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Cubic Extremal Transition and Gromov-Witten TheoryNov 29 2017Jun 01 2018In this article, we study the change of genus zero Gromov-Witten invariants under cubic extremal transitions, following Lee-Lin-Wang [arXiv:1705.04799]. We use the language of quantum $D$-modules.
Meta-Learning for Low-resource Natural Language Generation in Task-oriented Dialogue SystemsMay 14 2019Natural language generation (NLG) is an essential component of task-oriented dialogue systems. Despite the recent success of neural approaches for NLG, they are typically developed for particular domains with rich annotated training examples. In this ... More
Sampling the Probability Distribution of Type Ia Supernova Lightcurve Parameters in Cosmological AnalysisMay 19 2015Mar 31 2016In order to obtain robust cosmological constraints from Type Ia supernova (SN Ia) data, we have applied Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) to SN Ia lightcurve fitting. We develop a method for sampling the resultant probability density distributions (pdf) ... More
Edge scaling limit of the spectral radius for random normal matrix ensembles at hard edgeAug 26 2015We show that for the hard edge ensemble with power potential, the limiting law of the spectral radius with a proper rescaling follows an exponential distribution and prove this edge universality for radially symmetric subharmonic potentials. We also obtain ... More
Quantile regression with varying coefficientsAug 03 2007Quantile regression provides a framework for modeling statistical quantities of interest other than the conditional mean. The regression methodology is well developed for linear models, but less so for nonparametric models. We consider conditional quantiles ... More
Microscopic densities and Fock-Sobolev spacesOct 31 2016We study two-dimensional eigenvalue ensembles close to certain types of singular points in the bulk of the droplet. We prove existence of a microscopic density which quickly approaches the classical equilibrium density, as the distance from the singularity ... More
Influence of Discrete Sources on Detonation Propagation in a Burgers Equation Analog SystemFeb 01 2015An analog to the equations of compressible flow that is based on the inviscid Burgers equation is utilized to investigate the effect of spatial discreteness of energy release on the propagation of a detonation wave. While the traditional Chapman-Jouguet ... More
Consistency of least squares estimation to the parameter for stochastic differential equations under distribution uncertaintyApr 29 2019Under distribution uncertainty, on the basis of discrete data we investigate the consistency of the least squares estimator (LSE) of the parameter for the stochastic differential equation (SDE) where the noise are characterized by $G$-Brownian motion. ... More
The explicit expression of the fugacity for weakly interacting Bose and Fermi gasesJun 04 2009Nov 08 2017In this paper, we calculate the explicit expression for the fugacity for two- and three-dimensional weakly interacting Bose and Fermi gases from their equations of state in isochoric and isobaric processes, respectively, based on the mathematical result ... More
The equation of state for two-dimensional hard-sphere gases: Hard-sphere gases as ideal gases with multi-core boundariesFeb 25 2006The equation of state for a two-dimensional hard-sphere gas is difficult to calculate by usual methods. In this paper we develop an approach for calculating the equation of state of hard-sphere gases, both for two- and three-dimensional cases. By regarding ... More
Comment on "Bose-Einstein condensation in low-dimensional traps"Nov 28 2002Dec 18 2002We show that the critical temperature of a one-dimensional gas confined by a power-law potential should be lower than that in the paper of Vanderlei Bagnato and Daniel Kleppner. Moreover, a sketch of the critical temperature is given in some more details. ... More
