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Exact Tunneling Solutions in Minkowski Spacetime and a Candidate for Dark EnergyFeb 22 2011We study exact tunneling solutions in scalar field theory for potential barriers composed of linear or quadratic patches. We analytically continue our solutions to imaginary Euclidean radius in order to study the profile of the scalar field inside the ... More
Non Supersymmetric Metastable Vacua in N=2 SYM Softly Broken to N=1May 03 2007We find non-supersymmetric metastable vacua in four dimensional N=2 gauge theories softly broken to N=1 by a superpotential term. First we study the simplest case, namely the SU(2) gauge theory without flavors. We study the spectrum and lifetime of the ... More
Charged Rényi Entropies in CFTs with Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Holographic DualsApr 04 2014Oct 09 2014We calculate the R\'enyi entropy $S_q(\mu,\lambda)$, for a spherical entangling surface in CFT's with Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet-Maxwell holographic duals. R\'enyi entropies must obey some interesting inequalities by definition. However, for Gauss-Bonnet couplings ... More
On Elliptic String Solutions in AdS(3) and dS(3)May 12 2016Jul 14 2016Classical string actions in AdS(3) and dS(3) can be connected to the sinh-Gordon and cosh-Gordon equations through Pohlmeyer reduction. We show that the problem of constructing a classical string solution with a given static or translationally invariant ... More
Holographic Renyi Entropies and Restrictions on Higher Derivative TermsJul 30 2015We perform a holographic calculation of the Entanglement R\'enyi entropy $S_q(\mu,\lambda)$, for spherical entangling surfaces in boundary CFT's with Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet-Maxwell holographic gravitational duals. We find that for Gauss-Bonnet couplings ... More
Entanglement Entropy and Duality in AdS(4)Mar 02 2015Apr 30 2015Small variations of the entanglement entropy \delta S and the expectation value of the modular Hamiltonian \delta E are computed holographically for circular entangling curves in the boundary of AdS(4), using gravitational perturbations with general boundary ... More
Area Law Behaviour of Mutual Information at Finite TemperatureJul 10 2019Entanglement entropy in free scalar field theory at its ground state is dominated by an area law term. However, when mixed states are considered this property ceases to exist. We show that in such cases the mutual information obeys an "area law". The ... More
Thermodynamics of the Maxwell-Gauss-Bonnet anti-de Sitter Black Hole with Higher Derivative Gauge CorrectionsJul 22 2008Sep 30 2008The local and global thermal phase structure for asymptotically anti-de Sitter black holes charged under an abelian gauge group, with both Gauss-Bonnet and quartic field strength corrections, is mapped out for all parameter space. We work in the grand ... More
Thermal Evolution of the Non Supersymmetric Metastable Vacua in N=2 SU(2) SYM Softly Broken to N=1Nov 20 2008It has been shown that four dimensional N=2 gauge theories, softly broken to N=1 by a superpotential term, can accommodate metastable non-supersymmetric vacua in their moduli space. We study the SU(2) theory at high temperatures in order to determine ... More
An Inverse Mass Expansion for Entanglement Entropy in Free Massive Scalar Field TheoryNov 07 2017We extend the entanglement entropy calculation performed in the seminal paper by Srednicki for free real massive scalar field theories in 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 dimensions. We show that the inverse of the scalar field mass can be used as an expansion parameter ... More
Stability Analysis of Classical String Solutions and the Dressing MethodMar 04 2019The dressing method is a technique to construct new solutions in non-linear sigma models under the provision of a seed solution. This is analogous to the use of autoBacklund transformations for systems of the sine-Gordon type. In a recent work, this method ... More
Salient Features of Dressed Elliptic String Solutions on $\mathbb{R}\times$S$^2$Mar 04 2019We analyse several physical aspects of the dressed elliptic strings propagating on $\mathbb{R} \times \mathrm{S}^2$ and of their counterparts in the Pohlmeyer reduced theory, i.e. the sine-Gordon equation. The solutions are divided into two wide classes; ... More
