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Occupancy fraction, fractional colouring, and triangle fractionDec 28 2018Given $\varepsilon>0$, there exists $f_0$ such that, if $f_0 \le f \le \Delta^2+1$, then for any graph $G$ on $n$ vertices of maximum degree $\Delta$ in which the neighbourhood of every vertex in $G$ spans at most $\Delta^2/f$ edges, (i) an independent ... More
Colouring powers and girthNov 27 2015Aug 08 2016Alon and Mohar (2002) posed the following problem: among all graphs $G$ of maximum degree at most $d$ and girth at least $g$, what is the largest possible value of $\chi(G^t)$, the chromatic number of the $t$th power of $G$? For $t\ge 3$, we provide several ... More
Distance colouring without one cycle lengthJan 26 2017We consider distance colourings in graphs of maximum degree at most $d$ and how excluding one fixed cycle length $\ell$ affects the number of colours required as $d\to\infty$. For vertex-colouring and $t\ge 1$, if any two distinct vertices connected by ... More
Strong cliques and forbidden cyclesMar 14 2019Given a graph $G$, the strong clique number $\omega_2'(G)$ of $G$ is the cardinality of a largest collection of edges every pair of which are incident or connected by an edge in $G$. We study the strong clique number of graphs missing some set of cycle ... More
Bipartite induced density in triangle-free graphsAug 07 2018Aug 17 2018Any triangle-free graph on $n$ vertices with minimum degree at least $d$ contains a bipartite induced subgraph of minimum degree at least $d^2/(2n)$. This is sharp up to a logarithmic factor in $n$. We also provide a related extremal result for the fractional ... More
Colouring triangle-free graphs with local list sizesDec 04 2018We prove two distinct and natural refinements of a recent breakthrough result of Molloy (and a follow-up work of Bernshteyn) on the (list) chromatic number of triangle-free graphs. In both our results, we permit the amount of colour made available to ... More
An Alternative Matting LaplacianMay 16 2016Cutting out and object and estimate its transparency mask is a key task in many applications. We take on the work on closed-form matting by Levin et al., that is used at the core of many matting techniques, and propose an alternative formulation that ... More
Eigenvalue varieties of Brunnian linksDec 10 2015In this article, it is proved that the eigenvalue variety of the exterior of a nontrivial, non-Hopf, Brunnian link in $\mathbb{S}^{3}$ contains a nontrivial component of maximal dimension. This generalises, for Brunnian links, the nontriviality of the ... More
A new family of posets generalizing the weak order on some Coxeter groupsAug 25 2015Oct 22 2015We construct a poset from a simple acyclic digraph together with a valuation on its vertices, and we compute the values of its M\"obius function. We show that the weak order on Coxeter groups of type A, B, affine A, and the flag weak order on the wreath ... More
Magneto-electric coupling in a two-dimensional ballistic Josephson junction with in-plane magnetic textureAug 20 2014We study a Josephson junction made with a spin-textured bridge, when both Rashba and Zeeman interactions combine to generate a magneto-electric coupling between the superconducting current and the in-plane magnetic texture in the normal region. In particular, ... More
Cyclic surfaces and Hitchin components in rank 2Jun 18 2014Jul 05 2016We prove that given a Hitchin representation in a real split rank 2 group $\mathsf G_0$, there exists a unique equivariant minimal surface in the corresponding symmetric space. As a corollary, we obtain a parametrization of the Hitchin components by a ... More
On the cohomology ring of narrow Lagrangian 3-manifolds, quantum Reidemeister torsion, and the Landau-Ginzburg superpotentialMar 17 2016Jul 18 2016Let $L$ be a closed, orientable, monotone Lagrangian 3-manifold of a symplectic manifold $(M, \omega)$, for which there exists a local system such that the corresponding Lagrangian quantum homology vanishes. We show that its cohomology ring satisfies ... More
Continuous inverse regressionSep 02 2014Jun 01 2015We provide new theoretical results in the field of inverse regression methods for dimension reduction. Our approach is based on the study of some empirical processes that lie close to a certain dimension reduction subspace, called the central subspace. ... More
Can LHC observe an anomaly in ttZ production?Apr 12 2013The cross section for production at the 7 TeV LHC has been measured. For the first time it therefore becomes possible to measure Z couplings to top quarks. Interpreting the notorious LEP1 anomaly on Z couplings to b quarks in terms of an extra-dimension ... More
Bifurcation currents in holomorphic families of rational mapsJul 03 2012The aim of these lectures is the study of bifurcations within holomorphic families of polynomials or rational maps by mean of ergodic and pluripotential theoretic tools.
