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Context Tree for Adaptive Session-based RecommendationJun 10 2018There has been growing interests in recent years from both practical and research perspectives for session-based recommendation tasks as long-term user profiles do not often exist in many real-life recommendation applications. In this case, recommendations ... More
Cubic Extremal Transition and Gromov-Witten TheoryNov 29 2017Jun 01 2018In this article, we study the change of genus zero Gromov-Witten invariants under cubic extremal transitions, following Lee-Lin-Wang [arXiv:1705.04799]. We use the language of quantum $D$-modules.
Personalization in Goal-Oriented DialogJun 22 2017Dec 15 2017The main goal of modeling human conversation is to create agents which can interact with people in both open-ended and goal-oriented scenarios. End-to-end trained neural dialog systems are an important line of research for such generalized dialog models ... More
Robust Surface Doping of Bi$_2$Se$_3$ by Rb IntercalationAug 02 2012Rubidium adsorption on the surface of the topological insulator Bi$_2$Se$_3$ is found to induce a strong downward band bending, leading to the appearance of a quantum-confined two dimensional electron gas states (2DEGs) in the conduction band. The 2DEGs ... More
Meta-Learning for Low-resource Natural Language Generation in Task-oriented Dialogue SystemsMay 14 2019Natural language generation (NLG) is an essential component of task-oriented dialogue systems. Despite the recent success of neural approaches for NLG, they are typically developed for particular domains with rich annotated training examples. In this ... More
Microscopic densities and Fock-Sobolev spacesOct 31 2016We study two-dimensional eigenvalue ensembles close to certain types of singular points in the bulk of the droplet. We prove existence of a microscopic density which quickly approaches the classical equilibrium density, as the distance from the singularity ... More
Consistency of least squares estimation to the parameter for stochastic differential equations under distribution uncertaintyApr 29 2019Under distribution uncertainty, on the basis of discrete data we investigate the consistency of the least squares estimator (LSE) of the parameter for the stochastic differential equation (SDE) where the noise are characterized by $G$-Brownian motion. ... More
In Pursuit of the Elusive SupersolidJul 15 2013Sep 15 2013The excitement following the initial report of supersolid behavior for $^4$He embedded in porous Vycor glass has been tempered by the realization that many of the early supersolid observations were contaminated by effects arising from an anomaly in the ... More
The transverse wakefield calculated by double circuit modelMay 17 2014Aug 12 2014X-band accelerator for multi-bunches has been a new way to produce high luminosity and energy efficiency bunches. As the smaller size and multi-bunches, the wakefield is more severe in X-band accelerator, unless some means of strongly suppressing of the ... More
The explicit expression of the fugacity for hard-sphere Bose and Fermi gasesJun 04 2009In this paper, we calculate the explicit expression for the fugacity for three-dimensional hard-sphere Bose and Fermi gases from their equations of state in isochoric and isobaric processes, respectively, based on the mathematical result of the boundary ... More
An exactly solvable phase transition model: generalized statistics and generalized Bose-Einstein condensationAug 31 2009In this paper, we present an exactly solvable phase transition model in which the phase transition is purely statistically derived. The phase transition in this model is a generalized Bose-Einstein condensation. The exact expression of the thermodynamic ... More
Quantum statistics of ideal gases in confined spaceOct 10 2002May 15 2003In this paper, the effects of boundary and connectivity on ideal gases in two-dimensional confined space and three-dimensional tubes are discussed in detail based on the analytical result. The implication of such effects on the mesoscopic system is also ... More
Gentile statistics with a large maximum occupation numberOct 03 2003Jul 31 2007In Gentile statistics the maximum occupation number can take on unrestricted integers: $1<n<\infty $. It is usually believed that Gentile statistics will reduce to Bose-Einstein statistics when n equals the total number of particles in the system N. In ... More
A Novel X-Axis Tuning Fork Gyroscope with "8 Vertical Springs-Proofmass" Structure on (111)-SiliconFeb 21 2008A novel x-axis tuning fork MEMS gyroscope with "8 vertical springs-proofmass" structure for Coriolis effect detection is presented. Compared with the common single-plane springs, the 8 vertical springs, symmetrically located at the top and bottom sides, ... More
Toric surfaces over an arbitrary fieldOct 20 2016We study toric varieties over an arbitrary field in the Merkurjev-Panin motivic category. In 1997, Merkurjev and Panin showed that a smooth projective toric variety $X$ is always a direct summand of a separable algebra in the motivic category and it is ... More
A Note on Large Time Behavior of Velocity in the Baratropic Compressible Navier-Stokes EquationsJun 20 2012Recently, for periodic initial data with initial density allowed to vanish, Huang and Li [1] establish the global existence of strong and weak solutions for the two-dimensional compressible Navier{Stokes equations with no restrictions on the size of initial ... More
