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Ohmic contact engineering in few-layer black Phosphorus field effect transistorsMay 14 2019Achieving good quality Ohmic contacts to van der Waals materials is a challenge, since at the interface between metal and van der Waals material, different conditions can occur, ranging from the presence of a large energy barrier between the two materials ... More
Hybrid 2D Black Phosphorus/Polymer Materials: New Platforms for Device FabricationFeb 04 2018Hybrid materials, containing a 2D filler embedded in a polymeric matrix, are an interesting platform for several applications, because of the variety of properties that the filler can impart to the polymer matrix when dispersed at the nanoscale. Moreover, ... More
Decoration of exfoliated black phosphorus with nickel nanoparticles and application in catalysisSep 16 2016Aug 28 2017Nickel nanoparticles were dispersed on the surface of exfoliated black phosphorus and the resulting nanohybrid Ni/2DBP showed an improved stability respect to pristine 2D BP when kept in ambient conditions in the darkness. Ni/2DBP was applied as catalyst ... More
Noncovalent functionalization of few-layer black phosphorus with metal nanoparticles and its application in catalysisSep 16 2016Transition metal nanoparticles of Ni, Pd, Ru and Au, each of them stabilized by a suitable capping agent, were dispersed on the surface of few-layer black phosphorus (2D BP) achieving new nanocomposite 2D materials. Ni nanoparticles supported on 2D BP ... More
Enhanced ambient stability of exfoliated black phosphorus by passivation with nickel nanoparticlesAug 01 2019Since its discovery, the environmental instability of exfoliated black phosphorus (2D bP) has emerged as a challenge that hampers its wide application in chemistry, physics, and materials science. Many studies have been carried out to overcome this drawback. ... More
Polymer-based black phosphorus (bP) hybrid materials by in situ radical polymerization: an effective tool to exfoliate bP and stabilize bP nanoflakesApr 11 2018Black phosphorus (bP) has been recently investigated for next generation nanoelectronic multifunctional devices. However, the intrinsic instability of exfoliated bP (the bP nanoflakes) towards both moisture and air has so far overshadowed its practical ... More
Nanopatterning process based on epitaxial masking for the fabrication of electronic and spintronic devices made of La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures with in situ interfacesFeb 12 2016The fabrication of oxide electronics devices is presently hindered by the lack of standardized and well established patterning procedures, applicable down to the nanoscale. In this work, the authors propose a procedure to obtain patterns with resolution ... More
General covariant transition amplitudes in quantum cosmologyOct 13 2011The path-integral approach to cosmology consists in the computation of transition amplitudes between states of the quantum geometry of the universe. In the past, the concrete computation of these transitions amplitudes has been performed in a perturbative ... More
Spinfoam Cosmology: quantum cosmology from the full theoryNov 21 2010Quantum cosmology is usually studied quantizing symmetry-reduced variables. Is it possible, instead, to define quantum cosmology starting from the full quantum gravity theory? In Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG), it is possible to cut the degrees of freedom ... More
Quintessence, Supersymmetry and InflationAug 31 1999Recent data point in the direction of a $\Lambda$ dominated universe. We briefly review ``Quintessence'' as a model for a dynamical cosmological term and analyse the role of Susy QCD as a possible particle physics candidate. The multiscalar content of ... More
Balanced electron-hole transport in spin-orbit semimetal SrIrO3 heterostructuresNov 14 2017Feb 16 2018Relating the band structure of correlated semimetals to their transport properties is a complex and often open issue. The partial occupation of numerous electron and hole bands can result in properties that are seemingly in contrast with one another, ... More
Dark Energy and the Dark Matter relic abundanceSep 22 2004Two mechanisms by which the Quintessence scalar could enhance the relic abundance of dark matter particles are discussed. This effect can have an impact on supersymmetric candidates for dark matter.