Reduced Joule heating in nanowiresFeb 16 2011Feb 28 2011The temperature distribution in nanowires due to Joule heating is studied analytically using a continuum model and a Green's function approach. We show that the temperatures reached in nanowires can be much lower than that predicted by bulk models of ... More
Quantitative concentration inequalities on sample path space for mean field interactionNov 30 2005We consider a system of particles experiencing diffusion and mean field interaction, and study its behaviour when the number of particles goes to infinity. We derive non-asymptotic large deviation bounds measuring the concentration of the empirical measure ... More
Optimal coupling for mean field limitsSep 20 2010We review recent quantitative results on the approximation of mean field diffusion equations by large systems of interacting particles, obtained by optimal coupling methods. These results concern a larger range of models, more precise senses of convergence ... More
Asymptotic analysis of covariance parameter estimation for Gaussian processes in the misspecified caseDec 05 2014Nov 12 2015In parametric estimation of covariance function of Gaussian processes, it is often the case that the true covariance function does not belong to the parametric set used for estimation. This situation is called the misspecified case. In this case, it has ... More
Cross Validation and Maximum Likelihood estimations of hyper-parameters of Gaussian processes with model misspecificationJan 18 2013May 31 2013The Maximum Likelihood (ML) and Cross Validation (CV) methods for estimating covariance hyper-parameters are compared, in the context of Kriging with a misspecified covariance structure. A two-step approach is used. First, the case of the estimation of ... More
A non-trivial example of a free-by-free group with the Haagerup propertyAug 23 2010May 16 2011The aim of this note is to prove that the group of Formanek-Procesi acts properly isometrically on a finite dimensional CAT(0) cube complex. This gives a first example of a non-linear semidirect product between two non abelian free groups which satisfies ... More
Implementing the asymptotically fast version of the elliptic curve primality proving algorithmFeb 04 2005The elliptic curve primality proving (ECPP) algorithm is one of the current fastest practical algorithms for proving the primality of large numbers. Its running time cannot be proven rigorously, but heuristic arguments show that it should run in time ... More
Birational boundedness for holomorphic symplectic varieties, Zarhin's trick for $K3$ surfaces, and the Tate conjectureJul 02 2014Aug 24 2014We investigate boundedness results for families of holomorphic symplectic varieties up to birational equivalence. We prove the analogue of Zarhin's trick by for $K3$ surfaces by constructing big line bundles of low degree on certain moduli spaces of stable ... More
Progrès récents sur les fonctions normales (d'après Green-Griffiths, Brosnan-Pearlstein, M. Saito, Schnell...)Jan 30 2013Given a family of smooth complex projective varieties, the Hodge conjecture predicts the algebraicity of the locus of Hodge classes. This was proven unconditionnally by Cattani, Deligne and Kaplan in 1995. In a similar way, conjectures on algebraic cycles ... More
Quantum Reidemeister torsion, open Gromov-Witten invariants and a spectral sequence of OhMar 02 2015May 08 2015We adapt classical Reidemeister torsion to monotone Lagrangian submanifolds using the pearl complex of Biran and Cornea. The definition involves generic choices of data and we identify a class of Lagrangians for which this torsion is invariant and can ... More
On Zagier's conjecture for base extensions of elliptic curvesApr 02 2012Let E be an elliptic curve over Q, and let F be a finite abelian extension of Q. Using Beilinson's theorem on a suitable modular curve, we prove a weak version of Zagier's conjecture for L(E/F,2), where E/F is the base extension of E to F.
