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Vacuum Stability Bounds On Higgs Mass With Gravitational ContributionsDec 06 2013May 22 2014We calculate the gravitational contributions to $\phi^4$ theory with general $R_\xi$ gauge-fixing choice and find that the result is gauge independent. Based on weak coupling expansion of gravity and ignoring the possible higher dimensional operators ... More
Log del Pezzo Surfaces of Rank 2 and Cartier Index 3 with a Unique SingularityDec 05 2010Log del Pezzo surfaces play the role of the opposite of surfaces of general type. We will completely classify all the log del Pezzo surfaces of rank 2 and Cartier index 3 with a unique singularity.
Vanishing on toric surfacesJul 09 2017We prove the Kawamata-Viehweg vanishing and another Kodaira-type vanishing for projective toric surfaces over arbitrary fields.
The Hausdorff dimension of the boundary of the immediate basin of infinity of McMullen mapsApr 05 2012In this paper, we give a formula of the Hausdorff dimension of the boundary of the immediate basin of infinity of McMullen maps $f_p(z)=z^Q+p/z^Q$, where $Q\geq 3$ and $p$ is small. This gives a lower bound of the Hausdorff dimension of the Julia sets ... More
Minimal Yukawa deflection of AMSB from the Kahler potentialMar 13 2019We propose a minimal Yukawa deflection scenario of AMSB from the Kahler potential through the Higgs-messenger mixing. Salient features of this scenario are discussed and realistic MSSM spectrum can be obtained. Such a scenario, which are very predictive, ... More
Pairing-energy coefficients of neutron-rich fragments in spallation reactionsJan 06 2018The ratio of pairing-energy coefficient to temperature ($a_{p}/T$) of neutron-rich fragments produced in spallation reactions has been investigated by adopting an isobaric yield ratio method deduced in the framework of a modified Fisher model. A series ... More
Reconcile muon g-2 anomaly with LHC data in SUGRA with generalized gravity mediationApr 02 2015May 29 2015From generalized gravity mediation we build a SUGRA scenario in which the gluino is much heavier than the electroweak gauginos at the GUT scale. We find that such a non-universal gaugino scenario with very heavy gluino at the GUT scale can be naturally ... More
Gravitino dark matter from gluino late decay in split supersymmetryJul 14 2005Oct 15 2005In split-supersymmetry (split-SUSY), gluino is a metastable particle and thus can freeze out in the early universe. The late decay of such a long-life gluino into the lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) may provide much of the cosmic dark matter content. ... More
Solving the muon g-2 anomaly in deflected AMSB with messenger-matter interactionsMar 31 2017Oct 02 2017We proposed to introduce general messenger-matter interactions in the deflected anomaly mediated SUSY breaking scenario to explain the $g_\mu-2$ anomaly. Scenarios with complete or incomplete GUT multiplet messengers are discussed, respectively. The introduction ... More
Impact of Edge States on Device Performance of Phosphorene Heterojunction Tunneling Field Effect TransistorsJul 18 2016Black phosphorus (BP) tunneling transistors (TFETs) using heterojunction (He) are investigated by atomistic quantum transport simulations. It is observed that edge states have a great impact on transport characteristics of BP He-TFETs, which result in ... More
On graphs with maximum Harary spectral radiusNov 25 2014Let $G$ be a simple graph with vertex set $V(G) = \{v_1 ,v_2 ,\cdots ,v_n\}$. The Harary matrix $RD(G)$ of $G$, which is initially called the reciprocal distance matrix, is an $n \times n$ matrix whose $(i,j)$-entry is equal to $\frac{1}{d_{ij}}$ if $i\not=j$ ... More
Qualitative dynamics and inflationary attractors in loop cosmologyJul 13 2018Sep 12 2018Qualitative dynamics of three different loop quantizations of spatially flat isotropic and homogeneous models is studied using effective spacetime description of the underlying quantum geometry. These include the standard loop quantum cosmology (LQC), ... More
A family of linear codes with three weightsAug 19 2016Recently, linear codes constructed by defining sets have attracted a lot of study, and many optimal linear codes with a few weights have been produced. The objective of this paper is to present a class of binary linear codes with three weights.
