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Multi-pion Bose-Einstein Correlation effects on three-pion interferometryApr 21 1998Multi-pion correlations effect on three-pion interferometry is studied. It is shown that multi-pion correlations decrease both the apparent radius of the source and the coherent source parameter derived from three-pion interferometry. The data of OPAL ... More
Phi-measure of pions in high energy heavy-ion collisionsMar 06 2000Aug 23 2001Event-by-Event fluctuations for high energy heavy-ion collisions are investigated. The $\Phi$-measures are calculated for pions. It is found that multiparticle symmetrization correlation has great influence on the value of $\Phi$ if the phase space density ... More
Multipion symmetrization effects on the source distributionJul 06 1998Jul 09 1998Any-order pion interferometry formulas for fixed pion multiplicity events and for mixed events are given. Multipion Bose-Einstein correlation effects on the two-pion interferometry and source distribution are studied. It is shown that generalized pion ... More
Effects of multi-pion correlations on the source distribution in ultra-relativustic heavy-ion collisionsJan 20 1998Multi-pion correlation effect on the source distribution is studied. It is shown that multi-pion Bose-Einstein correlation make the average radius of the pion source become smaller. The isospin effect on the pion multiplicity distribution and the source ... More
new type of pion interferometry formulaMay 29 1998Nov 09 1998New type of pion interferometry formulas is derived, in which not only the correlator but also the pion multiplicity is taken consideration. The method to get information about initial emission probability of the unsymmetrized Bosons is given.
Multi-pion correlations in high energy collisionsApr 24 1998May 31 1998Any-order pion inclusive distribution for a chaotic source in high energy collisions are given which can be used in both theory and experiment to analyze any-order pion interferometry. Multi-pion correlations effects on two-pion and three-pion interferometry ... More
Phase diagrams for quantum Brownian motion models on two-dimensional Bravais latticesAug 20 2017Nov 28 2017We study quantum Brownian motion (QBM) models for a particle in a dissipative environment coupled to a periodic potential. We review QBM for a particle in a one-dimensional periodic potential and extend the study to that for a particle in two-dimensional ... More
Feature selection for high dimensional data in astronomySep 03 2007With an exponentially increasing amount of astronomical data, the complexity and dimension of astronomical data are likewise growing rapidly. Extracting information from such data becomes a critical and challenging problem. For example, some algorithms ... More
Constraints on the size of the quark gluon plasmaJun 21 2001Jun 29 2001We use simple entropy arguments to estimate the possible size of the QGP at the AGS and the SPS. We find that the possibility to form a large volume of QGP at the AGS or the SPS is very small. The size of the QGP at RHIC and the LHC is also predicted. ... More
Multi-pion Bose-Einstein correlations in high energy heavy-ion collisionsApr 27 1998Multi-pion correlations and wavepacket size effects on the pion multiplicity distribution, pion momentum distribution and two-pion interferometry are studied. It is shown that multi-pion Bose-Einstein correlations and the wavepacket size cause an abundance ... More
Effectiveness of Scaled Exponentially-Regularized Linear Units (SERLUs)Jul 26 2018Jul 27 2018Recently, self-normalizing neural networks (SNNs) have been proposed with the intention to avoid batch or weight normalization. The key step in SNNs is to properly scale the exponential linear unit (referred to as SELU) to inherently incorporate normalization ... More
ADAIS: Automatic Derivation of Anisotropic Ideal Strength via high-throughput first-principles computationsOct 28 2018Anisotropic ideal strength is a fundamental and important plasticity parameter in scaling the intrinsic strength of strong crystalline materials, and is a potential descriptor in searching and designing novel hard/superhard materials. However, to the ... More
