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Some integrals related to the Fermi functionMar 25 2013Some elaborations regarding the Hilbert and Fourier transforms of Fermi function are presented. The main result shows that the Hilbert transform of the difference of two Fermi functions has an analytical expression in terms of the $\Psi$ (digamma) function, ... More
Linear and non-linear coherent coupling in a Bell-Bloom magnetometerMar 13 2019Spin-exchange collisions in hot vapours are generally regarded as a decoherence mechanism. In contrast, we show that linear and non-linear spin-exchange coupling can lead to the generation of atomic coherence in a Bell-Bloom magnetometer. In particular, ... More
Constraining BSM Physics at the LHC: Four top final states with NLO accuracy in perturbative QCDJun 14 2012Many theories, from Supersymmetry to models of Strong Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, look at the production of four top quarks as an interesting channel to evidentiate signals of new physics beyond the Standard Model. The production of four-top final ... More
On the ratio of ttbb and ttjj cross sections at the CERN Large Hadron ColliderMar 09 2014Jul 01 2014Triggered by ongoing experimental analyses, we report on a study of the cross section ratio sigma(pp -> ttbb)/sigma(pp -> ttjj) at the next-to-leading order in QCD, focusing on both present and future collider energies: sqrt{s}= 7, 8, 13 TeV. In particular, ... More
Atomic orientation by a broadly frequency-modulated radiation: theory and experimentMar 17 2016We investigate magnetic resonances driven in thermal vapour of alkali atoms by laser radiation broadly modulated at a frequency resonant with the Zeeman splitting. A model accounting for both hyperfine and Zeeman pumping is developed and its results are ... More
Larmor frequency dressing by an anharmonic transverse magnetic fieldDec 06 2011Apr 12 2012We present a theoretical and experimental study of spin precession in the presence of both a static and an orthogonal oscillating magnetic field, which is nonresonant, not harmonically related to the Larmor precession, and of arbitrary strength. Due to ... More
Soap film spanning an elastic linkNov 22 2017We study the equilibrium problem of a system consisting by several Kirchhoff rods linked in an arbitrary way and tied by a soap film, using techniques of the Calculus of Variations. We prove the existence of a solution with minimum energy, which may be ... More
Dominant QCD Backgrounds in Higgs Boson Analyses at the LHC: A Study of pp -> t anti-t + 2 jets at Next-To-Leading OrderFeb 21 2010We report the results of a next-to-leading order simulation of top quark pair production in association with two jets. With our inclusive cuts, we show that the corrections with respect to leading order are negative and small, reaching 11%. The error ... More
Hadronic top-quark pair production in association with two jets at Next-to-Leading Order QCDAug 14 2011We report on the calculation of the next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the production of ttbar pairs in association with two hard jets at the Fermilab TeVatron and CERN Large Hadron Collider. Results for the integrated and differential cross sections ... More
Implementation of STIRAP in degenerate systems by dimensionality reductionJun 30 2013We consider the problem of the implementation of Stimulated Raman Adiabatic Passage (STIRAP) processes in degenerate systems, with a view to be able to steer the system wave function from an arbitrary initial superposition to an arbitrary target superposition. ... More
Parametric amplification and noise-squeezing in room temperature atomic vapoursMar 01 2019We report on the use of parametric excitation to coherently manipulate the collective spin state of an atomic vapour at room temperature. Signatures of the parametric excitation are detected in the ground-state spin evolution. These include the excitation ... More
A new class of sum rules for products of Bessel functionsOct 18 2010Dec 06 2011In this paper we derive a new class of sum rules for products of the Bessel functions of first kind. Using standard algebraic manipulations we extend some of the well known properties of $J_n$. Some physical applications of the results are also discussed. ... More