Thresholds and bistability in HIV infection models with oxidative stressAug 07 2018Oxidative stress, a reaction caused by the imbalance between the reactive oxygen species of human organism and its ability to detoxify reactive intermediates and to repair the resulting damage plays an important role in HIV-infections. On one hand, HIV ... More
On the Patterson-Sullivan measure for geodesic flows on rank $1$ manifolds without focal pointsDec 11 2018In this article, we consider the geodesic flow on a compact rank $1$ Riemannian manifold $M$ without focal points, whose universal cover is denoted by $X$. On the ideal boundary $X(\infty)$ of $X$, we show the existence and uniqueness of the Busemann ... More
Radiative natural SUSY spectrum from deflected AMSB scenario with messenger-matter interactionsFeb 04 2016May 05 2016A radiative natural SUSY spectrum are proposed in the deflected anomaly mediation scenario with general messenger-matter interactions. Due to the contributions from the new interactions, positive slepton masses as well as a large |A_t| term can naturally ... More
On the mixing and Bernoulli properties for geodesic flows on rank 1 manifolds without focal pointsDec 02 2018If $(M,g)$ is a smooth compact rank $1$ Riemannian manifold without focal points, it is shown that the measure $\mu_{\max}$ of maximal entropy for the geodesic flow is unique. In this article, we study the statistic properties and prove that this unique ... More
Proper connection number and 2-proper connection number of a graphJul 06 2015Jul 10 2015A path in an edge-colored graph is called a proper path if no two adjacent edges of the path are colored with one same color. An edge-colored graph is called $k$-proper connected if any two vertices of the graph are connected by $k$ internally pairwise ... More
Nonlinear Rayleigh-Taylor Instability for Nonhomogeneous Incompressible Viscous Magnetohydrodynamic FlowsApr 20 2013Nov 29 2014We investigate the nonlinear instability of a smooth Rayleigh-Taylor steady-state solution (including the case of heavier density with increasing height) to the three-dimensional incompressible nonhomogeneous magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations of zero ... More
k-DAG Based Lifetime Aware Data Collection in Wireless Sensor NetworksNov 13 2013Wireless Sensor Networks need to be organized for efficient data collection and lifetime maximization. In this paper, we propose a novel routing structure, namely k-DAG, to balance the load of the base station's neighbours while providing the worst-case ... More
Bounds on Higgs And Top Quark Masses From The Other Degenerate Vacua Near The Planck Scale With Gravitational ContributionsJun 24 2015Based on the weak coupling expansion of gravity, we calculate the gravitational contributions to yukawa coupling, scalar quartic coupling as well as gauge couplings with general Landau-DeWitt gauge-fixing choice and a gauge preserving (of SM gauge group) ... More
On the classification of four-dimensional gradient Ricci solitonsJul 16 2017In this paper, we prove some classification results for four-dimensional gradient Ricci solitons. For a four-dimensional gradient shrinking Ricci soliton with $div^4Rm^\pm=0$, we show that it is either Einstein or a finite quotient of $\mathbb{R}^4$, ... More
On the ergodicity of geodesic flows on surfaces without focal pointsDec 11 2018In this article, we study the ergodicity of the geodesic flows on surfaces with no focal points. Let $M$ be a smooth connected and closed surface equipped with a $C^\infty$ Riemannian metric $g$, whose genus $\mathfrak{g} \geq 2$. Suppose that $(M,g)$ ... More
Theory of high energy features in angle-resolved photo-emission spectra of hole-doped cupratesOct 18 2006Oct 19 2006The recent angle-resolved photoemission measurements performed up to binding energies of the order of 1eV reveals a very robust feature: the nodal quasi-particle dispersion breaks up around 0.3-0.4eV and reappears around 0.6-0.8eV. The intensity map in ... More
A Mixed Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Linear Elasticity with Strongly Imposed SymmetryFeb 23 2019In this paper, we study a mixed discontinuous Galerkin (MDG) method to solve linear elasticity problem with arbitrary order discontinuous finite element spaces in $d$-dimension ($d=2,3$). This method uses polynomials of degree $k+1$ for the stress and ... More
