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Defining implication relation for classical logicDec 30 2013Jul 12 2016Classical logic is unfortunately defective with its problematic definition of implication relation, the "material implication". This work presents a corrected definition of implication relation to replace material implication in classical logic. Common ... More
Truth Maintenance Under UncertaintyMar 27 2013This paper addresses the problem of resolving errors under uncertainty in a rule-based system. A new approach has been developed that reformulates this problem as a neural-network learning problem. The strength and the fundamental limitations of this ... More
Testing the Distance-Duality Relation from Strong Gravitational Lensing, Type Ia Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts Data up to redshift $z\sim3.6$Feb 13 2017In this paper, we perform a cosmological model-independent test of the cosmic distance-duality relation (CDDR) in terms of the ratio of angular diameter distance (ADD) $D=D_{\rm A}^{\rm sl}/D_{\rm A}^{\,\rm s}$ from strong gravitational lensing (SGL) ... More
Stochastic equations of non-negative processes with jumpsFeb 07 2008We study stochastic equations of non-negative processes with jumps. The existence and uniqueness of strong solutions are established under Lipschitz and non-Lipschitz conditions. The comparison property of two solutions are proved under suitable conditions. ... More
On maximal regularity and semivariation of $α$-times resolvent familiesJul 26 2010Let $1< \alpha <2$ and $A$ be the generator of an $\alpha$-times resolvent family $\{S_\alpha(t)\}_{t \ge 0}$ on a Banach space $X$. It is shown that the fractional Cauchy problem ${\bf D}_t^\alpha u(t) = Au(t)+f(t)$, $t \in [0,r]$; $u(0), u'(0) \in D(A)$ ... More
Supersingular irreducible symplectic varietiesAug 17 2018Sep 05 2018We study irreducible symplectic varieties defined over fields of positive characteristics, especially the supersingular ones, generalizing the theory of supersingular K3 surfaces. In this work, we are mainly interested in the following two types of irreducible ... More
Oscillatory deviations from Matthiessen's rule due to interacting dislocationsOct 26 2016We theoretically examine the validity of Matthiessen's rule caused by strong dislocation-dislocation interaction using a fully quantized dislocation field, where its degree of deviation is quantified at arbitrary electron energy, dislocation-electron ... More
Acceleration-extended Newton-Hooke symmetry and its dynamical realizationJun 08 2008Aug 05 2008Newton-Hooke group is the nonrelativistic limit of de Sitter (anti-de Sitter) group, which can be enlarged with transformations that describe constant acceleration, as well as central charges. We consider a higher order Lagrangian that is quasi-invariant ... More
On Pulsar-Driven Mass Ejection in Low-Mass X-ray BinariesAug 24 2011There is accumulating evidence for mass ejection in low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) driven by radio pulsar activity during X-ray quiescence. In this paper we consider the condition for mass ejection by comparing the radiation pressure from a millisecond ... More
Preliminary study of 10Be/7Be in rainwater from Xi'an by Accelerator Mass SpectrometryMay 05 2016The 10Be/7Be ratio is a sensitive tracer for the study of atmospheric transport, particularly with regard to stratosphere-troposphere exchange. Measurements with high accuracy and efficiency are crucial to 7Be and 10Be tracer studies. This article describes ... More
Searching for the Dark Force with 21-cm Spectrum in Light of EDGESApr 13 2018Nov 09 2018The EDGES Collaboration has recently announced the detection of the 21-cm spectrum with an absorption profile centred at $78$ megahertz, of which the depth is deeper than that expected by the standard cosmological paradigm. To enrich the heating process ... More
Superpotentials and Geometric Invariants of Parallel/Complete Coincident/Part Coincident Phase of D-brane System in Compact Calabi-Yau ManifoldFeb 26 2019For D-brane system with three D-branes in compact Calabi-Yau threefolds, the dual F-theory fourfolds for parallel/complete coincident/part coincident D-brane system is constructed by the type II/F-theory duality. Complete coincident means that the three ... More
Cooperative Communication Based on Random Beamforming Strategy in Wireless Sensor NetworksAug 21 2012This paper presents a two-phase cooperative communication strategy and an optimal power allocation strategy to transmit sensor observations to a fusion center in a large-scale sensor network. Outage probability is used to evaluate the performance of the ... More
On fractional powers of generators of fractional resolvent familiesMay 11 2010Jul 26 2010We show that if $-A$ generates a bounded $\alpha$-times resolvent family for some $\alpha \in (0,2]$, then $-A^{\beta}$ generates an analytic $\gamma$-times resolvent family for $\beta \in(0,\frac{2\pi-\pi\gamma}{2\pi-\pi\alpha})$ and $\gamma \in (0,2)$. ... More
Strong Orbital Interaction in pi-pi Stacking SystemJan 06 2016A simple prototypical model of aromatic pi-pi stacking system -- benzene sandwich dimer is investigated by ab initio calculations based on second-order Moller-Plesset perturbation theory (MP2) and Minnesota hybrid functional M06-2X.
