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Reynolds number scaling of influence of boundary layers on the global behavior of laboratory quasi-Keplerian flowsDec 03 2014Dec 02 2015We present measurements of quasi-Keplerian flows in a Taylor-Couette device that identify the boundary conditions required to generate near-ideal flows that exhibit self-similarity under scaling of the Reynolds number. These experiments are contrasted ... More
Chromospheric evaporation in sympathetic coronal bright pointsJul 27 2013{Chromospheric evaporation is a key process in solar flares that has extensively been investigated using the spectroscopic observations. However, direct soft X-ray (SXR) imaging of the process is rare, especially in remote brightenings associated with ... More
Conformal Symmetry and Pion Form Factor: Soft and Hard ContributionsAug 14 2006Jul 12 2007We discuss a constraint of conformal symmetry in the analysis of the pion form factor. The usual power-law behavior of the form factor obtained in the perturbative QCD analysis can also be attained by taking negligible quark masses in the nonperturbative ... More
A Revisit of Block Power Methods for Finite State Markov Chain ApplicationsOct 27 2016In this paper, we revisit the generalized block power methods for approximating the eigenvector associated with $\lambda_1 = 1$ of a Markov chain transition matrix. Our analysis of the block power method shows that when $s$ linearly independent probability ... More
Blobs in recurring EUV jetsMay 20 2014In this paper, we report our discovery of blobs in the recurrent and homologous jets that occurred at the western edge of NOAA active region 11259 on 2011 July 22. The jets were observed in the seven extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) filters of the Atmospheric ... More
Vertical oscillation of a coronal cavity triggered by an EUV waveMay 03 2018In this paper, we report our multiwavelength observations of the vertical oscillation of a coronal cavity on 2011 March 16. The elliptical cavity with an underlying horn-like quiescent prominence was observed by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) ... More
A swirling flare-related EUV jetDec 04 2013{We report our observations of a swirling flare-related EUV jet on 2011 October 15.} {We utilised the EUV observations from SDO/AIA. We extracted a wide slit along the jet axis and 12 thin slits across its axis to investigate the longitudinal motion and ... More
Three Dimensional MHD Simulation of Circumbinary Accretion Disks -2. Net Accretion RateMar 18 2015Jul 08 2015When an accretion disk surrounds a binary rotating in the same sense, the binary exerts strong torques on the gas. Analytic work in the 1D approximation indicated that these torques sharply diminish or even eliminate accretion from the disk onto the binary. ... More
How bright are the gaps in circumbinary disk systems?Sep 22 2016When a circumbinary disk surrounds a binary whose secondary's mass is at least $\sim 10^{-2}\times$ the primary's mass, a nearly empty cavity with radius a few times the binary separation is carved out of the disk. Narrow streams of material pass from ... More
The Apsidal Antialignment of the HD 82943 SystemJan 17 2003Feb 27 2003We perform numerical simulations to explore the dynamical evolution of the HD 82943 planetary system. By simulating diverse planetary configurations, we find two mechanisms of stabilizing the system: the 2:1 mean motion resonance between the two planets ... More
The Stable Topology of the Planetary Systems of two 2:1 Resonant Companions:Application to HD 82943Jan 29 2005We have numerically explored the stable planetary geometry for the multiple systems involved in a 2:1 mean motion resonance, and herein we mainly study the HD 82943 system by employing two sets of the orbital parameters (Mayor et al. 2004; Ji et al. 2004). ... More
The Stability Analysis of the HD 82943 and HD 37124 Planetary SystemsAug 01 2002Sep 18 2002We carry out numerical simulations to explore the dynamical evolution of the HD 82943 and HD 37124 planetary systems,which both have two Jupiter-like planets. By simulating various planetary configurations in the neighborhood of the fitting orbits, we ... More
The Stable Planetary Geometry of the Exosystems in 2:1 Mean Motion ResonanceMar 16 2004(Abridged) We have numerically explored the stable planetary geometry for the multiple systems involved in a 2:1 mean motion resonance, and herein we mainly concentrate on the study of the HD 82943 system by employing two sets of the orbital parameters ... More