Natural SUSY from SU(5) Orbifold GUTApr 21 2013Nov 28 2013We propose a realistic 5D orbifold GUT model that can reduce to natural (or radiative natural) supersymmetry as the low energy effective theory. Supersymmetry as well as gauge symmetry are broken by the twist boundary conditions. We find that it is non-trivial ... More
Towards Cosmological Dynamics from Loop Quantum GravityJan 22 2018Apr 19 2018We present a systematic study of the cosmological dynamics resulting from an effective Hamiltonian, recently derived in loop quantum gravity using Thiemann's regularization and earlier obtained in loop quantum cosmology (LQC) by keeping the Lorentzian ... More
Geometric involutive bases for positive dimensional polynomial ideals and SDP methodsMay 28 2014Geometric involutive bases for polynomial systems of equations have their origin in the prolongation and projection methods of the geometers Cartan and Kuranishi for systems of PDE. They are useful for numerical ideal membership testing and the solution ... More
Accelerating Minibatch Stochastic Gradient Descent using Typicality SamplingMar 11 2019Machine learning, especially deep neural networks, has been rapidly developed in fields including computer vision, speech recognition and reinforcement learning. Although Mini-batch SGD is one of the most popular stochastic optimization methods in training ... More
On maximum Estrada indices of bipartite graphs with some given parametersApr 22 2014The Estrada index of a graph $G$ is defined as $EE(G)=\sum_{i=1}^ne^{\lambda_i}$, where $\lambda_1,$ $ \lambda_2,\ldots, \lambda_n$ are the eigenvalues of the adjacency matrix of $G$. In this paper, we characterize the unique bipartite graph with maximum ... More
Global Weak Solutions to the Equations of Compressible Flow of Nematic Liquid Crystals in Two DimensionsOct 12 2012Aug 10 2013We consider weak solutions to a two-dimensional simplified Ericksen-Leslie system of compressible flow of nematic liquid crystals. An initial-boundary value problem is first studied in a bounded domain. By developing new techniques and estimates to overcome ... More
On the Rayleigh-Taylor instability for incompressible viscous magnetohydrodynamic equationsApr 28 2012May 01 2012We study the Rayleigh-Taylor problem for two incompressible, immiscible, viscous magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flows, with zero resistivity, surface tension (or without surface tenstion) and special initial magnetic field, evolving with a free interface in ... More
On Multi-dimensional Compressible Flows of Nematic Liquid Crystals with Large Initial Energy in a Bounded DomainFeb 12 2013We study the global existence of weak solutions to a multi-dimensional simplified Ericksen-Leslie system for compressible flows of nematic liquid crystals with large initial energy in a bounded domain $\Omega\subset \mathbb{R}^N$, where N=2 or 3. By exploiting ... More
$C^0$ Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for a Kirchhoff Plate Contact ProblemOct 25 2014Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods are considered for solving a plate contact problem, which is a 4th-order elliptic variational inequality of second kind. Numerous $C^0$ DG schemes for the Kirchhoff plate bending problem are extended to the variational ... More
Model Accuracy and Runtime Tradeoff in Distributed Deep Learning:A Systematic StudySep 14 2015Dec 05 2016This paper presents Rudra, a parameter server based distributed computing framework tuned for training large-scale deep neural networks. Using variants of the asynchronous stochastic gradient descent algorithm we study the impact of synchronization protocol, ... More
Universal horizons and Hawking radiation in nonprojectable 2d Hořava gravity coupled with a non-relativistic scalar fieldMar 23 2017Oct 05 2017In this paper, we study the non-projectable 2d Ho\v{r}ava gravity coupled with a non-relativistic scalar field, where the coupling is in general non-minimal and of the form $f(\phi)R$, where $f(\phi)$ is an arbitrary function of the scalar field $\phi$, ... More
A class of three-weight and five-weight linear codesSep 21 2015Recently, linear codes with few weights have been widely studied, since they have applications in data storage systems, communication systems and consumer electronics. In this paper, we present a class of three-weight and five-weight linear codes over ... More
