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quantum interference in bosonic and fermionic matter-wave amplificationOct 25 2002We investigate the quantum interference effects in two types of matter-wave mixing experiments: one with initial matter waves prepared in independent Fock states (type I) and the other with each individual particle prepared in a same coherent superposition ... More
A Surface Reconstruction with a Fractional Hole: $(\sqrt{5}\times\sqrt{5}) R26.6^\circ$ LaAlO$_3$ (001)Nov 12 2006The structure of the $(\sqrt{5}\times\sqrt{5})R26.6^\circ$ reconstruction of LaAlO$_3$ (001) has been determined using transmission electron diffraction combined with direct methods. The structure is relatively simple, consisting of a lanthanum oxide ... More
Design of an optical reference cavity with low thermal noise and flexible thermal expansion propertiesApr 05 2012An ultrastable optical reference cavity with re-entrant fused silica mirrors and a ULE spacer structure is designed through finite element analysis. The designed cavity has a low thermal noise limit of $1\times10^{-16}$ and a flexible zero crossing temperature ... More
Scheduling of EV Battery Swapping, II: Distributed SolutionsNov 30 2016In Part I of this paper we formulate an optimal scheduling problem for battery swapping that assigns to each electric vehicle (EV) a best station to swap its depleted battery based on its current location and state of charge. The schedule aims to minimize ... More
The oxygen abundance calibrations and N/O abundance ratios of ~40,000 SDSS star-forming galaxiesJul 05 2006Using a large sample of 38,478 star-forming galaxies selected from the Second Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey database (SDSS-DR2), we derive analytical calibrations for oxygen abundances from several metallicity-sensitive emission-line ratios: ... More
A Batch, Off-Policy, Actor-Critic Algorithm for Optimizing the Average RewardJul 18 2016We develop an off-policy actor-critic algorithm for learning an optimal policy from a training set composed of data from multiple individuals. This algorithm is developed with a view towards its use in mobile health.
Empirical strong-line oxygen abundance calibrations from galaxies with electron temperature measurementsOct 03 2006We determine the gas-phase oxygen abundance for a sample of 695 galaxies and H II regions with reliable detections of [O III]4363, using the temperature-sensitive Te method. Our aims are to estimate the validity of empirical methods such as R23, R23-P, ... More
Distributed Data-Processing Pipeline for Mingantu Ultrawide Spectral RadioheliographDec 20 2016The Chinese Spectral RadioHeliograph (CSRH) is a synthetic aperture radio interferometer built in Inner Mongolia, China. As a solar-dedicated interferometric array, CSRH is capable of producing high quality radio images at frequency range from 400 MHz ... More
Comparing the Host Galaxies of Type Ia, Type II and Type Ibc SupernovaeJul 02 2014We compare the host galaxies of 902 supernovae, including SNe Ia, SNe II and SNe Ibc, which are selected by cross-matching the Asiago Supernova Catalog with the SDSS Data Release 7. We further selected 213 galaxies by requiring the light fraction of spectral ... More
Determination of the positions and orientations of concentrated rod-like colloids from 3D microscopy dataJun 19 2014Confocal microscopy in combination with real-space particle tracking has proven to be a powerful tool in scientific fields such as soft matter physics, materials science and cell biology. However, 3D tracking of anisotropic particles in concentrated phases ... More
Verifying multi-partite mode entanglement of W statesMar 04 2009We construct a method for verifying mode entanglement of N-mode W states. The ideal W state contains exactly one excitation symmetrically shared between N modes, but our method takes the existence of higher numbers of excitations into account, as well ... More
Observation of topological transition in high-T$_{c}$ superconductor FeTe$_{1-x}$Se$_{x}$/SrTiO$_{3}$(001) monolayersMar 14 2019Superconductors with topological surface or edge states have been intensively explored for the prospect of realizing Majorana bound states, which obey non-Abelian statistics and are crucial for topological quantum computation. The traditional routes for ... More