Do bosons obey Bose-Einstein distribution: two iterated limits of Gentile distributionJun 20 2009It is a common impression that by only setting the maximum occupation number to infinity, which is the demand of the indistinguishability of bosons, one can achieve the statistical distribution that bosons obey -- the Bose-Einstein distribution. In this ... More
A representation of angular momentum (SU(2)) algebraSep 12 2003Dec 01 2004This paper seeks to construct a representation of the algebra of angular momentum (SU(2) algebra) in terms of the operator relations corresponding to Gentile statistics in which one quantum state can be occupied by $n$ particles. First, we present an ... More
In Pursuit of the Elusive SupersolidJul 15 2013Sep 15 2013The excitement following the initial report of supersolid behavior for $^4$He embedded in porous Vycor glass has been tempered by the realization that many of the early supersolid observations were contaminated by effects arising from an anomaly in the ... More
Generalized Bruhat Cells and Completeness of Hamiltonian Flows of Kogan-Zelevinsky Integrable SystemsAug 04 2017Nov 01 2017Let $G$ be any connected and simply connected complex semisimple Lie group, equipped with a standard holomorphic multiplicative Poisson structure. We show that the Hamiltonian flows of all the Fomin-Zelevinsky twisted generalized minors on every double ... More
The explicit expression of the fugacity for hard-sphere Bose and Fermi gasesJun 04 2009In this paper, we calculate the explicit expression for the fugacity for three-dimensional hard-sphere Bose and Fermi gases from their equations of state in isochoric and isobaric processes, respectively, based on the mathematical result of the boundary ... More
Optimal stochastic control and optimal consumption and portfolio with G-Brownian motionSep 01 2013By the calculus of Peng's G-sublinear expectation and G-Brownian motion on a sublinear expectation space $(\Omega, {\cal H}, \hat{\mathbb{E}})$, we first set up an optimality principle of stochastic control problem. Then we investigate an optimal consumption ... More
Formation of localized magnetic states in a large-spin Fermi systemMay 14 2019We extend the Anderson impurity model to a large-spin Fermi system with spin $f$=3/2, stimulated by the realization of large-spin ultracold Fermi atoms. The condition required for the spontaneous formation of local magnetic moments is examined and the ... More
A Novel X-Axis Tuning Fork Gyroscope with "8 Vertical Springs-Proofmass" Structure on (111)-SiliconFeb 21 2008A novel x-axis tuning fork MEMS gyroscope with "8 vertical springs-proofmass" structure for Coriolis effect detection is presented. Compared with the common single-plane springs, the 8 vertical springs, symmetrically located at the top and bottom sides, ... More
Determination of Integral Cayley Graphs on Finite Abelian GroupsJun 05 2012A graph is integral means that all its eigenvalues are integers. In this note, we determine all the integral Cayley graphs on finite abelian groups. Moreover, we calculate the the number of integral Cayley graphs on a given finite abelian group.
An Improved Result on Rayleigh--Taylor Instability of Nonhomogeneous Incompressible Viscous FlowsJan 02 2015In [F. Jiang, S. Jiang, On instability and stability of three-dimensional gravity driven viscous flows in a bounded domain, Adv. Math., 264 (2014) 831--863], Jiang investigated the instability of Rayleigh--Taylor steady-state of a three-dimensional ... More
Categorical Homotopy I. QuiversNov 25 2012Nov 27 2012We quiver-interpret the classical simplicial theory - including the cosimplex category $\Delta$, Dold-Kan correspondence, and Hochschild homology - as a certain Q-homotopy theory of type $A$. For the cyclic and cubical theories, we proceed analogously. ... More