PHANTOM: a Monte Carlo event generator for six parton final states at high energy collidersJan 22 2008Jan 05 2009PHANTOM is a tree level Monte Carlo for six parton final states at proton--proton, proton--antiproton and electron--positron collider at O(alpha_ew^6) and O(alpha_ew^4*alpha_s^2) including possible interferences between the two sets of diagrams. This ... More
Off-shell Top Quarks with One Jet at the LHC: A comprehensive analysis at NLO QCDSep 06 2016Nov 16 2016We present a comprehensive study of the production of top quark pairs in association with one hard jet in the di-lepton decay channel at the LHC. Our predictions, accurate at NLO in QCD, focus on the LHC Run II with a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV. ... More
All optical sensor for automated magnetometry based on Coherent Population TrappingMay 11 2007An automated magnetometer suitable for long lasting measurement under stable and controllable experimental conditions has been implemented. The device is based on Coherent Population Trapping (CPT) produced by a multi-frequency excitation. CPT resonance ... More
Quantifying quark mass effects at the LHC: A study of pp -> b anti-b b anti-b + X at next-to-leading orderApr 25 2013The production of four bottom quarks is an important benchmark channel for Higgs analyses and searches for new physics at the LHC. We report on the calculation of the next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the process pp -> b anti-b b anti-b + X with ... More
Complete Nagy-Soper subtraction for next-to-leading order calculations in QCDAug 26 2013Nov 01 2013We extend the Helac-Dipoles package with the implementation of a new subtraction formalism, first introduced by Nagy and Soper in the formulation of an improved parton shower. We discuss a systematic, semi-numerical approach for the evaluation of the ... More
Off-shell Top Quarks with One Jet at the LHC: A comprehensive analysis at NLO QCDSep 06 2016We present a comprehensive study of the production of top quark pairs in association with one hard jet in the di-lepton decay channel at the LHC. Our predictions, accurate at NLO in QCD, focus on the LHC Run II with a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV. ... More
Top Quark Pair Production in Association with a Jet with NLO QCD Off-Shell Effects at the Large Hadron ColliderSep 30 2015Feb 06 2016We present a complete description of top quark pair production in association with a jet in the dilepton channel. Our calculation is accurate to next-to-leading order in QCD (NLO) and includes all non-resonant diagrams, interferences and off-shell effects ... More
Block Tridiagonal Reduction of Perturbed Normal and Rank Structured MatricesJun 24 2013It is well known that if a matrix $A\in\mathbb C^{n\times n}$ solves the matrix equation $f(A,A^H)=0$, where $f(x, y)$ is a linear bivariate polynomial, then $A$ is normal; $A$ and $A^H$ can be simultaneously reduced in a finite number of operations to ... More
A Mathematical Approach to the Plato's ProblemMay 29 2008Maybe the first inverse problem presented in the history of the occidental thought is described in the book Republic, written by Plato. The problem is posed in the Book VII in a text known as the Allegory of the Cave. That text motivated us to formulate ... More
Complete off-shell effects for top-antitop + jet production with leptonic decays at the LHCJun 30 2016A brief summary of the calculation of the NLO QCD corrections to the process pp -> e+ ve mu- v_mu bb~ j + X is reported. This provides a complete description of the process of t-tbar + jet production with leptonic decays beyond the narrow-width approximation. ... More
Assault on the NLO Wishlist: pp -> tt bbJul 27 2009Sep 09 2009We present the results of a next-to-leading order calculation of QCD corrections to the production of an on-shell top-anti-top quark pair in association with two flavored b-jets. Besides studying the total cross section and its scale dependence, we give ... More
Complete off-shell effects in top quark pair hadroproduction with leptonic decay at next-to-leading orderDec 20 2010Feb 18 2011Results for next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the pp(p\bar{p}) -> t \bar{t} -> W^+W^- b\bar{b} -> e^{+} \nu_{e} \mu^{-} \bar{\nu}_{\mu} b \bar{b} +X processes with complete off-shell effects are presented for the first time. Double-, single- and ... More
