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Versatile Hall magnetometer with variable sensitivity assembly for characterization of the magnetic properties of nanoparticlesMay 14 2019Jun 17 2019A Hall magnetometer with variable sensitivity is constructed to measure the magnetic properties of magnetic nanoparticles manufactured by different methods. This novel magnetometer can also be used to measure bulk materials and samples in liquids. The ... More
WKB and Turning Point Theory for Second Order Difference Equations: External Fields and Strong Asymptotics for Orthogonal PolynomialsMay 11 2009Sep 18 2009A LG-WKB and Turning point theory is developed for three term recurrence formulas associated with monotonic recurrence coefficients. This is used to find strong asymptotics for certain classical orthogonal polynomials including Wilson polynomials.
Factorization of Multivariate Positive Laurent PolynomialsMar 07 2005Recently Dritschel proves that any positive multivariate Laurent polynomial can be factorized into a sum of square magnitudes of polynomials. We first give another proof of the Dritschel theorem. Our proof is based on the univariate matrix Fejer-Riesz ... More
Measures for orthogonal polynomials with unbounded recurrence coefficientsAug 22 2014Aug 27 2014Systems of orthogonal polynomials whose recurrence coefficients tend to infinity are considered. A summability condition is imposed on the coefficients and the consequences for the measure of orthogonality are discussed. Also discussed are asymptotics ... More
Algebro-Geometric Solutions of a Discrete System Related to the Trigonometric Moment ProblemAug 04 2004We derive theta function representations of algebro-geometric solutions of a discrete system governed by a transfer matrix associated with (an extension of) the trigonometric moment problem studied by Szego and Baxter. We also derive a new hierarchy of ... More
High order recurrence relation, Hermite-Padé approximation, and Nikishin systemsApr 26 2016The study of sequences of polynomials satisfying high order recurrence relations is connected with the asymptotic behavior of multiple orthogonal polynomials, the convergence properties of type II Hermite-Pad\'e approximation, and eigenvalue distribution ... More
Versatile Hall magnetometer with variable sensitivity assembly for characterization of the magnetic properties of nanoparticlesMay 14 2019A Hall magnetometer with variable sensitivity is constructed to measure the magnetic properties of magnetic nanoparticles manufactured by different methods. This novel magnetometer can also be used to measure bulk materials and samples in liquids. The ... More
Searches for Exotics at HERANov 24 1999Searches for contact interactions, leptoquark bosons and excited fermions carried out at the HERA ep collider are presented here. The searches are based on ~ 40 pb^-1 of e+ p data per experiment collected at a centre of mass energy ~ 300 GeV. First results ... More
Lepton Masses and Mixing Angles with Spontaneously Broken O(3) Flavor SymmetrySep 25 2000Jan 11 2001We present a model based on an O(3) flavor symmetry and a minimal extension of the scalar sector to induce hierarchical breaking, O(3) -> O(2) -> SO(2) -> nothing. The model naturally accounts for all the known lepton parameters and yields various interesting ... More
Dynamics of Anisotropic UniversesMar 30 2006We present a general study of the dynamical properties of Anisotropic Bianchi Universes in the context of Einstein General Relativity. Integrability results using Kovalevskaya exponents are reported and connected to general knowledge about Bianchi dynamics. ... More
Dynamic Code Coverage with Progressive Detail LevelsJun 19 2013Nowadays, locating software components responsible for observed failures is one of the most expensive and error-prone tasks in the software development process. To improve the debugging process efficiency, some effort was already made to automatically ... More
Spin foam quantization of SO(4) Plebanski's actionMar 15 2002Nov 21 2002The goal of this work is two-fold. In the first part of this paper we regard classical Plebanski's action as a BF action supplemented by constraints. We introduce a spin foam model for Riemannian general relativity by systematically implementing these ... More
Measured speed versus true speedMay 10 2010The theoretical predictions, derived from the Lorentz and the Tangherlini transformations, for the one-way speed of any physical entity are confronted with the corresponding expressions for the one-way measured speed obtained from a gedanken experiment. ... More
Beyond the Standard Model at HERA: Status and ProspectsJan 17 2006An overview of experimental results on searches for new phenomena at HERA is presented. The complementarity with searches performed at other experiments is discussed and the prospects for a discovery, using the full HERA data to be delivered until mid-2007, ... More
