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Seismic Inversion by Newtonian Machine LearningApr 24 2019We present a wave-equation inversion method that inverts skeletonized data for the subsurface velocity model. The skeletonized representation of the seismic traces consists of the low-rank latent-space variables predicted by a well-trained autoencoder ... More
Multilayer Sparse Least Squares Migration=Deep Convolutional Neural NetworkApr 19 2019We recast the multilayered sparse inversion problem as a multilayered neural network problem. Unlike standard least squares migration (LSM) which finds the optimal reflectivity image, neural network least squares migration (NNLSM) finds both the optimal ... More
Inter-Coder Agreement for Nominal Scales: A Model-based ApproachAug 06 2012Inter-coder agreement measures, like Cohen's kappa, correct the relative frequency of agreement between coders to account for agreement which simply occurs by chance. However, in some situations these measures exhibit behavior which make their values ... More
Maximal rank subgroups and strong functoriality of the additive eigenconeAug 22 2016Let $G$ be a simple connected complex Lie group. The additive eigencone of $G$ is a polyhedral cone containing the set of solutions to the additive eigenvalue problem, a generalization of the Hermitian eigenvalue problem. The additive eigencone is functorial, ... More
The combinatorial multitude of fatty acids can be described by Fibonacci numbersMar 28 2013The famous series of Fibonacci numbers is defined by a recursive equation saying that each number is the sum of its two predecessors, with the initial condition that the first two numbers are equal to unity. Here, we show that the numbers of fatty acids ... More
On the Role of Quantum Events in Double-Slit ExperimentsMar 28 2010Apr 10 2011We formulate the Schr\"odinger equation as the equation of motion of a small external influence which serves as the initial boundary condition of a physical system in classical laboratory space. The Hilbert space of possible external influences for a ... More
Future prospects: Merging data with modelsNov 01 2002Globular clusters are stellar dynamical systems which evolve on stellar evolutionary and both internal and external dynamical timescales. Quantitative comparison of cluster properties with realistic evolutionary dynamical models is becoming feasible, ... More
GAIA: Understanding the GalaxyOct 30 2001The GAIA Observatory, ESA's Cornerstone 6 mission, addresses the origin and evolution of our Galaxy, and a host of other scientific challenges. GAIA will provide unprecedented positional and radial velocity measurements with the accuracies needed to produce ... More
Dark Matter on small scales; Telescopes on large scalesMar 14 2007This article reviews recent progress in observational determination of the properties of dark matter on small astrophysical scales, and progress towards the European Extremely Large Telescope. Current results suggest some surprises: the central DM density ... More
Fermion Masses in SO(10)Jan 19 1993Yukawa coupling constant unification together with the known fermion masses is used to constrain SO(10) models. We consider the case of one (heavy) generation, with the tree-level relation $m_b=m_\tau$, calculating the limits on the intermediate symmetry ... More
Digital EcosystemsSep 18 2009Oct 06 2009We view Digital Ecosystems to be the digital counterparts of biological ecosystems, which are considered to be robust, self-organising and scalable architectures that can automatically solve complex, dynamic problems. So, this work is concerned with the ... More
Representations of the Vertex Reinforced Jump Process as a mixture of Markov processes on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ and infinite treesMar 24 2019This paper concerns the Vertex Reinforced Jump Process (VRJP) and its representations as a Markov process in random environment. We show that all possible representations of the VRJP as a mixture of Markov processes can be expressed in a similar form, ... More
Analysis of a Key Distribution Scheme in Secure MulticastingJan 20 2012Jul 10 2012This article presents an analysis of the secure key broadcasting scheme proposed by Wu, Ruan, Lai and Tseng. The study of the parameters of the system is based on a connection with a special type of symmetric equations over finite fields. We present two ... More
The strict AKNS hierarchy: its structure and solutionsAug 22 2017In this paper we discuss an integrable hierarchy of compatible Lax equations that is obtained by a wider deformation of a commutative algebra in the loop space of ${\rm sl}_{2}$ than that in the AKNS-case and whose Lax equations are based on a different ... More
A crossing probability for critical percolation in two dimensionsMar 22 1996Apr 03 1996Langlands et al. considered two crossing probabilities, pi_h and pi_{hv}, in their extensive numerical investigations of critical percolation in two dimensions. Cardy was able to find the exact form of pi_h by treating it as a correlation function of ... More