Protecting Superconducting Qubits with Universal Quantum Degeneracy PointAug 22 2013Oct 01 2013Low-frequency noise can induce serious decoherence in superconducting qubits. Due to its diverse physical origin, such noise can couple with the qubits either as transverse or as longitudinal noise. Here, we present a universal quantum degeneracy point ... More
Galaxy disc central surface brightness distribution in the optical and near-infrared bandsJan 29 2019To study the disc central surface brightness ($\mu_0$) distribution in optical and near-infrared bands, we select 708 disc-dominated galaxies within a fixed distance of 57 Mpc from SDSS DR7 and UKIDSS DR10. Then we fit $\mu_0$ distribution by using single ... More
Surface-induced positive planar Hall effect in topological Kondo insulator SmB6 microribbonsFeb 20 2019Whether the surface states in SmB6 are topological is still a critical issue in the field of topological Kondo insulators. In the magneto-transport study of single crystalline SmB6 microribbons, we have revealed a positive planar Hall effect (PHE), the ... More
An Unprecedented Constraint on Water Content in the Sunlit Lunar Exosphere Seen by Lunar-Based Ultraviolet Telescope of Chang'e-3 MissionFeb 15 2015The content of $\mathrm{OH/H_2O}$ molecules in the tenuous exosphere of the Moon is still an open issue at present. We here report an unprecedented upper limit of the content of the OH radicals, which is obtained from the in-situ measurements carried ... More
The Meissner and Mesoscopic Superconducting States in 1-4 Unit-Cell FeSe-Films up to 80 KNov 25 2013Recent reports of interface-induced superconductivity in the unit-cell films of FeSe on SrTiO3 with a Tc up to ~ 65+-5 K, highest among the Fe-based superconductors and second only to that of the cuprates, have generated great excitement. Here we show ... More
18-Months Operation of Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope: A Highly Stable Photometric PerformanceOct 06 2015We here report the photometric performance of Lunar-based Ultraviolet telescope (LUT), the first robotic telescope working on the Moon, for its 18-months operation. In total, 17 IUE standards have been observed in 51 runs until June 2015, which returns ... More
Characterizing the Topography of Multi-dimensional Energy LandscapesFeb 02 2014A basic issue in optimization, inverse theory,neural networks, computational chemistry and many other problems is the geometrical characterization of high dimensional functions. In inverse calculations one aims to characterize the set of models that fit ... More
Power-Law Distributions in a Two-sided Market and Net NeutralityOct 16 2016"Net neutrality" often refers to the policy dictating that an Internet service provider (ISP) cannot charge content providers (CPs) for delivering their content to consumers. Many past quantitative models designed to determine whether net neutrality is ... More
Experimental Results and Theoretical Developments of Muon g-2Aug 31 2004Sep 14 2004The anomalous magnetic moments of both positive and negative muons are measured to the precision of 0.7 parts per million. Two values are in good agreement. The standard model calculations of muon g-2 are under further studies, especially the descrepancies ... More
LSS-GAC - A LAMOST Spectroscopic Survey of the Galactic Anti-centerJun 23 2013As a major component of the LAMOST Galactic surveys, the LAMOST Spectroscopic Survey of the Galactic Anti-center (LSS-GAC) will survey a significant volume of the Galactic thin/thick disks and halo in a contiguous sky area of ~ 3,400sq.deg., centered ... More
A large sample of low surface brightness disc galaxies from the SDSS- II. Metallicities in surface brightness binsApr 21 2010We study the spectroscopic properties of a large sample of Low Surface Brightness galaxies (LSBGs) (with B-band central surface brightness mu0(B)>22 mag arcsec^(-2)) selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 4 (SDSS-DR4) main galaxy sample. ... More