A Class of Linear Codes With Three WeightsDec 12 2015Dec 23 2015Linear codes have been an interesting subject of study for many years. Recently, linear codes with few weights have been constructed and extensively studied. In this paper, for an odd prime p, a class of three-weight linear codes over Fp are constructed. ... More
Maximum Correntropy Adaptive Filtering Approach for Robust Compressive Sensing ReconstructionJun 10 2017Robust compressive sensing(CS) reconstruction has become an attractive research topic in recent years. Robust CS aims to reconstruct the sparse signals under non-Gaussian(i.e. heavy tailed) noises where traditional CS reconstruction algorithms may perform ... More
Differentially Private Generative Adversarial NetworkFeb 19 2018Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and its variants have recently attracted intensive research interests due to their elegant theoretical foundation and excellent empirical performance as generative models. These tools provide a promising direction ... More
Pressure induced band structure evolution of halide perovskites: a first-principles atomic and electronic structure studyNov 15 2018Nov 18 2018Density functional theory (DFT) based calculations have been conducted to draw a broad picture of pressure induced band structure evolution in various phases of organic and inorganic halide perovskite materials. Under a wide range of pressure applied, ... More
Solving the muon g-2 anomaly in CMSSM extension with non-universal gaugino massesAug 31 2018Dec 01 2018We propose to generate non-universal gaugino masses in SU(5) GUT with the generalized Planck-scale mediation SUSY breaking mechanism, in which the non-universality arises from proper wavefunction normalization with lowest component VEVs of various high ... More
Explain DAMPE Results by Dark Matter With Hierarchical Lepton-Specific Yukawa InteractionsDec 06 2017Jan 23 2018We propose to interpret the DAMPE electron excess at 1.5 TeV through scalar or Dirac fermion dark matter (DM) annihilation with doubly charged scalar mediators that have lepton-specific Yukawa couplings. Hierarchy of such lepton-specific Yukawa couplings ... More
Heavy colored SUSY partners from deflected anomaly mediationMay 11 2015We propose a deflected anomaly mediation scenario from SUSY QCD which can lead to both positive and negative deflection parameters (there is a smooth transition between these two deflection parameter regions by adjusting certain couplings). Such a scenario ... More
Maximum Total Correntropy Diffusion Adaptation over Networks with Noisy LinksFeb 14 2018Distributed estimation over networks draws much attraction in recent years. In many situations, due to imperfect information communication among nodes, the performance of traditional diffusion adaptive algorithms such as the diffusion LMS (DLMS) may degrade. ... More
Core-genome scaffold comparison reveals the prevalence that inversion events are associated with pairs of inverted repeatsAug 08 2016Motivation: Genome rearrangement plays an important role in evolutionary biology and has profound impacts on phenotype in organisms ranging from microbes to humans. The mechanisms for genome rearrangement events remain unclear. Lots of comparisons have ... More
High contrast linking 6 lasers to a 1 GHz Ybfiber laser frequency combNov 25 2018We demonstrate a 0.95 GHz repetition rate fully stabilized Yb:fiber frequency comb without optical amplification. Benefitted from the high mode power and high coherence, this comb achieved 35 dB to 42 dB signal to noise ratio on the direct heterodyne ... More
Diffusion Adaptation Framework for Compressive Sensing ReconstructionDec 03 2017Jun 22 2018Compressive sensing(CS) has drawn much attention in recent years due to its low sampling rate as well as high recovery accuracy. As an important procedure, reconstructing a sparse signal from few measurement data has been intensively studied. Many reconstruction ... More
The least eigenvalue of graphs whose complements are unicyclicMay 19 2013A graph in a certain graph class is called minimizing if the least eigenvalue of the adjacency matrix of the graph attains the minimum among all graphs in that class. Bell {\it et al.} have characterized the minimizing graphs in the class of connected ... More
Possible correlations between gamma-ray burst and its host galaxy offsetFeb 28 2019We collected the information of 304 gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) from the literature, and analyzed the correlations among the host galaxy offsets (the distance from the site of the GRB to the center of its host galaxy), $T_{\rm 90,i}$ (the duration $T_{\rm ... More