Dressed Elliptic String Solutions on RxS^2Jun 20 2018We obtain classical string solutions on RxS^2 by applying the dressing method on string solutions with elliptic Pohlmeyer counterparts. This is realized through the use of the simplest possible dressing factor, which possesses just a pair of poles lying ... More
Elliptic String Solutions on RxS^2 and Their Pohlmeyer ReductionMay 23 2018We study classical string solutions on RxS^2 that correspond to elliptic solutions of the sine-Gordon equation. In this work, these solutions are systematically derived inverting Pohlmeyer reduction and classified with respect to their Pohlmeyer counterparts. ... More
Dijet Searches for New Physics in ATLASSep 09 2011The latest results are presented of the search for new physics in inclusive dijet events recorded with the ATLAS detector. The search for resonances in the dijet mass spectrum is updated with 0.81 fb^-1 of 2011 data. The latest analysis of dijet angular ... More
Evaluating the 6-point Remainder Function Near the Collinear LimitJun 04 2014Sep 08 2014The simplicity of maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory makes it an ideal theoretical laboratory for developing computational tools, which eventually find their way to QCD applications. In this contribution, we continue the investigation of a recent ... More
Information Theoretic Cut-set Bounds on the Capacity of Poisson Wireless NetworksJan 28 2013Apr 30 2013This paper presents a stochastic geometry model for the investigation of fundamental information theoretic limitations in wireless networks. We derive a new unified multi-parameter cut-set bound on the capacity of networks of arbitrary Poisson node density, ... More
Fully Bayesian UnfoldingJan 22 2012May 31 2012Bayesian inference is applied directly to the problem of unfolding. The outcome is a posterior probability density for the spectrum before smearing, defined in the multi-dimensional space of all possible spectra. Regularization consists in choosing a ... More
A proof of Friedman's ergosphere instability for scalar wavesAug 05 2016Let $(\mathcal{M}^{3+1},g)$ be a real analytic, stationary and asymptotically flat spacetime with a non-empty ergoregion $\mathscr{E}$ and no future event horizon $\mathcal{H}^{+}$. On such spacetimes, Friedman provided a heuristic argument that the energy ... More
General Rule Predicting the Hidden Induced Order Parameters and the Formation of Quartets and Patterns of CondensatesMay 13 2013We reveal the rule with which we predicted, and verified by detailed numerical calculations on dozens of specific cases over the last decade, the emergence of hidden induced states and the formation of quartets of order parameters. The rule stipulates ... More
Logarithmic local energy decay for scalar waves on a general class of asymptotically flat spacetimesSep 28 2015This paper establishes that on the domain of outer communications of a general class of stationary and asymptotically flat Lorentzian manifolds of dimension $d+1$, $d\ge3$, the local energy of solutions to the scalar wave equation $\square_{g}\psi=0$ ... More
Asymptotically optimal parameter estimation under communication constraintsFeb 02 2011Jan 31 2013A parameter estimation problem is considered, in which dispersed sensors transmit to the statistician partial information regarding their observations. The sensors observe the paths of continuous semimartingales, whose drifts are linear with respect to ... More
Ferromagnetism and Colossal Magnetoresistance from the Coexistence of Comparable Charge and Spin Density OrdersMar 07 2000We report a complete multicomponent mean-field-theory for the coexistence and competition of charge ordering (CO), antiferromagnetic (AFM) and ferromagnetic (FM) spin ordering in the presence of a uniform magnetic field. Doping the AFM or CO state always ... More
On scale invariant bounds for Green's function for second order elliptic equations with lower order coefficients and applicationsApr 09 2019We construct Green's functions for elliptic operators of the form $\mathcal{L}u=-\text{div}(A\nabla u+bu)+c\nabla u+du$ in domains $\Omega\subseteq\mathbb R^n$, under the assumption $d\geq\text{div}b$, or $d\geq\text{div}c$. We show that, in the setting ... More