Four-quark Bound States in Chiral SU(3) Quark ModelNov 07 2007The possibility of $QQ\bar{q}\bar{q}$ heavy-light four-quark bound states has been analyzed by means of the chiral SU(3) quark model, where $Q$ is the heavy quark ($c$ or $b$) and $q$ is the light quark ($u$, $d$ or $s$). We obtain a bound state for the ... More
$Qq\bar Q\bar q'$ States in Chiral SU(3) Quark ModelMay 17 2007Aug 01 2007In this work, we study the masses of $Qq\bar Q\bar q'$ states with J^{PC}=0^{++}, 1^{++}, 1^{+-} and 2^{++} in the chiral SU(3) quark model, where Q is the heavy quark (c or b) and q (q') is the light quark (u, d or s). According to our numerical results, ... More
Topological-Like Features in Diagrammatical Quantum CircuitsMar 21 2007Apr 17 2007In this paper, we revisit topological-like features in the extended Temperley--Lieb diagrammatical representation for quantum circuits including the teleportation, dense coding and entanglement swapping. We perform these quantum circuits and derive characteristic ... More
Local Lattice Instability and Superconductivity in La$_{1.85}$Sr$_{0.15}$Cu$_{1-x}$M$_x$O$_4$ (M=Mn, Ni, and Co)Jan 26 2009Feb 23 2009Local lattice structures of La$_{1.85}$Sr$_{0.15}$Cu$_{1-x}$M$_x$O$_4$ (M=Mn, Ni, and Co) single crystals are investigated by polarized extended x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS). The local lattice instability at low temperature is described by ... More
Discrete ABP Estimate and Convergence Rates for Linear Elliptic Equations in Non-divergence FormNov 21 2014We design a two-scale finite element method (FEM) for linear elliptic PDEs in non-divergence form $A(x) : D^2 u(x) = f(x)$. The fine scale is given by the meshsize $h$ whereas the coarse scale $\epsilon$ is dictated by an integro-differential approximation ... More
Anomalous Global Strings and Primordial Magnetic FieldsAug 12 1998Aug 29 1998We propose a new mechanism for the generation of primordial magnetic fields, making use of the magnetic fields which are induced by anomalous global strings which couple to electromagnetism via Wess-Zumino type interactions. This mechanism can be realized ... More
Pointwise rates of convergence for the Oliker-Prussner method for the Monge-Ampère equationNov 09 2016We study the Oliker-Prussner method exploiting its geometric nature. We derive discrete stability and continuous dependence estimates in the max-norm by using a discrete Alexandroff estimate and the Brunn-Minkowski inequality. We show that the method ... More
Pointwise rates of convergence for the Oliker-Prussner method for the Monge-Ampère equationNov 09 2016Sep 24 2018We study the Oliker-Prussner method exploiting its geometric nature. We derive discrete stability and continuous dependence estimates in the max-norm by using a discrete Alexandroff estimate and the Brunn-Minkowski inequality. We show that the method ... More
Comment on "Potential Energy Landscape for Hot Electrons in Periodically Nanostructured Graphene"Aug 10 2010In a recent letter [Phys. Rev. Lett. 105 (2010) 036804] the unoccupied electronic states of single layers of graphene on ruthenium are investigated. Here we comment on the interpretation, which deviates in four points from [J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 ... More
Conformal invariance in the three dimensional (3D) Ising model and quaternionic geometric phase in quaternionic Hilbert spaceOct 23 2011Dec 05 2012Based on the quaternionic approach developed by one of us [Z.D. Zhang, Phil. Mag. 87 (2007) 5309.] for the three-dimensional (3D) Ising model, we study in this work conformal invariance in three dimensions. We develop a procedure for treating the 3D conformal ... More
Recent $α$ decay half-lives and analytic expression predictions including superheavy nucleiApr 10 2008New recent experimental $\alpha$ decay half-lives have been compared with the results obtained from previously proposed formulas depending only on the mass and charge numbers of the $\alpha$ emitter and the Q$\alpha$ value. For the heaviest nuclei they ... More