Visible astro-comb filtered by a passively-stabilized Fabry-Perot cavityAug 18 2018We demonstrate a compact 29.3 GHz visible astro-comb covering the spectrum from 560nm to 700nm. A 837 MHz Yb:fiber laser frequency comb phase locked to a Rb clock served as the seed comb to ensure the frequency stability and high side mode suppression ... More
Thoracic Disease Identification and Localization with Limited SupervisionNov 17 2017Jun 20 2018Accurate identification and localization of abnormalities from radiology images play an integral part in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning. Building a highly accurate prediction model for these tasks usually requires a large number of images manually ... More
Using Deep Learning and Google Street View to Estimate the Demographic Makeup of the USFeb 22 2017Mar 02 2017The United States spends more than $1B each year on initiatives such as the American Community Survey (ACS), a labor-intensive door-to-door study that measures statistics relating to race, gender, education, occupation, unemployment, and other demographic ... More
DenseFusion: 6D Object Pose Estimation by Iterative Dense FusionJan 15 2019A key technical challenge in performing 6D object pose estimation from RGB-D image is to fully leverage the two complementary data sources. Prior works either extract information from the RGB image and depth separately or use costly post-processing steps, ... More
Fine-Grained Car Detection for Visual Census EstimationSep 07 2017Targeted socioeconomic policies require an accurate understanding of a country's demographic makeup. To that end, the United States spends more than 1 billion dollars a year gathering census data such as race, gender, education, occupation and unemployment ... More
Exploring triplet-quadruplet fermionic dark matter at the LHC and future collidersNov 15 2017Mar 01 2018We study the signatures of the triplet-quadruplet dark matter model at the LHC and future colliders, including the 100 TeV Super Proton-Proton Collider and the 240 GeV Circular Electron Positron Collider. The dark sector in this model contains one fermionic ... More
The classification of log Enriques surfaces of rank 18Aug 15 2010Log Enriques surface is a generalization of K3 and Enriques surface. We will classify all the rational log Enriques surfaces of rank 18 by giving concrete models for the realizable types of these surfaces.
Drug Similarity Integration Through Attentive Multi-view Graph Auto-EncodersApr 28 2018Drug similarity has been studied to support downstream clinical tasks such as inferring novel properties of drugs (e.g. side effects, indications, interactions) from known properties. The growing availability of new types of drug features brings the opportunity ... More
Quantum Separability Criteria for Arbitrary Dimensional Multipartite StatesFeb 18 2014We present separability criteria for both bipartite and multipartite quantum states. These criteria include the criteria based on the correlation matrix and its generalized form as special cases. We show by detailed examples that our criteria are more ... More
Quantum Theory of Transmission Line Resonator-Assisted Cooling of a Micromechanical ResonatorApr 30 2008Jan 23 2009We propose a quantum description of the cooling of a micromechanical flexural oscillator by a one-dimensional transmission line resonator via a force that resembles cavity radiation pressure. The mechanical oscillator is capacitively coupled to the central ... More
Noether Symmetry in $f(T)$ TheoryDec 10 2011Jan 08 2012As is well known, symmetry plays an important role in the theoretical physics. In particular, the well-known Noether symmetry is an useful tool to select models motivated at a fundamental level, and find the exact solution to the given Lagrangian. In ... More
A Parameter Estimation of Fractional Order Grey Model Based on Adaptive Dynamic Cat Swarm AlgorithmMay 22 2018May 23 2018In this paper, we utilize ADCSO (Adaptive Dynamic Cat Swarm Optimization) to estimate the parameters of Fractional Order Grey Model. The parameters of Fractional Order Grey Model affect the prediction accuracy of the model. In order to solve the problem ... More
