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Exact bound state solution of the Klein Gordon equation with a position-energy dependent mass and a Coulomb-like energy dependent potential energyJul 10 2019In this manuscript, we investigate the exact bound state solution of the Klein Gordon equation with an energy-dependent Coulomb-like potential energy in the presence of position-energy dependent mass. First, we examine the case where the mixed vector ... More
On Supersymmetry Breaking in the Computation of the ComplexityJan 26 2004We study the consequences of supersymmetry breaking in the computation of the number of solutions of the Thouless-Anderson-Palmer (TAP) equations. We show that Kurchan argument that proves the vanishing of the prefactor of the Bray and Moore saddle point ... More
Extraction of $Z'$ Coupling Data From $Z' \to jj$ at the LHC and SSCJun 24 1993A recent analysis has shown that it may be possible at the SSC to extract information about $Z'$ couplings via the decay $Z' \to jj$. This technique was found to be useful for some extended electroweak models provided the $Z'$ is relatively light. In ... More
Extraction of Coupling Information From $Z' \to jj$Mar 19 1993An analysis by the ATLAS Collaboration has recently shown, contrary to popular belief, that a combination of strategic cuts, excellent mass resolution, and detailed knowledge of the QCD backgrounds from direct measurements can be used to extract a signal ... More
New Probes for Extended Gauge Structures at HERAMay 13 1992Doncheski and Hewett have recently shown that the ratio of neutral current to charged current cross sections, $R={\sigma_{NC}}/{\sigma_{CC}}$, can provide a more sensitive probe for the existence of heavy leptoquarks at HERA than the usual proceedure ... More
Constraints on Anomalous Gauge Boson Couplings From $b \to sγ$Apr 16 1993The recent results of the CLEO Collaboration on both inclusive and exclusive radiative $B$ decays are combined with those of the UA2 Collaboration on $W\gamma$ production to highly constrain the anomalous trilinear gauge couplings of the $W$. The theoretical ... More
Matter-wave entanglement and teleportation by molecular dissociation and collisionsSep 28 2000Feb 01 2001We propose dissociation of cold diatomic molecules as a source of atom pairs with highly correlated (entangled) positions and momenta, approximating the original quantum state introduced by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen (EPR) [Phys. Rev. 47, 777 (1935)]. ... More
Topological order-by-disorder in orbitally degenerate dipolar bosons in zig-zag latticeJan 24 2014Spinor bosons offer conceptually simple picture of macroscopic quantum behavior of topological order-by-disorder: Paramagnetic state of two-component dipolar bosons in orbitally degenerate zig-zag lattice is unstable against infinitezimal quantum fluctuations ... More
Astrophysical Reaction Rates for $^{10}$B(p,$α$)$^{7}$Be and $^{11}$B(p,$α$)$^{8}$Be From a Direct ModelFeb 17 1996The reactions $^{10}$B(p,$\alpha$)$^{7}$Be and $^{11}$B(p,$\alpha$)$^{8}$Be are studied at thermonuclear energies using DWBA calculations. For both reactions, transitions to the ground states and first excited states are investigated. In the case of $^{10}$B(p,$\alpha$)$^{7}$Be, ... More
Measuring quantum radiation reaction in laser--electron-beam collisionsMay 15 2015Today's high-intensity laser facilities produce short pulses can, in tight focus, reach peak intensities of $10^{22}\,\mathrm{Wcm}^{-2}$ and, in long focus, wakefield-accelerate electrons to GeV energies. The radiation-reaction--dominated regime, where ... More
JD6 - The Connection between Radio Properties and High Energy Emission in AGNsMay 23 2013While observations in the radio band are providing essential information on the innermost structures of relativistic jets in active galactic nuclei (AGN), the recent detection by Fermi of gamma-ray emission from many hundreds of blazars shows that the ... More
Inclusive One- and Two-Jet Cross sections in $γγ$ Reactions at $e^+e^-$ CollidersFeb 28 1996We have calculated inclusive one-- and two--jet production in photon--photon collisions superimposing direct, single resolved and double resolved cross sections for center of mass energies of the LEP1, LEP2 and NLC range. The direct and single resolved ... More
On the Spatial Scaling of Seismicity RateNov 03 2005Jan 11 2006Scaling analysis of seismicity in the space-time-magnitude domain very often starts from the relation N(m,L)=a(L)*10**(-bm)*L**c for the rate of seismic events of magnitude M>m in an area of size L. There is some evidence in favor of multifractality being ... More