Physics and ConsciousnessOct 17 1995Some contributions of physics towards the understanding of consciousness are described. As recent relevant models, associative memory neural networks are mentioned. It is shown that consciousness and quantum physics share some properties. Two existing ... More
On the experimental determination of the one-way speed of lightFeb 22 2011Apr 22 2011In this contribution the question of the isotropy of the one-way speed of light from an experimental perspective is addressed. In particular, we analyze two experimental methods commonly used in its determination. The analysis is aimed at clarifying the ... More
A physicist's view of the universe: a philosophical approachDec 11 2010Without a doubt many problems in physics arise as a consequence of our philosophical conception of the world. In this contribution however we endeavor to alleviate this scenario by putting forward a philosophical approach under which some of the most ... More
The Physics Surrounding the Michelson-Morley Experiment and a New Æther TheoryApr 05 2010Dec 15 2010From the customary view the Michelson-Morley experiment is used to expose the failure of the aether theory. The key point in this experiment is the \emph{fringe shift} of the interference pattern. Regularly, the fringe shift calculations are only presented ... More
A note on eigenvector error bounds for polynomial eigenvalue problemsAug 12 2018Aug 14 2018The standard approach for finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrix polynomials starts by embedding the coefficients of the polynomial into a matrix pencil, known as linearization. Building on the pioneering work of Nakatsukasa and Tisseur, we present ... More
Finiteness of a spinfoam model for euclidean quantum general relativityNov 16 2000We prove that a certain spinfoam model for euclidean quantum general relativity, recently defined, is finite: all its all Feynman diagrams converge. The model is a variant of the Barrett-Crane model, and is defined in terms of a field theory over SO(4) ... More
The $K_L\toπ^0ν\barν$ Decay in Models of Extended Scalar SectorJan 05 2000We calculate new contributions to the $K_L\to\pi^0\nu\bar\nu$ decay in models where neutrino Majorana masses require an extension of the scalar sector. First, we study a model where the neutrino mass is induced by the vacuum expectation value of an SU(2)-triplet ... More
Implications of Neutrino Masses on the $K_{L}\toπ^{0}ν\barν$ DecayJul 01 1999Oct 03 1999We calculate the different contributions to the decay $K_{L}\to \pi ^{0}\nu \bar{\nu}$ that arise if the neutrinos are massive. In spite of a chiral enhancement factor, we find that these contributions are negligibly small. Compared to the CP violating ... More
Predicting Yelp Star Reviews Based on Network Structure with Deep LearningDec 11 2017In this paper, we tackle the real-world problem of predicting Yelp star-review rating based on business features (such as images, descriptions), user features (average previous ratings), and, of particular interest, network properties (which businesses ... More
Black Holes in Loop Quantum GravityMar 27 2017Sep 08 2017This is a review of the results on black hole physics in the framework of loop quantum gravity. The key feature underlying the results is the discreteness of geometric quantities at the Planck scale predicted by this approach to quantum gravity. Quantum ... More
Gravity, Dimension, Equilibrium, & ThermodynamicsMar 30 2006Is it actually possible to interpret gravitation as space's property in a pure classical way. Then, we note that extended self-gravitating system equilibrium depends directly on the number of dimension of the space in which it evolves. Given those precisions, ... More
Statistical and entanglement entropy for black holes in quantum geometryMay 28 2014Jun 04 2014We analyze the relationship between entanglement (or geometric) entropy with statistical mechanical entropy of horizon degrees of freedom when described in the framework of isolated horizons in loop quantum gravity. We show that, once the relevant degrees ... More
Hilbert Space Average Method and adiabatic quantum searchOct 08 2008Jan 19 2009We discuss some aspects related to the so-called Hilbert space Average Method, as an alternative to describe the dynamics of open quantum systems. First we present a derivation of the method which does not make use of the algebra satisfied by the operators ... More
Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity and Spin FoamsSep 15 2004Feb 09 2005These notes are a didactic overview of the non perturbative and background independent approach to a quantum theory of gravity known as loop quantum gravity. The definition of real connection variables for general relativity, used as a starting point ... More
