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Cloud No Longer a Silver Bullet, Edge to the RescueFeb 15 2018This paper takes the position that, while cognitive computing today relies heavily on the cloud, we will soon see a paradigm shift where cognitive computing primarily happens on network edges. The shift toward edge devices is fundamentally propelled both ... More
Network Pruning for Low-Rank Binary IndexingMay 14 2019Pruning is an efficient model compression technique to remove redundancy in the connectivity of deep neural networks (DNNs). Computations using sparse matrices obtained by pruning parameters, however, exhibit vastly different parallelism depending on ... More
Entropy Bound Derived from the New Thermodynamics on Holographic ScreenJun 24 2011We introduce a new interpretation of chemical potential and show that holographic entropy is entropy bound, which is supported by two ideal cases discussed in detail. One is sparse but incompressible liquid like a star of uniform density and the other ... More
Supersymmetric Localization in GLSMs for SupermanifoldsJul 14 2018Apr 29 2019In this paper we apply supersymmetric localization to study gauged linear sigma models (GLSMs) describing supermanifold target spaces. We use the localization method to show that A-twisted GLSM correlation functions for certain supermanifolds are equivalent ... More
Self-similar solutions for finite size advection-dominated accretion flowsMay 04 2019We investigated effects on flow variables of transonic advection-dominated accretion flows (ADAFs) for different outer boundary locations (BLs) with a changing energy constant ($E$) of the flow. We used the ADAF solutions and investigated a general power ... More
Limits on luminosity and mass accretion rate of a radiation pressure dominated accretion discFeb 10 2015There is a maximum for the gravity of a black hole in the vertical direction in the accretion disc. Outflows may probably be driven from the disc if the radiation flux of the disc is greater than a critical value corresponding to the maximal vertical ... More
TeV cosmic-ray proton and helium spectra in the myriad modelJul 19 2012Sep 30 2013Recent measurements of cosmic ray proton and helium spectra show a hardening above a few hundreds of GeV. This excess is hard to understand in the framework of the conventional models of Galactic cosmic ray production and propagation. We propose here ... More
Thermodynamics of rotating Bose gases in a trapAug 06 2010Novel ground state properties of rotating Bose gases have been intensively studied in the context of neutral cold atoms. We investigate the rotating Bose gas in a trap from a thermodynamic perspective, taking the charged ideal Bose gas in magnetic field ... More
The sphere theorems for manifolds with positive scalar curvatureFeb 11 2011Some new differentiable sphere theorems are obtained via the Ricci flow and stable currents. We prove that if $M^n$ is a compact manifold whose normalized scalar curvature and sectional curvature satisfy the pointwise pinching condition $R_0>\sigma_{n}K_{\max}$, ... More
On the Mechanism of Roe-type Schemes for All-Speed FlowsJul 19 2011In recent years, Roe-type schemes based on different ideas have been developed for all-speed flows, such as the preconditioned Roe, the All-Speed Roe, Thornber's modified Roe and the LM-Roe schemes. This work explores why these schemes succeed or fail ... More
Uniform transverse beam profile with a new type nonlinear magnetMar 08 2017In this paper, a new type magnet is proposed and processed to uniform the transverse beam profile. Compeared to the octupole, the new type magnet can prove a similar octupole magnet field in the middle, but the rise rate declines quickly in the edge. ... More
Statistical properties of daily ensemble variables in the Chinese stock marketsMar 18 2006We study dynamical behavior of the Chinese stock markets by investigating the statistical properties of daily ensemble returns and varieties defined respectively as the mean and the standard deviation of the ensemble daily price returns of a portfolio ... More
Detrending moving average algorithm for multifractalsMay 06 2010Jun 08 2010The detrending moving average (DMA) algorithm is a widely used technique to quantify the long-term correlations of non-stationary time series and the long-range correlations of fractal surfaces, which contains a parameter $\theta$ determining the position ... More
