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Explorations of two empirical formulae for fermion massesDec 20 2015Feb 21 2016Two empirical formulae for the lepton and quark masses (i.e. Kartavtsev's extended Koide formulae), $K_l=(\sum_l m_l)/(\sum_l\sqrt{m_l})^2=2/3$ and $K_q=(\sum_q m_q)/(\sum_q\sqrt{m_q})^2=2/3$, are explored in this paper. For the lepton sector, we show ... More
Electronic Transport Evidence for Topological Nodal-Line Semimetals of ZrGeSe single crystalsJul 10 2019Although the band topology of ZrGeSe has been studied via magnetic torque technique, the electronic transport behaviors related to the relativistic Fermions in ZrGeSe are still unknown. Here, we first report systematic electronic transport properties ... More
Effective super Tonks-Girardeau gases as ground states of strongly attractive multi-component fermionsSep 26 2010Dec 12 2010In the strong interaction limit, attractive fermions with $N$-component hyperfine states in a one-dimensional waveguide form unbreakable bound cluster states. We demonstrate that the ground state of strongly attractive SU($N$) Fermi gases can be effectively ... More
Semi-interactive Attention Network for Answer Understanding in Reverse-QAJan 12 2019Question answering (QA) is an important natural language processing (NLP) task and has received much attention in academic research and industry communities. Existing QA studies assume that questions are raised by humans and answers are generated by machines. ... More
A progressive diagonalization scheme for the Rabi HamiltonianApr 16 2010Aug 03 2010A diagonalization scheme for the Rabi Hamiltonian, which describes a qubit interacting with a single-mode radiation field via a dipole interaction, is proposed. It is shown that the Rabi Hamiltonian can be solved almost exactly using a progressive scheme ... More
Influences of degree inhomogeneity on average path length and random walks in disassortative scale-free networksSep 14 2008Mar 31 2009Various real-life networks exhibit degree correlations and heterogeneous structure, with the latter being characterized by power-law degree distribution $P(k)\sim k^{-\gamma}$, where the degree exponent $\gamma$ describes the extent of heterogeneity. ... More
Quantum criticality of a one-dimensional Bose-Fermi mixtureNov 15 2011Feb 17 2012The one-dimensional interacting Bose-Fermi mixtures, exhibiting quantum phase transitions at zero temperature, are particularly valuable for the study of quantum critical phenomena. In the present paper, we analytically study quantum phase diagram, equation ... More
Energy spectrum of a harmonically trapped two-atom system with spin-orbit couplingJun 27 2014Ultracold atomic gases provide a novel platform with which to study spin-orbit coupling, a mechanism that plays a central role in the nuclear shell model, atomic fine structure and two-dimensional electron gases. This paper introduces a theoretical framework ... More
Transition from Tonks-Girardeau gas to super-Tonks-Girardeau gas as an exact many-body dynamics problemNov 10 2009Mar 05 2010We investigate transition of a one-dimensional interacting Bose gas from a strongly repulsive regime to a strongly attractive regime, where a stable highly excited state known as the super Tonks-Girardeau gas was experimentally realized very recently. ... More
DeepQoE: A unified Framework for Learning to Predict Video QoEApr 10 2018Motivated by the prowess of deep learning (DL) based techniques in prediction, generalization, and representation learning, we develop a novel framework called DeepQoE to predict video quality of experience (QoE). The end-to-end framework first uses a ... More
Vortex Properties of a Resonant SuperfluidAug 11 2006The properties of a vortex in a rotating superfluid Fermi gas are studied in the unitary limit. A phenomenological approach based on Ginzburg-Landau theory is developed for this purpose. The density profiles, including those of the normal fluid and superfluid, ... More
Long-range dependent time series specificationDec 10 2013In this paper we propose using a nonparametric model specification test for parametric time series with long-range dependence (LRD). To establish asymptotic distributions of the proposed test statistic, we develop new central limit theorems for certain ... More
Phase Transitions in Knowledge Compilation: an Experimental StudyApr 05 2011Jun 03 2011Phase transitions in many complex combinational problems have been widely studied in the past decade. In this paper, we investigate phase transitions in the knowledge compilation empirically, where DFA, OBDD and d-DNNF are chosen as the target languages ... More
Hybrid Tractable Classes of Binary Quantified Constraint Satisfaction ProblemsApr 26 2011In this paper, we investigate the hybrid tractability of binary Quantified Constraint Satisfaction Problems (QCSPs). First, a basic tractable class of binary QCSPs is identified by using the broken-triangle property. In this class, the variable ordering ... More