A natural framework for sparse hierarchical clusteringSep 02 2014There has been a surge in the number of large and flat data sets - data sets containing a large number of features and a relatively small number of observations - due to the growing ability to collect and store information in medical research and other ... More
Calculation of 1/m^{2}_{b} corrections to <Λ_{b}(v,s)|\bar{b}γ^λγ_{5}b|Λ_{b}(v,s)> for polarized Λ_{b} in the Bethe-Salpeter equation approachMay 06 2013The heavy baryon \Lambda_{Q} (Q=b or c) can be regarded as composed of a heavy quark and a scalar light diquark which has good spin and isospin quantum numbers. In this picture we establish the Bethe-Salpeter (BS) equation for \Lambda_{Q} to second order ... More
Local Entropy Theory of a Random Dynamical SystemJun 01 2011Jun 20 2013In this paper we extend the notion of a continuous bundle random dynamical system to the setting where the action of $\R$ or $\N$ is replaced by the action of an infinite countable discrete amenable group. Given such a system, and a monotone sub-additive ... More
The Modification of the Nonlinear Guiding Center TheoryJan 09 2014Mar 20 2014We modify the NonLinear Guiding Center (NLGC) theory (Matthaeus et al. 2003) for perpendicular diffusion by replacing the spectral amplitude of the two-component model magnetic turbulence with the 2D component one (following Shalchi 2006), and replacing ... More
What can we learn from three-pion interferometry ?Jan 14 1997Apr 17 1997We address the question which additional information on the source shape and dynamics can be extracted from three-particle Bose-Einstein correlations. For chaotic sources the true three-particle correlation term is shown to be sensitive to the momentum ... More
Analytic spectrum of relic gravitational waves modified by neutrino free streaming and dark energyMar 23 2007We include the effect of neutrino free streaming into the spectrum of relic gravitational waves (RGWs) in the currently accelerating universe. For the realistic case of a varying fractional neutrino energy density and a non-vanishing derivative of mode ... More
Interlayer Thermal Conductivity of Rubrene Measured by ac-CalorimetryApr 26 2013Jul 08 2013We have measured the interlayer thermal conductivity of crystals of the organic semiconductor rubrene, using ac-calorimetry. Since ac-calorimetry is most commonly used for measurements of the heat capacity, we include a discussion of its extension for ... More
Quasi-1D scattering with general transverse 2D confinementApr 30 2013Jul 08 2013Confinement induced resonances (CIR) in quasi-1D systems have been theoretically predicted and observed in various ultracold atomic gases. Here a regularized local frame transformation method is developed to treat CIR in a quasi-1D system that has an ... More
Direct CP violation in $\bar{B}^0 \to ρ^0(ω)ρ^0(ω) \to π^+π^-π^+π^-$Apr 24 2007We study the direct CP violation in $\bar{B}^0 \to \rho^0(\omega)\rho^0(\omega) \to \pi^+\pi^-\pi^+\pi^-$ (with unpolarized $\rho^0(\omega)$) via the $\rho-\omega$ mixing mechanism which causes a large strong phase difference and consequently a large ... More
Distinguishing Spontaneous Quantum Hall States in Graphene BilayersJul 24 2011Chirally stacked N-layer graphene with N>=2 is susceptible to a variety of distinct broken symmetry states in which each spin-valley flavor spontaneously transfers charge between layers. In mean-field theory the neutral bilayer ground state is a layer ... More
$α$ particle preformation in heavy nuclei and penetration probabilityMay 29 2008The $\alpha$ particle preformation in the even-even nuclei from $^{108}$Te to $^{294}$118 and the penetration probability have been studied. The isotopes from Pb to U have been firstly investigated since the experimental data allow us to extract the microscopic ... More
Response to arXiv:1209.0731 'Erroneous solution of three-dimensional (3D) simple orthorhombic Ising lattices' by PerkSep 12 2012Jan 10 2013This paper is a Response to Professor J.H.H. Perk's recent Comment (arXiv:1209.0731v1). We point out that the singularities of the reduced free energy {\beta}f, the free energy per site f and the free energy F of the 3D Ising model differ at {\beta} = ... More
