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Verifying and Reporting Fast Radio BurstsAug 23 2018Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are a class of short-duration transients at radio wavelengths with inferred astrophysical origin. The prototypical FRB is a broadband signal that occurs over the extent of the receiver frequency range, is narrow in time, and is ... More
GBTrans: A commensal search for radio pulses with the Green Bank twenty metre telescopeMay 02 2019May 06 2019We describe GBTrans, a real-time search system designed to find fast radio bursts (FRBs) using the 20-m radio telescope at the Green Bank Observatory. The telescope has been part of the Skynet educational program since 2015. We give details of the observing ... More
GREENBURST: a commensal fast radio burst search back-end for the Green Bank TelescopeMar 13 2019We describe the design and deployment of GREENBURST, a commensal Fast Radio Burst (FRB) search system at the Green Bank Telescope. GREENBURST uses the dedicated L-band receiver tap to search over the 960$-$1920 MHz frequency range for pulses with dispersion ... More
Random Sequential Renormalization and Agglomerative Percolation in Networks: Application to Erd"os-R'enyi and Scale-free GraphsSep 21 2011Dec 12 2011We study the statistical behavior under random sequential renormalization(RSR) of several network models including Erd"os R'enyi (ER) graphs, scale-free networks and an annealed model (AM) related to ER graphs. In RSR the network is locally coarse grained ... More
Control of a 2-DoF robotic arm using a P300-based brain-computer interfaceJan 05 2019In this study, a novel control algorithm for a P-300 based brain-computer interface is fully developed to control a 2-DoF robotic arm. Eight subjects including 5 men and 3 women, perform a 2-dimensional target tracking task in a simulated environment. ... More
Studying the Affecting Factors on Trust in Social CommerceAug 17 2015Recently, e-commerce has enjoyed the appearance of many novel opportunities created as a result of the increasing growth of social networks. Social commerce (s-commerce), an offspring of e-commerce, interconnects users and helps with the commerce process ... More
Discontinuous Percolation Transitions in Epidemic Processes, Surface Depinning in Random Media and Hamiltonian Random GraphsFeb 14 2012Apr 05 2012Discontinuous percolation transitions and the associated tricritical points are manifest in a wide range of both equilibrium and non-equilibrium cooperative phenomena. To demonstrate this, we present and relate the continuous and first order behaviors ... More
Complexity of computing the anti-Ramsey numbersOct 18 2018Mar 09 2019The anti-Ramsey numbers are a fundamental notion in graph theory, introduced in 1978, by Erd\"os, Simonovits and S\'os. For given graphs $G$ and $H$ the anti-Ramsey number $\textrm{ar}(G,H)$ is defined to be the maximum number $k$ such that there exists ... More
ALFABURST: A commensal search for Fast Radio Bursts with AreciboOct 30 2017Nov 22 2017ALFABURST has been searching for Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) commensally with other projects using the Arecibo L-band Feed Array (ALFA) receiver at the Arecibo Observatory since July 2015. We describe the observing system and report on the non-detection ... More
Initial Results from the ALFABURST SurveyOct 25 2017Here, we present initial results from the ALFABURST radio transient survey, which is currently running in a commensal mode with the ALFA receiver at the Arecibo telescope. We observed for a total of 1400 hours and have detected single pulses from known ... More
A Novel C2C E-Commerce Recommender System Based on Link Prediction: Applying Social Network AnalysisJul 31 2014Social network analysis emerged as an important research topic in sociology decades ago, and it has also attracted scientists from various fields of study like psychology, anthropology, geography and economics. In recent years, a significant number of ... More
Complexity of computing the anti-Ramsey numbersOct 18 2018The anti-Ramsey numbers are a fundamental notion in graph theory, introduced in 1978, by Erd\"os, Simonovits and S\'os. For given graphs $G$ and $H$ the anti-Ramsey number $\textrm{ar}(G,H)$ is defined to be the maximum number $k$ such that there exists ... More
Scalable Structure Learning for Probabilistic Soft LogicJul 03 2018Statistical relational frameworks such as Markov logic networks and probabilistic soft logic (PSL) encode model structure with weighted first-order logical clauses. Learning these clauses from data is referred to as structure learning. Structure learning ... More