Robust continuous-variable entanglement of microwave photons with cavity electromechanicsJan 24 2013Sep 19 2013We investigate the controllable generation of robust photon entanglement with a circuit cavity electromechanical system, consisting of two superconducting coplanar waveguide cavities (CPWC's) capacitively coupled by a nanoscale mechanical resonator (MR). ... More
An Authentication Scheme for Subspace Codes over Network Based on Linear CodesMar 05 2013Network coding provides the advantage of maximizing the usage of network resources, and has great application prospects in future network communications. However, the properties of network coding also make the pollution attack more serious. In this paper, ... More
Large transverse momentum dilepton production in heavy ion collisions with two-photon processesDec 09 2011Sep 06 2015The cold component of large transverse momentum dilepton production via semi-coherent two-photon interaction is calculated. The cold contribution is essential to the dilepton spectra in the soft region for different mass bins. The results are compared ... More
Production of large transverse momentum dileptons and photons in $pp$, $dA$ and $AA$ collisions by photoproduction processesNov 29 2011The production of large $P_{T}$ dileptons and photons originating from photoproduction processes in $pp$, $dA$ and $AA$ collisions is calculated. We find that the contribution of dileptons and photons produced by photoproduction processes is not prominent ... More
The Layer Phase in the Non-isotropic SU(3) Gauge Model at Finite TemperatureJan 23 2001Jan 25 2001The phase structure of a non-isotropic non-Abelian SU(3) lattice gauge model at finite temperature is investigated to the third order in the variational-cumulant expansion (VCE) approach. The layer phase exists in this model in the cases of dimensions ... More
Engineering two-mode entangled states between two superconducting resonators by dissipationMay 22 2012We present an experimental feasible scheme to synthesize two-mode continuous-variable entangled states of two superconducting resonators that are interconnected by two gap-tunable superconducting qubits. We show that, with each artificial atom suitably ... More
Entropic cosmology: a unified model of inflation and late-time accelerationMar 21 2010Apr 04 2010Holography is expected as one of the promising descriptions of quantum general relativity. We present a model for a cosmological system involving two holographic screens and find that their equilibrium exactly yields a standard Friedmann-Robertson-Walker ... More
Auto-weighted Mutli-view Sparse Reconstructive EmbeddingJan 05 2019With the development of multimedia era, multi-view data is generated in various fields. Contrast with those single-view data, multi-view data brings more useful information and should be carefully excavated. Therefore, it is essential to fully exploit ... More
Testing the Lorentz and CPT Symmetry with CMB polarizations and a non-relativistic Maxwell TheoryDec 17 2009Jan 13 2010We present a model for a system involving a photon gauge field and a scalar field at quantum criticality in the frame of a Lifthitz-type non-relativistic Maxwell theory. We will show this model gives rise to Lorentz and CPT violation which leads to a ... More
On pseudorapidity distribution and speed of sound in high energy heavy ion collisions based on a new revised Landau hydrodynamic modelSep 29 2015We propose a new revised Landau hydrodynamic model to study systematically the pseudorapidity distributions of charged particles produced in heavy ion collisions over an energy range from a few GeV to a few TeV per nucleon pair. The interacting system ... More
Geometric Phases for Mixed States during Cyclic EvolutionsMar 09 2004The geometric phases of cyclic evolutions for mixed states are discussed in the framework of unitary evolution. A canonical one-form is defined whose line integral gives the geometric phase which is gauge invariant. It reduces to the Aharonov and Anandan ... More
What controls thermo-osmosis? Molecular simulations show the critical role of interfacial hydrodynamicsOct 26 2017Thermo-osmotic and related thermo-phoretic phenomena can be found in many situations from biology to colloid science, but the underlying molecular mechanisms remain largely unexplored. Using molecular dynamics simulations, we measured the thermo-osmosis ... More