The properties of a large sample of low surface brightness galaxies from SDSSOct 11 2009A large sample of low surface brightness (LSB) disk galaxies is selected from SDSS with B-band central surface brightness mu_0(B) from 22 to 24.5 mag arcsec^(-2). Some of their properties are studied, such as magnitudes, surface brightness, scalelengths, ... More
The blue stragglers formed via mass transfer in old open clustersApr 13 2006May 09 2006In this paper, we present the simulations for the primordial blue stragglers in the old open cluster M67 based on detailed modelling of the evolutionary processes. The principal aim is to discuss the contribution of mass transfer between the components ... More
Finite difference schemes for the tempered fractional LaplacianNov 14 2017The second and all higher order moments of the $\beta$-stable L\'{e}vy process diverge, the feature of which is sometimes referred to as shortcoming of the model when applied to physical processes. So, a parameter $\lambda$ is introduced to exponentially ... More
Time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of solids in the extreme ultraviolet at 500 kHz repetition rateNov 16 2018Feb 13 2019Time- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (trARPES) employing a 500 kHz extreme-ultravioled (XUV) light source operating at 21.7 eV probe photon energy is reported. Based on a high-power ytterbium laser, optical parametric chirped pulse amplification ... More
A large sample of low surface brightness disk galaxies from the SDSS. I: The sample and the stellar populationsSep 18 2008We present the properties of a large sample (12,282) of nearly face-on low surface brightness (LSB) disk galaxies selected from the main galaxy sample of SDSS-DR4. These properties include B-band central surface brightness mu_0(B), scale lengths h, integrated ... More
Spectroscopy of the Type Ic Supernova SN\,2017iuk Associated with Low-redshift GRB\,171205AOct 08 2018We here report a spectroscopic monitor for the supernova SN\,2017iuk associated with the long-duration low-luminosity gamma-ray burst GRB\,171205A at a redshift of 0.037, which is up to now the third GRB-SN event away from us. Our spectroscopic observations ... More
Neutron scattering study of commensurate magnetic ordering in single crystal CeSb$_2$Feb 21 2019Temperature and field-dependent magnetization $M(H,T)$ measurements and neutron scattering study of a single crystal CeSb$_2$ are presented. Several anomalies in the magnetization curves have been confirmed at low magnetic field, i.e., 15.6 K, 12 K, and ... More
Observability of the scalar Aharonov-Bohm effect inside a 3D Faraday cage with time-varying exterior charges and massesNov 13 2014In this paper we investigate the scalar Aharonov-Bohm (AB) effect in two of its forms, i.e., its electric form and its gravitational form. The standard form of the electric AB effect involves having particles (such as electrons) move in regions with zero ... More
Formation of Long Single Quantum Dots in High Quality InSb Nanowires Grown by Molecular Beam EpitaxyAug 13 2015We report on realization and transport spectroscopy study of single quantum dots (QDs) made from InSb nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The nanowires employed are 50-80 nm in diameter and the QDs are defined in the nanowires between the ... More
Photometric Calibration on Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope for Its First Six Months of Operation on Lunar SurfaceDec 12 2014We reported the photometric calibration of Lunar-based Ultraviolet telescope (LUT), the first robotic astronomical telescope working on the lunar surface, for its first six months of operation on the lunar surface. Two spectral datasets (set A and B) ... More
Mapping photonic entanglement into and out of a quantum memoryDec 20 2007Dec 23 2007Recent developments of quantum information science critically rely on entanglement, an intriguing aspect of quantum mechanics where parts of a composite system can exhibit correlations stronger than any classical counterpart. In particular, scalable quantum ... More
Global solutions of the gravity-capillary water wave system in 3 dimensionsJan 21 2016In this paper we prove global regularity for the full water waves system in 3 dimensions for small data, under the influence of both gravity and surface tension.