Mechanism and Improvement of the Harten-Lax-van Leer Scheme for All-Speed FlowsNov 21 2011Based on the three rules developed from the Roe-type scheme, the mechanisms of the classical and preconditioned Harten-Lax-van Leer (HLL) schemes are analyzed. For the classical HLL scheme, the accuracy problem is attributable to the extremely large coefficient ... More
On Yau rigidity theorem for minimal submanifolds in spheresFeb 28 2011In this note, we investigate the well-known Yau rigidity theorem for minimal submanifolds in spheres. Using the parameter method of Yau and the DDVV inequality verified by Lu, Ge and Tang, we prove that if $M$ is an $n$-dimensional oriented compact minimal ... More
Emergence of long memory in stock volatility from a modified Mike-Farmer modelJul 29 2008May 13 2009The Mike-Farmer (MF) model was constructed empirically based on the continuous double auction mechanism in an order-driven market, which can successfully reproduce the cubic law of returns and the diffusive behavior of stock prices at the transaction ... More
Detrended fluctuation analysis for fractals and multifractals in higher dimensionsJul 23 2006Aug 08 2006One-dimensional detrended fluctuation analysis (1D DFA) and multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis (1D MF-DFA) are widely used in the scaling analysis of fractal and multifractal time series because of being accurate and easy to implement. In this ... More
Solar-System Constraints on f(R) Chameleon GravityAug 08 2011We investigate the solar-system constraint on the f(R) theory of modified gravity with chameleon mechanism, where f(R) represents the deviation from general relativity in the gravity action. We obtain a stringent bound to a general, non-constant deviation ... More
The origin of entropy production in spacetime thermodynamicsApr 16 2011Jun 29 2011We find that the ambiguity term of approximate Killing vector field is responsible for the entropy production term. Without the ambiguity term, pure Einstein theory and $f(R)$ satisfy the relation of thermodynamic equilibrium. Considering such an ambiguity ... More
Recognizing signed-graphic matroids: Cylinder flips and the importance of column scalingMay 06 2014Dec 01 2015In this paper, we investigate the importance of column scaling in relating two signed-graphic representations of the same matroid. We used the Sage Mathematics software to generate many examples of signed-graphic matroids and their signed-graphic representations. ... More
Empirical regularities of order placement in the Chinese stock marketDec 06 2007Using ultra-high-frequency data extracted from the order flows of 23 stocks traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, we study the empirical regularities of order placement in the opening call auction, cool period and continuous auction. The distributions ... More
Quantifying bid-ask spreads in the Chinese stock market using limit-order book data: Intraday pattern, probability distribution, long memory, and multifractal natureDec 31 2006Mar 15 2007The statistical properties of the bid-ask spread of a frequently traded Chinese stock listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange are investigated using the limit-order book data. Three different definitions of spread are considered based on the time right ... More
Bags of Tricks and A Strong Baseline for Deep Person Re-identificationMar 17 2019This paper explores a simple and efficient baseline for person re-identification (ReID). Person re-identification (ReID) with deep neural networks has made progress and achieved high performance in recent years. However, many state-of-the-arts methods ... More
Shock-capturing with natural high frequency oscillationsOct 02 2001This paper explores the potential of a newly developed conjugate filter oscillation reduction (CFOR) scheme for shock-capturing under the influence of natural high-frequency oscillations. The conjugate low-pass and high-pass filters are constructed based ... More
Advection-Dominated Accretion Disks: Geometrically Slim or Thick?Sep 26 2009We revisit the vertical structure of black hole accretion disks in spherical coordinates. By comparing the advective cooling with the viscous heating, we show that advection-dominated disks are geometrically thick, i.e., with the half-opening angle > ... More
Cosmological and Solar-System Tests of f(R) Modified GravitySep 17 2010We investigate the cosmological and the local tests of the f(R) theory of modified gravity via the observations of (1) the cosmic expansion and (2) the cosmic structures and via (3) the solar-system experiments. To fit the possible cosmic expansion histories ... More
