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Consensus Control for Linear Systems with Optimal Energy CostDec 01 2016Oct 25 2017In this paper, we design an optimal energy cost controller for linear systems asymptotic consensus given the topology of the graph. The controller depends only on relative information of the agents. Since finding the control gain for such controller is ... More
Global optimization framework for real-time route guidance via variable message signNov 25 2016Variable message sign (VMS) is an effective traffic management tool for congestion mitigation. The VMS is primarily used as a means of providing factual travel information or genuine route guidance to travelers. However, this may be rendered sub-optimal ... More
Individual popularity and activity in online social systemsNov 11 2009Nov 12 2009We propose a stochastic model of web user behaviors in online social systems, and study the influence of attraction kernel on statistical property of user or item occurrence. Combining the different growth patterns of new entities and attraction patterns ... More
Phase glass and zero-temperature phase transition in a randomly frustrated two-dimensional quantum rotor modelJan 09 2008The ground state of the quantum rotor model in two dimensions with random phase frustration is investigated. Extensive Monte Carlo simulations are performed on the corresponding (2+1)-dimensional classical model under the entropic sampling scheme. For ... More
Path Loss Models Based on Stochastic RaysMar 10 2007Mar 21 2007In this paper, two-dimensional percolation lattices are applied to describe wireless propagation environment, and stochastic rays are employed to model the trajectories of radio waves. We first derive the probability that a stochastic ray undergoes certain ... More
Observability of Higgs Mode in a system without Lorentz invarianceApr 29 2016We study the observability of the Higgs mode in BEC-BCS crossover. The observability of Higgs mode is investigated by calculating the spectral weight functions of the amplitude fluctuation below the critical transition temperature. At zero temperature, ... More
Geometric quantum discord and non-Markovianity of structured reservoirsDec 24 2015The reservoir memory effects can lead to information backflow and recurrence of the previously lost quantum correlations. We establish connections between the direction of information flow and variation of the geometric quantum discords (GQDs) measured ... More
Thermodynamics of Two-impurity Anderson Model with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya InteractionJun 28 2017Jun 30 2017In this work, we use the numerical renormalization group (NRG) theory to study the thermodynamics of the two-impurity Anderson model. Two different methods are used to estimate the effect of the Dzyaloshiskii-Moriya (DM) interaction on the variation of ... More
Exhaustive Ghost Solutions to Einstein-Weyl Equations for Two Dimensional SpacetimesSep 05 2004Sep 11 2004Exhaustive ghost solutions to Einstein-Weyl equations for two dimensional spacetimes are obtained, where the ghost neutrinos propagate in the background spacetime, but do not influence the background spacetime due to the vanishing stress-energy-momentum ... More
Bifurcations of planar Hamiltonian systems with impulsive perturbationOct 28 2011In this paper, by means of the Melnikov functions we consider bifurcations of harmonic or subharmonic solutions from a periodic solution of a planar Hamiltonian system under impulsive perturbation. We give some sufficient conditions under which a harmonic ... More
A non-integrated hypersurface defect relation for meromorphic maps defined on Kähler manifoldsOct 28 2016In this paper, a second main theorem and an associated non-integrated hypersurface defect relation for meromorphic maps from complete K\"{a}hler manifolds into complex projective varieties, with the hypersurfaces located in $N$-subgeneral position, are ... More
Maximum Principle for General Controlled Systems Driven by Fractional Brownian MotionsMar 14 2012We obtain a maximum principle for stochastic control problem of general controlled stochastic differential systems driven by fractional Brownian motions (of Hurst parameter $H>1/2$). This maximum principle specifies a system of equations that the optimal ... More