Does Reactor Neutrino Experiment Play an Important Role in Theta_{13} of Lepton Mixing (PMNS) Matrix ?Sep 14 2004Sep 26 2004Reactor neutrinos play an important role in determining parameter theta_{13} in the lepton mixing (PMNS) matrix. A next important step on measuring PMNS matrix could be to build another reactor neutrino experiment, for example, DaYa bay in China, to search ... More
Quantum Levy flights and multifractality of dipolar excitations in a random systemApr 13 2016We consider dipolar excitations propagating via dipole-induced exchange among immobile molecules randomly spaced in a lattice. The character of the propagation is determined by long-range hops (Levy flights). We analyze the eigen-energy spectra and the ... More
Hole-Doped Cuprate High Temperature SuperconductorsFeb 16 2015Hole-doped cuprate high temperature superconductors have ushered in the modern era of high temperature superconductivity (HTS) and have continued to be at center stage in the field. Extensive studies have been made, many compounds discovered, voluminous ... More
Near-optimal Smooth Path Planning for Multisection Continuum ArmsDec 10 2018We study the path planning problem for continuum-arm robots, in which we are given a starting and an end point, and we need to compute a path for the tip of the continuum arm between the two points. We consider both cases where obstacles are present and ... More
The Optical/Near-Infrared Light Curves of SN 2002ap for the First 140 Days after DiscoveryApr 01 2003Supernova (SN) 2002ap in M74 was observed in the $UBVRIJHK$ bands for the first 40 days following its discovery (2002 January 29) until it disappeared because of solar conjunction, and then in June after it reappeared. The magnitudes and dates of peak ... More
SecComp: Towards Practically Defending Against Component Hijacking in Android ApplicationsSep 12 2016Sep 13 2016Cross-app collaboration via inter-component communication is a fundamental mechanism on Android. Although it brings the benefits such as functionality reuse and data sharing, a threat called component hijacking is also introduced. By hijacking a vulnerable ... More
Pairing Correlations Near a Kondo-Destruction Quantum Critical PointAug 04 2013Dec 03 2015Motivated by the unconventional superconductivity observed in heavy-fermion metals, we investigate pairing susceptibilities near a continuous quantum phase transition of the Kondo-destruction type. We solve two-impurity Bose-Fermi Anderson models with ... More
Renewal theory with fat tailed distributed sojourn times: typical versus rareSep 16 2018Oct 25 2018Renewal processes with heavy-tailed power law distributed sojourn times are commonly encountered in physical modelling and so typical fluctuations of observables of interest have been investigated in detail. To describe rare events the rate function approach ... More
Bose-Einstein Condensates with Cavity-Mediated Spin-Orbit CouplingSep 03 2013We propose a novel scheme to generate the spin-orbit coupling for a condensate placed inside an optical cavity by using a standing wave and a traveling wave. It is shown that the interplay of the laser lights and the cavity gives rise to rich quantum ... More
Enhancing structure relaxations for first-principles codes: an approximate Hessian approachAug 15 2006Nov 13 2006We present a method for improving the speed of geometry relaxation by using a harmonic approximation for the interaction potential between nearest neighbor atoms to construct an initial Hessian estimate. The model is quite robust, and yields approximately ... More
Relation between $M_{BH}$ and $M_{bulge}$: A simulation studyAug 08 2001The dynamical evolution of super star clusters (SSCs) moving in the background of dark matter halo has been investigated as a possible event causing the observed correlation between the mass of galactic bulge, $M_{bulge}$, and the mass of its central ... More
Decoherence induced deformation of the ground state in adiabatic quantum computationAug 17 2012Mar 29 2013Despite more than a decade of research on adiabatic quantum computation (AQC), its decoherence properties are still poorly understood. Many theoretical works have suggested that AQC is more robust against decoherence, but a quantitative relation between ... More
A universal description of pseudorapidity distributions in both nucleus-nucleus and p-p collisions at now available energy regionsFeb 03 2016Investigations have shown that the collective motion not only appears in nucleus-nucleus but also in p-p collisions. The best tool for depicting such collective motion is relativistic hydrodynamics. In this paper, the collective motion is assumed obeying ... More