Can the Inflaton and the Quintessence scalar be the same field?Feb 08 2000The most recent cosmological data point in the direction of a cosmological constant dominated universe. A suitable candidate for providing the required acceleration is a rolling scalar field named ``quintessence''. We address the issue of building a particle ... More
Some necessary and some sufficient conditions for the compactness of the embedding of weighted Sobolev spacesJan 30 2003We give some necessary conditions and sufficient conditions for the compactness of the embedding of Sobolev spaces $W^{1,p}(\Omega,w) \to L^p(\Omega,w),$ where $w$ is some weight on a domain $\Omega \subset \Real^n$.
Scattering theory for p-forms on hyperbolic real spaceJan 25 2001Due to spectral obstructions, a scattering theory in the Lax-Phillips sense for the wave equation for differential p-forms on H^{n+1} cannot be developed. As a consequence, Huygens' principle for the wave equation in this context does not hold. If we ... More
Projective geometry from Poisson algebrasDec 08 2009Dec 09 2010In analogy with the Poisson algebra of the quadratic forms on the symplectic plane, and the notion of duality in the projective plane introduced by Arnold in \cite{Arn}, where the concurrence of the triangle altitudes is deduced from the Jacobi identity, ... More
An application of scattering theory to the spectrum of the Laplace-Beltrami operatorJan 10 2003Applying a theorem due to Belopol'ski and Birman, we show that the Laplace-Beltrami operator on 1-forms on ${\bf R}^n$ endowed with an asymptotically Euclidean metric has absolutely continuous spectrum equal to $[0, +\infty)$.
Many-nodes/many-links spinfoam: the homogeneous and isotropic caseJul 13 2011Oct 13 2011I compute the Lorentzian EPRL/FK/KKL spinfoam vertex amplitude for regular graphs, with an arbitrary number of links and nodes, and coherent states peaked on a homogeneous and isotropic geometry. This form of the amplitude can be applied for example to ... More
Quintessence and the dark matter abundanceSep 11 2003Results of a recent study on how the Quintessence scalar could affect the relic abundance of dark matter particles are presented.
Symmetries of quadratic forms classes and of quadratic surds continued fractions. Part I: A Poincaré model for the de Sitter worldAug 11 2007Mar 27 2008The problem of the classification of the indefinite binary quadratic forms with integer coefficients is solved introducing a special partition of the de Sitter world, where the coefficients of the forms lie, into separate domains. Every class of indefinite ... More
Rational tangles and the modular groupAug 15 2009There is a natural way to associate with a transformation of an isotopy class of rational tangles to another, an element of the modular group. The correspondence between the isotopy classes of rational tangles and rational numbers follows, as well as ... More
On the spectrum of the Laplace-Beltrami operator for p-forms on asymptotically hyperbolic manifoldsNov 07 2003Under suitable conditions on the asymptotic decay of the metric, we compute the essential spectrum of the Laplace-Beltrami operator acting on $p$-forms on asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds.