High-speed quantum transducer with a single-photon emitter in an atomically thin resonatorDec 26 2017Quantum transducers can transfer quantum information between different systems. Microwave-optical photon conversion is important for future quantum networks to interconnect remote superconducting quantum computers with optical fibers. Here we propose ... More
Explicit determination of mean first-passage time for random walks on deterministic uniform recursive treesJul 10 2009Jan 30 2010The determination of mean first-passage time (MFPT) for random walks in networks is a theoretical challenge, and is a topic of considerable recent interest within the physics community. In this paper, according to the known connections between MFPT, effective ... More
Average distance in a hierarchical scale-free network: an exact solutionOct 28 2009Various real systems simultaneously exhibit scale-free and hierarchical structure. In this paper, we study analytically average distance in a deterministic scale-free network with hierarchical organization. Using a recursive method based on the network ... More
Non-ergodic Convergence Analysis of Heavy-Ball AlgorithmsNov 05 2018Nov 09 2018In this paper, we revisit the convergence of the Heavy-ball method, and present improved convergence complexity results in the convex setting. We provide the first non-ergodic O(1/k) rate result of the Heavy-ball algorithm with constant step size for ... More
Analytical thermodynamics of a strongly attractive three-component Fermi gas in one dimensionSep 13 2010Nov 30 2010Ultracold three-component atomic Fermi gases in one dimension are expected to exhibit rich physics due to the presence of trions and different pairing states. Quantum phase transitions from the trion state into a paired phase and a normal Fermi liquid ... More
Momentum distribution and contacts of one-dimensional spinless Fermi gases with an attractive p-wave interactionMar 14 2018We present a rigorous study of momentum distribution and p-wave contacts of one dimensional (1D) spinless Fermi gases with an attractive p-wave interaction. Using the Bethe wave function, we analytically calculate the large-momentum tail of momentum distribution ... More
Thermocapillary migration and interactions of two nondeformable dropletsJun 02 2011A numerical study on interactions of two spherical drops in thermocapillary migration in microgravity is presented. Finite-difference methods were adopted and the interfaces of drops were captured by the front-tracking technique. It is found that the ... More
Matrix Variate RBM Model with Gaussian DistributionsSep 21 2016Sep 27 2016Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) is a particular type of random neural network models modeling vector data based on the assumption of Bernoulli distribution. For multi-dimensional and non-binary data, it is necessary to vectorize and discretize the ... More
Partial Sum Minimization of Singular Values Representation on Grassmann ManifoldsJan 21 2016Apr 28 2017As a significant subspace clustering method, low rank representation (LRR) has attracted great attention in recent years. To further improve the performance of LRR and extend its applications, there are several issues to be resolved. The nuclear norm ... More
Block-Diagonal Sparse Representation by Learning a Linear Combination Dictionary for RecognitionJan 07 2016Nov 28 2016In a sparse representation based recognition scheme, it is critical to learn a desired dictionary, aiming both good representational power and discriminative performance. In this paper, we propose a new dictionary learning model for recognition applications, ... More
Heterogeneous Tensor Decomposition for Clustering via Manifold OptimizationApr 07 2015Apr 29 2015Tensors or multiarray data are generalizations of matrices. Tensor clustering has become a very important research topic due to the intrinsically rich structures in real-world multiarray datasets. Subspace clustering based on vectorizing multiarray data ... More
Cross-language Citation Recommendation via Hierarchical Representation Learning on Heterogeneous GraphDec 31 2018While the volume of scholarly publications has increased at a frenetic pace, accessing and consuming the useful candidate papers, in very large digital libraries, is becoming an essential and challenging task for scholars. Unfortunately, because of language ... More
Probing higher-order transitions through scattering of microwave photons in the ultrastrong-coupling regime of circuit QEDMay 22 2018Higher-order transitions can occur in the ultrastrong-coupling regime of circuit QED through virtual processes governed by the counter-rotating interactions. We propose a feasible way to probe higher-order transitions through the scattering of propagating ... More
