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Dynamics of induced homeomorphisms of one-dimensional solenoidsApr 01 2017We study the displacement function of homeomorphisms isotopic to the identity of the universal one-dimensional solenoid and we get a characterization of the lifting property for an open and dense subgroup of the isotopy component of the identity. The ... More
Diagnostic of electron temperature from bremsstrahlung in overdense targetsJan 19 2018Models for characterization of laser-accelerated electron via its produced bremsstrahlung are provided for both thin and thick targets. An effective temperature functional is proposed to overcome the so-called cold and hot "temperatures" in the emission ... More
Plane branches with Newton nondegenerate polarsJan 27 2016We characterize the equisingularity classes of irreducible plane curve germs whose general members have a Newton nondegenerate general polar curve. In addition, we give explicit Zariski open sets of curves in such equisingularity classes whose general ... More
Coding-theorem Like Behaviour and Emergence of the Universal Distribution from Resource-bounded Algorithmic ProbabilityNov 06 2017Apr 13 2018Previously referred to as `miraculous' in the scientific literature because of its powerful properties and its wide application as optimal solution to the problem of induction/inference, (approximations to) Algorithmic Probability (AP) and the associated ... More
Disjointly homogeneous Banach lattices and applicationsSep 04 2015This is a survey on disjointly homogeneous Banach lattices and their applicactions. Several structural properties of this class are analyzed. In addition we show how these spaces provide a natural framework for studying the compactness of powers of operators ... More
Tuning oxygen vacancy diffusion through strain in SrTiO$_3$ thin filmsJul 03 2018Understanding the diffusion of oxygen vacancies in oxides under different external stimuli is crucial for the design of ion-based electronic devices, improve catalytic performance, etc. In this manuscript, using an external electric field produced by ... More
The differential build-up factorSep 26 2018The build-factor is a magnitude which allows to correct the photon exponential attenuation model to obtain the real value of a certain dosimetric magnitude, like air exposure. Its main weaknesses are the dependences on the response function of such a ... More
Buryak-Okounkov formula for the n-point function and a new proof of the Witten conjectureFeb 08 2019Mar 14 2019We identify the formulas of Buryak and Okounkov for the n-point functions of the intersection numbers of psi-classes on the moduli spaces of curves. This allows us to combine the earlier known results and this one into a principally new proof of the famous ... More
Buryak-Okounkov formula for the n-point function and a new proof of the Witten conjectureFeb 08 2019We identify the formulas of Buryak and Okounkov for the n-point functions of the intersection numbers of psi-classes on the moduli spaces of curves. This allows us to combine the earlier known results and this one into a principally new proof of the famous ... More
Radio frequency performance projection and stability trade-off of h-BN encapsulated graphene field-effect transistorsMay 18 2018Mar 27 2019Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) encapsulation significantly improves carrier transport in graphene. This work investigates the benefit of implementing the encapsulation technique in graphene field-effect transistors (GFET) in terms of their radio frequency ... More
Interpolation and extrapolation of strictly singular operators between $L_p$ spacesJun 27 2017We study the interpolation and extrapolation properties of strictly singular operators between different $L_p$ spaces. To this end, the structure of strictly singular non-compact operators between $L_p-L_q$ spaces is analyzed. Among other things, we clarify ... More
A proof of the Trisecant Identity through the Fourier-Mukai transformNov 09 2010Using the technique of the Fourier-Mukai transform we give an explicit set of generators of the ideal defining an algebraic curve as a subscheme of its Jacobian. Essentially, these ideals are generated by the Fay's trisecant identities.