Intelligent Disaster Response via Social Media Analysis - A SurveySep 07 2017The success of a disaster relief and response process is largely dependent on timely and accurate information regarding the status of the disaster, the surrounding environment, and the affected people. This information is primarily provided by first responders ... More
What Is The Numerically Converged Amplitude of MHD Turbulence in Stratified Shearing Boxes?Sep 10 2009Dec 11 2009We study the properties of the turbulence driven by the magnetorotational instability (MRI) in a stratified shearing box with outflow boundary conditions and an equation of state determined by self-consistent dissipation and radiation losses. A series ... More
Dissociation of large transverse-momentum prompt J/psi produced in Pb-Pb collisions at the LHCSep 29 2016Jul 27 2017A collision of a light meson and a charmonium produces quarks and antiquarks first, then the charm quark fragments into a charmed hadron, and finally three or more mesons are produced. This is the mechanism that we consider and propose to understand the ... More
Could the 55 Cancri Planetary System Really Be in the 3:1 Mean Motion Resonance?Jan 31 2003Nov 04 2004We integrate the orbital solutions of the planets orbiting 55 Cnc. In the simulations, we find that not only three resonant arguments $\theta_{1}=\lambda_{1}-3\lambda_{2}+2\tilde\omega_{1}$, $\theta_{2}=\lambda_{1}-3\lambda_{2}+2\tilde\omega_{2}$ and ... More
Observations of multiple blobs in homologous solar coronal jets in closed loopsJan 18 2016Coronal bright points (CBPs) and jets are ubiquitous small-scale brightenings that are often associated with each other. In this paper, we report our multiwavelength observations of two groups of homologous jets. The first group was observed by the EUVI ... More
Momentum-space probability density of ${}^6$He in Halo Effective Field TheoryApr 15 2019We compute the momentum-space probability density of ${}^6$He at leading order in Halo EFT. In this framework, the ${}^6$He nucleus is treated as a three-body problem with a ${}^4$He core ($c$) and two valence neutrons ($n$). This requires the $nn$ and ... More
Comprehensive evidences of octupole vibration in $^{158}$GdFeb 02 1999Feb 03 1999Comprehensive evidences of the SU(3) limit in the spdf interacting boson model, a dynamical symmetry describing octupole vibration in rotational nucleus, are found in the spectrum, E2 and E1 transition rates, and relative intensities in $^{158}$Gd. This ... More
Pre-flare coronal dimmingsNov 25 2016In this paper, we focus on the pre-flare coronal dimmings. We report our multiwavelength observations of the GOES X1.6 solar flare and the accompanying halo CME produced by the eruption of a sigmoidal magnetic flux rope (MFR) in NOAA active region (AR) ... More
Three Dimensional MHD Simulation of Circumbinary Accretion Disks: Disk Structures and Angular Momentum TransportOct 21 2011Feb 07 2012We present the first three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulations of a circumbinary disk surrounding an equal mass binary. The binary maintains a fixed circular orbit of separation $a$. As in previous hydrodynamical simulations, strong torques ... More
Effect of electron-electron scattering on spin dephasing in a high-mobility low-density twodimensional electron gasApr 17 2008Utilizing time-resolved Kerr rotation techniques, we have investigated the spin dynamics of a high mobility, low density two dimensional electron gas in a GaAs/Al0:35Ga0:65As heterostructure in dependence on temperature from 1.5 K to 30 K. It is found ... More
Adsorption of PTCDA and C60 on KBr(001): electrostatic interaction versus electronic hybridizationMar 25 2013The adsorption of functional molecules on insulator surfaces is of great importance to molecular electronics. We present a systematical investigation of geometric and electronic properties of PTCDA and C60 on KBr(001) using DFT and non-contact atomic ... More
Ultrafast absorptive and refractive nonlinearities in multi-walled carbon nanotube filmNov 11 2003By using femtosecond laser pulses at a wavelength range from 720 to 780 nm, we have observed absorptive and refractive nonlinearities in a film of multi-walled carbon nanotubes grown mainly along the direction perpendicular to the surface of quartz substrate. ... More