Kernelized Low Rank Representation on Grassmann ManifoldsApr 08 2015Low rank representation (LRR) has recently attracted great interest due to its pleasing efficacy in exploring low-dimensional subspace structures embedded in data. One of its successful applications is subspace clustering which means data are clustered ... More
Partial Least Squares Regression on Riemannian Manifolds and Its Application in ClassificationsSep 21 2016Partial least squares regression (PLSR) has been a popular technique to explore the linear relationship between two datasets. However, most of algorithm implementations of PLSR may only achieve a suboptimal solution through an optimization on the Euclidean ... More
Kernel Sparse Subspace Clustering on Symmetric Positive Definite ManifoldsJan 04 2016Sparse subspace clustering (SSC), as one of the most successful subspace clustering methods, has achieved notable clustering accuracy in computer vision tasks. However, SSC applies only to vector data in Euclidean space. As such, there is still no satisfactory ... More
Low Rank Representation on Grassmann Manifolds: An Extrinsic PerspectiveApr 08 2015Many computer vision algorithms employ subspace models to represent data. The Low-rank representation (LRR) has been successfully applied in subspace clustering for which data are clustered according to their subspace structures. The possibility of extending ... More
Neighborhood Preserved Sparse Representation for Robust Classification on Symmetric Positive Definite MatricesJan 27 2016Due to its promising classification performance, sparse representation based classification(SRC) algorithm has attracted great attention in the past few years. However, the existing SRC type methods apply only to vector data in Euclidean space. As such, ... More
A Tale of Two Bases: Local-Nonlocal Regularization on Image Patches with Convolution FrameletsJun 04 2016Sep 12 2016We propose an image representation scheme combining the local and nonlocal characterization of patches in an image. Our representation scheme can be shown to be equivalent to a tight frame constructed from convolving local bases (e.g. wavelet frames, ... More
WebCaricature: a benchmark for caricature recognitionMar 09 2017Aug 09 2018Studying caricature recognition is fundamentally important to understanding of face perception. However, little research has been conducted in the computer vision community, largely due to the shortage of suitable datasets. In this paper, a new caricature ... More
Vectorial Dimension Reduction for Tensors Based on Bayesian InferenceJul 03 2017Dimensionality reduction for high-order tensors is a challenging problem. In conventional approaches, higher order tensors are `vectorized` via Tucker decomposition to obtain lower order tensors. This will destroy the inherent high-order structures or ... More
Localized LRR on Grassmann Manifolds: An Extrinsic ViewMay 17 2017Subspace data representation has recently become a common practice in many computer vision tasks. It demands generalizing classical machine learning algorithms for subspace data. Low-Rank Representation (LRR) is one of the most successful models for clustering ... More
Low-rank Multi-view Clustering in Third-Order Tensor SpaceAug 30 2016Aug 31 2016The plenty information from multiple views data as well as the complementary information among different views are usually beneficial to various tasks, e.g., clustering, classification, de-noising. Multi-view subspace clustering is based on the fact that ... More
Shape phase transition in the odd Sm nuclei: effective order parameter and odd-even effectApr 20 2015Some binding-energy-related quantities serving as effective order parameters have been used to analyze the shape phase transition in the odd Sm nuclei. It is found that the signals of phase transition in the odd Sm nuclei are greatly enhanced in contrast ... More
Diversity-Promoting Deep Reinforcement Learning for Interactive RecommendationMar 19 2019Interactive recommendation that models the explicit interactions between users and the recommender system has attracted a lot of research attentions in recent years. Most previous interactive recommendation systems only focus on optimizing recommendation ... More
Universal Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid phases in one-dimensional strongly attractive SU(N) fermionic cold atomsDec 23 2009A simple set of algebraic equations is derived for the exact low-temperature thermodynamics of one-dimensional multi-component strongly attractive fermionic atoms with enlarged SU(N) spin symmetry and Zeeman splitting. Universal multi-component Tomonaga-Luttinger ... More
Asymptotic formula on average path length of fractal networks modelled on Sierpinski GasketAug 05 2015In this paper, we introduce a new method to construct evolving networks based on the construction of the Sierpinski gasket. Using self-similarity and renewal theorem, we obtain the asymptotic formula for average path length of our evolving networks.