On the ramification of modular parametrizations at the cuspsJun 12 2012Jun 02 2015We investigate the ramification of modular parametrizations of elliptic curves over $\mathbf{Q}$ at the cusps. We prove that if the modular form associated to the elliptic curve has minimal level among its twists by Dirichlet characters, then the modular ... More
Relative Entropy and StatisticsAug 29 2008Apr 03 2010Formalising the confrontation of opinions (models) to observations (data) is the task of Inferential Statistics. Information Theory provides us with a basic functional, the relative entropy (or Kullback-Leibler divergence), an asymmetrical measure of ... More
Extrema of the dynamic pressure in a solitary waveDec 23 2016Jan 11 2017We study the dynamic pressure in an irrotational solitary wave propagating at the surface of water over a flat bed, under the influence of gravity. We consider the nonlinear regime, that is, the case of waves of moderate to large amplitude. We prove that, ... More
Quantum Reidemeister torsion, open Gromov-Witten invariants and a spectral sequence of OhMar 02 2015Jul 26 2017We adapt classical Reidemeister torsion to monotone Lagrangian submanifolds using the pearl complex of Biran and Cornea. The definition involves generic choices of data and we identify a class of Lagrangians for which this torsion is invariant and can ... More
The Mean-Field Limit for a Regularized Vlasov-Maxwell DynamicsNov 07 2011The present work establishes the mean-field limit of a N-particle system towards a regularized variant of the relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell system, following the work of Braun-Hepp [Comm. in Math. Phys. 56 (1977), 101-113] and Dobrushin [Func. Anal. Appl. ... More
On Lorentz spacetimes of constant curvatureJun 18 2015We describe in parallel the Lorentzian homogeneous spaces $G=\mathrm{PSL}(2,\mathbb{R})$ and $\mathfrak{g}=\mathfrak{psl}(2,\mathbb{R})$, and review some recent results relating the geometry of their quotients by discrete groups.
Linear drift and entropy for regular coversOct 08 2009We consider a regular Riemannian cover $\M$ of a compact Riemannian manifold. The linear drift $\ell$ and the Kaimanovich entropy $h$ are geometric invariants defined by asymptotic properties of the Brownian motion on $\M$. We show that $\ell^2 \leq h$. ... More
Steinberg representations for groups of parahoric types: the special caseFeb 17 2011In this paper, we define and study a kind of Steinberg representation for linear algebraic groups of a particular kind, called groups of parahoric type, defined overa finite field; in particular, when G is the group of F-points of a connected reductive ... More
Topological chaos: what may this mean ?May 02 2008We confront existing definitions of chaos with the state of the art in topological dynamics. The article does not propose any new definition of chaos but, starting from several topological properties that can be reasonably called chaotic, tries to sketch ... More
Eulerian graphs and local complementationJan 15 2007We define pure graphs, invertible graphs, and the notion of complementation of bicoloured graphs. The study of pure graphs is motivated by two conjectures about the transition systems of eulerian graphs and by the Cycle Double Cover Conjecture. We show ... More
Instability of an integrable nonlocal NLSDec 09 2016Jan 27 2017In this note we discuss the global dynamics of an integrable nonlocal NLS on $\mathbb{R}$, which has been the object of recent investigation by integrable systems methods. We prove two results which are in striking contrast with the case of the local ... More
Random walk driven by the simple exclusion processApr 16 2014Oct 30 2015We prove a strong law of large numbers and an annealed invariance principle for a random walk in a one-dimensional dynamic random environment evolving as the simple exclusion process with jump parameter $\gamma$. First, we establish that if the asymptotic ... More
A complete set of multidimensional Bell inequalitiesJul 12 2011Oct 24 2011We give a multidimensional generalisation of the complete set of Bell-correlation inequalities given by Werner and Wolf, and by Zukowski and Brukner, for the two-dimensional case. Our construction applies for the n parties, two-observables case, where ... More
Modular equations for some $η$-productsFeb 08 2011The classical modular equations involve bivariate polynomials that can be seen to be univariate with coefficients in the modular invariant $j$. Kiepert found modular equations relating some $\eta$-quotients and the Weber functions $\gamma_2$ and $\gamma_3$. ... More
Finite volumes and mixed Petrov-Galerkin finite elements : the unidimensional problemJan 04 2014For Laplace operator in one space dimension, we propose to formulate the heuristic finite volume method with the help of mixed Petrov-Galerkin finite elements. Weighting functions for gradient discretization are parameterized by some universal function. ... More
Nonlinear Interpolation and Total Variation Diminishing SchemesJun 20 2010The Van Leer approach for the approximation of nonlinear scalar conservation laws is studied in one space dimension. The problem can be reduced to a nonlinear interpolation and we propose a convexity property for the interpolated values. We prove that ... More
Simulation of strong nonlinear waves with vectorial lattice Boltzmann schemesJan 02 2014We show that an hyperbolic system with a mathematical entropy can be discretized with vectorial lattice Boltzmann schemes with the methodology of kinetic representation of the dual entropy. We test this approach for the shallow water equations in one ... More
Petrov-Galerkin Finite VolumesDec 08 2010For an elliptic problem with two space dimensions, we propose to formulate the finite volume method with the help of Petrov-Galerkin mixed finite elementsthat are based on the building of a dual Raviart-Thomas basis.
