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Learning to Decompose and Disentangle Representations for Video PredictionJun 11 2018Oct 17 2018Our goal is to predict future video frames given a sequence of input frames. Despite large amounts of video data, this remains a challenging task because of the high-dimensionality of video frames. We address this challenge by proposing the Decompositional ... More
Vortex Ferroelectric Domains, Large-loop Weak Ferromagnetic Domains, and Their Decoupling in Hexagonal (Lu, Sc)FeO3Jun 26 2018Jul 05 2018The direct domain coupling of spontaneous ferroelectric polarization and net magnetic moment can result in giant magnetoelectric (ME) coupling, which is essential to achieve mutual control and practical applications of multiferroics. Recently, the possible ... More
The Inflaton Portal to a Highly decoupled EeV Dark Matter ParticleMay 13 2019We explore the possibility that the dark-matter relic abundance is generated in a context where the inflaton is the only mediator between the visible and the hidden sectors of our universe. Due to the relatively large mass of the inflaton field, such ... More
Harnack and Super Poincaré Inequalities for Generalized Cox-Ingersoll-Ross ModelAug 08 2019Aug 10 2019In this paper, the Harnack inequalities and super-Poincar\'{e} inequality for generalized CIR model are obtained. Since the noise is degenerate, the intrinsic metric has been introduced to construct the coupling by change of measure. By using isopermetric ... More
Polar and phase domain walls with conducting interfacial states in a Weyl semimetal MoTe2Aug 08 2019Much of the dramatic growth in research on topological materials has focused on topologically protected surface states. While the domain walls of topological materials such as Weyl semimetals with broken inversion or time-reversal symmetry can provide ... More
Rare exclusive decays of the Z-boson revisitedNov 21 2014Jul 10 2015The realization that first- and second-generation Yukawa couplings can be probed by decays of the Higgs boson to a meson in association with a photon has renewed interest in such rare exclusive decays. We present here a detailed study of the rare $Z$-boson ... More
Color theorems, chiral domain topology and magnetic properties of FexTaS2May 22 2014Common mathematical theory can have profound applications in understanding real materials. The intrinsic connection between aperiodic orders observed in the Fibonacci sequence, Penrose tiling, and quasicrystals is a well-known example. Another example ... More
The first cohomology, derivations and the reductivity of a (meromorphic open-string) vertex algebraApr 20 2018Aug 26 2018We give a criterion for the complete reducibility of modules of finite length satisfying a composability condition for a meromorphic open-string vertex algebra $V$ using the first cohomology of the algebra. For a $V$-bimodule $M$, let $\hat{H}^{1}_{\infty}(V, ... More
On How Users Edit Computer-Generated Visual StoriesFeb 22 2019Mar 08 2019A significant body of research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has focused on generating stories automatically, either based on prior story plots or input images. However, literature has little to say about how users would receive and use these stories. ... More
A Neural Multi-Task Learning Framework to Jointly Model Medical Named Entity Recognition and NormalizationDec 14 2018State-of-the-art studies have demonstrated the superiority of joint modelling over pipeline implementation for medical named entity recognition and normalization due to the mutual benefits between the two processes. To exploit these benefits in a more ... More
An Analysis of the Convergence of Graph LaplaciansJan 28 2011Existing approaches to analyzing the asymptotics of graph Laplacians typically assume a well-behaved kernel function with smoothness assumptions. We remove the smoothness assumption and generalize the analysis of graph Laplacians to include previously ... More
Protein Inference and Protein Quantification: Two Sides of the Same CoinOct 09 2012Motivation: In mass spectrometry-based shotgun proteomics, protein quantification and protein identification are two major computational problems. To quantify the protein abundance, a list of proteins must be firstly inferred from the sample. Then the ... More