A proof of the instability of AdS for the Einstein--massless Vlasov systemDec 11 2018In recent years, the AdS instability conjecture, put forward by Dafermos-Holzegel in 2006, has attracted a substantial amount of numerical and heuristic studies. Following the pioneering work of Bizon-Rostworowski, research efforts have been mainly focused ... More
Stay-point Identification as Curve ExtremaJan 23 2017In a nutshell, stay-points are locations that a person has stopped for some amount of time. Previous work depends mainly on stay-point identification methods using experimentally fine tuned threshold values. These behave well on their experimental datasets ... More
BNSP: an R Package for Fitting Bayesian Semiparametric Regression Models and Variable SelectionApr 29 2018Oct 08 2018The R package BNSP provides a unified framework for semiparametric location-scale regression and stochastic search variable selection. The statistical methodology that the package is built upon utilizes basis function expansions to represent semiparametric ... More
Bayesian density regression for discrete outcomesMar 31 2016Apr 22 2018We develop Bayesian models for density regression with emphasis on discrete outcomes. The problem of density regression is approached by considering methods for multivariate density estimation of mixed scale variables, and obtaining conditional density ... More
Universal Spin-Flip Transition in Itinerant AntiferromagnetsFeb 02 2003We report a universal spin flip (SF) transition as a function of temperature in spin-density-wave (SDW) systems. At low temperatures the antiferromagnetic (AFM) polarization is parallel to the applied field and above a critical temperature the AFM polarization ... More
The complete Brans-Dicke theoryOct 23 2015Dec 16 2015The most general completion of Brans-Dicke gravity is found with energy exchanged in a uniquely defined way between the scalar field and ordinary matter, given that the simple wave equation of Brans-Dicke for the scalar field is preserved. The theory ... More
Hyperscaling violating black holes in scalar-torsion theoriesJul 27 2015Sep 16 2015We study a gravity theory where a scalar field with potential, beyond its minimal coupling, is also coupled through a non-minimal derivative coupling with the torsion scalar which is the teleparallel equivalent of Einstein gravity. This theory provides ... More
How to Use Experimental Data to Compute the Probability of Your TheoryOct 24 2011This article is geared towards theorists interested in estimating parameters of their theoretical models, and computing their own limits using available experimental data and elementary Mathematica code. The examples given can be useful also to experimentalists ... More
Hexagon Wilson Loop OPE and Harmonic PolylogarithmsOct 21 2013Feb 17 2014A recent, integrability-based conjecture in the framework of the Wilson loop OPE for N=4 SYM theory, predicts the leading OPE contribution for the hexagon MHV remainder function and NMHV ratio function to all loops, in integral form. We prove that these ... More
Entanglement entropy of two dimensional systems and holographyJun 17 2008Oct 21 2008In this note a new method for computing the entanglement entropy of a CFT holographically is explored. It consists of finding a bulk background with a boundary metric that has the conical singularities needed to compute the entanglement entropy in the ... More
Conservation equation on braneworlds in six dimensionsDec 26 2004Apr 05 2005We study braneworlds in six-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity. The Gauss-Bonnet term is crucial for the equations to be well-posed in six dimensions when non-trivial matter on the brane is included (the also involved induced gravity term is not ... More
Orthorhombicity mixing of s- and d- gap components in $YBa_2Cu_3O_7$ without involving the chainsMay 13 1997Momentum decoupling develops when forward scattering dominates the pairing interaction and implies tendency for decorrelation between the physical behavior in the various regions of the Fermi surface. In this regime it is possible to obtain anisotropic ... More