The Distribution of Dark Matter in the Milky Way GalaxyFeb 10 1997A wealth of recent observational studies shows the dark matter in the Milky Way to have the following fundamental properties: 1) there is no detectable dark matter associated with the Galactic disk -- the dark matter is distributed in a purely halo distribution ... More
Evolution of the Galactic Halo and DiskNov 17 1994Correlations between stellar kinematics and chemical abundances are fossil evidence for evolutionary connections between Galactic structural components. Extensive stellar surveys show that the only tolerably clear distinction between galactic components ... More
Astrometric Tests of Galactic EvolutionNov 17 1994There are many fundamental aspects of Galactic structure and evolution which can be studied best or exclusively with high quality three dimensional kinematics. Amongst these we note as examples determination of the orientation of the stellar velocity ... More
Transformation de Fourier homogeneJul 16 2002In their proof of the Drinfeld-Langlands correspondence, Frenkel, Gaitsgory and Vilonen make use of a geometric Fourier transformation. Therefore, they work either with l-adic sheaves in characteristic p>0, or with D-modules in characteristic 0. Actually, ... More
Fibres de Springer et jacobiennes compactifieesApr 10 2002Dec 18 2002We identify, up to homeomorphisms, the affine Springer fibers for GL(n) on a local field of equal characteristics with some coverings of compactified jacobians of singular projective curves. This allows us to prove an irreducibility property of these ... More
Bounded confidence and Social networksNov 12 2003In the so-called bounded confidence model proposed by Deffuant et al, agents can influence each other's opinion provided that opinions are already sufficiently close enough. We here discuss the influence of possible social networks topologies on the dynamics ... More
The Science of Galaxy FormationAug 23 2008Our knowledge of the Universe remains discovery-led: in the absence of adequate physics-based theory, interpretation of new results requires a scientific methodology. Commonly, scientific progress in astrophysics is motivated by the empirical success ... More
The outer Galaxy: stellar populations and dark matterMar 14 2007The Galaxy's stellar populations are naturally classified into six `types', of which five have been observed. These are the thin disk (Pop I in the historical scheme), a discrete thick disk (Pop I.5), the metal-rich bulge, which was not named in the Baade ... More
A Chevalley's theorem in class C^rAug 26 2008Let W be a finite reflection group acting orthogonally on R^n, P be the Chevalley polynomial mapping determined by an integrity basis of the algebra of W-invariant polynomials, and h be the highest degree of the coordinate polynomials in P.There exists ... More
Strict versions of various matrix hierarchies related to SL(n)-loops and their combinationsNov 06 2017Let $\mathfrak{t}$ be a commutative Lie subalgebra of ${\rm sl}_{n}(\mathbb{C})$ of maximal dimension. We consider in this paper three spaces of $\mathfrak{t}$-loops that each get deformed in a different way. We require that the deformed generators of ... More
OPTICON: EC Optical Infrared Coordination Network for AstronomyMay 31 2001OPTICON, the ICN Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy, brings together for the first time the operators of all Europe's medium to large optical-infrared telescopes, the largest corresponding data archives, and several user representatives. ... More
A Gravity Model Analysis of Irish Merchandise Goods Exports under BrexitDec 20 2018We examine the effect of a Hard Brexit on Irish Exports using the PPML Gravity Model and Irish Exports data at the micro level. We find a hard Brexit could reduce Irish national income by over 9 billion euro annually and the effect would be sustained ... More
A Matched Pairs Analysis of International Protection Outcomes in IrelandMay 29 2017We examine over 40,000 International Protection (IP) determinations for non-EEA nationals covering a 16 year period in Ireland. We reconfigure these individual outcomes into a set of over 23,000 matched pairs based on combination of direct matching and ... More
Pseudo transient continuation and time marching methods for Monge-Ampere type equationsJan 24 2013Jun 30 2014We present two numerical methods for the fully nonlinear elliptic Monge-Ampere equation. The first is a pseudo transient continuation method and the second is a pure pseudo time marching method. The methods are proven to converge to a strictly convex ... More
Uniqueness in Law for a Class of Degenerate Diffusions with Continuous CovarianceMay 09 2011We study the martingale problem associated with the operator $L u = \partial_s u + 1/2 \sum_{i,j=1}^{d_0} a^{ij} \partial_{ij} u + \sum_{i,j=1}^d B^{ij} x^j \partial_i u$, where $d_0 \leq d$. We show that the martingale problem is well-posed when the ... More