External magnetic field effects on a distorted kagome antiferromagnetJun 04 2008We report bulk magnetization, and elastic and inelastic neutron scattering measurements under an external magnetic field, $H$, on the weakly coupled distorted kagome system, Cu_{2}(OD)_3Cl. Our results show that the ordered state below 6.7 K is a canted ... More
Explosive Chromospheric Evaporation in a Circular-ribbon FlareMay 10 2016In this paper, we report our multiwavelength observations of the C4.2 circular-ribbon flare in active region (AR) 12434 on 2015 October 16. The short-lived flare was associated with positive magnetic polarities and a negative polarity inside, as revealed ... More
TTV-determined Masses for Warm Jupiters and their Close Planetary CompanionsJul 06 2018Although the formation and the properties of hot Jupiters (with orbital periods $P<10\,$d) have attracted a great deal of attention, the origins of warm Jupiters ($10<P<100\,$d) are less well-studied. Using a transit timing analysis, we present the orbital ... More
Pauli-Villars Regularization Elucidated in Bopp-Podolsky's Generalized ElectrodynamicsFeb 20 2019We discuss an inherent Pauli-Villars regularization in Bopp-Podolsky's generalized electrodynamics. Introducing gauge-fixing terms for Bopp-Podolsky's generalized electrodynamic action, we realize a unique feature for the corresponding photon propagator ... More
A Possible Evolutionary Connection between AGN and Starburst in LINERsSep 22 2000Our analysis on the two magnitude-limited samples of LINERs suggests a correlation between $L_{\FIR}/L_{\B}$ or f(25\micron)/f(60\micron), and Hubble-type index at $>$99.99% significance level. As $L_{\FIR}/L_{\B}$ and f(25\micron)/f(60\micron) are considered ... More
The FIR-Radio Correlation of Wolf-Rayet Galaxies and the Role of Star Formation in LINERsJan 26 2000We find that a preliminary classification of LINERs' energetics may be made in terms of the FIR-radio correlation of Wolf-Rayet galaxies. The AGN- or starburst-supported LINERs can be distinguished by their FIR-to-radio ratio, $Q\equiv L(1.4{\rm GHz})/$ ... More
Minimal model for genome evolution and growthJun 11 2002Textual analysis of typical microbial genomes reveals that they have the statistical characteristics of a DNA sequence of a much shorter length. This peculiar property supports an evolutionary model in which a genome evolves by random mutation but primarily ... More
Quantum Cosmology and Dark Energy Model of Born-Infeld Type Scalar FieldApr 05 2005Nov 08 2005In this paper, we consider a quantum model of gravitation interacting with a Born-Infeld(B-I) type scalar field $\phi$. The corresponding Wheeler-Dewitt equation can be solved analytically for both very large and small cosmological scale factor. In the ... More
Dynamic Sounding for Multi-User MIMO in Wireless LANsDec 04 2018Consumer electronic (CE) devices increasingly rely on wireless local area networks (WLANs). Next generation WLANs will continue to exploit multiple antenna systems to satisfy the growing need for WLAN system capacity. Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) ... More
Liquid metal flow controls at liquid metal experimentOct 31 2017Liquid metal flow behavior under magnetic field and electric current is investigated in experiment and numerical simulations. Several aspects of the resulted Lorentz force action are discussed and demonstrated. The enhanced flow mixing induced by the ... More
Local structure can identify and quantify influential global spreaders in large scale social networksSep 11 2015Jul 30 2018Measuring and optimizing the influence of nodes in big-data online social networks are important for many practical applications, such as the viral marketing and the adoption of new products. As the viral spreading on social network is a global process, ... More
Origin of the Superior Conductivity of Perovskite Ba(Sr)SnO3Sep 13 2012Dec 19 2012ASnO3 (A=Ba, Sr) are unique perovskite oxides in that they have superior electron conductivity despite their wide optical band gaps. Using first-principles band structure calculations, we show that the small electron effective masses, thus, good electron ... More
Reciprocatory magnetic reconnection in a coronal bright pointJun 20 2014Coronal bright points (CBPs) are small-scale and long-duration brightenings in the lower solar corona. They are often explained in terms of magnetic reconnection. We aim to study the sub-structures of a CBP and clarify the relationship among the brightenings ... More
