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Stability problems in non autonomous linear differential equations in infinite dimensionsJun 11 2019One goal of this paper is to study robustness of stability of nonautonomous linear ordinary differential equations under integrally small perturbations in an infinite dimensional Banach space. Some applications are obtained to the case of rapid oscillatory ... More
The nef cone of toroidal compactifications of ${\cal A}_4$Mar 22 2002We determine the cone of nef divisors on the Igusa and Voronoi compactifications of the moduli space of principally polarised abelian 4-folds. We also show that the canonical bundle on the Igusa compactification of A_4(n) is ample for n at least 3. Analogous ... More
The Fundamental Group of Some Siegel Modular ThreefoldsJan 18 1994Let A be the moduli space of (1,p)-polarised abelian surfaces with a level structure, for p an odd prime. Let X be a desingularisation of any algebraic compactification of A. Then X is simply-connected.
An Investigation of Laboratory-Grown "Ice Spikes"Oct 12 2003We have investigated the formation of 10-50 mm long ``ice spikes'' that sometimes appear on the free surface of water when it solidifies. By freezing water under different conditions, we measured the probability of ice spike formation as a function of: ... More
The geometry of Siegel modular varietiesOct 27 1998Feb 09 2000This is a survey article about Siegel modular varieties over the complex numbers. It is written mostly from the point of view of moduli of abelian varieties, especially surfaces. We cover compactification of Siegel modular varieties; classification of ... More
Yukawa couplings and fermion mass structure in F-theory GUTsSep 29 2010The calculation of Yukawa couplings in F-theory GUTs is developed. The method is applied to the top and bottom Yukawa couplings in an SU(5) model of fermion masses based on family symmetries coming from the SU(5)_\perp factor in the underlying E(8) theory. ... More
Fundamental group of locally symmetric varietiesJun 20 1995Take a bounded symmetric domain $D$ and an arithmetic subgroup $\Gamma$ of ${\rm Aut}(D)$. Take the quotient $D/\Gamma$, compactify and resolve the singularities. We study the fundamental group of the compact complex manifolds that result from this procedure, ... More
Generic bounds on dipolar gravitational radiation from inspiralling compact binariesFeb 27 2012Mar 28 2012Various alternative theories of gravity predict dipolar gravitational radiation in addition to quadrupolar radiation. We show that gravitational wave (GW) observations of inspiralling compact binaries can put interesting constraints on the strengths of ... More
Spontaneous magnetisation in the planeJul 19 2000The Arak process is a solvable stochastic process which generates coloured patterns in the plane. Patterns are made up of a variable number of random non-intersecting polygons. We show that the distribution of Arak process states is the Gibbs distribution ... More
A Coassociative C*-Quantum Group with Non-Integral DimensionsSep 08 1995By weakening the counit and antipode axioms of a C*-Hopf algebra and allowing for the coassociative coproduct to be non-unital we obtain a quantum group, that we call a weak C*-Hopf algebra, which is sufficiently general to describe the symmetries of ... More
Yukawa couplings in F-theory SU(5)May 09 2011The fermion mass textures are discussed in the context of F-theory SU(5) GUT. The tree-level up, down and charged lepton Yukawa couplings are computed in terms of the integrals of overlapping wavefunctions at the intersection points of three matter curves. ... More
Yang-Lee and Fisher zeros generalized on some far-from-equilibrium systemsApr 20 2008A generalization of the Yang-Lee and Fisher zeros on far-from-equilibrium systems coupled with two thermal baths is proposed. The Yang-Lee zeros were obtained for minimal models which exhibit complicated behavior in the context of the partition function ... More
Morita Type Equivalences and Reflexive AlgebrasSep 05 2007Two unital operator algebras A, B are called Delta-equivalent if there exists an equivalence functor between the categories A-mod and B-mod which "extends" to a *-functor implementing an equivalence between the categories A-dmod and B-dmod. Here A-mod ... More
Stable isomorphism and strong Morita equivalence of operator algebrasApr 14 2014Apr 16 2016We introduce a Morita type equivalence: two operator algebras $A$ and $B$ are called strongly $\Delta $-equivalent if they have completely isometric representations $\alpha $ and $\beta $ respectively and there exists a ternary ring of operators $M$ such ... More
Synchronisation schemes for two dimensional discrete systemsMay 10 2006In this work we consider two models of two dimensional discrete systems subjected to three different types of coupling and analyse systematically the performance of each in realising synchronised states.We find that linear coupling effectively introduce ... More