Shakura-Sunyaev Disk Can Smoothly Match Advection-Dominated Accretion FlowJan 04 2004We use the standard Runge-Kutta method to solve the set of basic equations describing black hole accretion flows composed of two-temperature plasma. We do not invoke any extra energy transport mechanism such as thermal conduction and do not specify any ... More
Double transition of information spreading in a two-layered networkMay 06 2018A great deal of significant progress has been seen in the study of information spreading on populations of networked individuals. A common point in many of past studies is that there is only one transition in the phase diagram of the final accepted size ... More
Could an X-ray Flare after GRB 170817A Originate from a Post-merger Slim Accretion Disc?Mar 19 2019GRB 170817A, detected by Fermi-GBM 1.7\,s after the merger of a neutron star (NS) binary, provides the first direct evidence for a link between such a merger and a short-duration gamma-ray burst. The X-ray observations after GRB 170817A indicate a possible ... More
Modified detrended fluctuation analysis based on empirical mode decompositionJul 19 2009Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) is a simple but very efficient method for investigating the power-law long-term correlations of non-stationary time series, in which a detrending step is necessary to obtain the local fluctuations at different timescales. ... More
Updated study of the $η$-$η'$ mixing and the thermal properties of light pseudoscalar mesons at low temperaturesMar 20 2018Nov 14 2018Within the framework of the $U(3)$ chiral perturbation theory, we revisit the masses, decay constants and the mixing parameters of the light pseudoscalar mesons $\pi, K, \eta$ and $\eta'$. The low energy constants up to next-to-next-to-leading order are ... More
Situation-Aware Integration and Transmission of Safety Information for Smart Railway VehiclesApr 02 2015Apr 03 2015Recent trend of railway train development can be characterized in several aspects : high speed, infortainment, intelligence in driving, and so on. In particular, trend of high speed in driving is prominent and competition for high speed amongst several ... More
Holomorphic maps between closed SU(l,m)-orbits in GrassmannianSep 06 2018Orbits of $SU(\ell, m)$ in a Grassmannian manifold have homogeneous CR structures. In this paper, we study germs of smooth CR mappings sending a closed orbit of $SU(\ell,m)$ into a closed orbit of $SU(\ell',m')$ in Grassmannian manifolds. We show that ... More
Jet vanishing orders and effectivity of Kohn's algorithm in dimension $3$Feb 22 2017Sep 15 2018We propose a new class of geometric invariants called jet vanishing orders, and use them to establish a new selection algorithm in the Kohn's construction of subelliptic multipliers for special domains in dimension $3$, inspired by the work of Y.-T. Siu ... More
Stylized facts of price gaps in limit order books: Evidence from Chinese stocksMay 06 2014Price gap, defined as the logarithmic price difference between the first two occupied price levels on the same side of a limit order book (LOB), is a key determinant of market depth, which is one of the dimensions of liquidity. However, the properties ... More
On the growth of primary industry and population of China's countiesJan 26 2010Apr 19 2010The growth dynamics of complex organizations have attracted much interest of econophysicists and sociophysicists in recent years. However, most of the studies are done for developed countries. We investigate the growth dynamics of the primary industry ... More
Localization of twisted $\mathcal{N}{=}(0,2)$ gauged linear sigma models in two dimensionsDec 26 2015Jan 18 2016We study two-dimensional $\mathcal{N}{=}(0,2)$ supersymmetric gauged linear sigma models (GLSMs) using supersymmetric localization. We consider $\mathcal{N}{=}(0,2)$ theories with an $R$-symmetry, which can always be defined on curved space by a pseudo-topological ... More
Cures for the Expansion Shock and the Shock Instability of the Roe SchemeJul 24 2016A common defect of the Roe scheme is the production of non-physical expansion shock and shock instability. An improved method with several advantages was presented to suppress the shock instability. However, this method cannot prevent expansion shock ... More