W mass at LEP2May 21 2003Recent studies to finalize the systematic error estimates on the measurement of the mass of the W boson at LEP2 are reviewed. Results including a new preliminary value from Aleph are updated together with the world average which is now 80.426 +- 0.034GeV/c2. ... More
Comparison between 2-D and 3-D codes in dynamical simulations of gas flow in barred galaxiesOct 15 2007Context: One of the ways to determine the contribution of the dark halo to the gravitational potential of a galaxy is the study of non-circular (streaming) motions and the associated gas shocks in the bar region. These motions, determined by the potential ... More
Dialog state tracking, a machine reading approach using a memory-enhanced neural networkJun 13 2016Jun 29 2016In an end-to-end dialog system, the aim of dialog state tracking is to accurately estimate a compact representation of the current dialog status from a sequence of noisy observations produced by the speech recognition and the natural language understanding ... More
Spin polarized two-dimensional electron gas embedded in semimagnetic quantum well : ground state, spin responses, spin excitations, Raman spectrumOct 27 2008We present theoretical aspects of spin polarized two dimensional electron gas (SP2DEG) which can be achieved in doped semimagnetic quantum wells. This original model system has been recently studied by magneto Raman scattering experiments has given a ... More
Searches for R-parity Violating Supersymmetry at HERANov 28 2003Searches for R-parity violating supersymmetry performed at the H1 experiment are presented. Emphasis is put on searches for squarks, which may be resonantly produced at the HERA $ep$ collider in supersymmetry where R-parity is violated. The preliminary ... More
A marvelous contribution from Michel Henon to globular cluster's study : the isochrone clusterNov 17 2014A survey of Michel Henon contributions to the study of globular cluster systems.
Vlavov and Poisson equations in the context of self-gravitating systemsFeb 20 2004We present Vlasov's equation and its association with Poisson's equation in the context of modelling self-gravitating systems such as Globular Clusters or Galaxies. We first review the classical hypotheses of the model. We continue with a presentation ... More
Equilibrium of stellar dynamical systems in the context of the Vlasov-Poisson modelJun 14 2007This short review is devoted to the problem of the equilibrium of stellar dynamical systems in the context of the Vlasov-Poisson model. In a first part we will review some classical problems posed by the application of the Vlasov-Poisson model to the ... More
Lepton Masses and Mixing in a Left-Right Symmetric Model with a TeV-scale GravityAug 10 2002Nov 10 2002We construct a left-right symmetric (LRS) model in five dimensions which accounts naturally for the lepton flavor parameters. The fifth dimension is described by an orbifold, S_1/Z_2 times Z'_2, with a typical size of order TeV^{-1}. The fundamental scale ... More
Implementation of the histogram method for equilibrium statistical models using moments of a distributionJun 20 2005This paper shows a simple implementation of the Histogram Method for extrapolations in Monte Carlo simulations, using the moments of the operators that define the energy, instead of their histogram. This implementation is suitable for extrapolation over ... More
Truncation of stellar disks in galaxies at z~1Oct 10 2004We report here the first evidence for stellar disk truncation at high redshift, based on surface photometry of a sample of 16 high redshift (0.6 < z < 1.0) disk galaxies from the GOODS HST/ACS data. The radial profiles are best fit by a double exponential ... More
The Preferred System of Reference ReloadedMay 26 2014Jun 02 2014According to Karl Popper assumptions are statements used to construct theories. During the construction of a theory whether the assumptions are either true or false turn out to be irrelevant in view of the fact that, actually, they gain their scientific ... More
Basic deformation theory of smooth formal schemesJan 18 2008We provide the main results of a deformation theory of smooth formal schemes. First we deal with the case of global lifting of smooth morphisms. We prove that the obstruction to the existence of a global lifting lies in a Ext^1 group. Then we study uniqueness ... More
Bispectrality of multivariable Racah-Wilson polynomialsMay 10 2007Mar 04 2009We construct a commutative algebra A_x of difference operators in R^p, depending on p+3 real parameters which is diagonalized by the multivariable Racah polynomials R_p(n;x) considered by Tratnik [27]. It is shown that for specific values of the variables ... More
Asymptotics of q-difference equationsMay 17 2004Mar 28 2006In this paper we develop an asymptotic analysis for formal and actual solutions of q-difference equations, under a regularity assumption. In particular, evaluations of regular solutions of regular q-difference equations have an exponential growth rate ... More