Throughput and Delay Scaling in Supportive Two-Tier NetworksMay 20 2009Oct 18 2011Consider a wireless network that has two tiers with different priorities: a primary tier vs. a secondary tier, which is an emerging network scenario with the advancement of cognitive radio technologies. The primary tier consists of randomly distributed ... More
Kernelized LRR on Grassmann Manifolds for Subspace ClusteringJan 09 2016Low rank representation (LRR) has recently attracted great interest due to its pleasing efficacy in exploring low-dimensional sub- space structures embedded in data. One of its successful applications is subspace clustering, by which data are clustered ... More
Laplacian LRR on Product Grassmann Manifolds for Human Activity Clustering in Multi-Camera Video SurveillanceJun 13 2016In multi-camera video surveillance, it is challenging to represent videos from different cameras properly and fuse them efficiently for specific applications such as human activity recognition and clustering. In this paper, a novel representation for ... More
Mapping Koch curves into scale-free small-world networksOct 18 2008Sep 02 2010The class of Koch fractals is one of the most interesting families of fractals, and the study of complex networks is a central issue in the scientific community. In this paper, inspired by the famous Koch fractals, we propose a mapping technique converting ... More
Precision Measurement of the Quadrupole Transition Matrix Element in a Single Trapped $^{40}$Ca$^{+}$Sep 14 2016We report the first experimental determination of the $4s \ ^{2}S_{1/2} $ $\leftrightarrow $ $3d \ ^{2}D_{5/2}$ quadrupole transition matrix element in $^{40}$Ca$^+$ by measuring the branching ratio of the $3d \ ^{2}D_{5/2} $ state decaying into the ground ... More
EASYFLOW: Keep Ethereum Away From OverflowNov 09 2018Jun 11 2019While Ethereum smart contracts enabled a wide range of blockchain applications, they are extremely vulnerable to different forms of security attacks. Due to the fact that transactions to smart contracts commonly involve cryptocurrency transfer, any successful ... More
Robust Cross-View Gait Identification with Evidence: A Discriminant Gait GAN (DiGGAN) Approach on 10000 PeopleNov 26 2018Gait is an important biometric trait for surveillance and forensic applications, which can be used to identify individuals at a large distance through CCTV cameras. However, it is very difficult to develop robust automated gait recognition systems, since ... More
Analyzing user behavior of the micro-blogging website Sinaweibo during hot social eventsApr 14 2013Oct 24 2013The spread and resonance of users' opinions on SinaWeibo, the most popular micro-blogging website in China, are tremendously influential, having significantly affected the processes of many real-world hot social events. We select 21 hot events that were ... More
What are Chinese Talking about in Hot Weibos?Apr 17 2013May 10 2013SinaWeibo is a Twitter-like social network service emerging in China in recent years. People can post weibos (microblogs) and communicate with others on it. Based on a dataset of 650 million weibos from August 2009 to January 2012 crawled from APIs of ... More
Trapping in scale-free networks with hierarchical organization of modularityAug 28 2009Nov 16 2009A wide variety of real-life networks share two remarkable generic topological properties: scale-free behavior and modular organization, and it is natural and important to study how these two features affect the dynamical processes taking place on such ... More
Dynamics of phase oscillators in the Kuramoto model with generalized frequency-weighted couplingJun 24 2016We generalize the Kuramoto model for the synchronization transition of globally coupled phase oscillators to populations by incorporating an additional heterogeneity with the coupling strength, where each oscillator pair interacts with different coupling ... More
Synchronization of phase oscillators with frequency-weighted couplingNov 17 2015Recently, the first-order synchronization transition has been studied in systems of coupled phase oscillators. In this paper, we propose a framework to investigate the synchronization in the frequency-weighted Kuramoto model with all-to-all couplings. ... More
