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Sliding Motions on SO(3), Sliding SubgroupsMay 14 2019We propose a sliding surface for systems on the Lie group $SO(3)\times \mathbb{R}^3$ . The sliding surface is shown to be a Lie subgroup. The reduced-order dynamics along the sliding subgroup have an almost globally asymptotically stable equilibrium. ... More
Large-$N$ Pion Scattering, Finite-Temperature Effects and the Relationship of the $f_{0}(500)$ with Chiral Symmetry RestorationApr 06 2016May 04 2016In this work, we review how the mass and the width of the $f_{0}(500)$ pole behave in a regime where temperature is below the critical chiral transition value. This is attained by considering a large-$N$ $O(N + 1)/O(N)$ invariant Non-Linear Sigma Model ... More
Large-$N$ pion scattering at finite temperature: the $f_0(500)$ and chiral restorationOct 30 2015May 13 2016We consider the $O(N+1)/O(N)$ Non-Linear Sigma Model for large $N$ as an effective theory for low-energy QCD at finite temperature $T$, in the chiral limit. At $T=0$ this formulation provides a good description of scattering data in the scalar channel ... More
UV-Completion by ClassicalizationOct 07 2010Jan 26 2011We suggest a novel approach to UV-completion of a class of non-renormalizable theories, according to which the high-energy scattering amplitudes get unitarized by production of extended classical objects (classicalons), playing a role analogous to black ... More
Hamiltonian analysis for linearly acceleration-dependent LagrangiansOct 21 2013Jun 29 2016We study the constrained Ostrogradski-Hamilton framework for the equations of motion provided by mechanical systems described by second-order derivative actions with a linear dependence in the accelerations. We stress out the peculiar features provided ... More
G30.79~FIR~10: A gravitationally bound infalling high-Mass star forming clumpJun 26 2010Infalling motions were detected and modeled toward this source. A mean infall velocity of 0.5 km/s with an infall mass rate of 5x10^-3 Solar masses per year was obtained. Also, a previously estimated value for the magnetic field strength in the plane ... More
On the approximation of the probability density function of the randomized non-autonomous complete linear differential equationFeb 08 2018In this paper we study the randomized non-autonomous complete linear differential equation. The diffusion coefficient and the source term in the differential equation are assumed to be stochastic processes and the initial condition is treated as a random ... More
On the approximation of the probability density function of the randomized heat equationFeb 08 2018In this paper we study the randomized heat equation with homogeneous boundary conditions. The diffusion coeffcient is assumed to be a random variable and the initial condition is treated as a stochastic process. The solution of this randomized partial ... More
Chiral Symmetry restoration from the hadronic regimeNov 22 2016We discuss recent advances on QCD chiral symmetry restoration at finite temperature, within the theoretical framework of Effective Theories. $U(3)$ Ward Identities are derived between pseudoscalar susceptibilities and quark condensates, allowing to explain ... More
Fields, Strings and BranesNov 14 1997Lecture notes reviewing most recent developments in string/M/brane theory given by C. G. at the CIME Summer International Center of Mathematics at Cetraro. July 1997.