On Bi-R-Diagonal Pairs of OperatorsFeb 04 2019We study the properties of the analogue of R-diagonal operators in the setting of bi-free probability. Products of bi-R-diagonal pairs of operators that are $*$-bi-free are studied and powers of such pairs are found to also be bi-R-diagonal. It is moreover ... More
Abelian model structures on categories of quiver representationsOct 30 2018Let $\mathcal{M}$ be an abelian model category (in the sense of Hovey). For a large class of quivers, we describe associated abelian model structures on categories of quiver representations with values in $\mathcal{M}$. This is based on recent work of ... More
$L^1$ Hardy inequalities with weightsFeb 16 2013We prove sharp homogeneous improvements to $L^1$ weighted Hardy inequalities involving distance from the boundary. In the case of a smooth domain, we obtain lower and upper estimates for the best constant of the remainder term. These estimates are sharp ... More
On hypothesis testing, trials factor, hypertests and the BumpHunterJan 02 2011Jan 07 2011A detailed presentation of hypothesis testing is given. The "look elsewhere" effect is illustrated, and a treatment of the trials factor is proposed with the introduction of hypothesis hypertests. An example of such a hypertest is presented, named BumpHunter, ... More
An optimal Hardy-Morrey inequalityFeb 16 2013In this work we improve the sharp Hardy inequality in the case $p>n$ by adding an optimal weighted Hoelder semi-norm. To achieve this we first obtain a local improvement. We also obtain a refinement of both the Sobolev inequality for $p>n$ and the Hardy ... More
On braneworld cosmologies from six dimensions, and absence thereofJun 03 2005Nov 07 2005We consider (thin) braneworlds with conical singularities in six-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity with a bulk cosmological constant. The Gauss-Bonnet term is necessary in six dimensions for including non-trivial brane matter. We show that this ... More
Comment on ``Quasiparticle Decay Effects in the Superconducting Density of States: Evidence for d-Wave Pairing in the Cuprates''Jul 18 1995We comment on a letter publised in PRL by: D. Coffey and L. Coffey, Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 70}, 1529 (1993) where it is claimed that the dip structure above the gap is evidence for d-wave pairing. We show that the analysis in this letter is completely ... More
Pohlmeyer reduction and Darboux transformations in Euclidean worldsheet AdS_3Mar 15 2012Aug 01 2012Pohlmeyer reduction has been instrumental both in the program for computing gluon scattering amplitudes at strong coupling, and more recently in the progress towards semiclassical three-point correlators of heavy operators in AdS/CFT. After a detailed ... More
Unfolding in ATLASApr 15 2011These proceedings present the unfolding techniques used so far in ATLAS. Two representative examples are discussed in detail; one using bin-by-bin correction factors, and the other iterative unfolding.
Top-Down Multilevel Simulation of Tumor Response to Treatment in the Context of In Silico OncologySep 11 2010The aim of this chapter is to provide a brief introduction into the basics of a top-down multilevel tumor dynamics modeling method primarily based on discrete entity consideration and manipulation. The method is clinically oriented, one of its major goals ... More
Spectral dimension in graph models of causal quantum gravityOct 30 2013The phenomenon of scale dependent spectral dimension has attracted special interest in the quantum gravity community over the last eight years. It was first observed in computer simulations of the causal dynamical triangulation (CDT) approach to quantum ... More
Model Independent Search in 2-Dimensional Mass SpaceDec 14 2011A model independent method to search for particles of unknown masses in events with missing energy is presented. The only assumption is the topology of the decay chain. The method is tested in events with top pairs decaying leptonically with the presence ... More
Ax-Schanuel for Lie AlgebrasMay 10 2019In this paper we prove an Ax-Schanuel type result for the exponential functions of Lie algebras over $\mathbb{C}$. We prove the result first for the algebra of upper triangular matrices and then for the algebra $\mathfrak{gl}_n$ of all $n\times n$ matrices ... More
