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Resilience of Energy Infrastructure and Services: Modeling, Data Analytics and MetricsNov 21 2016Large scale power failures induced by severe weather have become frequent and damaging in recent years, causing millions of people to be without electricity service for days. Although the power industry has been battling weather-induced failures for years, ... More
Three Dimensional MHD Simulation of Circumbinary Accretion Disks -2. Net Accretion RateMar 18 2015Jul 08 2015When an accretion disk surrounds a binary rotating in the same sense, the binary exerts strong torques on the gas. Analytic work in the 1D approximation indicated that these torques sharply diminish or even eliminate accretion from the disk onto the binary. ... More
How bright are the gaps in circumbinary disk systems?Sep 22 2016When a circumbinary disk surrounds a binary whose secondary's mass is at least $\sim 10^{-2}\times$ the primary's mass, a nearly empty cavity with radius a few times the binary separation is carved out of the disk. Narrow streams of material pass from ... More
Conformal Symmetry and Pion Form Factor: Soft and Hard ContributionsAug 14 2006Jul 12 2007We discuss a constraint of conformal symmetry in the analysis of the pion form factor. The usual power-law behavior of the form factor obtained in the perturbative QCD analysis can also be attained by taking negligible quark masses in the nonperturbative ... More
Chromospheric evaporation in sympathetic coronal bright pointsJul 27 2013{Chromospheric evaporation is a key process in solar flares that has extensively been investigated using the spectroscopic observations. However, direct soft X-ray (SXR) imaging of the process is rare, especially in remote brightenings associated with ... More
A Revisit of Block Power Methods for Finite State Markov Chain ApplicationsOct 27 2016In this paper, we revisit the generalized block power methods for approximating the eigenvector associated with $\lambda_1 = 1$ of a Markov chain transition matrix. Our analysis of the block power method shows that when $s$ linearly independent probability ... More
Blobs in recurring EUV jetsMay 20 2014In this paper, we report our discovery of blobs in the recurrent and homologous jets that occurred at the western edge of NOAA active region 11259 on 2011 July 22. The jets were observed in the seven extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) filters of the Atmospheric ... More
The Stable Planetary Geometry of the Exosystems in 2:1 Mean Motion ResonanceMar 16 2004(Abridged) We have numerically explored the stable planetary geometry for the multiple systems involved in a 2:1 mean motion resonance, and herein we mainly concentrate on the study of the HD 82943 system by employing two sets of the orbital parameters ... More
The classical wormhole solution and wormhole wavefunction with a nonlinear Born-Infeld scalar fieldApr 03 2002On this paper we consider the classical wormhole solution of the Born-Infeld scalar field. The corresponding classical wormhole solution can be obtained analytically for both very small and large $\dot{\phi}$. At the extreme limits of small $\dot{\phi}$ ... More
What Is The Numerically Converged Amplitude of MHD Turbulence in Stratified Shearing Boxes?Sep 10 2009Dec 11 2009We study the properties of the turbulence driven by the magnetorotational instability (MRI) in a stratified shearing box with outflow boundary conditions and an equation of state determined by self-consistent dissipation and radiation losses. A series ... More
Intelligent Disaster Response via Social Media Analysis - A SurveySep 07 2017The success of a disaster relief and response process is largely dependent on timely and accurate information regarding the status of the disaster, the surrounding environment, and the affected people. This information is primarily provided by first responders ... More
Could the 47 UMa Planetary System be a Second Solar System: predicting the Earth-like planetsJun 16 2005Jun 26 2005(Abridged)We numerically investigated the dynamical architecture of 47 UMa with the planetary configuration of the best-fit orbital solutions by Fischer et al. We systematically studied the existence of Earth-like planets in the region 0.05 AU $\leq a ... More
Pre-flare coronal dimmingsNov 25 2016In this paper, we focus on the pre-flare coronal dimmings. We report our multiwavelength observations of the GOES X1.6 solar flare and the accompanying halo CME produced by the eruption of a sigmoidal magnetic flux rope (MFR) in NOAA active region (AR) ... More
Enhanced Star Formation in Seyfert 2 GalaxiesOct 07 1998In this paper, we report our preliminary results on enhanced star formation activity in Seyfert 2 galaxies. By re-analysing the Tully-Fisher relation for Whittle(1992)'s sample and for a Seyfert 2s' sample selecting from Veron-Cetty & Veron (1996), we ... More