Convergence of a hybrid scheme for the elliptic Monge-Ampere equationMay 19 2014Aug 27 2018We prove the convergence of a hybrid discretization to the viscosity solution of the elliptic Monge-Ampere equation. The hybrid discretization uses a standard finite difference discretization in parts of the computational domain where the solution is ... More
A Radically New Theory of how the Brain Represents and Computes with ProbabilitiesJan 26 2017Feb 21 2018The brain is believed to implement probabilistic reasoning and to represent information via population, or distributed, coding. Most previous population-based probabilistic (PPC) theories share several basic properties: 1) continuous-valued neurons; 2) ... More
Faisceaux automorphes pour GL(n): la premiere construction de DrinfeldNov 07 1995Drinfeld a associe a tout systeme local irreductible de rang 2 sur une surface de Riemann compacte un "faisceau automorphe". Ce faisceau automorphe vit sur l'espace de modules des fibres vectoriels de rang 2 sur cette meme surface de Riemann. En fait, ... More
Uniform limit of discrete convex functionsApr 03 2019We consider mesh functions which are discrete convex in the sense of Oberman. Analogous to the case of a uniformly bounded sequence of convex functions, we prove that the uniform limit on compact subsets of discrete convex mesh functions which are uniformly ... More
On the energy dependence of $K/π$ fluctuations in relativistic heavy ion collisionsNov 06 2009In this note we will discuss the energy dependence of particle ratio fluctuations in heavy ion collisions. We study how the inherent multiplicity dependence of ratio fluctuations is reflected in the excitation function of the dynamical fluctuations. Specifically, ... More
Markov Automata: Deciding Weak Bisimulation by means of non-naively Vanishing StatesMay 28 2012Apr 30 2014This paper develops a decision algorithm for weak bisimulation on Markov Automata (MA). For that purpose, different notions of vanishing state (a concept known from the area of Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets) are defined. Vanishing states are shown ... More
High p_T Spectra of Identified Particles Produced in Pb+Pb Collisions at 158GeV/nucleon Beam EnergyOct 18 2005Transverse momentum spectra of pi^{+/-}, p, pbar, K^{+/-}, K^0_s and Lambda at midrapidity were measured at high p_T in Pb+Pb collisions at 158GeV/nucleon beam energy by the NA49 experiment. Particle yield ratios (p/pi, K/pi and Lambda/K^0_s) show an ... More
Travaux de Frenkel, Gaitsgory et Vilonen sur la correspondance de Drinfeld-LanglandsJul 09 2002In 1967, Langlands conjectured a natural correspondence between automorphic representations and Galois representations, over number fields as well as over function fields. In 1983, Drinfeld discovered a geometric analog of the Langlands correspondence ... More
Standard finite elements for the numerical resolution of the elliptic Monge-Ampere equation: Aleksandrov solutionsOct 17 2013Jul 30 2015We prove a convergence result for a natural discretization of the Dirichlet problem of the elliptic Monge-Ampere equation using finite dimensional spaces of piecewise polynomial C0 or C1 functions. Standard discretizations of the type considered in this ... More
Development of Graphical User Interface For Microwave Filter DesignJul 05 2016This research project aims at developing a low-cost, time-effective and a stand-alone graphical user interface (GUI) that will be used to design microwave filters. Throughout the projects, the main theory behind the technology of microwave filters, their ... More
Standard finite elements for the numerical resolution of the elliptic Monge-Ampere equation: classical solutionsOct 17 2013Jul 30 2015We propose a new variational formulation of the elliptic Monge-Ampere equation and show how classical Lagrange elements can be used for the numerical resolution of classical solutions of the equation. Error estimates are given for Lagrange elements of ... More
Iterative methods for k-Hessian equationsJun 20 2014Aug 23 2018On a domain of the n-dimensional Euclidean space, and for an integer k=1,...,n, the k-Hessian equations are fully nonlinear elliptic equations for k >1 and consist of the Poisson equation for k=1 and the Monge-Ampere equation for k=n. We analyze for smooth ... More
Games for Active XML RevisitedDec 18 2014The paper studies the rewriting mechanisms for intensional documents in the Active XML framework, abstracted in the form of active context-free games. The safe rewriting problem studied in this paper is to decide whether the first player, Juliet, has ... More