Specific Density Of Binding Enerfy Of Core In Beta - Stable Nuclei is 2.57 MeV/fm^3Jul 29 2007Sep 20 2007Recently an alpha-cluster model based on the pn-pair interactions with using the isospin invariance of nuclear force has been proposed. According to the model the excess neutron pairs fill out the free space in the core determined by the difference in ... More
Alpha-Cluster Model, Charge Symmetry of Nuclear Force and Single Particle Bound State Potential in Symmetrical NucleiJun 19 2011Jun 23 2018A phenomenological alpha-cluster model based on np-pair interactions and the charge symmetry of nuclear force allows one to estimate the Coulomb energy, the Coulomb radius R_C, the Coulomb energy of the last proton interaction with the residual nucleus ... More
Charge Radii of beta-Stable NucleiDec 07 2005In previous work it was shown that the radius of nucleus R is determined by the alpha-cluster structure and can be estimated on the number of alpha-clusters disregarding to the number of excess neutrons. A hypothesis also was made that the radius R_m ... More
The dynamics of the quasielastic 16O(e,e'p) reaction at Q^2 = 0.8 (GeV/c)^2Jan 19 2004May 03 2005The physics program in Hall A at Jefferson Lab commenced in the summer of 1997 with a detailed investigation of the 16O(e,e'p) reaction in quasielastic, constant (q,w) kinematics at Q^2 ~ 0.8 (GeV/c)^2, q ~ 1 GeV/c, and w ~ 445 MeV. Use of a self-calibrating, ... More
Roughness Tolerance Studies for the Undulator Beam Pipe Chamber of LCLS-IIMay 02 2014We investigate the effect of wall roughness on the wakefield-induced energy variation in the undulator beam pipe of LCLS-II. We find that a wall roughness equivalent to an rms surface slope of 30 mr increases the total induced energy variation within ... More
Sub classes of Bi-Univalent Functions Defined by Salagean type $q-$ Difference OperatorSep 30 2017In this paper, we introduce and investigate a new subclass of the function class $\Sigma$ of bi-univalent functions defined in the open unit disk, which are associated with the S\u{a}l\u{a}gean type $q-$ difference operator and satisfy some subordination ... More
Coded-Mask Imaging in Gamma-Ray Astronomy - Separating the Real and Imaginary parts of a Complex subjectFeb 18 2003The concept of coded mask imaging in theory and in practice is reviewed, with particular emphasis on image reconstruction techniques. The techniques are simple in principle but become more complicated when one takes into account real, `as-built', instruments, ... More
Ratio of Quark Masses in Duality TheoriesFeb 10 2000May 20 2003We consider N=2 SU(2) Seiberg-Witten duality theory for models with N_f=2 and N_f=3 quark flavors. We investigate arbitrary large bare mass ratios between the two or three quarks at the singular points. For N_f=2 we explore large bare mass ratios corresponding ... More
The Allen Telescope Array Commensal Observing SystemJan 25 2012This memo describes the system used to conduct commensal correlator and beamformer observations at the Allen Telescope Array (ATA). This system was deployed for ~2 years until the ATA hibernation in 2011 and was responsible for collecting >5 TB of data ... More
Generalized reduction formula for Discrete Wigner functions of multiqubit systemsFeb 28 2017Density matrices and Discrete Wigner Functions are equally valid representations of multiqubit quantum states. For density matrices, the partial trace operation is used to obtain the quantum state of subsystems, but an analogous prescription is not available ... More
Spin flip of multiqubit states in discrete phase spaceApr 01 2016Time reversal and spin flip are discrete symmetry operations of substantial import to quantum information and quantum computation. Spin flip arises in the context of separability, quantification of entanglement and the construction of Universal NOT gates. ... More
Partially specified priorJul 16 2008This note introduces the concept of a partially specified prior distribution for certain post hoc inference problems, where a finite population is sampled once in order to make a decision on the presence or complete absence of some attribute. If the decision ... More
Joint Vertex Degrees in an Inhomogeneous Random Graph ModelDec 24 2009In a random graph, counts for the number of vertices with given degrees will typically be dependent. We show via a multivariate normal and a Poisson process approximation that, for graphs which have independent edges, with a possibly inhomogeneous distribution, ... More
Coherence-incoherence crossover in the normal state of iron-oxypnictides and importance of the Hund's rule couplingMay 06 2008Mar 03 2009A new class of high temperature superconductors based on iron and arsenic was recently discovered, with superconducting transition temperature as high as 55 K. Here we show, using microscopic theory, that the normal state of the iron pnictides at high ... More
Intermittency and Correlations at LEP and at HERAJan 19 2001Jan 24 2001A review on recent investigations of local fluctuations and genuine correlations in electron-positron annihilations at LEP and in positron-proton collisions at HERA is given.