The Secular Evolution and Dynamical Architecture of the Neptunian Triplet Planetary System HD 69830Oct 31 2006We perform numerical simulations to study the secular orbital evolution and dynamical structure in the HD 69830 system with the best-fit orbital solutions by Lovis and coworkers (2006). In the simulations, we show that the triplet Neptunian system can ... More
Habitable Zones for Earth-mass Planets in Multiple Planetary SystemsMar 13 2009We perform numerical simulations to study the Habitable zones (HZs) and dynamical structure for Earth-mass planets in multiple planetary systems. For example, in the HD 69830 system, we extensively explore the planetary configuration of three Neptune-mass ... More
The Dynamical Architecture and Habitable Zones of the Quintuplet Planetary System 55 CancriFeb 25 2009We perform numerical simulations to study the secular orbital evolution and dynamical structure in the quintuplet planetary system 55 Cancri with the self-consistent orbital solutions by Fischer and coworkers (2008). In the simulations, we show that this ... More
Partition Identities for Ramanujan's Third Order Mock Theta FunctionsJun 16 2010We find two involutions on partitions that lead to partition identities for Ramanujan's third order mock theta functions $\phi(-q)$ and $\psi(-q)$. We also give an involution for Fine's partition identity on the mock theta function f(q). The two classical ... More
Dissociation of large transverse-momentum prompt J/psi produced in Pb-Pb collisions at the LHCSep 29 2016Jul 27 2017A collision of a light meson and a charmonium produces quarks and antiquarks first, then the charm quark fragments into a charmed hadron, and finally three or more mesons are produced. This is the mechanism that we consider and propose to understand the ... More
Effect of electron-electron scattering on spin dephasing in a high-mobility low-density twodimensional electron gasApr 17 2008Utilizing time-resolved Kerr rotation techniques, we have investigated the spin dynamics of a high mobility, low density two dimensional electron gas in a GaAs/Al0:35Ga0:65As heterostructure in dependence on temperature from 1.5 K to 30 K. It is found ... More
The Librating Companions in HD 37124, HD 12661, HD 82943, 47 Uma and GJ 876: Alignment or Antialignment?May 23 2003Nov 05 2004We investigated the apsidal motion for the multi-planet systems. In the simulations, we found that the two planets of HD 37124, HD 12661, 47 Uma and HD 82943 separately undergo apsidal alignment or antialignment. But the companions of GJ 876 and $\upsilon$ ... More
Adobe-MIT submission to the DSTC 4 Spoken Language Understanding pilot taskMay 07 2016The Dialog State Tracking Challenge 4 (DSTC 4) proposes several pilot tasks. In this paper, we focus on the spoken language understanding pilot task, which consists of tagging a given utterance with speech acts and semantic slots. We compare different ... More
Ultrafast Optical Nonlinearity in PMMA-TiO2 NanocompositesJan 10 2003Feb 27 2003With 780-nm, 250-fs laser pulses, ultrafast optical nonlinearity has been observed in a series of thin films containing PMMA-TiO2 nanocomposites, which are synthesized by a simple technique of in-situ sol-gel/polymerization. The best figures of merit ... More
Adsorption of PTCDA and C60 on KBr(001): electrostatic interaction versus electronic hybridizationMar 25 2013The adsorption of functional molecules on insulator surfaces is of great importance to molecular electronics. We present a systematical investigation of geometric and electronic properties of PTCDA and C60 on KBr(001) using DFT and non-contact atomic ... More
Ultrafast absorptive and refractive nonlinearities in multi-walled carbon nanotube filmNov 11 2003By using femtosecond laser pulses at a wavelength range from 720 to 780 nm, we have observed absorptive and refractive nonlinearities in a film of multi-walled carbon nanotubes grown mainly along the direction perpendicular to the surface of quartz substrate. ... More
Dissipation and decoherence induced by collective dephasing in coupled-qubit system with a common bathAug 31 2014The longitudinal coupling of a system to the bath usually induces the pure dephasing of the system. In this paper, we study the collective dephasing induced dissipation and decoherence in a coupled-qubit system with a common bath. It is shown that, compared ... More
Ground-state blockade of Rydberg atoms and application in entanglement generationMay 08 2017Dec 06 2017We propose a mechanism of ground-state blockade between two $N$-type Rydberg atoms in virtue of Rydberg-antiblockade effect and Raman transition. Inspired by the quantum Zeno effect, the strong Rydberg antiblockade interaction plays a role in frequently ... More