Random Sequential Renormalization of Networks I: Application to Critical TreesSep 20 2010Mar 23 2011We introduce the concept of Random Sequential Renormalization (RSR) for arbitrary networks. RSR is a graph renormalization procedure that locally aggregates nodes to produce a coarse grained network. It is analogous to the (quasi-)parallel renormalization ... More
A deep learning-based method for prostate segmentation in T2-weighted magnetic resonance imagingJan 27 2019We propose a novel automatic method for accurate segmentation of the prostate in T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Our method is based on convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Because of the large variability in the shape, size, and appearance ... More
Investigation of bifurcations in the behavior of the process equationMar 01 2017This paper investigates the different behaviors of the process equation and parameters of their occurrences. The process equation is a multistable one dimensional map with nonlinear feedback and can show various behaviors such as period doubling route ... More
Near-Optimal Virtual Machine Packing Based on Resource Requirement of Service Demands Using Pattern ClusteringJun 27 2014Upon the expansion of Cloud Computing and the positive outlook of organizations with regard to the movements towards using cloud computing and their expanding utilization of such valuable processing method, as well as the solutions provided by the cloud ... More
Sampling properties of directed networksJan 06 2012Oct 13 2012For many real-world networks only a small "sampled" version of the original network may be investigated; those results are then used to draw conclusions about the actual system. Variants of breadth-first search (BFS) sampling, which are based on epidemic ... More
A Fairness-aware Hybrid Recommender SystemSep 13 2018Recommender systems are used in variety of domains affecting people's lives. This has raised concerns about possible biases and discrimination that such systems might exacerbate. There are two primary kinds of biases inherent in recommender systems: observation ... More
Percolation Theory on Interdependent Networks Based on Epidemic SpreadingSep 20 2011We consider percolation on interdependent locally treelike networks, recently introduced by Buldyrev et al., Nature 464, 1025 (2010), and demonstrate that the problem can be simplified conceptually by deleting all references to cascades of failures. Such ... More
Irreversible Aggregation and Network RenormalizationNov 03 2010Mar 03 2011Irreversible aggregation is revisited in view of recent work on renormalization of complex networks. Its scaling laws and phase transitions are related to percolation transitions seen in the latter. We illustrate our points by giving the complete solution ... More
Exact solutions for mass-dependent irreversible aggregationsAug 31 2011We consider the mass-dependent aggregation process (k+1)X -> X, given a fixed number of unit mass particles in the initial state. One cluster is chosen proportional to its mass and is merged into one either with k-neighbors in one dimension, or -- in ... More
Explosive Percolation is Continuous, but with Unusual Finite Size BehaviorMar 18 2011Mar 22 2011We study four Achlioptas type processes with "explosive" percolation transitions. All transitions are clearly continuous, but their finite size scaling functions are not entire holomorphic. The distributions of the order parameter, the relative size $s_{\rm ... More
ExoMol molecular line lists V: The ro-vibrational spectra of NaCl and KClMar 31 2014Accurate rotation-vibration line lists for two molecules, NaCl and KCl, in their ground electronic states are presented. These line lists are suitable for temperatures relevant to exoplanetary atmospheres and cool stars (up to 3000 K). Isotopologues $^{23}$Na$^{35}$Cl, ... More
New Computational Approaches to Analysis of Interbeat Intervals in Human SubjectsFeb 01 2006We investigate the Markov nature, Cascade of information from large time scale to small scale and extended self similarity properties of the beat to beat fluctuations of healthy subjects as well as those with congestive heart failure. To check the Markov ... More
VirtualIdentity: Privacy-Preserving User ProfilingAug 30 2018User profiling from user generated content (UGC) is a common practice that supports the business models of many social media companies. Existing systems require that the UGC is fully exposed to the module that constructs the user profiles. In this paper ... More
Agglomerative Percolation in Two DimensionsDec 06 2010Nov 09 2011We study a process termed "agglomerative percolation" (AP) in two dimensions. Instead of adding sites or bonds at random, in AP randomly chosen clusters are linked to all their neighbors. As a result the growth process involves a diverging length scale ... More