State transfer in intrinsic decoherence spin channelsOct 07 2011By analytically solving the master equation, we investigate quantum state transfer, creation and distribution of entanglement in the model of Milburn's intrinsic decoherence. Our results reveal that the ideal spin channels will be destroyed by the intrinsic ... More
Inverse Quadratic Optimal Control for Discrete-Time Linear SystemsOct 30 2018In this paper, we consider the inverse optimal control problem for the discrete-time linear quadratic regulator, over finite-time horizons. Given observations of the optimal trajectories, and optimal control inputs, to a linear time-invariant system, ... More
Power Series Classification: A Hybrid of LSTM and a Novel Advancing Dynamic Time WarpingAug 15 2016Aug 17 2016As many applications organize data into temporal sequences, the problem of time series data classification has been widely studied. Recent studies show that the 1-nearest neighbor with dynamic time warping (1NN-DTW) and the long short term memory (LSTM) ... More
DeepStego: Protecting Intellectual Property of Deep Neural Networks by SteganographyMar 05 2019Mar 13 2019Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) has shown great success in various challenging tasks. Training these networks is computationally expensive and requires vast amounts of training data. Therefore, it is necessary to design a technology to protect the intellectual ... More
Effects of Levy Flights Mobility Pattern on Epidemic Spreading under Limited Energy ConstraintFeb 05 2010Recently, many empirical studies uncovered that animal foraging, migration and human traveling obey Levy flights with an exponent around -2. Inspired by the deluge of H1N1 this year, in this paper, the effects of Levy flights' mobility pattern on epidemic ... More
Excitation of high frequency voices from intermediate-mass-ratio inspirals with large eccentricitySep 30 2017The coalescence of a stellar-mass compact object together with an intermediate-mass black hole, also known as intermediate-mass-ratio inspiral, is usually not expected to be a viable gravitational wave source for the current ground-based gravitational ... More
Deformable ConvNets v2: More Deformable, Better ResultsNov 27 2018Nov 28 2018The superior performance of Deformable Convolutional Networks arises from its ability to adapt to the geometric variations of objects. Through an examination of its adaptive behavior, we observe that while the spatial support for its neural features conforms ... More
VIPL-HR: A Multi-modal Database for Pulse Estimation from Less-constrained Face VideoOct 11 2018Nov 27 2018Heart rate (HR) is an important physiological signal that reflects the physical and emotional activities of humans. Traditional HR measurements are mainly based on contact monitors, which are inconvenient and may cause discomfort for the subjects. Recently, ... More
Conditional BERT Contextual AugmentationDec 17 2018We propose a novel data augmentation method for labeled sentences called conditional BERT contextual augmentation. Data augmentation methods are often applied to prevent overfitting and improve generalization of deep neural network models. Recently proposed ... More
Study of Nonleptonic $B^{\ast}_{(s)}\to M_1 M_2$ $(M=D$, $D_s$, $π$, $K)$ Weak Decays with Factorization ApproachMay 05 2016Motivated by the experiments of heavy flavor physics at running LHC and upgrading SuperKEKB/Belle-II in the future, the nonleptonic $B^{\ast}_{(s)}\to M_1 M_2$ $(M=D$, $D_s$, $\pi$, $K)$ weak decays are studied in this paper. The amplitudes are calculated ... More
A conservative sharp-interface method for compressible multi-material flowsApr 03 2017In this paper we develop a conservative sharp-interface method dedicated to simulating multiple compressible fluids. Numerical treatments for a cut cell shared by more than two materials are proposed. First, we simplify the interface interaction inside ... More
Empirical exploration of air traffic and human dynamics in terminal airspacesJul 27 2017Air traffic is widely known as a complex, task-critical techno-social system, with numerous interactions between airspace, procedures, aircraft and air traffic controllers. In order to develop and deploy high-level operational concepts and automation ... More
A Possible Family of Ni-based High Temperature SuperconductorsDec 16 2017We suggest that a family of Ni-based compounds, which contain [Ni$_2$M$_2$O]$^{2-}$(M=chalcogen) layers with an antiperovskite structure constructed by mixed-anion Ni complexes, NiM$_4$O$_2$, can be potential high temperature superconductors upon doping ... More