On the Hessian of Shape Matching EnergyApr 08 2016Apr 13 2016In this technical report we derive the analytic form of the Hessian matrix for shape matching energy. Shape matching is a useful technique for meshless deformation, which can be easily combined with multiple techniques in real-time dynamics. Nevertheless, ... More
Deflected Anomaly Mediated SUSY Breaking Scenario With General Messenger-Matter InteractionsAug 06 2015Oct 27 2015We propose to introduce general messenger-matter interactions in the deflected anomaly mediated SUSY breaking scenario. The most general form for the resulting soft parameters are derived. New interference terms between the GMSB type and AMSB type contributions ... More
Circulant Digraphs Integral over Number FieldsJan 04 2012A number field K is a finite extension of rational number field Q. A circulant digraph integral over K means that all its eigenvalues are algebraic integers of K. In this paper we give the sufficient and necessary condition for circulant digraphs which ... More
Remarks on the extension of the Ricci flowJun 04 2012Jul 14 2012We present two new conditions to extend the Ricci flow on a compact manifold over a finite time, which are improvements of some known extension theorems.
Toric surfaces over an arbitrary fieldOct 20 2016Sep 13 2018We study toric varieties over an arbitrary field with an emphasis on toric surfaces in the Merkurjev-Panin motivic category of "K-motives". We explore the decomposition of certain toric varieties as K-motives into products of central simple algebras, ... More
Reactive Turing Machines with Infinite AlphabetsOct 20 2016Oct 24 2016The notion of Reactive Turing machines (RTM) was proposed as an orthogonal extension of Turing machines with interaction. RTMs are used to define the notion of executable transition system in the same way as Turing machines are used to define the notion ... More
Fractional excitation in one-dimensional two species fermionic superfluidsDec 20 2015We study one-dimensional two-species fermionic superfluids with order parameter twisted by an angle $\varphi$ at the two ends. By solving the corresponding Bogoliubov-de-Gennes equation, we obtain the U(1) soliton state which turns out to carry $\varphi ... More
A time-work uncertainty relation in quantum systemsAug 02 2016In quantum systems, a plausible definition of work is based on two energy measurement scheme. Considering that energy change of quantum system obeys a time-energy uncertainty relation, it shall be interesting to see whether such type of work as well obeys ... More
Existence and applications of Ricci flows via pseudolocalityOct 06 2016We prove the short-time existence of Ricci flows on complete manifolds with scalar curvature bounded below uniformly, Ricci curvature bounded below by a negative quadratic function, and with almost Euclidean isoperimetric inequality holds locally. In ... More
Counting using Hall Algebras III. Quivers with PotentialsJul 10 2013Jul 16 2013For a quiver with potential, we can associate a vanishing cycle to each representation space. If there is a nice torus action on the potential, the vanishing cycles can be expressed in terms of truncated Jacobian algebras. We study how these vanishing ... More
Representations of meromorphic open-string vertex algebrasJan 26 2018We study representations of the meromorphic open-string vertex algebra (MOSVAs hereafter) defined in [H3], a noncommutative generalization of vertex (operator) algebra. We start by recalling the definition of a MOSVA $V$ and left $V$-modules in [H3]. ... More
Vacuum Stability Bounds On Higgs Mass With Gravitational ContributionsDec 06 2013May 22 2014We calculate the gravitational contributions to $\phi^4$ theory with general $R_\xi$ gauge-fixing choice and find that the result is gauge independent. Based on weak coupling expansion of gravity and ignoring the possible higher dimensional operators ... More
Cyclic Lattice Feshbach ResonancesMay 30 2006Jul 15 2006In this Letter we illustrate the possible cyclic fermion pairing states across Feshbach resonances in optical lattices. In cyclic fermion pairing, the pairing amplitude exhibits an oscillatory behavior as the detuning varies. We estimate the quasi-particle ... More
Wave Function Mismatches and Coulomb DragSep 03 1999Sep 13 1999In this paper, I study the topological excitations in a pairing state in double layer systems at Landau level filling factor $\nu=1/2$ in the presence of disorders. Due to mismatches between single particle wave functions of composite Fermions in different ... More
Quantum Phase PumpingMay 13 1999May 18 1999In this Letter, we consider the adiabatic charge transport through a normal mesoscopic sample sandwiched by superconductors without modulation of local chemical potentials. The deformation of coherent quasiparticles in the normal metal in the presence ... More
Riemann hypothesis is not correctJul 17 2014This paper use Nevanlinna's Second Main Theorem of the value distribution theory, we got an important conclusion by Riemann hypothesis. this conclusion contradicts the Theorem 8.12 in Titchmarsh's book "Theory of the Riemann Zeta-functions", therefore ... More
A Corollary of Riemann HypothesisJun 26 2011This paper use the results of the value distribution theory, got a significant conclusion by Riemann hypothesis
Determination of Integral Cayley Graphs on Finite Abelian GroupsJun 05 2012A graph is integral means that all its eigenvalues are integers. In this note, we determine all the integral Cayley graphs on finite abelian groups. Moreover, we calculate the the number of integral Cayley graphs on a given finite abelian group.