Relativistic equation of state at subnuclear densities in the Thomas-Fermi approximationMay 15 2014We study the non-uniform nuclear matter using the self-consistent Thomas--Fermi approximation with a relativistic mean-field model. The non-uniform matter is assumed to be composed of a lattice of heavy nuclei surrounded by dripped nucleons. At each temperature ... More
Theoretical and experimental αdecay half-lives of the heaviest odd-Z elements and general predictionsOct 08 2007Theoretical decay half-lives of the heaviest odd-Z nuclei are calculated using the experimental Q value. The barriers in the quasimolecular shape path are determined within a Generalized Liquid Drop Model (GLDM) and the WKB approximation is used. The ... More
On Minimax Robust Detection of Stationary Gaussian Signals in White Gaussian NoiseApr 30 2010The problem of detecting a wide-sense stationary Gaussian signal process embedded in white Gaussian noise, where the power spectral density of the signal process exhibits uncertainty, is investigated. The performance of minimax robust detection is characterized ... More
Electron-Ion Interaction Effects in Attosecond Time-Resolved Photoelectron SpectraSep 20 2010Photoionization by attosecond (as) extreme ultraviolet (xuv) pulses into the laser-dressed continuum of the ionized atom is commonly described in strong-field approximation (SFA), neglecting the Coulomb interaction between the emitted photoelectron (PE) ... More
Tunable lattice Induced Opacity in atom-lattice interactionDec 23 2013A lattice-induced opacity is identified in the scattering process of a normally-incident matter wave from a two dimensional lattice of atoms. This system can be treated as an analogue of a confinement induced resonance. Specifically by modifying the s-wave ... More
Complete controllability of finite quantum systems with two-fold energy level degeneracyDec 09 2009Apr 05 2010Complete controllability of finite dimensional quantum systems with energy level degeneracy is investigated using two different approaches. One approach is to apply a weak constant field to eliminate the degeneracy and then control it using techniques ... More
Noise Models in the Nonlinear Spectral Domain for Optical Fibre CommunicationsFeb 21 2017Existing works on building a soliton transmission system only encode information using the imaginary part of the eigenvalue, which fails to make full use of the signal degree-of-freedoms. Motivated by this observation, we make the first step of encoding ... More
Effect of non-stationary accretion on spectral state transitions: An example of a persistent neutron star LMXB 4U 1636-536Dec 31 2017Observations of the black hole and neutron star X-ray binaries show that the luminosity of the hard-to-soft state transition is usually higher than that of the soft-to-hard state transition, indicating additional parameters other than the mass accretion ... More
Anchoring Magnetic Fields in Turbulent Molecular Clouds II - from 0.1 to 0.01 parsecJan 13 2019We (Li et al. 2009; Paper-I) compared the magnetic field directions inferred from polarimetry data obtained from 100-pc scale inter-cloud media (ICM) and from sub-pc scale molecular cloud cores. The highly correlated result led us to conclude that cloud ... More
PNADIS: An automated Peierls-Nabarro Analyzer for DISlocation core structure and slip resistanceDec 17 2018Dislocation is one of the most critical and fundamental crystal defects that dominate the mechanical behavior of crystalline solids, however, a quantitative determination of its character and property in experiments is quite challenging and limited so ... More
The effects of UV photometry and binary interactions on photometric redshift and galaxy morphologyJun 23 2010Using the Hyperz code and a template spectral library which consists of 4 observed galaxy spectra from Coleman, Wu & Weedman (CWW, 1980) and 8 spectral families built with evolutionary population synthesis models, we present photometric redshift estimates ... More