The Fourier extension method and discrete orthogonal polynomials on an arc of the circleJan 11 2019The Fourier extension method, also known as the Fourier continuation method, is a method for approximating non-periodic functions on an interval using truncated Fourier series with period larger than the interval on which the function is defined. When ... More
On Baxter's difference systemsApr 10 2010We study the asymptotics of solutions of a difference system introduced by Baxter by using the general method for the asymptotic representation of such solutions due to Benzaid and Lutz. Some results of Tauberian type are obtained in the case when the ... More
Parameters associated with bivariate Bernstein-Szego measures on the bi-circleFeb 04 2011We consider measures supported on the bi-circle and review the recurrence relations satisfied by the orthogonal polynomials associated with these measures constructed using the lexicographical or reverse lexicographical ordering. New relations are derived ... More
Fejér-Riesz factorizations and the structure of bivariate polynomials orthogonal on the bi-circleJun 07 2012We give a complete characterization of the positive trigonometric polynomials Q(\theta,\phi) on the bi-circle, which can be factored as Q(\theta,\phi)=|p(e^{i\theta},e^{i\phi})|^2 where p(z,w) is a polynomial nonzero for |z|=1 and |w|\leq 1. The conditions ... More
On Certain Two Dimensional Integrals that Appear In Conformal Field TheoryMar 20 2000In a first part, we generalize a theorem for an holomorphic $\times $ anti-holomorphic integrand, in the case of 2 dimensional Fourier transform. In the second part, we derive p-uple conformal integrals the integrand of which are linear combination of ... More
A hypergeometric basis for the Alpert multiresolution analysisMar 03 2014Nov 14 2014We construct an explicit orthonormal basis of piecewise ${}_{i+1}F_{i}$ hypergeometric polynomials for the Alpert multiresolution analysis. The Fourier transform of each basis function is written in terms of ${}_2F_3$ hypergeometric functions. Moreover, ... More
Two Variable Orthogonal Polynomials on the Bi-circle and Structured MatricesDec 14 2006We consider bivariate polynomials orthogonal on the bicircle with respect to a positive linear functional. The lexicographical and reverse lexicographical orderings are used to order the monomials. Recurrence formulas are derived between the polynomials ... More
Supercritical percolation on large scale-free random treesDec 11 2012We consider Bernoulli bond percolation on a large scale-free tree in the supercritical regime, meaning informally that there exists a giant cluster with high probability. We obtain a weak limit theorem for the sizes of the next largest clusters, extending ... More
Two variable deformations of the Chebyshev measureDec 17 2006We construct one and two parameter deformations of the two dimensional Chebyshev polynomials with simple recurrence coefficients, following the algorithm in [3]. Using inverse scattering techniques, we compute the corresponding orthogonality measures. ... More
Bernstein-Szegő measures, Banach algebras, and scattering theoryAug 01 2014Sep 05 2015We give a simple and explicit description of the Bernstein-Szego type measures associated with Jacobi matrices which differ from the Jacobi matrix of the Chebyshev measure in finitely many entries. We also introduce a class of measures M which parametrizes ... More
On Alpert MultiwaveletsSep 20 2013The multiresolution analysis of Alpert is considered. Explicit formulas for the entries in the matrix coefficients of the refinement equation are given in terms of hypergeometric functions. These entries are shown to solve generalized eigenvalue equations ... More
The comb representation of compact ultrametric spacesFeb 26 2016We call a \emph{comb} a map $f:I\to [0,\infty)$, where $I$ is a compact interval, such that $\{f\ge \varepsilon\}$ is finite for any $\varepsilon$. A comb induces a (pseudo)-distance $\dtf$ on $\{f=0\}$ defined by $\dtf(s,t) = \max_{(s\wedge t, s\vee ... More
The fractional Brownian motion property of the turbulent refractive within Geometric OpticsJun 25 2003We introduce fractional Brownian motion processes (fBm) as an alternative model for the turbulent index of refraction. These processes allow to reconstruct most of the refractive index properties, but they are not differentiable. We overcome the apparent ... More
Control of cancellations that restrain the growth of a binomial recursionJun 07 2010We study a recursion that generates real sequences depending on a parameter $x$. Given a negative $x$ the growth of the sequence is very difficult to estimate due to canceling terms. We reduce the study of the recursion to a problem about a family of ... More