Generalized Froggatt-Nielsen MechanismMar 30 2011Mar 31 2011In this paper, we propose a Generalized Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism in which non-renormalizable operators involving a GUT group and $U(1)_H$ non-singlet Higgs field are introduced. Thus the GUT gauge symmetry breaking and the generation of hierarchical ... More
Supersymmetry Breaking Scalar Masses and Trilinear Soft Terms From High-Dimensional Operators in E_6 SUSY GUTMar 01 2011Jul 16 2011In the GmSUGRA scenario with the high-dimensional operators containing the GUT Higgs fields, we systematically studied the supersymmetry breaking scalar masses, SM fermion Yukawa coupling terms, and trilinear soft terms in the E_6 SUSY GUT model where ... More
Local Representation Theory of Transporter CategoriesMar 03 2017We attempt to generalize the $p$-modular representation theory of finite groups to finite transporter categories, which are regarded as generalized groups. We shall carry on our tasks through modules of transporter category algebras, a type of Gorenstein ... More
Support varieties for transporter category algebrasMay 24 2011Aug 26 2011Let G be a finite group. Over any finite G-poset P we may define a transporter category as the corresponding Grothendieck construction. The classifying space of the transporter category is the Borel construction on the G-space BP, while the k-category ... More
Tensor Product Multiplicities via Upper Cluster AlgebrasMar 08 2016Dec 20 2017For each valued quiver $Q$ of Dynkin type, we construct a valued ice quiver $\Delta_Q^2$. Let $G$ be a simple connected Lie group with Dynkin diagram the underlying valued graph of $Q$. The upper cluster algebra of $\Delta_Q^2$ is graded by the triple ... More
Constructing Coherently G-invariant ModulesFeb 25 2014Mar 15 2016Let $G$ be a reductive group acting on a path algebra $kQ$ as automorphisms. We assume that $G$ admits a graded polynomial representation theory, and the action is polynomial. We describe the quiver $Q_G$ of the smash product algebra $kQ\# k[M_G]^*$, ... More
Reactive Turing Machines with Infinite AlphabetsOct 20 2016Oct 24 2016The notion of Reactive Turing machines (RTM) was proposed as an orthogonal extension of Turing machines with interaction. RTMs are used to define the notion of executable transition system in the same way as Turing machines are used to define the notion ... More
Fractional excitation in one-dimensional two species fermionic superfluidsDec 20 2015We study one-dimensional two-species fermionic superfluids with order parameter twisted by an angle $\varphi$ at the two ends. By solving the corresponding Bogoliubov-de-Gennes equation, we obtain the U(1) soliton state which turns out to carry $\varphi ... More
A time-work uncertainty relation in quantum systemsAug 02 2016In quantum systems, a plausible definition of work is based on two energy measurement scheme. Considering that energy change of quantum system obeys a time-energy uncertainty relation, it shall be interesting to see whether such type of work as well obeys ... More
Existence and applications of Ricci flows via pseudolocalityOct 06 2016We prove the short-time existence of Ricci flows on complete manifolds with scalar curvature bounded below uniformly, Ricci curvature bounded below by a negative quadratic function, and with almost Euclidean isoperimetric inequality holds locally. In ... More
Counting using Hall Algebras III. Quivers with PotentialsJul 10 2013Jul 16 2013For a quiver with potential, we can associate a vanishing cycle to each representation space. If there is a nice torus action on the potential, the vanishing cycles can be expressed in terms of truncated Jacobian algebras. We study how these vanishing ... More
Cyclic Lattice Feshbach ResonancesMay 30 2006Jul 15 2006In this Letter we illustrate the possible cyclic fermion pairing states across Feshbach resonances in optical lattices. In cyclic fermion pairing, the pairing amplitude exhibits an oscillatory behavior as the detuning varies. We estimate the quasi-particle ... More