Bell-shaped nonstationary refinable rippletsJan 15 2015We study the approximation properties of the class of nonstationary refinable ripplets introduced in \cite{GP08}. These functions are solution of an infinite set of nonstationary refinable equations and are defined through sequences of scaling masks that ... More
A Perspective on Recent Advances in Phosphorene Functionalization and its Application in DevicesMar 28 2019Phosphorene, the 2D material derived from black phosphorus, has recently attracted a lot of interest for its properties, suitable for applications in material science. In particular, the physical features and the prominent chemical reactivity on its surface ... More
Supersymmetric QuintessenceJun 18 1999Recent data point in the direction of a cosmological constant dominated universe. We investigate the role of supersymmetric QCD with N_f < N_c as a possible candidate for dynamical cosmological constant (``quintessence''). We take in full consideration ... More
Resolutions of ideals associated to subspace arrangementsOct 27 2018Mar 12 2019Given a collection of $t$ subspaces in an $n$-dimensional $\mathbb{K} $-vector space $W$ we can associate to them $t$ vanishing ideals in the symmetric algebra $\mathcal{S}(W^*) = \mathbb{K}[x_1,x_2,\dots,x_n]$. As a subspace is defined by a set of linear ... More
Theta functions on the moduli space of parabolic bundlesFeb 18 2003Let X be a smooth projective connected curve of genus $g \ge 2$ and let I be a finite set of points of X. Fix a parabolic structure on I for rank r vector bundles on X. Let $M^{par}$ denote the moduli space of parabolic semistable bundles and let $L^{par}$ ... More
Cesaro averages of Euler-like functionsJun 08 2008By Euler-like function we mean a function defined on the positive integers and associating to $n$ the product, over all primes $p$ dividing $n$, of 1 plus (or minus) the inverse of $p$ to the power $s$. We calculate the limit of the Cesaro mean of these ... More
Gysin exact sequences for quantum weighted lens spacesOct 04 2016We describe quantum weighted lens spaces as total spaces of quantum principal circle bundles, using a Cuntz-Pimsner model. The corresponding Pimsner exact sequence is interpreted as a noncommutative analogue of the Gysin exact sequence. We use the sequence ... More
Lifetime measurements in $b$-hadron decays at LHCbNov 16 2014Precision lifetime measurements of $b$-flavoured hadrons are an important test of the validity of the theoretical tool used to determine $b$-hadrons observables, the Heavy Quark Expansion. Recent measurements of the $B^+$, $\Lambda^0_b$, $\Xi^-_b$, $\Xi^0_b$ ... More
Macroscopic limit of a bipartite Curie-Weiss model: a dynamical approachJun 16 2014Aug 25 2014We analyze the Glauber dynamics for a bi-populated Curie-Weiss model. We obtain the limiting behavior of the empirical averages in the limit of infinitely many particles. We then characterize the phase space of the model in absence of magnetic field and ... More
$\mathbf{\textit{CP}}$ Violation In The $\boldsymbol{B^0_{(s)}}$ System At LHCbMay 15 2014The study of $C\!P$ violation in decays of neutral $B$ mesons provides an important test of the Standard Model (SM) predictions and it is a sensitive probe to search for non-SM physics. In these proceedings I present measurements of $C\!P$ violation in ... More
Quadratic Chabauty for (bi)elliptic curves and Kim's conjectureApr 09 2019We explore a number of problems related to the quadratic Chabauty method for determining integral points on hyperbolic curves. We remove the assumption of semistability in the description of the quadratic Chabauty sets $\mathcal{X}(\mathbb{Z}_p)_2$ containing ... More
Can three-neutron forces be constrained by empirical information on the neutron skin of 48Ca and 208Pb?Jun 12 2016We calculate the neutron matter equation of state from two-neutron forces up to fifth order of the chiral expansion and investigate the order-by-order convergence of the predictions. Based on these equations of state, we derive the binding energies and ... More
Supergravity models of Quintessence and Supersymmetry breakingDec 15 2000The issue of Supersymmetry breaking in the context of Supergravity models of Quintessence is discussed.