Direct determination approach for the multifractal detrending moving average analysisFeb 09 2019In the canonical framework, we propose an alternative approach for the multifractal analysis based on the detrending moving average method (MF-DMA). We define a canonical measure such that the multifractal mass exponent $\tau(q)$ is related to the partition ... More
Scaling and memory in the return intervals of realized volatilityApr 07 2009Aug 19 2009We perform return interval analysis of 1-min {\em{realized volatility}} defined by the sum of absolute high-frequency intraday returns for the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index (SSEC) and 22 constituent stocks of SSEC. The scaling behavior and memory ... More
Full Attitude Control of an Efficient Quadrotor Tail-sitter VTOL UAV with Flexible ModesMar 15 2019In this paper, we present a full attitude control of an efficient quadrotor tail-sitter VTOL UAV with flexible modes. This control system is working in all flight modes without any control surfaces but motor differential thrusts. This paper concentrates ... More
Combined Neyman-Pearson Chi-square: An Improved Approximation to the Poisson-likelihood Chi-squareMar 17 2019We describe an approximation to the widely-used Poisson-likelihood chi-square using a linear combination of Neyman's and Pearson's chi-squares, namely ``combined Neyman-Pearson chi-square'' ($\chi^2_{\mathrm{CNP}}$). Through analytical derivation and ... More
Optimal Scheduling across Heterogeneous Air Interfaces of LTE/WiFi AggregationFeb 06 2018LTE/WiFi Aggregation (LWA) provides a promising approach to relieve data traffic congestion in licensed bands by leveraging unlicensed bands. Critical challenges arise from provisioning quality-of-service (QoS) through heterogenous interfaces of licensed ... More
A note on the complex SYK model and warped CFTsAug 24 2018Dec 08 2018We discuss the connections between the complex SYK model at the conformal limit and warped conformal field theories. Both theories have an $SL(2,R) \times U(1)$ global symmetry. We present comparisons on symmetries, correlation functions, the effective ... More
Density dependence of nuclear symmetry energy constrained by mean-field calculationsSep 09 2012We establish a correlation for the symmetry energy at saturation density $S_{0}$, slope parameter $L$ and curvature parameter $K_{\text{sym}}$ based on widely different mean field interactions. With the help of this correlation and available empirical ... More
Alpha-decay half-lives and Q_alpha values of superheavy nucleiApr 14 2010The alpha-decay half-lives of recently synthesized superheavy nuclei (SHN) are investigated based on a unified fission model (UFM) where a new method to calculate the assault frequency of alpha-emission is used. The excellent agreement with the experimental ... More
Phononic thermal properties of two-dimensional materialsMay 16 2017Jul 10 2018Following the emergence of many novel two-dimensional (2-D) materials beyond graphene, interest has grown in exploring implications for fundamental physics and practical applications, ranging from electronics, photonics, phononics, to thermal management ... More
Winds Can "Blow Up" AGN Accretion Disk SizesJun 22 2018Oct 24 2018Recent multi-band variability studies have revealed that active galactic nucleus (AGN) accretion disc sizes are generally larger than the predictions of the classical thin disc by a factor of $2\sim 3$. This hints at some missing key ingredient in the ... More
An Improved Roe Scheme for All Mach-Number Flows Simultaneously Curing Known ProblemsNov 25 2017Feb 09 2018Roe scheme is known for its good performance in moderate-Mach-number flows. However, this scheme and its extended versions suffers from many disastrous problems, such as non-physical behavior, global cut-off, and checkerboard problems, for incompressible ... More
The Statistics of Vacuum GeometryFeb 13 2014Jun 22 2014We investigate the vacuum moduli space of supersymmetric gauge theories en masse by probing the space of such vacua from a statistical standpoint. Using quiver gauge theories with ${\cal N}=1$ supersymmetry as a testing ground, we sample over a large ... More
Stability of braneworlds with non-minimally coupled multi-scalar fieldsFeb 12 2017Feb 25 2018Linear stability of braneworld models constructed with multi-scalar fields is very different from that of single-scalar field models. It is well known that both the tensor and scalar perturbation equations of the later can always be written as a supersymmetric ... More