Large mass dilepton production from jet-dilepton conversion in the quark-gluon plasmaDec 02 2011We calculate the production of large mass dileptons from the passage of jets passing through the quark-gluon plasma. Using the relativistic kinetic theory, we rigorously derive the production rate for the jet-dilepton conversion in the hot medium. The ... More
Real photons produced from photoproduction in $pp$ collisionsDec 13 2011May 28 2012We calculate the production of real photons originating from the photoproduction in relativistic $pp$ collisions. The Weizs$\ddot{\mathrm{a}}$cker-Williams approximation in the photoproduction is considered. Numerical results agree with the experimental ... More
Security Analysis on "An Authentication Code Against Pollution Attacks in Network Coding"Mar 03 2013We analyze the security of the authentication code against pollution attacks in network coding given by Oggier and Fathi and show one way to remove one very strong condition they required. Actually, we find a way to attack their authentication scheme. ... More
Multi-feature Distance Metric Learning for Non-rigid 3D Shape RetrievalJan 10 2019In the past decades, feature-learning-based 3D shape retrieval approaches have been received widespread attention in the computer graphic community. These approaches usually explored the hand-crafted distance metric or conventional distance metric learning ... More
On Distributions of Emission Sources and Speed of Sound in Proton-proton (Proton-antiproton) CollisionsSep 30 2015Nov 24 2015The revised (three-source) Landau hydrodynamic model is used in this paper to study the (pseudo)rapidity distributions of charged particles produced in proton-proton and proton-antiproton collisions at high energies. The central source is assumed to contribute ... More
Some $L^p$ rigidity results for complete manifolds with harmonic curvatureNov 23 2015Jan 10 2016Let $(M^n, g)(n\geq3)$ be an $n$-dimensional complete Riemannian manifold with harmonic curvature and positive Yamabe constant. Denote by $R$ and $\mathring{Rm}$ the scalar curvature and the trace-free Riemannian curvature tensor of $M$, respectively. ... More
Two-Layer Mixture Network Ensemble for Apparel Attributes ClassificationJul 11 2018Recognizing apparel attributes has recently drawn great interest in the computer vision community. Methods based on various deep neural networks have been proposed for image classification, which could be applied to apparel attributes recognition. An ... More
Approximation Algorithms for Optimization of Real-Valued General Conjugate Complex FormsDec 07 2016Complex polynomial optimization has recently gained more and more attention in both theory and practice. In this paper, we study the optimization of a real-valued general conjugate complex form over various popular constraint sets including the m-th roots ... More
On decompositions and approximations of conjugate partial-symmetric complex tensorsFeb 25 2018Conjugate partial-symmetric (CPS) tensors are the high-order generalization of Hermitian matrices. As the role played by Hermitian matrices in matrix theory and quadratic optimization, CPS tensors have shown growing interest recently in tensor theory ... More
Comparing Erlang distribution and Schwinger mechanism on transverse momentum spectra in high energy collisionsOct 13 2015Jan 05 2016We study the transverse momentum spectra of J/psi and Upsilon mesons by using two methods: the two-component Erlang distribution and the two-component Schwinger mechanism. The results obtained by the two methods are compared and found to be in agreement ... More
A strong negative correlation between radio loudness $R_{\rm UV}$ and optical-to-X-ray spectral index $α_{\rm ox}$ in low-luminosity AGNsJul 13 2017It has been argued for years that the accretion mode changes from bright active galactic nuclei (AGNs) to low-luminosity AGNs (LLAGNs) at a rough dividing point of bolometric Eddington ratio $\lambda \sim 10^{-2}$. In this work, we strengthen this scenario ... More
Pump Electron-Positron Pairs from Potential WellApr 24 2015May 12 2015In this paper we show that electron-positron pairs can be pumped inexhaustibly with a constant production rate from the one dimensional potential well with oscillating depth or width. Bound states embedded in the the Dirac sea can be pulled out and pushed ... More
Features of Motion Around Charged D-StarsOct 02 2003The motion of light and a neutral test particle around the charged D-star has been studied. The difference of the deficit angle of light from the case in asymptotically flat spacetime is in a factor $(1-\epsilon^2)$. The motion of a test particle is affected ... More