Trajectories of semigroups of holomorphic functions and harmonic measureFeb 09 2019We give an explicit relation between the slope of the trajectory of a semigroup of holomorphic functions and the harmonic measure of the associated planar domain ${\varOmega}$. We use this to construct a semigroup whose slope is an arbitrary interval ... More
Low-rate renewal theory and estimationFeb 14 2013Nov 11 2013Certain renewal theorems are extended to the case that the rate of the renewal process goes to 0 and, more generally, to the case that the drift of the random walk goes to infinity. These extensions are motivated by and applied to the problem of decentralized ... More
Model Independent Search For New Physics At The TevatronMay 26 2008This thesis is a global, model-independent search for new physics, performed with CDF Run II data. The Standard Model prediction is implemented in all final states simultaneously, and an array of statistical probes is employed to search for significant ... More
Superradiant instabilities for short-range non-negative potentials on Kerr spacetimes and applicationsAug 05 2016The wave equation $\square_{g_{M,a}}\psi=0$ on subextremal Kerr spacetimes $(\mathcal{M}_{M,a},g_{M,a})$, $0<|a|<M$, does not admit real mode solutions, as was established by Shlapentokh-Rothman. In this paper, we show that the absence of real modes does ... More
The Micromegas Project for the ATLAS UpgradeOct 02 2013Micromegas is one of the detector technologies (along with the small Thin Gap Chambers) that has been chosen for precision tracking and triggering purposes of the ATLAS muon forward detectors in the view of LHC luminosity increase. To fulfill the requirements ... More
The $r^{p}$-weighted energy method of Dafermos and Rodnianski in general asymptotically flat spacetimes and applicationsSep 28 2015In [M. Dafermos and I. Rodnianski, A new physical-space approach to decay for the wave equation with applications to black hole spacetimes, in XVIth International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Pavel Exner ed., Prague 2009 pp. 421-433, 2009, arXiv:0910.4957], ... More
Discovery of a young subfamily of the (221)~Eos asteroid familyOct 25 2018In this work we report the discovery of a young cluster of asteroids that originated by the breakup of an asteroid member of the (221)Eos family. By applying the Hierarchical clustering method to the catalog of proper elements we have identified 26 members ... More
Hardy Inequalities in General DomainsFeb 16 2013Key Words: Hardy inequalities, Sobolev inequalities, Morrey inequality, distance function, mean curvature, best constants, semi-concavity, sets with positive reach, mean convex sets, Cheeger constant, modulus of continuity
On a conjecture of Erdős and SzekeresMay 28 2015Let f(n) denote the smallest positive integer such that every set of $f(n)$ points in general position in the Euclidean plane contains a convex n-gon. In a seminal paper published in 1935, Erd\H{o}s and Szekeres proved that f(n) exists and provided an ... More
The Impact of Large Scale Promotions on the Sales and Ratings of Mobile Apps: Evidence from Apple's App StoreJun 23 2015Mar 31 2016We study four promotions offered on Apple's mobile app store that vary in user exposure, price discount and redemption procedure. We find that promotions that are full-price discounted and digital (i.e., the redemption procedure is a few taps on the smartphone) ... More
Large-Spin Expansions of Giant MagnonsFeb 05 2015Jul 14 2015This is a talk delivered at the Workshop on Quantum Fields and Strings of the 2014 Corfu Summer Institute. We discuss how giant magnons emerge in the context of the AdS5/CFT4 correspondence as the gravity duals of N = 4 super Yang-Mills magnon excitations. ... More
Quantum Chemistry, Magnetism and LasersMar 23 2007Using highly correlational quantum chemistry we compute from first principles the contributions of the electric dipoles and quadupoles, and magnetic dipoles to the nonlinear optics of NiO. The material is modeled as a doubly embedded cluster and all magnetic ... More
Non-oscillating neutrinos in vacuumMar 29 2004Mar 31 2004Demonstration of how matter effects can result into non-oscillating neutrinos in vacuum, after they have passed through an appropriate distribution of matter. A brief discussion about matter effects in neutrinos oscillation is also made.