Dual Raviart-Thomas mixed finite elementsDec 08 2010For an elliptic problem with two space dimensions, we propose to formulate the finite volume method with the help of Petrov-Galerkin mixed finite elementsthat are based on the building of a dual Raviart-Thomas basis.
On reconstruction formulas for the ray transform acting on symmetric differentials on surfacesNov 24 2013Apr 16 2014The present article proposes a partial answer to the explicit inversion of the tensor tomography problem in two dimensions, by proving injectivity over certain kinds of tensors and providing reconstruction formulas for them. These tensors are symmetric ... More
Inversion of the attenuated geodesic X-ray transform over functions and vector fields on simple surfacesMar 24 2015Dec 30 2015We derive explicit reconstruction formulas for the attenuated geodesic X-ray transform over functions and, in the case of non-vanishing attenuation, vector fields, on a class of simple Riemannian surfaces with boundary. These formulas partly rely on new ... More
FoCaLiZe: Inside an F-IDEApr 26 2014For years, Integrated Development Environments have demonstrated their usefulness in order to ease the development of software. High-level security or safety systems require proofs of compliance to standards, based on analyses such as code review and, ... More
Regularity of the entropy for random walks on hyperbolic groupsOct 14 2011Oct 21 2013We consider nondegenerate, finitely supported random walks on a finitely generated Gromov hyperbolic group. We show that the entropy and the escape rate are Lipschitz functions of the probability if the support remains constant.
Parametric Galois ExtensionsOct 24 2013Sep 18 2014Given a field $k$ and a finite group $H$, {\it{an $H$-parametric extension over $k$}} is a finite Galois extension of $k(T)$ of Galois group containing $H$ which is regular over $k$ and has all the Galois extensions of $k$ of group $H$ among its specializations. ... More
Specialization results and ramification conditionsOct 08 2013Mar 15 2015Given a hilbertian field $k$ of characteristic zero and a finite Galois extension $E/k(T)$ with group $G$ such that $E/k$ is regular, we produce some specializations of $E/k(T)$ at points $t_0 \in \mathbb{P}^1(k)$ which have the same Galois group but ... More
Approche pédagogique sur l'innocuité des technologies de réseaux sans filNov 07 2007The wireless networks technologies are becoming more prevalent. As part of our courses, we have to deal with the technical aspects of these technologies. However, the experience of mobile telephony has shown fears that these products can lead to the general ... More
Spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen. How is the Rydberg constant determined?Sep 17 2008This article presents a review of the most recent theoretical and experimental results in hydrogen. We particularly emphasize the methods used to deduce the Rydberg constant $R_\infty$ and we consider the prospects for future improvements in the precision ... More
The Tate conjecture for K3 surfaces over finite fieldsJun 18 2012Jul 07 2012Artin's conjecture states that supersingular K3 surfaces over finite fields have Picard number 22. In this paper, we prove Artin's conjecture over fields of characteristic p>3. This implies Tate's conjecture for K3 surfaces over finite fields of characteristic ... More
Remarks on the Lefschetz standard conjecture and hyperkähler varietiesFeb 26 2010Jul 06 2010We study the Lefschetz standard conjecture on a smooth complex projective variety X. In degree 2, we reduce it to a local statement concerning deformations of vector bundles on X. When X is hyperk\"ahler, we show that the existence of nontrivial deformations ... More
Conjugate varieties with distinct real cohomology algebrasJun 25 2007Jul 15 2008Using constructions of Voisin, we exhibit a smooth projective variety defined over a number field k and two complex embeddings of k, such that the two complex manifolds induced by these embeddings have non isomorphic cohomology algebras with real coefficients. ... More
A coupling construction for spin systems with infinite range interactionsNov 06 2012Given a countable set of sites and a collection of flip rates at each site, we give a sufficient condition on the long-range dependancies of the flip rates ensuring the well-definedness of the corresponding spin system. This hypothesis has already been ... More