An Improved Result on Rayleigh--Taylor Instability of Nonhomogeneous Incompressible Viscous FlowsJan 02 2015In [F. Jiang, S. Jiang, On instability and stability of three-dimensional gravity driven viscous flows in a bounded domain, Adv. Math., 264 (2014) 831--863], Jiang investigated the instability of Rayleigh--Taylor steady-state of a three-dimensional ... More
Categorical Homotopy I. QuiversNov 25 2012Nov 27 2012We quiver-interpret the classical simplicial theory - including the cosimplex category $\Delta$, Dold-Kan correspondence, and Hochschild homology - as a certain Q-homotopy theory of type $A$. For the cyclic and cubical theories, we proceed analogously. ... More
Generalized Froggatt-Nielsen MechanismMar 30 2011Mar 31 2011In this paper, we propose a Generalized Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism in which non-renormalizable operators involving a GUT group and $U(1)_H$ non-singlet Higgs field are introduced. Thus the GUT gauge symmetry breaking and the generation of hierarchical ... More
Supersymmetry Breaking Scalar Masses and Trilinear Soft Terms From High-Dimensional Operators in E_6 SUSY GUTMar 01 2011Jul 16 2011In the GmSUGRA scenario with the high-dimensional operators containing the GUT Higgs fields, we systematically studied the supersymmetry breaking scalar masses, SM fermion Yukawa coupling terms, and trilinear soft terms in the E_6 SUSY GUT model where ... More
Tensor Product Multiplicities via Upper Cluster AlgebrasMar 08 2016Dec 20 2017For each valued quiver $Q$ of Dynkin type, we construct a valued ice quiver $\Delta_Q^2$. Let $G$ be a simple connected Lie group with Dynkin diagram the underlying valued graph of $Q$. The upper cluster algebra of $\Delta_Q^2$ is graded by the triple ... More
Support varieties for transporter category algebrasMay 24 2011Aug 26 2011Let G be a finite group. Over any finite G-poset P we may define a transporter category as the corresponding Grothendieck construction. The classifying space of the transporter category is the Borel construction on the G-space BP, while the k-category ... More
Generation of hierarchically correlated multivariate symbolic sequencesFeb 12 2008We introduce an algorithm to generate multivariate series of symbols from a finite alphabet with a given hierarchical structure of similarities. The target hierarchical structure of similarities is arbitrary, for instance the one obtained by some hierarchical ... More
Irregular and multi--channel sampling of operatorsMar 05 2009The classical sampling theorem for bandlimited functions has recently been generalized to apply to so-called bandlimited operators, that is, to operators with band-limited Kohn-Nirenberg symbols. Here, we discuss operator sampling versions of two of the ... More
Note on the asymptotic approximation of a double integral with an angular spectrum representationJul 23 2003In this note, we are concerned with the asymptotic approximation of a class of double integrals which can be represented as an angular spectrum superposition. These double integrals typically appear in electromagnetic scattering problems. Based on the ... More
Scheduling Packets with Values and Deadlines in Size-bounded BuffersMay 24 2010Motivated by providing quality-of-service differentiated services in the Internet, we consider buffer management algorithms for network switches. We study a multi-buffer model. A network switch consists of multiple size-bounded buffers such that at any ... More
Some Torsional Local Models of Heterotic StringsAug 23 2015Oct 06 2015We construct solutions to the Strominger system on a class of noncompact Calabi-Yau 3-folds. These spaces include $\mathbb{C}^3$ and resolved conifold $\mathcal{O}(-1,-1)$ as special examples.