Wave Function Mismatches and Coulomb DragSep 03 1999Sep 13 1999In this paper, I study the topological excitations in a pairing state in double layer systems at Landau level filling factor $\nu=1/2$ in the presence of disorders. Due to mismatches between single particle wave functions of composite Fermions in different ... More
Quantum Phase PumpingMay 13 1999May 18 1999In this Letter, we consider the adiabatic charge transport through a normal mesoscopic sample sandwiched by superconductors without modulation of local chemical potentials. The deformation of coherent quasiparticles in the normal metal in the presence ... More
Spectra of tensor triangulated categories over category algebrasSep 13 2013Let C be a finite EI category and k be a field. We consider the category algebra kC. Suppose K(C)=D^b(kC-mod) is the bounded derived category of finitely generated left modules. This is a tensor triangulated category and we compute its spectrum in the ... More
Cluster Algebras, Invariant Theory, and Kronecker Coefficients IINov 01 2017We prove that the semi-invariant ring of the standard representation space of the $l$-flagged $m$-arrow Kronecker quiver is an upper cluster algebra for any $l,m\in \mathbb{N}$. The quiver and cluster are explicitly given. We prove that the quiver with ... More
Counting Using Hall Algebras I. QuiversNov 28 2011Sep 24 2012We survey some results on counting the rational points of moduli spaces of quiver representations. We then make generalizations to Grassmannians and flags of quiver representations. These results have nice applications to the cluster algebra. Along the ... More
Cluster Algebras, Invariant Theory, and Kronecker Coefficients IApr 12 2015Aug 25 2015We relate the $m$-truncated Kronecker products of symmetric functions to the semi-invariant rings of a family of quiver representations. We find cluster algebra structures for these semi-invariant rings when $m=2$. Each {\sf g}-vector cone ${\sf G}_{\Diamond_l}$ ... More
Cluster Algebras and Semi-invariant Rings I. Triple FlagsNov 17 2014Mar 03 2015We prove that each semi-invariant ring of the complete triple flag of length $n$ is an upper cluster algebra associated to an ice hive quiver. We find a rational polyhedral cone ${\sf G}_n$ such that the generic cluster character maps its lattice points ... More
Cluster Algebras and Semi-invariant Rings II. ProjectionsAug 23 2015Aug 30 2015Let ${\rm SI}_\beta(Q)$ be the semi-invariant ring of $\beta$-dimensional representations of a quiver $Q$. Suppose that $(Q,\beta)$ projects to another quiver with dimension vector $(Q',\beta')$ through an exceptional representation $E$. We show that ... More
Note on the asymptotic approximation of a double integral with an angular spectrum representationJul 23 2003In this note, we are concerned with the asymptotic approximation of a class of double integrals which can be represented as an angular spectrum superposition. These double integrals typically appear in electromagnetic scattering problems. Based on the ... More
Scheduling Packets with Values and Deadlines in Size-bounded BuffersMay 24 2010Motivated by providing quality-of-service differentiated services in the Internet, we consider buffer management algorithms for network switches. We study a multi-buffer model. A network switch consists of multiple size-bounded buffers such that at any ... More
Supersymmetric QFT, Super Loop Spaces and Bismut-Chern CharacterNov 24 2007Jul 24 2008In this paper, we give a quantum interpretation of the Bismut-Chern character form (the loop space lifting of the Chern character form) as well as the Chern character form associated to a complex vector bundle with connection over a smooth manifold in ... More
Cohomological and numerical dynamical degrees on abelian varietiesJan 09 2019We show that for an endomorphism of an abelian variety defined over an algebraically closed field of arbitrary characteristic, the second cohomological dynamical degree coincides with the first numerical dynamical degree.