Valley-Layer Coupling: A New Design Principle for ValleytronicsApr 13 2019We introduce the concept of valley-layer coupling (VLC) in two-dimensional materials, where the low-energy electronic states in the emergent valleys have valley-contrasted layer polarization such that each state is spatially localized on the top or bottom ... More
Universal local pair correlations of Lieb-Liniger bosons at quantum criticalityNov 14 2012Mar 18 2013The one-dimensional Lieb-Liniger Bose gas is a prototypical many-body system featuring universal Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid (TLL) physics and free fermion quantum criticality. We analytically calculate finite temperature local pair correlations for the ... More
The Untold Secrets of Operational Wi-Fi Calling Services: Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and CountermeasuresNov 27 2018Nov 29 2018Since 2016, all of four major U.S. operators have rolled out nationwide Wi-Fi calling services. They are projected to surpass VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and other VoIP services in terms of mobile IP voice usage minutes in 2018. They enable mobile users to ... More
Measurement of magic wavelengths for the 40Ca+ clock transitionSep 09 2014Apr 29 2015We demonstrate experimentally the existence of magic wavelengths and determine the ratio of the oscillator strengths for a single trapped ion. For the first time, two magic wavelengths for the 40Ca+ clock-transition are measured simultaneously with high ... More
Unipolar Resistance Switching in Amorphous High-k dielectrics Based on Correlated Barrier Hopping TheoryAug 17 2009Oct 04 2009We have proposed a kind of nonvolatile resistive switching memory based on amorphous LaLuO3, which has already been established as a promising candidate of high-k gate dielectric employed in transistors. Well-developed unipolar switching behaviors in ... More
Link Quality Aware Channel Allocation for Multichannel Body Sensor NetworksOct 10 2017Oct 27 2017Body Sensor Network (BSN) is a typical Internet-of-Things (IoT) application for personalized health care. It consists of economically powered, wireless and implanted medical monitoring sensor nodes, which are designed to continually collect the medical ... More
Preliminary Exploration of Formula Embedding for Mathematical Information Retrieval: can mathematical formulae be embedded like a natural language?Jul 17 2017Aug 29 2017While neural network approaches are achieving breakthrough performance in the natural language related fields, there have been few similar attempts at mathematical language related tasks. In this study, we explore the potential of applying neural representation ... More
Hertz-level Measurement of the 40Ca+ 4s 2S1/2-3d 2D5/2 Clock Transition Frequency With Respect to the SI Second through GPSNov 22 2011We report a frequency measurement of the clock transition of a single ^40Ca^+ ion trapped and laser cooled in a miniature ring Paul trap with 10^-15 level uncertainty. In the measurement, we used an optical frequency comb referenced to a Hydrogen maser, ... More
Tunable spin-orbit coupling synthesized with a modulating gradient magnetic fieldFeb 25 2015Feb 26 2015We report the observation of tunable spin-orbit coupling (SOC) for ultracold $^{87}$Rb atoms in hyperfine spin-1 states. Different from most earlier experiments where atomic SOC of pseudo-spin-1/2 are synthesized with Raman coupling lasers, the scheme ... More
Toroidal dipole response in a multifold double-ring metamaterialDec 22 2012The toroidal response is numerically investigated in a multifold double-ring metamaterials at the antibonding magnetic-dipole mode (i.e., antiparallel magnetic dipoles in one double-ring fold). This intriguing toroidal resonance in metamaterials is considered ... More
Optical toroidal dipolar response by an asymmetric double-bar metamaterialDec 22 2012We demonstrate that the toroidal dipolar response can be realized in the optical regime by designing a feasible nanostructured metamaterial, comprising asymmetric double-bar magnetic resonators assembled into a toroid-like configuration. It is confirmed ... More