External magnetic field effects on a distorted kagome antiferromagnetJun 04 2008We report bulk magnetization, and elastic and inelastic neutron scattering measurements under an external magnetic field, $H$, on the weakly coupled distorted kagome system, Cu_{2}(OD)_3Cl. Our results show that the ordered state below 6.7 K is a canted ... More
Pauli-Villars Regularization Elucidated in Bopp-Podolsky's Generalized ElectrodynamicsFeb 20 2019We discuss an inherent Pauli-Villars regularization in Bopp-Podolsky's generalized electrodynamics. Introducing gauge-fixing terms for Bopp-Podolsky's generalized electrodynamic action, we realize a unique feature for the corresponding photon propagator ... More
TTV-determined Masses for Warm Jupiters and their Close Planetary CompanionsJul 06 2018Although the formation and the properties of hot Jupiters (with orbital periods $P<10\,$d) have attracted a great deal of attention, the origins of warm Jupiters ($10<P<100\,$d) are less well-studied. Using a transit timing analysis, we present the orbital ... More
Spin Dynamics in the Second Subband of a Quasi Two Dimensional System Studied in a Single Barrier Heterostructure by Time Resolved Kerr RotationMar 25 2008By biasing a single barrier heterostructure with a 500nm-thick GaAs layer as the absorption layer, the spin dynamics for both of the first and second subband near the AlAs barrier are examined. We find that when simultaneously scanning the photon energy ... More
An overpartition analogue of the Andrews-Göllnitz-Gordon theoremDec 15 2016Mar 16 2018In 1967, Andrews found a combinatorial generalization of the G\"ollnitz-Gordon theorem, which can be called the Andrews-G\"ollnitz-Gordon theorem. In 1980, Bressoud derived a multisum Rogers-Ramanujan-type identity, which can be considered as the generating ... More
Galaxy Formation with Self-consistently Modeled Stars and Massive Black Holes. I: Feedback-regulated Star Formation and Black Hole GrowthJun 20 2011Mar 09 2018There is mounting evidence for the coevolution of galaxies and their embedded massive black holes (MBHs) in a hierarchical structure formation paradigm. To tackle the nonlinear processes of galaxy-MBH interaction, we describe a self-consistent numerical ... More
Experimental Confirmation of the Standard Magnetorotational Instability Mechanism with a Spring-Mass AnalogueJan 10 2018Dec 12 2018The Magnetorotational Instability (MRI) has long been considered a plausibly ubiquitous mechanism to destabilize otherwise stable Keplerian flows to support radially outward transport of angular momentum. Such an efficient transport process would allow ... More
HDIdx: High-Dimensional Indexing for Efficient Approximate Nearest Neighbor SearchOct 07 2015Fast Nearest Neighbor (NN) search is a fundamental challenge in large-scale data processing and analytics, particularly for analyzing multimedia contents which are often of high dimensionality. Instead of using exact NN search, extensive research efforts ... More
Ground state of spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates with spin-orbit coupling in a Zeeman fieldAug 13 2012We systematically investigate the weakly trapped spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates with spin-orbit coupling in an external Zeeman field. We find that the mean-field ground state favors either a magnetized standing wave phase or plane wave phase when the ... More
BL Lac Objects in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)Dec 19 2006We collected a sample of 661 confirmed and 361 possible BL Lac candidates from the recent catalog of BL Lac objects (Veron-Cetty & Veron 2006). We searched these sources in the recent data release DR5 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and found spectra ... More
New Wolf-Rayet Galaxies with Detection of WC StarsSep 15 1998We report the discovery of two new Wolf-Rayet (WR) galaxies: Mrk~1039, and F08208$+$2816. Two broad WR bumps at 5808\AA~ and 4650\AA~ indicate the presence of WCE and WNL star population in all two sources. We also confirm the presenceof WR features in ... More
Complete invariant geodesic metrics on outer spaces and Jacobian varieties of tropical curvesNov 08 2012Let $\mathrm{Out}(F_n)$ be the outer automorphism group of the free group $F_n$. It acts properly on the outer space $X_n$ of marked metric graphs, which is a finite-dimensional infinite simplicial complex with some simplicial faces missing. In this paper, ... More
Comment on "Laser refrigeration of hydrothermal nanocrystals in physiological media"Jan 06 2016The recent report on laser cooling of liquid may contradict the law of energy conservation.