On the Algebraic Structure of the Holomorphic Anomaly for N=2 Topological StringsMay 10 1994May 14 1994The special geometry ($(t,{\bar t})$-equations) for twisted $N=2$ strings are derived as consistency conditions of a new contact term algebra. The dilaton appears in the contact terms of topological and antitopological operators. The holomorphic anomaly, ... More
Topology and Strings: Topics in $N=2$Nov 08 1994A review on topological strings and the geometry of the space of two dimensional theories. (Lectures given by C. Gomez at the Enrico Fermi Summer School, Varenna, July 1994)
A Note on the String Analog of $N=2$ Super-Symmetric Yang-MillsJun 04 1995A connection between the conifold locus of the type II string on the $W\:P_{11226}^4$ Calabi-Yau manifold and the geometry of the quantum moduli of $N = 2$ $SU(2)$ super Yang-Mills is presented. This relation is obtained from the anomalous behaviour of ... More
From Quantum Monodromy to DualityMay 22 1995Jun 04 1995For $N\!=\!2$ SUSY theories with non-vanishing $\beta$-function and one-dimensional quantum moduli, we study the representation on the special coordinates of the group of motions on the quantum moduli defined by $\Gamma_W\!=\!Sl(2;Z)\!/\!\Gamma_M$, with ... More
On the String Interpretation of the $t{\bar t}$-geometryJan 11 1995We derive the $t{\bar t}$-equations for generic $N\!=\!2$ topological field theories as consistency conditions for the contact term algebra of topological strings. A generalization of the holomorphic anomaly equation, known for the critical ${\hat c}\!=\!3$ ... More
Errors in kinematic distances and our image of the Milky Way GalaxyAug 15 2006Errors in the kinematic distances, under the assumption of circular gas orbits, were estimated by performing synthetic observations of a model disk galaxy. It was found that the error is < 0.5 kpc for most of the disk when the measured rotation curve ... More
Non-holonomic Lagrangian systems on Lie algebroidsDec 01 2005Apr 30 2008This paper presents a geometric description on Lie algebroids of Lagrangian systems subject to nonholonomic constraints. The Lie algebroid framework provides a natural generalization of classical tangent bundle geometry. We define the notion of nonholonomically ... More
Yukawa Quasi-Unification and Neutralino Relic DensityMar 12 2003The construction of a Supersymmetric Grand Unified Model based on the Pati-Salam gauge group is briefly reviewed and the low energy consequences of the derived asymptotic Yukawa quasi-unification conditions are examined. In the framework of the resulting ... More
MSSM with Yukawa Quasi-UnificationMar 12 2003Apr 11 2003We consider the constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model which emerges from one theory with a small deviation from Yukawa unification which is adequate for $\mu>0$. We show that this model possesses a wide and natural range of parameters which ... More
Energy conserving nonholonomic integratorsSep 24 2002Mar 28 2003We address the problem of constructing numerical integrators for nonholonomic Lagrangian systems that enjoy appropriate discrete versions of the geometric properties of the continuous flow, including the preservation of energy. Building on previous work ... More
Discontinuous Dynamical Systems: A tutorial on solutions, nonsmooth analysis, and stabilityJan 23 2009This paper considers discontinuous dynamical systems, i.e., systems whose associated vector field is a discontinuous function of the state. Discontinuous dynamical systems arise in a large number of applications, including optimal control, nonsmooth mechanics, ... More
Special Kaehler manifolds: a surveyDec 12 2001This is a survey of recent contributions to the area of special Kaehler geometry. It is based on lectures given at the 21st Winter School on Geometry and Physics held in Srni in January 2001.
A new construction of homogeneous quaternionic manifolds and related geometric structuresAug 13 1999Let V be the pseudo-Euclidean vector space of signature (p,q), p>2 and W a module over the even Clifford algebra Cl^0 (V). A homogeneous quaternionic manifold (M,Q) is constructed for any spin(V)-equivariant linear map \Pi : \wedge^2 W \to V. If the skew ... More
A holomorphic representation formula for parabolic hyperspheresJul 05 2001Jul 15 2001A holomorphic representation formula for special parabolic hyperspheres is given.
Transforming triangulations on non planar-surfacesNov 13 2003May 21 2010We consider whether any two triangulations of a polygon or a point set on a non-planar surface with a given metric can be transformed into each other by a sequence of edge flips. The answer is negative in general with some remarkable exceptions, such ... More
Dynamics and robustness of familiarity memoryOct 07 2007When one is presented with an item or a face, one can sometimes have a sense of recognition without being able to recall where or when one has encountered it before. This sense of recognition is known as familiarity. Following previous computational models ... More