Day-to-day dynamic traffic assignment model with variable message signs and endogenous user complianceSep 16 2018This paper proposes a dual-time-scale, day-to-day dynamic traffic assignment model that takes into account variable message signs (VMS) and its interactions with drivers' travel choices and adaptive learning processes. The within-day dynamic is captured ... More
Percolation of Interdependent Networks with Inter-similarityAug 08 2013Real data show that interdependent networks usually involve inter-similarity. Intersimilarity means that a pair of interdependent nodes have neighbors in both networks that are also interdependent (Parshani et al \cite{PAR10B}). For example, the coupled ... More
Reversibly tuning the insulating and superconducting state in KxFe2-ySe2 crystals by post-annealingMar 07 2011Since the discovery of superconductivity at 26 K in oxy-pnictide LaFeAsO1-xFx, enormous interests have been stimulated in the field of condensed matter physics and material sciences. Among the many kind of structures in the iron pnictide superconductors, ... More
Impact of top-Higgs couplings on di-Higgs production at future collidersAug 19 2014Dec 14 2014Measuring the Higgs-self coupling is one of the most crucial goals of the future colliders, such as the LHC Run-II and the ILC-based photon collider. Since the new physics can affects the di-Higgs production not only from the Higgs self-coupling but also ... More
Superconducting correlations in ultra-small metallic grainsMar 08 2000To describe the crossover from the bulk BCS superconductivity to a fluctuation-dominated regime in ultrasmall metallic grains, new order parameters and correlation functions, such as ``parity gap'' and ``pair-mixing correlation function'', have been recently ... More
Anomalous finite-size effect in superconducting Josephson junction arraysApr 20 2001We report large-scale simulations of the resistively-shunted Josephson junction array in strip geometry. As the strip width increases, the voltage first decreases following the dynamic scaling ansatz proposed by Minnhagen {\it et al.} [Phys. Rev. Lett. ... More
Projected Primal-Dual Gradient Flow of Augmented Lagrangian with Application to Distributed Maximization of the Algebraic Connectivity of a NetworkJan 25 2017Oct 30 2018In this paper, a projected primal-dual gradient flow of augmented Lagrangian is presented to solve convex optimization problems that are not necessarily strictly convex. The optimization variables are restricted by a convex set with computable projection ... More
Pairing Mechanism in Hunds Metal Superconductors and the Universality of the Superconducting Gap to Critical Temperature RatioMay 25 2018Oct 25 2018We analyze a simple model containing the physical ingredients of a Hund's metal, the local spin fluctuations with power-law correlators, $(\Omega_0/|\Omega|)^\gamma$, with $\gamma$ greater than one, interacting with electronic quasiparticles. While the ... More
Learning Region Features for Object DetectionMar 19 2018While most steps in the modern object detection methods are learnable, the region feature extraction step remains largely hand-crafted, featured by RoI pooling methods. This work proposes a general viewpoint that unifies existing region feature extraction ... More
Finite-Momentum Dimer Bound State in Spin-Orbit Coupled Fermi GasNov 07 2012Apr 12 2013We investigate the two-body properties of a spin-1/2 Fermi gas subject to a spin-orbit coupling induced by laser fields. When an attractive s-wave interaction between unlike spins is present, the system may form a dimer bound state. Surprisingly, in the ... More
Monolithic photonic circuits for Kerr frequency comb generation, filtering and modulationSep 23 2018Microresonator Kerr frequency combs, which rely on third-order nonlinearity ($\chi^{(3)}$), are of great interest for a wide range of applications including optical clocks, pulse shaping, spectroscopy, telecommunications, light detection and ranging (LiDAR) ... More
Nature of the Quantum Phase Transition in Quantum Compass ModelDec 07 2006In this work, we show that the quantum compass model on an square lattice can be mapped to a fermionic model with local density interaction. We introduce a mean-field approximation where the most important fluctuations, those perpendicular to the ordering ... More
Nano-corrugation induced forces between electrically neutral plasmonic objectsNov 17 2017Recent advances in nanotechnology have created tremendous excitement across different disciplines but in order to fully control and manipulate nano-scale objects, we must understand the forces at work at the nano-scale, which can be very different from ... More