On the Frequency-magnitude Law for Fractal SeismicitySep 27 2004Scaling analysis of seismicity in the space-time-magnitude domain very often starts from the relation N(m,L)=a(L)*10**(-bm)*L**c for the rate of seismic events of magnitude M>m in an area of size L. There are some evidences in favor of multifractal property ... More
Interface effects in d-wave superconductor-ferromagnet junctionsJun 01 2010Oct 07 2010Measurements of the differential conductance spectra of YBa2Cu3O7-SrRuO3 and YBa2Cu3O7-La0.67Ca_0.33MnO3 ramp-type junctions along the node and anti-node directions are reported. The results are consistent with a crossed Andreev reflection effect only ... More
Cosmological Perturbation Theory With Background Anisotropic CurvatureJul 02 2011May 07 2014The theory of cosmological perturbations is extended to spacetimes displaying isotropic expansion but anisotropic curvature. The perturbed Einstein equation and Boltzmann equations for massless and massive particles are derived in a general gauge and ... More
Damped vacuum states of lightMar 01 2016Jun 13 2016We consider one-dimensional propagation of quantum light in the presence of a block of material, with a full account of dispersion and absorption. The electromagnetic zero-point energy for some frequencies is damped (suppressed) by the block below the ... More
Lipkin's conservation law, Noether's theorem, and the relation to optical helicityMar 04 2013Apr 30 2013A simple conserved quantity for electromagnetic fields in vacuum was discovered by Lipkin in 1964. In recent years this "zilch" has been used as a measure of the chirality of light. The conservation of optical zilch is here derived from a simple symmetry ... More
Making geometrical optics exactFeb 12 2014Geometrical optics (GO) is widely used in studies of electromagnetic materials because of its ease of use compared to full-wave numerical simulations. Exact solutions for waves can, however, differ significantly from the GO approximation. In particular, ... More
Two New Theories for the Current Charge Relativity and the Electric Origin of the Magnetic Force Between Two Filamentary Current ElementsSep 21 2016This paper presents two new theories and a new current representation to explain the magnetic force between two filamentary current elements as a result of electric force interactions between current charges. The first theory states that a current has ... More
New exact solutions of hydrodynamics for rehadronizing fireballs with lattice QCD equation of stateOct 07 2016We describe fireballs that rehadronize from a perfectly fluid quark matter to a chemically frozen, multi-component hadron gas. In the hydrodynamics of these fireballs, we utilize the lattice QCD equation of state, however, we also apply non-relativistic ... More
On global solutions to the Navier-Stokes system with large $L^{3,\infty}$ initial dataMar 10 2016This paper addresses a question concerning the behaviour of a sequence of global solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations, with the corresponding sequence of smooth initial data being bounded in the (non-energy class) weak Lebesgue space $L^{3,\infty}$. ... More
A certain class of Einstein-Yang-Mills--systemsMar 12 1996A class of $ G $-invariant Einstein-Yang-Mills (EYM) systems with cosmological constant on homogeneous spaces $ G / H $, where $ G $ is a semisimple compact Lie group, is presented. These EYM--systems can be obtained in terms of dimensional reduction ... More
The Electroweak Chiral Lagrangian and New Precision MeasurementsApr 08 1993A revised and complete list of the electroweak chiral lagrangian operators up to dimension-four is provided. The connection of these operators to the $S$, $T$ and $U$ parameters and the parameters describing the triple gauge boson vertices $WW\gamma$ ... More
Numerical evaluation of multi-loop integrals by sector decompositionMay 21 2003In a recent paper we have presented an automated subtraction method for divergent multi-loop/leg integrals in dimensional regularisation which allows for their numerical evaluation, and applied it to diagrams with massless internal lines. Here we show ... More
A-dependence of nuclear transparency in quasielastic A(e,e'p) at high Q^2Aug 09 1994The A-dependence of the quasielastic A(e,e'p) reaction has been studied at SLAC with H-2, C, Fe, and Au nuclei at momentum transfers Q^2 = 1, 3, 5, and 6.8 (GeV/c)^2. We extract the nuclear transparency T(A,Q^2), a measure of the average probability that ... More
Nonextensive hydrodynamics for relativistic heavy-ion collisionsOct 10 2007Mar 14 2008The nonextensive one-dimensional version of a hydrodynamical model for multiparticle production processes is proposed and discussed. It is based on nonextensive statistics assumed in the form proposed by Tsallis and characterized by a nonextensivity parameter ... More