A Unified Study of Continuous and Discontinuous Galerkin MethodsDec 04 2017Apr 24 2018A unified study is presented in this paper for the design and analysis of different finite element methods (FEMs), including conforming and nonconforming FEMs, mixed FEMs, hybrid FEMs,discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods, hybrid discontinuous Galerkin ... More
Binary linear codes with at most 4 weightsFeb 02 2016For the past decades, linear codes with few weights have been widely studied, since they have applications in space communications, data storage and cryptography. In this paper, a class of binary linear codes is constructed and their weight distribution ... More
Anomalous Hall effect of ferromagnetic Fe3Sn2 single crystal with geometrically frustrated kagome latticeOct 17 2016The anomalous Hall effect is investigated for ferromagnetic Fe3Sn2 single crystal with geometrically frustrated kagome bilayer of Fe. The scaling behavior between anomalous Hall resistivity rho_{xy}^{A} and longitudinal resistivity rho_{xx} is quadratic ... More
Impurity-induced bound states in superconductors with topological orderNov 24 2011Oct 11 2012The study of classical spins in topological insulators [Phys. Rev. B {\bf 80}, 115216 (2009)] is generalized to topological superconductors. Based on the characteristic features of the so-called $F$-function, Bogoliubov-de Gennes Hamiltonian for superconductors ... More
Analytical Soft SUSY Spectrum in Mirage-Type Mediation ScenariosAug 26 2018We derive explicitly the soft SUSY breaking parameters at arbitrary low energy scale in the (deflected) mirage type mediation scenarios with possible gauge or Yukawa mediation contributions. Based on the Wilsonian effective action after integrating out ... More
Supervised Nonnegative Matrix Factorization to Predict ICU Mortality RiskSep 27 2018Oct 09 2018ICU mortality risk prediction is a tough yet important task. On one hand, due to the complex temporal data collected, it is difficult to identify the effective features and interpret them easily; on the other hand, good prediction can help clinicians ... More
Two Theorems on Hunt's Hypothesis (H) for Markov ProcessesFeb 28 2019Mar 12 2019We investigate the invariance of Hunt's hypothesis (H) for Markov processes under two classes of transformations, which are change of measure and subordination. Our first theorem shows that for two standard processes $(X_t)$ and $(Y_t)$, if $(X_t)$ satisfies ... More
New Insights on Low Energy $πN$ Scattering Amplitudes: Comprehensive Analyses at $\mathcal{O}(p^3)$ LevelNov 24 2018Feb 28 2019A production representation of partial-wave $S$ matrix is utilized to construct low-energy elastic pion-nucleon scattering amplitudes from cuts and poles on complex Riemann sheets. Among them, the contribution of left-hand cuts is estimated using the ... More
Upper bound of the fully entangled fractionOct 06 2008We study the fully entangled fraction of quantum states. An upper bound is obtained for arbitrary dimensional bipartite systems. This bound is shown to be exact for the case of two-qubit systems. An inequality related the fully entangled fraction of two ... More
Local Unitary Invariants for Multipartite Quantum SystemsOct 23 2014We present an approach of constructing invariants under local unitary transformations for multipartite quantum systems. The invariants constructed in this way can be complement to that in [Science 340 (2013) 1205-1208]. Detailed examples are given to ... More
Blob ejection from advection-dominated accretion flow: observational consequencesAug 07 2000Aug 08 2000There is increasing evidence for the presence of an optically thin advection-dominated accretion flow (ADAF) in low luminosity active galactic nuclei and radio-loud quasars. The present paper is devoted to explore the fate of a blob ejected from an ADAF, ... More
Quality Classified Image Analysis with Application to Face Detection and RecognitionJan 19 2018Motion blur, out of focus, insufficient spatial resolution, lossy compression and many other factors can all cause an image to have poor quality. However, image quality is a largely ignored issue in traditional pattern recognition literature. In this ... More
Probing Quantum Phase Transition in Macroscopic Qubit Array via circuit QED architectureMar 02 2006Jun 06 2006We demonstrate a universal physical mechanism to probe the macroscopic quantum phase transition based on circuit QED architecture. We found that, with certain parameters, the Josephson junction qubit array behaves as an antiferromagnetic Ising model in ... More