Chemistry in the dIrr galaxy Leo AAug 18 2018We present chemical abundance determinations of two H II regions in the dIrr galaxy Leo A, from GTC OSIRIS long-slit spectra. Both H II regions are of low excitation and seem to be ionised by stars later than O8V spectral type. In one of the H II regions ... More
Higgs decay into two photons from a 3HDM with flavor symmetryFeb 05 2013Jun 25 2013In this short letter we show that the excess of events in the decay of Higgs to two photons reported by ATLAS and CMS can be easily accommodated in a flavor renormalizable three Higgs doublet model (3HDM). The model is consistent with all fermion masses, ... More
Dynamics and eigenvalues in dimension zeroJul 20 2018Nov 21 2018Let $X$ be a compact, metric and totally disconnected space and let $f:X\to X$ be a continuos map. We relate the eigenvalues of $f_{*}:\check{H}_{0}(X;\mathbb{C})\to\check{H}_{0}(X;\mathbb{C})$ to dynamical properties of $f$, roughly showing that if the ... More
Rewriting and narrowing for constructor systems with call-time choice semanticsSep 12 2012Oct 10 2012Non-confluent and non-terminating constructor-based term rewrite systems are useful for the purpose of specification and programming. In particular, existing functional logic languages use such kind of rewrite systems to define possibly non-strict non-deterministic ... More
Infinite series in cohomology: attractors and Conley indexFeb 07 2018In this paper we study the cohomological Conley index of arbitrary isolated invariant continua for continuous maps $f \colon U \subseteq \mathbb{R}^d \to \mathbb{R}^d$ by analyzing the topological structure of their unstable manifold. We provide a simple ... More
Global product structure for a space of special matricesAug 23 2018The importance of the Hurwitz Metzler matrices and the Hurwitz symmetric matrices can be appreciated in different applications: communication networks, biology and economics are some of them. In this paper, we use an approach of differential topology ... More
Completing the optical spectroscopy of the $6p_{J}$ manifold: the $5p_{3/2}\rightarrow 6p_{1/2}$ electric dipole forbidden transition in atomic rubidiumSep 14 2018Dec 02 2018We present the first evidence of excitation of the $5p_{3/2} \rightarrow 6p_{1/2}$ electric dipole-forbidden transition in atomic rubidium. The experiments were carried out in a rubidium vapor cell using Doppler-free optical-optical double-resonance spectroscopy ... More
Influence of surface anisotropy on the hysteresis of magnetic nanoparticlesAug 31 2004We present the results of Monte Carlo simulations of the magnetic properties of individual spherical nanoparticles with the aim to explain the role played by surface anisotropy on their low temperature magnetization processes. Phase diagrams for the equilibrium ... More
Magnetic relaxation in a model of interacting nanoparticles in terms of microscopic energy barriersJul 07 2004Monte Carlo simulations are used to study the magnetic relaxation of a system of single domain particles with dipolar interactions modeled by a chain of Heisenberg classical spins. We show that the so-called $T\ln(t/\tau_0)$ method can be extended to ... More
Magnetic relaxation in terms of microscopic energy barriers in a model of dipolar interacting nanoparticlesNov 06 2003The magnetic relaxation and hysteresis of a system of single domain particles with dipolar interactions are studied by Monte Carlo simulations. We model the system by a chain of Heisenberg classical spins with randomly oriented easy-axis and log-normal ... More
$C^1$ stability of endomorphisms on two dimensional manifoldsDec 21 2017A set of necessary conditions for $C^1$ stability of noninvertible maps is presented. It is proved that the conditions are sufficient for $C^1$ stability in compact oriented manifolds of dimension two. An example given by F.Przytycki in 1977 is shown ... More
On quasi-Frobenius bimodules and coringsDec 21 2006It is proved here that any quasi-Frobenius bimodule produces a quasi-Frobenius comatrix coring
Shadowing Property for the free group acting in the circleJun 14 2019Aug 05 2019For the free group $F_2$ acting in $S^{1}$, we will prove that if the minimal set for the action is not a Cantor set, then the action does not have the shadowing property. We will also construct an example, whose minimal set is a Cantor set, that it has ... More
Exhaustion of the curve graph via rigid expansionsNov 23 2016For an orientable surface $S$ of finite topological type with genus $g \geq 3$, we construct a finite set of curves whose union of iterated rigid expansions is the curve graph of $S$. The set constructed, and the method of rigid expansion, are closely ... More
Monte Carlo simulation study of exchange biased hysteresis loops in nanoparticlesOct 27 2005We present the results of Monte Carlo simulations of the magnetic properties of a model for a single nanoparticle consisting in a ferromagnetic core surrounded by an antiferromagnetic shell. The simulations of hysteresis loops after cooling in a magnetic ... More
Influence of surface anisotropy on the magnetization reversal of nanoparticlesJul 07 2004The influence of surface anisotropy on the magnetization processes of maghemite nanoparticles with ellipsoidal shape is studied by means of Monte Carlo simulations. Radial surface anisotropy is found to favor the formation of hedgehog-like spin structures ... More
Role of surface disorder on the magnetic properties and hysteresis of nanoparticlesJul 23 2003We present the results of Monte Carlo simulations of a model of a single maghemite ferrimagnetic nanoparticle including radial surface anisotropy distinct from that in the core with the aim to clarify what is its role on the magnetization processes at ... More
Magnetic Field scaling of Relaxation curves in Small Particle SystemsJun 08 2001Jun 12 2001We study the effects of the magnetic field on the relaxation of the magnetization of small monodomain non-interacting particles with random orientations and distribution of anisotropy constants. Starting from a master equation, we build up an expression ... More
C0-Stability for actions implies shadowing propertyAug 14 2019We will construct an action $\Phi$, C0 and C1-stable and we will prove that every C0-stable action acting in a manifold of dimensions greater or equal to two, have the shadowing property.