Comparison of quantum kinetic theory and time-dependent Dirac equation approaches in vacuum pair production and the bound states resonance enhanced mechanismAug 29 2017A remarkable quantitative agreement is found between the non-Markovian quantum kinetic approach and the time-dependent Dirac equation approach for a large region of Keldysh parameter, in the investigation of electron-positron pair production in the electric ... More
Shapiro-like Resonance in Ultracold Molecule Production via an Oscillating Magnetic FieldMay 18 2009We study the process of production of ultracold molecules from ultracold atoms using a sinusoidally oscillating magnetic field modulation. When the magnetic field is resonant roughly with the molecular binding energy, Shapiro-like resonances are observed. ... More
Potential Integral Equations in ElectromagneticsApr 30 2017May 02 2017In this work, a new integral equation (IE) based formulation is proposed using vector and scalar potentials for electromagnetic scattering. The new integral equations feature decoupled vector and scalar potentials that satisfy Lorentz gauge. The decoupling ... More
Multi-receiver Authentication Scheme for Multiple Messages Based on Linear CodesMay 20 2013In this paper, we construct an authentication scheme for multi-receivers and multiple messages based on a linear code $C$. This construction can be regarded as a generalization of the authentication scheme given by Safavi-Naini and Wang. Actually, we ... More
Optical analogies to quantum states and coherent detection of pseudorandom phase sequenceSep 28 2016The key to optical analogy to a multi-particle quantum system is the scalable property. Optical elds modulated with pseudorandom phase sequences is an interesting solution. By utilizing the properties of pseudorandom sequences, mixing multiple optical ... More
Emergent Universe Scenario via Quintom MatterSep 15 2012Nov 20 2012The emergent universe scenario provides a possible alternative to bouncing cosmology to avoid the Big Bang singularity problem. In this paper we study the realization of the emergent universe scenario by making use of Quintom matter with an equation of ... More
Rigidity Theorem for integral pinched shrinking Ricci solitonsOct 24 2015We prove that an $n$-dimensional, $n\geq4$, compact gradient shrinking Ricci soliton satisfying a $L^{\frac n2}$-pinching condition is isometric to a quotient of the round $\mathbb{S}^n$, which improves the rigidity theorem given by G. Catino (arXiv:1509.07416vl). ... More
Simulating the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model in a hybrid quantum systemDec 18 2017We propose an efficient scheme for simulating the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick (LMG) model with nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center ensembles in diamond magnetically coupled to superconducting coplanar waveguide cavities. With the assistance of external microwave driving ... More
Effects of dust feedback on vortices in protoplanetary disksOct 15 2014We carried out two-dimensional high-resolution simulations to study the effect of dust feedback on the evolution of vortices induced by massive planets in protoplanetary disks. Various initial dust to gas disk surface density ratios ($0.001$ -- $0.01$) ... More
Long Term Evolution of Planet-Induced Vortices in Protoplanetary DisksMay 28 2014Recent observations of large-scale asymmetric features in protoplanetary disks suggest that large-scale vortices exist in such disks. Massive planets are known to be able to produce deep gaps in protoplanetary disks. The gap edges could become hydrodynamically ... More
Directional fast neutron detection using a time projection chamber and plastic scintillation detectorsOct 31 2018A new method for directional fast neutron detection is proposed based on a neutron time projection chamber (TPC) and position-sensitive plastic scintillation detectors. The detection system can efficiently locate the approximate location of a hot spot ... More
Rapidity dependent transverse momentum spectra of heavy quarkonia produced in small collision systems at the LHCJan 17 2019The rapidity dependent transverse momentum spectra of heavy quarkonia (J/psi and Upsilon mesons) produced in small collision systems such as proton-proton (pp) and proton-lead (p-Pb) collisions at center-of-mass energy (per nucleon pair) 5-13 TeV are ... More