Multiplicities and particle production at LEPOct 17 2003Nov 03 2003Recent results on hadron multiplicities in heavy and light quark fragmentation above the Z peak (OPAL), and multiplicity distribution analysis (L3) and inclusive f_1 production (DELPHI) in hadronic Z decays are presented.
Thermal behavior of the mass and residue of hyperonsJul 10 2015Feb 18 2016We investigate the mass and residue of the $\Sigma$, $\Lambda$ and $\Xi$ hyperons at finite temperature in the framework of thermal QCD sum rules. In our calculation, we take into account the additional operators coming up at finite temperature. We find ... More
$D\overline{D}$ momentum correlations versus relative azimuth as a sensitive probe for thermalizationJan 27 2009Feb 02 2009In high-energy nuclear collisions at LHC, where a QGP might be created, the degree of thermalization at the partonic level is a key issue. Due to their large mass, heavy quarks are a powerful tool to probe thermalization. We propose to measure azimuthal ... More
Weak Hopf Algebras II: Representation theory, dimensions and the Markov traceJun 08 1999If A is a weak C^*-Hopf algebra then the category of finite dimensional unitary representations of A is a monoidal C^*-category with monoidal unit being the GNS representation D_eps associated to the counit \eps. This category has isomorphic left dual ... More
Bifermionic Superfluidity in Toroidal Optical LatticesJan 08 2005We consider a gas of neutral fermions trapped in a specific optical trap that provides a tight confinement of a Fermi gas in a torus with a potential periodic along the azimuthal direction. The effective model is interacting fermions moving in a periodic ... More
Dissipation of jet bulk kinetic energy in powerful blazarsOct 26 2006We investigate the dissipation of the bulk kinetic energy of a relativistic jet at different distances from the central power--house and analyse in detail how the dissipated energy is radiated away. We assume that the location of the dissipation region ... More
Studies on Chargino production and decay at a photon colliderMar 18 2005Jun 01 2005A Monte-Carlo analysis on production and decay of supersymmetric charginos at a future photon-collider is presented. A photon collider offers the possibility of a direct branching-ratio measurement. In this study, the process gamma,gamma -> chi_1^+,chi_1^- ... More
Enhancement factor for two-neutron transfer reactions with a schematic coupled-channels modelSep 20 2015Probabilities for two-neutron transfer reactions, $P_{\rm 2n}$, are often discussed in comparison with the square of the corresponding probabilities for one-neutron transfer process, $(P_{\rm 1n})^2$, implicitly assuming that $(P_{\rm 1n})^2$ provides ... More
Axial form factors for quasi elastic ν-N interactions in the vector/pseudovector dominance modelDec 23 2011Phenomenological multigauge model of neutrino-nucleon interaction based on chiral symmetry of strong interactions and vector/pseudovector meson dominance model is suggested. It was shown that within the framework of the model the constant of neutron beta ... More
Covariant spectator quark model description of the $γ^\ast Λ \to Σ^0$ transitionOct 28 2012Dec 28 2012We study the $\gamma^\ast \Lambda \to \Sigma^0$ transition form factors by applying the covariant spectator quark model. Using the parametrization for the baryon core wave functions as well as for the pion cloud dressing obtained in a previous work, we ... More
Parametrizing Impulsive X-ray Heating with a Cumulative Initial-Temperature DistributionJan 26 2014In collisional ionization equilibrium (CIE), the X-ray spectrum from a plasma depends on the distribution of emission measure over temperature (DEM). Due to the well-known ill conditioning problem, no precisely resolved DEM can be inverted directly from ... More
The mechanocaloric potential of spin crossover compoundsNov 09 2016We present a first evaluation of the potential for spin crossover (SCO) compounds to be considered as a new class of giant mechanocaloric effect material. From literature data on the variation of the spin crossover temperature with pressure, we estimate ... More
Spherical, Oscillatory $α^2$-Dynamo Induced by Magnetic Coupling Between a Fluid Shell and an Inner Electrically Conducting Core: Relevance to the Solar DynamoFeb 29 2000A two-layer spherical $\alpha^2$-dynamo model consisting of an inner electrically conducting core (magnetic diffusivity $\lambda_i$ and radius $r_i$) with $\alpha = 0$ surrounded by an electrically conducting spherical shell (magnetic diffusivity $\lambda_o$ ... More
Radii and Binding Energies of Nuclei in the Alpha-Cluster ModelMar 22 2006The alpha-cluster model is based on two assumptions that the proton-neutron pair interactions are responsible for adherence between alpha-clusters and that the NN-interaction in the alpha-clusters is isospin independent. It allows one to estimate the ... More