Identifying the stored energy of a hyperelastic structure by using an attenuated Landweber methodApr 21 2017We consider the nonlinear, inverse problem of identifying the stored energy function of a hyperelastic material from full knowledge of the displacement field as well as from surface sensor measurements. The displacement field is represented as a solution ... More
Convolutions and multiplier transformations of convex bodiesJul 31 2012Rotation intertwining maps from the set of convex bodies in Rn into itself that are continuous linear operators with respect to Minkowski and Blaschke addition are investigated. The main focus is on Blaschke-Minkowski homomorphisms. We show that such ... More
An iterative method to reconstruct the refractive index of a medium from time-of-flight measurementsOct 23 2015The article deals with a classical inverse problem: the computation of the refractive index of a medium from ultrasound time-of-flight (TOF) measurements. This problem is very popular in seismics but also for tomographic problems in inhomogeneous media. ... More
Lattice structures for bisimilar Probabilistic AutomataFeb 27 2014The paper shows that there is a deep structure on certain sets of bisimilar Probabilistic Automata (PA). The key prerequisite for these structures is a notion of compactness of PA. It is shown that compact bisimilar PA form lattices. These results are ... More
Induction in Algebra: a First Case StudyAug 12 2013Sep 20 2013Many a concrete theorem of abstract algebra admits a short and elegant proof by contradiction but with Zorn's Lemma (ZL). A few of these theorems have recently turned out to follow in a direct and elementary way from the Principle of Open Induction distinguished ... More
Constructing the Tree-Level Yang-Mills S-Matrix Using Complex FactorizationNov 20 2008A remarkable connection between BCFW recursion relations and constraints on the S-matrix was made by Benincasa and Cachazo in 0705.4305, who noted that mutual consistency of different BCFW constructions of four-particle amplitudes generates non-trivial ... More
Chance and Necessity in Evolution: Lessons from RNANov 18 1998The relationship between sequences and secondary structures or shapes in RNA exhibits robust statistical properties summarized by three notions: (1) the notion of a typical shape (that among all sequences of fixed length certain shapes are realized much ... More
On the Theory of Continuous-Spin Particles: Wavefunctions and Soft-Factor Scattering AmplitudesFeb 05 2013Nov 02 2013The most general massless particles allowed by Poincare-invariance are "continuous-spin" particles (CSPs) characterized by a scale \rho, which at \rho=0 reduce to familiar helicity particles. Though known long-range forces are adequately modeled using ... More
Optical conductivity of a Hubbard ring with an impurityJul 02 2005We investigate the optical conductivity of a Hubbard ring in presence of an impurity by means of exact diagonalization using the Lanczos algorithm. We concentrate thereby on the first excited, open shell state, i.e. on twisted boundary conditions. In ... More
High p_T Spectra of Identified Particles Produced in Pb+Pb Collisions at 158A GeV Beam EnergyJun 01 2006Jun 02 2006Results of the NA49 collaboration on the production of hadrons with large transverse momentum in Pb+Pb collisions at 158A GeV beam energy are presented. A range up to p_T = 4 GeV/c is covered. The nuclear modification factor R_CP is extracted for pions, ... More
A New Class of Particle in 2+1 DimensionsApr 03 2014In two spatial dimensions, spin characterizes how particle states re-phase under changes of frame that leave their momentum and energy invariant. Massless particles can in principle have non-trivial spin in this sense, but all existing field theories ... More
Sequential subspace optimization for nonlinear inverse problemsFeb 22 2016In this work we discuss a method to adapt sequential subspace optimization (SESOP), which has so far been developed for linear inverse problems in Hilbert and Banach spaces, to the case of nonlinear inverse problems. We start by revising the well-known ... More
Binary Operations in Spherical Convex GeometryJul 04 2014Characterizations of binary operations between convex bodies on the Euclidean unit sphere are established. The main result shows that the convex hull is essentially the only non-trivial projection covariant operation between pairs of convex bodies contained ... More
Cosmic-Ray Antiprotons from Neutralino Annihilation into GluonsOct 14 1993We estimate the flux of cosmic-ray antiprotons expected from the annihilation of neutralinos in the galactic halo. The antiproton signal may offer an important alternative detection scheme in the case that neutralino annihilation proceeds mainly to the ... More
"Antiferromagnetism" in social relations and Bonabeau modelDec 28 2006We here present a fixed agents version of an original model of the emergence of hierarchies among social agents first introduced by Bonabeau \textit{et al}. Having interactions occurring on a social network rather than among 'walkers' doesn't drastically ... More