Matricial formulae for partitionsJun 07 2008The exponential of the triangular matrix whose entries in the diagonal at distance $n$ from the principal diagonal are all equal to the sum of the inverse of the divisors of $n$ is the triangular matrix whose entries in the diagonal at distance $n$ from ... More
On the spectrum of the Laplace-Beltrami operator for $p$-forms for a class of warped product metricsNov 12 2003We explicitely compute the essential spectrum of the Laplace-Beltrami operator for $p$-forms for the class of warped product metrics $d\sigma^2= y^{2a}dy^2 + y^{2b}d\theta_{\partial M}^2$, where $y$ is a boundary defining function on a compact manifold ... More
Almost split morphisms in subcategories of triangulated categoriesOct 30 2017Sep 18 2018For a suitable triangulated category $\mathcal{T}$ with a Serre functor $S$ and a full precovering subcategory $\mathcal{C}$ closed under summands and extensions, an indecomposable object $C$ in $\mathcal{C}$ is called Ext-projective if Ext$^1(C,\mathcal{C})=0$. ... More
EUSO-TA fluorescence detectorJan 24 2017EUSO-TA is a pathfinder experiment for the space based JEM-EUSO mission for the detection of ultra-high energy cosmic rays. EUSO-TA is an high-resolution fluorescence telescope installed in front of the Black Rock Mesa fluorescence detectors of the Telescope ... More
Sphere systems, standard form, and cores of products of treesOct 26 2016We introduce the concept of a standard form for two embedded maximal sphere systems in the doubled handlebody, and we prove an existence and uniqueness result. In particular, we show that pairs of maximal sphere systems in the doubled handlebody (up to ... More
Grothendieck groups of triangulated categoriesDec 20 2018Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field and $\mathcal{C}$ a $k$-linear, Hom-finite triangulated category with split idempotents. In this paper, we show that under suitable circumstances, the Grothendieck group of $\mathcal{C}$, denoted $K_0(\mathcal{C})$, ... More
Resolutions of ideals associated to subspace arrangementsOct 27 2018Jun 24 2019Given a collection of $t$ subspaces in an $n$-dimensional $\mathbb{K} $-vector space $W$ we can associate to them $t$ vanishing ideals in the symmetric algebra $\mathcal{S}(W^*) = \mathbb{K}[x_1,x_2,\dots,x_n]$. As a subspace is defined by a set of linear ... More
Auslander-Reiten $(d+2)$-angles in subcategories and a $(d+2)$-angulated generalisation of a theorem by BrüningMar 19 2018Nov 15 2018Let $\Phi$ be a finite dimensional algebra over an algebraically closed field $k$ and assume gldim$\,\Phi\leq d$, for some fixed positive integer $d$. For $d=1$, Br\"uning proved that there is a bijection between the wide subcategories of the abelian ... More
Short-range correlations in isospin symmetric and asymmetric nuclear matter: a microscopic perspectiveSep 13 2014Dec 05 2014Short-range correlations in nuclear and neutron matter are examined through the properties of the correlated wave function obtained by solving the Bethe-Goldstone equation. Tensor correlations are explored through the dominant tensor-driven transition ... More
On Squares in Lucas SequencesSep 02 2013In this short paper, we prove, by only using elementary tools, general cases when $U_n(P,Q) \neq \square$, where $U_n(P,Q)$ is the Lucas sequence of the first type.
Symmetries of quadratic forms classes and of quadratic surds continued fractions. Part II: Classification of the periods' palindromesAug 15 2007Mar 27 2008The continue fractions of quadratic surds are periodic, according to a theorem by Lagrange. Their periods may have differing types of symmetries. This work relates these types of symmetries to the symmetries of the classes of the corresponding indefinite ... More
Stationary layered solutions for a system of Allen-Cahn type equationsNov 25 2012Dec 03 2012We consider a class of semilinear elliptic system of the form $-\Delta u(x,y)+\nabla W(u(x,y))=0,\quad (x,y)\in\R^{2}$ where $W:\R^{2}\to\R$ is a double well non negative symmetric potential. We show, via variational methods, that if the set of solutions ... More
Non-Classical Longitudinal Magneto-Resistance in Anisotropic Black PhosphorusAug 02 2018Dec 05 2018Resistivity measurements of a few-layer black phosphorus (bP) crystal in parallel magnetic fields up to 45 T are reported as a function of the angle between the in-plane field and the source-drain (S-D) axis of the device. The crystallographic directions ... More