Development of a 3-D Position Sensitive Neutron Detector Based on Organic Scintillators with Double Side SiPM ReadoutOct 31 2018A 3-D position sensitive neutron detector is being developed based on a plastic scintillator array. A double side SiPM readout is used to determine the depth of interaction (DOI) in each scintillator unit. In the preliminary test, the DOI in a 254 x 6 ... More
A reduction from LWE problem to dihedral coset problemMay 16 2013Jun 04 2013Learning with Errors (LWE) problems are the foundations for numerous applications in lattice-based cryptography and are provably as hard as approximate lattice problems in the worst case. Here we present a reduction from LWE problem to dihedral coset ... More
A model combining spectrum standardization and dominant factor based partial least square method for carbon analysis in coal by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopyFeb 10 2014Successful quantitative measurement of carbon content in coal using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is suffered from relatively low precision and accuracy. In the present work, the spectrum standardization method was combined with the dominant ... More
Support Neighbor Loss for Person Re-IdentificationAug 18 2018Person re-identification (re-ID) has recently been tremendously boosted due to the advancement of deep convolutional neural networks (CNN). The majority of deep re-ID methods focus on designing new CNN architectures, while less attention is paid on investigating ... More
New Permutation Trinomials Constructed from Fractional PolynomialsMay 20 2016Permutation trinomials over finite fields consititute an active research due to their simple algebraic form, additional extraordinary properties and their wide applications in many areas of science and engineering. In the present paper, six new classes ... More
Slow-light all-optical soliton diode based on tailored Bragg-grating structureMay 11 2015May 13 2015An all optical soliton diode (AOSD) is proposed based on a sandwich nonlinear Bragg-grating structure: a linearly chirped Bragg-grating linked to a uniform Bragg-grating and again to a chirped Bragg-grating. The nonreciprocity is achieved by introducing ... More
Preparing multiparticle entangled states of NV centers via adiabatic ground-state transitionsSep 25 2018We propose an efficient method to generate multiparticle entangled states of NV centers in a spin mechanical system, where the spins interact through a collective coupling of the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick (LMG) type. We show that, through adiabatic transitions ... More
Dissipative preparation of entangled states between two spatially separated nitrogen-vacancy centersOct 31 2011Apr 04 2012We present a novel scheme for the generation of entangled states of two spatially separated nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers with two whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) microresonators, which are coupled either by an optical fiber-taper waveguide, or by the evanescent ... More
Quantum microwave-optical interface with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondSep 14 2017We propose an efficient scheme for a coherent quantum interface between microwave and optical photons using nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. In this setup, an NV center ensemble is simultaneously coupled to an optical and a microwave cavity. ... More
Dependence of elliptic flow on transverse momentum in $\sqrt{\mathrm{\it s_{NN}}}=200$ GeV Au-Au and $\sqrt{\mathrm{\it s_{NN}=2.76$ TeV Pb-Pb collisionsApr 29 2011May 11 2011We investigate the dependence of elliptic flows $v_2$ on transverse momentum $P_T$ for charged hadrons produced in nucleus-nucleus collisions at high energy by using a multi-source ideal gas model which includes the interaction contribution of the emission ... More
An Efficient Transparent Test Scheme for Embedded Word-Oriented MemoriesOct 25 2007Memory cores are usually the densest portion with the smallest feature size in system-on-chip (SOC) designs. The reliability of memory cores thus has heavy impact on the reliability of SOCs. Transparent test is one of useful technique for improving the ... More
The impact of local resonance on the enhanced transmission and dispersion of surface resonancesMay 31 2009We investigate the enhanced microwave transmission through the array of metallic coaxial annular apertures (MCAAs) experimentally and theoretically. The even-mode and the odd-mode surface resonances are clarified from the spatial field distributions and ... More