Deep Metric Transfer for Label Propagation with Limited Annotated DataDec 20 2018We study object recognition under the constraint that each object class is only represented by very few observations. In such cases, naive supervised learning would lead to severe over-fitting in deep neural networks due to limited training data. We tackle ... More
BaFe2Se2O as an Iron-Based Mott Insulator with Antiferromagnetic OrderJun 27 2012Jul 11 2012A new compound with a quasi-two-dimensional array of FeSe3O tetrahedra and an orthorombic structure, namely BaFe2Se2O, has been successfully fabricated. Experimental results show that this compound is an insulator and has an antiferromagnetic (AF) transition ... More
DeepQoE: A unified Framework for Learning to Predict Video QoEApr 10 2018Motivated by the prowess of deep learning (DL) based techniques in prediction, generalization, and representation learning, we develop a novel framework called DeepQoE to predict video quality of experience (QoE). The end-to-end framework first uses a ... More
GCNet: Non-local Networks Meet Squeeze-Excitation Networks and BeyondApr 25 2019The Non-Local Network (NLNet) presents a pioneering approach for capturing long-range dependencies, via aggregating query-specific global context to each query position. However, through a rigorous empirical analysis, we have found that the global contexts ... More
Principled Hybrids of Generative and Discriminative Domain AdaptationMay 25 2017Oct 27 2017We propose a probabilistic framework for domain adaptation that blends both generative and discriminative modeling in a principled way. Under this framework, generative and discriminative models correspond to specific choices of the prior over parameters. ... More
Influence of intrinsic decoherence on tripartite entanglement and bipartite fidelity of polar molecules in pendular statesApr 03 2016An array of ultracold polar molecules trapped in an external electric field is regarded as a promising carrier of quantum information. Under the action of this field, molecules are compelled to undergo pendular oscillations by the Stark effect. Particular ... More
Relation Networks for Object DetectionNov 30 2017Jun 14 2018Although it is well believed for years that modeling relations between objects would help object recognition, there has not been evidence that the idea is working in the deep learning era. All state-of-the-art object detection systems still rely on recognizing ... More
Fuzzy Euclidean wormholes in de Sitter spaceNov 25 2016We investigate Euclidean wormholes in Einstein gravity with a massless scalar field in de Sitter space. Euclidean wormholes are possible due to the analytic continuation of the time as well as complexification of fields, where we need to impose the classicality ... More
Nonlinear Decision Rule Approach for Real-Time Traffic Signal Control for Congestion and Emission ReductionsSep 04 2018Mar 19 2019We propose a real-time signal control framework based on a nonlinear decision rule (NDR), which defines a nonlinear mapping between network states and signal control parameters to actual signal controls based on prevailing traffic conditions, and such ... More
Comment on ``Nonuniversal Exponents in Interface Growth''Sep 13 1998Recently, Newman and Swift[T. J. Newman and M. R. Swift, Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 79}, 2261 (1997)] made an interesting suggestion that the strong-coupling exponents of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) equation may not be universal, but rather depend on the ... More
Learning Classifier Synthesis for Generalized Few-Shot LearningJun 07 2019Visual recognition in real-world requires handling long-tailed and even open-ended data. It is a practical utility of a visual system to reliably recognizing the populated "head" visual concepts and meanwhile to learn about "tail" categories of few instances. ... More
RepPoints: Point Set Representation for Object DetectionApr 25 2019Modern object detectors rely heavily on rectangular bounding boxes, such as anchors, proposals and the final predictions, to represent objects at various recognition stages. The bounding box is convenient to use but provides only a coarse localization ... More