The Evolution of 3He, 4He and D in the GalaxyApr 04 2000Apr 17 2000In this work we present the predictions of a modified version of the ``two-infall model'' (Chiappini et al. 1997) for the evolution of 3He, 4He and D in the solar vicinity, as well as their distributions along the Galactic disk. In particular, we show ... More
Directed Percolation and Generalized Friendly WalkersFeb 10 1999We show that the problem of directed percolation on an arbitrary lattice is equivalent to the problem of m directed random walkers with rather general attractive interactions, when suitably continued to m=0. In 1+1 dimensions, this is dual to a model ... More
A path-integral representation of the free one-flavour staggered-fermion determinantNov 22 2004Lattice fermion actions are constructed with path integrals which are equivalent to the free one-flavour staggered fermion determinant. The Dirac operators used are local and have an identical spectrum of states to the staggered theory. Operators obeying ... More
Intrinsically-generated fluctuating activity in excitatory-inhibitory networksMay 13 2016Recurrent networks of non-linear units display a variety of dynamical regimes depending on the structure of their synaptic connectivity. A particularly remarkable phenomenon is the appearance of strongly fluctuating, chaotic activity in networks of deterministic, ... More
Properties of ABA+ for Non-Monotonic ReasoningMar 29 2016We investigate properties of ABA+, a formalism that extends the well studied structured argumentation formalism Assumption-Based Argumentation (ABA) with a preference handling mechanism. In particular, we establish desirable properties that ABA+ semantics ... More
On the Construction of Quintessential Inflation ModelsAug 05 1999Oct 05 1999Attention has been recently drawn towards models in which inflation and quintessence schemes are unified. In such `quintessential inflation' models, a unique scalar field is required to play both the role of the inflaton and of the late-time dynamical ... More
Higher regularity of solutions to the singular $p$-Laplacean systemSep 10 2012Nov 20 2012This paper has been withdrawn by the authors due to a mistake in the proof of the chief result. In particular Theorem 1.3 is correct, while Theorem 1.1 and Theorem 1.2 hold with \mu>0 and a suitable restriction on the exponent p. The proof of the modified ... More
Integrally closed rings in birational extensions of two-dimensional regular local ringsNov 26 2012Let $D$ be an integrally closed local Noetherian domain of Krull dimension 2, and let $f$ be a nonzero element of $D$ such that $fD$ has prime radical. We consider when an integrally closed ring $H$ between $D$ and $D_f$ is determined locally by finitely ... More
The timescales of chemical enrichment in the GalaxyNov 14 2008The time-scales of chemical enrichment are fundamental to understand the evolution of abundances and abundance ratios in galaxies. In particular, the time-scales for the enrichment by SNe II and SNe Ia are crucial in interpreting the evolution of abundance ... More
Exotic singularities and spatially curved Loop Quantum CosmologyDec 06 2010We investigate the occurrence of various exotic spacelike singularities in the past and the future evolution of $k = \pm 1$ Friedmann-Robertson-Walker model and loop quantum cosmology using a sufficiently general phenomenological model for the equation ... More
Defining Relations of Noncommutative Trace Algebra of Two $3 \times 3$ MatricesJan 14 2005The noncommutative (or mixed) trace algebra $T_{nd}$ is generated by $d$ generic $n\times n$ matrices and by the algebra $C_{nd}$ generated by all traces of products of generic matrices, $n,d\geq 2$. It is known that over a field of characteristic 0 this ... More
An estimate for the entropy of Hamiltonian flowsFeb 28 2006In the paper we present a generalization to Hamiltonian flows on symplectic manifolds of the estimate proved by Ballmann and Wojtkovski in \cite{BaWoEnGeo} for the dynamical entropy of the geodesic flow on a compact Riemannian manifold of nonpositive ... More
Long-time dynamics of a coupled system of nonlinear wave and thermoelastic plate equationsJun 27 2008We prove the existence of a compact, finite dimensional, global attractor for a coupled PDE system comprising a nonlinearly damped semilinear wave equation and a nonlinear system of thermoelastic plate equations, without any mechanical (viscous or structural) ... More