$V_{cs}$ from Pure Leptonic Decays of $D_s$ with Radiative CorrectionsFeb 23 2001Mar 02 2001The radiative corrections to the pure leptonic decay $D_s{\longrightarrow} {\ell}{{\nu}}_{\ell}$ up-to one-loop order is presented. We find the virtual photon loop corrections to $D_s{\longrightarrow} {\tau}{{\nu}}_{\tau}$ is negative and the corresponding ... More
Music Sequence Prediction with Mixture Hidden Markov ModelsSep 04 2018Sep 27 2018Recommendation systems that automatically generate personalized music playlists for users have attracted tremendous attention in recent years. Nowadays, most music recommendation systems rely on item-based or user-based collaborative filtering or content-based ... More
Crystalline geometries from fermionic vortex lattice with hyperscaling violationNov 04 2015Mar 28 2016We analytically consider the spontaneous formation of a fermionic crystalline geometry in a gravity background with Lifshitz scaling and/or hyperscaling violation. Fermionic vortex lattice solution sourced by the lowest Laundau level has been obtained. ... More
A Stochastic Global Identification Framework for Aerospace Vehicles Operating Under Varying Flight StatesDec 15 2016In this work, a novel data-based stochastic global identification framework is introduced for air vehicles operating under varying flight states and uncertainty. In this context, the term global refers to the identification of a model that is capable ... More
Direct Adaptive Controller for Uncertain MIMO Dynamic Systems with Time-varying Delay and Dead-zone InputsJun 25 2015This paper presents an adaptive tracking control method for a class of nonlinearly parameterized MIMO dynamic systems with time-varying delay and unknown nonlinear dead-zone inputs. A new high dimensional integral Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional is introduced ... More
Parameter security characterization of knapsack public-key crypto under quantum computingFeb 24 2014In order to research the security of the knapsack problem under quantum algorithm attack, we study the quantum algorithm for knapsack problem over Z_r based on the relation between the dimension of the knapsack vector and r. First, the oracle function ... More
Convergence Analysis and Design of Multi-block ADMM via Switched Control TheorySep 16 2017Mar 03 2018We consider three challenges in multi-block Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM): building convergence conditions for ADMM with any block (variable) sequence, finding available block sequences to be fit for ADMM, and designing useful parameter ... More
Dependence of elliptic flow on transverse momentum in 200 GeV Au-Au and 2.76 TeV Pb-Pb collisionsMay 02 2011We investigate the dependence of elliptic flows $v_2$ on transverse momentum $P_T$ for charged hadrons produced in nucleus-nucleus collisions at high energy by using a multi-source ideal gas model which includes the interaction contribution of the emission ... More
Exploiting Spatial-Temporal Modelling and Multi-Modal Fusion for Human Action RecognitionJun 27 2018In this report, our approach to tackling the task of ActivityNet 2018 Kinetics-600 challenge is described in detail. Though spatial-temporal modelling methods, which adopt either such end-to-end framework as I3D \cite{i3d} or two-stage frameworks (i.e., ... More
Trust Exploitation and Attention Competition: A Game Theoretical ModelApr 25 2016Jul 20 2016The proliferation of Social Network Sites (SNSs) has greatly reformed the way of information dissemination, but also provided a new venue for hosts with impure motivations to disseminate malicious information. Social trust is the basis for information ... More
Maximal violation of Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt inequality for two qutritsAug 26 2002Sep 15 2003Bell-Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt inequality (in terms of correlation functions) of two qutrits is studied in detail by employing tritter measurements. A uniform formula for the maximum value of this inequality for tritter measurements is obtained. Based ... More
Quasiparticle states and quantum interference induce by magnetic impurities on a two-dimensional topological superconductorSep 28 2011Apr 13 2012We theoretically study the effect of localized magnetic impurities on two-dimensional topological superconductor (TSC). We show that the local density of states (LDOS) can be tuned by the effective exchange field $m$, the chemical potential $\mu$ of TSC, ... More