Large-amplitude longitudinal oscillations in a solar filamentMay 13 2017In this paper, we report our multiwavelength observations of the large-amplitude longitudinal oscillations of a filament on 2015 May 3. Located next to active region 12335, the sigmoidal filament was observed by the ground-based H$\alpha$ telescopes from ... More
Parametric survey of longitudinal prominence oscillation simulationsApr 13 2013It is found that both microflare-sized impulsive heating at one leg of the loop and a suddenly imposed velocity perturbation can propel the prominence to oscillate along the magnetic dip. An extensive parameter survey results in a scaling law, showing ... More
Learning Recurrent Binary/Ternary WeightsSep 28 2018Jan 24 2019Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) have shown excellent performance in processing sequence data. However, they are both complex and memory intensive due to their recursive nature. These limitations make RNNs difficult to embed on mobile devices requiring ... More
Investigating the Conditions of the Formation of a Type II Radio Burst on 2014 January 8Sep 19 2016It is believed that type II radio bursts are generated by shock waves. In order to understand the generation conditions of type II radio bursts, in this paper, we analyze the physical parameters of a shock front. The type II radio burst we selected was ... More
Dissipation and decoherence induced by collective dephasing in coupled-qubit system with a common bathAug 31 2014The longitudinal coupling of a system to the bath usually induces the pure dephasing of the system. In this paper, we study the collective dephasing induced dissipation and decoherence in a coupled-qubit system with a common bath. It is shown that, compared ... More
Ground-state blockade of Rydberg atoms and application in entanglement generationMay 08 2017Dec 06 2017We propose a mechanism of ground-state blockade between two $N$-type Rydberg atoms in virtue of Rydberg-antiblockade effect and Raman transition. Inspired by the quantum Zeno effect, the strong Rydberg antiblockade interaction plays a role in frequently ... More
Large anomalous Hall effect in ferromagnetic insulator-topological insulator heterostructuresJul 05 2014Aug 25 2014We demonstrate the van der Waals epitaxy of the topological insulator compound Bi2Te3 on the ferromagnetic insulator Cr2Ge2Te6. The layers are oriented with (001) of Bi2Te3 parallel to (001) of Cr2Ge2Te6 and (110) of Bi2Te3 parallel to (100) of Cr2Ge2Te6. ... More
Enhancement of epsilon'/epsilon in the SU(2)_L times SU(2)_R times U(1) modelOct 11 2000Aug 07 2002We explore the possible enhancement of direct CP violating parameter epsilon'/epsilon in the general left-right model based on the SU(2)_L times SU(2)_R times U(1) gauge group. The mixing matrix of right-handed quarks, V_{CKM}^R is observable in the left-right ... More
An overpartition analogue of the Andrews-Göllnitz-Gordon theoremDec 15 2016Mar 16 2018In 1967, Andrews found a combinatorial generalization of the G\"ollnitz-Gordon theorem, which can be called the Andrews-G\"ollnitz-Gordon theorem. In 1980, Bressoud derived a multisum Rogers-Ramanujan-type identity, which can be considered as the generating ... More
HDIdx: High-Dimensional Indexing for Efficient Approximate Nearest Neighbor SearchOct 07 2015Fast Nearest Neighbor (NN) search is a fundamental challenge in large-scale data processing and analytics, particularly for analyzing multimedia contents which are often of high dimensionality. Instead of using exact NN search, extensive research efforts ... More
Ground state of spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates with spin-orbit coupling in a Zeeman fieldAug 13 2012We systematically investigate the weakly trapped spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates with spin-orbit coupling in an external Zeeman field. We find that the mean-field ground state favors either a magnetized standing wave phase or plane wave phase when the ... More
BL Lac Objects in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)Dec 19 2006We collected a sample of 661 confirmed and 361 possible BL Lac candidates from the recent catalog of BL Lac objects (Veron-Cetty & Veron 2006). We searched these sources in the recent data release DR5 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and found spectra ... More