Colloidal liquids of yolk-shell particlesJul 23 2014In this paper we develop statistical mechanical tools to describe the intermediate- and long-time collective- and self-diffusion properties of a liquid of strongly-interacting hollow spherical particles (shells), each bearing a smaller solid sphere (yolk) ... More
On the R2* Relaxometry in Complex Multi-Peak Multi-Echo Chemical Shift-Based Water-Fat Quantification: Applications to the Neuromuscular DiseasesAug 08 2016Purpose: Investigation of the feasibility of the R2* mapping techniques by using latest theoretical models corrected for confounding factors and optimized for signal to noise ratio. Theory and Methods: The improvement of the performance of state of the ... More
TRUFAS, a wavelet based algorithm for the rapid detection of planetary transitsMay 31 2007Aims: We describe a fast, robust and automatic detection algorithm, TRUFAS, and apply it to data that are being expected from the CoRoT mission. Methods: The procedure proposed for the detection of planetary transits in light curves works in two steps: ... More
On linearly related sequences of difference derivatives of discrete orthogonal polynomialsFeb 04 2014Jul 01 2014Let D_v the difference operator and q-difference operators defined by D_\omega p(x) = \frac{p(x+\omega)-p(x)}{\omega} and D_q p(x) = \frac{p(qx)-p(x)}{(q-1)x}, respectively. Let U and V be two moment regular linear functionals and let (P_n)_n and Q_n)_n ... More
The diffuse molecular component in the nuclear bulge of the Milky WaySep 07 2017Context: The bulk of the Molecular gas in the Central Molecular Zone (CMZ) of the Galactic center region shows warm kinetic temperatures, ranging from $>20$ K in the coldest and densest regions (n$\sim 10^{4-5}$ cm$^{-3}$) up to more than 100 K for densities ... More
Dynamics of a suspension of interacting yolk-shell particlesJun 23 2014In this work we study the self-diffusion properties of a liquid of hollow spherical particles (shells)bearing a smaller solid sphere in their interior (yolks). We model this system using purely repulsive hard-body interactions between all (shell and yolk) ... More
A Survey of Lagrangian Mechanics and Control on Lie algebroids and groupoidsNov 03 2005In this survey, we present a geometric description of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics on Lie algebroids. The flexibility of the Lie algebroid formalism allows us to analyze systems subject to nonholonomic constraints, mechanical control systems, ... More
Saltatory de Sitter String VacuaJul 17 2003Dec 16 2003We extend a recent scenario of Kachru, Kallosh, Linde and Trivedi to fix the string moduli fields by using a combination of fluxes and non-perturbative superpotentials, leading to de Sitter vacua. In our scenario the non-perturbative superpotential is ... More
$K3$-Fibrations and Softly Broken $N=4$ Supersymmetric Gauge TheoriesAug 15 1996Aug 22 1996Global geometry of $K3$-fibration Calabi-Yau threefolds, with Hodge number $h_{2,1}=r+1$, is used to define $N=4$ softly broken $SU(r+1)$ gauge theories, with the bare coupling constant given by the dual heterotic dilaton, and the mass of the adjoint ... More
Yukawa Unification, b --> s gamma and Bino-Stau CoannihilationApr 04 2000Jun 18 2000The minimal supersymmetric standard model with universal boundary conditions and "asymptotic" Yukawa unification is considered. The full one-loop effective potential for radiative electroweak symmetry breaking as well as the one-loop corrections to the ... More
Non-Critical Poincaré Invariant Bosonic String Backgrounds and Closed String TachyonsNov 13 2000Nov 23 2000A new family of non critical bosonic string backgrounds in arbitrary space time dimension $D$ and with $ISO(1,D-2)$ Poincar\'e invariance are presented. The metric warping factor and dilaton agree asymptotically with the linear dilaton background. The ... More
3D MHD Modeling of the Gaseous Structure of the Galaxy: Setup and Initial ResultsJul 29 2002We show the initial results of our 3D MHD simulations of the flow of the Galactic atmosphere as it responds to a spiral perturbation in the potential. In our standard case, as the gas approaches the arm, there is a downward converging flow that terminates ... More
On Yukawa quasi-unification with mu<0Jan 10 2003Although recent data on the muon anomalous magnetic moment strongly disfavor the constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model with mu<0, they cannot exclude it because of theoretical ambiguities. We consider this model supplemented by a Yukawa quasi-unification ... More
Complete structure of Z_n Yukawa couplingsOct 21 1991We give the complete twisted Yukawa couplings for all the Z_n orbifold constructions in the most general case, i.e. when orbifold deformations are considered. This includes a certain number of tasks. Namely, determination of the allowed couplings, calculation ... More
Filaments in Simulations of Molecular Cloud FormationAug 28 2013Jul 11 2014We report on the filaments that develop self-consistently in a new numerical simulation of cloud formation by colliding flows. As in previous studies, the forming cloud begins to undergo gravitational collapse because it rapidly acquires a mass much larger ... More
