from subnetworks by comparing the internal and external cohesion of ... More
A Mean-Field Optimal Control Formulation of Deep LearningJul 03 2018Recent work linking deep neural networks and dynamical systems opened up new avenues to analyze deep learning. In particular, it is observed that new insights can be obtained by recasting deep learning as an optimal control problem on difference or differential ... More
Sum Secrecy Rate Maximization for Full-Duplex Two-Way Relay Networks Using Alamouti-based Rank-Two BeamformingAug 28 2016Consider a two-way communication scenario where two single-antenna nodes, operating under full-duplex mode, exchange information to one another through the aid of a (full-duplex) multi-antenna relay, and there is another single-antenna node who intends ... More
Two-Layer Mixture Network Ensemble for Apparel Attributes ClassificationJul 11 2018Recognizing apparel attributes has recently drawn great interest in the computer vision community. Methods based on various deep neural networks have been proposed for image classification, which could be applied to apparel attributes recognition. An ... More
Testing CP Violation in ZZH Interactions at the LHCMay 28 2010We study genuine CP-odd observables at the LHC to test the CP property of the ZZH interaction for a Higgs boson with mass below the threshold to a pair of gauge bosons via the process p,p -> Z,H -> l+,l-,b,bbar. We illustrate the analysis by including ... More
Directional Compactly supported Box Spline Tight Framelets with Simple StructureAug 28 2017To effectively capture singularities in high-dimensional data and functions, multivariate compactly supported tight framelets, having directionality and derived from refinable box splines, are of particular interest in both theory and applications. The ... More
Assembly and Phase Transitions within Colloidal CrystalsMar 16 2016Nov 09 2017Micrometre sized colloidal particles can be viewed as large atoms with tailorable size, shape and interactions. These building blocks can assemble into extremely rich structures and phases, in which the thermal motions of particles can be directly imaged ... More
Binary Stellar Population Synthesis Study of Elliptical GalaxiesMay 24 2006We determine relative stellar ages and metallicities mainly for about 80 elliptical galaxies in low and high density environments via the latest binary stellar population (BSP) synthesis model and test a latest hierarchical formation model of elliptical ... More
Binary Stellar Population Synthesis ModelJun 18 2010Jun 23 2010Using Yunnan evolutionary population synthesis (EPS) models, we present integrated colours, integrated spectral energy distributions (ISEDs) and absorption-line indices defined by the Lick Observatory image dissector scanner (Lick/IDS) system, for an ... More
The Effect of Binary Interactions in Infrared PassbandsJun 18 2010Jun 23 2010We present the integrated J, H, K, L, M and N magnitudes and the colours involving infrared bands, for an extensive set of instantaneous-burst binary stellar populations (BSPs) by using evolutionary population synthesis (EPS). By comparing the results ... More
Dynamic Pricing in Shared Mobility on Demand ServiceFeb 10 2018We consider a profit maximization problem in an urban mobility on-demand service, of which the operator owns a fleet, provides both exclusive and shared trip services, and dynamically determines prices of offers. With knowledge of the traveler preference ... More
Irreducible weight modules with a finite-dimensional weight space over the twisted N=1 Schrödinger-Neveu-Schwarz algebraMar 15 2017It is shown that there are no simple mixed modules over the twisted N=1 Schr\"{o}dinger-Neveu-Schwarz algebra, which implies that every irreducible weight module over it with a nontrivial finite-dimensional weight space, is a Harish-Chandra module.