Robust Estimation through Schoenberg transformationsFeb 21 2011Schoenberg transformations, mapping Euclidean configurations into Euclidean configurations, define in turn a transformed inertia, whose minimization produces robust location estimates. The procedure only depends upon Euclidean distances between observations, ... More
A q-Analog of Foulke's conjectureFeb 25 2016Jul 01 2016We propose a $q$-analog of classical plethystic conjectures due to Foulkes. In our conjectures, a divided difference of plethysms of Hall-Littlewood polynomials $H_n(\mathbf{x};q)$ replaces the analogous difference of plethysms of complete homogeneous ... More
An inverse scattering problem for the Schrödinger equation in a semiclassical processDec 12 2005We study an inverse scattering problem for a pair of Hamiltonians $(H(h), H\_0 (h))$ on $L^2 (\r^n)$, where $H\_0 (h) = -h^2 \Delta$ and $H (h)= H\_0 (h) +V$, $V$ is a short-range potential with a regular behaviour at infinity and $h$ is the semiclassical ... More
On suspensions, and conjugacy of hyperbolic automorphisms (and of a few more)Jul 08 2013Jul 19 2016Part 1 : We remark that the conjugacy problem for pairs of hyperbolic au- tomorphisms of a finitely presented group (typically a free group) is decidable. The solution that we propose uses the isomorphism problem for the suspensions, and the study of ... More
From the Boltzmann Equation to the Euler Equations in the Presence of BoundariesNov 01 2011The fluid dynamic limit of the Boltzmann equation leading to the Euler equations for an incompressible fluid with constant density in the presence of material boundaries shares some important features with the better known inviscid limit of the Navier-Stokes ... More
Efficiency of Z-estimators indexed by the objective functionsSep 15 2015We study the convergence of $Z$-estimators $\widehat \theta(\eta)\in \mathbb R^p$ for which the objective function depends on a parameter $\eta$ that belongs to a Banach space $\mathcal H$. Our results include the uniform consistency over $\mathcal H$ ... More
A non-homogeneous orbit of a diagonal subgroupJul 19 2007Aug 28 2008Let G=SL(n,R) with n>5. We construct examples of lattices Gamma of G, subgroup A of the diagonal group and points x in G/Gamma such that the closure of the orbit Ax is not homogeneous but does not factors through the action of a one-parameter non-unipotent ... More
Bifurcation along curves for the p-Laplacian with radial symmetryFeb 21 2012Feb 23 2012We study the global structure of the set of radial solutions of a nonlinear Dirichlet problem involving the p-Laplacian with p>2, in the unit ball of $R^N$, $N \ges 1$. We show that all non-trivial radial solutions lie on smooth curves of respectively ... More
Aperiodic oscillatory asymptotic behavior for some Bianchi spacetimesApr 17 2010May 18 2010We study the asymptotic behavior of type A vacuum Bianchi spacetimes. It has been conjectured that this behavior is driven by a certain circle map, called the Kasner map. As a step towards this conjecture, we prove that some orbits of the Kasner map do ... More
Orbitally stable standing waves for the asymptotically linear one-dimensional NLSSep 10 2012Nov 20 2012In this article we study the one-dimensional, asymptotically linear, non-linear Schr\"odinger equation (NLS). We show the existence of a global smooth curve of standing waves for this problem, and we prove that these standing waves are orbitally stable. ... More
Parametrizing elliptic curves by modular unitsApr 04 2015It is well-known that every elliptic curve over the rationals admits a parametrization by means of modular functions. In this short note, we show that only finitely many elliptic curves over $\mathbf{Q}$ can be parametrized by modular units. This answers ... More
On the abelianity of the stochastic sandpile modelJul 19 2016We consider a stochastic variant of the Abelian Sandpile Model (ASM) on a finite graph, introduced by Chan, Marckert and Selig. Even though it is a more general model, some nice properties still hold. We show that on a certain probability space, even ... More
Positive association of the oriented percolation cluster in randomly oriented graphsNov 23 2017Consider any fixed graph whose edges have been randomly and independently oriented, and write $\{S \leadsto i\}$ to indicate that there is an oriented path going from a vertex $s \in S$ to vertex $i$. Narayanan (2016) proved that for any set $S$ and any ... More
Functions of degree 4e that are not APN infinitely oftenFeb 02 2016We prove a necessary condition for some polynomials of degree 4e (e an odd number) to be APN over F q n for large n, and we investigate the polynomials f of degree 12.