Investigation of Co$_2$FeSi: The Heusler compound with Highest Curie Temperature and Magnetic MomentNov 18 2005This work reports on structural and magnetic investigations of the Heusler compound Co$_2$FeSi. X-Ray diffraction and M\"o\ss bauer spectrometry indicate an ordered $L2_1$ structure. Magnetic measurements by means of X-ray magnetic circular dichroism ... More
Radiation Damping at a Bubble WallSep 27 1999The first order phase transition proceeds via nucleation and growth of true vacuum bubbles. When charged particles collide with the bubble they could radiate electromagnetic wave. We show that, due to an energy loss of the particles by the radiation, ... More
Dynamics of thin liquid films on vertical cylindrical fibersDec 31 2018Recent experiments of thin films flowing down a vertical fiber with varying nozzle diameters present a wealth of new dynamics that illustrate the need for more advanced theory. We present a detailed analysis using a full lubrication model that includes ... More
Nonclassicality generated by photon annihilation-then-creation and creation-then-annihilation operationsJun 18 2009We examine nonclassical properties of the field states generated by applying the photon annihilation-then-creation operation (AC) and creation-then-annihilation operation (CA) to the thermal and coherent states. Effects of repeated applications of AC ... More
Observation of magnetocoriolis waves in a liquid metal Taylor-Couette experimentFeb 19 2010The first observation of fast and slow magnetocoriolis (MC) waves in a laboratory experiment is reported. Rotating nonaxisymmetric modes arising from a magnetized turbulent Taylor-Couette flow of liquid metal are identified as the fast and slow MC waves ... More
Explosive Chromospheric Evaporation in a Circular-ribbon FlareMay 10 2016In this paper, we report our multiwavelength observations of the C4.2 circular-ribbon flare in active region (AR) 12434 on 2015 October 16. The short-lived flare was associated with positive magnetic polarities and a negative polarity inside, as revealed ... More
First-principles Study On The Electronic And Optical Properties Of Cubic ABX3 Halide PerovskitesAug 31 2013The electronic properties of ABX3 (A = Cs, CH3NH3, NH2CHNH2; B = Sn, Pb; X = Cl, Br, I) type compounds in the cubic phase are systematically studied using the first-principles calculations. We find that these compounds have direct band gaps at R point ... More
Dynamical instability and its implications for planetary system architectureSep 22 2018Jan 30 2019We examine the effects that dynamical instability has on shaping the orbital properties of exoplanetary systems. Using N-body simulations of non-EMS (Equal Mutual Separation), multi-planet systems we find that the lower limit of the instability timescale ... More
Constraining spatial pattern of early activity of comet 67P/C-G with 3D modeling of the MIRO observationsFeb 27 2019Our aim is to investigate early activity (July 2014) of 67P/CG with 3D coma and radiative transfer modeling of MIRO measurements, accounting for nucleus shape, illumination, and orientation of the comet. We investigate MIRO line shape information for ... More
Electrical Control of Dynamic Spin Splitting Induced by Exchange Interaction as Revealed by Time Resolved Kerr Rotation in a Degenerate Spin-Polarized Electron GasNov 04 2007Mar 25 2008The manipulation of spin degree of freedom have been demonstrated in spin polarized electron plasma in a heterostructure by using exchange-interaction induced dynamic spin splitting rather than the Rashba and Dresselhaus types, as revealed by time resolved ... More
Optimization of the collimation system for CSNS/RCS with the robust conjugate direction search algorithmMar 30 2016Aug 24 2016The Robust Conjugate Direction Search (RCDS) method is used to optimize the collimation system for Rapid Cycling Synchrotron (RCS) of the Chinese Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS). The parameters of secondary collimators are optimized for a better performance ... More
Parametric survey of longitudinal prominence oscillation simulationsApr 13 2013It is found that both microflare-sized impulsive heating at one leg of the loop and a suddenly imposed velocity perturbation can propel the prominence to oscillate along the magnetic dip. An extensive parameter survey results in a scaling law, showing ... More