Robust utility maximization for Lévy processes: Penalization and solvabilityJun 04 2012In this paper the robust utility maximization problem for a market model based on L\'evy processes is analyzed. The interplay between the form of the utility function and the penalization function required to have a well posed problem is studied, and ... More
Classification of empty lattice $4$-simplices of width larger than twoApr 24 2017Feb 14 2018A lattice $d$-simplex is the convex hull of $d+1$ affinely independent integer points in ${\mathbb R}^d$. It is called empty if it contains no lattice point apart of its $d+1$ vertices. The classification of empty $3$-simplices is known since 1964 (White), ... More
Lie algebroid foliations and ${\cal E}^1(M)$-Dirac structuresJun 11 2001We prove some general results about the relation between the 1-cocycles of an arbitrary Lie algebroid $A$ over $M$ and the leaves of the Lie algebroid foliation on $M$ associated with $A$. Using these results, we show that a ${\cal E}^1(M)$-Dirac structure ... More
Deriving sorting algorithms via abductive logic program transformationOct 04 2018Logic program transformation by the unfold/fold method ad- vocates the writing of correct logic programs via the application of some rules to a naive program. This work focuses on how to overcome subgoal- introduction difficulties in synthesizing efficient ... More
Characterization of the minimal penalty of a convex risk measure with applications to Levy processesMay 16 2012Jan 30 2014The minimality of the penalization function associated with a convex risk measure is analyzed in this paper. First, in a general static framework, we provide necessary and sufficient conditions for a penalty function defined in a convex and closed subset ... More
Convective regularization for optical flowMay 19 2015Oct 13 2015We argue that the time derivative in a fixed coordinate frame may not be the most appropriate measure of time regularity of an optical flow field. Instead, for a given velocity field $v$ we consider the convective acceleration $v_t + \nabla v v$ which ... More
Representations of the category of modules over pointed Hopf algebras over S_3 and S_4Jun 09 2010Oct 17 2011We classify exact indecomposable module categories over the representation category of all non-trivial Hopf algebras with coradical S_3 and S_4. As a byproduct, we compute all its Hopf-Galois extensions and we show that these Hopf algebras are cocycle ... More
Lebesgue-Type inequalities for quasi-greedy basesNov 02 2011Nov 16 2011We show that for quasi-greedy bases in real Banach spaces the error of the thresholding greedy algorithm of order N is bounded by the best N-term error of approximation times a constant which depends on the democracy functions and the quasi-greedy constant ... More
Pile-up corrections in laser-driven pulsed x-ray sourcesNov 22 2016May 31 2018A formalism for treating the pile-up produced in solid-state detectors by laser-driven pulsed x-ray sources has been developed. It allows the direct use of x-ray spectroscopy without artificially decreasing the number of counts in the detector, assuming ... More
Influence of dimension on the convergence of level-sets in total variation regularizationNov 29 2018Apr 26 2019We extend some recent results on the Hausdorff convergence of level-sets for total variation regularized linear inverse problems. Dimensions higher than two and measurements in Banach spaces are considered. We investigate the relation between the dimension ... More
Tomlinson model improved with no ad-hoc dissipationAug 11 2017Oct 30 2018The origin of friction force is a very old problem in physics, which goes back to Leonardo da Vinci or even older times. Extremely important from a practical point of view, but with no satisfactory explanation yet. Many models have been used to study ... More
Smooth Lie group actions are parametrized diffeological subgroupsDec 01 2010We show that every effective smooth action of a Lie group G on a manifold M is a diffeomorphism from G onto its image in Diff(M), where the image is equipped with the subset diffeology of the functional diffeology.