A Construction of Non-Kähler Calabi-Yau Manifolds and New Solutions to the Strominger SystemJul 01 2015Oct 08 2015We propose a new construction of compact non-K\"ahler Calabi-Yau manifolds with balanced metrics and study the Strominger system on them. In particular, we obtain explicit solutions to the Strominger system with degeneracies on $\Sigma_g\times T^4$, where ... More
Cohomological and numerical dynamical degrees on abelian varietiesJan 09 2019We show that for an endomorphism of an abelian variety defined over an algebraically closed field of arbitrary characteristic, the second cohomological dynamical degree coincides with the first numerical dynamical degree.
On Schrödinger equations with periodic potentials and with nonperiodic nonlinearitiesJul 27 2013Oct 29 2013We consider the Schr\"{o}dinger equation $-\Delta u +V(x)u=f(x, u)$, where $V$ is periodic and $f$ is non-periodic, 0 is a boundary point of the continuous spectrum of $A:=-\Delta +V(x)$. We use M. Willem and W. M. Zou's linking theorem and M. Schechter's ... More
Supersymmetric QFT, Super Loop Spaces and Bismut-Chern CharacterNov 24 2007Jul 24 2008In this paper, we give a quantum interpretation of the Bismut-Chern character form (the loop space lifting of the Chern character form) as well as the Chern character form associated to a complex vector bundle with connection over a smooth manifold in ... More
Counting using Hall Algebras II. Extensions from QuiversFeb 07 2013Apr 13 2015We count the $\mathbb{F}_q$-rational points of GIT quotients of quiver representations with relations. We focus on two types of algebras -- one is one-point extended from a quiver $Q$, and the other is the Dynkin $A_2$ tensored with $Q$. For both, we ... More
Eigenvalues of Curvature, Lyapunov exponents and Harder-Narasimhan filtrationsAug 07 2014Oct 11 2016Inspired by Katz-Mazur theorem on crystalline cohomology and by Eskin-Kontsevich-Zorich's numerical experiments, we conjecture that the polygon of Lyapunov spectrum lies above (or on) the Harder-Narasimhan polygon of the Hodge bundle over any Teichm\"uller ... More
Parabolic and near-parabolic renormalization for local degree threeSep 30 2015Oct 25 2016The invariant class under parabolic and near-parabolic renormalization constructed by Inou and Shishikura has proved extremely useful in recent years. It leads to several important progresses on the dynamics of certain holomorphic maps with a local degree ... More
Deep Visual-Semantic Alignments for Generating Image DescriptionsDec 07 2014Apr 14 2015We present a model that generates natural language descriptions of images and their regions. Our approach leverages datasets of images and their sentence descriptions to learn about the inter-modal correspondences between language and visual data. Our ... More
The first detection of the 232 GHz vibrationally excited H2O maser in Orion KL with ALMAAug 22 2012We investigated the ALMA science verification data of Orion KL and found a spectral signature of the vibrationally excited H2O maser line at 232.68670 GHz (nu2=1, 5,5,0-6,4,3). This line has been detected in circumstellar envelopes of late-type stars ... More
Spatial uniformity in power-grid systemApr 13 2017Robust synchronization is indispensable for stable operation of a power grid. Recently, it has been reported that a large number of decentralized generators, rather than a small number of large power plants, provide enhanced synchronization together with ... More
Periodic total variation flow of non-divergence type in RnFeb 04 2013We introduce a new notion of viscosity solutions for a class of very singular nonlinear parabolic problems of non-divergence form in a periodic domain of arbitrary dimension, whose diffusion on flat parts with zero slope is so strong that it becomes a ... More
Statefinder diagnosis for the extended holographic Ricci dark energy model without and with interactionMay 13 2013We apply the statefinder diagnostic to the extended holographic Ricci dark energy (ERDE) model without and with interaction to study their behaviors. We plot the trajectories of various parameters for different cases. It is shown that the non-interacting ... More
Propagation Distance Required to Reach Steady-State Detonation Velocity in Finite-Sized ChargesJul 08 2014The decay of a detonation wave from its initial CJ velocity to its final, steady state velocity upon encountering a finite thickness or diameter charge is investigated numerically and theoretically. The numerical simulations use an ideal gas equation ... More
A generalized concept-cognitive learning: A machine learning viewpointJan 08 2018Dec 24 2018Concept-cognitive learning (CCL) is a hot topic in recent years, and it has attracted much attention from the communities of formal concept analysis, granular computing and cognitive computing. However, the relationship among cognitive computing (CC), ... More
Efficient Context Aggregation for End-to-End Speech Enhancement Using a Densely Connected Convolutional and Recurrent NetworkAug 18 2019In speech enhancement, an end-to-end deep neural network converts a noisy speech signal to a clean speech directly in time domain without time-frequency transformation or mask estimation. However, aggregating contextual information from a high-resolution ... More