Global solutions of the gravity-capillary water-wave system in three dimensionsJan 21 2016May 23 2018In this paper we prove global regularity for the full water waves system in 3 dimensions for small data, under the influence of both gravity and surface tension. This problem presents essential difficulties which were absent in all of the earlier global ... More
Exotic Topological States with Raman-Induced Spin-Orbit CouplingJul 18 2016We propose a simple experimental scheme to realize simultaneously the one-dimensional spin-orbit coupling and the staggered spin-flip in ultracold pseudospin-$1/2$ atomic Fermi gases trapped in square optical lattices. In the absence of interspecies interactions, ... More
Exotic Topological States with Raman-Induced Spin-Orbit CouplingJul 18 2016Feb 13 2017We propose a simple experimental scheme to realize simultaneously the one-dimensional spin-orbit coupling and the staggered spin-flip in ultracold pseudospin-$1/2$ atomic Fermi gases trapped in square optical lattices. In the absence of interspecies interactions, ... More
Formation of bulges in very late-type galaxies from SSCsOct 18 2002The dynamical evolution of super star clusters (SSCs) moving in the background of a dark matter halo has been investigated as a possible event responsible for the formation of bulges in late-type spirals. The underlying physical processes include sinking ... More
Direct laser cooling Al+ ions optical clocksSep 13 2016Al$^+$ ions optical clock is a very promising optical frequency standard candidate due to its extremely small blackbody radiation shift. It has been successfully demonstrated with indirect cooled, quantum-logic-based spectroscopy technique. Its accuracy ... More
A Fast Onboard Star-Extraction Algorithm Optimized for the SVOM Visible TelescopeJul 08 2009The Space multi-band Variable Object Monitor (SVOM) is a proposed Chinese astronomical satellite, dedicated to the detection, localization and measurement of the gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) on the cosmological scale. An efficient algorithm is developed for ... More
Nuclear probes of an out-of-equilibrium plasma at the highest compressionNov 13 2018We report the highest compression reached in laboratory plasmas using eight laser beams, E$_{laser}$$\approx$12 kJ, $\tau_{laser}$=2 ns in third harmonic on a CD$_2$ target at the ShenGuang-II Upgrade (SGII-Up) facility in Shanghai, China. We estimate ... More
A loophole-free Wheeler-delayed-choice experimentJun 01 2018Wheeler's delayed-choice experiment investigates the indeterminacy of wave-particle duality and the role played by the measurement apparatus in quantum theory. Due to the inconsistency with classical physics, it has been generally believed that it is ... More
Photometric study of the pulsating, eclipsing binary OO DraAug 05 2014We present a comprehensive photometric study of the pulsating, eclipsing binary OO Dra. Simultaneous B- and V-band photometry of the star was carried out on 14 nights. Revised orbital period and a new ephemeris were derived from the data. The first photometric ... More
A pathway to optimize the properties of magnetocaloric MnxFe2-x(P1-yGey) for magnetic refrigerationAug 28 2014Magnetocaloric materials can be useful in magnetic refrigeration applications, but to be practical the magneto-refrigerant needs to have a very large magnetocaloric effect (MCE) near room temperature for modest applied fields (<2 Tesla) with small hysteresis ... More
Broad-lined type Ic supernova iPTF16asu: A challenge to all popular modelsDec 20 2017Sep 18 2018iPTF16asu is a peculiar broad-lined type Ic supernova (SN) discovered by the intermediate Palomar Transient Factory. With a rest-frame rise time of only 4 days, iPTF16asu challenges the existing popular models, for example, the radioactive heating (56Ni-only) ... More
Horizontal flow fields observed in Hinode G-band images II. Flow fields in the final stages of sunspot decayDec 07 2011We present a subset of multi-wavelengths observations obtained with the Japanese Hinode mission, the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), and the Vacuum Tower Telescope (VTT) at Observatorio del Teide, Tenerife, Spain during the time period from 2010 November ... More
An Equilibrium Dark Matter Halo with the Burkert ProfileMay 29 2005In this paper a prescription for generating an equilibrium spherical system depicted with cuspy density profiles is extended to a core density profile, the Burkert profile, which is observationally more suitable to dwarfs. By using a time-saving Monte ... More