The physical properties of \textit{Fermi} TeV BL Lac objects jetsSep 19 2016We investigate the physical properties of \textit{Fermi} TeV BL Lac objects jets by modeling the quasi-simultaneous spectral energy distribution of 29 \textit{Fermi} TeV BL Lacs in the frame of a one-zone leptonic synchrotron self-Compton model. Our main ... More
A new variable in flow analysisJun 20 2006We have used a simple spectrum distribution which was derived from a hydrodynamical equation\cite{Csorgo} to fit the data of the STAR group. It is found that it can fit the $v_2$ of STAR group very well. We have found that $v_2$ is sensitive to both the ... More
Terahertz generation in dual-color laser: continuum electron in strong-field single-atom ionizationMay 30 2018The terahertz (THz) generation in a dual-color field was investigated experimentally by precisely controlling the relative time delay $\tau$ and polarization $\theta$ of dual-color lasers, where the accompanying third-harmonic generation (THG) is employed ... More
New Galvanomagnetic Effects of Polycrystalline Magnetic FilmsOct 05 2015Within the linear response of polycrystalline magnetic films to electric currents, a general analysis predicts three new galvanomagnetic effects originated from the two-dimensional nature of the films. These new galvanomagnetic effects, which differ from ... More
One shot schemes for decentralized quickest change detectionAug 03 2008This work considers the problem of quickest detection with N distributed sensors that receive continuous sequential observations from the environment. These sensors employ cumulative sum (CUSUM) strategies and communicate to a central fusion center by ... More
Sparkle Vision: Seeing the World through Random Specular MicrofacetsDec 26 2014In this paper, we study the problem of reproducing the world lighting from a single image of an object covered with random specular microfacets on the surface. We show that such reflectors can be interpreted as a randomized mapping from the lighting to ... More
Hot Spots and Turbulent Initial Conditions of Quark-Gluon Plasmas in Nuclear CollisionsSep 11 1996As a result of multiple mini-jet production, initial conditions of the QCD plasma formed in ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions may be inhomogeneous, with large fluctuations of the local energy density (hot spots), and turbulent, with a chaotic initial ... More
A second order estimate for general complex Hessian equationsAug 13 2015Aug 28 2015We derive a priori $C^2$ estimates for the $\chi$-plurisubharmonic solutions of general complex Hessian equations with right-hand side depending on gradients.
Supersolid of indirect excitons in electron-hole quantum Hall systemsNov 29 2007We investigate the ground state of a balanced electron-hole system in the quantum Hall regime using mean-field theory and obtain a rich phase diagram as a function of interlayer distance d and the filling factor within a layer. We identify an excitonic ... More
Long-Ranged Orientational Order in Dipolar FluidsNov 28 1994Recently Groh and Dietrich claimed the thermodynamic state of a dipolar fluid depends on the shape of the fluid's container. For example, a homogeneous fluid in a short fat container would phase separate when transferred to a tall skinny container of ... More
SU(3) Quantum Hall Ferromagnetism in SnTeJul 12 2015The (111) surface of SnTe hosts one isotropic $\bar{\Gamma}$-centered and three degenerate anisotropic $\bar{M}$- centered Dirac surface states. We predict that a nematic phase with spontaneously broken $C_3$ symmetry will occur in the presence of an ... More
Phase-space density in heavy-ion collisions revisitedAug 29 2003We derive the phase space density of bosons from a general boson interferometry formula. We find that the phase space density is connected with the two-particles and the single particle density distribution functions. If the boson density is large, the ... More
Independent domains of disoriented chiral condensateJan 22 1997Apr 15 1997The probability distribution of a neutral pion fraction from independent domains of disoriented chiral condensate is characterized. The signal for the condensate is still clear for a large number of independent domains if one of them is predominant.