Discrete Laplace-Beltrami Operator Determines Discrete Riemannian MetricOct 19 2010The Laplace-Beltrami operator of a smooth Riemannian manifold is determined by the Riemannian metric. Conversely, the heat kernel constructed from its eigenvalues and eigenfunctions determines the Riemannian metric. This work proves the analogy on Euclidean ... More
The Effect of Explicit Structure Encoding of Deep Neural Networks for Symbolic Music GenerationNov 20 2018Jan 24 2019With recent breakthroughs in artificial neural networks, deep generative models have become one of the leading techniques for computational creativity. Despite very promising progress on image and short sequence generation, symbolic music generation remains ... More
Effective Capacity of Licensed-Assisted Access in Unlicensed Spectrum for 5G: From Theory to ApplicationMay 15 2017May 21 2017License-assisted access (LAA) is a promising technology to offload dramatically increasing cellular traffic to unlicensed bands. Challenges arise from the provision of quality-of-service (QoS) and the quantification of capacity, due to the distributed ... More
Spherical Parameterization Balancing Angle and Area DistortionsOct 21 2018This work presents a novel framework for spherical mesh parameterization. An efficient angle-preserving spherical parameterization algorithm is introduced, which is based on dynamic Yamabe flow and the conformal welding method with solid theoretic foundation. ... More
Empirical properties of inter-cancellation durations in the Chinese stock marketMar 14 2014Order cancellation process plays a crucial role in the dynamics of price formation in order-driven stock markets and is important in the construction and validation of computational finance models. Based on the order flow data of 18 liquid stocks traded ... More
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon in Protoplanetary Disks around Herbig Ae/Be and T Tauri StarsDec 30 2016A distinct set of broad emission features at 3.3, 6.2, 7.7, 8.6, 11.3, and 12.7 $\mu$m, is often detected in protoplanetary disks (PPDs). These features are commonly attributed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). We model these emission features ... More
Periodic Table for Topological Bands with Non-Hermitian Bernard-LeClair SymmetriesDec 26 2018Jan 08 2019Classifications of symmetry-protected topological (SPT) phases provide a framework to systematically understand the physical properties and potential applications of topological systems. While such classifications have been widely explored in the context ... More
Fathom: Reference Workloads for Modern Deep Learning MethodsAug 23 2016Deep learning has been popularized by its recent successes on challenging artificial intelligence problems. One of the reasons for its dominance is also an ongoing challenge: the need for immense amounts of computational power. Hardware architects have ... More
An empirical behavioural order-driven model with price limit rulesApr 14 2017We develop an empirical behavioural order-driven (EBOD) model, which consists of an order placement process and an order cancellation process. Price limit rules are introduced in the definition of relative price. The order placement process is determined ... More
The position profiles of order cancellations in an emerging stock marketDec 28 2011May 30 2013Order submission and cancellation are two constituent actions of stock trading behaviors in order-driven markets. Order submission dynamics has been extensively studied for different markets, while order cancellation dynamics is less understood. There ... More
Scaling and memory in the non-poisson process of limit order cancelationOct 31 2009The order submission and cancelation processes are two crucial aspects in the price formation of stocks traded in order-driven markets. We investigate the dynamics of order cancelation by studying the statistical properties of inter-cancelation durations ... More
First Electromagnetic Pulse Associated with a Gravitational-Wave Event: Profile, Duration, and DelayMar 05 2018We study the first electromagnetic pulse after the gravitational wave chirp signal, focusing on the profile and duration. It is found that the light curve, especially the steep decay (SD) phase, can be very different by adopting different viewing angle ... More
Remarks on the rigidity of CR-manifoldsJan 23 2005Apr 22 2006A method is proposed to obtain examples of smooth CR-manifolds whose local stability group is neither a Lie group nor infinite-dimensional.