Locality Preserving Projections for Grassmann manifoldApr 27 2017Learning on Grassmann manifold has become popular in many computer vision tasks, with the strong capability to extract discriminative information for imagesets and videos. However, such learning algorithms particularly on high-dimensional Grassmann manifold ... More
Tensor Sparse and Low-Rank based Submodule Clustering Method for Multi-way DataJan 02 2016Sep 28 2016A new submodule clustering method via sparse and low-rank representation for multi-way data is proposed in this paper. Instead of reshaping multi-way data into vectors, this method maintains their natural orders to preserve data intrinsic structures, ... More
Elliptic flow of identified particles in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=5.02$ TeVJun 09 2019In this paper, by using the Tsallis-Pareto-type function and the multisource thermal model, the elliptic flow coefficient of particles $\pi ^{\pm }$, $ K^{\pm }$, $p+\overline{p}$, $\Lambda +\overline{\Lambda }$, and $K_{S}^{0}$ produced in Pb-Pb collisions ... More
Graph Construction with Label Information for Semi-Supervised LearningJul 08 2016Feb 12 2017In the literature, most existing graph-based semi-supervised learning (SSL) methods only use the label information of observed samples in the label propagation stage, while ignoring such valuable information when learning the graph. In this paper, we ... More
A generic construction of quantum-oblivious-key-transfer-based private query with ideal database security and zero failureJun 23 2017Higher security and lower failure probability have always been people's pursuits in quantum-oblivious-key-transfer-based private query (QOKT-PQ) protocols since Jacobi \emph{et al}. [Phys. Rev. A 83, 022301 (2011)] proposed the first protocol of this ... More
All-optical Hall effect by the dynamic toroidal moment in a cavity-based metamaterialMar 19 2013Dynamic dipolar toroidal response is demonstrated by an optical plasmonic metamaterial composed of double disks. This response with a hotspot of localized E-field concentration is a well-behaved toroidal cavity mode that exhibits a large Purcell factor ... More
Fast Radio Bursts from the Inspiral of Double Neutron StarsMar 07 2016Apr 14 2016In this paper we propose that a fast radio burst (FRB) could originate from the magnetic interaction between double neutron stars (NSs) during their final inspiral within the framework of a unipolar inductor model. In this model, an electromotive force ... More
Diversified Top-k Partial MaxSAT SolvingMay 31 2017We introduce a diversified top-k partial MaxSAT problem, a combination of partial MaxSAT problem and enumeration problem. Given a partial MaxSAT formula F and a positive integer k, the diversified top-k partial MaxSAT is to find k maximal solutions for ... More
Gamma-rays From Warm WIMP Dark Matter AnnihilationMar 26 2012Nov 09 2012The weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) often serves as a candidate for the cold dark matter, however when produced non-thermally it could behave like warm dark matter. In this paper we study the properties of the $\gamma$-ray emission from annihilation ... More
The one-loop on-shell renormalization of some vertexes in MSSMMay 21 2013Jun 06 2013The on-shell renormalization scheme for the electroweak theory is well studied in the standard model(SM), but a consistent on-shell renormalization scheme for the minimal supersymmetric standard model(MSSM) is still unknown. In MSSM, we study the on-shell ... More
Product-Aware Answer Generation in E-Commerce Question-AnsweringJan 23 2019Jan 24 2019In e-commerce portals, generating answers for product-related questions has become a crucial task. In this paper, we propose the task of product-aware answer generation, which tends to generate an accurate and complete answer from large-scale unlabeled ... More
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of twisted trilayer grapheneNov 22 2017Twist, as a simple and unique degree of freedom, could lead to enormous novel quantum phenomena in bilayer graphene. A small rotation angle introduces low-energy van Hove singularities (VHSs) approaching the Fermi level, which result in unusual correlated ... More