Open Access and Discovery Tools: How do Primo Libraries Manage Green Open Access Collections?Sep 15 2015Feb 28 2016Scholarly Open Access repositories contain lots of treasures including rare or otherwise unpublished materials and articles that scholars self-archive, often as part of their institution's mandate. But it can be hard to discover this material unless users ... More
Fourier-based schemes for computing the mechanical response of composites with accurate local fieldsDec 21 2014We modify the Green operator involved in Fourier-based computational schemes in elasticity, in 2D and 3D. The new operator is derived by expressing continuum mechanics in terms of centered differences on a rotated grid. Use of the modified Green operator ... More
A natural generalization of Balanced TableauxJul 23 2014Mar 10 2016We introduce the notion of "type" of a tableau, that allows us to define new families of tableaux including both balanced and standard Young tableaux. We use these new objects to describe the set of reduced decompositions of any permutation. We then generalize ... More
Drastic fall-off of the thermal conductivity for disordered lattices in the limit of weak anharmonic interactionsMar 15 2012Apr 16 2014We study the thermal conductivity, at fixed positive temperature, of a disordered lattice of harmonic oscillators, weakly coupled to each other through anharmonic potentials. The interaction is controlled by a small parameter $\epsilon > 0$. We rigorously ... More
Présentation des groupes de tresses purs et de certaines de leurs extensionsNov 27 2015Jan 07 2016This paper dates back to 1999 but was never published. The major part of it was included in the joint paper [Digne-Gomi, Presentation of pure braid groups, J. Knot Theory and its Ramifications 10 (2001) 609--623]. Sections 2 and 6 were not included there. ... More
PSF and field of view characteristics of imaging and nulling interferometersApr 01 2010In this communication are presented some complements to a recent paper entitled "Simple Fourier optics formalism for high angular resolution systems and nulling interferometry", dealing with imaging and nulling capacities of a few types of multi-aperture ... More
Noisy data clusters are hollowJun 10 2015Mar 10 2016A new vision in multidimensional statistics is proposed impacting severalareas of application. In these applications, a set of noisy measurementscharacterizing the repeatable response of a process is known as a realizationand can be seen as a single point ... More
Thermoelectric efficiency in the space-charge-limited transport regime in semiconductorsSep 27 2012The thermoelectric efficiency of semiconductors is usually considered in the ohmic electronic transport regime, which is achieved through high doping. Here we consider the opposite regime of low doping where the current-voltage characteristics are nonlinear ... More
On parametric extensions over number fieldsFeb 22 2016Mar 07 2016Given a number field $F$, a finite group $G$ and an indeterminate $T$, {\it{a $G$-parametric extension over $F$}} is a finite Galois extension $E/F(T)$ with Galois group $G$ and $E/F$ regular that has all the Galois extensions of $F$ with Galois group ... More
Hilbert specialization results with local conditionsDec 24 2014Feb 15 2016Given a field $k$ of characteristic zero and an indeterminate $T$, the main topic of the paper is the construction of specializations of any given finite extension of $k(T)$ of degree $n$ that are degree $n$ field extensions of $k$ with specified local ... More
Asymptotic direction for random walks in random environmentsDec 16 2005Dec 11 2007In this paper we study the property of asymptotic direction for random walks in random i.i.d. environments (RWRE). We prove that if the set of directions where the walk is transient is non empty and open, the walk admits an asymptotic direction. The main ... More
An introduction to finite volumes for gas dynamicsJan 22 2011We propose an elementary introduction to the finite volume method in the context of gas dynamics conservation laws. Our approach is founded on the advection equation, the exact integration of the associated Cauchy problem, and the so-called upwind scheme ... More
Frobenius distribution for pairs of elliptic curves and exceptional isogeniesNov 11 2014Let E and E' be two elliptic curves over a number field. We prove that the reductions of E and E' at a finite place p are geometrically isogenous for infinitely many p, and draw consequences for the existence of supersingular primes. This result is an ... More
A remark on the Torelli theorem for cubic fourfoldsSep 20 2012In this note, we give a short proof of the Torelli theorem for cubic fourfolds that relies on the global Torelli theorem for irreducible holomorphic symplectic varieties proved by Verbitsky.