A Monte Carlo simulation of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory proportional countersApr 13 2011The third phase of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) experiment added an array of 3He proportional counters to the detector. The purpose of this Neutral Current Detection (NCD) array was to observe neutrons resulting from neutral-current solar neutrino-deuteron ... More
Transformation of basic probability assignments to probabilities based on a new entropy measureFeb 24 2015Dempster-Shafer evidence theory is an efficient mathematical tool to deal with uncertain information. In that theory, basic probability assignment (BPA) is the basic element for the expression and inference of uncertainty. Decision-making based on BPA ... More
Wave-function Visualization of Core-induced Interaction of Non-hydrogenic Rydberg Atom in Electric FieldJul 27 2015We have investigated the wave-function feature of Rydberg sodium in a uniform electric field and found that the core-induced interaction of non-hydrogenic atom in electric field can be directly visualized in the wave-function. As is well known, the hydrogen ... More
A description of the pseudorapidity distributions in heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC energiesOct 01 2015The charged particles produced in nucleus-nucleus collisions are classified into two parts,One is from the hot and dense matter created in collisions. The other is from leading particles. The hot and dense matter is assumed to expand and generate particles ... More
The star formation histories of red and blue low surface brightness disk galaxiesApr 25 2010We study the star formation histories (SFH) and stellar populations of 213 red and 226 blue nearly face-on low surface brightness disk galaxies (LSBGs), which are selected from the main galaxy sample of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Data Release Seven ... More
Heralded Entanglement between Atomic Ensembles: Preparation, Decoherence, and ScalingJun 04 2007Sep 19 2007Heralded entanglement between collective excitations in two atomic ensembles is probabilistically generated, stored, and converted to single photon fields. By way of the concurrence, quantitative characterizations are reported for the scaling behavior ... More
Rank-frequency relation for Chinese charactersSep 06 2013Jan 26 2014We show that the Zipf's law for Chinese characters perfectly holds for sufficiently short texts (few thousand different characters). The scenario of its validity is similar to the Zipf's law for words in short English texts. For long Chinese texts (or ... More
Surface reconstruction, premelting, and collapse of open-cell nanoporous Cu via thermal annealingFeb 07 2018We systematic investigate the collapse of a set of open-cell nanoporous Cu (np-Cu) with the same porosity and shapes, but different specific surface area, during thermal annealing, via performing large-scale molecular dynamics simulations. Surface premelting ... More
Deconfined criticality flow in the Heisenberg model with ring-exchange interactionsJan 14 2013May 06 2013Quantum transition points in the J -Q model---the test bed of the deconfined critical point theory---and the SU(2)-symmetric discrete noncompact CP^1 representation of the deconfined critical action are directly compared by the flowgram method. We find ... More
D numbers theory: a generalization of Dempster-Shafer theoryFeb 14 2014May 12 2014Dempster-Shafer theory is widely applied to uncertainty modelling and knowledge reasoning due to its ability of expressing uncertain information. However, some conditions, such as exclusiveness hypothesis and completeness constraint, limit its development ... More
Magnetic Correlations in the Two-dimensional Repulsive Fermi Hubbard ModelJun 23 2017The repulsive Fermi Hubbard model on the square lattice has a rich phase diagram near half-filling (corresponding to the particle density per lattice site $n=1$): for $n=1$ the ground state is an antiferromagnetic insulator, at $0.6 < n \lesssim 0.8$, ... More
Realization of Stable Ferromagnetic Order in Topological Insulator: Codoping Enhanced Magnetism in 4f Transition Metal Doped Bi2Se3Nov 27 2015The realization of long range and insulating ferromagnetic states in topological insulator (TI) has been a pressing issue since its discovery. Only recently, such state was achieved in Cr-doped Bi2-xSbxTe3, leading to the discovery of quantum anomalous ... More