Disjointness of Möbius from asymptotically periodic functionsOct 17 2018Nov 08 2018In this paper, we introduce asymptotically periodic functions and study these functions from the point of view of operator algebras and dynamical systems. We show that the M\"{o}bius function is disjoint from any strongly asymptotically periodic functions. ... More
The dimension of automorphism groups of algebraic varieties with pseudo-effective log canonical divisorsNov 03 2016Jul 15 2017Let $(X,D)$ be a log smooth pair of dimension $n$, where $D$ is a reduced effective divisor such that the log canonical divisor $K_X + D$ is pseudo-effective. Let $G$ be a connected algebraic subgroup of $\mathrm{Aut}(X,D)$. We show that $G$ is a semi-abelian ... More
On Some Quiver Determinantal VarietiesMay 26 2014Apr 08 2015We introduce certain quiver analogue of the determinantal variety. We study the Kempf-Lascoux-Weyman's complex associated to a line bundle on the variety. In the case of generalized Kronecker quivers, we give a sufficient condition on when the complex ... More
Optimal control of uncertain stochastic systems with Markovian switching and its applications to portfolio decisionsJan 11 2014This paper first describes a class of uncertain stochastic control systems with Markovian switching, and derives an It\^o-Liu formula for Markov-modulated processes. And we characterize an optimal control law, which satisfies the generalized Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman ... More
A Better Memoryless Online Algorithm for FIFO Buffering Packets with Two ValuesMay 20 2010Aug 01 2011We consider scheduling packets with values in a capacity-bounded buffer in an online setting. In this model, there is a buffer with limited capacity $B$. At any time, the buffer cannot accommodate more than $B$ packets. Packets arrive over time. Each ... More
Algorithms for Scheduling Weighted Packets with Deadlines in a Bounded QueueJul 17 2008Feb 07 2009Motivated by the Quality-of-Service (QoS) buffer management problem, we consider online scheduling of packets with hard deadlines in a finite capacity queue. At any time, a queue can store at most $b \in \mathbb Z^+$ packets. Packets arrive over time. ... More
Stable Forms, Vector Cross Products and Their Applications in GeometryApr 10 2015Jun 23 2015The connection between Hitchin's stable forms and vector cross products is observed. Using this correspondence, we construct new examples of non-Kahler Calabi-Yau 3-folds and manifolds with G2-structure of class W3. We also generalize and refine results ... More
The energy identity of Sacks-Uhlenbeck operator and infinitely many solutions for Brezis-Nirenberg problemJul 18 2018Let $\Omega$ be a bounded smooth domain in $\mathbb{R}^N$ with $N\geq 3$, $1<\alpha$, $2^{\ast}=\frac{2N}{N-2}$ and $\{u_\alpha\}\subset H_{0}^{1,2\alpha}(\Omega)$ be a critical point of the functional \begin{equation*} I_{\alpha,\lambda}(u)=\frac{1}{2\alpha}\int\limits_{\Omega} ... More
Infinitely many non-radial sign-changing solutions for a Fractional Laplacian equation with critical nonlinearityAug 14 2014In this work, the following fractional Laplacian problem with pure critical nonlinearity is considered \begin{equation*} \left\{ \begin{array}{ll} (-\Delta)^{s} u=|u|^{\frac{4s}{N-2s}}u, &\mbox{in}\ \mathbb{R}^N, \\ u\in \mathcal{D}^{s,2}(\mathbb{R}^N), ... More
Nontrivial solutions for semilinear elliptic systems via Orlicz-Sobolev theoryJul 28 2013In this paper, the semilinear elliptic systems with Dirichlet boundary value are considered \begin{align} \left\{\begin{array}{ll} -\Delta v=f(u) & \mathrm{in}\ \Omega, -\Delta u=g(v) & \mathrm{in}\ \Omega, u=0, \ v=0 & \mathrm{on}\ \partial\Omega, \end{array} ... More
A sensible proof connecting the scale-free feature with the Zipf-lawApr 17 2019Most of various large-size complex systems in nature and society can be well described as complex networks (graphs) to better understand the evolutional mechanisms and dynamical functions behind themselves. Of some part follow scale-free behavior, that ... More
Upper Bound of The Exceptional Real ZeroMay 18 2011Apr 20 2015This paper use the methods of References [1], we got a good upper bound of exceptional real zero of the Dirichlet L- function.