Local Relation Networks for Image RecognitionApr 25 2019The convolution layer has been the dominant feature extractor in computer vision for years. However, the spatial aggregation in convolution is basically a pattern matching process that applies fixed filters which are inefficient at modeling visual elements ... More
Spatial-Temporal Relation Networks for Multi-Object TrackingApr 25 2019Recent progress in multiple object tracking (MOT) has shown that a robust similarity score is key to the success of trackers. A good similarity score is expected to reflect multiple cues, e.g. appearance, location, and topology, over a long period of ... More
Doping effect of Cu and Ni impurities on the Fe-based superconductor Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2Apr 16 2013Copper and Nickel impurities have been doped into the iron pnictide superconductor Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2. Resistivity measurements reveal that Cu and Ni impurities suppress superconducting transition temperature T_c with rates of \Delta T_c/Cu-1% = -3.5 K and ... More
Adaptive Laplace Mechanism: Differential Privacy Preservation in Deep LearningSep 18 2017Apr 23 2018In this paper, we focus on developing a novel mechanism to preserve differential privacy in deep neural networks, such that: (1) The privacy budget consumption is totally independent of the number of training steps; (2) It has the ability to adaptively ... More
Imbalanced Sentiment Classification Enhanced with Discourse MarkerMar 28 2019Imbalanced data commonly exists in real world, espacially in sentiment-related corpus, making it difficult to train a classifier to distinguish latent sentiment in text data. We observe that humans often express transitional emotion between two adjacent ... More
Render4Completion: Synthesizing Multi-view Depth Maps for 3D Shape CompletionApr 17 2019May 24 2019We propose a novel approach for 3D shape completion by synthesizing multi-view depth maps. While previous work for shape completion relies on volumetric representations, meshes, or point clouds, we propose to use multi-view depth maps from a set of fixed ... More
WordSup: Exploiting Word Annotations for Character based Text DetectionAug 22 2017Imagery texts are usually organized as a hierarchy of several visual elements, i.e. characters, words, text lines and text blocks. Among these elements, character is the most basic one for various languages such as Western, Chinese, Japanese, mathematical ... More
Modeling Collective Behavior of Posting Microblog by Stochastic Differential Equation with JumpOct 07 2017The characterization and understanding of online social network behavior is of importance from both the points of view of fundamental research and realistic utilization. In this manuscript, we propose a stochastic differential equation to describe the ... More
Optimal Blocklength Allocation towards Reduced Age of Information in Wireless Sensor NetworksJul 05 2019The freshness or timeliness of data at server is a significant key performance indicator of sensor networks, especially in tolerance critical applications such as factory automation. As an effective and intuitive measurement to data timeliness, the metric ... More
Strongly Modulated Ambipolar Characteristics of Few-layer Black Phosphorus in OxygenMar 09 2016Two-dimensional black phosphorus has been configured as field-effect transistors, showing an intrinsic symmetric ambipolar transport characteristic. Here, we demonstrate the strongly modulated ambipolar characteristics of few-layer black phosphorus in ... More
Transport properties and anisotropy of Rb0.8Fe2Se2 single crystalsDec 27 2010May 27 2011Single crystals of Rb{0.8}Fe2Se2 are successfully synthesized with the superconducting transition temperatures T_c{onset}= 31 K and T_c{zero}= 28 K. A clear anomaly of resistivity was observed in the normal state at about 150 K, as found in a similar ... More
Superconductivity in Ti-doped Iron-Arsenide Compound Sr4Cr0.8Ti1.2O6Fe2As2Apr 06 2009Apr 10 2009Superconductivity was achieved in Ti-doped iron-arsenide compound Sr4Cr0.8Ti1.2O6Fe2As2 (abbreviated as Cr-FeAs-42622). The x-ray diffraction measurement shows that this material has a layered structure with the space group of \emph{P4/nmm}, and with ... More
Preserving Differential Privacy in Adversarial Learning with Provable RobustnessMar 23 2019May 04 2019In this paper, we aim to develop a novel mechanism to preserve differential privacy (DP) in adversarial learning for deep neural networks, with provable robustness to adversarial examples. We leverage the sequential composition theory in differential ... More