Beam transport experiment with a new kicker control system on the HIRFL-CSRJul 09 2015The kicker control system was used for beam extraction and injection between two cooling storage rings (CSRs) at the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL). To meet the requirements of special physics experiments, the kicker controller was upgraded. ... More
Improving the performance of Twin-Field Quantum Key DistributionJan 08 2019Feb 12 2019Twin-Field Quantum Key Distribution(TF-QKD) protocol and its variants, e.g., Phase-Matching QKD(PM-QKD), Sending-or-Not QKD and TF-QKD without phase post-selection, can overcome the rate-distance limit without the help of quantum repeaters. Among all ... More
Accelerated Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Density Deconvolution Using Bernstein PolynomialJan 24 2016A new method for deconvoluting density in measurement error models using the Bernstein type polynomial model which is actually a finite mixture of specific beta distributions is proposed and studied. The change-point detection method is used to choose ... More
Critical phenomena in one dimension from a Bethe ansatz perspectiveAug 20 2014Aug 31 2014This article briefly reviews recent theoretical developments in quantum critical phenomena in one-dimensional (1D) integrable quantum gases of cold atoms. We present a discussion on quantum phase transitions, universal thermodynamics, scaling functions ... More
Probing semiconductor quantum dot state and manipulation with superconducting transmission line resonatorDec 08 2013A coupled system of a superconducting transmission line resonator with a semiconductor double quantum dot is analyzed. We simulate the phase shift of the microwave signal in the resonator, which is sensitive to the quantum dot qubit state and manipulation. ... More
Non-trivial Local Attractors of a Three-dimensional Dynamical SystemNov 25 2013Dec 25 2013Based on both qualitative method and numerical tests for a series of particular cases in the parameter region, a=1, 0<b <1, it is shown that the three-dimensional system (2) may have a series of interesting phenomena on the non-trivial local attractors, ... More
Equations for secant varieties of Chow varietiesFeb 13 2016Apr 24 2016The Chow variety of polynomials that decompose as a product of linear forms has been studied for more than 100 years. Finding equations in the ideal of secant varieties of Chow varieties would enable one to measure the complexity the permanent to prove ... More
Test Error Estimation after Model Selection Using Validation ErrorJan 09 2018Feb 11 2018When performing supervised learning with the model selected using validation error from sample splitting and cross validation, the minimum value of the validation error can be biased downward. We propose two simple methods that use the errors produced ... More
Maximum Approximate Bernstein Likelihood Estimation in Proportional Hazard Model for Interval-Censored DataJun 20 2019Maximum approximate Bernstein likelihood estimates of density function and regression coefficients in the proportional hazard regression models based on interval-censored event time data are proposed and studied. Smooth estimates of the survival and density ... More
Bernstein Polynomial Model for Grouped Continuous DataJun 21 2015Jul 18 2015Grouped data are commonly encountered in applications. The Bernstein polynomial model is proposed as an approximate model in this paper for estimating a univariate density function based on grouped data. The coefficients of the Bernstein polynomial, as ... More
The Dirichlet problem for fully nonlinear elliptic equations on Riemannian manifoldsMar 10 2014Aug 29 2018We solve the Dirichlet problem for fully nonlinear elliptic equations on Riemannian manifolds under essentially optimal structure conditions, especially with no restrictions to the curvature of the underlying manifold and the second fundamental form of ... More
Cadlag curves of SLE driven by Levy processesMay 16 2007Sep 05 2008Schramm Loewner Evolutions (SLE) are random increasing hulls defined through the Loewner equation driven by Brownian motion. It is known that the increasing hulls are generated by continuous curves. When the driving process is of the form \sqrt{\kappa} ... More