Binding Energies and Radii of the Nuclei with N >=Z in an Alpha-Cluster ModelJun 23 2008Jul 01 2008Using the surface tension energy put in dependence on the number of alpha-clusters in the core in a phenomenological model representing a nucleus as a core and a nuclear molecule on its surface leads to widening the number of isotopes to be described ... More
Multiple scattering and PXR: kinematical suppression of multiple scattering influence on PXR and dynamical shift of diffraction peaksJul 20 2006Kinematical suppression of electron multiple scattering influence on parametric X-ray radiation (PXR) and coherent bremsstrahlung (CBS) is considered. Dynamical shift of diffraction peaks is predicted and discussed.
Gamma Ray Fresnel lenses - why not?Feb 03 2006Fresnel lenses offer the possibility of concentrating the flux of X-rays or gamma-rays flux falling on a geometric area of many square metres onto a focal point which need only be a millimetre or so in diameter (and which may even be very much smaller). ... More
Abelian surfaces in toric 4-foldsApr 22 1998Jul 02 1999We investigate the possibility of embedding minimal abelian surfaces in smooth toric 4-folds with Picard number 2. The existence of such an embedding imposes conditions on the 4-fold, which we partly describe. On the other hand, we exhibit such embeddings ... More
Abelian surfaces with odd bilevel structureSep 16 2002The moduli space of abelian surfaces with polarisation of type (1,t) and a bilevel structure is of general type if t is odd and at least 17.
An Exactly Soluble Model of Directed Polymers with Multiple Phase TransitionsMar 06 1995Polymer chains with hard-core interaction on a two-dimensional lattice are modeled by directed random walks. Two models, one with intersecting walks (IW) and another with non-intersecting walks (NIW) are presented, solved and compared. The exact solution ... More
Novel method of fractal approximationOct 03 2012We introduce new method of optimization for finding free parameters of affine iterated function systems (IFS), which are used for fractal approximation. We provide the comparison of effectiveness of fractal and quadratic types of approximation, which ... More
Non-isothermal fluctuating hydrodynamics and Brownian motionMar 13 2015Mar 16 2015The classical theory of Brownian dynamics follows from coarse-graining the underlying linearized fluctuating hydrodynamics of the solvent. We extend this procedure to globally non-isothermal conditions, requiring only a local thermal equilibration of ... More
A String Model with $SU(4)\times O(4)\times [Sp(4)]_{Hidden}$ Gauge SymmetryJan 25 1996In the four dimensional free fermionic formulation of the heterotic string, a semi-realistic $SU(4)\times SU(2)_L \times SU(2)_R$ model is proposed with three fermion generations in $(4,2,1)+(\bar 4,1,2)$ representations. The gauge symmetry of the model ... More
Weak C^*-Hopf Algebras and Multiplicative IsometriesOct 12 1998We show how the data of a finite dimensional weak C^*-Hopf algebra can be encoded into a pair (H,V) where H is a finite dimensional Hilbert space and V: H \o H --> H \o H is a partial isometry satisfying, among others, the pentagon equation. In case of ... More
Axial form factors of the octet baryons in a covariant quark modelDec 03 2015May 25 2016We study the weak interaction axial form factors of the octet baryons, within the covariant spectator quark model, focusing on the dependence of four-momentum transfer squared, Q^2. In our model the axial form factors G_A(Q^2) (axial-vector form factor) ... More
Octet baryon electromagnetic form factors in a relativistic quark modelJul 09 2011Sep 17 2011We study the octet baryon electromagnetic properties by applying the covariant spectator quark model, and provide covariant parametrization that can be used to study baryon electromagnetic reactions. While we use the lattice QCD data in the large pion ... More
Intermittency and Synchronisation in Gumowski-Mira MapsJun 01 2006The Gumowski-Mira map is a 2-dimensional recurrence relation that provide a large variety of phase space plots resembling fractal patterns of nature. We investigate the nature of the dynamical states that produce these patterns and find that they correspond ... More
The nontrivial role of interfacial or film-thickness in a magnetic field at a one-electron and a one-Composite Fermion levelSep 23 2012By developing a canonical approach that is exact, physically transparent and subtly different from standard methods, we present a systematic study with exact analytical calculations based on a Landau Level (LL) picture of the energetics of a many-electron ... More
Variability of Quasars at 10 micronsMar 23 1999Twenty five low redshift quasars have been monitored for several decades at five near- and mid-infrared wavelengths to detect rapid variations which would indicate that a nonthermal component was present in the "10 micron bump". Such variability has apparently ... More