Three-Tangle in Non-inertial FrameMar 26 2012Jul 31 2012Let Alice, Bob, and Charlie initially share an arbitrary fermionic three-qubit pure state, whose three-tangle is $\tau_3^{(0)}$. It is shown within the single-mode approximation that if one party among the three of them moves with a uniform acceleration ... More
Optimal control of uncertain stochastic systems with Markovian switching and its applications to portfolio decisionsJan 11 2014This paper first describes a class of uncertain stochastic control systems with Markovian switching, and derives an It\^o-Liu formula for Markov-modulated processes. And we characterize an optimal control law, which satisfies the generalized Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman ... More
The dimension of automorphism groups of algebraic varieties with pseudo-effective log canonical divisorsNov 03 2016Let $(X,D)$ be a log smooth pair of dimension $n$ and $D$ a reduced effective divisor such that the log canonical divisor $K_X+D$ is pseudo-effective. Let $G$ be a connected (algebraic) subgroup of $\mathrm{Aut}(X,D)$. Then $G$ is a semi-abelian variety ... More
Stable Forms, Vector Cross Products and Their Applications in GeometryApr 10 2015Jun 23 2015The connection between Hitchin's stable forms and vector cross products is observed. Using this correspondence, we construct new examples of non-Kahler Calabi-Yau 3-folds and manifolds with G2-structure of class W3. We also generalize and refine results ... More
Upper Bound of The Exceptional Real ZeroMay 18 2011Apr 20 2015This paper use the methods of References [1], we got a good upper bound of exceptional real zero of the Dirichlet L- function.
Moduli of Representations I. Projections from QuiversNov 28 2010Apr 11 2013We use categorical method and birational geometry to study moduli spaces of quiver representations. From certain "representable" functor, we construct a birational transformation from the moduli space of representations of one quiver to another new quiver ... More
Emergent Geometric Hamiltonian and Insulator-Superfluid Phase TransitionsMar 22 2005May 05 2005I argue that certain bosonic insulator-superfluid phase transitions as an interaction constant varies are driven by emergent geometric properties of insulating states. The {\em renormalized} chemical potential and distribution of disordered bosons define ... More
Quantum Spin Nematic States in Bose-Einstein CondensatesAug 28 2001Dec 19 2002We review some recent results on discrete symmetries and topological order in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) of $^{23}Na$. For spin one bosons with two-body scatterings dominated by a total spin equal to two channel, the BECs are in quantum spin ... More
Infinitely many non-radial sign-changing solutions for a Fractional Laplacian equation with critical nonlinearityAug 14 2014In this work, the following fractional Laplacian problem with pure critical nonlinearity is considered \begin{equation*} \left\{ \begin{array}{ll} (-\Delta)^{s} u=|u|^{\frac{4s}{N-2s}}u, &\mbox{in}\ \mathbb{R}^N, \\ u\in \mathcal{D}^{s,2}(\mathbb{R}^N), ... More
Nontrivial solutions for semilinear elliptic systems via Orlicz-Sobolev theoryJul 28 2013In this paper, the semilinear elliptic systems with Dirichlet boundary value are considered \begin{align} \left\{\begin{array}{ll} -\Delta v=f(u) & \mathrm{in}\ \Omega, -\Delta u=g(v) & \mathrm{in}\ \Omega, u=0, \ v=0 & \mathrm{on}\ \partial\Omega, \end{array} ... More
Monte Carlo Study of a 137Cs calibration field of the China institute of atomic energyFeb 10 2015The MCNP code was used to study the characteristics of gamma radiation field with collimated beam geometry. A close-to-reality simulation model of the facility was used for calculation air-kerma along the whole range of source-detector-distance (SDD) ... More
A method to determine algebraically integral Cayley digraphs on finite Abelian groupJun 05 2012Apr 29 2018Researchers in the past have studied eigenvalues of Cayley digraphs or graphs. We are interested in characterizing Cayley digraphs on a finite Abelian group G whose eigenvalues are algebraic integers in a given number field K. And we succeed in finding ... More
Rational maps without Herman ringsOct 10 2013Jun 18 2016Let $f$ be a rational map with degree at least two. We prove that $f$ has at least $2$ disjoint and infinite critical orbits in the Julia set if it has a Herman ring. This result is sharp in the following sense: there exists a cubic rational map having ... More
A criterion to generate carpet Julia setsAug 19 2017It was known that the Sierpi\'{n}ski carpets can appear as the Julia sets in the families of some rational maps. In this article we present a criterion that guarantees the existence of the carpet Julia sets in some rational maps having exactly one fixed ... More
The classification of log Enriques surfaces of rank 18Aug 15 2010Log Enriques surface is a generalization of K3 and Enriques surface. We will classify all the rational log Enriques surfaces of rank 18 by giving concrete models for the realizable types of these surfaces.