Defining Relations of Minimal Degree of the Trace Algebra of $3 \times 3$ MatricesJan 22 2007The trace algebra C(n,d) over a field of characteristic 0 is generated by all traces of products of d generic nxn matrices, n,d>1. Minimal sets of generators of C(n,d) are known for n=2 and n=3 for any d as well as for n=4 and n=5 and d=2. The defining ... More
Regularity of boundary traces for a fluid-solid interaction modelDec 22 2009We consider a mathematical model for the interactions of an elastic body fully immersed in a viscous, incompressible fluid. The corresponding composite PDE system comprises a linearized Navier-Stokes system and a dynamic system of elasticity; the coupling ... More
Measurement of azimuthal asymmetries of the unpolarized cross section at HERMESJan 16 2009A multi-dimensional (x, y, z, P_{h\perp}) extraction of cos\phi_h and cos2\phi_h azimuthal asymmetries of unpolarized Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERMES is discussed. The use of data taken with hydrogen and deuterium targets and the separation ... More
Finite dimensional attractor for a composite system of wave/plate equations with localised dampingDec 30 2009Jan 27 2010The long-term behaviour of solutions to a model for acoustic-structure interactions is addressed; the system is comprised of coupled semilinear wave (3D) and plate equations with nonlinear damping and critical sources. The questions of interest are: existence ... More
Reflexivity in Derived CategoriesMay 17 2007May 20 2009An adjoint pair of contravariant functors between abelian categories can be extended to the adjoint pair of their derived functors in the associated derived categories. We describe the reflexive complexes and interpret the achieved results in terms of ... More
Two parameters bt-algebra and invariants for links and tied linksNov 08 2018Nov 20 2018We introduce a two-parameters bt-algebra which, by specialization, becomes the one-parameter bt-algebra, introduced by the authors, as well as another one-parameter presentation of it; the invariant for links and tied links, associated to this two-parameter ... More
An algebra involving braids and tiesSep 12 2017In this note we study a family of algebras with one parameter defined by generators and relations. The set of generators contains the generators of the usual braids algebra, and another set of generators which is interpreted as ties between consecutive ... More
Markov trace on the algebra of braids and tiesAug 25 2014Apr 24 2016We prove that the so-called t algebra of braids and ties supports a Markov trace. Further, by using this trace in the Jones' recipe, we define invariant polynomials for classical knots and singular knots. Our invariants have three parameters. The invariant ... More
Finiteness of rank invariants of multidimensional persistent homology groupsJan 03 2010Rank invariants are a parametrized version of Betti numbers of a space multi-filtered by a continuous vector-valued function. In this note we give a sufficient condition for their finiteness. This condition is sharp for spaces embeddable in R^n.
A Riemann solver at a junction compatible with a homogenization limitDec 20 2017We consider a junction regulated by a traffic lights, with n incoming roads and only one outgoing road. On each road the Phase Transition traffic model, proposed in [6], describes the evolution of car traffic. Such model is an extension of the classic ... More
Black Phosphorus/Palladium Nanohybrid: Unraveling the Nature of P-Pd Interaction and Application in Selective HydrogenationMar 06 2019The burgeoning interest in 2D black phosphorus (bP) contributes to expand its applications in countless fields. In the present study, 2D bP is used as a support for homogeneously dispersed palladium nanoparticles directly grown on it by a wet chemical ... More
Adaptive gravitational softening in GADGETJul 14 2011Cosmological simulations of structure formation follow the collisionless evolution of dark matter starting from a nearly homogeneous field at early times down to the highly clustered configuration at redshift zero. The density field is sampled by a number ... More
Building Rules on Top of Ontologies for the Semantic Web with Inductive Logic ProgrammingNov 12 2007Building rules on top of ontologies is the ultimate goal of the logical layer of the Semantic Web. To this aim an ad-hoc mark-up language for this layer is currently under discussion. It is intended to follow the tradition of hybrid knowledge representation ... More