Experimental Confirmation of the Standard Magnetorotational Instability Mechanism with a Spring-Mass AnalogueJan 10 2018Dec 12 2018The Magnetorotational Instability (MRI) has long been considered a plausibly ubiquitous mechanism to destabilize otherwise stable Keplerian flows to support radially outward transport of angular momentum. Such an efficient transport process would allow ... More
Multiwavelength observations of a partially eruptive filament on 2011 September 8Mar 10 2015In this paper, we report our multiwavelength observations of a partial filament eruption event in NOAA active region 11283 on 2011 September 8. A magnetic null point and the corresponding spine and separatrix surface are found in the active region. Beneath ... More
Distinguishing Numbers and GeneralizationsAug 03 2018The distinguishing number of a graph was introduced by Albertson and Collins as a measure of the amount of symmetry contained in the graph. Tymoczko extended this definition to faithful group actions on sets; taking the set to be the vertex set of a graph ... More
An Efficient Solution to Non-Minimal Case Essential Matrix EstimationMar 21 2019Finding relative pose between two calibrated views is a fundamental task in computer vision. Given the minimal number $5$ of required point correspondences, the classical five-point method can be used to calculate the essential matrix. For the non-minimal ... More
A Temperature Analysis of High-power AlGaN/GaN HEMTsSep 12 2007Galliumnitride has become a strategic superior material for space, defense and civil applications, primarily for power amplification at RF and mm-wave frequencies. For AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMT), an outstanding performance combined ... More
Role of electrical field in quantum Hall effect of grapheneJul 19 2012The ballistic motion of carriers of graphene in an orthogonal electromagnetic field is investigated to explain Hall conductance of graphene under experimental conditions. With the electrical field, all electronic eigen-states have the same expectation ... More
Damping Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation and Time-Dependent Schrodinger EquationFeb 05 2010Jun 06 2011The inexactness of the time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation of a charged particle in an external electromagnetic field is discussed in terms of the damping effect of the radiation. A possible improvement is to add a nonlinear term representing this effect ... More
Nonlinear Schrodinger equation containing the time derivative of the probability density: A numerical studyDec 29 2009May 11 2014The simplest nonlinear Schrodinger equation that contains the time derivative of the probability density is investigated. This equation has the same stationary solutions as its linear counterpart, and these solutions are the eigenstates of the corresponding ... More
Division Theorems for Exact SequencesFeb 19 2011Dec 01 2011Under certain integrability and geometric conditions, we prove division theorems for the exact sequences of holomorphic vector bundles and improve the results in the case of Koszul complex. By introducing a singular Hermitian structure on the trivial ... More
Sentence Correction Based on Large-scale Language ModellingSep 22 2017Nov 02 2017With the further development of informatization, more and more data is stored in the form of text. There are some loss of text during their generation and transmission. The paper aims to establish a language model based on the large-scale corpus to complete ... More
High Order Numerical Integrators for Relativistic Charged Particle TrackingFeb 15 2017In this paper, we extend several time reversible numerical integrators to solve the Lorentz force equations from second order accuracy to higher order accuracy for relativistic charged particle tracking in electromagnetic fields. A fourth order algorithm ... More
A symplectic particle-in-cell model for space-charge beam dynamics simulationJan 12 2018Space-charge effects play an important role in high intensity particle accelerators and were studied using a variety of macroparticle tracking models. In this paper, we propose a symplectic particle-in-cell (PIC) model and compare this model with a recently ... More
On the Correctness of Inverted Index Based Public-Key Searchable Encryption Scheme for Multi-time SearchAug 24 2016In this short note we argue that the state-of-art inverted index based public key searchable encryption scheme proposed by Wang et al may not be completely correct by giving a counterexample.