Discrete solitons in waveguide arrays with long-range linearly coupled effectNov 21 2014We study the influences to the discrete soliton (DS) by introducing linearly long-range nonlocal interactions, which give rise to the off-diagonal elements of the linearly coupled matrix in the discrete nonlinear schrodinger equation to be filled by non-zero ... More
Efficient quantum key distribution over a collective noise channelAug 01 2008Aug 17 2009We present two efficient quantum key distribution schemes over two different collective-noise channels. The accepted hypothesis of collective noise is that photons travel inside a time window small compared to the variation of noise. Noiseless subspaces ... More
Controlled Teleportation of an Arbitrary Multi-Qudit State in a General Form with d-Dimensional Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger StatesJun 01 2007A general scheme for controlled teleportation of an arbitrary multi-qudit state with d-dimensional Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) states is proposed. For an arbitrary m-qudit state, the sender Alice performs m generalized Bell-state projective measurements ... More
A fully diagonalized spectral method using generalized Laguerre functions on the half lineSep 20 2016A fully diagonalized spectral method using generalized Laguerre functions is proposed and analyzed for solving elliptic equations on the half line. We first define the generalized Laguerre functions which are complete and mutually orthogonal with respect ... More
On the Structure of Compatible Rational FunctionsJan 22 2013Jan 23 2013A finite number of rational functions are compatible if they satisfy the compatibility conditions of a first-order linear functional system involving differential, shift and q-shift operators. We present a theorem that describes the structure of compatible ... More
Binary black hole simulation with an adaptive finite element method II: Application of local discontinuous Galerkin method to Einstein equationsMay 27 2018Finite difference method and pseudo-spectral method have been widely used in the numerical relativity to solve the Einstein equations. As the third major category method to solve partial differential equations, finite element method is much less used ... More
Launch and capture of a single particle in a pulse-laser-assisted dual-beam fiber-optic trapJan 10 2018The rapid loading and manipulation of microspheres in optical trap is important for its applications in optomechanics and precision force sensing. We investigate the microsphere behavior under coaction of a dual-beam fiber-optic trap and a pulse laser ... More
Weak order in averaging principle for stochastic differential equations with jumpsJan 27 2017May 31 2018The present article deals with the averaging principle for a two-time-scale system of jump-diffusion stochastic differential equation. Under suitable conditions, the weak error is expanded in powers of timescale parameter. It is proved that the rate of ... More
Controlling the toroidal excitations in metamaterials for high-Q responseSep 19 2016Apr 10 2017The excitation of toroidal multipoles in metamaterials was investigated for high-Q response at a subwavelength scale. In this study, we explored the optimization of toroidal excitations in a planar metamaterial comprised of asymmetric split ring resonators ... More
Cold Dark Matter Isocurvature Perturbations: Cosmological Constraints and ApplicationsDec 12 2010Dec 14 2010In this paper we present the constraints on cold dark matter (CDM) isocurvature contributions to the cosmological perturbations. By employing Markov Chain Monte Carlo method (MCMC), we perform a global analysis for cosmological parameters using the latest ... More
$CPT$ Violating Electrodynamics and Chern-Simons Modified GravityJul 29 2009Aug 27 2009The electrodynamics with a Chern-Simons term $p_{\mu}A_{\nu}\widetilde{F}^{\mu\nu}$ violates Lorentz and $CPT$ symmetries with a non-vanishing $p_{\mu}$. For a fixed vector $p_{\mu}$, in this paper we point out that the energy-momentum tensor of this ... More
Quorum sensing in populations of spatially extended chaotic oscillators coupled indirectly via a heterogeneous environmentDec 18 2016Many biological and chemical systems could be modeled by a population of oscillators coupled indirectly via a dynamical environment. Essentially, the environment by which the individual elements communicate is heterogeneous. Nevertheless, most of previous ... More