Off-shell $t\bar{t}j$ production and top quark mass studies at the LHCNov 06 2017Precision studies of the properties of the top quark represent a cornerstone of the LHC physics program. In this contribution we focus on the production of $t\bar{t}$ pairs in association with one hard jet and in particular on its connection with precision ... More
A room-temperature alternating current susceptometer - Data analysis, calibration, and testAug 28 2013Dec 17 2013An AC susceptometer operating in the range of 10 Hz to 100 kHz and at room temperature is designed, built, calibrated and used to characterize the magnetic behaviour of coated magnetic nanoparticles. Other weakly magnetic materials (in amounts of some ... More
Cs CPT magnetometer for cardio-signal detection in unshielded environmentMay 09 2007May 11 2007We present first, encouraging results obtained with an experimental apparatus based on Coherent Population Trapping and aimed at detecting biological (cardiac) magnetic field in magnetically compensated, but unshielded volume. The work includes magnetic-field ... More
Precise predictions for $t\bar{t}γ/t\bar{t}$ cross section ratios at the LHCSep 23 2018Jan 23 2019With the goal of increasing the precision of NLO QCD predictions for the $pp\to t\bar{t} \gamma$ process in the di-lepton top quark decay channel we present theoretical predictions for the ${\cal R}= \sigma_{t\bar{t}\gamma}/\sigma_{t\bar{t}}$ cross section ... More
Hard Photons in Hadroproduction of Top Quarks with Realistic Final StatesMar 27 2018Oct 17 2018We present a complete description of top quark pair production in association with a hard photon in the dilepton channel. Our calculation is accurate to NLO in QCD. It is based on matrix elements for $e^+\nu_e \mu^-\bar{\nu}_\mu b \bar{b}\gamma$ production ... More
Dual channel self-oscillating optical magnetometerDec 05 2008Feb 25 2009We report on a two-channel magnetometer based on nonlinear magneto-optical rotation in a Cs glass cell with buffer gas. The Cs atoms are optically pumped and probed by free running diode lasers tuned to the D$_2$ line. A wide frequency modulation of the ... More
Top quark mass studies with $t\bar{t}j$ at the LHCOct 20 2017Mar 13 2018A precise measurement of the top quark mass, a fundamental parameter of the Standard Model, is among the most important goals of top quark studies at the Large Hadron Collider. Apart from the standard methods, numerous new observables and reconstruction ... More
Helac-nloOct 07 2011Jan 10 2013Based on the OPP technique and the HELAC framework, HELAC-1LOOP is a program that is capable of numerically evaluating QCD virtual corrections to scattering amplitudes. A detailed presentation of the algorithm is given, along with instructions to run ... More
NLO QCD calculations with HELAC-NLOJul 28 2010Achieving a precise description of multi-parton final states is crucial for many analyses at LHC. In this contribution we review the main features of the HELAC-NLO system for NLO QCD calculations. As a case study, NLO QCD corrections for tt + 2 jet production ... More
An occupation time formula for semimartingales in $\mathbb{R}^{N}$Dec 11 2013Inspired by coarea formula in geometric measure theory, an occupation time formula for continuous semimartingales in $\mathbb{R}^{N}$ is proven. The occupation measure of a semimartingale, for $N\geq2$, is singular with respect to Lebesgue measure but ... More
Rainbow numbers for $x_1+x_2=kx_3$ in $\mathbb{Z}_n$Sep 12 2018In this work, we investigate the fewest number of colors needed to guarantee a rainbow solution to the equation $x_1 + x_2 = k x_3$ in $\mathbb{Z}_n$. This value is called the Rainbow number and is denoted by $rb(\mathbb{Z}_n, k)$ for positive integer ... More
Direct three-dimensional measurement of refractive index via dual photon-phonon scatteringJan 30 2019We developed a microscopy technique that can measure the local refractive index without sampling the optical phase delay of the electromagnetic radiation. To do this, we designed and experimentally demonstrated a setup with two co-localized Brillouin ... More
On the Flexibility of Multivariate Covariance Models: Comment on the Paper by Genton and KleiberJul 30 2015Discussion of "Cross-Covariance Functions for Multivariate Geostatistics" by Genton and Kleiber [arXiv:1507.08017].