Factorization of Motion PolynomialsFeb 26 2015In this paper, we consider the existence of a factorization of a monic, bounded motion polynomial. We prove existence of factorizations, possibly after multiplication with a real polynomial and provide algorithms for computing polynomial factor and factorizations. ... More
Kempe's Universality Theorem for Rational Space CurvesSep 29 2015Feb 11 2017We prove that every bounded rational space curve of degree d and circularity c can be drawn by a linkage with 9/2 d - 6c + 1 revolute joints. Our proof is based on two ingredients. The first one is the factorization theory of motion polynomials. The second ... More
The Effect of Scattering on Pulsar Polarization AngleAug 06 2003The low-frequency profiles of some pulsars manifest temporal broadening due to scattering, usually accompanied by flat polarization position angle (PA) curves. Assuming that the scattering works on the 4 Stokes parameters in the same way, we have simulated ... More
Testability of Type I Seesaw at the CERN LHC: Revealing the Existence of the B-L SymmetryJul 23 2009Oct 14 2009We study the possibility to test the Type I seesaw mechanism for neutrino masses at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The inclusion of three generations of right-handed neutrinos (N_i) provides an attractive option of gauging the B-L accidental symmetry ... More
Stabilization for Networked Control Systems with Simultaneous Input Delay and Markovian Packet LossesAug 21 2018The mean square stabilization problem for discrete-time networked control systems (NCSs) is investigated in this article. What the difference from most previous works is that input delay and packet losses occur simultaneously in the communication channel, ... More
Modified dispersion relations and (A)dS Schwarzschild Black holesJul 27 2008Sep 10 2008In this paper we investigate the impact of modified dispersion relations (MDR) on (Anti)de Sitter-Schwarzschild black holes. In this context we find the temperature of black holes can be derived with important corrections. In particular given a specific ... More
PDA: Semantically Secure Time-Series Data Analytics with Dynamic SubgroupsAug 28 2013Sep 25 2015Third-party analysis on private records is becoming increasingly important due to the widespread data collection for various analysis purposes. However, the data in its original form often contains sensitive information about individuals, and its publication ... More
Generalized Fisher Score for Feature SelectionFeb 14 2012Fisher score is one of the most widely used supervised feature selection methods. However, it selects each feature independently according to their scores under the Fisher criterion, which leads to a suboptimal subset of features. In this paper, we present ... More
State transfer in intrinsic decoherence spin channelsOct 07 2011By analytically solving the master equation, we investigate quantum state transfer, creation and distribution of entanglement in the model of Milburn's intrinsic decoherence. Our results reveal that the ideal spin channels will be destroyed by the intrinsic ... More
Online ICA: Understanding Global Dynamics of Nonconvex Optimization via Diffusion ProcessesAug 29 2018Solving statistical learning problems often involves nonconvex optimization. Despite the empirical success of nonconvex statistical optimization methods, their global dynamics, especially convergence to the desirable local minima, remain less well understood ... More
Complementarity between micro-micro and micro-macro entanglement in a Bose-Einstein condensate with two Rydberg impuritiesMar 08 2019We theoretically study complementarity between micro-micro and micro-macro entanglement in a Bose-Einstein condensate with two Rydberg impurities. We investigate quantum dynamics of micro-micro and micro-macro entanglement in the micro-macro system. It ... More
A High Throughput Pilot Allocation for M2M Communication in Crowded Massive MIMO SystemsNov 02 2016A new scheme to resolve the intra-cell pilot collision for M2M communication in crowded massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems is proposed. The proposed scheme permits those failed user equipments (UEs), judged by a strongest-user collision ... More
An Extension of Feller's Strong Law of Large NumbersMar 24 2017~This paper presents a general result that allows for establishing a link between the Kolmogorov-Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund strong law of large numbers and Feller's strong law of large numbers in a Banach space setting. Let $\{X, X_{n}; n \geq 1\}$ be a sequence ... More
Potential of colors for determining age and metallicity of stellar populationsNov 06 2006Jan 08 2007Colors are usually not used for constraining stellar populations because they are thought to have the well-known agemetallicity degeneracy, but some recent works show that colors can also be used. A simple stellar population synthesis model is widely ... More
Two Kazdan-Warner type identities for the renormalized volume coefficients and the Gauss-Bonnet curvatures of a Riemannian metricNov 24 2009In this note, we prove two Kazdan-Warner type identities involving $v^{(2k)}$, the renormalized volume coefficients of a Riemannian manifold $(M^n,g)$, and $G_{2r}$, the so-called Gauss-Bonnet curvature, and a conformal Killing vector field on $(M^n,g)$. ... More