Response: Comment on "Energy Transfer and Dual Cascade in Kinetic Magnetized Plasma Turbulence"Jun 05 2011We respond to the recent comment [arXiv:1105.1593] on our Letter [G. G. Plunk and T. Tatsuno, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 165003 (2011)]. The comment claims that our argument for spectral transfer direction is incomplete. The comment gives an incomplete account ... More
Energy transfer and dual cascade in kinetic magnetized plasma turbulenceJul 27 2010Apr 15 2011The question of how nonlinear interactions redistribute the energy of fluctuations across available degrees of freedom is of fundamental importance in the study of turbulence and transport in magnetized weakly collisional plasmas, ranging from space settings ... More
Localized magnetic reconnection as a cause of extraplanar diffuse ionised in the haloDec 11 1997Many observations indicate the occurrence of ionised gas in the distant halos of galaxies (including our own). Since photoionisation by stars (mainly O stars, young or evolved low-mass stars depending on the kind of galaxy) does not seem to be exclusively ... More
Conditional Symmetries and the Quantization of Bianchi Type I Vacuum Cosmologies with and without Cosmological ConstantJun 21 2001Dec 27 2001In this work, the quantization of the most general Bianchi Type I geometry, with and without a cosmological constant, is considered. In the spirit of identifying and subsequently removing as many gauge degrees of freedom as possible, a reduction of the ... More
Bound q\bar q Systems in the Framework of the Different Versions of the 3-Dimensional Reductions of the Bethe-Salpeter EquationJul 24 1998Bound q\bar q systems are studied in the framework of different 3-dimensional relativistic equations derived from the Bethe-Salpeter equation with the instantaneous kernel in the momentum space. Except the Salpeter equation, all these equations have a ... More
Vortex waistlines and vortex gasOct 15 2001We investigate the manner in which a linear potential arises from fluctuations due to vortices linked with the Wilson loop. In particular, the customary naive picture is critically reexamined.
Computation of the Vortex Free Energy in SU(2) Gauge TheoryFeb 03 2000Aug 01 2000We present the first measurement of the vortex free-energy order parameter at weak coupling for SU(2) in simulations employing multihistogram methods. The result shows that the excitation probability for a sufficiently thick vortex in the vacuum tends ... More
Investigating and Optimizing the Chiral Properties of Lattice Fermion ActionsOct 28 1998Aug 04 1999We study exceptional modes of both the Wilson and the clover action in order to understand why quenched clover spectroscopy suffers so severely from exceptional configurations. We show that, in contrast to the case of the Wilson action, a large clover ... More
Vortices and the SU(3) string tensionJul 13 1998We present simulation results comparing the SU(3) heavy quark potential extracted from the full Wilson loop expectation to that extracted from the expectation of the Wilson loop fluctuation solely by elements of Z(3). The two potentials are found to coincide. ... More
Anomaly Mediation and Dimensional TransmutationSep 20 2006Oct 04 2006We show how a sparticle spectrum characteristic of anomaly mediation can arise from a theory whose Lagrangian contains no explicit mass scale. The scale of supersymmetry breaking is governed by the gravitino mass, which is the vacuum expectation value ... More
Zeno and anti-Zeno effects for photon polarization dephasingNov 19 2000We discuss a simple, experimentally feasible scheme, which elucidates the principles of controlling ("engineering") the reservoir spectrum and the spectral broadening incurred by repeated measurements. This control can yield either the inhibition (Zeno ... More
Non-unitarity in quantum affine Toda theory and perturbed conformal field theoryOct 01 1998There has been some debate about the validity of quantum affine Toda field theory at imaginary coupling, owing to the non-unitarity of the action, and consequently of its usefulness as a model of perturbed conformal field theory. Drawing on our recent ... More
Structure of $^{78}$Ni from first principles computationsMay 05 2016Doubly magic nuclei have a simple structure and are the cornerstones for entire regions of the nuclear chart. Theoretical insights into the supposedly doubly magic $^{78}$Ni and its neighbors are challenging because of the extreme neutron-to-proton ratio ... More