Computational experiments successfully predict the emergence of autocorrelations in ultra-high-frequency stock returnsMar 25 2014Feb 24 2018Social and economic systems are complex adaptive systems, in which heterogenous agents interact and evolve in a self-organized manner, and macroscopic laws emerge from microscopic properties. To understand the behaviors of complex systems, computational ... More
Exact results for the zeros of the partition function of the Potts model on finite latticesSep 28 1999The Yang-Lee zeros of the Q-state Potts model are investigated in 1, 2 and 3 dimensions. Analytical results derived from the transfer matrix for the one-dimensional model reveal a systematic behavior of the locus of zeros as a function of Q. For 1<Q<2 ... More
Microcanonical Transfer Matrix Study of the Q-state Potts ModelOct 13 1998The microcanonical transfer matrix is used to study the zeros of the partition function of the Q-state Potts model. Results are presented for the Yang-Lee zeros of the 3-state model, the Fisher zeros of the 3-state model in an external field $H_q<0$, ... More
Spectral Analyses of the Nearest Persistent Ultraluminous X-Ray Source M33 X-8Aug 31 2009We provide a detailed analysis of 12 XMM observations of the nearest persistent extragalactic ultraluminous X-ray source (ULX), M33 X-8. No significant spectral evolution is detected between the observations, therefore we combine the individual observations ... More
Effect of richness on AGN and star formation activities in SDSS galaxy groupsJan 22 2019Based on a large sample of 254 220 galaxies in 81 089 groups, which are selected from the spectroscopic galaxy sample of the SDSS DR12, we investigate the radial distribution of incidences, morphologies, environmental densities, and star formation properties ... More
A Catalog of Post-starburst Quasars from Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 7Mar 01 2018We present a catalog of nearby (z $\leq$ 0.5) quasars with significant features of post-starburst stellar populations in their optical spectra, so-called post-starburst quasars, or PSQs. After carefully decomposing spectra from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey ... More
Data-Driven Tight Frame for Cryo-EM Image Denoising and Conformational ClassificationOct 20 2018Oct 25 2018The cryo-electron microscope (cryo-EM) is increasingly popular these years. It helps to uncover the biological structures and functions of macromolecules. In this paper, we address image denoising problem in cryo-EM. Denoising the cryo-EM images can help ... More
Hadronic production of $Ξ_{cc}$ at a fixed-target experiment at the LHCJan 24 2014Mar 25 2014In the paper, we present a detailed discussion on the $\Xi_{cc}$ production at a fixed target experiment at the LHC (After@LHC). The doubly charmed baryon $\Xi_{cc}$ is produced via the channel, ${\rm Proton} + {\rm Proton}\to\Xi_{cc}+X$. In estimating ... More
Flaw-driven Failure in NanostructuresJul 11 2013Understanding failure in nanomaterials is critical for the design of reliable structural materials and small-scale devices that have components or microstructural elements at the nanometer length scale. No consensus exists on the effect of flaws on fracture ... More
Evidence for local moment magnetism in superconducting FeTe0.35Se0.65Dec 10 2010The nature of the magnetic correlations in Fe-based superconductors remains a matter of controversy. To address this issue, we use inelastic neutron scattering to characterize the strength and temperature dependence of low-energy spin fluctuations in ... More
Optical properties of the iron-chalcogenide superconductor FeTe0.55Se0.45Jul 08 2010Sep 29 2010The complex optical properties of the iron-chalcogenide superconductor FeTe0.55Se0.45 with Tc=14K have been examined over a wide frequency range for light polarized in the Fe-Te(Se) planes above and below Tc. At room temperature the optical response may ... More
Central Engine-Powered Bright X-ray Flares in Short Gamma-Ray Bursts: A Hint of Black Hole-Neutron Star Merger?Mar 27 2018Short gamma-ray bursts may originate from the merger of double neutron stars (NS) or that of a black hole (BH) and an NS. We propose that the bright X-ray flare related to the central engine reactivity may hint a BH-NS merger, since such a merger can ... More