Dialog state tracking, a machine reading approach using Memory NetworkJun 13 2016Oct 13 2016In an end-to-end dialog system, the aim of dialog state tracking is to accurately estimate a compact representation of the current dialog status from a sequence of noisy observations produced by the speech recognition and the natural language understanding ... More
The fuzzy gene filter: A classifier performance assesmentAug 23 2011The Fuzzy Gene Filter (FGF) is an optimised Fuzzy Inference System designed to rank genes in order of differential expression, based on expression data generated in a microarray experiment. This paper examines the effectiveness of the FGF for feature ... More
The Quark and Gluon Structure of the ProtonAug 06 2012Aug 07 2012In this article we present a review of the structure of the proton and the current status of our knowledge of the parton distribution functions (PDFs). The lepton-nucleon scattering experiments which provide the main constraints in PDF extractions are ... More
Proceedings of the 2013 European School of High-Energy Physics (ESHEP 2013), Paradfurdo, Hungary, 5-18 Jun 2013Sep 07 2016The European School of High-Energy Physics is intended to give young physicists an introduction to the theoretical aspects of recent advances in elementary particle physics. These proceedings contain lecture notes on the Standard Model of electroweak ... More
Proceedings of the 2013 CERN - Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics (CLASHEP 2013), Arequipa, Peru, 6-19 Mar 2013May 03 2016The CERN - Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics is intended to give young physicists an introduction to the theoretical aspects of recent advances in elementary particle physics. These proceedings contain lecture notes on the Standard Model of ... More
Constraining Models of New Physics in Light of Recent Experimental Results on $a_{ψK_S}$Mar 28 2001Aug 22 2001We study extensions of the Standard Model where the charged current weak interactions are governed by the CKM matrix and where all tree-level decays are dominated by their Standard Model contribution. We constrain both analytically and numerically the ... More
Natural Neutrino Masses and Mixings from Warped GeometryMay 30 2008Jan 28 2009We demonstrate that flavor symmetries in warped geometry can provide a natural explanation for large mixing angles and economically explain the distinction between the quark and lepton flavor sectors. We show how to naturally generate Majorana neutrino ... More
Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Does Anyone Care?Feb 18 2019Feb 19 2019In the last year we have seen a great deal of both academic and practical interest in the topic of vulnerabilities in smart contracts, particularly those developed for the Ethereum blockchain. In this paper we survey the 21,270 vulnerable contracts reported ... More
Static isolated horizons: SU(2) invariant phase space, quantization, and black hole entropyNov 12 2010Apr 20 2011We study the classical field theoretical formulation of static generic isolated horizons in a manifestly SU(2) invariant formulation. We show that the usual classical description requires revision in the non-static case due to the breaking of diffeomorphism ... More
Comments on Challenges for Quantum GravityJun 25 2003We examine radiative corrections arising from Lorentz violating dimension five operators presumably associated with Planck scale physics as recently considered by Myers and Pospelov. We find that observational data result in bounds on the dimensionless ... More
Dynamics of loop quantum gravity and spin foam models in three dimensionsFeb 25 2004Mar 19 2004We present a rigorous regularization of Rovellis's generalized projection operator in canonical 2+1 gravity. This work establishes a clear-cut connection between loop quantum gravity and the spin foam approach in this simplified setting. The point of ... More
Banach spaces with many boundedly complete basic sequences failing PCPFeb 19 2009We prove that there exist Banach spaces not containing $\ell_1$, failing the point of continuity property and satisfying that every semi-normalized basic sequence has a boundedly complete basic subsequence. This answers in the negative the problem of ... More
The Effectiveness of Data Augmentation in Image Classification using Deep LearningDec 13 2017In this paper, we explore and compare multiple solutions to the problem of data augmentation in image classification. Previous work has demonstrated the effectiveness of data augmentation through simple techniques, such as cropping, rotating, and flipping ... More
Restoration of matter-antimatter symmetry in the multiverseJun 20 2017In the multiverse, the universes can be created in entangled pairs with spacetimes that are both expanding in terms of the time variables experienced by internal observers in their particle physics experiments. The time variables of the two universes ... More