Leap-LSTM: Enhancing Long Short-Term Memory for Text CategorizationMay 28 2019Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) are widely used in the field of natural language processing (NLP), ranging from text categorization to question answering and machine translation. However, RNNs generally read the whole text from beginning to end or vice ... More
On unbiased performance evaluation for protein inferenceNov 29 2012This letter is a response to the comments of Serang (2012) on Huang and He (2012) in Bioinformatics. Serang (2012) claimed that the parameters for the Fido algorithm should be specified using the grid search method in Serang et al. (2010) so as to generate ... More
Connectionist Temporal Modeling for Weakly Supervised Action LabelingJul 28 2016We propose a weakly-supervised framework for action labeling in video, where only the order of occurring actions is required during training time. The key challenge is that the per-frame alignments between the input (video) and label (action) sequences ... More
Graph Distillation for Action Detection with Privileged ModalitiesNov 30 2017Jul 27 2018We propose a technique that tackles action detection in multimodal videos under a realistic and challenging condition in which only limited training data and partially observed modalities are available. Common methods in transfer learning do not take ... More
Plasmonic mode converter for controlling optical impedance and nanoscale light-matter interactionJun 07 2012Aug 22 2012To enable multiple functions of plasmonic nanocircuits, it is of key importance to control the propagation properties and the modal distribution of the guided optical modes such that their impedance matches to that of nearby quantum systems and desired ... More
Dynamics of tachyon field with an inverse square potential in loop quantum cosmologyOct 31 2012The dynamical behavior of tachyon field with an inverse potential is investigated in loop quantum cosmology. It reveals that the late time behavior of tachyon field with this potential leads to a power-law expansion. In addition, an additional barotropic ... More
A carpet cloak for heat flux and temperature fieldApr 06 2013Based on transformation optics theory, we present a new carpet device that can be used to thermally protect a region from the invasion of external heat flux. The designed device is termed 'thermal carpet', which provides considerable cloaking effect. ... More
Semileptonic Decays of $B^{**}_{s}$ mesons into $D_{s1}$ and $D^{*}_{s2}$ in HQETDec 22 2011In the framework of the heavy quark effective theory, the leading order Isgur-Wise functions relevant to semileptonic decays of the orbitally $P$-wave excited $B_{s}$ meson states $B^{**}_{s}$, including the newly found narrow $B_{s1}(5830)$ and $B^{*}_{s2}(5840)$ ... More
Adaptive weak-value amplification with adjustable postselectionMar 26 2018Weak-value amplification (WVA) has recently become an important technique for parameter estimation, owing to its ability to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio by amplifying extremely small signals with proper postselection strategies. In this paper, we ... More
The Anomaly flow over Riemann surfacesNov 22 2017We initiate the study of a new nonlinear parabolic equation on a Riemann surface. The evolution equation arises as a reduction of the Anomaly flow on a fibration. We obtain a criterion for long-time existence for this flow, and give a range of initial ... More
Randić Incidence Energy of GraphsMay 29 2014Let $G$ be a simple graph with vertex set $V(G) = \{v_1, v_2,\ldots, v_n\}$ and edge set $E(G) = \{e_1, e_2,\ldots, e_m\}$. Similar to the Randi\'c matrix, here we introduce the Randi\'c incidence matrix of a graph $G$, denoted by $I_R(G)$, which is defined ... More
Proper connection numbers of complementary graphsApr 09 2015Apr 29 2015A path $P$ in an edge-colored graph $G$ is called a proper path if no two adjacent edges of $P$ are colored the same, and $G$ is proper connected if every two vertices of $G$ are connected by a proper path in $G$. The proper connection number of a connected ... More