Well-rounded equivariant deformation retracts of Teichmüller spacesFeb 04 2013Jan 22 2014In this paper, we construct spines, i.e., $\Mod_g$-equivariant deformation retracts, of the Teichm\"uller space $\T_g$ of compact Riemann surfaces of genus $g$. Specifically, we define a $\Mod_g$-stable subspace $S$ of positive codimension and construct ... More
Electronic orbital angular momentum and magnetism of grapheneAug 10 2013May 23 2014Orbital angular momentum (OAM) of graphene electrons in a perpendicular magnetic field is calculated and corresponding magnetic moment is used to investigate the magnetism of perfect graphene. Variation in magnetization demonstrates its decrease with ... More
One-dimensional electronic solitons of graphene in an electromagnetic fieldApr 05 2013May 03 2013Electronic energy-eigen-states of graphene in an orthogonal electromagnetic field with relative magnitude beta=E/vf*B>=1 or in a pure electric field are obtained by a differential-equation method. Gaussian wave packets of probability density are constructed ... More
Differential Transfer Relations of Physical Flux Density Between Time Domains of the Flux Source and ObserverApr 08 2003Differential transfer relations of flux density, general physics quantities' and its corresponding energy's, between time domains of source and observer are derived from conservative rule of various physical quantities and time function between the two ... More
Ground state solutions of fractional Schrödinger equations with potentials and weak monotonicity condition on the nonlinear termJun 08 2017In this paper we are concerned with the fractional Schr\"{o}dinger equation $(-\Delta)^{\alpha} u+V(x)u =f(x, u)$, $x\in \rn$, where $f$ is superlinear, subcritical growth and $u\mapsto\frac{f(x, u)}{\vert u\vert}$ is nondecreasing. When $V$ and $f$ are ... More
Weakly coupled $s = 1/2$ quantum spin singlets in Ba$_{3}$Cr$_{2}$O$_{8}$Sep 29 2008Using single crystal inelastic neutron scattering with and without application of an external magnetic field and powder neutron diffraction, we have characterized magnetic interactions in Ba$_3$Cr$_2$O$_8$. Even without field, we found that there exist ... More
HG-Caffe: Mobile and Embedded Neural Network GPU (OpenCL) Inference Engine with FP16 SupportingJan 03 2019Breakthroughs in the fields of deep learning and mobile system-on-chips are radically changing the way we use our smartphones. However, deep neural networks inference is still a challenging task for edge AI devices due to the computational overhead on ... More
Compression of Quantum Multi-Prover Interactive ProofsOct 10 2016We present a protocol that transforms any quantum multi-prover interactive proof into a nonlocal game in which questions consist of logarithmic number of bits and answers of constant number of bits. As a corollary, this proves that the promise problem ... More
Modified Ringel-Hall algebras, naive lattice algebras and lattice algebrasAug 13 2018For a given hereditary abelian category satisfying some finiteness conditions, in certain twisted cases it is shown that the modified Ringel-Hall algebra is isomorphic to the naive lattice algebra and there exists an epimorphism from the modified Ringel-Hall ... More
Image Retrieval Method Using Top-surf DescriptorApr 04 2011This report presents the results and details of a content-based image retrieval project using the Top-surf descriptor. The experimental results are preliminary, however, it shows the capability of deducing objects from parts of the objects or from the ... More
Second-order Dirac equation of graphene electrons in an electromagnetic field and their novel spinMar 29 2013May 06 2013The second-order Dirac equation (DE) and its velocity operator of graphene electrons in an electromagnetic field are obtained according to tight-binding k.p method. With extra terms included, they demonstrate the motion of graphene electrons more completely ... More
Quotient Problem For Entire Functions with Moving TargetsFeb 21 2019As an analogue of the Hadamard quotient problem in number theory, the quotient problem (in the sense of complex entire functions) for two sequences $F(n)=a_0+a_1f_1^n+\cdots+a_lf_l^n$ and $ G(n)=b_0+b_1g_1^n+\cdots+b_mg_m^n$, has been solved, where the ... More
Dual method for continuous-time Markowitz's Problems with nonlinear wealth equationsJun 30 2008Continuous-time mean-variance portfolio selection model with nonlinear wealth equations and bankruptcy prohibition is investigated by the dual method. A necessary and sufficient condition which the optimal terminal wealth satisfies is obtained through ... More
Comment on "Laser refrigeration of hydrothermal nanocrystals in physiological media"Jan 06 2016The recent report on laser cooling of liquid may contradict the law of energy conservation.