Buhmann covariance functions, their compact supports, and their smoothnessJun 30 2016Sep 27 2016We consider the Buhmann class of compactly supported radial basis functions, whih includes a wealth of special cases that have been studied in both numerical analysis and spatial statistics literatures. In particular, the celebrated Wu, Wendland and Missing ... More
A complete parton level analysis of boson-boson scattering and ElectroWeak Symmetry Breaking in lv + four jets production at the LHCDec 30 2008Apr 14 2009A complete parton level analysis of lv + four jets production at the LHC is presented, including all processes at order O(alpha^6), O(alpha^4*alpha_s^2) and O(alpha^2*alpha_s^4). The infinite Higgs mass scenario, which is considered as a benchmark for ... More
A new analysis of PP --> bblvjj at the LHC: Higgs and W boson associated production with two tag jetsJun 25 2008Sep 12 2008Higgs production in association with a $W$ boson and two energetic tag jets at the LHC is studied for $M_H = 120$ \GeV, with the Higgs decaying to $b\bar{b}$ and the $W$ to $\ell\nu$ ($\ell = e, \mu$), guaranteeing high trigger efficiency. All parton ... More
Experimental Neutron-Induced Fission Fragment Mass Yields of 232Th and 238U at Energies from 10 to 33 MeVApr 08 2013Development of nuclear energy applications requires data for neutron-induced reactions for actinides in a wide neutron energy range. Here we describe measurements of pre-neutron emission fission fragment mass yields of 232Th and 238U at incident neutron ... More
Estimation and Prediction using generalized Wendland Covariance Functions under fixed domain asymptoticsJul 23 2016We study estimation and prediction of Gaussian random fields with covariance models belonging to the generalized Wendland (GW) class, under fixed domain asymptotics. As the Mat\'ern case, this class allows a continuous parameterization of smoothness of ... More
Restoring Narrow Linewidth to a Gradient-Broadened Magnetic Resonance by Inhomogeneous DressingJul 03 2018Feb 22 2019We study the possibility of counteracting the line-broadening of atomic magnetic resonances due to inhomogeneities of the static magnetic field by means of spatially dependent magnetic dressing, driven by an alternating field that oscillates much faster ... More
Validity of covariance models for the analysis of geographical variationNov 17 2013Dec 13 2013Due to the availability of large molecular data-sets, covariance models are increasingly used to describe the structure of genetic variation as an alternative to more heavily parametrised biological models. We focus here on a class of parametric covariance ... More
Estimating covariance functions of multivariate skew-Gaussian random fields on the sphereDec 10 2016Jul 26 2017This paper considers a multivariate spatial random field, with each component having univariate marginal distributions of the skew-Gaussian type. We assume that the field is defined spatially on the unit sphere embedded in $\mathbb{R}^3$, allowing for ... More
Compression of unitary rank--structured matrices to CMV-like shape with an application to polynomial rootfindingJul 08 2013This paper is concerned with the reduction of a unitary matrix U to CMV-like shape. A Lanczos--type algorithm is presented which carries out the reduction by computing the block tridiagonal form of the Hermitian part of U, i.e., of the matrix U+U^H. By ... More
On Computing Efficient Data-Sparse Representations of Unitary plus Low-rank MatricesJan 24 2019Efficient eigenvalue solvers for unitary plus low-rank matrices exploit the structural properties of the Hessenberg reduction performed in the preprocessing phase. Recently some two-stage fast algorithms have been proposed for computing the Hessenberg ... More
How well can the LHC distinguish between the SM light Higgs scenario, a composite Higgs and the Higgsless case using VV scattering channels?Sep 21 2009Dec 02 2009A complete parton level analysis of ll + four jets l = e,mu and 3lv + two jets production at the LHC is presented, including all processes at order $\ordEW$, $\ordQCD$ and $\ordQCDsq$ when appropriate. The infinite Higgs mass scenario, which is considered ... More