Challenges in Providing Automatic Affective Feedback in Instant Messaging ApplicationsFeb 09 2017Instant messaging is one of the major channels of computer mediated communication. However, humans are known to be very limited in understanding others' emotions via text-based communication. Aiming on introducing emotion sensing technologies to instant ... More
Electron Transport from Quantum Kinetic Monte Carlo SimulationsApr 25 2017May 04 2018An exact Quantum Kinetic Monte Carlo method is proposed to calculate electron transport for 1D Fermi Hubbard model. The method is directly formulated in real time and can be applied to extract time dependent dynamics of general interacting Fermion models ... More
Band alignment of metal/amorphous-oxide interface using atomic orbitals projection of plane-wave: a first principle study at the Al/a-SiO2 interfaceApr 23 2017May 15 2017Amorphous insulating oxides play a significant role in the contemporary electronic industry. Understanding the band alignment of heterogeneous interfaces containing amorphous structures helps to better control the carrier transport property at the interface. ... More
On graphs with maximum Harary spectral radiusNov 25 2014Let $G$ be a simple graph with vertex set $V(G) = \{v_1 ,v_2 ,\cdots ,v_n\}$. The Harary matrix $RD(G)$ of $G$, which is initially called the reciprocal distance matrix, is an $n \times n$ matrix whose $(i,j)$-entry is equal to $\frac{1}{d_{ij}}$ if $i\not=j$ ... More
Skew Randić Matrix and Skew Randić EnergyJun 05 2014Dec 26 2014Let $G$ be a simple graph with an orientation $\sigma$, which assigns to each edge a direction so that $G^\sigma$ becomes a directed graph. $G$ is said to be the underlying graph of the directed graph $G^\sigma$. In this paper, we define a weighted skew ... More
QCD Sum Rule Analysis of Semileptonic $B_{s1}$, $B^{*}_{s2}$, $B^{*}_{s0}$, and $B'_{s1}$ Decays in HQETSep 06 2010We present an analysis of semileptonic decays of orbitally, $P$-wave excited $B_{s}$ meson states $B^{**}_{s}$, including the newly found narrow $B_{s1}(5830)$ and $B^{*}_{s2}(5840)$ states, into low lying $D_{s}$ mesons ($D_{s}(1968)$, $D^{*}_{s}(2112)$, ... More
Semileptonic Decays of B Meson Transition Into D-wave Charmed Meson DoubletsFeb 25 2009We use QCD sum rules to estimate the leading-order universal form factors describing the semileptonic B decay into orbital excited $D$-wave charmed doublets, including the ($1^{-}$, $2^{-}$) states ($D_{1}^{*}$, $D'_{2}$) and the ($2^{-}$, $3^{-}$) states ... More
Multi-timescale microscopic theory for radiation degradation of electronic and optoelectronic devicesSep 15 2014A multi-timescale hybrid model is proposed to study microscopically the degraded performance of electronic devices, covering three individual stages of radiation effects studies, including ultrafast displacement cascade, intermediate defect stabilization ... More
Performance Comparison between Network Coding in Space and Routing in SpaceJul 14 2014Network coding in geometric space, a new research direction also known as Space Information Flow, is a promising research field which shows the superiority of network coding in space over routing in space. Present literatures proved that given six terminal ... More
Permutation in the CHY-FormulationJan 26 2018May 31 2018The CHY-integrand of bi-adjoint cubic scalar theory is a product of two PT-factors. This pair of PT-factors can be interpreted as defining a permutation. We introduce the cycle representation of permutation in this paper for the understanding of cubic ... More
String$\mathbf{^c}$ Structures and Modular InvariantsMay 06 2019In this paper, we study some algebraic topology aspects of String$^c$ structures, more precisely, from the aspect of Whitehead tower and the aspect of the loop group of $Spin^c(n)$. We also extend the generalized Witten genus constructed for the first ... More
A Construction of Infinitely Many Solutions to the Strominger SystemMar 29 2017In this paper we construct explicit smooth solutions to the Strominger system on generalized Calabi-Gray manifolds, which are compact non-K\"ahler Calabi-Yau 3-folds with infinitely many distinct topological types and sets of Hodge numbers.