Information-theoretical label embeddings for large-scale image classificationJul 19 2016We present a method for training multi-label, massively multi-class image classification models, that is faster and more accurate than supervision via a sigmoid cross-entropy loss (logistic regression). Our method consists in embedding high-dimensional ... More
Xception: Deep Learning with Depthwise Separable ConvolutionsOct 07 2016Oct 11 2016We present an interpretation of Inception modules in convolutional neural networks as being an intermediate step in-between regular convolution and the \textit{depthwise separable convolution} operation (a depthwise convolution followed by a pointwise ... More
Edwards curves and CM curvesApr 15 2009Edwards curves are a particular form of elliptic curves that admit a fast, unified and complete addition law. Relations between Edwards curves and Montgomery curves have already been described. Our work takes the view of parameterizing elliptic curves ... More
Coarse Lipschitz embeddings of James spacesJun 07 2016We prove that, for $1 < p \neq q < \infty$, there does not exist any coarse Lipschitz embedding between the two James spaces $J_p$ and $J_q$, and that, for $1 < p < q < \infty$ and $1 < r < \infty$ such that $r \notin \{p,q\}$, $J_r$ does not coarse Lipschitz ... More
Distinction of the Steinberg representation III: the tamely ramified caseAug 28 2014Apr 20 2016Let $F$ be a nonarchimedean local field, let $E$ be a Galois quadratic extension of $F$ and let $G$ be a quasisplit group defined over $F$; a conjecture by Dipendra Prasad states that the Steinberg representation of $G(E)$ is then $\chi$-distinguished ... More
A characterization of groups of parahoric typeFeb 15 2012May 09 2015Let F be a local henselian nonarchimedean field of residual field k, and let G be the group of F-points of a connected reductive group defined over F. It is well-known that the quotient of any parahoric subgroup of G by its first congruence subgroup is ... More
The $L^1$ gradient flow of a generalized scale invariant Willmore energy for radially non increasing functionsNov 13 2014Jul 06 2016We use the minimizing movement theory to study the gradient flow associated with a non-regular relaxation of a geometric functional derived from the Willmore energy. Thanks to the coarea formula, one can define a Willmore energy on regular functions of ... More
Présentations duales des groupes de tresses de type affine $\tilde A$Feb 07 2004Sep 06 2005In the present paper we define dual monoids for all Artin-Tits groups and we prove that for the type $\tilde A_n$ we get a (quasi)-Garside structure. Such a structure provides normal forms for the Artin-Tits group elements and allows to solve some questions ... More
The radiation condition at infinity for the high-frequency Helmholtz equation with source term: a wave packet approachMar 16 2005We consider the high-frequency Helmholtz equation with a given source term, and a small absorption parameter $\a>0$. The high-frequency (or: semi-classical) parameter is $\eps>0$. We let $\eps$ and $\a$ go to zero simultaneously. We assume that the zero ... More
An inverse scattering problem for short-range systems in a time-periodic electric fieldJun 20 2005We consider the time-dependent Hamiltonian $H(t)= {1 \over 2} p^2 -E(t) \cdot x + V(t,x)$ on $L^2(R^n)$, where the external electric field $E(t)$ and the short-range electric potential $V(t,x)$ are time-periodic with the same period. It is well-known ... More
Régulateurs modulaires explicites via la méthode de Rogers-ZudilinFeb 09 2016We compute the regulator of Beilinson-Deninger-Scholl elements in terms of special values of L-functions of modular forms, using the Rogers-Zudilin method.
Thermoplasticity as a nonsmooth phenomenonDec 16 2017Feb 20 2018This paper develops the multisymplectic formulation of nonsmooth elastoplastic phenomena, where the plastic deformation and the associated thermodynamic entropy evolve by jumps.
Borne sur le degré des polynômes presque parfaitement non-linéairesMay 09 2006May 02 2008The vectorial Boolean functions are employed in cryptography to build block coding algorithms. An important criterion on these functions is their resistance to the differential cryptanalysis. Nyberg defined the notion of almost perfect non-linearity (APN) ... More
From the Kinetic Theory of Gases to Continuum MechanicsSep 22 2010Recent results on the fluid dynamic limits of the Boltzmann equation based on the DiPerna-Lions theory of renormalized solutions are reviewed in this paper, with an emphasis on regimes where the velocity field behaves to leading order like that of an ... More
Jacobi's bound and normal forms computations. A historical surveyNov 13 2009May 01 2010Jacobi is one of the most famous mathematicians of his century. His name is attached to many results in various fields of mathematics and his complete works in seven volumes have been available since the end of the XIXth century and are very often quoted ... More