Gapless topological Fulde-Ferrell superfluidity induced by in-plane Zeeman fieldApr 09 2014Topological superfluids are recently discovered quantum matters that host topologically protected gapless edge states known as Majorana fermions - exotic quantum particles that act as their own anti-particles and obey non-Abelian statistics. Their realizations ... More
Domain wall magneto-Seebeck effectDec 29 2014The interplay between charge, spin, and heat currents in magnetic nano systems subjected to a temperature gradient has lead to a variety of novel effects and promising applications studied in the fast-growing field of spincaloritronics. Here we explore ... More
An Ensemble Deep Learning Model for Drug Abuse Detection in Sparse Twitter-SphereApr 03 2019As the problem of drug abuse intensifies in the U.S., many studies that primarily utilize social media data, such as postings on Twitter, to study drug abuse-related activities use machine learning as a powerful tool for text classification and filtering. ... More
An Area and Energy Efficient Design of Domain-Wall Memory-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Networks using Stochastic ComputingFeb 03 2018With recent trend of wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoTs), it becomes attractive to develop hardware-based deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs) for embedded applications, which require low power/energy consumptions and small hardware footprints. ... More
HairNet: Single-View Hair Reconstruction using Convolutional Neural NetworksJun 19 2018Jul 10 2018We introduce a deep learning-based method to generate full 3D hair geometry from an unconstrained image. Our method can recover local strand details and has real-time performance. State-of-the-art hair modeling techniques rely on large hairstyle collections ... More
DRAPS: Dynamic and Resource-Aware Placement Scheme for Docker Containers in a Heterogeneous ClusterMay 22 2018Virtualization is a promising technology that has facilitated cloud computing to become the next wave of the Internet revolution. Adopted by data centers, millions of applications that are powered by various virtual machines improve the quality of services. ... More
Non-abelian Berry's phase and Chern numbers in higher spin pairing condensatesOct 04 2003Jan 26 2004We show that the non-Abelian Berry phase emerges naturally in the s-wave and spin quintet pairing channel of spin-3/2 fermions. The topological structure of this pairing condensate is characterized by the second Chern number. This topological structure ... More
AccUDNN: A GPU Memory Efficient Accelerator for Training Ultra-deep Neural NetworksJan 21 2019Jun 20 2019Typically, Ultra-deep neural network(UDNN) tends to yield high-quality model, but its training process is usually resource intensive and time-consuming. Modern GPU's scarce DRAM capacity is the primary bottleneck that hinders the trainability and the ... More
Co-teaching: Robust Training of Deep Neural Networks with Extremely Noisy LabelsApr 18 2018Oct 30 2018Deep learning with noisy labels is practically challenging, as the capacity of deep models is so high that they can totally memorize these noisy labels sooner or later during training. Nonetheless, recent studies on the memorization effects of deep neural ... More
A New Design of Binary MDS Array Codes with Asymptotically Weak-Optimal RepairFeb 22 2018Jun 21 2019Binary maximum distance separable (MDS) array codes are a special class of erasure codes for distributed storage that not only provide fault tolerance with minimum storage redundancy but also achieve low computational complexity. They are constructed ... More
Magnetism and superconductivity in Sr$_2$VFeAsO$_3$ revealed by $^{75}$As- and $^{51}$V-NMR under elevated pressuresMay 13 2014We report $^{75}$As- and $^{51}$V-nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements on the iron-based superconductor Sr$_2$VFeAsO$_3$ with alternating stacks structure. We find that the $^{75}$As nuclear spin-spin relaxation rate ($1/T_2$) shows a pronounced ... More
Synthesis, structural and transport properties of the hole-doped Superconductor Pr_{1-x}Sr_xFeAsOOct 06 2008Jan 13 2009Superconductivity was achieved in PrFeAsO by partially substituting Pr^{3+} with Sr^{2+}. The electrical transport properties and structure of this new superconductor Pr_{1-x}Sr_xFeAsO at different doping levels (x = 0.05$\sim$ 0.25) were investigated ... More