Current status of Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock calculations in asymmetric nuclear matterJun 11 2008We review the current status of our microscopic calculations in asymmetric nuclear matter. Updated predictions of the equation of state are made available to potential users. We discuss the features of our EoS in relation to the predicted neutron star ... More
On the Minimal Messenger ModelFeb 11 1997We study the Minimal Messenger Model, a minimal version of Gauge Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking models. Boundary conditions equal to zero for trilinear and bilinear soft parameters at the messenger scale make this model free from the supersymmetric CP ... More
On the Yamabe equation with rough potentialsSep 11 2006We study the existence of non--trivial solutions to the Yamabe equation: $$-\Delta u+ a(x)= \mu u|u|^\frac4{n-2} \hbox{} \mu >0, x\in \Omega \subset {\mathbf R}^n \hbox{with} n\geq 4,$$ $$ u(x)=0 \hbox{on} \partial \Omega$$ under weak regularity assumptions ... More
On the spinfoam expansion in cosmologyNov 16 2009Feb 17 2010We consider the technique introduced in a recent work by Ashtekar, Campiglia and Henderson, which generate a spinfoam-like sum from a Hamiltonian theory. We study the possibility of using it for finding the generalized projector of a constraint on physical ... More
The effects of a Variable IMF on the Chemical Evolution of the GalaxyApr 03 2000In this work we explore the effects of adopting an initial mass function (IMF) variable in time on the chemical evolution of the Galaxy. In order to do that we adopt a chemical evolution model which assumes two main infall episodes for the formation of ... More
Kauffman type invariants for tied linksJul 17 2016Aug 24 2016We define two new invariants for tied links. One of them can be though as an extension of the Kauffman polynomial and the other one as an extension of the Jones polynomial which is constructed via a bracket polynomial for tied links. Also we propose a ... More
Conjugated donor-acceptor chromophores in solution: non-linearity at workNov 12 2001We propose a model that, accounting for the intrinsic non-linearity of the electronic system, is able to rationalize steady-state electronic and vibrational spectra of polar chromophores in solution, as well as time-resolved experiments.
Supramolecular interactions in clusters of polar and polarizable moleculesAug 27 2003We present a model for molecular materials made up of polar and polarizable molecular units. A simple two state model is adopted for each molecular site and only classical intermolecular interactions are accounted for, neglecting any intermolecular overlap. ... More
Time-resolved spectra of polar-polarizable chromophores in solutionFeb 21 2003A recently proposed model for steady-state spectra of polar-polarizable chromophores is extended to describe time-resolved spectra. The model, based on a two-state picture for the solute and on a continuum overdamped description for the (polar) solvent, ... More
Sum rules for higher twist sl(2)operators in N=4 SYMApr 23 2008The spectrum of anomalous dimensions of twist sl(2) operators in N=4 SYM has an intriguing feature in low twist 2 or 3. The anomalous dimension of the lowest state, dual a folded string on AdS_5 X S^5, can be computed by Bethe Ansatz at 3, 4 loops respectively ... More
On the orbital and internal evolution of cluster galaxiesSep 04 2012Galaxies inhabiting a cluster environment experience significant evolution in their orbital motions throughout time; this is accompanied by changes in the anisotropy parameter, measuring the relative importance of radial and tangential motions for a given ... More
An energy constrained method for the existence of layered type solutions of NLS equationsNov 28 2012We study the existence of positive solutions on $\R^{N+1}$ to semilinear elliptic equation $-\Delta u+u=f(u)$ where $N\geq 1$ and $f$ is modeled on the power case $f(u)=|u|^{p-1}u$. Denoting with $c$ the mountain pass level of $\f(u)=\tfrac 12\|u\|^{2}_{H^{1}(\R^{N})}-\int_{\R^{N}}F(u)\, ... More
Topological properties of cellular automata on treesAug 14 2012We prove that there do not exist positively expansive cellular automata defined on the full k-ary tree shift (for k>=2). Moreover, we investigate some topological properties of these automata and their relationships, namely permutivity, surjectivity, ... More