Intrinsic ultralow lattice thermal conductivity of the unfilled skutterudite FeSb$_3$Mar 21 2016Mar 28 2016It has been generally accepted that unfilled skutterudites process high lattice thermal conductivity ($\kappa_{l}$) that can be efficiently reduced upon filling. Here by using first principles Boltzmann-Peierls transport calculations, we find pure skutterudite ... More
Strange stars with different quark mass scalingsMay 21 2009Nov 23 2009We investigate the stability of strange quark matter and the properties of the corresponding strange stars, within a wide range of quark mass scaling. The calculation shows that the resulting maximum mass always lies between 1.5 solor mass and 1.8 solor ... More
Some binary BCH codes with length $n=2^m+1$Mar 07 2018Under research for near sixty years, Bose-$\!$Ray-$\!$Chaudhuri-$\!$Hocquenghem(BCH) codes have played increasingly important roles in many applications such as communication systems, data storage and information security. However, the dimension and minimum ... More
Predictive Local Smoothness for Stochastic Gradient MethodsMay 23 2018Stochastic gradient methods are dominant in nonconvex optimization especially for deep models but have low asymptotical convergence due to the fixed smoothness. To address this problem, we propose a simple yet effective method for improving stochastic ... More
$CP$ violation in charmed hadron decays into neutral kaonsAug 28 2017We find a new $CP$ violating effect in charmed hadron decays into neutral kaons, which is induced by the interference between the Cabibbo-favored and doubly Cabibbo-suppressed amplitudes with the $K^{0}-\overline K^{0}$ mixing. It is estimated to be of ... More
Two-loop gluino contributions to neutron electric dipole moment in CP violating MSSMDec 11 2004We analyze two-loop gluino corrections to the neutron electric dipole moment (EDM) in the minimal supersymmetry extension of the standard model (MSSM). The dependence of two-loop corrections on the relevant CP violating phases differs from that of the ... More
Applications of neural networks to the studies of phase transitions of two-dimensional Potts modelsMar 07 2017Sep 17 2017We study the finite temperature (FT) phase transitions of two-dimensional (2D) $q$-states Potts models on the square lattice, using the first principles Monte Carlo (MC) simulations as well as the techniques of neural networks (NN). We demonstrate that ... More
A study on transmitted intensity of disturbance for air-spaced Glan-type polarizing prismsNov 11 2002Jun 10 2003We study theoretically and experimentally the transmission intensity of polarized light through the air-spaced Glan-type polarizing prsims. It is found that the variation of the transmitted intensity with the rotation angle deviates from Malus Law, exhibiting ... More
Indirect controllability of degenerate quantum systems with quantum accessorDec 25 2013Complete controllability of degenerate quantum system using quantum accessor modeled as a qubit chain with nearest neighborhood coupling is investigated. Sufficient conditions on the length of accessor and the way of coupling between controlled system ... More
Weak order in averaging principle for two-time-scale stochastic partial differential equationsFeb 03 2018This work is devoted to averaging principle of a two-time-scale stochastic partial differential equation on a bounded interval $[0, l]$, where both the fast and slow components are directly perturbed by additive noises. Under some regular conditions on ... More
Strong convergence rate in averaging principle for stochastic hyperbolic-parabolic equations with two time-scalesNov 28 2016Dec 21 2017In this article, we investigate averaging principle for stochastic hyperbolic-parabolic equations with two time-scales, in which both the slow and fast components are perturbed by multiplicative noises. Particularly, we prove that the rate of strong convergence ... More
First order least squares method with weakly imposed boundary condition for convection dominated diffusion problemsSep 27 2013Oct 08 2014We present and analyze a first order least squares method for convection dominated diffusion problems, which provides robust L2 a priori error estimate for the scalar variable even if the given data f in L2 space. The novel theoretical approach is to ... More