Dynamical Characterization of Fractal Objects: Determination of the Fine Fractal Topology Using the Energy CoverAug 05 2014The foundation of the theory presented here has already been proved to be effective for the case of curves belonging to the Koch family. The present paper extends the investigation to more complex curves, namely randomly generated curves and the Weierstrass-Mandelbrot ... More
Multichannel optical atomic magnetometer operating in unshielded environmentJan 26 2016Feb 29 2016A multi-channel atomic magnetometer operating in an unshielded environment is described and characterised. The magnetometer is based on D1 optical pumping and D2 polarimetry of Cs vapour contained in gas-buffered cells. Several technical implementations ... More
All-optical magnetometry for NMR detection in a micro-Tesla field and unshielded environmentJun 05 2009Sep 08 2009An all-optical atomic magnetometer is used to detect a proton free-precession signal from a water sample polarized in a 0.7 T field and remotely analyzed in a 4 $\mu T$ field. Nuclear spins are manipulated either by $\pi/2$ pulses or by non-adiabatic ... More
Self-adaptive loop for external disturbance reduction in differential measurement set-upMar 08 2018Nov 16 2018We present a method developed to actively compensate common-mode magnetic disturbances on a multi-sensor device devoted to differential measurements. The system uses a field-programmable-gated-array card, and operates in conjunction with a high sensitivity ... More
Automatic Classification of Knee Rehabilitation Exercises Using a Single Inertial Sensor: a Case StudyDec 10 2018Inertial measurement units have the ability to accurately record the acceleration and angular velocity of human limb segments during discrete joint movements. These movements are commonly used in exercise rehabilitation programmes following orthopaedic ... More
A CMV--based eigensolver for companion matricesJun 11 2014In this paper we present a novel matrix method for polynomial rootfinding. By exploiting the properties of the QR eigenvalue algorithm applied to a suitable CMV-like form of a companion matrix we design a fast and computationally simple structured QR ... More
Developing a Theoretical Framework for Optofluidic Device Designing for System Identification in Systems Biology: the EGFR Study CaseApr 19 2008Identification of dynamics underlying biochemical pathways of interest in oncology is a primary goal in current systems biology. Understanding structures and interactions that govern the evolution of such systems is believed to be a cornerstone in this ... More
Emergence of synchrony in an Adaptive Interaction ModelJun 18 2015In a Human-Computer Interaction context, we aim to elaborate an adaptive and generic interaction model in two different use cases: Embodied Conversational Agents and Creative Musical Agents for musical improvisation. To reach this goal, we'll try to use ... More
Estimation and Prediction using generalized Wendland Covariance Functions under fixed domain asymptoticsJul 23 2016Nov 16 2017We study estimation and prediction of Gaussian random fields with covariance models belonging to the generalized Wendland (GW) class, under fixed domain asymptotics. As the Mat\'ern case, this class allows a continuous parameterization of smoothness of ... More
Fast QR iterations for unitary plus low rank matricesOct 05 2018Some fast algorithms for computing the eigenvalues of a block companion matrix $A = U + XY^H$, where $U\in \mathbb C^{n\times n}$ is unitary block circulant and $X, Y \in\mathbb{C}^{n \times k}$, have recently appeared in the literature. Most of these ... More
Light-ion production in the interaction of 175 MeV quasi-mono-energetic neutrons with iron and with bismuthNov 12 2014Nuclear data for neutron-induced reactions in the intermediate energy range of 20 to 200 MeV are of great importance for the development of nuclear reaction codes since little data exist in that range. Also several different applications benefit from ... More
Microtesla NMR J-coupling spectroscopy with an unshielded atomic magnetometerOct 21 2015Jan 07 2016We present experimental data and theoretical interpretation of NMR spectra of remotely magnetized samples, detected in an unshielded environment by means of a differential atomic magnetometer. The measurements are performed in an ultra-low-field at an ... More