Brane-bulk energy exchange : a model with the present universe as a global attractorOct 24 2005Jan 16 2006The role of brane-bulk energy exchange and of an induced gravity term on a single braneworld of negative tension and vanishing effective cosmological constant is studied. It is shown that for the physically interesting cases of dust and radiation a unique ... More
Collective excitations using a room-temperature gas of 3-level atoms in a cavitySep 09 2016We theoretically investigate an ensemble of three-level room-temperature atoms in a two-mode optical cavity, focusing on the case of counterpropagating light fields. We find that in the limit of large detunings the problem admits relatively simple and ... More
Supergravity and IOSp(3,1|4) gauge theoryApr 07 2003Sep 02 2003A new formulation of simple D=4 supergravity in terms of the geometry of superspace is presented. The formulation is derived from the gauge theory of the inhomogeneous orthosymplectic group IOSp(3,1|4) on a (4,4)-dimensional base supermanifold by imposing ... More
QSO Lensing Magnification: A Comparison of 2QZ and SDSS ResultsJan 30 2007Feb 05 2008The lensing of background QSOs by foreground galaxies is a powerful probe of the mass density of the Universe and the power spectrum of mass clustering. However, the 2dF QSO survey suggested that a strong anticorrelation effect at g<21 was seen for both ... More
Derivation of quantum probabilities from deterministic evolutionSep 28 2014Jun 15 2015The predictions of quantum mechanics are probabilistic. Quantum probabilities are extracted using a postulate of the theory called the Born rule, the status of which is central to the "measurement problem" of quantum mechanics. Efforts to justify the ... More
Quantum dynamics of the damped harmonic oscillatorMay 11 2012The quantum theory of the damped harmonic oscillator has been a subject of continual investigation since the 1930s. The obstacle to quantization created by the dissipation of energy is usually dealt with by including a discrete set of additional harmonic ... More
Generalized coherent statesNov 08 2013Dec 18 2013In the coherent state of the harmonic oscillator, the probability density is that of the ground state subjected to an oscillation along a classical trajectory. Senitzky and others pointed out that there are states of the harmonic oscillator corresponding ... More
Non-LTE analysis of neutral magnesium in cool starsNov 15 2000Nov 20 2000Calculations of the statistical equilibrium of magnesium in the solar photosphere have shown that NLTE populations hardly affect Mg line formation in the Sun. However, in metal-poor dwarfs and giants the influence of electron collisions is reduced, and ... More
A Model of Universality Violation RevisitedApr 22 1993The possibility that the interactions of the third generation of quarks and leptons may violate universality by a small amount remains an open experimental question. The model of Li and Ma, which naturally accommodates such violations, is found to be ... More
Zettawatt-Exawatt Lasers and Their Applications in Ultrastrong-Field Physics: High Energy FrontNov 09 2001Since its birth, the laser has been extraordinarily effective in the study and applications of laser-matter interaction at the atomic and molecular level and in the nonlinear optics of the bound electron. In its early life, the laser was associated with ... More
Conditions for stimulated emission in anomalous gravity-superconductors interactionsAug 19 2009Several authors have studied the generation of gravitational fields by condensed-matter systems in non-extreme density conditions. General Relativity and lowest-order perturbative Quantum Gravity predict in this case an extremely small emission rate, ... More
Direct evidence of the receding `torus' around central nuclei of powerful radio sourcesNov 23 2004Mar 08 2005The presence of obscuring material (or a dusty `torus') in active galactic nuclei (AGN) is central to the unification model for AGN. Two models, the multi-population model for radio sources and the receding torus model, are capable of describing observational ... More
Probing the gravitational redshift effect from the relativistic jets of compact AGNJul 12 2004I explore a possibility to measure the gravitational redshift (GR) effect in the gravitational field of massive central nuclei residing in active galaxies (AGN). The activity of central nuclei is associated with the bipolar jet ejection of relativistic ... More
On blowup of nonendpoint borderline Lorentz norms for the Navier-Stokes equationsOct 30 2015Assuming $T$ is a potential blow up time for the Navier-Stokes system in $\mathbb{R}^3$ or $\mathbb{R}^3_+$, we show that the $L^{3,q}$ Lorentz norm, with $q$ finite, of the velocity field goes to infinity as time $t$ approaches $T$.