Classical Verification of Quantum ProofsMay 27 2015We present a classical interactive protocol that verifies the validity of a quantum witness state for the local Hamiltonian problem. It follows from this protocol that approximating the non-local value of a multi-player one-round game to inverse polynomial ... More
Prime Graphs and Exponential Composition of SpeciesMay 01 2007Nov 10 2009In this paper, we enumerate prime graphs with respect to the Cartesian multiplication of graphs. We use the unique factorization of a connected graph into the product of prime graphs given by Sabidussi to find explicit formulas for labeled and unlabeled ... More
Complete invariant geodesic metrics on outer spaces and Jacobian varieties of tropical curvesNov 08 2012Let $\mathrm{Out}(F_n)$ be the outer automorphism group of the free group $F_n$. It acts properly on the outer space $X_n$ of marked metric graphs, which is a finite-dimensional infinite simplicial complex with some simplicial faces missing. In this paper, ... More
Structure Regularized Bidirectional Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Relation ClassificationNov 06 2017Relation classification is an important semantic processing task in the field of natural language processing (NLP). In this paper, we present a novel model, Structure Regularized Bidirectional Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network(SR-BRCNN), to classify ... More
Excitonic nonlinear absorption in CdS nanocrystals studied using Z-scan techniqueJul 28 2005Irradiance dependence of excitonic nonlinear absorption in Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) nanocrystals has been studied by using Z-scan method with nanosecond laser pulses. The wavelength dependence of nonlinear absorption has also been measured near the excitonic ... More
Observation of a Nematic Quantum Hall Liquid on the Surface of BismuthOct 24 2016Nematic quantum fluids with wavefunctions that break the underlying crystalline symmetry can form in interacting electronic systems. We examine the quantum Hall states that arise in high magnetic fields from anisotropic hole pockets on the Bi(111) surface. ... More
Glassy Spin Freezing and Gapless Spin Dynamics in a Spatially Anisotropic Triangular Antiferromagnet Ag2MnO2Jul 17 2009Using elastic and inelastic neutron scattering techniques, we show that upon cooling a spatially anisotropic triangular antiferromagnet Ag$_2$MnO$_2$ freezes below $T_f ~\sim 50$ K into short range collinear state. The static spin correlations are extremely ... More
Evidence for the intrinsic ferromagnetism of semiconductor (Ga,Cr)As revealed by magnetic circular dichroismNov 02 2007To clarify whether or not (Ga,Cr)As is an intrinsic diluted magnetic semiconductor, a systematic study of the magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) was carried out for a series of (Ga,Cr)As epilayers grown by the low-temperature molecular-beam epitaxy technique. ... More
Ultrafast and Large Third-order Nonlinear Optical Properties of CdS Nanocrystals in Polymeric FilmJul 28 2005We report the ultrafast and large third-order nonlinear optical properties of CdS nanocrystals (NCs) embedded in a polymeric film. The CdS NCs of 2-nm radius are synthesized by an ion exchange method and highly concentrated in the two layers near the ... More
Influences of Si sheet doping densities on the morphological, conductive and optical characteristics of InAs/GaAs quantum dotsJun 10 2011The influences of Si sheet doping levels on the properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dots (QDs) are investigated by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and photoluminescence (PL). AFM measurements reveal that Si sheet doping doesn't change the morphology of InAs ... More
Possible Origin of the Damocloids:the Scattered Disk or a New Region?Apr 24 2012The Damocloids are a group of unusual asteroids, recently enrolling a new member of 2010 EJ104. The dynamical evolution for the Damocloids may uncover a connection passage from the Main Belt, the Kuiper Belt and the scattered disk beyond. According to ... More