Reciprocatory magnetic reconnection in a coronal bright pointJun 20 2014Coronal bright points (CBPs) are small-scale and long-duration brightenings in the lower solar corona. They are often explained in terms of magnetic reconnection. We aim to study the sub-structures of a CBP and clarify the relationship among the brightenings ... More
Large-amplitude longitudinal oscillations in a solar filamentMay 13 2017In this paper, we report our multiwavelength observations of the large-amplitude longitudinal oscillations of a filament on 2015 May 3. Located next to active region 12335, the sigmoidal filament was observed by the ground-based H$\alpha$ telescopes from ... More
Origin of the Superior Conductivity of Perovskite Ba(Sr)SnO3Sep 13 2012Dec 19 2012ASnO3 (A=Ba, Sr) are unique perovskite oxides in that they have superior electron conductivity despite their wide optical band gaps. Using first-principles band structure calculations, we show that the small electron effective masses, thus, good electron ... More
Local structure can identify and quantify influential global spreaders in large scale social networksSep 11 2015Jul 30 2018Measuring and optimizing the influence of nodes in big-data online social networks are important for many practical applications, such as the viral marketing and the adoption of new products. As the viral spreading on social network is a global process, ... More
Sentence Correction Based on Large-scale Language ModellingSep 22 2017Nov 02 2017With the further development of informatization, more and more data is stored in the form of text. There are some loss of text during their generation and transmission. The paper aims to establish a language model based on the large-scale corpus to complete ... More
Division Theorems for Exact SequencesFeb 19 2011Dec 01 2011Under certain integrability and geometric conditions, we prove division theorems for the exact sequences of holomorphic vector bundles and improve the results in the case of Koszul complex. By introducing a singular Hermitian structure on the trivial ... More
Remarks on Entropy Formulae for Linear Heat EquationMay 02 2017Mar 11 2019In this note, we prove some new entropy formulae for linear heat equation on static Riemannian manifold with nonnegative Ricci curvature. The results are simpler versions of Cao and Hamilton's entropies for Ricci flow coupled with heat-type equations. ... More
Imaging ultrafast carrier transport in nanoscale devices using femtosecond photocurrent microscopyJun 02 2014One-dimensional nanoscale devices, such as semiconductor nanowires (NWs) and single- walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs), have been intensively investigated because of their potential application of future high-speed electronic, optoelectronic, and sensing ... More
Remarks on Entropy Formulae for Linear Heat EquationMay 02 2017May 17 2017In this note, we prove some new entropy formulae for linear heat equation on static Riemannian manifold with nonnegative Ricci curvature. The results are simpler versions of Cao and Hamilton's entropies for Ricci flow coupled with heat-type equations. ... More
A Fast 3D Poisson Solver with Longitudinal Periodic and Transverse Open Boundary Conditions for Space-Charge SimulationsOct 29 2016A three-dimensional (3D) Poisson solver with longitudinal periodic and transverse open boundary conditions can have important applications in beam physics of particle accelerators. In this paper, we present a fast efficient method to solve the Poisson ... More
A Symplectic Multi-Particle Tracking Model for Self-Consistent Space-Charge SimulationOct 15 2016Dec 21 2016Symplectic tracking is important in accelerator beam dynamics simulation. So far, to the best of our knowledge, there is no self-consistent symplectic space-charge tracking model available in the accelerator community. In this paper, we present a two-dimensional ... More
Modified Ringel-Hall algebras, naive lattice algebras and lattice algebrasAug 13 2018For a given hereditary abelian category satisfying some finiteness conditions, in certain twisted cases it is shown that the modified Ringel-Hall algebra is isomorphic to the naive lattice algebra and there exists an epimorphism from the modified Ringel-Hall ... More