Anomaly flowsOct 09 2016The anomaly flow is a flow which implements the Green-Schwarz anomaly cancellation mechanism originating from superstring theory, while preserving the conformally balanced condition of Hermitian metrics. There are several versions of the flow, depending ... More
Robust regression estimation and inference in the presence of cellwise and casewise contaminationSep 08 2015Cellwise outliers are likely to occur together with casewise outliers in modern data sets with relatively large dimension. Recent work has shown that traditional robust regression methods may fail for data sets in this paradigm. The proposed method, called ... More
Minority GamesNov 10 2008Nov 18 2008We present a simple introduction to the basic Minority Game (MG) introduced by Challet and Zhang in 1997 and discuss some of its physical properties and subsequent developments. We also introduce some of its variants include the Evolutionay Minority Game ... More
Object Proposal Generation using Two-Stage Cascade SVMsJul 20 2014Object proposal algorithms have shown great promise as a first step for object recognition and detection. Good object proposal generation algorithms require high object recall rate as well as low computational cost, because generating object proposals ... More
Transport, Geometrical and Topological Properties of Stealthy Disordered Hyperuniform Two-Phase SystemsDec 05 2016Dec 29 2016Disordered hyperuniform many-particle systems have attracted considerable recent attention. One important class of such systems is the classical ground states of "stealthy potentials." The degree of order of such ground states depends on a tuning parameter. ... More
Classical many-particle systems with unique disordered ground statesSep 22 2017Oct 05 2017Classical ground states (global energy-minimizing configurations) of many-particle systems are typically unique crystalline structures, implying zero enumeration entropy of distinct patterns (aside from trivial symmetry operations). By contrast, the few ... More
Comment on "Chiral Suppression of Scalar-Glueball Decay"Nov 22 2005Nov 10 2006We give a comment on the paper ``Chiral Suppression of Scalar-Glueball Decay''. By taking account of the instanton effect, we show SU(3) chiral symmetry is well established.
Vertical oscillation of a coronal cavity triggered by an EUV waveMay 03 2018In this paper, we report our multiwavelength observations of the vertical oscillation of a coronal cavity on 2011 March 16. The elliptical cavity with an underlying horn-like quiescent prominence was observed by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) ... More
A swirling flare-related EUV jetDec 04 2013{We report our observations of a swirling flare-related EUV jet on 2011 October 15.} {We utilised the EUV observations from SDO/AIA. We extracted a wide slit along the jet axis and 12 thin slits across its axis to investigate the longitudinal motion and ... More
On Graphene in the Interstellar MediumOct 13 2017The possible detection of C_{24}, a planar graphene, recently reported in several planetary nebulae by Garciaa-Hernandez et al. (2011, 2012) inspires us to explore whether and how much graphene could exist in the interstellar medium (ISM) and how it would ... More
Integrals and Series Representations of $q$-Polynomials and Functions: Part II Schur Polynomials and the Rogers-Ramanujan IdentitiesMay 09 2016We give several expansion and identities involving the Ramanujan function $A_q$ and the Stieltjes--Wigert polynomials. Special values of our idenitities give $m$-versions of some of the items on the Slater list of Rogers-Ramanujan type identities. We ... More
Integral and Series Representations of $q$-Polynomials and Functions: Part IApr 27 2016May 09 2016By applying an integral representation for $q^{k^{2}}$ we systematically derive a large number of new Fourier and Mellin transform pairs and establish new integral representations for a variety of $q$-functions and polynomials that naturally arise from ... More
Robust regression estimation and inference in the presence of cellwise and casewise contaminationSep 08 2015Dec 26 2016Cellwise outliers are likely to occur together with casewise outliers in modern data sets with relatively large dimension. Recent work has shown that traditional robust regression methods may fail for data sets in this paradigm. The proposed method, called ... More
Single-photon quantum filtering with multiple measurementsJan 10 2018The single-photon quantum filtering problems have been investigated recently with applications in quantum computing. In practice, the detector responds with a quantum efficiency of less than unity since there exists some mode mismatch between the detector ... More