Generalized Lie bialgebras and Jacobi structures on Lie groupsFeb 21 2001We study generalized Lie bialgebroids over a single point, that is, generalized Lie bialgebras. Lie bialgebras are examples of generalized Lie bialgebras. Moreover, we prove that the last ones can be considered as the infinitesimal invariants of Lie groups ... More
Long time evolutionary dynamics of phenotypically structured populations in time periodic environmentsMar 09 2018Jan 07 2019We study the long time behavior of a parabolic Lotka-Volterra type equation considering a time-periodic growth rate with non-local competition. Such equation describes the dynamics of a phenotypically struc-tured population under the effect of mutations ... More
Primary Spaces, Mackey's Obstruction, and the Generalized Barycentric DecompositionMar 26 2012Nov 07 2013We call a hamiltonian N-space \emph{primary} if its moment map is onto a single coadjoint orbit. The question has long been open whether such spaces always split as (homogeneous) x (trivial), as an analogy with representation theory might suggest. For ... More
Epireflections in topological algebraic structuresApr 04 2017Nov 20 2018Let $\sR$ be an epireflective category of $\topo$ and let $F_\sR$\, be the epireflective functor associated with $\sR$. If $\sA$ denotes a (semi)topological algebraic subcategory of $\topo$, we study when $F_\sR\,(A)$ is an epireflective subcategory of ... More
Spectral methods for bivariate Markov processes with diffusion and discrete components and a variant of the Wright-Fisher modelJul 19 2011The aim of this paper is to study differential and spectral properties of the infinitesimal operator of two dimensional Markov processes with diffusion and discrete components. The infinitesimal operator is now a second-order differential operator with ... More
Pile-up corrections in laser-driven pulsed x-ray sourcesNov 22 2016A formalism for treating the pile-up produced in laser-driven pulsed x-ray sources has been developed. It allows the direct use of x-ray spectroscopy without artificially decreasing the number of counts in the detector. The influence of the pile-up on ... More
Helium ordered trapping in arsenolite under compression: Synthesis of He2As4O6Feb 15 2015The compression of arsenolite (cubic As2O3) has been studied from a joint experimental and theoretical point of view. Experimental X-ray diffraction and Raman scattering measurements of this molecular solid at high pressures with different pressure-transmitting ... More
Pbca-type In2O3: the lost pressure-induced post-corundum phaseNov 26 2013Contradictory results of high-pressure studies in cubic bixbyite-type indium oxide (c-In2O3) at room temperature (RT) have motivated us to perform high-pressure powder x-ray diffraction and Raman scattering measurements in this material. On increasing ... More
Smear correction of highly-variable, frame-transfer-CCD images with application to polarimetryJun 11 2015Image smear, produced by the shutter-less operation of frame transfer CCD detectors, can be detrimental for many imaging applications. Existing algorithms used to numerically remove smear, do not contemplate cases where intensity levels change considerably ... More
On the Gauss curvature of compact surfaces in homogeneous 3-manifoldsMar 10 2009Compact flat surfaces of homogeneous Riemannian 3-manifolds with isometry group of dimension 4 are classified. Non-existence results for compact constant Gauss curvature surfaces in these 3-manifolds are established.
The maximum diameter of pure simplicial complexes and pseudo-manifoldsMar 20 2016We construct $d$-dimensional pure simplicial complexes and pseudo-manifolds (without boundary) with $n$ vertices whose combinatorial diameter grows as $c_d n^{d-1}$ for a constant $c_d$ depending only on $d$, which is the maximum possible growth. Moreover, ... More
Orbifolds as diffeologiesJan 06 2005Apr 15 2010We consider orbifolds as diffeological spaces. This gives rise to a natural notion of differentiable maps between orbifolds, making them into a subcategory of diffeology. We prove that the diffeological approach to orbifolds is equivalent to Satake's ... More
Shape Aware Matching of Implicit Surfaces based on Thin Shell EnergiesSep 22 2015Feb 21 2017A shape sensitive, variational approach for the matching of surfaces considered as thin elastic shells is investigated. The elasticity functional to be minimized takes into account two different types of nonlinear energies: a membrane energy measuring ... More
Isomorphisms between curve graphs of infinite-type surfaces are geometricJun 12 2017Let $\phi:\mathcal{C}(S)\to\mathcal{C}(S')$ be a simplicial isomorphism between the curve graphs of two infinite-type surfaces. In this paper we show that in this situation $S$ and $S'$ are homeomorphic and $\phi$ is induced by a homeomorphism $h:S\to ... More
Normalization factors for magnetic relaxation of small particle systems in non-zero magnetic fieldApr 04 1997Apr 22 1997We critically discuss relaxation experiments in magnetic systems that can be characterized in terms of an energy barrier distribution, showing that proper normalization of the relaxation data is needed whenever curves corresponding to different temperatures ... More
The spectral matrices associated with the stochastic Darboux transformations of random walks on the integersJul 12 2019We consider UL and LU stochastic factorizations of the transition probability matrix of a random walk on the integers, which is a doubly infinite tridiagonal stochastic Jacobi matrix. We give conditions on the free parameter of both factorizations in ... More
On the probabilistic approach to the solution of generalized fractional differential equations of Caputo and Riemann-Liouville typeSep 14 2015Dec 03 2015This paper provides a probabilistic approach to solve linear equations involving Caputo and Riemann-Liouville type derivatives. Using the probabilistic interpretation of these operators as the generators of interrupted Feller processes, we obtain well-posedness ... More
$\mathfrak{c}$-many types of a $Ψ$-spaceMay 31 2018We show that for any cardinal $\omega<\kappa \leq \mathfrak{c}$ with $cf(\kappa) > \omega$, there are $\mathfrak{c}$ many AD families whose $\Psi$-spaces are pairwise non-homeomorphic and they can be Luzin families or branch families of $2^\omega$.