Machine learning applied to quantum synchronization-assisted probingJan 16 2019A probing scheme is considered with an accessible and controllable qubit, used to probe an out-of equilibrium system consisting of a second qubit interacting with an environment. Quantum spontaneous synchronization between the probe and the system emerges ... More
3D MHD Modeling of the Gaseous Structure of the Galaxy: Description of the SimulationsJul 19 2004The extra stiffness that the magnetic field adds to the ISM changes the way it reacts to the presence of a spiral perturbation. At intermediate to high z, the gas shoots up before the arm, flows over, and falls behind it, as it approaches the next arm. ... More
Analytical Expressions for Spiral Arm Gravitational Potential and DensityJul 29 2002When modeling the three-dimensional hydrodynamics of interstellar material rotating in a galactic gravitational potential, it is useful to have an analytic expression for gravitational perturbations due to stellar spiral arms. We present such an expression ... More
Integrability, Duality and StringsApr 09 1996In these notes evidence is presented for intepreting the moduli space of the integrable model associated to $N\!=\!2$ gauge theories with $N\!=\!4$ matter content, in terms of Calabi-Yau manifolds. We restrict to the case of gauge group $SU(2)$, which ... More
Integrability, Jacobians and Calabi-Yau ThreefoldsApr 11 1996The integrable systems associated with Seiberg-Witten geometry are considered both from the Hitchin-Donagi-Witten gauge model and in terms of intermediate Jacobians of Calabi-Yau threefolds. Dual pairs and enhancement of gauge symmetries are discussed ... More
$S$-Duality and the Calabi-Yau Interpretation of the $N = 4$ to $N = 2$ FlowDec 04 1995Jan 27 1996The action of the $S$-duality $Sl(2,Z)$ group on the moduli of the Calabi-Yau manifold $W\IP^{12}_{11226}$ appearing in the rank two dual pair $(K^{3}\times T^{2}/W\IP^{12}_{11226})$ is defined by interpreting the $N\!=\!4$ to $N\!=\!2$ flow, for $SU(2)$ ... More
Unassisted Quantitative Evaluation Of Despeckling FiltersApr 19 2017SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) imaging plays a central role in Remote Sensing due to, among other important features, its ability to provide high-resolution, day-and-night and almost weather-independent images. SAR images are affected from a granular ... More
TextTopicNet - Self-Supervised Learning of Visual Features Through Embedding Images on Semantic Text SpacesJul 04 2018The immense success of deep learning based methods in computer vision heavily relies on large scale training datasets. These richly annotated datasets help the network learn discriminative visual features. Collecting and annotating such datasets requires ... More
Anachronistic Grain Growth and Global Structure of the Protoplanetary Disk Associated with the Mature Classical T Tauri Star, PDS 66Mar 23 2009We present ATCA interferometric observations of the old (13 Myr), nearby (86pc) classical T Tauri star, PDS 66. Unresolved 3 and 12 mm continuum emission is detected towards PDS 66, and upper limits are derived for the 3 and 6 cm flux densities. The mm-wave ... More
Inflationary scalar spectrum in loop quantum cosmologyJul 14 2006Jan 18 2007In the context of loop quantum cosmology, we consider an inflationary era driven by a canonical scalar field and occurring in the semiclassical regime, where spacetime is a continuum but quantum gravitational effects are important. The spectral amplitude ... More
Special Geometry of Euclidean Supersymmetry III: the local r-map, instantons and black holesMay 18 2009We define and study projective special para-Kahler manifolds and show that they appear as target manifolds when reducing five-dimensional vector multiplets coupled to supergravity with respect to time. The dimensional reductions with respect to time and ... More
Coordination and geometric optimization via distributed dynamical systemsMay 29 2003This paper discusses dynamical systems for disk-covering and sphere-packing problems. We present facility location functions from geometric optimization and characterize their differentiable properties. We design and analyze a collection of distributed ... More
Description of Partial actionsAug 03 2017In this paper, we study partial actions of groups on $R$-algebras, where $R$ is a commutative ring. We describe the partial actions of groups on the indecomposable algebras with enveloping actions. Then we work on algebras that can be decomposed as product ... More
Distributed control of vehicle strings under finite-time and safety specificationsJan 13 2017Jul 13 2017This paper studies an optimal control problem for a string of vehicles with safety requirements and finite-time specifications on the approach time to a target region. Our problem formulation is motivated by scenarios involving autonomous vehicles circulating ... More