A new proof of Goodstein's TheoremApr 13 2009Jul 28 2009Goodstein sequences are numerical sequences in which a natural number m, expressed as the complete normal form to a given base a, is modified by increasing the value of the base a by one unit and subtracting one unit from the resulting expression. As ... More
Scalable Analysis for Arbitrary Photonic Integrated Waveguide MeshesOct 07 2018The advances in fabrication processes in different material platforms employed in integrated optics are opening the path towards the implementation of circuits with increasing degree of complexity. In addition to the more conventional Application Specific ... More
Linearization of holomorphic germs with resonant linear partSep 04 2000We study the linearization problem of germs of holomorphic diffeomorphisms with resonant linear part. The formal linearization requires in general an infinite number of algebraic relations to be satisfied by the coefficients of the power series defining ... More
Total convergence or general divergence in Small DivisorsSep 04 2000We study generic holomorphic families of dynamical systems presenting problems of small divisors with fixed arithmetic. We prove that we have convergence for all parameter values or divergence everywhere except for an exceptional set in the potential ... More
The Triangular Theorem of the Primes: Binary Quadratic Forms and Primitive Pythagorean TriplesFeb 21 2011Feb 22 2011This article reports the occurrence of binary quadratic forms in primitive Pythagorean triangles and their geometric interpretation. In addition to the well-known fact that the hypotenuse, z, of a right triangle, with sides of integral (relatively prime) ... More
Local Anomalies, Local Equivariant Cohomology and the Variational BicomplexJul 04 2006Dec 04 2008The locality conditions for the vanishing of local anomalies in field theory are shown to admit a geometrical interpretation in terms of local equivariant cohomology, thus providing a method to deal with the problem of locality in the geometrical approaches ... More
Baryon and Lepton Numbers: Life in the DesertSep 23 2012The simplest theories where we can understand the origin of the baryon and lepton number violating interactions are discussed. We discuss the desert hypothesis in particle physics and the different scenarios where there is no need to assume it. It is ... More
Digging deep into the ULIRG phenomenon: When radio beats dustOct 19 2012Luminous and Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies (U/LIRGs) do also radiate copious amounts of radio emission, both thermal (free-free) and non-thermal (mainly synchrotron). This is very handy since, unlike optical and infra-red observations, radio is not ... More
Core collapse supernovae and starburstsSep 30 2009Core-collapse supernovae are the endproducts of massive stars, and yield radio events whose brightness depends on the intensity of the interaction experienced by the supernova ejecta with the circumstellar presupernova wind material. The fact that CCSNe ... More
Matrix Graph Grammars: Transformation of RestrictionsDec 11 2009In the Matrix approach to graph transformation we represent simple digraphs and rules with Boolean matrices and vectors, and the rewriting is expressed using Boolean operations only. In previous works, we developed analysis techniques enabling the study ... More
Modelling avalanches in martensitesOct 26 2016Solids subject to continuous changes of temperature or mechanical load often exhibit discontinuous avalanche-like responses. For instance, avalanche dynamics have been observed during plastic deformation, fracture, domain switching in ferroic materials ... More
Bose-Einstein condensation may occur in a constant magnetic fieldOct 25 1995Bose-Einstein condensation of charged scalar and vector particles may actually occur in presence of a constant homogeneous magnetic field, but there is no critical temperature at which condensation starts. The condensate is described by the statistical ... More
Derivation of chemical abundances in star-forming galaxies at intermediate redshiftDec 11 2014We have studied a sample of 11 blue, luminous, metal-poor galaxies at redshift 0.744 < z < 0.835 from the DEEP2 redshift survey. They were selected by the presence of the [OIII]4363 auroral line and the [OII]3726,3729 doublet together with the strong ... More
New Paradigm for Baryon and Lepton Number ViolationJan 07 2015Aug 17 2015The possible discovery of proton decay, neutron-antineutron oscillation, neutrinoless beta decay in low energy experiments, and exotic signals related to the violation of the baryon and lepton numbers at collider experiments will change our understanding ... More
Stochastic Optimization Approaches for Solving SudokuMay 06 2008In this paper the Sudoku problem is solved using stochastic search techniques and these are: Cultural Genetic Algorithm (CGA), Repulsive Particle Swarm Optimization (RPSO), Quantum Simulated Annealing (QSA) and the Hybrid method that combines Genetic ... More
Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Does Anyone Care?Feb 18 2019In the last year we have seen a great deal of both academic and practical interest in the topic of vulnerabilities in smart contracts, particularly those developed for the Ethereum blockchain. In this paper we survey the 21,270 vulnerable contracts reported ... More
A New structural parameter for Perovskite type compounds and its application to 'Stripe Phases'Aug 01 2003Aug 07 2003A new parameter named PESATc (Parametro Estructural de los Superconductores de Alta Temperatura critica) is presented and used to discuss an aproach to the 'Stripe Phases' in (La,Ca)MnO3 superconductors. The PESATc parameter is based on the superposition ... More
Nonparametric Tests for Bivariate Stochastic Dominance without Continuity AssumptionsJul 23 2018The use of Kolmogorov-Smirnov-type statistics for testing stochastic dominance goes back to McFadden (1989). In this paper we extend the approach of Barret and Donald (2003) to the bivariate case, without the assumption of absolute continuity for the ... More
3+1 spinfoam model of quantum gravity with spacelike and timelike componentsNov 10 2000We present a spinfoam formulation of Lorentzian quantum General Relativity. The theory is based on a simple generalization of an Euclidean model defined in terms of a field theory over a group. The model is an extension of a recently introduced Lorentzian ... More
Relativistic Wigner Function Approach to Neutrino Propagation in MatterOct 13 1998In this work we study the propagation of massive Dirac neutrinos in matter with flavor mixing, using statistical techniques based on Relativistic Wigner Functions. First, we consider neutrinos in equilibrium within the Hartree approximation, and obtain ... More
Generalized Jacobi structuresJul 02 1997Jacobi brackets (a generalization of standard Poisson brackets in which Leibniz's rule is replaced by a weaker condition) are extended to brackets involving an arbitrary (even) number of functions. This new structure includes, as a particular case, the ... More
Radial orbit instability as a dissipation-induced phenomenonMar 11 2010Nov 30 2010This paper is devoted to Radial Orbit Instability in the context of self-gravitating dynamical systems. We present this instability in the new frame of Dissipation-Induced Instability theory. This allows us to obtain a rather simple proof based on energetics ... More
Leptogenesis from Split FermionsJan 11 2004We present a new type of leptogenesis mechanism based on a two-scalar split-fermions framework. At high temperatures the bulk scalar vacuum expectation values (VEVs) vanish and lepton number is strongly violated. Below some temperature, $T_c$, the scalars ... More
Realistic split fermion modelsMar 28 2003The standard model flavor structure can be explained in theories where the fermions are localized on different points in a compact extra dimension. We explain how models with two bulk scalars compactified on an orbifold can produce such separations in ... More
Medium-modified average multiplicity and multiplicity fluctuations in jetsNov 14 2008May 19 2009The energy evolution of average multiplicities and multiplicity fluctuations in jets produced in heavy-ion collisions is investigated from a toy QCD-inspired model. In this model, we use modified splitting functions accounting for medium-enhanced radiation ... More
Ground-state properties of bosons in three- and two-dimensional trapsFeb 03 1998We study trapped systems of bosons at zero temperature in three and two dimensions. Conditions are fulfilled for the application of Gross-Pitaevskii theory with a positive scattering length. Series expansions for ground-state properties are obtained in ... More
Few-anyon systems in a parabolic dotDec 06 1997The energy levels of two and three anyons in a two-dimensional parabolic quantum dot and a perpendicular magnetic field are computed as power series in 1/|J|, where J is the angular momentum. The particles interact repulsively through a coulombic (1/r) ... More
PhET. Percepciones y contribucion del uso de simulaciones en el aprendizaje de los conceptos de energia para un curso de fisica general de la ensenanza tecnicaJun 01 2016The physics learning is very important to techniques teaching and the engineers upbringing. However, there is evidence that science classes from elementary school through to university are generally failing to provide most students with an understanding ... More
Kinematic detections of protoplanets: a Doppler-flip in the disk of HD100546Jun 14 2019Protoplanets and circumplanetary disks are rather elusive in their thermal IR emission. Yet they are cornerstone to the most popular interpretations for the protoplanetary disks structures observed in the gas and dust density fields, even though alternative ... More