Dense Adaptive Cascade Forest: A Self Adaptive Deep Ensemble for Classification ProblemsApr 29 2018Dec 05 2018Recent researches have shown that deep forest ensemble achieves a considerable increase in classification accuracy compared with the general ensemble learning methods, especially when the training set is small. In this paper, we take advantage of deep ... More
Quantization of (1+1)-dimensional Hořava-Lifshitz theory of gravityAug 11 2014Dec 31 2014In this paper, we study the quantization of the (1+1)-dimensional projectable Ho\v{r}ava-Lifshitz (HL) gravity, and find that, when only gravity is present, the system can be quantized by following the canonical Dirac quantization, and the corresponding ... More
Strange Axial-vector Mesons in D Meson DecaysJan 29 2018The nature of strange axial-vector mesons are not well understood and can be investigated in $D$ meson decays. In this work, it is found that the experimental data of $D^0\rightarrow K^\pm K^\mp_1(1270)(\to \rho K \,\,\text{or}\,\,K^{*}\pi)$ in the $D^0\to ... More
Efficient Multi-level Correlating for Visual TrackingOct 13 2018Correlation filter (CF) based tracking algorithms have demonstrated favorable performance recently. Nevertheless, the top performance trackers always employ complicated optimization methods which constraint their real-time applications. How to accelerate ... More
Twisted modules for Toroidal vertex algebrasMar 12 2015This is a paper in a series systematically to study toroidal vertex algebras. Previously, a theory of toroidal vertex algebras and modules was developed and toroidal vertex algebras were explicitly associated to toroidal Lie algebras. In this paper, we ... More
Simple Toroidal Vertex Algebras and Their Irreducible ModulesAug 04 2014In this paper, we continue the study on toroidal vertex algebras initiated in \cite{LTW}, to study concrete toroidal vertex algebras associated to toroidal Lie algebra $L_{r}(\hat{\frak{g}})=\hat{\frak{g}}\otimes L_r$, where $\hat{\frak{g}}$ is an untwisted ... More
Complete weight enumerators of two classes of linear codesDec 23 2015Recently, linear codes with few weights have been constructed and extensively studied. In this paper, for an odd prime p, we determined the complete weight enumerator of two classes of p-ary linear codes constructed from defining set. Results show that ... More
Deflected Anomaly Mediated SUSY Breaking Scenario With General Messenger-Matter InteractionsAug 06 2015Oct 27 2015We propose to introduce general messenger-matter interactions in the deflected anomaly mediated SUSY breaking scenario. The most general form for the resulting soft parameters are derived. New interference terms between the GMSB type and AMSB type contributions ... More
Revisiting the ExtraOrdinary Gauge Mediation Scenarios and EGM Extension of deflected AMSBNov 29 2018Extraordinary gauge mediation extension of deflected AMSB scenarios can be interesting because it can accommodate together the deflection in the Kahler potential and the superpotential. We revisit the EGM scenario and derive the analytical expressions ... More
Skyrmions in the moiré of van der Waals 2D magnetsOct 07 2018We explore the skyrmion formation and control possibilities in 2D magnets from the ubiquitous moir\'e pattern in vdW heterostructures. Using the example of a ferromagnetic monolayer on an antiferromagnetic substrate, we demonstrate a new origin of skyrmions ... More
Controllability of Directed Heterogeneous Networked MIMO SystemsDec 08 2018Dec 13 2018This paper studies the controllability of networked multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) systems, in which the network topology is weighted and directed, and the nodes are heterogeneous higher-dimensional linear time-invariant (LTI) dynamical systems. The ... More
New Insights on Low Energy $πN$ Scattering AmplitudesDec 26 2017Mar 28 2018The $S$- and $P$- wave phase shifts of low-energy pion-nucleon scatterings are analysed using Peking University representation, in which they are decomposed into various terms contributing either from poles or branch cuts. We estimate the left-hand cut ... More
A Complete Set of Local Invariants for a Family of Multipartite Mixed StatesJan 11 2008We study the equivalence of quantum states under local unitary transformations by using the singular value decomposition. A complete set of invariants under local unitary transformations is presented for several classes of tripartite mixed states in KxMxN ... More