General Brane Dynamics with R_{4} term in the BulkAug 02 2001Aug 20 2002A general analysis of the induced brane dynamics is performed when the intrinsic curvature term is included in the action. Such a term is known to cause dramatic changes and is generically induced by quantum corrections coming from the bulk gravity and ... More
New Perspectives on Moving Domain Walls in (A)dS_(5) SpaceMar 07 2001Oct 24 2001A new moving domain wall solution is obtained for a flat 3-universe. This consists of a bulk metric depending on both time and the extra coordinate, plus a dynamically interacting domain wall, admitted by the metric and inhabited by the three-universe. ... More
Cosmological Asymptotics in Higher-Order Gravity TheoriesJun 05 2017We study the early-time behavior of isotropic and homogeneous solutions in vacuum as well as radiation-filled cosmological models in the full, effective, four dimensional gravity theory with higher derivatives. We use asymptotic methods to analyze all ... More
Construction of high precision numerical single and binary black hole initial dataJun 04 2019We present a novel implicit numerical implementation of the parabolic-hyperbolic formulation of the constraints of general relativity. The proposed method is unconditionally stable, has the advantage of not requiring the imposition of any boundary conditions ... More
The characteristic initial-boundary value problem for the Einstein--massless Vlasov system in spherical symmetryDec 11 2018In this paper, we initiate the study of the asymptotically AdS initial-boundary value problem for the Einstein-massless Vlasov system with $\Lambda<0$ in spherical symmetry. We will establish the existence and uniqueness of a maximal future development ... More
Uniqueness of the Thermal Effective PotentialOct 07 1999Jan 12 2000We discuss the use of derivative expansion techniques for the construction of thermal effective potentials. We present a theory for which the thermal bubble is analytic at the origin of the momentum-frequency space, although the internal propagators in ... More
Covering arrays from maximal sequences over finite fieldsAug 25 2017The focus of this thesis is the study and construction of covering arrays, relying on maximal period sequences and other tools from finite fields. A covering array of strength $t$, denoted $\mathrm{CA}(N; t, k,v)$, is an $N\times k$ array with entries ... More
A note on homotopy categories of FP-InjectivesMar 03 2018For a locally finitely presented Grothendieck category $\mathcal{A}$, we consider a certain subcategory of the homotopy category of FP-injective objects in $\mathcal{A}$ which we show is compactly generated. In the case where $\mathcal{A}$ is locally ... More
Finite Element Approximations for a linear Cahn-Hilliard-Cook equation driven by the space derivative of a space-time white noiseMay 19 2012We consider an initial- and Dirichlet boundary- value problem for a linear Cahn-Hilliard-Cook equation, in one space dimension, forced by the space derivative of a space-time white noise. First, we propose an approximate regularized stochastic parabolic ... More
Fully-Discrete Finite Element Approximations for a fourth-order linear stochastic parabolic equation with additive space-time white noise: II. 2D and 3D CaseJun 09 2009We consider an initial- and Dirichlet boundary- value problem for a fourth-order linear stochastic parabolic equation, in two or three space dimensions, forced by an additive space-time white noise. Discretizing the space-time white noise a modeling error ... More
Study of Resistive Micromegas in a Mixed Neutron and Photon Radiation FieldNov 14 2011The Muon ATLAS Micromegas Activity (MAMMA) focuses on the development and testing of large-area muon detectors based on the bulk-Micromegas technology. These detectors are candidates for the upgrade of the ATLAS Muon System in view of the luminosity upgrade ... More
Efficient electroweak baryogenesis by black holesJun 24 2014Feb 20 2015A novel cosmological scenario, capable to generate the observed baryon number at the electroweak scale for very small CP violating angles, is presented. The proposed mechanism can be applied in conventional FRW cosmology, but becomes extremely efficient ... More
ParVecMF: A Paragraph Vector-based Matrix Factorization Recommender SystemJun 22 2017Jan 10 2018Review-based recommender systems have gained noticeable ground in recent years. In addition to the rating scores, those systems are enriched with textual evaluations of items by the users. Neural language processing models, on the other hand, have already ... More