Iterative bidding in electricity markets: rationality and robustnessFeb 21 2017This paper studies an electricity market consisting of an independent system operator (ISO) and a group of generators. The goal is to solve the DC optimal power flow (DC-OPF) problem: have the generators collectively meet the power demand while minimizing ... More
Algorithms for identification and categorizationApr 16 2006The main features of a family of efficient algorithms for recognition and classification of complex patterns are briefly reviewed. They are inspired in the observation that fast synaptic noise is essential for some of the processing of information in ... More
ALMA Science Verification Data: Millimeter Continuum Polarimetry of the Bright Radio Quasar 3C 286Apr 30 2016We present full-polarization observations of the compact, steep-spectrum radio quasar 3C~286 made with the ALMA at 1.3~mm. These are the first full-polarization ALMA observations, which were obtained in the framework of Science Verification. A bright ... More
Cooperative data-driven distributionally robust optimizationNov 13 2017Dec 16 2018This paper studies a class of multiagent stochastic optimization problems where the objective is to minimize the expected value of a function which depends on a random variable. The probability distribution of the random variable is unknown to the agents, ... More
Distributed convergence to Nash equilibria in two-network zero-sum gamesApr 04 2012Dec 21 2012This paper considers a class of strategic scenarios in which two networks of agents have opposing objectives with regards to the optimization of a common objective function. In the resulting zero-sum game, individual agents collaborate with neighbors ... More
Distributed continuous-time convex optimization on weight-balanced digraphsApr 02 2012Dec 21 2012This paper studies the continuous-time distributed optimization of a sum of convex functions over directed graphs. Contrary to what is known in the consensus literature, where the same dynamics works for both undirected and directed scenarios, we show ... More
Transient frequency control with regional cooperation for power networksSep 15 2018This paper proposes a centralized and a distributed sub-optimal control strategy to maintain in safe regions the real-time transient frequencies of a given collection of buses, and simultaneously preserve asymptotic stability of the entire network. In ... More
Mechanical control systems on Lie algebroidsFeb 26 2004This paper considers control systems defined on Lie algebroids. After deriving basic controllability tests for general control systems, we specialize our discussion to the class of mechanical control systems on Lie algebroids. This class of systems includes ... More
High Aspect Pattern Formation by Integration of Micro Inkjetting and Electroless PlatingMay 07 2008This paper reports on formation of high aspect micro patterns on low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrates by integrating micro inkjetting with electroless plating. Micro inkjetting was realized by using an inkjetting printer that ejects ink ... More
An overview on the Cheeger problemApr 23 2015This is an expository article presenting various results about the Cheeger problem and its connections with other relevant mathematical problems. In section 2 we synthetically describe three mathematical problems (eigenvalue estimates, prescribed mean ... More
On Future High-Energy CollidersFeb 21 2019Feb 25 2019An outline of the physics reasons to pursue a future programme in high-energy colliders is presented.
Analyzing spiral structure in a galactic disk with a gaseous componentOct 17 2013Using GADGET2, we performed an SPH+N-body simulation of a galactic disk with stellar and gas particles. This simulation allows to compare the spiral structure in the different disk components. Also, we performed a simulation without gaseous component ... More
Molecular Cloud Evolution III. Accretion vs. stellar feedbackJan 06 2010We numerically investigate the effect of feedback from the ionizing radiation heating from massive stars on the evolution of giant molecular clouds (GMCs) and their star formation efficiency (SFE). We find that the star-forming regions within the GMCs ... More
Enhanced THz extinction of single plasmonic antennas with conically tapered waveguidesAug 20 2012We demonstrate experimentally the resonant extinction of THz radiation by a single plasmonic bowtie antenna, formed by two n-doped Si monomers with a triangular shape and facing apexes. This demonstration is achieved by placing the antenna at the output ... More
Distributed Transient Frequency Control for Power Networks with Stability and Performance GuaranteesSep 15 2018This paper proposes a distributed strategy regulated on a subset of individual buses in a power network described by the swing equations to achieve transient frequency control while preserving asymptotic stability. Transient frequency control refers to ... More