Proper connection number and 2-proper connection number of a graphJul 06 2015Jul 10 2015A path in an edge-colored graph is called a proper path if no two adjacent edges of the path are colored with one same color. An edge-colored graph is called $k$-proper connected if any two vertices of the graph are connected by $k$ internally pairwise ... More
Device-Independent Quantum Private Query Protocol without the Assumption of Perfect DetectorsJul 07 2019The first device-independent quantum private query protocol (MRT17) which is proposed by Maitra \emph{et al.} [Phys. Rev. A 95, 042344 (2017)] to enhance the security through the certification of the states and measurements. However, the MRT17 protocol ... More
ARAML: A Stable Adversarial Training Framework for Text GenerationAug 20 2019Most of the existing generative adversarial networks (GAN) for text generation suffer from the instability of reinforcement learning training algorithms such as policy gradient, leading to unstable performance. To tackle this problem, we propose a novel ... More
A note on Dodgson's determinant condensation algorithmJul 28 2019Recently, the Dodgson's determinant condensation algorithm was revisited in many papers [College Math. Journal 42(1)(2011): 43--54, College Math. Journal 38(2)(2007): 85--95, Math Horizons 14(2)(2006): 12--15},etc.]. This method is attractive, but there ... More
Learning to Compose over Tree Structures via POS TagsAug 18 2018Aug 21 2018Recursive Neural Network (RecNN), a type of models which compose words or phrases recursively over syntactic tree structures, has been proven to have superior ability to obtain sentence representation for a variety of NLP tasks. However, RecNN is born ... More
The Design of Circuit-Measuring Collaborative Learning System with Embedded BrokerFeb 05 2010Recently, the academic community has been giving much attention to Cooperative Learning System, a group learning method combined with pedagogy and social psychology. It allows group members to gain knowledge through collaborations and interactions. Nowadays, ... More
Adversarial Examples with Difficult Common Words for Paraphrase IdentificationSep 05 2019Sep 06 2019Despite the success of deep models for paraphrase identification on benchmark datasets, these models are still vulnerable to adversarial examples. In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm to generate a new type of adversarial examples to study the ... More
Carbon nanotube array vias for interconnect applicationsAug 09 2007The material and electrical properties of the CNT single vias and array vias grown by microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition were investigated. The diameters of multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) grown on the bottom electrode of Ta decrease ... More
Bringing personalized learning into computer-aided question generationAug 29 2018This paper proposes a novel and statistical method of ability estimation based on acquisition distribution for a personalized computer aided question generation. This method captures the learning outcomes over time and provides a flexible measurement ... More
Characterizing the Influence of Features on Reading Difficulty Estimation for Non-native ReadersAug 29 2018In recent years, the number of people studying English as a second language (ESL) has surpassed the number of native speakers. Recent work have demonstrated the success of providing personalized content based on reading difficulty, such as information ... More
Efficient K-Nearest Neighbor Join Algorithms for High Dimensional Sparse DataNov 12 2010The K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) join is an expensive but important operation in many data mining algorithms. Several recent applications need to perform KNN join for high dimensional sparse data. Unfortunately, all existing KNN join algorithms are designed ... More
Ferromagnetism and quantum anomalous Hall effect in one-side-saturated buckled honeycomb latticesMay 14 2014The recently synthesized silicene as well as theoretically discussed germanene are examples of buckled honeycomb structures. The buckled structures allow one to manipulate asymmetry between two underlying sublattices of honeycomb structures. Here by taking ... More
Stability of Z$_2$ topological order in the presence of vacancy-induced impurity bandAug 19 2013Jun 01 2014Although topological insulators (TIs) are known to be robust against non-magnetic perturbations and exhibit edge or surface states as their distinct feature, experimentally it is known that vacancies often occur in these materials and impose strong perturbations. ... More