Probabilistic enhancement of the Failure Forecast Method using a stochastic differential equation and application to volcanic eruption forecastsMay 29 2018Dec 08 2018We introduce a doubly stochastic method for performing material failure theory based forecasts of volcanic eruptions. The method enhances the well known Failure Forecast Method equation, introducing a new formulation similar to the Hull-White model in ... More
Validating Network Value of Influencers by means of ExplanationsOct 21 2013Recently, there has been significant interest in social influence analysis. One of the central problems in this area is the problem of identifying influencers, such that by convincing these users to perform a certain action (like buying a new product), ... More
Stray Magnetic Field Compensation with a Scalar Atomic MagnetometerMar 05 2010Jun 16 2010We describe a system for the compensation of time-dependent stray magnetic fields using a dual channel scalar magnetometer based on non-linear Faraday rotation in synchronously optically pumped Cs vapour. We detail the active control strategy, with an ... More
Maximum likelihood estimation for a bivariate Gaussian process under fixed domain asymptoticsMar 30 2016We consider maximum likelihood estimation with data from a bivariate Gaussian process with a separable exponential covariance model under fixed domain asymptotic. We first characterize the equivalence of Gaussian measures under this model. Then consistency ... More
On Spatial (Skew) t Processes and ApplicationsDec 15 2018We propose a new model for regression and dependence analysis when addressing spatial or spatiotemporal data with possibly heavy tails and an asymmetric marginal distribution. We first propose a stationary process with $t$ marginals obtained through scale ... More
Comparative analysis of the structures and outcomes of geophysical flow models and modeling assumptions using uncertainty quantificationMay 30 2018Nov 21 2018We present a new statistically driven method for analyzing the modeling of geophysical flows. Many models have been advocated by different modelers for such flows incorporating different modeling assumptions. Limited and sparse observational data on the ... More
Simultaneous Detection of H and D NMR Signals in a micro-Tesla FieldDec 11 2017We present NMR spectra of remote-magnetized deuterated water, detected in an unshielded environment by means of a differential atomic magnetometer. The measurements are performed in a $\mu$T field, while pulsed techniques are applied -following the sample ... More
Proceedings of the Workshop on Monte Carlo's, Physics and Simulations at the LHC PART IIFeb 02 2009Feb 13 2009These proceedings collect the presentations given at the first three meetings of the INFN "Workshop on Monte Carlo's, Physics and Simulations at the LHC", held at the Frascati National Laboratories in 2006. The first part of these proceedings contains ... More
Proceedings of the Workshop on Monte Carlo's, Physics and Simulations at the LHC PART IFeb 02 2009These proceedings collect the presentations given at the first three meetings of the INFN "Workshop on Monte Carlo's, Physics and Simulations at the LHC", held at the Frascati National Laboratories in 2006. The first part of these proceedings contains ... More
The SM and NLO multileg working group: Summary reportMar 05 2010This report summarizes the activities of the SM and NLO Multileg Working Group of the Workshop "Physics at TeV Colliders", Les Houches, France 8-26 June, 2009.
Light-ion production from O, Si, Fe and Bi induced by 175 MeV quasi-monoenergetic neutronMar 19 2013May 21 2013We have measured double-differential cross sections in the interaction of 175 MeV quasimonoenergetic neutrons with O, Si, Fe and Bi. We have compared these results with model calculations with INCL4.5-Abla07, MCNP6 and TALYS-1.2. We have also compared ... More
Self-induced decoherence in dense neutrino gasesJan 22 2007Dense neutrino gases exhibit collective oscillations where "self-maintained coherence" is a characteristic feature, i.e., neutrinos of different energies oscillate with the same frequency. In a non-isotropic gas, however, the flux term of the neutrino-neutrino ... More
Spin-Rotation Coupling in Muon g-2 ExperimentsJun 21 2001Spin-rotation coupling, or Mashhoon effect, is a phenomenon associated with rotating observers. We show that the effect exists and plays a fundamental role in the determination of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon.