Automorphism groups of simplicial complexes of infinite type surfacesFeb 13 2014Let S be any orientable surface of infinite genus with a finite number of boundary components. In this work we consider the curve complex C(S), the nonseparating curve complex N(S) and the Schmutz graph G(S) of S. When all the topological ends of S carry ... More
Astronomy at school: present situation and future perspectivesJul 02 2008Both the basic educational contents for students and study programs for science teachers include several topics in physics and astronomy, from the simplest ones to others as advanced as nuclear fusion to explain stellar evolution and space-time geometry ... More
Shape optimisation with nearly conformal transformationsOct 17 2017Oct 19 2017In shape optimisation it is desirable to obtain deformations of a given mesh without negative impact on the mesh quality. We propose a new algorithm using least square formulations of the Cauchy-Riemann equations. Our method allows to deform meshes in ... More
Critical yield numbers and limiting yield surfaces of particle arrays settling in a Bingham fluidFeb 21 2018Oct 09 2018We consider the flow of multiple particles in a Bingham fluid in an anti-plane shear flow configuration. The limiting situation in which the internal and applied forces balance and the fluid and particles stop flowing, that is, when the flow settles, ... More
Spectra of symmetric powers of graphs and the Weisfeiler-Lehman refinementsJan 15 2008The k-th power of a n-vertex graph X is the iterated cartesian product of X with itself. The k-th symmetric power of X is the quotient graph of certain subgraph of its k-th power by the natural action of the symmetric group. It is natural to ask if the ... More
Scalable Gaussian Process Classification via Expectation PropagationJul 16 2015Variational methods have been recently considered for scaling the training process of Gaussian process classifiers to large datasets. As an alternative, we describe here how to train these classifiers efficiently using expectation propagation. The proposed ... More
On the solution of two-sided fractional ordinary differential equations of Caputo typeJan 18 2017This paper provides well-posedness results and stochastic representations for the solutions to equations involving both the right- and the left-sided generalized operators of Caputo type. As a special case, these results show the interplay between two-sided ... More
The conjugation method in symplectic dynamicsMay 30 2016We prove the existence of minimal symplectomorphisms and strictly ergodic contactomorphisms on manifolds which admit a locally free $\mathbb{S}^1$--action by symplectomorphisms and contactomorphisms, respectively. The proof adapts the conjugation method, ... More
Survey on Feature SelectionOct 10 2015Feature selection plays an important role in the data mining process. It is needed to deal with the excessive number of features, which can become a computational burden on the learning algorithms. It is also necessary, even when computational resources ... More
A framework for fake review detection in online consumer electronics retailersMar 29 2019The impact of online reviews on businesses has grown significantly during last years, being crucial to determine business success in a wide array of sectors, ranging from restaurants, hotels to e-commerce. Unfortunately, some users use unethical means ... More
A note on convergence of solutions of total variation regularized linear inverse problemsNov 17 2017Mar 26 2018In a recent paper by A. Chambolle et al. [Geometric properties of solutions to the total variation denoising problem. Inverse Problems 33, 2017] it was proven that if the subgradient of the total variation at the noise free data is not empty, the level-sets ... More
Integrability of Poisson-Lie group actionsFeb 20 2009Sep 12 2009We establish a 1:1 correspondence between Poisson-Lie group actions on integrable Poisson manifolds and twisted multiplicative hamiltonian actions on source 1-connected symplectic groupoids. For an action of a Poisson-Lie group $G$ on a Poisson manifold ... More
On hypersurfaces of $\mathbb{S}^2\times\mathbb{S}^2$Jun 24 2016We classify the homogeneous and isoparametric hypersurfaces of $\mathbb{S}^2\times\mathbb{S}^2$. In the classification, besides the hypersurfaces $\mathbb{S}^1(r)\times\mathbb{S}^2,\,r\in (0,1]$, it appears a family of hypersurfaces with three different ... More