Contributions to the cross shock electric field at supercritical perpendicular shocks: Impact of the pickup ionsMay 20 2012A particle-in-cell code is used to examine contributions of the pickup ions (PIs) and the solar wind ions (SWs) to the cross shock electric field at the supercritical, perpendicular shocks. The code treats the pickup ions self-consistently as a third ... More
Optimization of light fields in ghost imaging using dictionary learningJun 07 2019Ghost imaging (GI) is a novel imaging technique based on the second-order correlation of light fields. Due to limited number of samplings in practice, traditional GI methods often reconstructs objects with unsatisfactory quality. Although some reconstruction ... More
Nationality Classification Using Name EmbeddingsAug 25 2017Nationality identification unlocks important demographic information, with many applications in biomedical and sociological research. Existing name-based nationality classifiers use name substrings as features and are trained on small, unrepresentative ... More
Adversarial Examples for ElectrocardiogramsMay 13 2019Jun 04 2019In recent years, the electrocardiogram (ECG) has seen a large diffusion in both medical and commercial applications, fueled by the rise of single-lead versions. Single-lead ECG can be embedded in medical devices and wearable products such as the injectable ... More
In-situ detecting cooperative-target's speed and rotation inertia using structured lightApr 15 2019Laser remote sensing represents a powerful tool that enables the accurate measurement of the speed of moving targets. Crucially, most sensing techniques are 2-Dimensional and only enable direct determination of the speed along the line of sight. A disadvantage ... More
d+id'-wave Superconducting States in GrapheneOct 22 2007We show that effective superconducting orders generally emerge at low energy in the superconducting state of graphene with conventionally defined pairing symmetry . We study such a particular interesting example, the $d_{x^2-y^2}+id'_{xy}$ spin singlet ... More
Vortex configurations of bosons in an optical latticeNov 21 2002Feb 11 2004The single vortex problem in a strongly correlated bosonic system is investigated self-consistently within the mean-field theory of the Bose-Hubbard model. Near the superfluid-Mott transition, the vortex core has a tendency toward the Mott-insulating ... More
Tungsten disulfide-gold nanohole hybrid metasurfaces for nonlinear metalens in the visible regionOct 14 2017Recently, nonlinear hybrid metasurface comes into an attractive new concept in the research of nanophotonics and nanotechnology. It is composed of semiconductors with an intrinsically large nonlinear susceptibility and traditional plasmonic metasurfaces, ... More
Phonon Localization in PbTe with Dislocations and Deviation to Matthiessen's Scattering RuleJan 29 2019Dislocations can greatly enhance the figure of merit of thermoelectric materials by prominently reducing the thermal conductivity. However, the evolution of phonon modes with different energies when they propagate through a single dislocation is not known. ... More
Influence of Morphology on Blinking Mechanisms and Excitonic Fine Structure of Single Colloidal NanoplateletsMar 08 2018Mar 21 2018Colloidal semiconductor nanoplatelets (NPLs) with electronic structure as quantum wells have recently emerged as exciting materials for optoelectronic applications. Here we investigate how morphology affects important photoluminescence (PL) properties ... More
Heterogeneous Face Attribute Estimation: A Deep Multi-Task Learning ApproachJun 03 2017Sep 28 2017Face attribute estimation has many potential applications in video surveillance, face retrieval, and social media. While a number of methods have been proposed for face attribute estimation, most of them did not explicitly consider the attribute correlation ... More
A New Design of Binary MDS Array Codes with Asymptotically Weak-Optimal RepairFeb 22 2018Feb 27 2018Binary maximum distance separable (MDS) array codes are a special class of erasure codes for distributed storage that not only provide fault tolerance with minimum storage redundancy but also achieve low computational complexity. They are constructed ... More
Highly-sensitive detection of the lattice distortion in single bent ZnO nanowires by second-harmonic generation microscopyDec 07 2015Nanogenerators based on ZnO nanowires (NWs) realize the energy conversion at nanoscale, which are ascribed to the piezoelectric property caused by the lattice distortion of the ZnO NWs. The lattice distortion can significantly tune the electronic and ... More