HG-Caffe: Mobile and Embedded Neural Network GPU (OpenCL) Inference Engine with FP16 SupportingJan 03 2019Breakthroughs in the fields of deep learning and mobile system-on-chips are radically changing the way we use our smartphones. However, deep neural networks inference is still a challenging task for edge AI devices due to the computational overhead on ... More
Compression of Quantum Multi-Prover Interactive ProofsOct 10 2016We present a protocol that transforms any quantum multi-prover interactive proof into a nonlocal game in which questions consist of logarithmic number of bits and answers of constant number of bits. As a corollary, this proves that the promise problem ... More
Quotient Problem For Entire Functions with Moving TargetsFeb 21 2019As an analogue of the Hadamard quotient problem in number theory, the quotient problem (in the sense of complex entire functions) for two sequences $F(n)=a_0+a_1f_1^n+\cdots+a_lf_l^n$ and $ G(n)=b_0+b_1g_1^n+\cdots+b_mg_m^n$, has been solved, where the ... More
Image Retrieval Method Using Top-surf DescriptorApr 04 2011This report presents the results and details of a content-based image retrieval project using the Top-surf descriptor. The experimental results are preliminary, however, it shows the capability of deducing objects from parts of the objects or from the ... More
Energy Dependence of Moments of Net-Proton, Net-Kaon, and Net-Charge Multiplicity Distributions at STARNov 22 2016One of the main goals of the RHIC Beam Energy Scan (BES) program is to study the QCD phase structure, which includes the search for the QCD critical point, over a wide range of chemical potential. Theoretical calculations predict that fluctuations of ... More
Spatially Differential Forms of Lenz LawSep 15 2003Two sets of spatially differential formulas of Lenz law on electromagnetic inductance are presented. They are a cut-magnetic flux induced voltage, which instantaneously results from cutting magnetic flux as a conductor moving with respect to an external ... More
Phase Difference Function in Coherent Temporal-spatial Region and Unified Equations of Steady, Non-steady InterferenceApr 08 2003Phase difference function is established by means of phase transfer function between time domains of source and interference point. The function reveals a necessary interrelation between outcome of two-beam interference, source's frequency and measured ... More
Ground state sign-changing solutions for a class of nonlinear fractional Schrödinger-Poisson system in $\mathbb{R}^{3}$Mar 10 2017In this paper, we are concerned with the existence of the least energy sign-changing solutions for the following fractional Schr\"{o}dinger-Poisson system: \begin{align*} \left\{ \begin{aligned} &(-\Delta)^{s} u+V(x)u+\lambda\phi(x)u=f(x, u),\quad &\text{in}\, ... More
Non-wandering Fatou components for strongly attracting polynomial skew productsFeb 16 2018Dec 12 2018We show a partial generalization of Sullivan's non-wandering domain theorem in complex dimension two. More precisely, we show the non-existence of wandering Fatou components for polynomial skew products of $ \mathbb{C}^2$ with an invariant attracting ... More
Binary Constraint System Games and Locally Commutative ReductionsOct 14 2013Nov 04 2013A binary constraint system game is a two-player one-round non-local game defined by a system of Boolean constraints. The game has a perfect quantum strategy if and only if the constraint system has a quantum satisfying assignment [R. Cleve and R. Mittal, ... More
Distinguishing Numbers and GeneralizationsAug 03 2018The distinguishing number of a graph was introduced by Albertson and Collins as a measure of the amount of symmetry contained in the graph. Tymoczko extended this definition to faithful group actions on sets; taking the set to be the vertex set of a graph ... More
Harmonic Analysis and Qualitative Uncertainty PrincipleAug 09 2010This paper investigates the mathematical nature of qualitative uncertainty principle (QUP), which plays an important role in mathematics, physics and engineering fields. Consider a 3-tuple (K, H1, H2) that K: H1 -> H2 is an integral operator. Suppose ... More