Higgs production at future $e^+e^-$ colliders in the Georgi-Machacek modelSep 30 2017Feb 02 2018We study how the dominant single and double SM-like Higgs ($h$) production at future $e^+e^-$ colliders is modified in the Georgi-Machacek (GM) model. On imposing theoretical, indirect and direct constraints, significant deviations of $h$-couplings from ... More
Resource Allocation in Full-Duplex Communications for Future Wireless NetworksMay 12 2015The recent significant progress in realizing full-duplex~(FD) systems has opened up a promising avenue for improving quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) in future wireless networks. There is an urgent need to address the diverse set ... More
The Influence of Binary Interactions in Infrared passbands of populationsJun 21 2010Jun 23 2010In our evolutionary population synthesis models, the samples of binaries are reproduced by the 'patched' Monte Carlo simulation and the stellar masses, integrated J, H, K, L, L2 and M magnitudes, mass-to-light ratios and broad colours involving infrared ... More
Relative contravariantly finite subcategories and relative tilting modulesDec 26 2016Let $A$ be a finite dimensional algebra over an algebraically closed field $k$. Let $T$ be a tilting $A$-module and $B={\rm End}_A\ T$ be the endomorphism algebra of $T$. In this paper, we consider the correspondence between the tilting $A$-modules and ... More
Efficient verification of bipartite pure statesJan 28 2019We propose practical and efficient protocols for verifying bipartite pure states for any finite dimension, which can also be applied to fidelity estimation. Our protocols are based on adaptive local projective measurements with either one-way or two-way ... More
Hardy space theory on spaces of homogeneous type via orthonormal wavelet basesJul 26 2015In this paper, using the remarkable orthonormal wavelet basis constructed recently by Auscher and Hyt\"onen, we establish the theory of product Hardy spaces on spaces ${\widetilde X} = X_1\times X_2\times\cdot \cdot\cdot\times X_n$, where each factor ... More
Analytical result on the supercurrent through a superconductor/quantum-dot/superconductor junctionNov 26 2001Nov 30 2001We present an analytical result for the supercurrent across a superconductor/quantum-dot/superconductor junction. By converting the current integration into a special contour integral, we can express the current as a sum of the residues of poles. These ... More
Spatial Straight Line Linkages by Factorization of Motion PolynomialsOct 10 2014Oct 13 2014We use the recently introduced factorization of motion polynomials for constructing overconstrained spatial linkages with a straight line trajectory. Unlike previous examples, the end-effector motion is not translational and the link graph is a cycle. ... More
A Survey on the Theory of BondsJul 30 2018Many researchers tried to understand/explain the geometric reasons for paradoxical mobility of a mechanical linkage, i.e. the situation when a linkage allows more motions than expected from counting parameters and constraints. Bond theory is a method ... More
Topological Defects and Defects-free states in toroidal nematicsFeb 24 2014We investigated the nematic ordering on a torus by means of analytic method and the method of simulated annealing, the Frank free energy, both in the standard form and covariant form, were used in the study. The defect free state was found to be the ground ... More
Kempe's Universality Theorem for Rational Space CurvesSep 29 2015Nov 27 2015We prove that every bounded rational space curve of degree d and circularity c can be drawn by a linkage with 9/2 d - 6c + 1 revolute joints. Our proof is based on two ingredients. The first one is the factorization theory of motion polynomials. The second ... More
Top quark rare three-body decays in the littlest Higgs model with T-parityFeb 22 2011Feb 25 2011In the littlest Higgs model with T-parity (LHT), the mirror quarks have flavor structures and will contribute to the top quark flavor changing neutral current. In this work, we perform an extensive investigation of the top quark rare three-body decays ... More
Pair Production of MSSM Higgs Bosons in the Non-decoupling Region at the LHCJun 25 2012Sep 14 2012We consider the Higgs boson signals from pair production at the LHC within the framework of the MSSM in the non-decoupling (low-m_A) region. In light of the recent observation of a SM-like Higgs boson, we argue that the exploration for Higgs pair production ... More
Gaussian Beam Collimation via Transformation MediaMar 27 2013Conventional method for Gaussian beam collimation is to expand the beam waist to achieve a smaller divergence angle. Recent transformation optics offers an unconventional path to control the electromagnetic field. In this paper we show that a Gaussian ... More
The convergence guarantee of the iterative thresholding algorithm with suboptimal feedbacks for large systemsNov 07 2017Thresholding based iterative algorithms have the trade-off between effectiveness and optimality. Some are effective but involving sub-matrix inversions in every step of iterations. For systems of large sizes, such algorithms can be computationally expensive ... More
Binary interactions as a possible scenario for the formation of multiple stellar populations in globular clustersMay 26 2014Observations revealed the presence of multiple stellar populations in globular clusters (GCs) that exhibit wide abundance variations and multiple sequences in Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram. We present a scenario for the formation of multiple stellar ... More