Boundary Harnack inequalities for regional fractional LaplacianMay 11 2007Jul 17 2009We consider boundary Harnack inequalities for regional fractional Laplacian which are generators of censored stable-like processes on G taking \kappa(x,y)/|x-y|^{n+\alpha}dxdy, x,y\in G as the jumping measure. When G is a C^{1,\beta-1} open set, 1<\alpha<\beta\leq ... More
Some Estimates of Virtual Element Methods for Fourth Order ProblemsMay 02 2018We employed the techniques developed for second order problem to obtain the new estimates of Virtual Element Method for fourth order operator. The projection and interpolation error estimates are included. Also, the biharmonic problem is solved by Virtual ... More
Flattenings and Koszul Young flattenings arising in complexity theoryOct 03 2015Jun 03 2016I find new equations for Chow varieties, their secant varieties, and an additional variety that arises in the study of depth 5 circuits by flattenings and Koszul Young flattenings. This enables a new lower bound for symmetric border rank of $x_1x_2\cdots ... More
On regularity of SLE_8 curvesMay 09 2007Sep 13 2008This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to essential mistakes in some previous versions.
Mapping Twisted Light into and out of a Photonic ChipMay 01 2018Dec 12 2018Twisted light carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) provides an additional degree of freedom for modern optics and an emerging resource for both classical and quantum information technologies. Its inherently infinite dimensions can potentially be exploited ... More
Attention-driven Tree-structured Convolutional LSTM for High Dimensional Data UnderstandingJan 29 2019Modeling the sequential information of image sequences has been a vital step of various vision tasks and convolutional long short-term memory (ConvLSTM) has demonstrated its superb performance in such spatiotemporal problems. Nevertheless, the hierarchical ... More
Multimessenger Tests of Einstein's Weak Equivalence Principle and Lorentz Invariance with a High-energy Neutrino from a Flaring BlazarJul 17 2018Jan 29 2019The detection of the high-energy ($\sim290$ TeV) neutrino coincident with the flaring blazar TXS 0506+056, the first and only $3\sigma$ neutrino-source association to date, provides new, multimessenger tests of the weak equivalence principle (WEP) and ... More
Accelerated Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Density Deconvolution Using Bernstein PolynomialJan 24 2016Jan 26 2018A new maximum likelihood method for deconvoluting a continuous density with a positive lower bound on a known compact support in additive measurement error models with known error distribution using the approximate Bernstein type polynomial model, a finite ... More
Extremal function of intrinsic normsOct 12 2004Through the study of the degenerate complex Monge-Amp\`ere equation, we establish the optimal regularity of the extremal function associated to intrinsic norms of Chern-Levine-Nirenberg and Bedford-Taylor. We prove a conjecture of Chern-Levine-Nirenberg ... More
Iterated Bernstein polynomial approximationsSep 03 2009Oct 16 2009Iterated Bernstein polynomial approximations of degree n for continuous function which also use the values of the function at i/n, i=0,1,...,n, are proposed. The rate of convergence of the classic Bernstein polynomial approximations is significantly improved ... More
An Averaging Theorem for Perturbed KdV EquationJan 08 2013We consider a perturbed KdV equation: [\dot{u}+u_{xxx} - 6uu_x = \epsilon f(x,u(\cdot)), \quad x\in \mathbb{T}, \quad\int_\mathbb{T} u dx=0.] For any periodic function $u(x)$, let $I(u)=(I_1(u),I_2(u),...)\in\mathbb{R}_+^{\infty}$ be the vector, formed ... More
The Gaussian Correlation Inequality for Symmetric Convex SetsDec 03 2010Mar 02 2013The paper is to prove the Gaussian correlation conjecture stating that, under the standard Gaussian measure, the measure of the intersection of any two symmetric convex sets is greater than or equal to the product of their measures. Characterization of ... More