Excitonic nonlinear absorption in CdS nanocrystals studied using Z-scan techniqueJul 28 2005Irradiance dependence of excitonic nonlinear absorption in Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) nanocrystals has been studied by using Z-scan method with nanosecond laser pulses. The wavelength dependence of nonlinear absorption has also been measured near the excitonic ... More
High Order Numerical Integrators for Relativistic Charged Particle TrackingFeb 15 2017In this paper, we extend several time reversible numerical integrators to solve the Lorentz force equations from second order accuracy to higher order accuracy for relativistic charged particle tracking in electromagnetic fields. A fourth order algorithm ... More
A symplectic particle-in-cell model for space-charge beam dynamics simulationJan 12 2018Space-charge effects play an important role in high intensity particle accelerators and were studied using a variety of macroparticle tracking models. In this paper, we propose a symplectic particle-in-cell (PIC) model and compare this model with a recently ... More
On the Correctness of Inverted Index Based Public-Key Searchable Encryption Scheme for Multi-time SearchAug 24 2016In this short note we argue that the state-of-art inverted index based public key searchable encryption scheme proposed by Wang et al may not be completely correct by giving a counterexample.
Well-rounded equivariant deformation retracts of Teichmüller spacesFeb 04 2013Jan 22 2014In this paper, we construct spines, i.e., $\Mod_g$-equivariant deformation retracts, of the Teichm\"uller space $\T_g$ of compact Riemann surfaces of genus $g$. Specifically, we define a $\Mod_g$-stable subspace $S$ of positive codimension and construct ... More
Ground state solutions of fractional Schrödinger equations with potentials and weak monotonicity condition on the nonlinear termJun 08 2017In this paper we are concerned with the fractional Schr\"{o}dinger equation $(-\Delta)^{\alpha} u+V(x)u =f(x, u)$, $x\in \rn$, where $f$ is superlinear, subcritical growth and $u\mapsto\frac{f(x, u)}{\vert u\vert}$ is nondecreasing. When $V$ and $f$ are ... More
Evidence for the intrinsic ferromagnetism of semiconductor (Ga,Cr)As revealed by magnetic circular dichroismNov 02 2007To clarify whether or not (Ga,Cr)As is an intrinsic diluted magnetic semiconductor, a systematic study of the magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) was carried out for a series of (Ga,Cr)As epilayers grown by the low-temperature molecular-beam epitaxy technique. ... More
Reynolds number scaling of influence of boundary layers on the global behavior of laboratory quasi-Keplerian flowsDec 03 2014Dec 02 2015We present measurements of quasi-Keplerian flows in a Taylor-Couette device that identify the boundary conditions required to generate near-ideal flows that exhibit self-similarity under scaling of the Reynolds number. These experiments are contrasted ... More
In situ diffraction study of catalytic hydrogenation of VO2: Stable phases and origins of metallicityJun 10 2014Controlling electronic population through chemical doping is one way to tip the balance between competing phases in materials with strong electronic correlations. Vanadium dioxide exhibits a first-order phase transition at around 338 K between a high ... More
Ultrafast and Large Third-order Nonlinear Optical Properties of CdS Nanocrystals in Polymeric FilmJul 28 2005We report the ultrafast and large third-order nonlinear optical properties of CdS nanocrystals (NCs) embedded in a polymeric film. The CdS NCs of 2-nm radius are synthesized by an ion exchange method and highly concentrated in the two layers near the ... More
Spin-lattice order in frustrated ZnCr2O4May 13 2009Using synchrotron X-rays and neutron diffraction we disentangle spin-lattice order in highly frustrated ZnCr$_2$O$_4$ where magnetic chromium ions occupy the vertices of regular tetrahedra. Upon cooling below 12.5 K the quandary of anti-aligning spins ... More
Coulomb Interaction Effects on the Terahertz Photon-Assisted Tunneling through a InAs Quantum DotAug 14 2014Recently, the terahertz (THz) photon-assisted tunneling (PAT) through a two-level InAs quantum dot (QD) has been successfully realized in experiment [Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 109}, 077401 (2012)]. The Coulomb interaction in this device is comparable with ... More