A necessary condition of possible blowup for the Navier-Stokes system in half-spaceAug 21 2015Assuming that ${T}$ is a potential blow up time for the Navier-Stokes system in half-space, we show that $L_{3}$-norm of the velocity field goes to $\infty$ as time t approaches $T$.
Homemade assembly and parameterization of a High Performance Cluster using PelicanHPC with Flops testing and controlled temperature thanks to MCUs Arduino projectMar 20 2016This article shows a lower cost realization of a compute cluster using Debian distribution such as PelicanHPC. We will explain parameterization and network configuration for master and compute slave nodes. Performance testing will take place using flops.f ... More
An exact solution for the Hawking effect in a dispersive fluidJul 13 2016Sep 28 2016We consider the wave equation for sound in a moving fluid with a fourth-order anomalous dispersion relation. The velocity of the fluid is a linear function of position, giving two points in the flow where the fluid velocity matches the group velocity ... More
Singularities of tangent surfaces to directed curvesJul 29 2016Aug 01 2016A directed curve is a possibly singular curve with well-defined tangent lines along the curve. Then the tangent surface to a directed curve is naturally defined as the ruled surface by tangent geodesics to the curve, whenever any affine connection is ... More
The integration theory of linear ordinary differential equationsFeb 04 2013Feb 14 2014The Integration Theory of Linear Ordinary Differential Equation.
Comparing matrix models and QCD lattice data with chemical potentialSep 10 2003We present a quantitative analysis of the microscopic Dirac spectrum which is complex in the presence of a non-vanishing quark chemical potential. Data from quenched SU(3) lattice simulations for different volumes V and small values of the chemical potential ... More
Rydberg atom formation in strongly correlated ultracold plasmasSep 29 2011In plasmas at very low temperatures formation of neutral atoms is dominated by collisional three-body recombination, owing to the strong ~ T^(-9/2) scaling of the corresponding recombination rate with the electron temperature T. While this law is well ... More
Soft X-ray emission from intermediate-age open clusters: IC 4651Apr 06 1998We present the results of soft X-ray observations of the intermediate-age open cluster IC 4651 performed with the ROSAT PSPC. We detected 25 sources. Two are identified with a giant binary and a blue straggler respectively, both belonging to the cluster, ... More
An approach to supertopologyJul 30 2003Aug 26 2003This paper has been withdrawn because of serious errors.
On the determination of oxygen abundances in chromospherically active starsMay 05 2004We discuss oxygen abundances derived from [O I] 6300 and the O I triplet in stars spanning a wide range in chromospheric activity level, and show that these two indicators yield increasingly discrepant results with higher chromospheric/coronal activity ... More
Exact results for classical Casimir interactions: Dirichlet and Drude model in the sphere-sphere and sphere-plane geometryJul 25 2012Analytic expressions that describe Casimir interactions over the entire range of separations have been limited to planar surfaces. Here we derive analytic expressions for the classical or high-temperature limit of Casimir interactions between two spheres ... More
Leibniz complexity of Nash functions on differentiationsSep 28 2015The derivatives of Nash functions are Nash functions which are derived algebraically from their minimal polynomial equations. In this paper we show that, for any non-Nash analytic function, it is impossible to derive its derivatives algebraically, i.e., ... More
Lepton Number Violating Radiative $W$ Decay in Models with R-parity ViolationNov 10 1992Models with explicit R-parity violation can induce new rare radiative decay modes of the $W$ boson into single supersymmetric particles which also violate lepton number. We examine the rate and signature for one such decay, $W\rightarrow \tilde l\gamma$, ... More
Contributions to the W-Boson Anomalous Moments in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model at Collider EnergiesMay 06 1992We examine the one loop contributions arising in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model (THDM) to the W-boson anomalous magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole form factors for both photon and Z couplings relevant at collider energies. While the model parameter ... More
Fusion in the W_3 algebraMar 26 1994Mar 26 1994We develop the notions of fusion for representations of the W_3 algebra along the lines of Feigin and Fuchs. We present some explicit calculations for a W_3 minimal model.