Graphon gamesJan 31 2018Jun 13 2018The study of strategic behavior in large scale networks via standard game theoretical methods is a challenging, if not intractable, task. In this paper, we propose a way to approximate games played over networks of increasing size, by using the graph ... More
Abstract Interpretation for Probabilistic Termination of Biological SystemsNov 26 2009In a previous paper the authors applied the Abstract Interpretation approach for approximating the probabilistic semantics of biological systems, modeled specifically using the Chemical Ground Form calculus. The methodology is based on the idea of representing ... More
Are dry mergers of Ellipticals the way to reconcile model predictions with the downsizing?May 06 2008To show that the bulk of the star formation and the galaxy assembly should occur simultaneously in order to reproduce at the same time the downsizing and the chemical properties of present-day massive spheroids within one effective radius.By means of ... More
A survey on the classical theory for Kolmogorov equationJul 11 2019We present a survey on the regularity theory for classic solutions to subelliptic degenerate Kolmogorov equations. In the last part of this note we present a detailed proof of a Harnack inequality and a strong maximum principle.
Free Completely Random MeasuresJul 20 2011Jan 05 2013In this paper a free analogous of completely random measure is introduced. Furthermore, a representation theorem is proved for free completely random measures that are free infinitely divisible.
T2K Results and Future PlansOct 24 2011We present the numu to nue appearance and the numu disappearance results, using a total of 1.43 x 10^{20} protons on target collected with the T2K experiment. T2K is long baseline neutrino experiment in Japan with detectors located at J-PARC, Tokai, and ... More
Nova nucleosynthesis and Galactic evolution of the CNO isotopesFeb 12 2003We study the role played both by novae and single stars in enriching the ISM of the Galaxy with CNO group nuclei, in the framework of a detailed successful model for the chemical evolution of both the Galactic halo and disc. Once all the nucleosynthesis ... More
New Q-ball Solutions in Gauge-Mediation, Affleck-Dine Baryogenesis and Gravitino Dark MatterNov 09 2011Nov 28 2012Affleck-Dine (AD) baryogenesis along a d=6 flat direction in gauge-mediated supersymmetry-breaking (GMSB) models can produce unstable Q-balls which naturally have field strength similar to the messenger scale. In this case a new kind of Q-ball is formed, ... More
Tied links and invariants for singular linksJul 26 2018Tied links and the tied braid monoid were introduced recently by the authors and used to define new invariants for classical links. Here, we give a version purely algebraic-combinatoric of tied links. With this new version we prove that the tied braid ... More
Exponential decay properties of a mathematical model for a certain fluid-structure interactionMar 25 2014In this work, we derive a result of exponential stability for a coupled system of partial differential equations (PDEs) which governs a certain fluid-structure interaction. In particular, a three-dimensional Stokes flow interacts across a boundary interface ... More
Spectral analysis and rational decay rates of strong solutions to a fluid-structure PDE systemDec 17 2013In this paper, we consider the problem of obtaining rational decay for a particular time-evolving fluid-structure model, the type of which has been considered in Chueshov and Ryzhkova (2013). In particular, this partial differential equation (PDE) system ... More
Global solutions for a chemotaxis hyperbolic-parabolic system on networks with nonhomogeneous boundary conditionsSep 12 2018In this paper we study a semilinear hyperbolic-parabolic system as a model for some chemotaxis phenomena evolving on networks; we consider transmission conditions at the inner nodes which preserve the fluxes and non- homogeneous boundary conditions having ... More
Gossip quantity and network structure can counterbalance errors in transmission and promote the evolution of cooperationJun 06 2016There are several mechanisms in human societies that help supporting cooperation. Gossiping, for instance, allows to identify defectors who can then be punished via ostracism. However, the evolutionary stability of gossip might be undermined by the fact ... More