The Fundamental Plane of Spiral Galaxies: Search from Observational DataJul 31 2001Aug 30 2001The fundamental plane of spiral galaxies was searched from observational data, which can be approximately represented in observational parameters by $ L \propto V^2 R $, where $L$, $R$, and $V$ are the luminosity, the linear size of galactic disk, and ... More
Tracking Back the Solar Wind to its Photospheric Footpoints from Wind Observations -- A Statistical StudyFeb 25 2014It is of great importance to track the solar wind back to its photospheric source region and identify the related current sheets; this will provide key information for investigating the origin and predictions of the solar wind. We report a statistical ... More
A Two-Component Model for the Light Curves of HypernovaeMay 12 2003The light curves of 'hypernovae', i.e. very energetic supernovae with $E_{51} \equiv E/10^{51}$ergs $\gsim 5-10$ are characterized at epochs of a few months by a phase of linear decline. Classical, one-dimensional explosion models fail to simultaneously ... More
Hypernovae, Black-Hole-Forming Supernovae, and First StarsJun 24 2005Recent studies of core-collapse supernovae have revealed the existence of two distinct classes of massive supernovae (SNe): 1) very energetic SNe (Hypernovae), whose kinetic energy (KE) exceeds $10^{52}$ erg, about 10 times the KE of normal core-collapse ... More
Hypernovae and Other Black-Hole-Forming SupernovaeAug 08 2003During the last few years, a number of exceptional core-collapse supernovae (SNe) have been discovered. Their kinetic energy of the explosions are larger by more than an order of magnitude than the typical values for this type of SNe, so that these SNe ... More
The Luminosity and Metallicity Relation of distant luminous infrared galaxiesJan 25 2005Oxygen abundances [12+log(O/H)] in the interstellar medium of a large sample of distant (z>0.4) luminous infrared galaxies (LIRGs) were estimated from their extinction corrected emission-line ratios, on the basis of the VLT/FORS2 spectra with good S/N ... More
Quantum Degenerate Exciton-Polaritons in Thermal EquilibriumApr 16 2006Jan 12 2007We study the momentum distribution and relaxation dynamics of semiconductor microcavity polaritons by angle-resolved and time-resolved spectroscopy. Above a critical pump level, the thermalization time of polaritons at positive detunings becomes shorter ... More
The nature of ultra-luminous X-ray sources in NGC4565Apr 22 2002May 15 2002We report the optical identifications of two X-ray luminous point sources in the spiral galaxy NGC4565 based on archive data of Chandra and the Hubble Space Telescope. The central X-ray point source, RXJ1236.3+2559, is found to be the nucleus of NGC4565 ... More
A statistical study of the spectra of very luminous IRAS galaxies I: DataNov 05 1997This paper presents the results of spectral observations for the largest complete sample of very luminous IRAS galaxies obtained to date. The sample consists of those 73 objects for which log (L_IR/L_sun) => 11.5 (H0=50 km/s/Mpc, q0=0.5) and mag =< 15.5, ... More
Effect of the edge states on the conductance and thermopower in Zigzag Phosphorene NanoribbonsJun 06 2016Sep 12 2016We numerically study the effect of the edge states on the conductance and thermopower in zigzag phosphorene nanoribbons (ZPNRs) based on the tight-binding model and the scattering-matrix method. It is interesting to find that the band dispersion, conductance, ... More
Non-adiabatic topological spin pumpingJan 13 2016Based on the Floquet scattering theory, we analytically investigate the topological spin pumping for an exactly solvable model. Floquet spin Chern numbers are introduced to characterize the periodically time-dependent system. The topological spin pumping ... More
Semantic Modelling with Long-Short-Term Memory for Information RetrievalDec 20 2014Feb 27 2015In this paper we address the following problem in web document and information retrieval (IR): How can we use long-term context information to gain better IR performance? Unlike common IR methods that use bag of words representation for queries and documents, ... More
Multipartite Leggett-type InequalitiesNov 17 2011We use two different approaches to derive multipartite Leggett-type inequalities, which are generalizations of the two-qubit Leggett-type inequality obtained in [Nature Phys. \textbf{4}, 681 (2008)]. The first approach is based on the assumption that ... More