Coverage, Matching, and Beyond: New Results on Budgeted Mechanism DesignOct 04 2016We study a type of reverse (procurement) auction problems in the presence of budget constraints. The general algorithmic problem is to purchase a set of resources, which come at a cost, so as not to exceed a given budget and at the same time maximize ... More
On Truthful Mechanisms for Maximin Share AllocationsMay 13 2016We study a fair division problem with indivisible items, namely the computation of maximin share allocations. Given a set of $n$ players, the maximin share of a single player is the best she can guarantee to herself, if she would partition the items in ... More
"Configurational Free energy" : Direct free energy calculations in molecular systemsFeb 07 2011Aug 14 2011In this work, I propose a statistical mechanical framework, for the evaluation of the free energy in molecular systems, by "deleting" all the molecules in a "single" step. The approach can be considered as the statistical mechanics equivalent of the evaluation ... More
Giant Magnons in Symmetric Spaces: Explicit N-soliton solutions for CP^n, SU(n) and S^nMay 06 2010Jul 01 2010Giant magnons are one of the main manifestations of integrability on the string theory side of the AdS/CFT correspondence. Motivated by the recent advances in their study, especially in the context of the string theory dual of ABJM theory, we present ... More
The Morphology of N=6 Chern-Simons TheoryMar 16 2009Jul 13 2009We tabulate various properties of the language of N=6 Chern-Simons Theory, in the sense of Polyakov. Specifically we enumerate and compute character formulas for all syllables of up to four letters, i.e. all irreducible representations of OSp(6|4) built ... More
Learning Moore Machines from Input-Output TracesMay 25 2016Sep 02 2016The problem of learning automata from example traces (but no equivalence or membership queries) is fundamental in automata learning theory and practice. In this paper we study this problem for finite state machines with inputs and outputs, and in particular ... More
A study on refractive index sensors based on optical micro-ring resonatorsDec 09 2015In this work the behavior of optical micro-ring resonators, especially when functioning as refractive index sensors, is studied in detail. Two configurations are considered, namely a linear waveguide coupled to a circular one and two linear waveguides ... More
A Graph Framework for Multimodal Medical Information ProcessingJul 30 2016Multimodal medical information processing is currently the epicenter of intense interdisciplinary research, as proper data fusion may lead to more accurate diagnoses. Moreover, multimodality may disambiguate cases of co-morbidity. This paper presents ... More
Asymptotically Safe gravity and non-singular inflationary Big Bang with vacuum birthMay 07 2016Oct 31 2016General non-singular accelerating cosmological solutions for an initial cosmic period of pure vacuum birth era are derived. This vacuum era is described by a varying cosmological "constant" suggested by the Renormalisation Group flow of Asymptotic Safety ... More
Two-Loop Spectroscopy of Short ABJM OperatorsNov 11 2009Jan 22 2010We study the spectrum of anomalous dimensions of short operators in planar ABJM theory at two loops. Specifically we develop a method for solving the OSp(6|4) Bethe ansatz equations for a certain class of unpaired length-4 states with arbitrarily high ... More
Renormalization Group Analysis of a Confined, Interacting Bose GasNov 27 2001The renormalization group is not only a powerful method for describing universal properties of phase transitions but it is also useful for evaluating non- universal properties beyond mean-field theory. In this contribution we concentrate on these latter ... More
Clustering of 2PIGG galaxy groups with 2dFGRS galaxiesDec 19 2007Prompted by indications from QSO lensing that there may be more mass associated with galaxy groups than expected, we have made new dynamical infall estimates of the masses associated with 2PIGG groups and clusters. We have analysed the redshift distortions ... More
On the action of the complete Brans-Dicke theoryDec 15 2015Mar 09 2016Recently the most general completion of Brans-Dicke theory was appeared with energy exchanged in a uniquely defined way between the scalar field and ordinary matter, given that the equation of motion for the scalar field keeps the simple wave form of ... More