Baryogenesis in $f(R)$-Theories of GravityOct 12 2006$f(R)$-theories of gravity are reviewed in the context of the so called gravitational baryogenesis. The latter is a mechanism for generating the baryon asymmetry in the Universe, and relies on the coupling between the Ricci scalar curvature $R$ and the ... More
A convergent scheme for one-loop evolutions of the Yukawa couplings in the MSSMJul 01 1999Integrated forms of the one-loop evolution equations are given for the Yukawa couplings in the MSSM, valid for any value of $\tan \beta$, generalizable to virtually any number of Yukawa fermions, and including all gauge couplings. These forms turn out ... More
Comment on "Dynamics of Weak First Order Phase Transitions"Nov 08 1995We comment on an earlier paper of M. Gleiser, regarding mechanisms of first-order phase transitions.
A multi-frequency study of the spectral index distribution in the SNR CTB 80Jul 29 2005We have conducted a study at radio wavelengths of the spectral behaviour of the supernova remnant (SNR) CTB 80. Based on an homogenised data set of integrated flux densities, we calculated for the whole SNR a radio index -0.36 +/- 0.02. The shape of the ... More
The Sato Grassmannian and the CH hierarchyFeb 29 2008We discuss how the Camassa-Holm hierarchy can be framed within the geometry of the Sato Grassmannian.
Simple Fluids with Complex Phase BehaviorMay 12 2000We find that a system of particles interacting through a simple isotropic potential with a softened core is able to exhibit a rich phase behavior including: a liquid-liquid phase transition in the supercooled phase, as has been suggested for water; a ... More
Local Magnetic Turbulence and TeV-PeV Cosmic Ray AnisotropiesNov 10 2011Aug 22 2012In the energy range from ~ 10^12 eV to ~ 10^15 eV, the Galactic cosmic ray flux has anisotropies both on large scales, with an amplitude of the order of 0.1%, and on scales between ~ 10 and ~ 30 degrees, with amplitudes smaller by a factor of a few. With ... More
Stationary Axisymmetric Solutions and their Energy Contents in Teleparallel Equivalent of Einstein TheoryMar 03 2015We apply the energy-momentum tensor which is coordinate independent to calculate the energy content of the axisymmetric solutions. Our results are compared with what have been obtained before within the framework of Einstein general relativity and M{\o}ler's ... More
Schwarzschild solution in extended teleparallel gravityJan 05 2015Tetrad field, with two unknown functions of radial coordinate and an angle $\Phi$ which is the polar angle $\phi$ times a function of the redial coordinate, is applied to the field equation of modified theory of gravity. Exact vacuum solution is derived ... More
Regularization of Kerr-NUT spacetimes and their thermodynamical quantitiesApr 27 2015In the context of the teleparallel equivalent of general relativity (TEGR) theory, continues calculations of the total energy and momentum for Kerr-NUT spacetimes using three different methods, the gravitational energy-momentum, the Riemannian connection ... More
Sulfur-bearing species in molecular cloudsOct 30 2014We study several molecules that could help in the solution of the missing sulfur problem in dense clouds and circumstellar regions, as well as in the clarification of the sulfur chemistry in comets. These sulfur molecules are: the trimer (CH2S)3 and the ... More
Neutrino Masses in Astrophysics and CosmologyDec 08 1997Cosmology yields the most restrictive limits on neutrino masses and conversely, massive neutrinos would contribute to the cosmic dark-matter density and would play an important role for the formation of structure in the universe. Neutrino oscillations ... More
Determination of the orbit spaces of non-coregular compact linear groups with one relation among the basic polynomial invariants in the $\hat P$-matrix approachAug 02 2000Invariant functions under the transformations of a compact linear group $G$ acting in $\real^n$ can be expressed in terms of functions defined in the orbit space of $G$. We develop a method to determine the isotropy classes of the orbit spaces of all ... More
EChO spectra and stellar activity II. The case of dM starsJan 27 2014EChO is a dedicated mission to investigate exoplanetary atmospheres. When extracting the planetary signal, one has to take care of the variability of the hosting star, which introduces spectral distortion that can be mistaken as planetary signal. Magnetic ... More