Meixner matrix ensemblesSep 23 2010May 03 2011We construct a family of matrix ensembles that fits Anshelevich's regression postulates for "Meixner laws on matrices". We show that the Laplace transform of a general n by n Meixner matrix ensemble satisfies a system of partial differential equations ... More
Dynamical friction in dwarf galaxiesFeb 19 1998We present a simplified analytic approach to the problem of the spiraling of a massive body orbiting within the dark halo of a dwarf galaxy. This dark halo is treated as the core region of a King distribution of dark matter particles, in consistency with ... More
Heights and metrics with logarithmic singularitiesApr 08 2007We prove lower bound and finiteness properties for arakelovian heights with respect to pre-log-log hermitian ample line bundles. These heights were introduced by Burgos, Kramer and K\"uhn, in their extension of the arithmetic intersection theory of Gillet ... More
Black hole mass and angular momentum in topologically massive gravityJun 02 2007Sep 27 2007We extend the Abbott-Deser-Tekin approach to the computation of the Killing charge for a solution of topologically massive gravity (TMG) linearized around an arbitrary background. This is then applied to evaluate the mass and angular momentum of black ... More
Process of image super-resolutionApr 17 2019May 10 2019In this paper we explain a process of super-resolution reconstruction allowing to increase the resolution of an image.The need for high-resolution digital images exists in diverse domains, for example the medical and spatial domains. The obtaining of ... More
Value, Variety and Viability: Designing For Co-creation in a Complex System of Direct and Indirect (goods) Service Value PropositionNov 11 2011While service-dominant logic proposes that all "Goods are a distribution mechanism for service provision" (FP3), there is a need to understand when and why a firm would utilise direct or indirect (goods) service provision, and the interactions between ... More
Improvements in closest point search based on dual HKZ-basesJan 25 2012In this paper we review the technique to solve the CVP based on dual HKZ-bases by J. Bloemer. The technique is based on the transference theorems given by Banaszczyk which imply some necessary conditions on the coefficients of the closest vectors with ... More
Coevo: a collaborative design platform with artificial agentsApr 30 2019We present Coevo, an online platform that allows both humans and artificial agents to design shapes that solve different tasks. Our goal is to explore common shared design tools that can be used by humans and artificial agents in a context of creation. ... More
Probing integrable perturbations of conformal theories using singular vectors II: N=1 superconformal theoriesJul 03 1997In this work we pursue the singular-vector analysis of the integrable perturbations of conformal theories that was initiated in hep-th/9603088. Here we consider the detailed study of the N=1 superconformal theory and show that all integrable perturbations ... More
A Market of Inhomogeneous Threshold Cellular AutomataApr 23 2003This article summarizes some physics aspects of the market model of Weisbuch and Stauffer, Physica A (2003): How do demand and quality expectation adjust to each other in a buyer dominated market like cinema visits? And how can business cycles be modelled? ... More
FUSE and the Astrophysics of AGN and QSOsNov 14 2004The high spectral resolution and sensitivity of FUSE have enabled far-ultraviolet studies of AGN and QSOs that are a natural complement to observations using HST, Chandra, and XMM-Newton. Through synergistic use of the large sample of nearby AGN that ... More
Production networks and failure avalanchesJul 13 2005Although standard economics textbooks are seldom interested in production networks, modern economies are more and more based upon suppliers/customers interactions. One can consider entire sectors of the economy as generalised supply chains. We will take ... More
The Outer Regions of the Galactic Bulge:I ObservationsFeb 07 1995An observational survey of stars selected from the region of sky in the direction of the Galactic bulge is presented. We discuss the choice of tracer populations for this study. Digitised UK Schmidt plate photometry, calibrated with CCD photometry, is ... More
The strong equivalence principle from gravitational gauge structureJul 05 2006May 22 2007Gravitational self-interactions are assumed to be determined by the covariant derivative acting on the Riemann-Christoffel field strength. Once imposed on a metric theory, this Yang-Mills gauge constraint extends the equality of gravitational mass and ... More
Mass Issues in Fundamental InteractionsNov 04 2008Driven by the mass problem, we raise some issues of the fundamental interactions in terms of non trivial commutation relations implemented within toy theories.