Nonuniqueness of the Potentials of Spin-Density-Functional TheoryJun 07 2000It is shown that, contrary to widely held beliefs, the potentials of spin-density-functional theory (SDFT) are not unique functionals of the spin densities. Explicit examples of distinct sets of potentials with the same ground-state densities are constructed, ... More
Min-oscillations in Escherichia coli induced by interactions of membrane-bound proteinsApr 13 2005During division it is of primary importance for a cell to correctly determine the site of cleavage. The bacterium Escherichia coli divides in the center, producing two daughter cells of equal size. Selection of the center as the correct division site ... More
Magnetic Field Effect in a Two-dimensional Array of Short Josephson JunctionsMay 03 1995We study analytically the effect of a constant magnetic field on the dynamics of a two dimensional Josephson array. The magnetic field induces spatially dependent states and coupling between rows, even in the absence of an external load. Numerical simulations ... More
Masses and Radii of the Nuclei with N>=Z in an Alpha-Cluster ModelNov 05 2009In the framework of a recently developed alpha-cluster model a nucleus is represented as a core (alpha-cluster liquid drop with dissolved excess neutron pairs in it) and a nuclear molecule on its surface. From analysis of experimental nuclear binding ... More
An Infinite Parade of Giraffes: Expressive Augmentation and Complexity Layers for Cartoon DrawingNov 08 2018In this paper, we explore creative image generation constrained by small data. To partially automate the creation of cartoon sketches consistent with a specific designer's style, where acquiring a very large original image set is impossible or cost prohibitive, ... More
Structural and electronic properties of an azamacrocycle, C26H18N6Aug 27 2001We compute the structure of an azamacrocycle, C26H18N6. Two approximatively planar elliptical structures with C2 or CI symmetry are found to be nearly degenerate. The roughly circular conformation observed in metal complexes turns out to be ~ 0.6 eV higher ... More
Moser-Trudinger inequality on conformal discsOct 06 2009We show that the Moser-Trudinger inequality holds in a conformal disc if and only if the metric is bounded from above by the Hyperbolic metric. We also find a necessary and sufficient condition for the Moser-Trudinger inequality to hold in an unbounded ... More
Descriptive set theoretic methods applied to strictly singular and strictly cosingular operatorsMay 31 2008The class of strictly singular operators originating from the dual of a separable Banach space is written as an increasing union of $\omega_1$ subclasses which are defined using the Schreier sets. A question of J. Diestel, of whether a similar result ... More
A Morita Type Equivalence for Dual Operator AlgebrasJul 20 2006Sep 05 2007We generalize the main theorem of Rieffel for Morita equivalence of W*-algebras to the case of unital dual operator algebras: two unital dual operator algebras A and B have completely isometric normal representations alpha, beta such that alpha(A) is ... More
Radio Emission from Ultra-Cool DwarfsJul 13 2017The 2001 discovery of radio emission from ultra-cool dwarfs (UCDs), the very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs with spectral types of ~M7 and later, revealed that these objects can generate and dissipate powerful magnetic fields. Radio observations provide ... More
Transport Effects in the Evolution of the Global Solar Magnetic FieldDec 29 1998The axisymmetric component of the large-scale solar magnetic fields has a pronounced poleward branch at higher latitudes. In order to clarify the origin of this branch we construct an axisymmetric model of the passive transport of the mean poloidal magnetic ... More
Anomalous Frequency-Dependent Conductivity near the Quantum Hall TransitionNov 16 1998The dynamical transport properties near the integer quantum Hall transition are investigated at zero temperature by means of the Dirac fermion approach. These properties have been studied experimentally at low frequency omega and low temperature near ... More
Characterization of the Local Density of States Fluctuations near the Integer Quantum Hall Transition in a Quantum Dot ArrayJun 25 1997We present a calculation for the second moment of the local density of states in a model of a two-dimensional quantum dot array near the quantum Hall transition. The quantum dot array model is a realistic adaptation of the lattice model for the quantum ... More
Is the Peak Value of $σ_{xx}$ at the Quantum Hall Transition Universal?Apr 22 1997The question of the universality of the longitudinal peak conductivity at the integer quantum Hall transition is considered. For this purpose, a system of 2D Dirac fermions with random mass characterised by variance $g$ is proposed as a model which undergoes ... More
A Hereditarily Indecomposable asymptotic $\ell_2$ Banach spaceJan 31 2006A Hereditarily Indecomposable asymptotic $\ell_2$ Banach space is constructed. The existence of such a space answers a question of B. Maurey and verifies a conjecture of W.T. Gowers.