An Initial Attempt of Combining Visual Selective Attention with Deep Reinforcement LearningNov 11 2018Visual attention serves as a means of feature selection mechanism in the perceptual system. Motivated by Broadbent's leaky filter model of selective attention, we evaluate how such mechanism could be implemented and affect the learning process of deep ... More
Synthetic Spin-Orbit Coupling in Two-level Cold AtomsAug 15 2012Synthetic spin-orbit coupling (SOC) in controlled quantum systems such as cold atoms or trapped ions has been of great interest. Here we show, both theoretically and computationally, a simplest realization of SOC using two-level cold atoms interacting ... More
Control of Tripod-Scheme Cold-Atom Wavepackets by Manipulating a non-Abelian Vector PotentialJun 09 2009Apr 16 2010Tripod-scheme cold atoms interacting with laser beams have attracted considerable interest for their role in synthesizing effective non-Abelian vector potentials. Such effective vector potentials can be exploited to realize an all-optical imprinting of ... More
Converting Zitterbewegung Oscillation to Directed MotionMay 14 2011Zitterbewegung oscillation (ZB), namely, the jittering center-of-mass motion predicted by free space Dirac (or Dirac-like) equations, has been studied in several different contexts. It is shown here that ZB can be converted to directed center-of-mass ... More
Two-scale method for the Monge-Ampère Equation: Pointwise Error EstimatesJun 28 2017Apr 12 2018In this paper we continue the analysis of the two-scale method for the Monge-Amp\`ere equation for dimension $d \geq 2$ introduced in [10]. We prove continuous dependence of discrete solutions on data that in turn hinges on a discrete version of the Alexandroff ... More
Two-Scale Method for the Monge-Ampère Equation: Convergence to the Viscosity SolutionJun 19 2017Apr 12 2018We propose a two-scale finite element method for the Monge-Amp\`ere equation with Dirichlet boundary condition in dimension $d\ge2$ and prove that it converges to the viscosity solution uniformly. The method is inspired by a finite difference method of ... More
Dual formulation of second order target problemsMar 31 2010Feb 12 2013This paper provides a new formulation of second order stochastic target problems introduced in [SIAM J. Control Optim. 48 (2009) 2344-2365] by modifying the reference probability so as to allow for different scales. This new ingredient enables us to prove ... More
Transverse Shocks in the Turbulent Gluon Plasma Produced in Ultra-Relativistic A+AJun 21 1996Mini-jet production in ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions leads to initial conditions characterized by large fluctuations of the local energy density (hot spots) and of the collective flow field (turbulence). Assuming that local equilibrium is reached ... More
On estimates for the Fu-Yau generalization of a Strominger systemJul 29 2015We study an equation proposed by Fu and Yau as a natural $n$-dimensional generalization of a Strominger system that they solved in dimension $2$. It is a complex Hessian equation with right hand side depending on gradients. Building on the methods of ... More
Collective excitations in double-layer quantum Hall systemsFeb 17 1994We study the collective excitation spectra of double-layer quantum-Hall systems using the single mode approximation. The double-layer in-phase density excitations are similar to those of a single-layer system. For out-of-phase density excitations, however, ... More
Multi-boson effects and the normalization of the two-pion correlation functionMay 26 1998The two-pion correlation function can be defined as a ratio of either the measured momentum distributions or the normalized momentum space probabilities. We show that the first alternative avoids certain ambiguities since then the normalization of the ... More
Relaxation dynamics in an isolated long-range Ising chainNov 24 2015We consider a chain of trapped ions to interact with each other via long-range interactions. This system can be used to simulate the long-range Ising model. We study the dynamics of quantum coherence of a single spin in the chain, where the spins are ... More
The anomaly flow and the Fu-Yau equationOct 09 2016The anomaly flow is shown to converge when restricted to toric fibrations with the Fu-Yau ansatz, for both positive and negative values of the slope parameter $\alpha'$. This implies both results of Fu and Yau on the existence of solutions for Strominger ... More
Irradiation and mass transfer in low-mass compact binariesMay 24 2000We study the reaction of low-mass stars to anisotropic irradiation and its importance for the long-term evolution of compact binaries binaries. We show by means of a simple homology model that if the energy outflow through the surface layers of a low-mass ... More