Dwarf Galaxies with Ionizing Radiation Feedback. II: Spatially-resolved Star Formation RelationOct 25 2012Nov 16 2013We investigate the spatially-resolved star formation relation using a galactic disk formed in a comprehensive high-resolution (3.8 pc) simulation. Our new implementation of stellar feedback includes ionizing radiation as well as supernova explosions, ... More
Observation of a Nematic Quantum Hall Liquid on the Surface of BismuthOct 24 2016Nematic quantum fluids with wavefunctions that break the underlying crystalline symmetry can form in interacting electronic systems. We examine the quantum Hall states that arise in high magnetic fields from anisotropic hole pockets on the Bi(111) surface. ... More
Design of magnetic materials: Co$_2$Cr$_{1-x}$Fe$_{x}$AlOct 08 2005Doped Heusler compounds Co$_2$Cr$_{1-x}$Fe$_{x}$Al with varying Cr to Fe ratio $x$ were investigated experimentally and theoretically. The electronic structure of the ordered, doped Heusler compound Co$_2$Cr$_{1-x}$Fe$_{x}$Al ($x=n/4, n=0,1,2,3,4)$ was ... More
The eruption of a small-scale emerging flux rope as the driver of an M-class flare and a coronal mass ejectionJul 01 2017Solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are the most powerful explosions in the Sun. They are major sources of potentially destructive space weather conditions. However, the possible causes of their initiation remain controversial. By using high ... More
Tunable Surface Conductivity in Bi2Se3 Revealed in Diffusive Electron TransportApr 06 2011Apr 27 2011We demonstrate that the weak antilocalization effect can serve as a convenient method for detecting decoupled surface transport in topological insulator thin films. In the regime where a bulk Fermi surface coexists with the surface states, the low field ... More
Existence of multiple periodic solutions for a semilinear wave equation in an $n$-dimensional ballOct 02 2017This paper is devoted to the study of periodic solutions for a radially symmetric semilinear wave equation in an $n$-dimensional ball. By combining the variational methods and saddle point reduction technique, we prove there exist at least three periodic ... More
Near Mean-motion Resonances in the Systems Observed by Kepler: Affected by Mass Accretion and Type I MigrationOct 07 2017The Kepler mission has released over 4496 planetary candidates, among which 3483 planets have been confirmed as of April 2017. The statistical results of the planets show that there are two peaks around 1.5 and 2.0 in the distribution of orbital period ... More
Supercongruences arising from hypergeometric series identitiesDec 21 2018By using some hypergeometric series identities, we prove two supercongruences on truncated hypergeometric series, one of which is related to a modular Calabi--Yau threefold, and the other is regarded as $p$-adic analogue of an identity due to Ramanujan. ... More
Neural Discourse Structure for Text CategorizationFeb 07 2017May 06 2017We show that discourse structure, as defined by Rhetorical Structure Theory and provided by an existing discourse parser, benefits text categorization. Our approach uses a recursive neural network and a newly proposed attention mechanism to compute a ... More
Predicting and Discovering True MuoniumDec 09 2017The recent observation of discrepancies in the muonic sector motivates searches for the yet undiscovered atom true muonium $(\mu^+\mu^-)$. To leverage potential experimental signals, precise theoretical calculations are required. I will present the on-going ... More
On the Interval-Based Dose-Finding DesignsJun 10 2017Jun 14 2017The landscape of dose-finding designs for phase I clinical trials is rapidly shifting in the recent years, noticeably marked by the emergence of interval-based designs. We categorize them as the iDesigns and the IB-Designs. The iDesigns are originated ... More
Planetesimal Accretion in Binary Systems: The Effects of Gas DissipationJun 25 2008Currently, one of major problems concerning planet formation theory in close binary systems is, the strong perturbation from the companion star can increase relative velocities ($\triangle V$) of planetesimals around the primary and thus hinder their ... More