Regularization preconditioners for frame-based image deblurring with reduced boundary artifactsApr 27 2015Thresholding iterative methods are recently successfully applied to image deblurring problems. In this paper, we investigate the modified linearized Bregman algorithm (MLBA) used in image deblurring problems, with a proper treatment of the boundary artifacts. ... More
Solving the collective-risk social dilemma with risky assets in well-mixed and structured populationsNov 13 2014In the collective-risk social dilemma, players lose their personal endowments if contributions to the common pool are too small. This fact alone, however, does not always deter selfish individuals from defecting. The temptations to free-ride on the prosocial ... More
Domain Walls in Normal and Superconducting States of Iron PnictidesAug 17 2010The electronic and magnetic structures in the normal and superconducting states of iron pnictides are investigated by solving self-consistently the Bogoliubov-de Gennes equation. It is shown that strong electron correlations can induce domain walls, which ... More
Development and Evaluation of a Personalized Computer-aided Question Generation for English Learners to Improve Proficiency and Correct MistakesAug 29 2018In the last several years, the field of computer assisted language learning has increasingly focused on computer aided question generation. However, this approach often provides test takers with an exhaustive amount of questions that are not designed ... More
Block variants of the COCG and COCR methods for solving complex symmetric linear systems with multiple right-hand sidesJan 20 2016In the present study, we establish two new block variants of the Conjugate Orthogonal Conjugate Gradient (COCG) and the Conjugate A-Orthogonal Conjugate Residual (COCR) Krylov subspace methods for solving complex symmetric linear systems with multiple ... More
Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of completely isotactic polyacrylonitrileOct 09 2012Jan 15 2013Completely isotactic polyacrylonitrile (i-PAN) has been synthesized successfully by an improved urea inclusion polymerization. The tacticity of prepared samples were confirmed by 13C nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) ... More
The Formation and Characteristics of Acrylonitrile/Urea Inclusion CompoundOct 09 2012Mar 07 2013The formation process and composition of the acrylonitrile/urea inclusion compounds (AN/UIC) with different aging times and AN/urea molar feed ratios are studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). It is suggested that ... More
The Host Galaxies of Low-mass Black HolesJul 20 2011Jul 22 2011Using HST observations of 147 host galaxies of low-mass black holes (BHs), we systematically study the structures and scaling relations of these active galaxies. Our sample is selected to have central BHs with virial masses ~10^5-10^6 solar mass. The ... More
Adversarial Examples with Difficult Common Words for Paraphrase IdentificationSep 05 2019Despite the success of deep models for paraphrase identification on benchmark datasets, these models are still vulnerable to adversarial examples. In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm to generate a new type of adversarial examples to study the ... More
Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation using Motion Saliency-Guided Spatio-Temporal PropagationSep 04 2018Unsupervised video segmentation plays an important role in a wide variety of applications from object identification to compression. However, to date, fast motion, motion blur and occlusions pose significant challenges. To address these challenges for ... More
MaskRNN: Instance Level Video Object SegmentationMar 29 2018Instance level video object segmentation is an important technique for video editing and compression. To capture the temporal coherence, in this paper, we develop MaskRNN, a recurrent neural net approach which fuses in each frame the output of two deep ... More
Temperature-dependent spectral function of a Kondo impurity in an $s$-wave superconductorJan 21 2019Apr 11 2019Using the numerical renormalization group method, the effect due to a Kondo impurity in an $s$-wave superconductor is examined at finite temperature ($T$). The $T$-behaviors of the spectral function and the magnetic moment at the impurity site are calculated. ... More