A class of cyclotomic linear codes and their generalized Hamming weightsAug 15 2017Firstly, we give a formula on the generalized Hamming weight of linear codes constructed generically by defining sets. Secondly, by choosing properly the defining set we obtain a class of cyclotomic linear codes and then present two alternative formulas ... More
Anisotropic total variation flow of non-divergence type on a higher dimensional torusMay 25 2013We extend the theory of viscosity solutions to a class of very singular nonlinear parabolic problems of non-divergence form in a periodic domain of an arbitrary dimension with diffusion given by an anisotropic total variation energy. We give a proof of ... More
Quantum Discord and Quantum Entanglement in the Background of an Asymptotically Flat Static Black HolesJun 25 2012The quantum discord and tripartite entanglement are discussed in the presence of an asymptotically flat static black holes. The total correlation, quantum discord and classical correlation exhibit decreasing behavior with increasing Hawking temperature. ... More
Achieving GWAS with Homomorphic EncryptionFeb 12 2019Aug 01 2019One way of investigating how genes affect human traits would be with a genome-wide association study (GWAS). Genetic markers, known as single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), are used in GWAS. This raises privacy and security concerns as these genetic markers ... More
Edge-transitive bi-Cayley graphsJun 15 2016A graph $\G$ admitting a group $H$ of automorphisms acting semi-regularly on the vertices with exactly two orbits is called a {\em bi-Cayley graph\/} over $H$. Such a graph $\G$ is called {\em normal\/} if $H$ is normal in the full automorphism group ... More
Deep Fragment Embeddings for Bidirectional Image Sentence MappingJun 22 2014We introduce a model for bidirectional retrieval of images and sentences through a multi-modal embedding of visual and natural language data. Unlike previous models that directly map images or sentences into a common embedding space, our model works on ... More
Information Maximizing Visual Question GenerationMar 27 2019Though image-to-sequence generation models have become overwhelmingly popular in human-computer communications, they suffer from strongly favoring safe generic questions ("What is in this picture?"). Generating uninformative but relevant questions is ... More
DenseCap: Fully Convolutional Localization Networks for Dense CaptioningNov 24 2015We introduce the dense captioning task, which requires a computer vision system to both localize and describe salient regions in images in natural language. The dense captioning task generalizes object detection when the descriptions consist of a single ... More
Visualizing and Understanding Recurrent NetworksJun 05 2015Nov 17 2015Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), and specifically a variant with Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), are enjoying renewed interest as a result of successful applications in a wide range of machine learning problems that involve sequential data. However, while ... More
VideoSET: Video Summary Evaluation through TextJun 23 2014In this paper we present VideoSET, a method for Video Summary Evaluation through Text that can evaluate how well a video summary is able to retain the semantic information contained in its original video. We observe that semantics is most easily expressed ... More
Love Thy Neighbors: Image Annotation by Exploiting Image MetadataAug 30 2015Sep 22 2015Some images that are difficult to recognize on their own may become more clear in the context of a neighborhood of related images with similar social-network metadata. We build on this intuition to improve multilabel image annotation. Our model uses image ... More
Comparing descent obstruction and Brauer-Manin obstruction for open varietiesApr 10 2016May 23 2016A relation between Brauer-Manin obstruction and descent obstruction for torsors over open varieties under a connected linear algebraic group or a group of multiplicative type is given. Such a relation is further refined for torsors under a torus. We also ... More