Hiding a Realistic Object Using a Broadband Terahertz Invisibility CloakMay 02 2011The invisibility cloak has been a long-standing dream for many researchers over the decades. The introduction of transformational optics has revitalized this field by providing a general method to design material distributions to hide the subject from ... More
Registration of Volumetric Prostate Scans using Curvature FlowAug 02 2016Radiological imaging of the prostate is becoming more popular among researchers and clinicians in searching for diseases, primarily cancer. Scans might be acquired with different equipment or at different times for prognosis monitoring, with patient movement ... More
Superconductor terahertz metamaterialMar 26 2010We characterize the behaviour of split ring resonators made up of high-transition temperature YBCO superconductor using terahertz time domain spectroscopy. The superconductor metamaterial shows sharp change in the transmission spectrum at the fundamental ... More
Data Driven Robust Image Guided Depth Map RestorationDec 26 2015Depth maps captured by modern depth cameras such as Kinect and Time-of-Flight (ToF) are usually contaminated by missing data, noises and suffer from being of low resolution. In this paper, we present a robust method for high-quality restoration of a degraded ... More
Weightless: Lossy Weight Encoding For Deep Neural Network CompressionNov 13 2017The large memory requirements of deep neural networks limit their deployment and adoption on many devices. Model compression methods effectively reduce the memory requirements of these models, usually through applying transformations such as weight pruning ... More
New targets for relic antineutrino captureNov 13 2018The electron capture (EC) decaying $^{163}$Ho has been a candidate for measuring the electron neutrino mass since a long time and recently the interest in $^{163}$Ho has been renewed because of a possible relic antineutrino capture experiment. However, ... More
Neutrino Mass Bounds from Neutrinoless Double Beta Decays and Large Scale StructuresMar 17 2008Mar 20 2008We investigate the way how the total mass sum of neutrinos can be constrained from the neutrinoless double beta decay and cosmological probes with cosmic microwave background (WMAP 3-year results), large scale structures including 2dFGRS and SDSS data ... More
Classifying Latent Infection States in Complex NetworksJan 31 2014Algorithms for identifying the infection states of nodes in a network are crucial for understanding and containing infections. Often, however, only a relatively small set of nodes have a known infection state. Moreover, the length of time that each node ... More
Building Symmetry Enriched Topological Phases from a Bipartite Lattice Construction and Anyon CondensationFeb 06 2018Feb 13 2018We introduce a construction of symmetry-enriched topological orders on bipartite lattices in which two $\mathbb{Z}_2$ spin liquids defined on each sublattice are combined, and then anyons are condensed to reduce the topological order. By choosing different ... More
Yang-Lee zeros of the Q-state Potts model in the complex magnetic-field planeJul 27 1998The microcanonical transfer matrix is used to study the distribution of Yang-Lee zeros of the $Q$-state Potts model in the complex magnetic-field ($x=e^{\beta h}$) plane for the first time. Finite size scaling suggests that at (and below) the critical ... More
External Shock in a Multi-Bursting Gamma-ray Burst: Energy Injection Phase induced by the Later Launched EjectaDec 04 2017Central engine of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) may be intermittent and launch several episodes of ejecta separated by a long quiescent interval. In this scenario, an external shock is formed due to the propagation of the first launched ejecta into the circum-burst ... More
Correlations of Disk and Jet Emission Deviating from the Fundamental PlaneMay 14 2015The variability of accretion rate, which is believed to induce the aperiodic variability of X-ray emission from disk, may affect the energy injection into the jet. In this spirit, a correlation between disk emission and jet emission can be formed even ... More