Structural and transport properties of Sr2VO{3-delta}FeAs superconductors with different oxygen deficienciesOct 08 2009Oct 09 2009Sr2VO{3-delta}FeAs superconductors with different oxygen deficiencies have been successfully fabricated. It is found that the superconducting transition temperature drops down monotonically with the increase of oxygen deficiency. The diminishing of superconductivity ... More
Transition of stoichiometricSr2VO3FeAs to a superconducting state at 37.2 KApr 10 2009Aug 11 2009The superconductor Sr4V2O6Fe2As2 with transition temperature at 37.2 K has been fabricated. It has a layered structure with the space group of p4/nmm, and with the lattice constants a = 3.9296Aand c = 15.6732A. The observed large diamagnetization signal ... More
(Sr_3Sc_2O_5)Fe_2As_2 as a possible parent compound for FeAs-based superconductorsNov 13 2008Dec 17 2008A new compound with the FeAs-layers, namely (Sr_3Sc_2O_5)Fe_2As_2 (abbreviated as FeAs-32522), was successfully fabricated. It has a layered structure with the space group of I4/mmm, and with the lattice constants a = 4.069 $\AA$ and c = 26.876 $\AA$. ... More
Superconductivity in Fluorine-Arsenide Sr_{1-x}La_xFeAsFOct 14 2008Nov 06 2008Since the discovery of superconductivity\cite{1} at 26 K in oxy-pnictide $LaFeAsO_{1-x}F_x$, enormous interests have been stimulated in the fields of condensed matter physics and material sciences. Among the five different structures in this broad type ... More
Superconductivity at 15.6 K in Calcium-doped Tb_{1-x}Ca_xFeAsO: the structure requirement for achieving superconductivity in the hole-doped 1111 phaseSep 30 2009Superconductivity at about 15.6 K was achieved in Tb_{1-x}Ca_xFeAsO by partially substituting Tb^{3+} with Ca^{2+} in the nominal doping region x = 0.40 \sim 0.50. A detailed investigation was carried out in a typical sample with doping level of x = 0.44. ... More
Tailoring the Superconductivity and Antiferromagnetic Order in SrFe2-xRhxAs2Mar 05 2009Mar 06 2009By doping Rh to the Fe sites in SrFe2As2, superconductivity is induced when the antiferromagnetic (AF) order is suppressed. The maximum superconducting transition temperature was found at about 22 K with the doping level of x = 0.25. It is found that ... More
SrFeAsF as a parent compound for iron pnictide superconductorsOct 14 2008Oct 30 2008We have successfully synthesized the fluo-arsenide SrFeAsF, a new parent phase with the ZrCuAsSi structure. The temperature dependence of resistivity and dc magnetization both reveal an anomaly at about T_{an} = 173 K, which may correspond to the structural ... More
Semi-metals as potential thermoelectric materials: case of HgTeJan 12 2018The best thermoelectric materials are believed to be heavily doped semiconductors. The presence of a bandgap is assumed to be essential to achieve large thermoelectric power factor and figure of merit. In this work, we study HgTe as an example semimetal ... More
Wideband trapping of light by edge states in honeycomb photonic crystalsDec 24 2012We study theoretically light propagations at the zigzag edge of a honeycomb photonic crystal consisting of dielectric rods in air, analogous to graphene. Within the photonic band gap of the honeycomb photonic crystal, a unimodal edge state may exist with ... More
Optimization of light fields in ghost imaging using dictionary learningJun 07 2019Jul 11 2019Ghost imaging (GI) is a novel imaging technique based on the second-order correlation of light fields. Due to limited number of samplings in practice, traditional GI methods often reconstruct objects with unsatisfactory quality. To improve the imaging ... More
Deep Learning-Enhanced Variational Monte Carlo Method for Quantum Many-Body PhysicsMay 26 2019Artificial neural networks have been successfully incorporated into variational Monte Carlo method (VMC) to study quantum many-body systems. However, there have been few systematic studies of exploring quantum many-body physics using deep neural networks ... More
Superconductivity induced by doping Platinum in BaFe2As2Jan 27 2010Apr 01 2010By substituting Fe with the 5d-transition metal Pt in BaFe2As2, we have successfully synthesized the superconductors BaFe2-xPtxAs2. The systematic evolution of the lattice constants indicates that the Fe ions were successfully replaced by Pt ions. By ... More