Moduli of Representations I. Projections from QuiversNov 28 2010Apr 11 2013We use categorical method and birational geometry to study moduli spaces of quiver representations. From certain "representable" functor, we construct a birational transformation from the moduli space of representations of one quiver to another new quiver ... More
Cantor Julia sets with Hausdorff dimension twoFeb 04 2018We prove the existence of Cantor Julia sets with Hausdorff dimension two. In particular, such examples can be found in cubic polynomials. The proof is based on the characterization of the parameter spaces and dynamical planes of cubic polynomials by Branner-Hubbard, ... More
Monte Carlo Study of a 137Cs calibration field of the China institute of atomic energyFeb 10 2015The MCNP code was used to study the characteristics of gamma radiation field with collimated beam geometry. A close-to-reality simulation model of the facility was used for calculation air-kerma along the whole range of source-detector-distance (SDD) ... More
A class of cyclotomic linear codes and their generalized Hamming weightsAug 15 2017Firstly, we give a formula on the generalized Hamming weight of linear codes constructed generically by defining sets. Secondly, by choosing properly the defining set we obtain a class of cyclotomic linear codes and then present two alternative formulas ... More
Counting using Hall Algebras III. Quivers with PotentialsJul 10 2013Sep 15 2018For a quiver with potential, we can associate a vanishing cycle to each representation space. If there is a nice torus action on the potential, the vanishing cycles can be expressed in terms of truncated Jacobian algebras. We study how these vanishing ... More
A criterion to generate carpet Julia setsAug 19 2017It was known that the Sierpi\'{n}ski carpets can appear as the Julia sets in the families of some rational maps. In this article we present a criterion that guarantees the existence of the carpet Julia sets in some rational maps having exactly one fixed ... More
Rational maps without Herman ringsOct 10 2013Jun 18 2016Let $f$ be a rational map with degree at least two. We prove that $f$ has at least $2$ disjoint and infinite critical orbits in the Julia set if it has a Herman ring. This result is sharp in the following sense: there exists a cubic rational map having ... More
Toric surfaces over an arbitrary fieldOct 20 2016We study toric varieties over an arbitrary field in the Merkurjev-Panin motivic category. In 1997, Merkurjev and Panin showed that a smooth projective toric variety $X$ is always a direct summand of a separable algebra in the motivic category and it is ... More
Classification of Moduli Spaces of Arrangements of 9 Projective LinesDec 19 2011Mar 19 2014In this paper, we present a proof that the list of the classification of arrangements of 9 lines by Nazir and Yoshinaga is complete.
A Note on Large Time Behavior of Velocity in the Baratropic Compressible Navier-Stokes EquationsJun 20 2012Recently, for periodic initial data with initial density allowed to vanish, Huang and Li [1] establish the global existence of strong and weak solutions for the two-dimensional compressible Navier{Stokes equations with no restrictions on the size of initial ... More
Deflected Anomaly Mediated SUSY Breaking Scenario With General Messenger-Matter InteractionsAug 06 2015Oct 27 2015We propose to introduce general messenger-matter interactions in the deflected anomaly mediated SUSY breaking scenario. The most general form for the resulting soft parameters are derived. New interference terms between the GMSB type and AMSB type contributions ... More
Revisiting the ExtraOrdinary Gauge Mediation Scenarios and EGM Extension of deflected AMSBNov 29 2018Extraordinary gauge mediation extension of deflected AMSB scenarios can be interesting because it can accommodate together the deflection in the Kahler potential and the superpotential. We revisit the EGM scenario and derive the analytical expressions ... More
Remarks on the extension of the Ricci flowJun 04 2012Jul 14 2012We present two new conditions to extend the Ricci flow on a compact manifold over a finite time, which are improvements of some known extension theorems.