The Cauchy problem for indefinite improper affine spheres and their Hessian equationFeb 22 2013Apr 11 2013We give a conformal representation for indefinite improper affine spheres which solve the Cauchy problem for their Hessian equation. As consequences, we can characterize their geodesics and obtain a generalized symmetry principle. Then, we classify the ... More
Embedding a pair of graphs in a surface, and the width of 4-dimensional prismatoidsFeb 13 2011Apr 15 2011A prismatoid is a polytope with all its vertices contained in two parallel facets, called its bases. Its width is the number of steps needed to go from one base to the other in the dual graph. The author recently showed in arXiv:1006.2814 that the existence ... More
The Cayley trick and triangulations of products of simplicesDec 02 2003Apr 08 2004We use the Cayley Trick to study polyhedral subdivisions of the product of two simplices. For arbitrary (fixed) $l$, we show that the numbers of regular and non-regular triangulations of $\Delta^l\times\Delta^k$ grow, respectively, as $k^{\Theta(k)}$ ... More
Finite size scaling analysis of a nonequilibrium phase transition in the naming game modelSep 09 2016We realize an extensive numerical study of the Naming Game model with a noise term which accounts for perturbations. This model displays a non-equilibrium phase transition between an absorbing ordered consensus state, which occurs for small noise, and ... More
On the locus formed by the maximum heights of projectile motion with air resistanceJan 04 2010Mar 20 2010We present an analysis on the geometrical place formed by the set of maxima of the trajectories of a projectile launched in a media with linear drag. Such a place, the locus of apexes, is written in term of the Lambert $W$ function in polar coordinates, ... More
Nonstandard quasi-monotonicity: an application to the wave existence in a neutral KPP-Fisher equationJan 28 2019We revisit Wu and Zou non-standard quasi-monotonicity approach for proving existence of monotone wavefronts in monostable reaction-diffusion equations with delays. This allows to solve the problem of existence of monotone wavefronts in a neutral KPP-Fisher ... More
Remote Filters and Discretely Generated SpacesDec 05 2013Dec 10 2015Alas, Junqueira and Wilson asked whether there is a discretely generated locally compact space whose one point compactification is not discretely generated and gave a consistent example using CH. Their construction uses a remote filter in $\omega\times{}^{\omega}2$ ... More
Sobre un contraejemplo a la conjetura de HirschJul 19 2010This is an expository paper (in Spanish) describing the origin and history of the Hirsch Conjecture about the maximum diameter of graphs of polytopes, and the ideas that led to the counter-example to it recently announced by the author in arxiv:1006.2814 ... More
A counterexample to the Hirsch conjectureJun 14 2010Nov 08 2011The Hirsch Conjecture (1957) stated that the graph of a $d$-dimensional polytope with $n$ facets cannot have (combinatorial) diameter greater than $n-d$. That is, that any two vertices of the polytope can be connected by a path of at most $n-d$ edges. ... More
The Hochschild cohomology of the enveloping algebra of a Lie-Rinehart pairOct 05 2018Let $(S,L)$ be a Lie-Rinehart pair such that $L$ is $S$-projective and let $U$ be its universal enveloping algebra. The purpose of this paper is to present a spectral sequence which converges to the Hochschild cohomology of $U$ and whose second page involves ... More
Finite-size scaling for the left-current correlator with non-degenerate quark massesJul 26 2007We study the volume dependence of the left-current correlator with non-degenerate quark masses to next-to-leading order in the chiral expansion. We consider three possible regimes: all quark masses are in the $\epsilon$-regime, all are in the $p$-regime ... More
A Multidimensional Gauss MapFeb 05 2017The classical Gauss Map is a piecewise continuous map from the unit interval to itself. From this map we retrieve the continued fraction expansion of irrational numbers and its dynamical properties give information about some arithmetic and algebraic ... More
A Whitney map onto the Long ArcDec 05 2013Feb 12 2014In a recent paper, Garc\'{\i}a-Velazquez has extended the notion of Whitney map to include maps with non-metrizable codomain and left open the question of whether there is a continuum that admits such a Whitney map. In this paper, we consider two examples ... More