Quick View on Jet Tomography at RHIC EnergiesDec 31 2003A strong suppression of Pi production in Au+Au collision was discovered at RHIC energies in the high-p_T region. The lack of this suppression in d+Au collision proved, this effect can be connected to final state effects, namely medium induced jet energy ... More
GRB 060218 and the outliers with respect to the Ep-Eiso correlationJan 31 2007GRB 031203 and GRB 980425 are the two outliers with respect to the Ep-Eiso correlation of long GRBs. Recently Swift discovered a nearby extremely long GRB 060218 associated with a SN event. The spectral properties of this bursts are striking: on the one ... More
Prediction of the Proton-to-Total Turbulent Heating in the Solar WindJun 21 2011This paper employs a recent turbulent heating prescription to predict the ratio of proton-to-total heating due to the kinetic dissipation of Alfvenic turbulence as a function of heliocentric distance. Comparing to a recent empirical estimate for this ... More
A Dynamical Model of Plasma Turbulence in the Solar WindFeb 13 2015A dynamical approach, rather than the usual statistical approach, is taken to explore the physical mechanisms underlying the nonlinear transfer of energy, the damping of the turbulent fluctuations, and the development of coherent structures in kinetic ... More
Thermal stability of self-gravitating, optically thin accretion disksFeb 09 2001In the dynamics of accretion disks, the presence of collective effects associated with the self-gravity of the disk is expected to affect not only the momentum transport, but also the relevant energy balance equations, which could differ substantially ... More
The Correlated Lloyd model: exact solutionFeb 24 2014Exactly solvable model of disordered system representing the generalized Lloyd model with correlated random potential is described. It is shown, that for the model under consideration, the averaged Green's function does not depend on random potential ... More
Exactly solvable spin dynamics of an electron coupled to large number of nuclei and the electron-nuclear spin echo in a quantum dotApr 03 2007Apr 10 2007The model considered in the paper is used nowadays to describe spin dynamics of quantum dots after optical excitation. Based on the exact diagonalization of a model Hamiltonian, we solve the problems of the electron spin polarization decay and magnetic ... More
Noise spectroscopy of optical microcavityMar 21 2012The intensity noise spectrum of the light passed through an optical microcavity is calculated with allowance for thermal fluctuations of its thickness. The spectrum thus obtained reveals a peak at the frequency of acoustic mode localized inside the microcavity ... More
Cocycle conjugacy of quasifree endomorphisms semigroups on the CAR algebraOct 18 2000Oct 20 2000W. Arveson has described a cocycle conjugacy class $U(\alpha)$ of $E_0$-semigroup $\alpha$ on B(H) which is a factor of type $\rm I$. Under some conditions on $\alpha$, there is a $E_0$-semigroup $\beta \in U(\alpha)$ being a flow of shifts in the sence ... More
NANOTCAD2D: Two-dimensional code for the simulation of nanoelectronic devices and structuresDec 22 2003In this paper we present NANOTCAD2D, a code for the simulation of the electrical properties of semiconductor-based nanoelectronic devices and structures in two-dimensional domains. Such code is based on the solution of the Poisson/Schr\"odinger equation ... More
Split dimensional regularization for the Coulomb gauge at two loopsNov 25 1999Nov 29 1999We evaluate the coefficients of the leading poles of the complete two-loop quark self-energy \Sigma(p) in the Coulomb gauge. Working in the framework of split dimensional regularization, with complex regulating parameters \sigma and n/2-\sigma for the ... More
Metastable states in the planar 2d XY model and dissipation in superfluid flowJun 11 2004We use the Metropolis algorithm to study the stability of superfluid flow in a model system, namely the two-dimensional planar XY model. Flow properties are examined by studying the behaviour of the system in meta-stable ``twisted'' states. We demonstrate ... More
Z Flux-Line Lattices and Self-Dual Equations in the Standard ModelMar 22 1994We derive gauge covariant self-dual equations for the $SU(2) \times U(1)_Y$ theory of electro-weak interactions and show that they admit solutions describing a periodic lattice of Z-strings.} \newpage