Strong approximation for certain quadric fibrations with compact fibersJul 14 2014In this paper, we will show that strong approximation with Brauer-Manin obstruction holds for certain quadratic fibration such that none of fibers satisfies strong approximation with Brauer-Manin obstruction. Moreover, we develop the representation theory ... More
Circulant Digraphs Integral over Number FieldsJan 04 2012A number field K is a finite extension of rational number field Q. A circulant digraph integral over K means that all its eigenvalues are algebraic integers of K. In this paper we give the sufficient and necessary condition for circulant digraphs which ... More
Control refinement for DAE systems: A behavioral approach via simulation relationsMar 14 2017The controller design of the so-called "difference algebraic equation" (DAE) systems that are frequently shown in industrial processes, tend to be challenging because of the combination of algebraic equations and high state dimensions. In this paper, ... More
On homology with coefficients and generalized inductionsFeb 15 2017Oct 22 2018In group representations several inductions given by tensoring with appropriate bimodules may be reconstructed via homology of $G$-posets with $G$-equivariant coefficients. For this purpose, we need various local categories of a finite group $G$, which ... More
Cash sub-additive risk statistics with scenario analysisApr 16 2019Since the money is of time value, we will study a new class of risk statistics, named cash sub-additive risk statistics in this paper. This new class of risk statistics can be considered as a kind of risk extension of risk statistics introduced by Kou, ... More
The first detection of the 232 GHz vibrationally excited H2O maser in Orion KL with ALMAAug 22 2012We investigated the ALMA science verification data of Orion KL and found a spectral signature of the vibrationally excited H2O maser line at 232.68670 GHz (nu2=1, 5,5,0-6,4,3). This line has been detected in circumstellar envelopes of late-type stars ... More
Semi-supervised Clustering for Short Text via Deep Representation LearningFeb 22 2016Jul 14 2017In this work, we propose a semi-supervised method for short text clustering, where we represent texts as distributed vectors with neural networks, and use a small amount of labeled data to specify our intention for clustering. We design a novel objective ... More
Propagation Distance Required to Reach Steady-State Detonation Velocity in Finite-Sized ChargesJul 08 2014The decay of a detonation wave from its initial CJ velocity to its final, steady state velocity upon encountering a finite thickness or diameter charge is investigated numerically and theoretically. The numerical simulations use an ideal gas equation ... More
Improving Robustness via Disjunctive Statements in Imperative ProgrammingDec 31 2012To deal with failures as simply as possible, we propose a new foun- dation for the core (untyped) C, which is based on a new logic called task logic or imperative logic. We then introduce a sequential-disjunctive statement of the form S : R. This statement ... More
A New Interpretation of Flux QuantizationDec 03 2002We study the effect of Aharonov-Bohm flux on the superconducting state in metallic cylinders. Although Byers and Yang attributed flux quantization to the flux-dependent minimum of kinetic energies of the Cooper pairs, it is shown that kinetic energies ... More
A generalized concept-cognitive learning: A machine learning viewpointJan 08 2018Dec 24 2018Concept-cognitive learning (CCL) is a hot topic in recent years, and it has attracted much attention from the communities of formal concept analysis, granular computing and cognitive computing. However, the relationship among cognitive computing (CC), ... More
Geometric Scaling for a Detonation Wave Governed by a Pressure-Dependent Reaction Rate and Yielding ConfinementMay 30 2014Jul 09 2014The propagation of detonation waves in reactive media bounded by an inert, compressible layer is examined via computational simulations in two different geometries, axisymmetric cylinders and two dimensional, planar slabs. For simplicity, an ideal gas ... More
Effect of Spatial Heterogeneity on Near-Limit Propagation of a Stable DetonationJun 04 2014The effect of introducing a spatial heterogeneity into an explosive medium is studied computationally by examining the detonation velocity near the limit to propagation in a thin explosive layer. The explosive system studied is an ideal gas with a single ... More
Theoretical Analysis of Image-to-Image Translation with Adversarial LearningJun 19 2018Recently, a unified model for image-to-image translation tasks within adversarial learning framework has aroused widespread research interests in computer vision practitioners. Their reported empirical success however lacks solid theoretical interpretations ... More