Logarithmic Entanglement Lightcone in Many-Body Localized SystemsJul 28 2016Aug 19 2016We theoretically study the response of a many-body localized system to a local quench from a quantum information perspective. We find that the local quench triggers entanglement growth throughout the whole system, giving rise to a logarithmic lightcone. ... More
Lasing oscillation condition and group delay control in gain-assisted plasmon-induced transparencyDec 10 2012A gain-assisted plasmonic waveguide with two detuned resonators is investigated in the plasmon-induced transparency window. Phase map is employed to study power transmittance and group delay for varying gain coefficients and frequency detunings of the ... More
When Human cognitive modeling meets PINs: User-independent inter-keystroke timing attacksOct 17 2018This paper proposes the first user-independent inter-keystroke timing attacks on PINs. Our attack method is based on an inter-keystroke timing dictionary built from a human cognitive model whose parameters can be determined by a small amount of training ... More
An HST Surface Photometric Study of Ultraluminous Infrared GalaxiesFeb 24 1999We study the surface photometry for 13 single-nucleus ultraluminous IRAS galaxies (ULIRGs), selected from a parent sample of 58 galaxies obtained in a Hubble Space Telescope snapshot survey. We find that these galaxies can be classified into three classes ... More
Critical Filling Factor for the Formation of a Quantum Wigner Crystal Screened by a Nearby LayerAug 19 2018Aug 21 2018One of the most fascinating ground states of an interacting electron system is the so-called Wigner crystal where the electrons, in order to minimize their repulsive Coulomb energy, form an ordered array. Here we report measurements of the critical filling ... More
Inference of Markovian Properties of Molecular Sequences from NGS Data and Applications to Comparative GenomicsApr 04 2015Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies generate large amounts of short read data for many different organisms. The fact that NGS reads are generally short makes it challenging to assemble the reads and reconstruct the original genome sequence. ... More
Enhanced low field magnetoresistance of Fe3O4 nano-sphere compactJun 22 2006Unusually large low field magetoresistance (LFMR), ~ 10 %, at 300 K has been observed with the sample of mono-dispersed Fe3O4 magnetite nanospheres, ~ 200 nm, compactly cold-pressed and sintered at 800 C. A detailed analysis on the transport and magnetic ... More
Spectroscopic Properties of QSOs Selected from Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxy SamplesMar 26 2002We performed spectroscopic observations for a large infrared QSO sample with a total of 25 objects. The sample was compiled from the QDOT redshift survey, the 1 Jy ULIRGs survey and a sample obtained by a cross-correlation study of the IRAS Point Source ... More
A short note on the axiomatic requirements of uncertainty measureOct 08 2013In this note, we argue that the axiomatic requirement of range to the measure of aggregated total uncertainty (ATU) in Dempster-Shafer theory is not reasonable.
Towards experimental entanglement connection with atomic ensembles in the single excitation regimeApr 17 2007We present a protocol for performing entanglement connection between pairs of atomic ensembles in the single excitation regime. Two pairs are prepared in an asynchronous fashion and then connected via a Bell measurement. The resulting state of the two ... More
The Time Invariance Principle, Ecological (Non)Chaos, and A Fundamental Pitfall of Discrete ModelingFeb 23 2007Mar 09 2007This paper is to show that most discrete models used for population dynamics in ecology are inherently pathological that their predications cannot be independently verified by experiments because they violate a fundamental principle of physics. The result ... More
The Origin of 2 Sexes Through Optimization of Recombination Entropy Against Time and EnergyMar 09 2007Sexual reproduction in Nature requires two sexes, which raises the question why the reproductive scheme did not evolve to have three or more sexes. Here we construct a constrained optimization model based on the communication theory to analyze trade-offs ... More
Mechanistic Model to Replace Hodgkin-Huxley EquationsMay 13 2015In this paper we construct a mathematical model for excitable membranes by introducing circuit characteristics for ion pump, ion current activation, and voltage-gating. The model is capable of reestablishing the Nernst resting potentials, all-or-nothing ... More
WLAN PIDSJul 31 2010This paper discuss two structures of WLAN system fit to Passenger Information Display System which is partly of subway.