Large-Spin and Large-Winding Expansions of Giant Magnons and Single SpikesJun 03 2014Nov 11 2015We generalize the method of our recent paper on the large-spin expansions of Gubser-Klebanov-Polyakov (GKP) strings to the large-spin and large-winding expansions of finite-size giant magnons and finite-size single spikes. By expressing the energies of ... More
A Case of Well-Defined Thermal Derivative Expansion to Lowest OrderDec 02 1998We examine a very simple model for which the leading contribution to the one-loop effective potential at finite temperature is uniquely defined despite the presence of the Landau terms. In addition we report on the usual non-analyticity at finite temperature ... More
Bayesian density regression for discrete outcomesMar 31 2016Aug 05 2016We develop Bayesian models for density regression with emphasis on discrete outcomes. The problem of density regression is approached by considering methods for multivariate density estimation of mixed scale variables, and obtaining conditional density ... More
Thickness-induced violation of de Haas-van Alphen effect through exact analytical solutions at a one-electron and a one-Composite Fermion levelMay 22 2013A systematic study of the energetics of electrons in an interface in a magnetic field is reported with exact analytical calculations based on a Landau Level (LL) picture, by serious consideration of the finite thickness of the Quantum Well (QW). The approach ... More
Continuous-variable quantum authentication of physical unclonable keys: Security against an emulation attackJan 23 2018We consider a recently proposed entity authentication protocol, in which a physical unclonable key is interrogated by random coherent states of light, and the quadratures of the scattered light are analysed by means of a coarse-grained homodyne detection. ... More
Misestimation of temperature when applying Maxwellian distributions to space plasmas described by kappa distributionsOct 06 2016This paper presents the misestimation of temperature when observations from a kappa distributed plasma are analyzed as a Maxwellian. One common method to calculate the space plasma parameters is by fitting the observed distributions using known analytical ... More
Convolution Lagrangian Perturbation Theory for biased tracers beyond general relativityJan 11 2019We extend the Convolution Lagrangian Perturbation Theory (CLPT) resummation formalism to analytically predict real and Fourier space two-point statistics for biased tracers in f(R) Hu-Sawicki and the nDGP braneworld modified gravity theories and compare ... More
New magnetic-field-induced macroscopic quantum phenomenon in a superconductor with gap nodesOct 01 2002High-$T_c$ superconductivity is unconventional because the gap is not isotropic as in simple metals but has $d_{x^2-y^2}$ symmetry with lines of nodes. In a fascinating thermal transport experiment on a high-$T_c$ superconductor, Krishana et al \cite{Krishana} ... More
Using Pupil Diameter to Measure Cognitive LoadNov 29 2018In this paper, we will present a method for measuring cognitive load and online real-time feedback using the Tobii Pro 2 eye-tracking glasses. The system is envisaged to be capable of estimating high cognitive load states and situations, and adjust human-machine ... More
Secular resonances with Ceres and VestaJul 07 2016In this work we explore dynamical perturbations induced by the massive asteroids Ceres and Vesta on main-belt asteroids through secular resonances. First we determine the location of the linear secular resonances with Ceres and Vesta in the main belt, ... More
Human pose estimation via Convolutional Part Heatmap RegressionSep 06 2016This paper is on human pose estimation using Convolutional Neural Networks. Our main contribution is a CNN cascaded architecture specifically designed for learning part relationships and spatial context, and robustly inferring pose even for the case of ... More
Self-induced topological transition in phononic crystals by nonlinearity managementApr 20 2019A new design paradigm of topology has recently emerged to manipulate the flow of phonons. At its heart lies a topological transition to a nontrivial state with exotic properties. This framework has been limited to linear lattice dynamics so far. Here ... More