Pattern of Light Scalar MesonsJun 08 2007Combining the recent lattice calculation of $a_0(1450)$ and $\sigma(600)$ mesons with the overlap fermion in the chiral regime with the pion mass less than $300 {\rm MeV}$, the quenched lattice calculation of the scalar glueball, and the phenomenological ... More
Remarks on GJMS operator of order sixMay 08 2016We study the sixth order GJMS operator $P_g^6$ in analytic aspects. Under conformal normal coordinates around some point, the expansion formulae of Green's function of $P_g^6$ with pole at the same point are presented. As a starting point of the study ... More
Global Generation of Adjoint Line Bundles on Projective $5$-foldsMay 04 2014Let $X$ be a smooth projective variety of dimension $5$ and $L$ be an ample line bundle on $X$ such that $L^5>7^5$ and $L^d\cdot Z\geq 7^d$ for any subvariety $Z$ of dimension $1\leq d\leq 4$. We show that $\mathcal{O}_X(K_X+L)$ is globally generated. ... More
Localized Sparsifying Preconditioner for Periodic Indefinite SystemsJul 09 2016May 11 2017This paper introduces the localized sparsifying preconditioner for the pseudospectral approximations of indefinite systems on periodic structures. The work is built on top of the recently proposed sparsifying preconditioner with two major modifications. ... More
Recursive Sweeping Preconditioner for the 3D Helmholtz EquationFeb 25 2015This paper introduces the recursive sweeping preconditioner for the numerical solution of the Helmholtz equation in 3D. This is based on the earlier work of the sweeping preconditioner with the moving perfectly matched layers (PMLs). The key idea is to ... More
Minimal Yukawa deflection of AMSB from the Kahler potentialMar 13 2019We propose a minimal Yukawa deflection scenario of AMSB from the Kahler potential through the Higgs-messenger mixing. Salient features of this scenario are discussed and realistic MSSM spectrum can be obtained. Such a scenario, which are very predictive, ... More
Entanglement monogamy relations of qubit systemsSep 03 2014We investigate the monogamy relations related to the concurrence and the entanglement of formation. General monogamy inequalities given by the {\alpha}th power of concurrence and entanglement of formation are presented for N-qubit states. The monogamy ... More
A Note on Pseudo-Hermitian Systems with Point Interactions and Quantum SeparabilityJan 12 2007We study the quantum entanglement and separability of Hermitian and pseudo-Hermitian systems of identical bosonic or fermionic particles with point interactions. The separability conditions are investigated in detail.
Integrability and PT-symmetry of $N$-Body Systems with Spin-coupling $δ$-InteractionsDec 03 2003We study the PT-symmetric boundary conditions for "spin"-related $\delta$-interactions and the corresponding integrability for both bosonic and fermionic many-body systems. The spectra and bound states are discussed in detail for spin-1/2 particle systems. ... More
On Integrability and Pseudo-Hermitian Systems with Spin-Coupling Point InteractionsNov 16 2005Nov 17 2005We study the pseudo-Hermitian systems with general spin-coupling point interactions and give a systematic description of the corresponding boundary conditions for PT-symmetric systems. The corresponding integrability for both bosonic and fermionic many-body ... More
A graphical method to calculate Selmer groups of several families of non-CM elliptic curvesDec 27 2009In this paper, we extend the ideas of Feng [F1], Feng-Xiong [FX] and Faulkner-James [FJ] to calculate the Selmer groups of elliptic curves $ y^{2} = x (x + \varepsilon p D) (x + \epsilon q D). $
Quantum dynamics, particle delocalization and instability of Mott states: the effect of fermion-boson conversion on Mott statesNov 23 2005Nov 29 2005We study the quantum dynamics of superfluids of bosons hybridized with Cooper pairs near Feshbach resonances and the influence of fermion-boson conversion on Mott states. We derive a set of equations of motion which describe novel low energy dynamics ... More
Novel Parameter Estimation Strategies for Time-Varying Systems via Real-Time Non-Linear Receding Horizon Control in Chaotic EnvironmentsDec 18 2014In this paper, based on real-time nonlinear receding horizon control methodology, a novel approach is developed for parameter estimation of time invariant and time varying nonlinear dynamical systems in chaotic environments. Here, the parameter estimation ... More