A Note of W-algebra RealisationsMay 07 1992We provide a general description of realisations of W--algebras in terms of smaller W--algebras and free fields. This is based on the definition of the W--algebra as the commutant of a set of screening charges. This is conjectured to be related to partial ... More
On the possibility of quantum computation based on photon exchange interactionsMar 03 2000Jan 31 2001We examine several proposed schemes by Franson et al. for quantum logic gates based on non-local exchange interactions between two photons in a medium. In these schemes the presence of a {\em single} photon in a given mode is supposed to induce a large ... More
Diagonal multi-soliton matrix elements in finite volumeSep 26 2012Feb 13 2013We consider diagonal matrix elements of local operators between multi-soliton states in finite volume in the sine-Gordon model, and formulate a conjecture regarding their finite size dependence which is valid up to corrections exponential in the volume. ... More
Optical two-photon nonlinear waves in two-dimensional materialsNov 01 2017A theory of an optical two-photon breather in a graphene monolayer (or graphene-like two-dimensional material) is constructed. The system of the material equations for two-photon transitions and the wave equation for transverse magnetic polarized modes ... More
Predicting Stellar Angular SizesApr 21 1999Jan 31 2001Reliable prediction of stellar diameters, particularly angular diameters, is a useful and necessary tool for the increasing number of milliarcsecond resolution studies being carried out in the astronomical community. A new and accurate technique of predicting ... More
Instanton Effects in Hadron Spectroscopy RevisitedAug 31 1999We use an optimised clover action to study spectroscopy on an instanton ensemble reconstructed from smoothed Monte Carlo configurations. Due to the better chirality of the clover action, the artificial configurations show a marked difference from the ... More
Ancient Solutions to Navier-Stokes Equations in Half SpaceMar 25 2015The goal of the paper is to understand properties of the so-called ancient (backward) solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations. We focus on the case of the half space.
The Density Matrix Renormalization Group Method applied to Interaction Round a Face HamiltoniansOct 31 1996Given a Hamiltonian with a continuous symmetry one can generally factorize that symmetry and consider the dynamics on invariant Hilbert Spaces. In Statistical Mechanics this procedure is known as the vertex-IRF map, and in certain cases, like rotational ... More
Characterization of Vibrating Plates by Bi-Laplacian Eigenvalue ProblemsJun 05 2008Apr 18 2011In this paper we derive boundary integral identities for the bi-Laplacian eigenvalue problems under Dirichlet, Navier and simply-supported boundary conditions. By using these identities, we first obtain the uniqueness criteria for the solutions of the ... More
Large deviations for voter model occupation times in two dimensionsJan 25 2007Jun 10 2008We study the decay rate of large deviation probabilities of occupation times, up to time $t$, for the voter model $\eta\colon\Z^2\times[0,\infty)\ra\{0,1\}$ with simple random walk transition kernel, starting from a Bernoulli product distribution with ... More
QCD Sum-Rule Bounds on the Light Quark MassesAug 03 2001QCD sum-rules are related to an integral of a hadronic spectral function, and hence must satisfy integral inequalities which follow from positivity of the spectral function. Development of these Holder inequalities and their application to the Laplace ... More
Stability of eigenvalues of quantum graphs with respect to magnetic perturbation and the nodal count of the eigenfunctionsDec 18 2012Dec 22 2013We prove an analogue of the magnetic nodal theorem on quantum graphs: the number of zeros $\phi$ of the $n$-th eigenfunction of the Schr\"odinger operator on a quantum graph is related to the stability of the $n$-th eigenvalue of the perturbation of the ... More
Non negative Moore-Penrose Iinverses of Unbounded Gram OperatorsOct 09 2014In this paper we derive necessary and sufficient conditions for the nonnegativity of Moore-Penrose inverses of unbounded Gram operators between real Hilbert spaces. These conditions include statements on acuteness of certain closed convex cones. The main ... More
Matrix model correlation functions and lattice data for the QCD Dirac operator with chemical potentialJan 16 2003We apply a complex chiral random matrix model as an effective model to QCD with a small chemical potential at zero temperature. In our model the correlation functions of complex eigenvalues can be determined analytically in two different limits, at weak ... More
Mathematical Background of Formalism of Operator ManifoldOct 10 1997Oct 16 1997The analysis of mathematical structure of the method of operator manifold guides our discussion. The latter is a still wider generalization of the method of secondary quantization with appropriate expansion over the geometric objects. The nature of operator ... More
Inclusive Two-Jet Production in Photon-Photon Collisions: Direct and Resolved Contributions in Next-to-Leading Order QCDOct 25 1996We have calculated inclusive two-jet production in photon-photon collisions superimposing direct, single-resolved and double-resolved cross sections for center-of-mass energies of TRISTAN and LEP1.5. All three contributions are calculated up to next-to-leading ... More
Inclusive Two--Jet Cross Sections in $γγ$--Processes at $e^+e^-$ CollidersSep 18 1995We have calculated inclusive one-- and two--jet production in photon--photon collisions in next--to--leading order superimposing direct, single resolved and double resolved cross sections. The results are compared with recent experimental data from the ... More
Seismic Interevent Time: A Spatial Scaling and MultifractalityDec 29 2005Jan 11 2006The optimal scaling problem for the time t(LxL) between two successive events in a seismogenic cell of size L is considered. The quantity t(LxL) is defined for a random cell of a grid covering a seismic region G. We solve that problem in terms of a multifractal ... More
Symplectic and Poisson derived geometry and deformation quantizationMar 09 2016We review recent results and ongoing investigations of the symplectic and Poisson geometry of derived moduli spaces, and describe applications to deformation quantization of such spaces.