Electron waiting times in hybrid junctions with topological superconductorsMay 04 2018Nov 16 2018We investigate the waiting time distributions (WTDs) of superconducting hybrid junctions, considering both conventional and topologically nontrivial superconductors hosting Majorana bound states at their edges. To this end, we employ a scattering matrix ... More
Tripartite Entanglement in Noninertial FrameOct 29 2010The tripartite entanglement is examined when one of the three parties moves with a uniform acceleration with respect to other parties. As Unruh effect indicates, the tripartite entanglement exhibits a decreasing behavior with increasing the acceleration. ... More
Image Generation from Scene GraphsApr 04 2018To truly understand the visual world our models should be able not only to recognize images but also generate them. To this end, there has been exciting recent progress on generating images from natural language descriptions. These methods give stunning ... More
Visualizing and Understanding Recurrent NetworksJun 05 2015Nov 17 2015Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), and specifically a variant with Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), are enjoying renewed interest as a result of successful applications in a wide range of machine learning problems that involve sequential data. However, while ... More
DenseCap: Fully Convolutional Localization Networks for Dense CaptioningNov 24 2015We introduce the dense captioning task, which requires a computer vision system to both localize and describe salient regions in images in natural language. The dense captioning task generalizes object detection when the descriptions consist of a single ... More
VideoSET: Video Summary Evaluation through TextJun 23 2014In this paper we present VideoSET, a method for Video Summary Evaluation through Text that can evaluate how well a video summary is able to retain the semantic information contained in its original video. We observe that semantics is most easily expressed ... More
DDRprog: A CLEVR Differentiable Dynamic Reasoning ProgrammerMar 30 2018We present a novel Dynamic Differentiable Reasoning (DDR) framework for jointly learning branching programs and the functions composing them; this resolves a significant nondifferentiability inhibiting recent dynamic architectures. We apply our framework ... More
Addendum to the paper "Hypersurfaces with Isometric Reeb Flow in Complex hyperbolic Two-Plane Grassmannians"Oct 22 2014We classify all of real hypersurfaces $M$ with Reeb invariant shape operator in complex hyperbolic two-plane Grassmannians $SU_{2,m}/S(U_2{\cdot}U_m)$, $m \geq 2$. Then it becomes a tube over a totally geodesic $SU_{2,m-1}/S(U_2{\cdot}U_{m-1})$ in $SU_{2,m}/S(U_2{\cdot}U_m)$ ... More
Reactive Turing Machine with Infinite AlphabetsOct 20 2016The notion of Reactive Turing machines (RTM) was proposed as an orthogonal extension of Turing machines with interaction. RTMs are used to define the notion of executable transition system in the same way as Turing machines are used to define the notion ... More
From Nuclear Structure to Nucleon StructureApr 14 2014Similarities between nuclear structure study with many-body theory approach and nucleon structure calculations with lattice QCD are pointed out. We will give an example of how to obtain the connected sea partons from a combination of the experimental ... More
Parton Distribution Function from the Hadronic Tensor on the LatticeMar 23 2016The path-integral formulation of the hadronic tensor W_{\mu\nu} of deep inelastic scattering is reviewed. It is shown that there are 3 gauge invariant and topologically distinct contributions. The separation of the connected sea partons from those of ... More
A Finite Baryon Density AlgorithmDec 17 2003I will review the progress toward a finite baryon density algorithm in the canonical ensemble approach which entails particle number projection from the fermion determinant. These include an efficient Pad\'{e}-Z$_2$ stochastic estimator of the $Tr \log$ ... More
Neutron Electric Dipole Moment at Fixed TopologyJul 09 2008Jul 03 2009We describe the finite volume effects of CP-odd quantities, such as the neutron electric dipole moment and the anapole moment in the $\theta$-vacuum, under different topological sectors. We evaluate the three-point Green's functions for the electromagnetic ... More
Finite Density Algorithm in Lattice QCD -- a Canonical Ensemble ApproachFeb 26 2002May 08 2002I will review the finite density algorithm for lattice QCD based on finite chemical potential and summarize the associated difficulties. I will propose a canonical ensemble approach which projects out the finite baryon number sector from the fermion determinant. ... More
Baryons and Chiral SymmetrySep 08 2016The relevance of chiral symmetry in baryons is highlighted in three examples in the nucleon spectroscopy and structure. The first one is the importance of chiral dynamics in understanding the Roper resonance. The second one is the role of chiral symmetry ... More