Orbits in the H2O moleculeFeb 07 2001We study the forms of the orbits in a symmetric configuration of a realistic model of the H2O molecule with particular emphasis on the periodic orbits. We use an appropriate Poincar\'e surface of section (PSS) and study the distribution of the orbits ... More
Classical Solutions Generating Tree Form-Factors in Yang-Mills, Sin(h)-Gordon and GravityAug 01 1999Classical solutions generating tree form-factors are defined and constructed in various models.
Decuplet baryons in a hot mediumJun 17 2016Sep 12 2016The thermal properties of the light decuplet baryons are investigated in the framework of the thermal QCD sum rules. In particular, the behavior of the mass and residue of the $\Delta$, $\Sigma^{*}$, $\Xi^{*}$ and $\Omega$ baryons with respect to temperature ... More
Multiplicities, fluctuations and correlationsSep 30 2002The recent results on hadron multiplicities in heavy and light quark fragmentation, multiplicity local fluctuations and multiparticle correlations submitted to the Conference are reviewed.
Linear Potentials, Airy Wave Packets and Airy TransformOct 08 2010The solution of the Schrodinger equation with a linear potential is considered. We use algebraic methods to obtain the explicit form of the solution for the explicitly time dependent Hamiltonian and discuss the general conditions which allow us to get ... More
Some notes on Morita equivalence of Operator AlgebrasAug 10 2016In this paper we present some key moments in the history of Morita equivalence for operator algebras.
Bilattices and Morita equivalence of masa bimodulesOct 01 2014We define an equivalence relation between bimodules over maximal abelian selfadjoint algebras (masa bimodules) which we call spatial Morita equivalence. We prove that two reflexive masa bimodules are spatially Morita equivalent iff their (essential) bilattices ... More
On the dimensions of oscillator-like algebras induced by orthogonal polynomials: non-symmetric caseSep 03 2015There is a generalized oscillator-like algebra associated with every class of orthogonal polynomials $\{\Psi_n(x)\}_{n=0}^{\infty}$, on the real line, satisfying a four term non-symmetric recurrence relation $x\Psi_n(x)=b_n\Psi_{n+1}(x)+a_n\Psi_n(x)+b_{n-1}\Psi_{n-1}(x),~\Psi_0(x)=1,~b_{-1}=0$. ... More
FCNCs in SUSY GUTs (flavor changing neutral currents in predictive SUSY-GUTS)Jul 20 1993Nov 26 1993Constraints from flavour changing neutral currents are discussed in the context of predictive Grand Unified Supersymmetric Theories. Uncertainties in the estimation of their amplitudes are minimized by using a successful mass matrix ansatz which predicts ... More
Electron-ion-ion coincidence experiments for photofragmentation of polyatomic molecules using pulsed electric fields: treatment of random coincidencesFeb 05 2007In molecular photofragmentation processes by soft X-rays, a number of ionic fragments can be produced, each having a different abundance and correlation with the emitted electron kinetic energy. For investigating these fragmentation processes, electron-ion ... More
A model for the Delta(1600) resonance and gamma N -> Delta(1600) transitionAug 23 2010Sep 08 2010A covariant spectator constituent quark model is applied to study the gamma N -> Delta(1600) transition. Two processes are important in the transition: a photon couples to the individual quarks of the Delta(1600) core (quark core), and a photon couples ... More
Radii and Binding Energies of Nuclei from a Model of the pn-pair InteractionsAug 13 2005New formulas to calculate the nuclear charge radii and the nuclear binding energies have been derived in the framework of an alpha-cluster model. The particular features of the model are two assumptions that the proton-neutron pair interactions are responsible ... More
Impact of system state dynamics on PMU placement in the electric power gridNov 15 2013The goal of this paper is to study the impact of the dynamic nature of bus voltage magnitudes and phase angles, which constitute the state of the power system, on the phasor measurement unit (PMU) placement problem. To facilitate this study, the placement ... More
Electrical Structure-Based PMU Placement in Electric Power SystemsSep 05 2013Recent work on complex networks compared the topological and electrical structures of the power grid, taking into account the underlying physical laws that govern the electrical connectivity between various components in the network. A distance metric, ... More