Defensive alliances in spatial models of cyclical population interactionsMar 30 2001As a generalization of the 3-strategy Rock-Scissors-Paper game dynamics in space, cyclical interaction models of six mutating species are studied on a square lattice, in which each species is supposed to have two dominant, two subordinated and a neutral ... More
All-frequency reflectionlessnessOct 10 2015We derive planar permittivity profiles that do not reflect perpendicularly exiting radiation of any frequency. The materials obey the Kramers-Kronig relations and have no regions of gain. Reduction of the Casimir force by means of such materials is also ... More
Casimir effect from macroscopic quantum electrodynamicsMar 01 2011Jun 09 2011The canonical quantization of macroscopic electromagnetism was recently presented in New J. Phys. 12 (2010) 123008. This theory is here used to derive the Casimir effect, by considering the special case of thermal and zero-point fields. The stress-energy-momentum ... More
Electromagnetic energy-momentum in dispersive mediaAug 19 2010May 14 2012The standard derivations of electromagnetic energy and momentum in media take Maxwell's equations as the starting point. It is well known that for dispersive media this approach does not directly yield exact expressions for the energy and momentum densities. ... More
Conserved charges in the chiral 3-state Potts modelAug 29 1997We consider the perturbations of the 3-state Potts conformal field theory introduced by Cardy as a description of the chiral 3-state Potts model. By generalising Zamolodchikov's counting argument and by explicit calculation we find new inhomogeneous conserved ... More
Quantum Mass corrections for C_2^(1) Affine Toda theory solitonsApr 11 1994Apr 20 1994We calculate the quantum mass corrections to the solitons in the C_2^(1) Affine Toda field theory. We find that the ratio of the masses of the two solitons is not constant.
On the boundary Ising model with disorder operatorsFeb 25 2000We extend the well-known method of calculating bulk correlation functions of the conformal Ising model via bosonisation to situations with boundaries. Oshikawa and Affleck have found the boundary states of two decoupled Ising models in terms of the orbifold ... More
Topological quasi-one-dimensional state of interacting spinless electronsJan 12 2016May 24 2016By decreasing the transversal confinement potential in interacting one-dimensional spinless electrons and populating the second energetically lowest sub-band, for not too strong interactions system transitions into a quasi-one-dimensional state with dominant ... More
Optimization approach to entanglement distillationNov 30 1998Apr 09 1999We put forward a method for optimized distillation of partly entangled pairs of qubits into a smaller number of more entangled pairs by recurrent local unitary operations and projections. Optimized distillation is achieved by minimization of a cost function ... More
Closure Phase Signatures of Planet Transit EventsApr 16 2008Planet transit events present as attractive targets for the ultra-high-resolution capabilities afforded by optical interferometers. Herein is presented an evaluation of the possibility of detection of such events through measurement of high-precision ... More
Diffraction tomography on curved boundaries: A projection-based approachDec 23 2013Oct 03 2014An approach to diffraction tomography is investigated for two-dimensional image reconstruction of objects surrounded by an arbitrarily-shaped curve of sources and receivers. Based on the integral theorem of Helmholtz and Kirchhoff, the approach relies ... More
Performance studies of a pixel tracker in the Silicon Detector (SiD) concept for a future linear colliderApr 23 2011Using the simulation framework of the SiD detector to study the Higgs -> mumu decay channel showed a considerable gain in signal significance could be achieved through an increase in charged particle momentum resolution. However more detailed simulations ... More