A new class of gamma-ray bursts from stellar disruptions by intermediate mass black holesJun 16 2010It has been argued that the long gamma-ray burst (GRB) of GRB 060614 without an associated supernova (SN) has challenged the current classification and fuel model for long GRBs, and thus a tidal disruption model has been proposed to account for such an ... More
Q-boson interferometry and generalized Wigner functionNov 20 2002Oct 24 2003Bose-Einstein correlations of two identically charged $Q$-bosons are derived considering these particles to be confined in finite volumes. Boundary effects on single $Q$-boson spectrum are also studied. We illustrate the effects on the spectrum and on ... More
The Half-Integer Charged Particles of the Orbifold ModelsJan 08 2008In this paper, we consider half-integer charged particles predicted by models of orbifold compactification of the $E_8\times E_8$ heterotic string theory. We find that it is possible for half-integer charged particles to exist in our universe, and the ... More
Conjecture on the Avoidance of the Big CrunchJun 26 2005KKLT give a mechanism to generate de Sitter vacua in string theory. And recently, the scenario, {\em landscape}, is suggested to explain the problem of the cosmological constant. In this scenario, the cosmological constant is a de Sitter vacuum. The vacuum ... More
Non Gaussianity of General Multiple-Field Inflationary ModelsOct 25 2005Apr 13 2006Using the "$\delta N$-formalism", We obtain the expression of the non-Gaussianity of multiple-field inflationary models with the nontrivial field-space metric. Further, we rewritten the result by using the slow-rolling approximation.
Existence of strong-pairing quantum Hall phase in bilayer cold atom systems with dipolar interactionsJul 30 2014Oct 13 2014We study bilayer fermionic cold atom systems with dipolar interactions, as well as a two-component tunable pseudopotential (TCTP) model which keeps only the zeroth and first Haldane pseudopotentials, at total Landau level filling factor 1/2. Our numerical ... More
Interferometric observations of magnetic fields in forming starsMar 07 2019The magnetic field is a key ingredient in the recipe of star formation. Over the past two decades, millimeter and submillimeter interferometers have made major strides in unveiling the role of the magnetic field in star formation at progressively smaller ... More
$q$-Bessel Functions and Rogers-Ramanujan Type IdentitiesAug 09 2015We evaluate $q$-Bessel functions at an infinite sequence of points and introduce a generalization of the Ramanujan function and give an extension of the $m$-version of the Rogers-Ramanujan identities. We also prove several generating functions for Stieltjes-Wigert ... More
Lickorish Invariant And Quantum OSP(1|2)Nov 19 1996Lickorish's method for constructing topological invariants of 3 - manifolds is generalized to the quantum supergroup setting. An invariant is obtained by applying this method to the Kauffman polynomial arising from the vector representation of Uq(osp(1|2)). ... More
Geometry and Representations of the Quantum Supergroup OSPq(1|2n)Apr 23 1998The quantum supergroup OSPq(1|2n) is studied systematically. A Haar functional is constructed, and an algebraic version of the Peter - Weyl theory is extended to this quantum supergroup. Quantum homogeneous superspaces and quantum homogeneous supervector ... More
The pseudorapidity distributions of the produced charged particles in p-p collisions at center-of-mass energies from 23.6 to 900 GeVJan 05 2014In p-p collisions, there are two leading particles. One is in projectile fragmentation region. The other is in target fragmentation region. The investigations of present paper show that, just like in nucleus-nucleus collisions, the revised Landau hydrodynamic ... More
Classes of Bivariate Orthogonal PolynomialsFeb 24 2015Feb 24 2016We introduce a class of orthogonal polynomials in two variables which generalizes the disc polynomials and the 2-$D$ Hermite polynomials. We identify certain interesting members of this class including a one variable generalization of the 2-$D$ Hermite ... More
Equivariant Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials of thagomizer matroidsFeb 04 2019The equivariant Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomial of a matroid was introduced by Gedeon, Proudfoot, and Young. Gedeon conjectured an explicit formula for the equivariant Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials of thagomizer matroids with an action of symmetric groups. In ... More