Photoelectron angular distribution from the high-order above-threshold ionization process in IR+XUV two-color laser fieldsJan 28 2018High-order above-threshold ionization (HATI) spectrum in IR+XUV two-color laser fields has been investigated. We found that the quantum features corresponding to the absorption of the XUV photon is well illustrated by a peculiar dip structure in the second ... More
Coexistence curve and molecule number density of AdS topological charged black hole in massive gravityNov 13 2017Nov 17 2017The coexistence curve and molecule number density of a 4-dimensional AdS topological charged black hole in massive gravity is investigated. We find that the analytic expression of the coexistence curve in the reduced parameter space is dependent on theory ... More
Identify Susceptible Locations in Medical Records via Adversarial Attacks on Deep Predictive ModelsFeb 13 2018The surging availability of electronic medical records (EHR) leads to increased research interests in medical predictive modeling. Recently many deep learning based predicted models are also developed for EHR data and demonstrated impressive performance. ... More
Machine Learning Approach for Solar Wind CategorizationNov 06 2018Solar wind classification is conducive to understand the physical processes ongoing at the Sun and solar wind evolution in the interplanetary space, and furthermore, it is helpful for early warnings of space weather events. With rapid developments in ... More
Separability of Tripartite Quantum SystemsSep 05 2008We investigate the separability of arbitrary dimensional tripartite sys- tems. By introducing a new operator related to transformations on the subsystems a necessary condition for the separability of tripartite systems is presented.
Reversibly tuning the insulating and superconducting state in KxFe2-ySe2 crystals by post-annealingMar 07 2011Since the discovery of superconductivity at 26 K in oxy-pnictide LaFeAsO1-xFx, enormous interests have been stimulated in the field of condensed matter physics and material sciences. Among the many kind of structures in the iron pnictide superconductors, ... More
750 GeV Diphoton Resonance, 125 GeV Higgs and Muon g-2 Anomaly in Deflected Anomaly Mediation SUSY Breaking ScenarioDec 21 2015Jun 02 2016We propose to interpret the 750 GeV diphoton excess in deflected anomaly mediation supersymmetry breaking scenarios, which can naturally predict couplings between a singlet field and vector-like messengers. The CP-even scalar component (S) of the singlet ... More
Contextual and Position-Aware Factorization Machines for Sentiment ClassificationJan 18 2018While existing machine learning models have achieved great success for sentiment classification, they typically do not explicitly capture sentiment-oriented word interaction, which can lead to poor results for fine-grained analysis at the snippet level ... More
Supersymmetry Breaking Scalar Masses and Trilinear Soft Terms From High-Dimensional Operators in E_6 SUSY GUTMar 01 2011Jul 16 2011In the GmSUGRA scenario with the high-dimensional operators containing the GUT Higgs fields, we systematically studied the supersymmetry breaking scalar masses, SM fermion Yukawa coupling terms, and trilinear soft terms in the E_6 SUSY GUT model where ... More
Generalized Froggatt-Nielsen MechanismMar 30 2011Mar 31 2011In this paper, we propose a Generalized Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism in which non-renormalizable operators involving a GUT group and $U(1)_H$ non-singlet Higgs field are introduced. Thus the GUT gauge symmetry breaking and the generation of hierarchical ... More
Pocket doping method on Improving the Performance of Graphene Nanoribbons Tunneling FETDec 12 2013A tunneling field effect transistor based on armchair graphene nanoribbons is studied using ballistic quantum transport simulation based on 3D real space nonequilibrium Green's function formalism. By introducing a pocket doping region near the source, ... More
d-Wave holographic superconductors with backreaction in external magnetic fieldsSep 19 2012Sep 26 2012We study the d-wave holographic superconductors (the d-wave model proposed in [arXiv:1003.2991[hep-th]]) immersed in constant external magnetic fields by using the analytic matching method and numerical computation. In the probe limit, we calculate the ... More