Model predictive control for transient frequency regulation of power networksJan 22 2019This paper introduces a control strategy to simultaneously achieve asymptotic stabilization and transient frequency regulation of power networks. The control command is generated by iteratively solving an open-loop control cost minimization problem with ... More
Double-layered distributed transient frequency control with regional coordination for power networksSep 27 2018This paper proposes a control strategy for power systems with a two-layer structure that achieves global stabilization and, at the same time, delimits the transient frequencies of targeted buses to a desired safe interval. The first layer is a model predictive ... More
Distributed transient frequency control in power networksSep 15 2018Modern power networks face increasing challenges in controlling their transient frequency behavior at acceptable levels due to low inertia and highly-dynamic units. This paper presents a distributed control strategy regulated on a subset of buses in a ... More
Characterization of Local Configuration Controllability for a Class of Mechanical SystemsSep 08 2000We investigate local configuration controllability for mechanical control systems within the affine connection formalism. Extending the work by Lewis for the single-input case, we are able to characterize local configuration controllability for systems ... More
Abelian simply transitive affine groups of symplectic typeMay 03 2001Nov 28 2002We construct a model space $C(\gsp(\bR^{2n}))$ for the variety of Abelian simply transitive groups of affine transformations of type ${\rm Sp}(\bR^{2n})$. The model is stratified and its principal stratum is a Zariski-open subbundle of a natural vector ... More
The Hidden Quantum Group of the 8-vertex Free Fermion Model: q-Clifford AlgebrasFeb 19 1993Feb 22 1993We prove in this paper that the elliptic $R$--matrix of the eight vertex free fermion model is the intertwiner $R$--matrix of a quantum deformed Clifford--Hopf algebra. This algebra is constructed by affinization of a quantum Hopf deformation of the Clifford ... More
Quintessential Kination and Thermal Production of SUSY e-WIMPsSep 11 2008The impact of a kination-dominated phase generated by a quintessential exponential model on the thermal abundance of Supersymmetric (SUSY) extremely Weekly Interacting Massive Particles (e-WIMPs) is investigated. For values of the quintessential energy-density ... More
On the embedding of spacetime in five-dimensional Weyl spacesNov 17 2007Sep 23 2008We revisit Weyl geometry in the context of recent higher-dimensional theories of spacetime. After introducing the Weyl theory in a modern geometrical language we present some results that represent extensions of Riemannian theorems. We consider the theory ... More
Matrix Big BrunchFeb 12 2007Feb 20 2007Following the holographic description of linear dilaton null Cosmologies with a Big Bang in terms of Matrix String Theory put forward by Craps, Sethi and Verlinde, we propose an extended background describing a Universe including both Big Bang and Big ... More
The magnetic field structure in molecular cloud filamentsJan 09 2018We explore the structure of magnetic field lines in and around filaments in simulations of molecular clouds undergoing global, multi-scale gravitational collapse. In these simulations, filaments are not in a static equilibrium, but are long-lived flow ... More
From flux to dust mass: Does the grain-temperature distribution matter for estimates of cold dust masses in supernova remnants?Apr 10 2015The amount of dust estimated from infrared to sub-millimetre (submm) observations strongly depends on assumptions of different grain sizes, compositions and optical properties. Here we use a simple model of thermal emission from cold silicate/carbon dust ... More
Molecular Cloud Evolution V. Cloud Destruction by Stellar FeedbackApr 04 2013Aug 06 2013We present a numerical study of the evolution of molecular clouds, from their formation by converging flows in the warm ISM, to their destruction by the ionizing feedback of the massive stars they form. We improve with respect to our previous simulations ... More
$^{62}$Ni($n,γ$) and $^{63}$Ni($n,γ$) cross sections measured at n_TOF/CERNMar 19 2014The cross section of the $^{62}$Ni($n,\gamma$) reaction was measured with the time-of-flight technique at the neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF at CERN. Capture kernels of 42 resonances were analyzed up to 200~keV neutron energy and Maxwellian averaged ... More
Dark Matter on TopApr 07 2014May 16 2014We consider a simplified model of fermionic dark matter which couples exclusively to the right-handed top quark via a renormalizable interaction with a color-charged scalar. We first compute the relic abundance of this type of dark matter and investigate ... More
Spectroscopic metallicities of Vega-like starsMay 26 2008Aims: To determine the metallicities of 113 Southern Hemisphere Vega-like candidate stars in relation to the Exoplanet host group and field stars. Methods: We applied two spectroscopic methods of abundance determinations: equivalent width measurements ... More