On the relativistic KMS condition for the P(φ)_2 modelSep 29 2006The relativistic KMS condition introduced by Bros and Buchholz provides a link between quantum statistical mechanics and quantum field theory. We show that for the $P(\phi)_2$ model at positive temperature, the two point function for fields satisfies ... More
Environmental Influences on Dark Matter Halos and Consequences for the Galaxies Within ThemOct 13 1997We use large N-body simulations of dissipationless gravitational clustering in cold dark matter (CDM) cosmologies to study whether the properties of dark matter halos are affected by their environment. We look for correlations between the masses, formation ... More
The ABC of Digital Business EcosystemsMay 11 2010The European Commission has the power to inspire, initiate and sponsor huge transnational projects to an extent impossible for most other entities. These projects can address universal themes and develop well-being models that are valuable across a diversity ... More
Complex Vector Lattices Via Functional CompletionsOct 21 2014We show that the Fremlin tensor product $C(X)\bar{\otimes}C(Y)$ is not square mean complete when X and Y are uncountable metrizable compact spaces. This motivates the definition of complexification of Archimedean vector lattices, the Fremlin tensor product ... More
Perpetuity property of the Dirichlet distributionApr 11 2012Let $X$, $B$ and $Y$ be three Dirichlet, Bernoulli and beta independent random variables such that $X\sim \mathcal{D}(a_0,...,a_d),$ such that $\Pr(B=(0,...,0,1,0,...,0))=a_i/a$ with $a=\sum_{i=0}^da_i$ and such that $Y\sim \beta(1,a).$ We prove that ... More
Adaptive Higher-order Spectral EstimatorsMay 08 2015Feb 22 2017Many applications involve estimation of a signal matrix from a noisy data matrix. In such cases, it has been observed that estimators that shrink or truncate the singular values of the data matrix perform well when the signal matrix has approximately ... More
Rotation invariant Minkowski classes of convex bodiesJul 31 2012A Minkowski class is a closed subset of the space of convex bodies in Euclidean space Rn which is closed under Minkowski addition and non-negative dilatations. A convex body in Rn is universal if the expansion of its support function in spherical harmonics ... More
On the GL(V)-module structure of K(n)^*(BV)Nov 30 2007We study the question of whether the Morava K-theory of the classifying space of an elementary abelian group V is a permutation module (in either of two distinct senses) for the automorphism group of V. We use Brauer characters and computer calculations. ... More
The Sine Transform of Isotropic MeasuresJul 31 2012Sharp isoperimetric inequalities for the sine transform of even isotropic measures are established. The corresponding reverse inequalities are obtained in an asymptotically optimal form. These new inequalities have direct applications to strong volume ... More
FUSE Observations of Warm Absorbers in AGNJun 15 2001Jun 25 2001In a survey of the UV-brightest AGN using the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE), we commonly find associated absorption in the O VI 1032,1038 resonance doublet. Of 34 Type I AGN observed to date with z < 0.15, 16 show detectable O VI absorption. ... More
Resolving the C IV and Mg II Absorption in NGC 4151Oct 07 1996Observations of the C IV and Mg II absorption lines in the Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 4151 obtained with the GHRS in October 1994 are presented. The data from the STScI archive show multiple broad and narrow components in both species. In addition to Galactic ... More
Neutrinos From Particle Decay in the Sun and EarthJul 22 1994Weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) may be indirectly detected by observation of upward muons induced by energetic neutrinos from annihilation of WIMPs that have accumulated in the Sun and/or Earth. Energetic muon neutrinos come from the decays ... More
Mathematics and Logic as Information Compression by Multiple Alignment, Unification and SearchAug 15 2003This article introduces the conjecture that "mathematics, logic and related disciplines may usefully be understood as information compression (IC) by 'multiple alignment', 'unification' and 'search' (ICMAUS)". As a preparation for the two main sections ... More
Copulas in three dimensions with prescribed correlationsApr 19 2010Given an arbitrary three-dimensional correlation matrix, we prove that there exists a three-dimensional joint distribution for the random variable $(X,Y,Z)$ such that $X$,$Y$ and $Z$ are identically distributed with beta distribution $\beta_{k,k}(dx)$ ... More
Rank one Eisenstein cohomology of local systems on the moduli space of abelian varietiesFeb 20 2008We give a formula for the Eisenstein cohomology of local systems on the partial compactification of the moduli of principally polarized abelian varieties given by rank 1 degenerations. For genus 2 we give a formula for the full Eisenstein cohomology.