Online Semi-Supervised Learning on Quantized GraphsMar 15 2012In this paper, we tackle the problem of online semi-supervised learning (SSL). When data arrive in a stream, the dual problems of computation and data storage arise for any SSL method. We propose a fast approximate online SSL algorithm that solves for ... More
A Novel Framework for Recurrent Neural Networks with Enhancing Information Processing and Transmission between UnitsJun 02 2018This paper proposes a novel framework for recurrent neural networks (RNNs) inspired by the human memory models in the field of cognitive neuroscience to enhance information processing and transmission between adjacent RNNs' units. The proposed framework ... More
Real-time On-Demand Crowd-powered Entity ExtractionApr 12 2017Dec 06 2017Output-agreement mechanisms such as ESP Game have been widely used in human computation to obtain reliable human-generated labels. In this paper, we argue that a "time-limited" output-agreement mechanism can be used to create a fast and robust crowd-powered ... More
An Analysis Framework for Understanding the Origin of Nuclear Activity in Low-Power Radio GalaxiesMar 07 2018Using large samples containing nearly $2300$ active galaxies of low radio luminosity (1.4 GHz luminosity between $2\times 10^{23}$ and $3\times 10^{25}$ W/Hz, essentially low-excitation radio galaxies) at $z\lesssim 0.3$, we present a self-contained analysis ... More
Criterion of Local Unitary Equivalence for Multipartite StatesOct 08 2013We study the local unitary equivalence of arbitrary dimensional multipartite quantum mixed states. We present a necessary and sufficient criterion of the local unitary equivalence for general multipartite states based on matrix realignment. The criterion ... More
Magic intensity trapping of the Mg lattice clock with light shift suppressed below $10^{-19}$Sep 17 2019Progress in atomic optical clocks with total uncertainty of $10^{-18}$ or below requires a precise estimation of multipolar and higher-order effects due to atom-field interactions. Magnesium is an attractive candidate for optical lattice clocks because ... More
A Note on State Decomposition Independent Local InvariantsJul 23 2013We derive a set of invariants under local unitary transformations for arbitrary dimensional quantum systems. These invariants are given by hyperdeterminants and independent from the detailed pure state decompositions of a given quantum state. They also ... More
von Neumann measurement-related matrices and the nullity condition for quantum correlationOct 26 2016We study von Neumann measurement-related matrices, and the nullity condition of quantum correlation. We investigate the properties of these matrices that are related to a von Neumann measurement. It is shown that these (m^2-1)* (m^2-1) matrices are idempotent, ... More
Multipolar and higher-order lattice shifts in the Sr and Mg clocksJun 05 2019The progress in optical clock with uncertainty at a level of $10^{-18}$ requires unprecedented precision in estimating the contribution of multipolar and higher-order effects of atom-field interactions. Previous theoretical and experimental results of ... More
Intrinsic high-temperature superconductivity in ternary iron selenidesApr 13 2013Nov 01 2013We examine superconductivity in the mesoscopically mixed antiferromagnetic(AF) and superconducting (SC) phases of ternary iron selenides K$_{y}$Fe$_{2-x}$Se$_{2}$. It is shown that the interlayer hopping and AF order are key factors to determine $T_{c}$ ... More
High-dimensional temporal mode propagation in a turbulent environmentJul 04 2019Jul 06 2019Temporal modes of photonic quantum states provide a new framework to develop a robust free-space quantum key distribution (QKD) scheme in a maritime environment. We show that the high-dimensional temporal modes can be used to fulfill a persistent communication ... More
Evorus: A Crowd-powered Conversational Assistant Built to Automate Itself Over TimeJan 08 2018Jan 10 2018Crowd-powered conversational assistants have been shown to be more robust than automated systems, but do so at the cost of higher response latency and monetary costs. A promising direction is to combine the two approaches for high quality, low latency, ... More
Single image super-resolution by approximated Heaviside functionsMar 12 2015Image super-resolution is a process to enhance image resolution. It is widely used in medical imaging, satellite imaging, target recognition, etc. In this paper, we conduct continuous modeling and assume that the unknown image intensity function is defined ... More