Modeling the 3C 120 Radio Jet from 1 to 30 MilliarcsecondsOct 29 2004The predicted spatial development of helical structures along an expanding jet are used to model observed structures and motions in the 3C 120 jet. Proper motions of helical components associated with the pattern and of other components that move through ... More
A Re-examination of the Distribution of Galactic Free ElectronsMay 23 2001We present a list of 109 pulsars with independent distance information compiled from the literature. Since the compilation of Frail & Weisberg, there are 35 pulsars with new distance estimate and 25 pulsars for which the distance or distance uncertainty ... More
Electronic transport in quantum cascade structuresOct 13 2006The transport in complex multiple quantum well heterostructures is theoretically described. The model is focused on quantum cascade detectors, which represent an exciting challenge due to the complexity of the structure containing 7 or 8 quantum wells ... More
Near-Field cosmology with RR Lyrae variable stars: A first view of substructure in the southern skyMar 23 2016We present an update of a spectroscopic follow-up survey at low-resolution of a large number of RR Lyrae halo overdensity candidates found in the southern sky. The substructure candidates were identified in the RR Lyrae catalog of Torrealba et al. (2015) ... More
Directed clustering in weighted networks: a new perspectiveJun 19 2017In this paper, we consider the problem of assessing local clustering in complex networks. Various definitions for this measure have been proposed for the cases of networks having weighted edges, but less attention has been paid to both weighted and directed ... More
Business Matter Experts do Matter: A Model-Driven Approach for Domain Specific Process Design and MonitoringJun 14 2016Business process design and monitoring are essential elements of Business Process Management (BPM), often relying on Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). However the current BPM approaches and standards have not sufficiently reduced the Business-IT gap. ... More
New Bounds for the Sum of Powers of Normalized Laplacian Eigenvalues of GraphsAug 03 2015For a simple and connected graph, a new graph invariant $s_{\alpha}^{*}(G)$, defined as the sum of powers of the eigenvalues of the normalized Laplacian matrix, has been introduced by Bozkurt and Bozkurt in [7]. Lower and upper bounds have been proposed ... More
Uncovering novel phase structures in $\Box^k$ scalar theories with the renormalization groupNov 23 2017Mar 08 2018We present a detailed version of our recent work on the renormalization group approach to multicritical scalar theories with higher derivative kinetic term of the form $\phi(-\Box)^k\phi$ and upper critical dimension $d_c = 2nk/(n-1)$. Depending on whether ... More
Evolution of the gluon density in x with a running coupling constantJun 10 1997This is a draft describing the calculation of the evolution of the gluon density in $x$ from an initial value $x=x_{0}=0.01$ to smaller values, up to $x=10^{-8}$ in the hard pomeron formalism with a running coupling introduced on the basis of the bootstrap ... More
A remark on an estimate by MinamiApr 14 2006In the context of the Anderson model, Minami proved a Wegner type bound on the expectation of 2 by 2 determinant of Green's functions. We generalize it so as to allow for a magnetic field, as well as to determinants of higher order.
Hamiltonian theory of constrained impulsive motionJan 27 2004This paper considers systems subject to nonholonomic constraints which are not uniform on the whole configuration manifold. When the constraints change, the system undergoes a transition in order to comply with the new imposed conditions. Building on ... More
Parametrization of rational maps on a variety of general type, and the finiteness theoremMar 10 2012In a previous paper, we provided some update in the treatment of the finiteness theorem for rational maps of finite degree from a fixed variety to varieties of general type. In the present paper we present another improvement, introducing the natural ... More
Vanishing cohomology on a double cover of a very general hyper surfaceJul 07 2018In this paper, we study the irreducibility of the monodromy action on the anti-invariant part of the vanishing cohomology on the double cover of a very general element in an ample hypersurface of a complex smooth projective variety branched at an ample ... More
Reliable Prediction Errors for Deep Neural Networks Using Test-Time DropoutApr 12 2019While the use of deep learning in drug discovery is gaining increasing attention, the lack of methods to compute reliable errors in prediction for Neural Networks prevents their application to guide decision making in domains where identifying unreliable ... More
On the Cheeger sets in strips and non-convex domainsSep 04 2014In this paper we consider the Cheeger problem for non-convex domains, with a particular interest in the case of planar strips, which have been extensively studied in recent years. Our main results are an estimate on the Cheeger constant of strips, which ... More