Sparsey: Event Recognition via Deep Hierarchical Spare Distributed CodesNov 12 2016Visual cortex's hierarchical, multi-level organization is captured in many biologically inspired computational vision models, the general idea being that progressively larger scale, more complex spatiotemporal features are represented in progressively ... More
Siegel Modular FormsMay 12 2006May 21 2007Lectures on Siegel modular forms given in Nordfjordeid. Besides a survey on Siegel modular forms it presents the joint work with Carel Faber on vector-valued Siegel modular forms of genus 2 and it gives evidence for a conjecture of Harder on congruences ... More
An arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem for pointed stable curvesOct 17 2007Jan 12 2008We prove an arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem for pointed stable curves. We derive consequences for the Selberg zeta function of an open modular curve $Y_{1}(p)$ (resp. $Y_{0}(p)$), for a prime number $p\geq 11$ (resp. congruent to 11 modulo 12).
Simple model for 1/f noiseJan 13 2002We present a simple stochastic mechanism which generates pulse trains exhibiting a power law distribution of the pulse intervals and a $1/f^\alpha$ power spectrum over several decades at low frequencies with $\alpha$ close to one. The essential ingredient ... More
General Lp affine isoperimetric inequalitiesSep 11 2008Sharp Lp affine isoperimetric inequalities are established for the entire class of Lp projection bodies and the entire class of Lp centroid bodies. These new inequalities strengthen the Lp Petty projection and the Lp Busemann--Petty centroid inequality. ... More
GL(n) contravariant Minkowski valuationsJul 31 2012A complete classification of all continuous GL(n) contravariant Minkowski valuations is established. As an application we present a family of sharp isoperimetric inequalities for such valuations which generalize the classical Petty projection inequality. ... More
Rotation equivariant Minkowski valuationsJul 31 2012The projection body operator \Pi, which associates with every convex body in Euclidean space Rn its projection body, is a continuous valuation, it is invariant under translations and equivariant under rotations. It is also well known that \Pi\ maps the ... More
Commonsense reasoning, commonsense knowledge, and the SP theory of intelligenceSep 25 2016This paper describes how the "SP theory of intelligence", outlined in an Appendix, may throw light on aspects of commonsense reasoning (CSR) and commonsense knowledge (CSK) (together shortened to CSRK), as discussed in another paper by Ernest Davis and ... More
Community Cloud ComputingJul 15 2009Oct 12 2009Cloud Computing is rising fast, with its data centres growing at an unprecedented rate. However, this has come with concerns over privacy, efficiency at the expense of resilience, and environmental sustainability, because of the dependence on Cloud vendors ... More
Digital Business Ecosystems: Natural Science ParadigmsOct 04 2009A primary motivation for research in Digital Ecosystems is the desire to exploit the self-organising properties of natural ecosystems. Ecosystems arc thought to be robust, scalable architectures that can automatically solve complex, dynamic problems. ... More
Cosmological Consequences of Spontaneous Lepton Number Violation in $SO(10)$ Grand Unification, EFI-93-07Feb 03 1993Cosmological constraints on grand unified theories with spontaneous lepton number violation are analysed. We concentrate on $SO(10)$, the simplest of the models possessing this property. It has been noted previously that the consistency of these models ... More
Continuity of the solution map of the Euler equations in Hölder spaces and weak norm inflation in Besov spacesJan 06 2016We construct an example showing that the solution map of the Euler equations is not continuous in the H\"older space $C^{1,\alpha}$ for any $0<\alpha<1$. On the other hand we show that it is continuous when restricted to the little H\"older subspace $c^{1,\alpha}$. ... More