Three-Point Vortex Dynamics as a Lie-Poisson SystemSep 19 2016Jan 25 2019This paper studies the reduced dynamics of the three-vortex problem from the point of view of Lie-Poisson reduction on the dual of the Lie algebra of $ U(2) $. The algebraic study leading to this point of view has been given by Borisov and Lebedev 1998 ... More
On the Dirac Monopole Mass ScaleMay 21 2013It is shown, by a semi-classical argument, that the Dirac charge quantization is still valid in the (classical) Born-Infeld electromagnetic theory. Then it is possible to calculate Dirac's monopole mass in the framework of this theory, which is not possible ... More
Rotationally invariant constant mean curvature surfaces in homogeneous 3-manifoldsNov 26 2009We classify constant mean curvature surfaces invariant by a 1-parameter group of isometries in the Berger spheres and in the special linear group Sl(2, R). In particular, all constant mean curvature spheres in those spaces are described explicitly, proving ... More
Critical region for an Ising model coupled to causal dynamical triangulationsFeb 13 2014Jun 12 2015This paper extends results obtained by [15] for the annealed Ising model coupled to two-dimensional causal dynamical triangulations. We employ the Fortuin-Kasteleyn (FK) representation in order to determine a region in the quadrant of parameters $\beta,\mu>0$ ... More
A quadrupolar generalization of the Erez-Rosen coordinatesMay 24 2019The MSA system of coordinates [1] for the M Q-solution [2] is proved to be the unique solution of certain partial differential equation with boundary and asymptotic conditions. Such a differential equation is derived from the orthogonality condition between ... More
Some acyclic systems of permutations are not realizable by triangulations of a product of simplicesJan 02 2012Jan 05 2012The acyclic system conjecture of Ardila and Ceballos can be interpreted as saying the following: "Every triangulation of the 3-skeleton of a product of two simplices can be extended to a triangulation of the whole product". We show a counter-example to ... More
Geometric bistellar flips. The setting, the context and a constructionJan 30 2006We give a self-contained introduction to the theory of secondary polytopes and geometric bistellar flips in triangulations of polytopes and point sets, as well as a review of some of the known results and connections to algebraic geometry, topological ... More
Measurement in control and discrimination of entangled pairs under self-distortionMay 19 2010Quantum correlations and entanglement are fundamental resources for quantum information and quantum communication processes. Developments in these fields normally assume these resources stable and not susceptible of distortion. That is not always the ... More
Entanglement and control operations in Ising interactions of bipartite qubitsSep 29 2008Entanglement generated by Ising model has been studied for several authors in order to understand the relation between it and magnetic properties of materials, principally using one or two dimensional models for two or more particles. In this work, Ising ... More
Modeling emergence of norms in multi-agent systems by applying tipping points ideasAug 19 2015Norms are known to be a major factor determining humans behavior. It's also shown that norms can be quite effective tool for building agent-based societies. Various normative architectures have been proposed for designing normative multi-agent systems ... More
Compact minimal surfaces in the Berger spheresJul 07 2010We construct compact arbitrary Euler characteristic orientable and non-orientable minimal surfaces in the Berger spheres. Besides we show an interesting family of surfaces that are minimal in every Berger sphere, characterizing them by this property. ... More
Countable Dense Homogeneity and the Double Arrow SpaceSep 18 2018Let $\mathbb{A}$ denote the Alexandroff-Urysohn double arrow space. We prove the following results: (a) $\mathbb{A}\times{}^\omega{2}$ is not countable dense homogeneous; (b) ${}^{\omega}{\mathbb{A}}$ is not countable dense homogeneous; (c) $\mathbb{A}$ ... More
Delta-epsilon functions and uniform continuity on metric spacesOct 09 2017Under certain general conditions, an explicit formula to compute the greatest delta-epsilon function of a continuous function is given. From this formula, a new way to analyze the uniform continuity of a continuous function is given. Several examples ... More