Design of magnetic materials: Co$_2$Cr$_{1-x}$Fe$_{x}$AlOct 08 2005Doped Heusler compounds Co$_2$Cr$_{1-x}$Fe$_{x}$Al with varying Cr to Fe ratio $x$ were investigated experimentally and theoretically. The electronic structure of the ordered, doped Heusler compound Co$_2$Cr$_{1-x}$Fe$_{x}$Al ($x=n/4, n=0,1,2,3,4)$ was ... More
Anisotropic Pauli spin-blockade effect and spin-orbit interaction field in an InAs nanowire double quantum dotMar 20 2018We report on experimental detection of the spin-orbit interaction field in an InAs nanowire double quantum dot device. In the spin blockade regime, leakage current through the double quantum dot is measured and is used to extract the effects of spin-orbit ... More
Motion of a Solitonic Vortex in the BEC-BCS CrossoverFeb 27 2014We observe a long-lived solitary wave in a superfluid Fermi gas of $^6$Li atoms after phase-imprinting. Tomographic imaging reveals the excitation to be a solitonic vortex, oriented transverse to the long axis of the cigar-shaped atom cloud. The precessional ... More
Heavy Solitons in a Fermionic SuperfluidFeb 19 2013Topological excitations are found throughout nature, in proteins and DNA, as dislocations in crystals, as vortices and solitons in superfluids and superconductors, and generally in the wake of symmetry-breaking phase transitions. In fermionic systems, ... More
Coulomb Interaction Effects on the Terahertz Photon-Assisted Tunneling through a InAs Quantum DotAug 14 2014Recently, the terahertz (THz) photon-assisted tunneling (PAT) through a two-level InAs quantum dot (QD) has been successfully realized in experiment [Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 109}, 077401 (2012)]. The Coulomb interaction in this device is comparable with ... More
Distributed Data-Processing Pipeline for Mingantu Ultrawide Spectral RadioheliographDec 20 2016The Chinese Spectral RadioHeliograph (CSRH) is a synthetic aperture radio interferometer built in Inner Mongolia, China. As a solar-dedicated interferometric array, CSRH is capable of producing high quality radio images at frequency range from 400 MHz ... More
High-Q terahertz metamaterial from superconducting niobium nitride filmsOct 05 2011We present in this letter terahertz (THz) metamaterials with low ohmic losses made from low-temperature superconductor niobium nitride (NbN) films. The resonance properties are characterized by THz time-domain spectroscopy. The unloaded quality factor ... More
Gaussian fluctuations for linear spectral statistics of deformed Wigner matricesDec 04 2017Apr 19 2019We consider large-dimensional Hermitian or symmetric random matrices of the form $W=M+\vartheta V$ where $M$ is a Wigner matrix and $V$ is a real diagonal matrix whose entries are independent of $M$. For a large class of diagonal matrices $V$, we prove ... More
Predicting the Configuration of Planetary System: KOI-152 Observed by KeplerMay 11 2012The recent Kepler discovery of KOI-152 reveals a system of three hot super-Earth candidates that are in or near a 4:2:1 mean motion resonance. It is unlikely that they formed in situ, the planets probably underwent orbital migration during the formation ... More
Planetesimal Accretion in Binary Systems: Role of the Companion's Orbital InclinationApr 06 2009Jun 09 2009Recent observations show that planet can reside in close binary systems with stellar separation of only about 20 AU. However, planet formation in such close binary systems is a challenge to current theory. One of the major theoretical problems occurs ... More
Planetesimal Accretion in Binary Systems: The Effects of Gas DissipationJun 25 2008Currently, one of major problems concerning planet formation theory in close binary systems is, the strong perturbation from the companion star can increase relative velocities ($\triangle V$) of planetesimals around the primary and thus hinder their ... More
On the periodicity of some Farhi arithmetical functionsMar 06 2009May 03 2009Let $k\in\mathbb{N}$. Let $f(x)\in \Bbb{Z}[x]$ be any polynomial such that $f(x)$ and $f(x+1)f(x+2)... f(x+k)$ are coprime in $\mathbb{Q}[x]$. We call $$g_{k,f}(n):=\frac{|f(n)f(n+1)... f(n+k)|}{\text{lcm}(f(n),f(n+1),...,f(n+k))}$$ a Farhi arithmetic ... More