Modular inflation and the orthogonal axion as curvatonNov 28 2005We study a particular supersymmetric realization of the Peccei-Quinn symmetry which provides a suitable candidate for the curvaton field. The class of models considered also solves the mu problem, while generating the Peccei-Quinn scale dynamically. The ... More
On the Relationship Between Measures of Relative Efficiency for Random Signal DetectionJun 25 2019Relative efficiency (RE), the Pitman asymptotic relative efficiency (ARE) and efficacy are important relative performance measures of signal detection techniques. These measures allow comparing two detectors in terms of the relative sample sizes they ... More
Hall-mediated magnetic reconnection and onset of plasmoid instabilityApr 21 2017We investigate a role of the Hall-effect in the current sheet evolution and onset of the secondary tearing (plasmoid) instability in the framework of the incompressible resistive Hall-magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). The model under consideration is a force-free ... More
Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type processes with heavy distribution tailsFeb 28 2011We consider a transformed Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process model that can be a good candidate for modelling real-life processes characterized by a combination of time-reverting behaviour with heavy distribution tails. We begin with presenting the results of ... More
Stokes vector and its relationship to Discrete Wigner Functions of multiphoton statesApr 11 2016Stokes vectors and Discrete Wigner functions (DWF) provide two alternate ways of representing the polarization state of multiphoton systems. The Stokes vector associated with a n-photon polarization state is unique, and its Minkowski squared norm provides ... More
Optimal non-adaptive approximation of convex bodies by polytopesOct 29 2018Dec 07 2018In this paper we consider the problem of constructing numerical algorithms for approximating of convex compact bodies in d-dimensional Euclidean space by polytopes with any given accuracy. It is well known that optimal with respect to the order algorithms ... More
Chen's derivative rule revisited: Role of tip-orbital interference in STMMar 31 2015On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, we revise Chen's derivative rule for electron tunneling [C.J. Chen, Phys. Rev. B 42, 8841 (1990)] for the purpose of computationally efficient simulations of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) based on first principles ... More
Lattice Effective Actions and Light-Quark ConfinementSep 21 1998The positive-plaquette Manton action at weak coupling is a reasonable action for short-distance phenomena. We propose an iterative scheme for evolving this action into an effective action for longer distance scales. We report on the first step of this ... More
Modifications on nucleon parameters at finite temperatureJan 23 2015Aug 03 2015Taking into account the additional operators coming up at finite temperature, we investigate the mass and residue of the nucleon in the framework of thermal QCD sum rules. We observe that the mass and residue of the nucleon are initially insusceptible ... More
Heavy--quark momentum correlations as a sensitive probe of thermalizationMar 02 2009In high-energy nuclear collisions the degree of thermalization at the partonic level is a key issue. Due to their large mass, heavy-quarks and their participation in the collective flow of the QCD medium constitute a powerful tool to probe thermalization. ... More
Instanton induced charged fermion and neutrino masses in a minimal Standard Model scenario from intersecting D-branesMar 21 2009String instanton Yukawa corrections from Euclidean D-branes are investigated in an effective Standard Model theory obtained from the minimal U(3)xU(2)xU(1) D-brane configuration. In the case of the minimal chiral and Higgs spectrum, it is found that superpotential ... More
A U(3)_C X U(3)_L X U(3)_R gauge symmetry from intersecting D-branesFeb 28 2008A three-family non-supersymmetric model with U(3)^3 gauge symmetry is analyzed in the context of intersecting D-branes. This is equivalent to the `trinification' model extended by three U(1) factors which survive as global symmetries in the low energy ... More