Total variation with overlapping group sparsity for image deblurring under impulse noiseDec 21 2013The total variation (TV) regularization method is an effective method for image deblurring in preserving edges. However, the TV based solutions usually have some staircase effects. In this paper, in order to alleviate the staircase effect, we propose ... More
New explicit thresholding/shrinkage formulas for one class of regularization problems with overlapping group sparsity and their applicationsDec 24 2013May 09 2014The least-square regression problems or inverse problems have been widely studied in many fields such as compressive sensing, signal processing, and image processing. To solve this kind of ill-posed problems, a regularization term (i.e., regularizer) ... More
Charge Density Wave in a Doped Kondo ChainJan 17 2019We report the existence of the charge density wave (CDW) in the ground state of 1D Kondo lattice model at the filling of n=0.75 in the weak coupling region. The CDW is driven by the effective Coulomb repulsion mediated by the localized spins. Based on ... More
On the charge distribution of $d^*(2380)$Apr 05 2017Apr 16 2017We calculate the charge distributions of $d^*(2380)$. Two different interpretations of the $d^*$ are considered for a comparison. One is a compact explanation with coupled $\Delta\Delta+CC$ two-channel approximation in the chiral constituent quark model. ... More
Decay width of $d^*(2380) \to NN π$ process in a chiral constituent quark modelFeb 13 2017Feb 19 2017The width of three-body single-pion decay process $d^*\to NN\pi^{0,\pm}$ is calculated by using the $d^*$ wave function obtained from our chiral SU(3) constituent quark model calculation. The effect of the dynamical structure on the width of $d^*$ is ... More
Phenomenology analysis of duration inflation for Tachyon field in loop quantum cosmologyMay 25 2014Dec 14 2014Assuming that the e-folding number is just determined by the change of the scale factor, the tachyonic inflation theory in LQC has been discussed. Considering the tachyon field with exponential potential and inverse quadratic potential, we find that the ... More
A study of the wiggle morphology of HH 211 through numerical simulationsMay 10 2016Recent high-resolution high-sensitivity observations of protostellar jets have shown many to possess deviations to their trajectories. HH 211 is one such example where sub-mm observations with the SMA have revealed a clear reflection-symmetric wiggle. ... More
AccuracyTrader: Accuracy-aware Approximate Processing for Low Tail Latency and High Result Accuracy in Cloud Online ServicesJul 10 2016Modern latency-critical online services such as search engines often process requests by consulting large input data spanning massive parallel components. Hence the tail latency of these components determines the service latency. To trade off result accuracy ... More
Moving mesh finite element simulation for phase-field modeling of brittle fracture and convergence of newton's iterationJun 16 2017Dec 26 2017A moving mesh finite element method is studied for the numerical solution of a phase-field model for brittle fracture. The moving mesh partial differential equation approach is employed to dynamically track crack propagation. Meanwhile, the decomposition ... More
Finite Element Methods For Wave Propagation With Debye Polarization In Nonlinear Dielectric MaterialsDec 06 2017In this paper, we consider the wave propagation with Debye polarization in nonlinear dielectric materials. For this model, the Rother's method is employed to derive the well-posedness of the electric fields and the existence of the polarized fields by ... More
Subsonic-sonic Limit of Approximate Solutions to Multidimensional Steady Euler EquationsNov 15 2013Jul 25 2015A compactness framework is established for approximate solutions to subsonic-sonic flows governed by the steady full Euler equations for compressible fluids in arbitrary dimension. The existing compactness frameworks for the two-dimensional irrotational ... More
IsoDOT Detects Differential RNA-isoform Expression/Usage with respect to a Categorical or Continuous Covariate with High Sensitivity and SpecificityFeb 01 2014Oct 29 2014We have developed a statistical method named IsoDOT to assess differential isoform expression (DIE) and differential isoform usage (DIU) using RNA-seq data. Here isoform usage refers to relative isoform expression given the total expression of the corresponding ... More
A study of $d^*(2380)\to d ππ$ decay widthMar 09 2015Apr 10 2015The decay widths of the $\ds\to d \pi^0\pi^0$ and $\ds\to d \pi^+\pi^-$ processes are explicitly calculated in terms of our chiral quark model. By using the experimental ratios of cross sections between various decay channels, the partial widths of the ... More