Time-Dependent Scalar Fields in Modified Gravities in a Stationary SpacetimeFeb 28 2015Aug 26 2016Most no-hair theorems involve the assumption that the scalar field is independent of time. Recently in [Phys. Rev. D90 (2014) 041501(R)] the existence of time-dependent scalar hair outside a stationary black hole in general relativity was ruled out. We ... More
Charged spinning black holes as accelerators of spinning particlesAug 31 2016Nov 29 2016It is well known that some black holes can act as accelerators for particles without spin. Recently, there are some works considering collision of two spinning particles in the background of Schwarzschild and Kerr black holes and it was shown that {the ... More
Joint multifractal analysis based on the partition function approach: Analytical analysis, numerical simulation and empirical applicationSep 20 2015Many complex systems generate multifractal time series which are long-range cross-correlated. Numerous methods have been proposed to characterize the multifractal nature of these long-range cross correlations. However, several important issues about these ... More
Statistical properties of online avatar numbers in a massive multiplayer online role-playing gameApr 30 2009Massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are very popular in past few years. The profit of an MMORPG company is proportional to how many users registered, and the instant number of online avatars is a key factor to assess how popular an ... More
Emergence of a Balanced Core through Dynamical Competition in Heterogeneous Neuronal NetworksOct 14 2017The balance between excitation and inhibition is crucial for neuronal computation. It is observed that the balanced state of neuronal networks exists in many experiments, yet its underlying mechanism remains to be fully clarified. Theoretical studies ... More
Metric Based Quadrilateral Mesh GenerationNov 30 2018This work proposes a novel metric based algorithm for quadrilateral mesh generating. Each quad-mesh induces a Riemannian metric satisfying special conditions: the metric is a flat metric with cone signualrites conformal to the original metric, the total ... More
Zero-point attracting projection algorithm for sequential compressive sensingMar 09 2013Sequential Compressive Sensing, which may be widely used in sensing devices, is a popular topic of recent research. This paper proposes an online recovery algorithm for sparse approximation of sequential compressive sensing. Several techniques including ... More
A `fast-burning' mechanism for magnetic diffusionFeb 12 2016Fast-burning mechanism describes the rapid penetration, with a sharp-shaped wave-front, of a strong magnetic field into a conductive metal whose electric resistance poses an abrupt rise at some critical temperature. With its wave-front sweeping over a ... More
Effects of long memory in the order submission process on the properties of recurrence intervals of large price fluctuationsJan 12 2012Understanding the statistical properties of recurrence intervals of extreme events is crucial to risk assessment and management of complex systems. The probability distributions and correlations of recurrence intervals for many systems have been extensively ... More
Indium substitution effect on the topological crystalline insulator family (Pb$_{1-x}$Sn$_{x}$)$_{1-y}$In$_{y}$Te: Topological and superconducting propertiesMar 28 2017Topological crystalline insulators (TCIs) have been of great interest in the area of condensed matter physics. We investigated the effect of indium substitution on the crystal structure and transport properties in the TCI system (Pb$_{1-x}$Sn$_{x}$)$_{1-y}$In$_{y}$Te. ... More
Comparing the performance of FA, DFA and DMA using different synthetic long-range correlated time seriesAug 18 2012Notwithstanding the significant efforts to develop estimators of long-range correlations (LRC) and to compare their performance, no clear consensus exists on what is the best method and under which conditions. In addition, synthetic tests suggest that ... More
Unsupervised Inductive Whole-Graph Embedding by Preserving Graph ProximityApr 01 2019We introduce a novel approach to graph-level representation learning, which is to embed an entire graph into a vector space where the embeddings of two graphs preserve their graph-graph proximity. Our approach, UGRAPHEMB, is a general framework that provides ... More