Aperiodic topological order in the domain configurations of functional materialsMar 08 2017In numerous functional materials, such as steels, ferroelectrics and magnets, new functionalities can be achieved through the engineering of the domain structures, which are associated with the ordering of certain parameters within the material. The recent ... More
Unsupervised Visual-Linguistic Reference Resolution in Instructional VideosMar 07 2017May 20 2017We propose an unsupervised method for reference resolution in instructional videos, where the goal is to temporally link an entity (e.g., "dressing") to the action (e.g., "mix yogurt") that produced it. The key challenge is the inevitable visual-linguistic ... More
D3TW: Discriminative Differentiable Dynamic Time Warping for Weakly Supervised Action Alignment and SegmentationJan 09 2019Apr 11 2019We address weakly supervised action alignment and segmentation in videos, where only the order of occurring actions is available during training. We propose Discriminative Differentiable Dynamic Time Warping (D3TW), the first discriminative model using ... More
Unsupervised Learning of Long-Term Motion Dynamics for VideosJan 07 2017Apr 11 2017We present an unsupervised representation learning approach that compactly encodes the motion dependencies in videos. Given a pair of images from a video clip, our framework learns to predict the long-term 3D motions. To reduce the complexity of the learning ... More
QKD-based quantum private query without a failure probabilityNov 17 2015In this paper, we present a quantum-key-distribution (QKD)-based quantum private query (QPQ) protocol utilizing single-photon signal of multiple optical pulses. It maintains the advantages of the QKD-based QPQ, i.e., easy to implement and loss tolerant. ... More
$d^*(2380)$ and its partners in a diquark modelApr 12 2019The purpose of the present study was to explore the possibility of accommodating the $d^*(2380)$ and its flavor SU(3) partners in a diquark model. Proposing that $d^*(2380)$ is composed of three vector diquarks, its mass is calculated by use of an effective ... More
Person-in-WiFi: Fine-grained Person Perception using WiFiMar 30 2019Fine-grained person perception such as body segmentation and pose estimation has been achieved with many 2D and 3D sensors such as RGB/depth cameras, radars (e.g., RF-Pose) and LiDARs. These sensors capture 2D pixels or 3D point clouds of person bodies ... More
Meta-Learning for Low-resource Natural Language Generation in Task-oriented Dialogue SystemsMay 14 2019Natural language generation (NLG) is an essential component of task-oriented dialogue systems. Despite the recent success of neural approaches for NLG, they are typically developed for particular domains with rich annotated training examples. In this ... More
Galaxy Learning -- A Position PaperApr 22 2019The recent rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI, mainly driven by machine learning research, especially deep learning) has achieved phenomenal success in various applications. However, to further apply AI technologies in real-world context, ... More
The Strongly Antimagic labelings of Double SpidersDec 27 2017A graph $G=(V,E)$ is strongly antimagic, if there is a bijective mapping $f: E \to \{1,2,\ldots,|E|\}$ such that for any two vertices $u\neq v$, not only $\sum_{e \in E(u)}f(e) \ne \sum_{e\in E(v)}f(e)$ and also $\sum_{e \in E(u)}f(e) < \sum_{e\in E(v)}f(e)$ ... More
The Shaping of the Multipolar Pre-Planetary Nebula CRL 618 by Multi-directional BulletsMar 01 2016In order to understand the formation of the multipolar structures of the pre-planetary nebula (PPN) CRL 618, we perform 3D simulations using a multi-directional bullet model. The optical lobes of CRL 618 and fast molecular outflows at the tips of the ... More
Towards Realistic Face Photo-Sketch Synthesis via Composition-Aided GANsDec 04 2017Dec 21 2018Face photo-sketch synthesis aims at generating a facial sketch/photo conditioned on a given photo/sketch. It is of wide applications including digital entertainment and law enforcement. Precisely depicting face photos/sketches remains challenging due ... More
Higgs-like Excitations of Cold Atom System with Spin-orbit CouplingJul 16 2012Jul 30 2013The Higgs-like excitations, which distinguish from the Higgs amplitude mode in many-body system, are single-particle excitations in system with non-Abelian gauge potential. We investigate the Higgs-like excitations of cold atom system in artificial non-Abelian ... More